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Thread: 90% of the Thread got truncated while saving after Editing

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    90% of the Thread got truncated while saving after Editing

    Dear Administrator I opened a Thread titled "A Brief Study on the Kalabhra (Kalappirar) Period (A.D.476-506) of Tamil Nadu" and it became a lengthy Research Article with Evidences.

    Today I added more information to same and pressed the SAVE Button. But the page got stuck and I pressed twice and then the original page showed but for my disappointment about 85% of my Thread Arcticle got truncated. I wonder how this happened.

    At this unfortunate situation as I have not copied my own article from the Website and kept a copy for mysekf, I have virtually lost my Arcticle.

    At this juncture I very kindly request your to advice whether Your Web Site has a back-up of all the Threads, and if so whether you could help me to retrieve and re-post same in your Website.

    Awaiting your earliest advice as the Website reply or by E-Mail to my above E-Mail address.

    Thanking you very much


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    Dear Virarajendra
    This happens occasionally or sometimes frequently. From my experience, I observed that such thing happens when innumerable submissions happen simultaneously and / or when servers face jam. And further to my observation I found that this happens mostly in the evenings IST, around 5 pm to 9 pm. Sometimes we have to submit again and again. If one or two line messages to be posted you can directly type them. But when you submit a long write-up, it is safe to prepare it in a text programme like MS Word, save it to your system and then copy the text and paste it and submit. This would be the safest way.
    விமர்சனங்களுக்கு அப்பாற்பட்ட இறைவன் நடிகர் திலகம்.. கடலின் ஆழத்தை அளந்து விடலாம். நடிகர் திலகத்தின் செல்வாக்கை அளக்க முடியாது... அது பயனளிக்கும் போது தான் அதன் ஆழம் புரியும்....


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