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Thread: Chaturmukha (a Rajini Rewritten Trilogy)

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    Chaturmukha Part 3 - mRdayopaliptaM

    Chapter Six - The Master, The Monkey and The Monster

    Boss Fight (Part 1/3)

    In Battle of Three ...

    Littleman, standing on top of the palace, watched Sena walking alone on the battlefield. He followed him with his eyes as he entered the palace through the broken gate. He turned and checked on Shamu who was lying on the laps of Maveeran. When the multi cannon were destroyed by The Clown's shield, Shamu had managed to escape from the control room before it crashed to the basement of the palace. As soon as he set his wooden foot on the terrace, a chunk of the dome collapsed on him.

    Fortunately, the huge piece of rock crashed on his artificial foot, crushing him with its weight. Maveeran, along with his comrades had pushed the heavy stone and rescued Shamu. He continued to be in his state of unconsciousness. His wooden leg was broken to pieces and the sharp blade had held to the rock. The hardest metal sustained the shock limiting the physical damage of Shamu. His Sword Foot curved taking the weight of the stone debris. It was removed from his knee cap and placed beside him on the floor of the terrace. Littleman monitored the top of the palace which had taken severe damage when the rifts quaked the palace. Huge rocks of wall towers tumbled and blocked the exit. Littleman turned his attention towards the battlefield and saw Rana walking on the same path of Sena.

    Yesodha Putran stood before Vadhana and the commanders of the Empire's United on top of the platform outside the pavilion. His sight was disrupted and he was unable to see the happenings across the battlefield. There was calmness around the palace as he watched Littleman standing on top of the palace. He brought down his telescope after he saw Rana disappearing through the broken gate. The fallen towers and pieces of broken wall structures blocked his sight rendering him visionless.

    Kacha turned and checked on Sultan and Kanakvalli who were standing beside Nobleman. He found Sultan speaking to Kanakavalli rather than whispering into the ears of Nobleman. Kacha returned his concentration towards the palace.

    When the three divine swords met, they celebrated their reunion under the shower of sparks.

    Rana and Sena climbed the stairs and charged at Vettaiyan. The Emperor descending from his throne blocked their attack with his saw edged blade. The Sword of Destruction locked on to Vajrastra and Arha at the midway of the staircase. Vettaiyan kept pushing the Brothers exercising great force on them. They were unable to hold on to his thrust. The Brothers started descending the stairs backwards, along with Vettaiyan following their steps with his strides.

    The Emperor turned his upper body towards Rana while holding back Sena with his sword. He kicked Rana on his chest. The sudden attack confused Rana and destabilised Sena. While completing his kick, Vettaiyan clutched firmly onto Sena's collars and pulled him towards him. He threw him above his head and Sena landed on the steps behind him, while Rana went tumbling down the stairs.

    Sena regained quickly and checked on Rana. His brother had recovered from the fall and stood facing Vettaiyan at the bottom of the steps. Sena saw Vettaiyan moving down the stairs. Sena jumped high above the staircase gripping Arha in his left hand and holding it firmly above his head. When he was above The Emperor, Vettaiyan surprised him by moving to the side. Sena fell faced down hard on the stone stairs, and rolled down to join his brother. Rana helped his brother to gather himself. Sena felt enormous pain on his right shoulder. Vettaiyan walked down the staircase undisturbed. He fixed each eye on Rana and Sena respectively. His broad face beamed a big grin.

    At the bottom of the stairs, the three Hunters exhibited tremendous swordsmanship. They crossed their swords with each other, moving together around the Vettaiyan statue. The longsword, the short sword and the broad sword clashed with each other demonstrating their power among one another. The setting sun infiltrated through the gaps of the statue zooming itself in and out while the three men circled around the monument.

    Vettaiyan held his right hand to his back and blocked the attacks of Rana and Sena with only his left hand. He demonstrated immense mental clarity while single-handedly fighting the Brothers. His speed and control portrayed his state of calm concentration in the midst of Twin danger. He seemed to be relaxed as he already had an advantage in the sword fight - the Twins were using their unnatural hands as their favourable hand was wounded; the left-hander Rana's left hand was fractured during the battle with The Clown forcing him to use his right hand; the right-hander Sena's right hand was injured during the battle inside the Jala Vyuha leaving him with no other choice but to confront Vettaiyan with his left hand.

    The Emperor surprised Sena with his melee attack. He brought his right hand that was hugging his back suddenly and with his tight fist he punched Sena on his face.

    Sena fell to the ground gathering the dust onto his face. He shook his head spraying mud around him. After the melee attack on Sena, Vettaiyan charged at Rana mercilessly, storming his heavy strikes on him. Rana used the elevated pavement of Vettaiyan statue to spin around himself escaping Vettaiyan's fatal blows.

    Sena stood up and kept his eyes on Vettaiyan. He realised that he had to fight Vettaiyan's pride and not his sword. He dashed towards the statue and brought his sword on Vettaiyan's back. The Emperor elegantly threw his weapon to his back, at the same time he caught Rana's neck with his right hand. He turned his head and stared at Sena with his fiery eyes. Throwing Rana to the ground, he started to attack Sena.

    Keeping his body balanced, Sena gradually walked backwards deflecting Vettaiyan's attack. His foot work invited Vettaiyan to advace at him. Once Sena's back was to the statue, he held the position covering the setting sun that entered through the tip of the bow held by the statue. He quickly bent his knees and rolled forward allowing the sun ray to hit Vettaiyan's eyes. Blinded for a moment, Vettaiyan brought his sword to his side, and Sena used the opportunity to push Arha forward. Vettaiyan reacted quickly by stepping backwards. The use of environment by Sena did not surprise him but it costed him a piece of his flesh under his ribs.

    Vettaiyan looked down at the blood painting his white dress. For the first time Vettaiyan had injured himself in a sword fight. He looked at Sena while biting his lips in anger. Rana got back to his feet and positioned himself behind his brother. Vettaiyan pounced at the Brothers like a wounded tiger.

    The Emperor engaged The Sword of Destruction at his enemies and they could not match the strength of his arm. Not a single swing of his sword was reckless. His every strike was calculated. Sena tried to slide to his side, but Vettiayan did not give him enough opening. Rana tried to dodge the controlled attack, but Vettaiyan was quicker than him. They felt pain on their broken hand whenever the broad blade was blocked by their sword. The Brothers could not move away from Vettaiyan as he maintained the distance between them balanced all the time.

    Vettaiyan ducked low and swung a powerful blow with his sword on the right thigh of Rana. He quickly brought himself before Sena and scratched Sena's face below his left with the tip of The Sword of Destrcution.

    Tears of blood flowed down Sena's cheeks from the open wound under his left eye while he saw Rana floored in blood. He panicked and dashed forward. Vettaiyan waited him out and when he was closer, he kicked the ground sending mud particles in the air that hit Sena on his face blinding him. Vettaiyan immediately caught Sena by his hair and threw him violently to his backside.

    Standing in the middle, he looked to his either side and found himself standing between the fallen Brothers.

    Crawling on the ground behind Vettiayan, Sena's visionless eyes flashed his brother's agony who was wriggling on the ground yelling in pain. His ears heard the voice of Kalki:

    "What is new is not true, what is true is not new. Truth works on the function of the past, and until that happens it shall be called a Prophecy. And in the battle of three, only one will stand, is truth less, until it becomes true. As a door opens two other doors, truth shall set itself free only through the right opened door, else the wronged will stand on this world."

    Rana lifted his head and saw his brother creeping on the ground searching for Arha, his sword which he had dropped when Vettaiyan threw him to the ground. He saw Vettaiyan lifting his sword and moving it sideways as though trying to choose whose life he would take first.

    Using Vajrastra as his support, Rana got back to his feet and hopped towards Vettaiyan. He weakly brought his sword at The Emperor.

    Vettaiyan, exchanging his sword between his hands, watched Rana struggling to approach him. He casually flipped the Sword of Destruction into the air and caught it by its blade. When Rana raised his sword in front of him, Vettaiyan landed the handle of his sword into Rana's throat. Vajrastra slipped from Rana's hand and he fell to his knees holding his throat while coughing intensely.

    "Stay", Vettaiyan ordered Rana menacingly who was kneeling under his feet, "Your brother seems to be lost. Allow me to show him the way, you shall soon follow his footsteps."

    Vettaiyan calmly walked towards Sena leaving Rana linked to the ground.

    Rana could neither warn Sena nor cry out loudly. He sat dumb watching Vettaiyan marching to kill Sena rotating his sword in his left hand. Vettaiyan's heavy strides pounded inside Rana's ears. Rana raised his head and looked up at the cloudy sky. His eyes were dry as though the clouds above have sucked all his tears.

    A single lightening flew past the grey clouds above Vettaiyan lining itself with his wicked smile.

    ... to be continued ...
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    Chaturmukha Part 3 - mRdayopaliptaM

    Chapter Six - The Master, The Monkey and The Monster

    Boss Fight (Part 2/3)

    ... Only one will Stand

    The irritation caused by the dust burnt Sena's eyes turning them blood red. With his left hand bandaged, he managed to get himself away from Vettaiyan moving like a snail hurrying to get into cover. A heavy kick landed on his back allowing him to fall face down on the ground. He turned and rested on his back. He blinked violently to regain his lost vision. He tried to focus, but could only make out a white silhouette standing above him. Sena saw Death watching him. Vettaiyan threw his sword into the air. It spun a couple of times before landing back on his left palm. He raised it above Sena's chest and brought it down at him with great speed.

    Sena could not make out clearly what happened between the two fatal moments of his life.

    A moment he saw the blurred vision of Vettaiyan bringing his weapon down at him. His eyes sparkled red. He closed them tight and exhaled heavily. He clenched his fist and hammered the ground counting his last moments of his life. His wounded hand ached no more. He felt no pain. His heart was light. It weighed him with guilt no more. His lips stretched. Sena smiled as he invited death as he remembered his promise to Vadhana - "My sins will be my present; He will be pleasant future."

    The next moment he heard a heavy thud beside him. He turned his head to the left and opened his eyes to look at the direction of the noise. His eyes were still red, but they irritated him no more. His face was completely covered with dirt sticking to dry blood when his eyes gazed at Vettaiyan who had fallen beside him. A small breeze tickled his hair and Sena looked up above him. He saw Rana hanging in mid-air with his right hand closed into a tight ball. His body blocked the last rays of the setting sun finding their way through Vettaiyan Statue.

    Sena saw his own reflection above him. Sena smiled. At that moment, Sena realised the prophecy coming true.

    When Vettaiyan walked towards Sena ignoring Rana, the Chief of Empires United gathered courage while pressing the pain in his throat. No sound came out when he opened his mouth towards the sky. He removed his hand from his throat and clenched his fist onto his wounded thigh. The injured area around his throat had turned blue and purple, while blood sprayed out of the open wound inflicted by Vettaiyan on his right thigh.

    Rana's soundless scream echoed his anger silently. It portrayed his disability to erase the evil from the world. His dry eyes flashed his pain when he jumped back to his feet. He shook his head side to side like a maddened barasingha. His hair raised and dropped on his head like the horns of the swamp deer. His eyes sparkled blue. He kept them wide open and inhaled heavily. He clenched his fist and hammered his wounded thigh stamping the important moment of his life. His wounded hand ached no more. He felt no pain. His heart was heavy. It weighed him with guilt of not being by the side of his brother. His lips shrunk. Rana closed his mouth after inviting fearlessness inside. He rushed dragging his wounded leg on the ground while keeping his eyes on the back of Vettaiyan.

    Rana landed his wounded leg on Vettaiyan's back with enormous force. Without giving time for Vettaiyan to recover, he jumped into the air above the Emperor who had turned to lie on his back.

    In that brief moment above, Rana saw his own reflection in the form of his brother watching him from the ground beside Vettaiyan.

    Vettaiyan had raised his sword to break the stone chest of Sena, when he received a heavy blow to his back. While falling, he realised his mistake of taking his sight away from Rana. He underestimated Rana's will to get back to his feet when he had slashed his thigh and knocked his throat. Vettaiyan's fall was the payment for his mistake of turning his back at a wounded warrior. The Sword of Destruction flew away from his grip and settled on the ground before he landed on the hard floor. When the ground was nearing to his face, his eyes turned pale white flickering with uncertainty. He closed them tight while holding on to his breath. He clenched both his fist and hammered them against each other writing the passing moment as the biggest blunder he had committed in his life. His wound under his chest ached as he was falling. He felt pain. His heart was thumping hard over his ribs. It orchestrated his fear and guilt. His lips widened as he reached the ground. Vettaiyan fell beside Sena.

    Vettaiyan quickly turned and saw Rana standing above him. He looked to his right and watched Sena's red eyes floating over his dusty face. He returned his gaze towards Rana and it was then it stuck to him - The End. The Prophecy. Finally, it was occurring - In Battle of Three ... Only one will Stand.

    Rana stood over Sena and Vettaiyan who were on the ground watching him standing above them.

    Time halted to witness the historic moment.

    Vettaiyan looked at Sena lying beside him protected by his red armour. He lifted his head and saw Rana hanging mid-air above him. His blue armour that was blocking the sunlight glittered bringing discomfort to his eyes. Vettaiyan recollected the story narrated to him by the Hunter from the Sea. His friend's question rang in his ears:

    "You are the most magical creature in the world", said the golden caterpillar, "I shall have two just like you - a red and a blue."

    He tripped and fell down as he did not bother where he was stepping into. A raging red butterfly shared the grass with him and above them a beautiful blue butterfly was flapping its wings. The rays of the sun escaped through its flaps.

    "Choice, the biggest task of life presented itself before the kid. The lad should either save the red one by killing the blue one, or stay with the blue one and let the red one die.

    The mysterious man stopped abruptly and questioned Dashakantha, "What shall it be, Child?"

    Dashakantha whispered, "The Beautiful Blue Butterfly."

    "Save", Vettaiyan's lips moved when he realised what his friend had meant - 'Will you save yourself from being killed by the Red One or the Blue One.'

    "Choice", Vettaiyan's mouth widened when he thought whether he was really gifted with one. He realised that his friend had hinted him about The End. And the actual choice that could save him was upon whom he used The Sword of Destruction. It was too late, as Vettaiyan had already made his choice.

    Vettaiyan saw Kochadaiiyaan descending onto him from above. He blindly stammered his left hand on the ground looking for his sword.

    Sena admired his brother floating above him glittering in blue. His borther reminded him of their Father.

    Several voices echoed around the palace garden which were audible only to Sena:

    "Do you believe in Prophecy, Stranger", asked the Blind Priest.

    "Time to believe, young man, time has come for you to embrace the truth", announced the Deaf Priest.

    "The prophecy is about the End and not a Prediction. One will Show the Way, the other will Guide", Speaker said.

    "I wish Hope falls with the Evil, erecting Faith", The Monk spoke.

    "The mighty forces, good or evil, must be directed aright - mouldering the good away from evil, and overcoming of evil with good", Kalki summarised the Prophecy.

    "A union occurred. Kriya Yoga preached by Kri-sna liberated the brothers from Karma, when they realized the bright petalled flowers of Kri and understood their duty. The misery burned them no more. The dirt no more masked their vision. They were strengthened like an unbreakable chord. Together they were garlanded with wisdom. Thus, an upward outcome happened aided by acceptance of Kri."

    "You and your Self is absolute", Truth declared.

    Sena closed his eyes.

    The halted time was triggered by the Prophecy and it started to spin slowly rolling itself towards The End.

    A single droplet from the grey clouds grew heavier and dropped down towards Karmegha. It travelled cutting the space between the above and the below. It shined when it met with the last ray of the setting sun and collected brightness while on its way to its destination. The bright droplet approached fast and landed on the forehead of Sena between his eyes. The splash removed the dirt and blood around the area it fell.

    The cleansed part resembled to a vertical eye.

    Sena's eyes opened.

    "Rana", Sena called out loudly at the sky.

    His brother looked down upon him. Vettaiyan watched Sena while trying to get back to his feet. He moved his head side to side. Dust escaped and floated in the air when Vettaiyan's hair rubbed the ground. Vettaiyan noticed a third eye on Sena's forehead between his blood red eyes. He looked above him and noted the purple neck of Rana.

    His face froze into a crooked smile, when Vettaiyan submitted himself to the Prophecy.

    With one elegant arm action, Sena pulled Kilaka from his hip belt and threw it at Rana. He continued pulling down his left hand and landed it strongly over the chest of Vettaiyan. Sena held Vettaiyan down to the ground firmly.

    Rana caught Kilaka by gripping the dragger's Shank. The eyes of the Makara opened flashing out a bright light in every direction. Rana aimed for the chest of Vettaiyan while descending on him.

    Sena, pressing his forearms on The Emperor's chest, quickly formed Apana Mudra with his left hand fingers around Vettaiyan's heart.

    Rana inserted the Blade of Kilaka inside the Mudra of Elimination.

    The Blade pushed by Rana entered the tunnel formed by the middle and ring fingers of Sena. It sawed through the rib bones and pierced the heart of Vettaiyan.

    ... to be continued ...
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    Chaturmukha Part 3 - mRdayopaliptaM

    Chapter Six - The Master, The Monkey and The Monster

    Boss Fight (Part 3/3)

    The Red, The Blue and The White

    "Gatam Gataha", Vettaiyan heard Sena whisper when the dragger inserted by Rana tore his heart.

    Vettiayan knew that his body along with his soul will be perished from this world - 'Gatam Gataha' meaning 'Past stays in the Past', where 'Gatam' prohibits the return of the soul into the departed world ; and 'Gataha' forces the reunification of the soul within its respective world.

    Vettaiyan's body was taken over by an unspeakable pain as Kilaka prepared him for his final journey.

    He felt his heart being squeezed out of him. Naga, the serpent spirits running as the tongue of the Makara and constrictoring itself around the Blade, suddenly came to life. The three green eyed snakes coiled around the heart of Vettaiyan licking his pumping organ with their pink tongues. The heads of Makara whispered divine verses giving the Naga the needed force to lift the soul of Vettaiyan:

    समाहारः साम्नां प्रतिपदमृचां धाम यजुषां
    लयः प्रत्यूहानां लहरि विततिर्बोधजलधेः । कथादर्पक्षुभ्यत्कथककुल कोलाहलभवं
    हरत्वन्तर्ध्वान्तं हयवदन हेषा हलहलः ॥ ३॥

    samāhārassāmnāṁ pratipadamṛcāṁ dhāma yajuṣāṁ
    layaḥ pratyūhānāṁ lahari vitatirbodhajaladheḥ |
    kathā darpakṣubhyat kathakakula kolāhalabhavaṁ
    haratvantardhvāntaṁ hayavadana heṣā halahalaḥ || 3 ||

    The Emperor's body rose and floated in the air. He trembled and shivered vigorously when the dark clouds above tore themselves open and Hayagreva, the arial horse galloped down to earth.

    Vettaiyan's soul took the human form of his body and lifted itself from his materialistic body, making his lifeless earthly body drop back to the ground.

    Completely chained by the Naga, the three Makara pulled Vettaiyan by his hair, shoulders and legs towards the hurricane in the cloud.

    Vettaiyan struggled to liberate himself from the clutches of soul exorcists. He found himself rising higher and higher that Karmegha started to resemble tinier than his white coat button. The Hayagreva, the Defender of Hope, circled around Vettaiyan creating a safe message for his soul to enter the Other World amidst the chants of the Makara and the hissing noises of Naga:

    अव्याकृताद् व्याकृत वानसि त्वं
    नामानि रूपाणि च यानि पूर्वम् ।
    शंसन्ति तेषां चरमां प्रतिष्टां
    वागीश्वर त्वां त्वदुपज्ञ वाचः ॥ १२ ॥

    avyākṛtād vyākṛta vānasi tvaṁ
    nāmāni rūpāṇi ca yāni pūrvam |
    śaṁsanti teṣāṁ caramāṁ pratiṣṭāṁ
    vāgīśvara tvāṁ tvadupaj˝a vācaḥ || 12 ||

    Locked by the Devine creatures, Vettaiyan was unable to move himself. He looked around him desperately searching for a way to escape the imprisonment and to fight the mystical creatures. But he could only move his fingers against the strong grasp of the serpents. He looked down at Karmegha and found a glint hitting his eyes. Vettaiyan yelled violently at Hayagreva and threw his assonance phrase at the magical horse. He widened his left palm and pointed his five fingers to the ground. An item ejected from Karmegha and landed inside his palm.

    Vettiayan gripped The Sword of Destruction firmly in his hand and let out a vicious war cry at Haygreva. But it was already too late. The mystical creatures pulled Vettaiyan into the hurricane and the mouth of the magical storm closed.

    The final bit that entered the abyss was the tip of The Sword of Destruction held by Vettaiyan, that disappeared along with the fading vocals of Makara:

    व्याख्या मुद्रां करसरसिजैः पुस्तकं शङ्क चक्रे
    बिभ्रद् भिन्नस्फटिक रुचिरे पुण्डरीके निषण्णः ।
    अम्लानश्रीर् अमृत विशदैर् अंशुभिः प्लावयन् मां
    आविर्भूया दनघ महिमा मानसे वाग धीशः ॥ ३२ ॥

    vyākhyā mudrāṁ karasarasijaiḥ pustakaṁ śaṅka chakre
    bibhrad bhinnasphaṭika rucire puṇḍarīke niṣaṇṇaḥ |
    amlānaśrīr amṛta viśadair aṁśubhiḥ plāvayan māṁ
    āvirbhūyā danagha mahimā mānase vāga dheeshaḥ || 32 ||

    Calmness restored over Karmegha when the last ray of the setting sun died behind the mountains.

    Very heavy downpour started to hit Karmegha at the end of the tenth day of war.

    ... to be continued ...


    The Devine verses are from Sri Hayagreeva Stotram sung by Sriman Nigamaanta Maha Deshikan (Swami Desikan) :

    Kavitaarkikasimhaaya kalyaanagunashaaline
    Shriimate venkateshaaya vedaantagurave namah

    "May Lord Lakshmi HayagrIvan confer His choicest blessings on every one, who studies His sthothram composed by Swamy Desikan every day!"

    Verse 3: The Hala-Hala sounds in the form of neighings emanating from the divine throat of Sri HayagrIvan, the Horse-faced Lord, is the aggregate of Saama VedA mantrAs, the word for word meanings of the Rg vedA and the abode of Yajur VedA manthrams. These Hala-Hala nadhams are the destroyers of all obstacles to true JnAnam about ChEthana-AchEthana-Isvara tatthvams; these Hala-Hala sounds are like the movement of the waves from the ocean of true knowledge (JnAnam). May these sunAdhams chase away the inner darkness (ajnnam) arising from the uproar (loud and confusing noise) of debaters whose minds are driven by their own pride, arrogance and viparItha JnAnam.

    Verse 12: Oh HayagrIvA, the Lord of all VidhyAs! Before creation, this world was a shapeless and nameless mass (moola prakruthi or avyAkrutham). Out of that moola prakruthi, You created MahAn-ahankAram and pancha bhUthams and gave them names and forms. Then, You embodied them as well as entered into them as antharyAmi. Therefore, the worlds that describe them end up with You, who is the indweller of all of them. You also become their ultimate goal and destination. Hence, the VedAs that originated from You salute You adoringly as the primary source and the ultimate goal of this prapancham. The great ones, who have been specially blessed by You with the powers of Vaak (Brahma JnAnam and Vedic speech) recognize You not only as the “vyAkruthavAn” (creator of janthus and achEthanams with forms and names) but also as their ultimate destination (charamAm PrathishtA).

    Verse 32: In His beautiful, lotus soft four hands, Lord HayagrIvan sports Sudarsanam, Paancha-janyam, JnAna Mudhrai and a Book. He is seated on a freshly-blososmed White Lotus and reminds the UpasakAs of the whitest-white fragment of a freshly cleaved spatikam. His lutre never ever fades. There is no limit (boundary) to His blemishless glories. May This Lord of Vidhyais shower on adiyEn His nectarine, white and cool rays! May He reside and preside over my HrudhayAkAsam in this manner !

    Author’s Note: These verses were chosen to suit fiction. Hayagreva's presence is fictional and not related to any belief system.
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    Chaturmukha Part 3 - mRdayopaliptaM

    Chapter Six - The Master, The Monkey and The Monster

    The Rain Song

    When the first few drops of rain fell over Karmegha drenching the face of Yesodha Putran, he ran in great joy towards the battlefield. The whole army of the Empires United rejoiced while following the Wise Man.

    Vadhana stood watching the broken gates of Vettaiyan Palace. She was still uncertain about the Prophecy. Irrespective to the result of war, she longed to witness the One who exited the gates of Vettaiyan Palace. She trusted Sena, nevertheless, she wished to see Rana as her personal victory. She kept both her hands over her stomach as though she was waiting with the unborn child of Rana for the return of its Father.

    The heavy pours started to wash away the blood and cleansed the soil. The tree swayed welcoming the rain as Yesodha Putran sung in delight:

    திக்குக்கள் எட்டும் சிதறி-தக்கத்
    தீம்தரிகிட தீம்தரிகிட தீம்தரிகிட தீம்தரிகிட
    பக்க மலைகள் உடைந்து-வெள்ளம்
    பாயுது பாயுது பாயுது-தாம்தரிகிட
    தக்கத் ததிங்கிட தித்தோம்-அண்டம்
    சாயுது சாயுது சாயுது-பேய்கொண்டு
    தக்கை யடிக்குது காற்று-தக்கத்
    தாம்தரிகிட தாம்தரிகிட தாம்தரிகிட தாம்தரிகிட

    dikkukkaL eTTum sidari-- takkat
    dhIm tarikiTa dhIm tarikiTa dhIm tarikiTa-- dhIm tarikiTa
    pakka malaigaL uDaindu-- veLLam
    pAyudu pAyudu pAyudu-- tAm tarikiTa
    takkat tadhingiTa dhittOm-- aNDam
    sAyudu sAyudu sAyudu-- pEikoNDu
    takkai aDikkudu kATru-- takkat
    tAm tarikiTa tAm tarikiTa
    tAm tarikiTa tAm tarikiTa

    வெட்டி யடிக்குது மின்னல்,-கடல்
    வீரத் திரைகொண்டு விண்ணை யிடிக்குது;
    கொட்டி யிடிக்குது மேகம்;-கூ
    கூவென்று விண்ணைக் குடையுது காற்று;
    சட்டச்சட சட்டச்சட டட்டா-என்று
    தாளங்கள் கொட்டிக் கனைக்குது வானம்;
    எட்டுத் திசையும் இடிய-மழை
    எங்ஙனம் வந்ததடா,தம்பி வீரா!

    veTTiyaDikkudu minnal, -kaDal
    vIrattirai koNDu viNNai iDikkudu
    koTTiyiDikkudu mEgham kU-
    kUvenru viNNaik-kuDaiyudu kATru
    caTTaccaDa caTTaccaDa-DaTTA enru
    tALangaL koTTik-kanaikkudu vAnam
    eTTud-dishiyum iDiya mazhai
    enganam vandadaDA thambi vIrA!

    Yesodha Putran came to a standstill when he saw movements near Vettaiyan Palace. His face brimmed with glory when he saw Rana and Sena, both walking into Karmegha, together supporting Shamu on their shoulders. His tears of joy were washed away by the rain and ran down like crystal clear streams on Karmegha.

    Vadhana’s body trembled in emotion when she saw Rana and Sena walking towards her. She took her right hand to her mouth and covered her overflowing happiness. She slowly bent her knees and rested herself over the platform without taking her eyes from Rana and the left hand from her stomach.

    As the entire army was pouring out into Karmegha, Kacha saw Sultan and Kanakavalli standing beside Nobleman. The wounded counsellor who was attached to the bed received his last vision. He saw the Brothers emerging victorious. He lifted his single eye ball and rolled them above at the showering clouds. He blinked once and then showed no sign of life within him.

    Kanakavalli wept silently. Sultan carefully dismounted him and carried him in both his hands. He walked past in the opposite direction of the racing soldiers, carrying Nobleman away from Karmegha. Kanakavalli watched Sultan passing the crowd of warriors, her face fully drenched with tears. She turned and walked towards Vadhana. She gently placed her hand on her shoulder watching Sena entering Karmegha. Vadhana, who sat over the platform, raised her hand and placed it on her shoulder gently pressing Kanakavalli’s hands. She did not take her eyes off Rana.

    Kacha was unable to push his way through the flood of soldiers when he saw Sultan walking away. He turned and looked at the palace gate.

    A group of men followed the Brothers out of Vettaiyan Palace. Littleman walked beside Sena smiling at the welcoming men who stood united forgetting which nation they belonged to. War had united them and victory had made them stand united.

    Maveeran walked behind the brothers. He admired Hope and Faith supporting Dharma, who was walking on one leg over Karmegha, on their shoulders.

    The throng of soldiers raising victory slogans at their Twin Commanders fell silent when Yesodha Putran sang holding his arms to his sides inviting the Brothers:

    அண்டம் குலுங்குது,தம்பி!-தலை
    ஆயிரந் தூக்கிய சேடனும் பேய்போல்
    மிண்டிக் குதித்திடு கின்றான்;-திசை
    வெற்புக் குதிக்குது;வானத்துத் தேவர்
    செண்டு புடைத்திடு கின்றார்;-என்ன
    தெய்விகக் காட்சியை கண்முன்பு கண்டோம்!
    கண்டோம் கண்டோம் கண்டோம்-இந்தக்
    காலத்தின் கூத்தினைக் கண்முன்பு கண்டோம்!

    aNDam kulungudu, tambi!-- talai
    Ayira-n tUkkiyE sEdanum pEipOl
    miNDik kudittiDuginrAn-- disai
    verpuk-kudikkudu; vAnattu dEvar
    ceNdu pudaittiDuginrAr;-- enna
    deivIkak-kATSiyai kaN munbu kaNDOm!
    kaNDOm kaNDOm kaNDOm; -- Intha
    Kalathin Koothinai KaNmunbu KAndom!

    ... to be continued ...


    Rain Song- Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyaar's 'Mazhai' (Rain); from the collection of his poetries (Bharathiyar Kavithaigal).
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    Chaturmukha Part 3 - mRdayopaliptaM

    Chapter Six - The Master, The Monkey and The Monster

    Confession of Dharma

    Shamu entered the pavilion. Everyone present inside cheered him by calling him The Warrior Prince. He slowly walked towards Yesodha Putran with his face hung to the ground making strides which were heavy and measured. Shamu raised his head and greeted Vadhana who was standing beside Yesodha Putran with a gentle nod. When he gained her acknowledgement, he pushed his wooden leg backwards and knelt before the war strategist. He placed his sword on the floor between them.

    "What is troubling you, Prince of Shambala?", Yesodha Putran asked.

    "I am at fault, Wise of All", Shamu confessed, "On the ninth moon, I attacked the enemies after dusk. I found it suitable to take over the palace terrace after sunset when the horns were already blown. I have disobeyed the Declaration of War. I defied the direct order of Chief Rana. I have infringed the trust of the commanders and have let down the warriors of the Empire's United with my unruly behaviour. I am entitled to be punished."

    The pavilion broke its silence and loud murmurs occupied every corner of the tent.

    Yesodha Putran raised his hand to calm down the commotion.

    "I adore your truthfulness, young man", he spoke when the pavilion immersed in silence, "None would have known or noticed this event that you have confessed, if you had not dared to reveal it now. I salute your honesty. You will be an able King one day."

    "Amidst the glory and tragedy of war, the last few moons were decisive for both sides. Tension mounted when the gathered clouds grew darker, and the setting sun disappeared into the west quicker than the usual time. None can vouch the fact that the sun had dipped at the right time. Maybe it was still day without the light when you attacked the terrace of Vettaiyan Palace."

    "Your decision to call an attack is pardonable and should not be considered as disobedience to direct orders. The act is completely excusable considering the actions of the enemies of liberating inhumanly creatures into a human war."

    "Let you rest your guilt and be at peace with yourself. I shall explain the counsel and take the blame onto myself as the strategist of this war. Trust me, we have enough proofs to counter the panel of jury who shall investigate such breach of conduct."

    Shamu bowed down in respect. He got back on his foot and said, "Then, Wise of All, I request your permission, as well as ask the Great Queen of Empires United to allow me to carryout my duty as the Prince of Shambala."

    Yesodha Putran smiled at Shamu. He turned and looked at Vadhana. Seeing her speechless, he addressed Shamu, "One does not seek permission to perform his duty if he does not eye the fruit", Yesodha Putran granted his authorisation to Shamu.

    Shamu turned away and walked back towards the entrance. His strides were heavy and measured. He looked at Kanakavalli who stood staring at him. His eyes locked on to Sena and held a silent conversation from the past with him:

    "Whatever the truth maybe, I will lead them to victory, and then, as a Prince, I will arrest you and take you as a prisoner to Shambala."

    Sena smiled.

    Shamu halted in front of the Brothers.

    He announced before the face of Sena, "Under the pronounced code of judgement by the noblemen of the great valley Shambala, I arrest you, Sena alias Baasha, for the crime of treason against the People of the Valley."

    The pavilion brusted in emotional eruption. Several let out their anger and cried their discontentment over the arrest.

    Ignoring the massive opposition, a group of armed guards of Shambala entered the pavilion carrying prisoner chains in their hands. Shamu halted them at the entrance by throwing his palm at them.

    Rana, with uncontrollable anger in his face, took a step forward towards Shamu, but Sena stopped him. Kalai and Kacha looked at Yesodha Putran as though expecting him to stop the arrest.

    Sena looked at Yesodha Putran and then at Vadhana. Their eyes met for a moment discussing about the arrest, which was a condition put forward by King of Shamabala to participate in the war. Vadhana hung her head down in silence. Kanakavalli kept staring at Shamu.

    "Without the assistance of the brave men of Shambala, this victory would have been tougher to acheive", Sena shouted above the loud noise to calm the rioting officials inside the pavilion.

    "I am not your hero. I am a criminal wanted by all the five nations. Charged for intimidation, cruelty, kidnap, murder and sabotage. My crimes remain unchanged post war and I have been proved guilty by the courthouse of Shambala. I accept the charges. No glory or any victory can remove the stains of my sins, which are painted in blood. My place is not amoung you. This land will be safer in the hands of Chief Rana. I ask you all to concentrate on your future rather than spending your valuable time fighting for a criminal. Please allow me to pass with my fate."

    Sena turned and looked at Kanakavalli. She exhaled heavily when Sena smiled at her.

    Shamu followed Sena to the exit and allowed him to enter the coach wagon. The carriage driven by eight horses departed to the courthouse of Shambala.

    ... to be continued ...
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    Chaturmukha Part 3 - mRdayopaliptaM

    Chapter Six - The Master, The Monkey and The Monster

    Trails of the War

    First moon after the war ....

    The Apprentice sat over the branch of a tree inside the dense jungle watching the calmness circling the battle field. It had not yet stopped raining, and after rejoicing their victory by sounding drums and blowing horns, the winning army retreated back to their campsite. None came to loot the Vettaiyan Palace, but maintained order and discipline.

    The Poet's assistant looked at the moon hiding itself behind the rain clouds. Since he received the message from The Emperor to hibernate until the fall of Empires United, The Apprentice took shelter inside the forest. Every day he watched the fierce battle memorising every event as well as all the participants. When The Clown appeared, he had hid himself inside his underground cave and he resurfaced at dusk to find the war had ended. He kept surveying the palace garden for any movement, but it looked deserted.

    The gushing rain was drumming on the battleground. The wind was held by pain and the breeze by suffering, allowing the dark clouds to cry over Karmegha. None of the falling tears woke the bodies lying wet and cold on the ground. The rain settled the dust and crystal clear streams cleansed the soil washing away the blood. The bathing forest took in all the dirt flowing out of Karmegha under its blanket of darkness.

    A fragile man appeared from the corner of the palace. The Apprentice sat up straight on the branch. A wolf accompanied the fragile man. They both stood near the Brother's Cemetery beside the Third tomb. The river of rain water caressed their feet before flushing out of the cemetery garden.

    Through the broken wall of the palace, a mysterious man wearing silver boots and carrying a dead body on his shoulders walked through the flood. His white uniform was completely drenched. The drops falling from the sky made tiny clings when they met the metal blades of the knives bordering his suit. The Apprentice recognised the Knife Suit worn by the Mysterious Man. His eyes glittered with familiarity with her saw the eagle eyes of the masked man. The Mysterious Man circled around the Vettaiyan Statue and halted before the bloody body of The Emperor floating on a pool of clear water.

    The Mysterious Man threw the body, which was dressed like The Emperor, to the ground beside Vettaiyan. A small furry pup with a ring of white hair around its neck peeped out of his back collar. Two other cubs dug through his cloth and popped their head on either side. The three wolf kids - Child, King & Killer - turned their heads and looked around the palace garden.

    The Mysterious Man with a white mask checked the body he had brought and compared it with Vettaiyan's still body. He examined the wounds around the chest on both the bodies. He, then, carefully lifted Vettaiyan from the ground and placed him on his right shoulder. The cubs dug themselves back into his white suit. Using his left leg he slowly pushed the other body and positioned it exactly at the same spot where Vettaiyan had fallen. He looked at the new body he had laid on the ground, which looked identic to Vettaiyan. The Mysterious Man turned towards the fragile man and the wolf and started to walk towards the Brother’s Cemetery carrying The Emperor on his shoulder.

    Huge thunder blasted above the damaged dome of Vettaiyan Palace as the Mysterious Man walked over the rain water. He halted briefly and turned his head towards the jungle. A lightning bolt fell beside the tree on which The Apprentice was standing on a branch. The brief brightness brought down by the bolt allowed their eyes to meet momentarily. The Mysterious Man continued walking away from the jungle.

    Vettaiyan's body moved up and down matching the heavy strides of his carrier. His head was loosely hung and his forehead dashed on the back of the Mysterious Man. Under the dim moonlight, The Apprentice observed closely the free fallen hands of Vettaiyan. They were swaying from side to side and the fingers danced together to the rocking movement.

    Suddenly, the left hand of Vettaiyan stopped moving and held itself straight like a rigid wooden log.

    The Apprentice's eyes opened wide. A chillness installed inside him when he heard the assonance phrase of Vettaiyan echoing all around the jungle.

    ... to be continued ...
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    Chaturmukha Part 3 - mRdayopaliptaM

    Chapter Six - The Master, The Monkey and The Monster

    Into a Brighter Dawn

    Revolts exploded in several parts of the Central Kingdom when the Suyodhana Dynasty fell. With no one left to take over the Empire, the furious lineage involved in violence tearing apart anyone supporting the Empires United.

    Commanders Kacha, Kalai along with the captain Gudakesha controlled the agitated crowd by force and restored order around the heart of the Central Kingdom.

    Six moons later ...

    "The Rain is forever embedded in our minds and the accomplished history shall be retold forever", the Queen of victorious Empires United addressed the crowd.

    When the loud cheers dropped, she continued addressing the first social gathering after the war. People from all the states and union territories assembled on Karmega along with their Kings and Rulers. Every social division in the society consisting of families or communities unlinked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a uncommon culture and dialect, and having a seperate recognized leader assembled under a single roof below the blue sky, standing warmly next to each other beneath the brightly shinning sun.

    Standing on an elevated podium constructed at the middle of the battlefield, Vadhana shared her vision with the Citizens of the World:

    "We are not born to fight. We are not born to survive. We are born to live every single moment of our life - Happy and Healthy."

    "Our victory has marked the end of the Rule of Leaders."

    "How long are we going to follow a self-employed leader or lookup at someone to rise and lend his hand for us to hold and follow his path rather than following our own dreams? When shall we start thinking for ourselves and make decisions that fit our life?"

    "Everyone is a leader, he who does need a leader. He is the leader of his family; he is the leader of his friends; he is the leader of the society; and he is the leader to himself. He shall report to none, rather to himself. He shall be his own court, judging his own actions."

    "The word Freedom was wrongly preached by the Rulers. It shall be left buried in the past. But the present still resonates with completely mistaken understandings."

    "Pay attention to what I have to say - Freedom imposed on you was merely a dictation to choose your Leader. No, that’s not Freedom. That's soaping the new ideas of enslavement inside your minds. Freedom is Responsibility. If each one is responsible for his actions, and accepts the responsibility to teach the irresponsible, then, there is no need for freedom, as you are already freed. Each, irrespective to age, shall construct a factory built upon responsibility. The industrialisation of our thoughts develops a machine that drives us forward together. We shall work for ourselves; we shall work for our family; we shall work for our future. We let no one to take away what we are and what we stand for from us."

    "As a fresh start, we have to understand that we all are different and use it as the fuel to the machines in the factory of responsibility within us. We walk together on the same path of difference shaping each other for a mutual wellbeing. No boundaries shall mark the end. This World is limitless. This world is infinite to the one who wishes to explore. No nation or state can be boxed into territories. They all are unique. Imaginary lines that mark our differences shall be erased. The map of the World will have only single line joining us all. And that line shall be called Humanity. And that's real Freedom."

    "Travel brings prospects. It feeds with experience for the starving mind. A World free from separation. By the individual expedition, this world full of natural resources shall be shared and not exploited."

    "No. I am not talking about bringing a Change. I don't want to be in the never ending list of Leaders who wish to bring a change."

    "A change happens naturally. It’s in our growth, a natural process."

    "Thus, I propose we rebuild this world where everyone is respected. Worlds without a Leader run by us collectively, strengthened by our unity. Together we think about what we need. Together we work to fulfil them. Every thought is a drop of water to the seed called idea. Together let us grow the Tree of Knowledge. Together we shall taste its fruits."

    "All five nations shall become one, as a single force to build a flawless future."

    "Crime stops advancement. Policing invites fear. Murders and harassment gain much of our daily routine not allowing us to focus. Violence is a result of unemployment. The list of blocks goes on. And we are the ones who placed them there in the first place. And we are the one who are hurdling over them during our day-to-day life cycle."

    "On this bright dawn, we swear to take up the responsibility to shatter such barricades that hinder our advancement. For an individual to be free, he has to have control on his freedom."

    "In our World cleansed by the rain, there shall be no activity that promotes an individual and boosts him to abuse his powers. None shall possess absolute power. They will be just the eyes and ears of the empire that The People shall rule. He reports to none, but only to his Ruler - The People."

    "Everyone who is assertive will automatically be uplifted over the stairs of the future. The rest shall rot in the present complaining about the past."

    "This end has brought us a new genesis. I take the oath in front of you and promise that my children will work with the people, choosing the activity they wish to contribute just like any Citizen of this World. They will study in the public schools and work for betterment of the society. They will not grow up in the palace, but will live by the status they had worked for themselves. They, as a Citizen of this World, shall rule none but themselves."

    "I issue an order to convert all the palaces and stately homes into orphanages, schools, communal halls and hospitals. The chosen leader will live under the same roof along with his ruler - The People."

    "Does liberty of speech alone shall gain us food? An abuse without any control over the words crumbles the society, makes the educated worse than an uneducated. Talking may put us to sleep caused by tiredness, but the dawn will be darker. And can the change bring us a new roof through discussions?"

    "These are the false values thrusted upon us to make us feel better and stay like the tadpoles free to roam in dirty waters. We don't need directive freedom."

    "Responsibility should start from within through good habits and good thoughts. The actions must begin from the first step and remain true until the last step. The glory of nature should be kept intact. A clean environment reflects the purity of its dwellers."

    "We will introduce a pyramid structure for the flow of information. The needs from below will be raised to the above where the all-seeing eye will descend to fulfil the needs. The eye shall not be the Ruler, but the representative of The People. He will have an eye always open, until no need arises. With the other eye he will monitor the activities of other representatives appointed by the people. Thus, the pyramid constructs a virtual tunnel that carries information freely without any overflow. Anyone can become the Eye, but he has to prove his vision to The People. Accept no more the blinking eye that lie. Choose the one that can stare straight at the sun."

    "Crime can be stopped by employment. Employment leads to development and education leads to employment. Everyone shall receive education that shall not be valued by grades, but by the interest shown by the individual. Intelligence cannot be contained. We will teach our kids how we had learnt from each day of our life. Healthy food and good habits are necessary to achieve the fixed goal. They provide concentration under the roof of shelter. Food comes from agriculture and I announce farming as the primary occupation of our World. I announce farmers as the First Citizens of this World as they produce the energy for the society. Cheerful they are, healthy we all shall live."

    "A barter system shall be introduced with immediate effect. We shall trade with what we have to get what we we don't have. Thereby, an Empire shall be valued by its natural resource - fertile lands, rain forests, water source, along with active citizens and the experience of inactive citizens."

    "Laws shall be made to strength the society and not cripple its advancement. No law shall be permanent, but shall be amended according to the need and will of The People. Law governs the governors and will focus on punishing the elected who fail to fulfil their promise. Responsibility will teach the citizens to abide the law as well as not use it to waste the time of the court of justice."

    "As I speak, the counsellors of the Empires United, including the members of the Great Central Kingdom, are discussing to elaborate the vision of our future."

    "Littleman, the official clerk of The People, will read out the First Code of the Constituent Assembly of the World."

    "Together we make progress."

    Rana climbed the podium and took the fingers of Vadhana amidst loud welcome cheers. He guided her down the wooden stairs towards the campsite crossing the ocean of citizens who praised the couple.

    Rana smiled at the happy faces floating like the bright foams on the ocean waves. He whispered to Vadhana, "You should be aware that this new system is complicated. A major reorganization has to be planned and it will take several years to implement it. On this bed of society, the flowers of victory shall fade soon, but to have a strict directive ..."

    "It's a beginning, my Love, just a baby", Vadhana interrupted Rana and placed her head on his shoulder while hugging her stomach with both her hands.

    ... to be continued ...
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    Chaturmukha Part 3 - mRdayopaliptaM

    Chapter Six - The Master, The Monkey and The Monster

    And the Lord spake upto the Angel that gaurded the eastern gate, saying Where is the flaming sword which was given to thee?
    And the Angel said, I had it here only a moment ago, I must have put it down somewhere, forget my own head next.
    And the Lord did not ask him again.
    - Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch By Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman

    Journeys End

    Six months later ...

    "Thank you for accepting my proposition", Sena smiled and said with the utmost sincerity.

    Shamu nodded in dismay. "The people need you. We need you ..."

    "They are in the hands of the good", Sena pointed at Rana and Vadhana, who held to their first born infants in their arms.

    Shamu trapped along with the group of men had found a way to drop from the Palace terrace after he had recovered. Couple of his men descended using the artwork on the wall and collected the thick curtains decorating the palace corridor. They made a long rope by attaching the cloth together and used it to slide down from the top of the palace to the floor of the garden.

    When Shamu arrived near the Vettaiyan statue with Littleman and Maveeran, Sena was standing over two fallen bodies. Shamu identified Rana lying on the ground beside The Emperor - both floating over a pool of blood. They approached Sena and he welcomed them with a broad smile. He sat on his knees beside Littleman and shared his gladness with him on seeing him again. He nodded his head at the others welcoming them into the free world. He took Shamu from Maveeran and supported him on own his shoulders. Shamu placed his hand on Littleman's shoulder to gain balance while staning on single leg watching Rana.

    Sena spoke to him softly:

    "He will be alright. Listen to me while I ask you a favour. Arrest me as soon as we reach the pavilion. Allow the court of Shambala to banish me. Make it an official order issuing a judgement that states the accused to leave the region as a punishment. My brother shall not allow it to happen. None should know about our deal. Be authoritative to make the councils of Empires United to obey the decision of the People of the Valley. Can you do that for me?"

    Shamu's eyes widened. Littleman raised his head at Sena with a surprised look on his face.

    "Why", Shamu asked, "Is it because I said so? I was a different man then, Prince of Shambala. Now I am Dharma, leading the abandoned to the doors of equality. I shall never do what you ask me to do after all that we have seen together."

    "There is no place for sentiments, Shamu", Sena explained, "I have to pursue the path of my Father. I sense something not right about all of this. I should find out what my Father had known. He lost everything once he possessed a particular detail; also, he had trusted Dashakantha. I have to know the particulars that are held inside the Mandala Bibliotheque. What if this is a just the Beginning of an End? I have to track down Rakshas before he takes over this world. Rana will not believe a word that I say to him on this matter. And I cannot deny him if he asks me to stay by his side. So, I request you to be a part of my wild search and allow me to travel the path of my Father."

    Shamu stared at Sena for a long time and then, nodded his head in agreement.

    Rana opened his eyes and saw Sena, Shamu and Littleman sticking together. He saw himself, Sengodagan and Hunchbadra smiling at him. Rana smiled back at them.

    When Rana took Shamu on his shoulders, Littleman searched for the Sword of Destruction around the fallen Emperor. The pouring rains flooded the garden and Littleman blindly searched with his fingers under the running water. He was unable to find the Devine Sword.

    Sena and Shamu walked from the wagon toward the people gathered to receive them. Kacha and Kalai walked toward Sena. Swetha and Swathi were holding Maya and Mira, the rescued sisters from the fire of Fort Ayan, beiside Vadhana. Kali and Kanakavalli stood beside each other behind Rana.

    Sena looked around him as he approached Kalai and Kacha. As though reading his eyes, Kacha said, "Sultan left the campsite carrying Nobleman when it started to rain. His destination is known to only one person", he pointed at Kanakavalli and said, "The secret lies between her lips."

    "A true friend", Sena said,"He neither waited to be asked nor expected any gratitude. He had reached us at the right time, silently performed his duty without fretting over the result. He took the insults and dissolved them in his gracious smile. None consulted with him, yet he carried out the orders without any objection. Leaving us alive and well, he has gone to the place he likes to call as 'Nowhere '. Sultan, may success sail with you."

    Yesodha Putran honoured Rana with a graceful smile and Littleman brimmed with happiness beside him. Ayus stood together in group holding their children in their hands who were waving at Sena. Gudakesha and his men saluted their second in command.

    Rana's face showered with contentment when Sena stood before him. Sena's face lighted up with joy when he saw Vadhana and Rana, each carrying a new born.

    "Just like us", Rana announced, "Our daughter Lokhaleela", he passed the infant onto Sena's arms.

    Sena's eyes glittered when he saw the pleasant face of Lokhaleela. Her eyes balls moved in her sleep.

    "He is Kusela", Vadhana introduced her son to Sena.

    "Exiled for twenty five years", Rana spoke harshly to Shamu.

    "Not his fault", Sena corrected supporting Shamu, "You reap which ye have laboured."

    Sena handed over Lokhaleela back to his brother.

    Rana smiled and said, "She is your daughter now. We call her Lalli."

    Emotion weighed Sena's heart. He was about to refuse, but remained speechless when Lali kicked his chest in her sleep with her tiny feet.

    "Make sure you bring her back to us", Vadhana expressed her trust on Sena.

    Kali joined Sena and they both walked towards the jungle. Sena whistled, but Nameless stayed with Kanakavalli who was looking at him with mild shivers around her lips.

    Sena continued few steps looking at Lalli opening her eyes. He admired the white and pale blue flowers. Suddenly he turned to face the crowd assembled for his farewell. He directly looked at Kanakavalli and nodded his head inviting her to join him.

    Kanakavalli ran towards Sena and held on to his left arm tightly. Nameless followed her. Sena took a final look at his family and friends and turned to enter the jungle.

    Sena smiled at his daughter and Lalli smiled back at him.

    End of Part 3
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    Rajini Rewritten Trilogy (Part 3) - mRdayopaliptaM


    Six years later ...

    It was about sunset. Seven children chased a butterfly inside the rain forest. The blue butterfly with red outline flapped its white ringed wings hurriedly. It floated in the air and settled on a green leaf. The children cautiously walked over dry twigs taking care not to alert the butterfly with any noise.

    The child with a thick soft black hair and tiny sharp eyes over his pointed nose and small lips approached the multi-coloured insect discreetly. He slowly raised his left hand and moved his palm over the butterfly. He brought his thumb and index finger together and pushed it towards the many-hued moth.

    When he was about to grab the butterfly by its wings with his fingers, his mother called out for him loudly. Her shout echoed around the jungle and the tiny leaves shaked in fright. The butterfly flew away and his friends ran to every direction disappearing into the forest. They did not want to take the blame along with him for being late, as they were all scared of his mother. The child panicked. A cold shiver ran over his body.

    Tensed and agitated, the child's little feet hurried to carry him to the hut where his mother was waiting at the entrance showing her annoyance on her face.

    The child walked past his mother with his head hung down to the floor and Yamuna Devi, the daughter of Kochadaiiyan, saw her son born to Sengodagan preparing himself for the evening prayers.

    Yamuna's son sat before the eastern wall facing the hand drawn art. The random lines on the wall connected with each other which resembled to three abstract human like images levelled around a dust of universe. He started chanting:

    I Salute You, the All-Pervading One.
    I Salute You, the All-Victorious One.
    I Salute You, the All-Auspicious One.

    I, the Grandson of Rishikodagan, deliver my prayers as sweet as the honey dew on broad leaf.
    I, the only son of Yamuna, deliver my prayers as the rise of lighting flashing the bright garments.
    I, the mourning son of Sengodagan, deliver my prayers as decoration on the beautiful locks of hair.

    I seek to You who sits on the Lotus Flower;
    I seek to You who holds the Chakra;
    I seek to You who wears the king of snakes as a garland;

    Prepare me to conquer the army of elephants.
    Train me to shatter them into thousand pieces.
    Sharpen me to tear them like a fiery lion.

    O! Devine Three,

    Honour me for bringing an end to the evil minded.
    Gift me with the Golden Arrow.
    Allow it to turn reddish when they cling to my enemies.

    Permit me to befriend the ghosts of depair.
    Like Ta-Tha-Theyi, Ta-Theyi, the rhythm of the Devine Dancer,
    Let them crawl under my feet that moves Ku-Kutha, Ga-Gada.

    Let them howl and growl in fear and pain.
    Let the world which trusts them hear their cries.
    Let everyone wake up to the song of their sins.

    Entitle me as the Ruler of the World.
    Make me destroy the indestructible.
    Show me the path I shall lead them to their destiny.

    Guide me in this land ruled by the Twin Demons.
    Strengthen me to get back what rightly is mine.
    Give me the force to take back those snatched from me.

    Make me strong to face the Dual Demons,
    Allow me to bathe in their blood.
    Toughen up my fingers to rip those responsible for the Death of my Father.

    O! Best of all Gods,

    Grant me Victory, when I dry the foolish pride of Dual Demons.
    Grant me Power, when I bestow the fate of Kansa upon Dual Demons.
    Grant me Dominance, when I shred the fake masks of Dual Demons who pose as Hope and Faith.

    O! Sum of Infinite,

    I give myself, the grandson of your Son,
    As the sacrifice to bring forth Your blessings.

    I Salute You, the All-Pervading One ...

    Lingaa continued chanting as the moon hovered above the hut shedding its beam of dim white light upon him through the gaps of the thatched roof.


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    Forth Coming Attractions (Fake Preview)

    Extracts from Ronin Trilogy:

    Prajanam Brahma. Ayam Atma Brahma.
    (Pure consciousness is God. The soul is God.)

    The Haunted Hill

    Rana opened the book he held in his hands.

    "Am I lost?", he thought, while he flipped through the pages quickly. He backtracked few pages and examined the hand drawn map at the centre of his book.

    "Am I on the right path?", Rana asked himself while looking at the dim darkness before him.

    He turned to check if his comrades have found their way back. The adventurers were separated when they had set their foot on the slopes of the Haunted Hill while looking for the entrance to access the Treasures of the Lost Temple.

    Rana advanced through the darkness. "A trap?", he thought again. "At the enterance of the Temple? Did Komokuten devise these safety measures himself? And The Broken Key! What ..."

    Mild movements around the Temple made Rana to fold his book and watch the flames of a troch light approach him. The instincts of a warrior sensed trouble. He quickly brought his left hand to his hip, in order to use his long sword Vajrastra if need may arise. But he found his scabbard missing. "The fall", he whispered to himself. He searched the darkness around him with his eyes.

    A strong wolf with two different coloured eyes and a ring of white hair around its neck jogged past the silhouette and came straight at Rana. It obeyed to its master's whistle and sat before Rana keeping its different coloured eyes on him. Rana did not move. His breath halted momentarily when he lifted his head and identified the man dressed in a white assassin uniform standing in front of him. In the shadows of the flame, Rana noticed the cold smile behind the white face mask. The white bandana covering the mouth of the assassin stretched.

    "Not possible", Rana cursed to himself, "No, my eyes can't lie", he shouted, "I saw you die."

    "Child", The Mysterious Man whispered and the big dark wolf pounced on Rana.

    Book Mandir

    A squad of military soldiers entered the Street of Shops. They looked straight ignoring the activities around their path and halted before a platform. There were three wooden racks placed next to each other over the pavement, carrying several books. The wall of the building before which the mobile library was stationed was painted with a sun upon a reading man. Above the art work it read in bold 'Book Mandir'.

    The captain of the squad heard a man reciting lines from a book. Another man punched holes on a white embossed paper:

    "Your God is dead", The Wind growled threatening The Water and The Fire.

    "That's a lie", The Water replied as though The Wind had no power over it.

    "As God never existed to die", The Fire sparked floating over The Water

    Thus, The Wind descended from above forcibly; The Water rose like an angry wave; and The Fire soar high up shining in its many-hued flame ....

    The loud reader, Adikavi, stopped reciting when the captain called out. The punching man, Purush, turned to the direction of the command. The captain stepped back looking at dark pupil floating over the white iris of the punching man. He regained himself and spoke to the man who was lying on the bench with an open book covering his face.

    "Kusela, the son of late Chief Rana and Her Late Majesty Vadhana Devi, has sought your presence immediately", he spoke loudly.

    The hair above the book shielding his face swayed gently in the tender breeze. His white tunic top exposed his chest and he had his left leg placed on his right knee, both covered under blue pants. The blowing wind kissed the buckles of his brown boots allowing them to dance to the tunes of the tiny ringing bells. The Librarian reacted as though the captain's order went unheard, washed by the wind.

    Maanvizhi, who ran a stall of baked rice flours opposite to Book Mandir, silently watched the scene that unfolded in front of her. Her sister, Malarvizhi waited eagerly to watch the brawl. Her faint smile predicted the fate of the soldiers. Kozhavan who repaired shoes started to walk towards Book Mandir. He was joined by Guhaya, the key maker, on the way.

    Energy to Create

    The corridors echoed with the rhythmic footsteps. A young man dressed in blue marched briskly and opened the huge doors. He stood at the entrance with his sisters Maya and Mira looking at the Presidents of Greater Focus, a guild of creators monitoring the programme targeted at innovators, researchers and scientists.

    "You are late", one from the seven member panel announced his displeasure.

    "I shall rather be late, instead of reaching nowhere", Kusa replied.

    They walked to the centre of the large squared hall. Mira and Maya cleared the table while Rana bowed before the spectators. When the presentation desk was ready, Kusa placed a tiny object on the table.

    "Is it a joke?", another member asked him while trying to look hard at the tiny object.

    "No, My Lord, It is a Pin", replied Kusa.

    The Prophecy

    The aged man couched blood. He spoke softly to Lingaa:

    The Supreme One descends into three fold nature - Intellectual, Instinctive and Spiritual. All three present within one body connected to the different mental construct. There is always Three Ones in this world - Creator, Mediator and Destroyer. Every time the body and the mental construct differ, allowing the Intellect of the Creator to create destruction; not permitting the Instincts of the Mediator to prevent the destruction; and not giving enough Spiritual power for the Destroyer to control the destruction. Yet, all three are one, trying to balance the Nature of the Supreme One.

    Alas, Remember, The One who destroys is The One who dies is the One who kills first.

    The aged man stopped talking. Lingaa starred back at the lifeless eyes of the stranger not understanding what was spoken and what he heard.

    Knowledge meets Power

    Lingaa lit a candle beside the bed. He sat comfortably on the chair beside the cot watching the sleeping Prince Kusa. A moment later, he moved his hand over the desk and pushed the neatly arranged plates to the floor.

    The noise awoke Kusa. Siting on the bed, he looked at the man glittering under the brightness of the candle light. He was clean shaven and his hair was clumsily groomed. He wore a white dress. Kusa turned to verify the locked entrance door and then, watched the intruder wide eyed.

    "You seriously should think about your princely security", he stranger spoke.

    "Who are you?", the scared prince asked.

    "Lingaa, the Librarian."

    After a vague thought, Kusa climbed out of his bed. He pulled a chair and sat facing Lingaa. The identic images started to converse with one another.

    "What do you know about the Black Gold", Kusa asked.

    "The location is mentioned in this book", Lingaa kept his reply short.

    Without issuing a warning he threw a fat book at Kusa. The Prince caught the flying book thrown at him while keeping his eyes on Lingaa.

    "Part Three - Chapter Four - Days of Battle - Episode - Words can Kill - Segeent One - A Lizard in the Graveyard", Kusa flipped through the pages as Lingaa guided him with the contents of the book.

    "We travel at dawn", Kusa declared.

    "No time better than dawn", Lingaa accepted.

    Meeting of Three

    She carefully carried the oval plate filled with water in her palms. She placed it on the grass at the corner of the garden. She picked up tiny pebbles from the ground and drowned them in the flat plat of water. When water was trapped between the tiny stone, Lalli smiled.

    A moment later, a red butterfly flew into her garden. It circled around her head before settling on a tiny pebble. The butterfly drew water from the plate without getting itself drowned.

    Lalli carefully walked past the sleeping giant carrying Inesh in her left hand. Several kids giggled while playing around with the arm of the snoring giant.

    "Twin predators threaten the villagers", Lalli recollected the horror told to her by the villagers while she climbed up a tall tree, "The tigers worked together and trapped their preys who entered the jungle to gather wood. They have been spotted recently."

    Siting over a branch on the top of the tree, Lalli surveyed the surrounding. She watched out for moments around the bushes. She quickly armed Inesh by drawing two arrows inside the Devine Bow and aimed it to her right when the corner of her right eye signalled intruders. Her twin arrows pointed at two young men on their horses riding into the jungle.

    Lingaa and Kusa smiled at each other while Lalli kept the strangers locked under Inesh.

    Return of the Hunters

    Anangan, Aathiban, Iranyan, Eesan, Udhayan, Urjith, Ezhilarasan, Yega, Aiyamuthu, Ottakoothan, Oviyan, Avvainambi - known as the Deadly Dozen - were assassins trained by an unknown master. The brothers reached the festival of Colourful Mountain. The entire valley surrounded by thick forests was decorated massively. At the centre of the town there was a tall pole running vertically and almost touching the sky. Spikes were installed at regular intervals to permit someone with long limbs to climb. They were separated widely from each other and were arranged circularly around the pole rising from bottom to the top. The wooden post was coloured yellow with red power dusted all over it. The villagers maintained silence. Varieties of instruments of sound were laid on the ground and the musicians waited calmly.

    Anangan asked a man beside him, "What is everyone waiting for?"

    "Koothadi", the man replied.

    "Who?", Anangan made a funny face.

    "The Dancing Saint", the man answered furiously.

    "Should I know him?", Anangan querried.

    "No one knows Him", the man said, "For the past twenty Five years, The Saint whose face is painted blue and red walks into the Colourful Mountain during the festival. After dancing around the pole, he climbs up the wooden pillar. He showers flowers from the top and then disappears into the sky. He will then reappear only the following year to bless this mountain with rain of flowers."

    Anangan found himself hard to control his laughter. He looked around and silently ordered his brothers to spread and mingle with crowd.

    The gentle breeze turned into a mighty wind. Dry leaves flew carrying the dust along with them. Sound of anklet bells rang around the valley. It grew louder when a man covered in red and blue garments appeared from nowhere and danced towards the wooden pole. His face was painted red and blue. His lips were glowing bright white.

    The last noise the Deadly Dozen remembered was a sound of finger snapping beside their ears. They had no memory of what had happened after that. When they regrouped, the man whom the villagers worshiped as Koothadi had disappeared. It seemed as though he never existed.

    Anangan shook his head side to side to help himself to overcome the dream like state. He suddenly remembered and checked his pocket. The message from his Master was missing. His Master had briefed:

    "The Saint has surfaced. No need to look for him, he will find you if he assumes you to be a threat."

    Anangan took it as a challenge to deliver the message to the anonymous man called The Saint by finding him and handing it over to him in person. But he stood awed wondering who The Saint was!

    Red and blue colour paints coated the surface of the crystal clear pond as Koothadi washed his face in the water from the pond. His dark long hair swayed in the wind as he read the message:

    Ha Ha, I laugh at the law.
    Sa Sa, I spit beside your paw.
    Ga Ga, I think how to draw,
    Ma Ma, A man without a flaw.
    Pa Pa, Cries the broken jaw,
    Da Da, Flinching his own claw
    Ha Ha, Turning his flesh red raw.

    Ra Ra, Come and collect Rana.

    The long grey strands of his hair flew to every direction. The head lifted and looked up at the sky. The eyes were tightly closed. When the eyes reopened, they shined as amber in anger floating above a grey long beard.

    Sena emptied his lungs when he shouted at the dark blue sky.

    The War of the World

    "On the blackest day I will burn brighter than the sun. And then, there shall be WAR!", he declared holding the Sword of Destruction in his left hand.
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