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Thread: Kalki Serial

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    Kalki Serial


    I am a new member to this site. I am impressed by the service i.e. updating the serials for the tamilians living abroad like me. I have newly started watching the serial Kalki in Jaya TV from teh episode 190. Please tell me how to watch the earlier episodes, any CD or cassettes available i am interested in buying and watching.



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    well @ 7pm in London time u can watch Kalai n other tv serials from n click on Jaya tv direct once u hv entered da website then u can watch all the programmes in Jaya TV 4 free.

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    Re: Kalki Serial

    Quote Originally Posted by bhuvan16

    I am a new member to this site. I am impressed by the service i.e. updating the serials for the tamilians living abroad like me. I have newly started watching the serial Kalki in Jaya TV from teh episode 190. Please tell me how to watch the earlier episodes, any CD or cassettes available i am interested in buying and watching.


    Here i got da info from da yahoo fanclub 4 kalai groups which is currently been aired in Malysia however, we watched it a bit more than the fanclub

    Scene 1
    A big huge house shown and inside the house is our Gandhimathi ( old
    comedy actress) and her husband praying at the altar of the god, and
    our hero Manoj (abhisek) is combing his hair happily come to the
    altar and seek ashirvat from his grand parents and he's leaving to
    pick his girlfriend and his tata tease him that where are you
    going ? and patti reply dont you know that today he'll bring his
    girlfriend to our house and the tata ask what is her name again the
    patti scld him why are you kindilling the boy so much y'day the
    whole day you were talking about the girl only and now you ask him
    her name dont you know her name ? then he said i know her name but i
    want to hear from him and Manoj reply Kalki and go.....

    Scene 2
    A courier man come to deliver letter to Kalki but it was received by
    our Anjali( metti oli Leela), she's as ussual very jalie and
    cheerful looks like she's very jovial and kindaling the courier man.
    She go inside to look for her sister the sister is taking shower and
    Anjali tease her what are you doing in the bathroom so long ?
    instead of shower with normal water you should use the paneer...and
    ask her dont you fell nervous or tension going to Manoj house for a
    first time and the scene start with Anjali introducing one by one
    Manoj family member by letting know Kalki about their family.

    First Anjali ask about Manoj grandparents said that normally is hard
    to maintain the relationship with mamiyar and mamanar and i think in
    this case it will be really difficult together with their mamnar and
    mamiyar. ... and they show Manoj grandparents very attached to each
    other and very loving couples...

    Then Anjali ask about Manoj parents and they show a lady standing
    infront of waldrobe and looking to all the sarees and comes Manoj
    dad ask her wht are you doing already you have so much of sarees and
    you keep some stock here is it ? and she reply this is not mine i
    bought this for our marumagal inthe vethukie varhe porhe mahalakshmi
    and the dad tease her before anythng you have buy all this for her
    is that mean when she's here you wont fight with her ? and she reply
    i'll fight with her if she never eat properly if she do all the
    house work and if she dont talk nicely to my son.( looks like this
    mamiyar will turn to be evil he he he).

    Then aboout Manoj chittapa Anjali said you better get closer to him
    since his not married yet so he'll understand yu better and they
    show our (balu mama ) Manoj chittapa (forget his name) fully drunk
    and get scolded by Gandhimathi and she said you better locked your
    self inside the room guest are coming and he ask who is coming she
    said Kalki inthe vethu mahalakshmi and send him inside.

    Then Anjali said i heard that Manoj athaan has brothers you better
    strict with and they show a guy sleeping and waking up by Manoj dad
    but he's very lazy to wake up and continue sleeping.

    Then about manoj sister Sumathi she said you get closer to her she
    still in the college so she will tell you all the kadhi joke and
    will also give you tips for slimming.

    And last but not least Anjali introduce to us the villi in this
    serial which is Manoj athai and said since she's valha vethi so you
    dont have to worried about her coz normally all this people wont
    talk much they scared if they said something and people drive them
    out where do they go and the lady walking down to the kitchen (
    she's the villi in some of 80's movie) and scold the velhaikarri for
    dropping the plate and said you all dont respect me if others in
    this house repect me then only you all think i dont know
    that you and the other gardener talking behind of me and ask what
    for b'fast today and she list down some menus and again she scold
    who ask you to do all this and she reply that guest is coming that
    why amma ask me to cook all this and she surprisd who is coming
    without my knowledge and the velha kari reply that Kalki and this
    villi said oh aavala...varathum varathum aavala thatha vethiya
    eduthula thadren...

    And just then Manoj arrived Anjali send them till the vassal after
    they left she coems in with sogha face and sitting and crying and
    the next door mami come in and console her Anjali said althought
    she's happy for Kalki but she fell sad that after Kalki getting
    married she'll be alone here and said she is not my sister my
    philospher my guradian and she's like my amma i cant stay without
    her, and the mami console her say that dont worry sooner or later
    you too wil get married and life must go on.

    And in the car they showing Kalki hand in symbol praying ( all this
    while they never show Kalki face only voice) and Manoj ask her why
    are you nervous and she said this is first time rite thats why and
    then the car turn and meet an accident....scene end

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    epispde 2
    Updates for 05/05/05

    Kalki and Manoj escape from the accident… but Kalki felt uncomfortable with the incident. She said that this is the first time she is going to her in law house and this happened. Manoj ask her not think so sentiment.
    Then they reached his home, where big bungalow with nice gardens. Kalki excited and express her happiness to Manoj. Manoj ask her to step in with her right leg first.
    Manoj GF is sitting there reading newspaper when Kalki enter in the house. Manoj whisper to her to fall to his GF feet, but the GF know about this and told her that respect is enough if is in the heart itself. Then his GM come out and praises Kalki. Kalki falls on their feet and got bless from them. Then Manoj introduce his parent to her. Both are very happy to meet her.

    Then Kalki went to Manoj brother room, which is very messy. She try to arrange the book when suddenly the brother come out, he shocked to see Kalki there, but quickly identify her and call her anni. Kalki very happy to hear that and told Manoj that she likes him very much because of her manners.
    After that Kalki meet manor chitappa who is get ready to drink liquor. Manoj introduces them.

    Later Manoj brought Kalki to see round the house, and there she met Manoj attay who brought drinks them. Kalki for courtesy ask her whether she has drink, but the attay replied her in sarcastic manner, whether Kalki accused her that she has mixed the poison in the drinks and ask the attay to drink first. Kalki shocked to hear this, but the attay change the situation and told her that she is just kidding. Attay left hem and went to kitchen polimfying to the servant that Kalki is very beautiful that’s why she can maikiran Manoj. At the same time Kalki came there to return the glass and heard this. She just smiles and attay looks thiru thirune.

    Finally Kalki meet Manoj sister who is rehearsing for fashion contest. Manoj mum told Kalki that he daughter love the fashion and hope she will win the first prize. Kalki told her that she is beautiful, sure she can win. (ais ais). Later Manoj father came there with a document. He asks Manoj sister to hold the document (kairasi) and she is very happily holding the document. Suddenly Manoj father told Her sister to hand over to Kalki the document since because of her arrival here, the document gets to sign by today. Upon hearing this Manoj sister got so angry and passes the document to Kalki with hatred face. Kalki notice this and feel miserable.

    Manoj ask Kalki her feeling after meeting his entire family member. She said she is very exited and scared because all the while she and sister were living alone without all these relationship. She expected all this but scared whether she can adapt all this without any problem. Manoj ensure her that everything will be all right and enter the house again.
    Manoj GF holding something and pass it to Kalki and told sometime that I did not get at all. But I can see Kalki face changed suddenly…
    Can anyone tell us what did Manoj GF told Kalki. I ask several people, but they also could not get it..

    Did I miss anything and sorry for my grammar. Do not have time to check..


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    The scene starts with kalki and manoj in the car. Kalki is very upset with Manoj familys believes whereby they have to ask their god's permission by choosing between two piece of paper which indicates whether or not Kalki can be the daughter inlaw. She finds it such a stupid believe. She ask Manoj to stop the car, and proceed to get down. They will be arguing on the matter. Kalki will ask him what happens if the answer come out as NO. Manoj said have believe in God and everything will be alright. However Kalki is not satisfied with that explaination.

    Scene 2:

    Kalki sister, Shalini (I think so, not sure of the name) is arguing with Kalki on how can Manoj behave so dump toward Kalki. She think they are insulting the women by their action. She keeps screaming how so unfair is the whole believe. She calls Manoj, and start scolding him for his action. Manoj trys to justify his action however Shalini doesn't give him a chance. She tells him, who are they to say whether or not Kakli deserve to be their daughter in law. She continue to say that they have decided that they do not want Manoj to marry Kalki and hangs up. Manoj try calling back but Shalini would not pick up the call and warns the rest to pick the call as well since it would only be Manoj.

    Scene 3
    Manoj is very confused over the whole incident. He walks into his grandparents room. His grandma, is posing in front of the mirror. She goes to Manoj and ask what was Kalki's opinion about her. She ask whether Kalki says she looks good? manoj is still silence. Then the grandma ask whether he is feeling sick? Than the grandpa ask him whether it is anything to do with their believes and Manoj says yes. Manoj request hid grandpa to drop the whole believe and make a change with this generation. The grandpa thinks for a while. During that time his aunty walks in and argue how that can be done. She says it is important to follow and if he did not follow than the harm will be toward the family. She sounds very evil. Manoj is begging the grandpa to make a change but at the end the grandpa says the tradition will remain.
    His aunty is very happy will the decision.


    The grandma and grandpa, together will the rest of the family are praying to choose whether or not Kalki should be their daughter in law. The grandpa says there's ten minutes more for the good time and ask everybody to wait patiently. Manoj is very uncomfortable and says that he will be outside. The scene ends here.

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    Last nites episode:-

    Started off from where it got ended:-

    Manoi came from upstairs and everyone garthered waiting for the good time to pick the paper which have Kalki's fate! ( How unclever those oldies). He comes and inform his mom, he can't stand waiting any longer to know what the result will look like and he goes outside.Back at kalki's house, anjali prayers so hard that the results must come out right! Kalki walks around with lots of tension,

    Clock strike 10 and manoj's sister picks the box and open, everyone is so tensed waiting to know the result, she walks towards her granpa and gives him, everyone move closer to see what the verdict was!!!!!!! Manoj the other end, looks at this watch and goes back into the house, meets his aunty and sister, who walks out like going shopping, he stops and ask them, aunty replies, go and in and ask!!! He goes to his granpa and ask him, he just looks on... nothing special... no reaction at all... Manoj, becomes more tensed when his granpa don't reply him. He goes to his granma, what patti... what happened?? what was the result??? Granma says... with tears... Kalki don't have the luck to become the house marumagal.......... she cries......... Manoj stands still!!!!!!!!

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{time for advst }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Manoj meets Kalki in a restaurant and he tells her the verdict! he ask her to marry him, he is not into the paper result system, everyone at home will be ok after we have kids, he tells her, asking her to come and marry him! Halki says that it was all his fault for not telling her about this system and if he would have , she would be more prepared for it. Kalki disagree to him to run away and marry,she told him, that both of them are not tennages to run away and marry she wants the blessing of his family and meeting them just for a day made her love them, and how can she hurt them by doing so???? she tells him, I want to marry with their blessing and if that is not going to take place, we shall just part as friends. she shook his hand and walks from that place and stop near the stairs and cries...

    Back at home, Anjali walks up and down, waiting for her sister.. worried not sure what was the verdict and wondering why he sister not back yet. Kalki walks in and Anjali meets her and ask her, what happened, wht was the verdict??? question after question and Kalki starts to cry and tells it's all over... both sisters cries... hugging each other.

    Manoj's sister and aunty comes off the auto and goes into the house, Sees anjali and kalki sitting with so much of emotion and both so happy about it....Aunty Villi, Calls for Kalki and says, can we come in, Kalki looks up and stood, come in, greets both and ask them to have a sit. She introduce them to Anjali

    Both came there to put oil on the burning fire... Villi says that, I am so sad about the news, We loved you so much and all this shouldn't have happen. We came here to make you happy by giving you this.... took out a box with jewels in it. Even is you not going to marry Manoj, this present is for you being lover to Manoj this 2 years... Both sisters got stunt and looks on, I don't want this Kalki says... Villi adds on... well take this as a gift for being with Manoj as lover or more in the past!!! Anjali stood up with so much anger!!!! What are you telling????? get out!!!!! and she chase both of them out and looks at kalki and cries..

    Back to Manoj's dinner table, Mom serving food for His bro, Aunty villi, granma and sister... Sister cries... Mom asking why??? aunty says... Well we got insulted by Kalki... we went there with fruits and she treated us so badly.. she said that kalki mentioned that she is sitting there worried over the missing chance to marry a guy from a well to do family.. and bla bla badly about Kalki.. Grans... says.. I don't think Kalki is much a person, she didn't look like that when she came to the house.. Bro.. don't listen to them both, Anni is not that kind of person.. and arguement went on.... Till Manoj came to the table and said.. that Kalki called and told him everything that happened. Both of them went to kalki's house to give jewel as tho Kalki is after their wealth!!!! All their fault that they got chased from the house.....

    Everyone stunt... both the villis kept quiet and bro looked on and it freezzeeeeeeeeeee. thodurom..........

    I hope I cover almost all the important part!!!!!!!!

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    Scene 1

    Manoj comes to kalki house and the mami daughter tell him that she's not in she went to hospital..Manoj enquire wht happen and ask where's Anjali she said both of them went to hospital nie..Manoj at hospital mami bring him to see Kalki and seeing there Anjali lie dowm in a bed..he hold Kalki hand and said not to worry she'll be fine soon ..just then the nurse come and said doctor wanna see Kalki she went there and doc said they are taking some test on Anjali and will let them know later about her condition and Kalki told him about how Anjali escaped from the terrible accident and their parents dismiss .

    Scene 2
    New scene..they show a lady with full make up looks pretty talking on the phone..the scene show by side and guess who nie...(avanghe thaange namma Suganthi@kungumam...seriously forget her name in this serial any one please)
    and come one guy jolli vitran at her and said wanna pass somethng she scold hima sk him to wait and said uyire porra kariyma irunthallum ennaku yean velha thaan mukiyum..and after finished her works she ask him whts the matter and he pass on some file to her staff funds file (somthng like that) and she said will check and he lft but wait at the corner..and oh yeah her name Pooja she following page by page and stare at one love letter and look at him call him she said attention please i have somethng to tell you all and everybody stand and she said this Ravi give me a love letter and she said about her status laa...her salary everythng is higher then him and what the thagathi he have to love her and crumple the letter throw it away at his face...and said you all might think why must make this as a issue iso of call him personally and advice him..but i dont want anyone to do this thing again i mean give me a love letter.

    Scene 3
    Pooja telling her friend about the incident at office and the friend advice her thats not the right should tell him that personally and Pooja told her that..she said the person she wanna marrid must be liek wht i want i have 10 pathil about my future would be and the friend said very intresting let me know..and she said 1) Ekka chekka pannam irukannum 2) must looking good )3 must respect the parents 4) must love children) 5) not a drunker but cant smoke that too must stop if i want too 6) 7 8 9 10...i forget please any one) and the friend said good you look for someone and have pathil ...hopefully he'll come soon in your life...Pooja said he will coem very soon...and sleep.

    Scene 4
    Manoj and Kalki sitting and he said do not worry everythng will be alrite..and said i wanna inform you somethng that and the nurse come she ask kalki to buy the medicine and doctor wanna see her and Manoj get the medical list and Kalki goes to see the doctor...he said since no anyone beside you for anjali so i have to tell you this..that Anjali have problem (if m not mistaken somethng maanachikkal oh no i'm not so sure but looks like its a serious problem nie) may be its like split personality..and said she need extra attention and care and better not to tell anyone that she have this problem or discuss with others about this..and a silent conversation between Kalki and doctor..and kalki said she'll take care nie..and walking with tears to Anjali room..and she see Manoj is there and she looks on her with tears and sogham..Manoj said see how she sleeping peacefully nie..i told you rite she'll be alrite...and he said i got somethng to tell you that my family agree for our marriages they no more trust in chit verdict thing since they like you very much and see i told you rite namma kathal jaykum innu..and Kalki said no namma kalyanam nadhakathu..nitchiyama nadhakathu...scene end with Manoj tense and shock face.

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    Kalki and mami visit Kalki sister at hospital. She looks cheerful and happy. Only Kalki looks a bit tired and worry. Then came Kalki boss to visit her sister. On the way back, Kalki ask her boss to drop mami at her house.
    Upon reach mami’s house, her husband look from the window and got upset (i think this guy is mental, or heavy inferior complex too much). Mami say thanks to the boss and walked up to her house. Both her children went to school/college. Her husband ask her as usual, where she urru suteran and alairan. Mami feel irritated with her husband question and ask him to stop talking craps. Suddenly her husband slash her hand with blade. He said this the punishment for her and told her to tell the children that she accidentally cut her hand while cutting vegetables.

    Manoj looks very upset. I think he has informed his folks about Kalki decisions. At workplace , Manoj father is scolding his brother for not ort his age. He gave his piece of mind and lecturing him about career.
    His brother feel angry at his father for nagging him..

    At Manoj home… his sister and attay were happy that Kalki decide not to married Manoj while Manoj tata called Kalki on her phone….

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    Scene starts with Dharani ( Manoj brother ) talking with his friends
    under the tree. He says that he is not interested in madhu (
    alcohol ) and maathu ( women ). His friends starts to tease him
    about it. Then, they ask him to follow them somewhere ( not sure
    where ) and Dharani refuses saying that he can't because it was his
    brother's engagement on that day. Suddenly, Dharani's friend says
    something about his motorbike and they went to see what happened.
    Someone accidentely pushed Dharani's bike and they start to fight.

    At Manoj's house, his grandparents and parents are discussing about
    the auspicious date for the marriage. Manoj's granfather suggests
    that the wedding should be held in the house as their house is very
    big. The phone rings and Manoj's dad is in shock. He tells everyone
    that he will be back soon and leaves.

    At the police station, the policeman is investigating Dharani and
    another guy about their fight. Manoj's father arrives and gives his
    card to the inspector. The inspector tells him what happens and
    allows him to take Dharani back home. Manoj's dad is very angry and
    scolds Dharani. Dharani tries to deny and he was a little rude. His
    mother gets angry and slaps him.

    Again at the police station, Kalki's boss is talking to the
    inspector. The other guy involved is his son. Kalki's boss tries to
    tell that he know's some higher oficer and manages to take his son
    back. Pooja is talking with the guy who offered her a lift. He gives
    her a riddle and ask her to guess what is 124. She and her friends
    try to find the meaning for it, but still couldn't.

    Anjali is watching "Alaipayuthey", when Kalki comes. She gets angry
    because Kalki came back late. Kalki tries to explain to her that she
    went out with Manoj but she still tries to say that Kalki is giving
    preference to her love and not her sister. She said if now Kalki is
    like this, what would happen if she gets married. Totally forget
    about her sister!!! Kalki says that Anjali will be staying with her
    after marriage and Manoj has agreed for this. Anjali refuses to stay
    with Kalki in Manoj's house.

    Manoj and his dad is having some important meeting when Manoj's
    uncle comes in drunk. Manoj looks at him in a state of

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    Scene starts with Manoj's uncle entering the meeting room drunk. He
    > creates a big "galatta" and everyone gets really annoyed. Manoj's dad
    > leaves the meeting room and later the others.
    > Kalki and Manoj are talking in a food outlet. Kalki explains to Manoj
    > about Anjali's decision. Manoj asks Kalki what will she do if Anjali
    > doesn't agree to live with them till the end. Kalki said that she
    > isn't willing to leave Anjali and stay with Manoj. She also tells
    > Manoj about Anjali's sickness. Manoj is shocked and later says that he
    > will explain to Anjali about her sickness and make sure Anjali comes
    > and stay with them.( How silly can Manoj be??? He wants to tell Anjali
    > about her sickness! )Kalki tells Manoj not to do such a thing and she
    > will try to do something. Then Manoj tells her that for Kalki, Anjali
    > is more important than their love. Manoj gets angry and leaves.
    > Anjali is reading a book when Kalki enters. In a happy mood, she tells
    > Kalki that she has planned a schedule. She will come and stay with
    > Kalki on Saturdays and Sundays. She said that she will make sure she
    > joins a job with 5 working days only. After six months, she will find
    > a guy and get married. Kalki gets really irritated with Anjali and
    > says that Anjali doesn't understand her situation and so on, when they
    > hear a knock on the door.
    > Their house owner Maami brings Kalki aside and tells her something.
    > Kalki is shocked and calls up Manoj. Manoj who is angry asks Kalki if
    > she called to tell him to cancel the wedding. Later, Kalki tells him
    > to come to the nearby police station as soon as possible. Kalki goes
    > in, picks up her handbag and leaves. Anjali tries to explain something
    > to Kalki but Kalki just leaves.
    > At the police station, a policeman is asking the house owner Maami's
    > husband some questions. He asks the Maami's husband, why he behaved
    > like that when he had two daughters, isn't he ashamed of himself. The
    > Maami and Kalki enters and the policeman explains to them that the
    > Maami's husband was caught in a brothel case. Kalki and the Maami is
    > so shocked. Later, Manoj and his lawyer comes and manage to bring the
    > Maami's husband out.
    > Maami and her husband are talking in the balcony. The husband tries to
    > justify why he was involved in the brothel. He says he is young, still
    > active and needs some variety in life. ( So stupid! I felt like giving
    > him a slap ) The Maami scolds him and he slaps her. Anjali is watching
    > all this from a distance. She looked very angry and was breathing very
    > fast. Later the Maami's husband tries to strangle the Maami and they
    > focus on Anjali's anger.....THODARUM.....
    > Sorry, I missed out a scene. Manoj's dad complaints about Manoj's
    uncle to everyone at home. Manoj's grandparents suggests that
    Dharani should take the position that Manoj's uncle had in their
    office. Dharani desn't agree saying that he always wants to be free
    from any commitments and responsibilities but later agrees after
    much advise from his grandparents.

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