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Thread: MGR film songs are always popular

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    Manisegaran (@ j16.*) on: Sat Jan 15 12:42:25 EST 2000

    Sri Ram
    All of have been using MSV's version, but Vali has written black and white that he was returning to Sri rangam when he heard the song.
    I do not have the other info that you have pointed out. Cine field is too vast an ocean. You may be rigtht about the other stories you have pointed out.

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    Manisegaran (@ j34.*) on: Sat Jan 15 23:27:39 EST 2000


    1. One of the most evergreen songs from Anbey Vaa is
    Naan Paarthathiley
    Aval Oruthiyaithaaan
    Nalla Azhagi enben
    Nalla Azhagi Enben

    When Kamalhasan was producing Aboorva Sahodarargal he requested Ilayaraja to compose a song along the lines of Naan Paarthathiley. And Ilayaraja gave this song:

    Puthu Mappillaikku
    Nalla Yogamada
    Antha Manamakalthaan
    Vantha Neramada.

    2. MGR films have one more "First" to boast of. It was in one MGR film that AM Raja and Jikki gave their first duet. That was also the first film where KVM was the MD for MGR movie. The film is Kumari and the duet song is "Irulile Nilavoli Pol Avar Varuvaar". The film also has one good solo by AM Raja, and it follows one famous Hindi tune.
    "Azjiyaatha Kathal Vaazhvin
    Anaiyaatha Jothiyaai
    Oli Veesuval Ennalum
    Ulla Vaaniley"

    AM Raja was booked first for Kumari, but Samsaram was released first. AM Raja had sung a lot for MGR films. In the 1950s he became the number one male singer. With the vast expereience and knowledge he also became the MD for Kalyana Parisu. He shot up like a rocket, and came down immediately like a shooting star. After Kalyana Parisu, he composed for Anbukkor Anni, Then Nilavu, Aadi Perukku and Vidivelli. After keeping himself away for some time he came back as MD for Veetu Mapillai and Enakkoru Magan Pirappaan.

    While working with Sridar, he gave a lot of problem to Sridar. Sridar had first booked AM Raja for Nenjil Ore Aalayam but replaced him with VR as he could not bear the nonsense of AM Raja.

    Having composed for Then Nilavu, AM Raja refused to compose the Background music. The songs were released earlier and they becmae hits. The film could not be rleeased as AMR was holding ransom. Finally MGR came to know and forced AM Raja to complete the BGM. That was the end of AMRaja and Sridar's bond.

    AM Raja became his own enemy. He was not only quick tempered but was also a highly suspecting character. So the very first MD to book hm (KVM) got ridd of him first after the film Manamulla Maru Thaaram where AM Raja and Jikki gave this duet:

    "Kayiley Inippathenna
    Kaniyaanaal Kasappathenna
    Vayaadi Vambu Pesum
    Maney Bathil sollu"

    Then AM. Raja felt that the cine world was boycotting him. So he and Jikki kept away from the Tamil film world. He had income form several tourist cars. So financially he was OK. The loss was for us and him as well.

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    Manisegaran (@ j41.*) on: Sun Jan 16 01:11:05 EST 2000

    Oli Vilakku Of Gemini and Lakshmi Kalyanam of Kanadasan were being produced at the same
    time. The MD for both was MSV and he was alternating between both studios to compose music.
    When he was in Gemini studio MSV refused to compose music for the song "Thairiyamaga chol nee
    manithan thaana" saying that the song was hitting at drunkards and it was a direct reference to
    Kannadasan. MSV is and an ardent bakthan of Kannadasan. Vali and MSV were quarelling. MGR
    intervened to solve the problem. MSV told the matter to MGR and Vali told that Kannadsan had
    equally written a song in Lakshmi Kalyanam hitting at MGR. That song is "Yaarada Manithan ingey
    Kootti Vaa Avanai Ingey -Iraivan Padaippil Kuranguthaan meethi ingey". MGR was always fearful
    of Kannadasan's songs. So MGR asked MSV to bring the song and play it for him. MSV did what
    was told. After listenng MGR said to Vali that there was no refernce to MGR in ths song. Vali
    cooled down. Then MGR told the backgrounbd of the Oli Vilakku song to MSV. Oli Vilakku is the
    Tamil make of P. Aur Pather. In the Hindi film Dharmendra deliberatley drinks. In the Tamil films
    MGR should never be shown drinking. Tamilnadu could never bear it! So MGR modified the story
    where he is given chloroform -like spray after which he is forced to drink. As he returns home, his
    concience teaches him a lesson by singing out the ill efects of alcohol. MSV cooled own and
    composed the music and it did come out very well. The famous song is:

    Thairiyamaaga chol nee
    manithan thaana? Manithan thaana? Illai!
    neethaan oru mirugam
    -intha mathuvil vizhum neram
    manamum nalla gunamum
    un ninaivai vittu vilagum

    Maanai pol maanam enraai-nadayil
    matha yaanai neeye enraai
    vengai pol veeram enraai-Arivil
    Uyarvaaga Chollik kondaai
    mathuvaal vilanginum keezhaai ninraai

    Alaiyaadum kadalai kandaai
    kudithu pazhagaamal aadak kandaai
    malaraadum kodiyai kandaai
    mathuvai parugaamal aadak kandaai
    neeyo mathuvaaley aattam kandaai

    porul vendithirudach chelvaai
    Pennai peravendi vilayiai cholvaai
    thunivodu uyirai kolvaai
    etharkkum thunaiyaaga mathuvai kolvaal
    kettaal nanthaney manithan enbaai.

    Kannadasan's life is an open book alright. But
    when we read his novel Arangamum Antharangamum we will learn a lot of those "close books"

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    Manisegaran (@ j3.b*) on: Sun Jan 16 01:20:36 EST 2000

    The same song of Oli Vilakku has one more interesting story. MGR was trying to complete his 100th film of Oli Vilakku on time.He was involved in too many night shootings. After shooting was over he used to return home. The others would remain to go through the ruch copies. One midnight after the shooting was over, the director, producer, sound engineer, cameramen and lightsmen were all seated in the dark mini theatre to screen the rush copy of the "Thairiyamaga chol nee" song scene. They were all appreciating MGR's acting and were giving suggestions as to how the song scene could have been improved. Suddenly a white figure rose from the back seat and said "OK. Get the settings ready again. I will improvise the acting as suggested" They were shocked to see MGR quietly sitting there. Luckily no adverse comment was passed. So the settings were put up again and the shots taken. MGR imporoved on his performance. The shooting was completed around MGR is that much a perfectionis and a hard worker.This is what we are seeing today in Oli Vilakku.

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    Manisegaran (@ j25.*) on: Sun Jan 16 01:43:30 EST 2000

    MGR made Jayalalitha sing in the film Adimai Penn. When MGR told this to Vali, Vali told MGR that he knew this would happen. MGR aked how. Vali told MGR that he already made the prediction earlier in one of MGR's film. MGR asked what was the film and the song. Vali said it was in the film Arasakattalai and the song is:

    "Ennai Paada Vaithavan Oruvan
    En Paatukku avanthaan Thalaivan
    Oru Kutramillaatha manithan
    avan kovil Illatha Iraivan" MGR smiled.

    In Oli Vilakku again there is one song that will be rembered so long as the name of MGR is alive. In the words of Vali this song literally became the prayers of the followers of the religions that abound in India when MGR was admitted into Apollo Hospital of Madras and later Brooklyn Hospital in the states in 1984. The song scene had Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Sikhs praying for the speedy recovery of MGR. The song that shot Vali, P. Suseela, MSV, and Sowkar Janagi into the height of everlasting fame was:

    Iraivaa Un maaligayil
    Ethanaiyo Mani vilakku
    En thalaivaa un kaaladiyil Enthan
    nambikkayin Oli Vilakku
    Nambikkayin Oli Vilakku

    Aandavaney Un Paathangalai Naan
    kanneril Neerattinen-intha
    oruyirai nee vazhavaikka-inru
    unniduam kaiyenthineen Murugaiyaa..

    Pannirandu Kankaliley
    Onrirandu Malarnthaalum
    En Irandu Kankaliley
    Inba Oli Undaagum
    Ullamathil Ullavarai
    Allith tharum Nallavarai
    Vinnulagam vaa Enraal
    Mannulagamn ennaagum?

    Megangal kan kalangum
    Minnal vanthu thudi thudikkum
    Vanagamey Urugatho
    Vallal Mugam Paaraamal?

    Unnudaney Varugindren
    En Uyirai tharuginren
    Mannan Uyir Pogaamal
    Iraivaa Nee Aanai Idu
    Iraivaa Nee Aanai idu
    Aanai idu iraivaa ...iraivaa.... Iraivaa.

    This song was written for the film Oli Vilakku. But it carpetted the entire Tamilnadu when it was played in the radios and cassette players in 1984. Emotion ran high. Throughout the poeriod MGR was hospitalised those involved in the song were remembered in the hearts of Tamilnadu people. Even when the film was released in 1968 the papers did write that the scene did remind the MGR's shooting incident on 12 January 1967- Pongal day.

    Anyway belated Happy Pongal to all of you!

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    Manisegaran (@ j6.b*) on: Sun Jan 16 02:59:38 EST 2000

    1.One of the songs of Vali had impressed MSV so much that he called Vali one more Kannadasan that MSV had got. The song is in Oru Thaai Makkal. The song is:

    Paadinaal Oru Paattu
    Paal nilaavinil netru
    Odinen athai Kettu
    thedinen Valai Pottu
    poonguyil Aval Yaro
    Ponmayil Aval Pero

    2. In one of the talks Kannadasan said "Muthal Iravu pola mosamana Iravu Veru Ethuvum Kodaiyathu. Ethanayum muzhusaka seithu mudikka mudivathillai" He reflected this thought in one of the MGR films- PAASAM. The frustration of the weding night was expresed in the words of a female -using S. Janagi. The song is Jal Jal Jal Ennum Salangai Oli. The line of interest is "Muthal muthal thirudiya kaaranathinaal muzhuthaai thiruda maranthuvitten"

    This line was well discussed in literary cirlces, not so much in cine circles.

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    Manisegaran (@ j48.*) on: Sun Jan 16 03:17:05 EST 2000

    1. Dream songs are permanent features of MGR films. Most of the dreams are by the females for obvious reasons. There are very few song scenes where MGR and the heroines dream. There are even fewer song scenes where MGR dreams alone. In the song "Sarasarani Kalyani" in Raja Desing, he day dreams. In the song "Pavalakkodiyile Muthukkal Poothaal" in Panam Padaithavan he day dreams. In "Sirikkinraal Indru Sirikkinraal" in Nallavan Vazhvaan he dreams in sleep. So MGR has very few dreams. Dreams are by and large by the heroines.

    2. If we read Chinthithen Chanthithen of Kannadasan we could get the feelings of Kannadasann for Devika(leave alone the other favourites) So in Ananda Jothy he has written a song expressing his feelings for her. Why Ananda Jothy? Because in that film MGR appears as the pulavan apart from being a drill master. Place Kannadasasn in the place of MGR and listen to this:

    DK: Poiyiley Piranthu Poyile valarntha
    Pulavar Perumaaney
    Unnai Purinthuk Kondaal
    Unmai Therithuk kondaal
    Intha poovayar kulamaaney

    KD: Pooviley Piranthu
    pooviley Valarntha
    Poovayar kulamaaney
    Unnai purinthuk kondaan
    unmai therinthuk kondaan
    intha pulavar perumaaney

    DK: Nejiley vizhuntha ninaivugalaaley
    valarnthathu un Uruvam
    KD: Inru Neriley vanthu Maarbiley Ennai
    Anaippathu Un Uruvam
    DK: Vellai Ullamey Kavithai Vellamey
    Kaathal Kanni unthan Sontham
    KD: Kaathal Kilaiye Kayil Pillaiye
    Intha Mullai Enthan Sontham

    KD: Satrey Sarintha kuzhaley Asainthu
    Thaavuthu En Meley
    DK: Athu Thaaney Ezhunthu Meley Vizhunthu Izhuthathu Valai Poley

    KD: Netri Potttiley Soodum Pooviley
    Kaanum Yaavum Enthan Sontham
    DK: Nenjat thattiley Ennai kottinen
    Enthan Yaavum Unthan SOntham....

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    manisegaran (@ j19.*) on: Sun Jan 16 03:40:28 EST 2000

    Both the thilakams-Nadikar thilakam and Makkal thilagam have some common features.

    1. TMS was an ardent supporter of MKT . In the initial days he was singing the songs of MKT alone. People used to call him "kutty MKT". He wanted to be the assistant of MKT. But MKT told him to stand on his own. When the initial songs of TMS were played in the radio, people used to think they were sung by MKT. "Annamitta Veettiley" of Manthiri Kumari was one song misunderstood this way. But TMS had always wanted to sing the songs of MKT in the films. The chances came in Madurai Veeran and Kulamakal Rathai. In Kulamakal Rathai the song "Rathey Unakku Kobam Aangathedi" from Sivagami was sung word for word by TMS. The character in Kulamakal rathai is Ratha(Saroja Devi) So the song suited. KVM was the MD for both Sivagami and Kulamagal Rathai.

    In Thruneelakandar there is a song by MKT "Theena karunaa karane Nadaraja Neelakandaney". The tune was used again in Madurai Veeran- Echi Pizhaikkum Thozhiley Sarithaana Ennip paarunga"-by TMS and Jikki. The MD for both are G Ramanathan. In the Madurai Veeran song scene MGR and Padmini provide super Indian folk dance which would put every listener (old timer) to dance. This is one of the best dance performances of MGR. MGR is aware of the contribution of GR for his films. Towards the end GR was hospitalised, mainly because of sorrow caused by poverty. He wanted MGR to do a film for him. MGR agreed, but GR died by then.

    2. Likwise there are two films of MGR and Sivaji that never released the records. One is Sridar's Sithoor Rani Bathmini with Sivaji Ganesan and Padmini acting. The super songs were by GR but they never came out in record.

    The other is Kalai Arasi with MGR acting, and KVM providing the music. This is the first Tamil film to show outer space. An utter flop, but have good songs.

    Seergazhi Govindarajan sang in both films. When he was in my house in Malaysia he wanted me to somehow get these songs for him. They were never available in Tamilnadu. Meanwhile he took along colection of his own songs that I had kept in audio cassettes. He himself never had his collections. But before I could provide him the Kalai Arasi and Sithoor Rani Pathmini songs he was called by the Almighty. What wonderful songs!

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    Manisegaran (@ j19.*) on: Sun Jan 16 03:43:53 EST 2000

    Dear Brothers,
    It is really time consuming to post these. I think I've given sufficent info. This is yet another quicksand. I'll take leave now. Hope others would continue. Thanks for the support. Sorry if I had offended anyone.

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    MGR (@ prox*) on: Sun Jan 16 13:37:08 EST 2000

    Has anyone heard or seen the movie "PARAKKUM THATTAIGAL" *ring MGR...Can you please post the year of release.

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