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Thread: A brief study on the Tamil Vanniyar of Tamil Nadu

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    A brief study on the Tamil Vanniyar of Thondaimandalam in Tamil Nadu

    The Vanniyar of Tamil Nadu are essentially the traditional "native Tamilians" of Thondaimandalam region (Thondai Nadu), decending from the periods "long before the rule of Pallava dynasty in this region" - during the period of "Tamil Thondaimaan kings" who ruled north Tamil Nadu with their capital at Kanchipuram. They were called as "Thondai Vanniyar".

    When the Thondai Mandalam came under the rule of Pallava kings Vanniyars formed a large part of the Pallava army. Some of them with their alliance with the Pallava kings ruled regions of Thondaimandalam as Sittarasers with the title "Pallavaraiyer".

    One of the prominent individual during the period of Kulotunga Chola - 1 (A.D.1070-1120) was his Senathipathi (Army General) namely the "Karunaakara Thondaimaan". He was referred to as 'Karunaakara Thondai Vanniyan' in the Tamil Poetic work of Poet Kambar of this same period, namely in the "Silai Elupathu' composed praising the Tamil Vanniyar community. He is the hero of the other Tamil Poetic work of Poet Jeyamkondar namely the Kalingaththu Parani sung in praise of the war expedition lead against the Kalinga country (present Orissa) on behalf of Kulothunga Chola - 1 which ended up in great victory.

    In the early thirteenth century another Tamil dynasty arose among the Vanniyars of Thondai Nadu namely the "Sambuvaraayer"

    This Thread will be developed into a full Research Article very soon
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    Quote Originally Posted by virarajendra View Post
    This Thread will be developed into a full Research Article within next one month
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