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30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Topic suggested by Geetha (gyogacha@uk.oracle.com) on Fri Aug 14 15:00:58 .

I'd like to hear comments on these elaborate and often complex pieces. My intention is to discuss Raga(Carnatic and Hindustani) & Tala usage and also Composers and respective beautiful pieces.....One of my favourites is LALGUDI JEYARAMAN'S RAAGESHRI Raga Thillana. this is a Rare Hindustani ragam, exposed in a Fantastic fashion in this piece, I particularly like Sudha Raghunathan's rendition of this. There is also a Madurai Somu piece in this Ragam, 'Ninaikaatha Neramillai Muruga'......Both these pieces are rendered in Carnatic style.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
I'm also a great fan of Lalgudi's thillanas. His "Dance Of Sound" is a big hit album. Sudha R., Mandolin Srinivas and others regularly render Lalgudi's thillanas.
Apart from D.O.S, I have heard only a few
thillanas of Lalgudi (madhuvanthi,sindhu bairavi,brindavana saranga and a few others.)
I would be very much interested in a vol II of D.O.S.

From other composers, I love Maharajapuram's Misra Sivaranjani and Basanth Bahaar.

BMK's thillanas are apparently famous. Any reviews?

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
I haven't heard of 'D.O.S'.....Is it the orchestral rendering of some of Lalgudi's Thillana's like Pahadi, Mohana Kalyani, Desh e.t.c? If so, I love it(I have a tape with a set of Lalgudi Thillanas, with no explanation of the Album Title).....The Mohana Kalyani one was(maybe is) used in the Radio Ceylon startup music, popularising it no end.

I love the Ragas he's chosen to compose in, Madhuvanthi and Desh have been brought out in thier most pleasing forms in Lalgudi's compositions.

As for Santhanam's Thillanas, they are a pleasure to listen to. His CHARUKESI Thillana is absolutely excellent. The Basanth bahar and Mishra Sivaranjani are also very nice(Laluudi's Mishra Sivaranjani is also very pleasing).

BMK, Mutthiah Bahavathar and TN Seshagopalan have also written very nice Thillanas. You must listen to it, it's excellent. Seshu sings a lot of MB's Thillana's as well as his own....Please try and take a listen of you can, you'll be very impressed. BMK has an album of his very 'tough to sing', complex Thillanas. BMK's Ragamalika Thillanas are particularly fantastic....

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
yes, that is the D.O.S album.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Rajaraman: The dances of sound album as far as I know is a pretty old one cos I remember listening to a LP of the same or I guess is juat a collection of thillaana's by Lalgudi. But the new cassette released by HMV is good. Infact I like a lot of those esp, Dwijavanthi, Hammeer Kalyani and ofcourse the anytime hit kadhanakudhugalam. These are my favourites of that album.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
CM: Thanks for that, I'll try and hunt it down....Is it called D.O.S 2? By the way, in the set of LG's Thillana's that I have, the Dwijavanthi is there too. I wonder if the one you are speaking of is a re-mastered collection. Please tell me what else is on this HMV collection. Thanks in advance.

Rajaraman/CM: Have you seen the Lalgudi Compositions book? It has the notation and words of many of his Varnams, Padha Varnams, Kirtanas and Thillanas? It's a really good buy.....

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM

Seshu is a marvellous singer alright. But I dont understand why he insists on composing too. I associate Thillanas a pieces for dance performances. And I have heard Seshu's Thillanas in Huseini and Hameer Kalyani. Neither enjoyable or danceable (if that is the expression you use :-) )

And Lalgudi is really terrific with his thillanas.



30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
The D.O.S I was talking about has:

Mohana Kalyani
Kathana guthoohalam

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Rajaraman: The one u missed out was Hameer Kaylani.
Yes tahts the album I was talking about and released by HMV. Recently when I called home I found that the LP I heard are the collections of Lalgudi but recorded long time back but the contents are pretty much the same.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Could any of you classical Gurus expound on the Raga called KaiKAVASI?? I heard it over the weekend.. aand BOY! was ut haunting.


30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
A tribute to Lalgudi:

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Seshu's thillana in niroshta is very good. i recently heard it in a Gayathri Girish's concert. Is DOS2 another cd/cassette? i too have the DOS1 and thats really fantastic.

AK: Kaikavasi is srgmpdns - snpmgrs, janya of neetimati. my ref book says thyagaraja composed 'vachama gochara' in this raga.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Good topic for discussion
I also like Sri Lalgudi's tillanas. I was fortunate to learn the following tillanas in the raga Madhuvanthi, Desh, Kapi and Misra-Sivaranjani. He is imdee a great Mastero.
I would very much like to know if anybody has the recording of Madurai Somu of the song "Madu Meykkum Kanna" in the raga Desh?

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Lalgudi's thillanas are really great.

My favotie one is in "thilang".He's composed thillanas in many rare raagas.

Does anyboy have a list of his "thillanas".

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
lalgudi's thillaana's are more popular and lot easier to follow than BMK 's (IMO - more melodious and classy!!!!)))) (Nado, nandini, narayanan would know what I mean!!)))

Here is what I remember:

Mishra Shivaranjani
Karna Ranjani
Chen Churutti
Yamuna Kalyaani
Mohana Kalyaani
Sindhu Bhairavi
Aanandha Bhairavi
Darbaari Kaanada
Kunthala Varaali

Gosh, he has covered almost all of the beautiful raagas :::))))

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
I beg to differ with you but unless there is another of his books published, he has no compositions in Bindumalini, Chenjuruti, Abheri and Kadanakutuhala. There is a tanavarnam in Nalinakanti 'Nive gatiyani nerata'

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM

I am reasonably sure about all of the above thillaanas. I attended a workshop on Lalgudi's compositions. Some of these thillaanas were mentioned.. I am positive about Kadanakuthuhalam - Aadhi thaala thillaana - I know that piece

I am also sure about Bindumaalini and Aaberi - check out "In the Lalgudi tradition' CD.

also, add Hameer Kalyaani to my list..

Chenjurutti is one that I am not able to recollect well.... but have a strong feeling that I have heard that thillaana - would post when I get some more info on this...


30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Are Thillanas typically in Deshya raagas ? If so , why ? Thanks for comments.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
not necessarily Nado - but in a concert, thillaana would be included as a "thukkada" and usually the trend is to sing thukkadaas in Deshya (not always) or rakthi or lighter raagas...

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Hi isrgi :-)), are there any Thillanas in any Melakarta ragas ? Muthiah B. may have some, I feel. Do the dance accompanists indulge in these more whole-heartedly ?

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Nado: I am sure there are a whole lot of those.. I am aware of one in Shankarabharanam and one in Kalyani.. lakshman could help us here :)

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
I think the Kathanakuthuhalam thillana is featured in the cassette Dance of Sound.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
It took some time to cull the information but here is the breakdown of tillanas in melakarta ragas.

Charukesi 2, Kalyani 7, Kharaharapriya 2, Shankarabharana 6, Todi 12, Kamavardhini 4, Shanmukahpriya 2, Vachaspati 1 and Natabhairavi 1. If you or Vasu can give me the beginning words of the tillanas of Lalgudi in Kadanakutuhala, Chenjuruti, Bindumalini, Kuntalavarali and Abheri and their respective talas I can add them to my list. Thanks.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Thanks Lakshman. It is most striking that [a] there are relatively so few in melas [b] that there are none in the MMGowla and HariKamboji melas [c] or that the lists above do not seem to have any in MMGowla janyas such as Saveri (maybe LGJ has one in this ?? ) or Revagupti.

What is the earliest known Thillana ? Is it the Thillana Mohanambal ? Thanks for comments.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Lakshman: The Kathanakuthoohalam thillana goes like "thanaDheem jom thadheem"... I have to find out about the toher ones - would post as soon as I find out...

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Hi Isrgi :-)) I am still reconciling to thillanas (sorry ?!). Is their alphabet made up of dance related words or syllables ? e.g. Jonu dheem , udara tani , nadridom etc. Just curious what could be other Lalgudi thillanas in the same raaga. Is there a talam that goes with the tillanas as well ? Thanks for ideas.

Just heard NikelaraDayaradu of (i think ) Vasudevacharya (?? ) in Kadanakutuhalam. Now here was a worthy student of Pattinam.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
>>"Is their alphabet made up of dance related words or syllables<<" Yes - thillanas were originally composed for dance - and hence the "chol kattus" add beauty to them...

>>"Just curious what could be other Lalgudi thillanas in the same raaga<<" I am not aware of Lagudi composing more than one thillaana in the same raaga nado....

>>"Is there a thaalam<<" there sure is - Thillaanas are meant to exhibit "Footwork"!!

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Brrr.. a bit chilly :-)). I was wondering if 'starting words' were proper identifiers for thillanas, like varnams or krities e.g. 'IdiNiku' or 'Kadaikkan' etc. I also did not find any talams mentioned yet in the thread. Thanks for your patience.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Of course there are talas for all the tillanas I listed. I just didn't think they were as importanat as the beginning words and the raga. Some people refer to tillanas with the beginning words of the charanam because there is usually some text that is part of the tillana. Talas are extremely important for the dancers because footwork is one of most important aspect of bharatanatya.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
I wrote above a few days ago >>> are there any Thillanas in any Melakarta ragas ? Muthiah B. may have some, I feel. Do the dance accompanists indulge in these more whole-heartedly ? <<<

Well, seems like I had a brain cramp. Obviously there are talams and footwork associated with the tillanas. I hesitate to ask but is there necessarily a percussion instrument involved ? Thanks

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Sorry if I am being vague...there is a thillana composed by some composer but was tuned by Lalgudi Jayaraman. Can someone clarify which tillana this one is.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
>>"is there necessarily a percussion instrument involved <<" yes in a concert scenario (A good mridhangist follows the jadis::))

Lakshman, would you mind posting your awesome list of thillaanas here, which would also answer Nado's question in another thread about thillaanas by Shyama Sasthri... :)

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
There are tillanas in Pahadi by both Lalgudi and S.Kalyanaraman. The scale for this raga is: S R G P D P D S; N D P G M G R S N D P D S in mela 29.
Aro/avaro of Padi (mela 15) is S R M P N S; S N P D P M R S.
Bhatiyar: There are three types. The first one belongs to mela 53. There is no karnatak raga resembling this raga. The second variety is in mela 29 and karnataka raga Chayatarangini has some affinity to this raga in many sancharas. The third type is placed under mela 28 and sounds like Sama without the nishada in aroha. Another raga that is close is Balahamsa but the notes r g m s in the avarohana of Balahamsa are not found in Bhatiyari of this type.
I will try to assemble the tillanas and post them later.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Here is the list of Tillanas I have. If any of you can supply any missing information I would appreciate it very much.

Tillanas whose beginning words are unavailable

Amritavarshani---Tillana---Adi---S.Rajeshvari---J 66
Anandabhairavi---Tillana---K/Chapu---Tanjavur Shankara Iyer---J 20
Bageshri---Tillana---Adi---T.V.Gopalakrishnan---J 22
Behag---Tillana---K/Chapu---Ponniah Pillai (TQ)---J 29
Behag---Tillana---Adi---N.S.Ramachandran---J 29
Behag---Tillana---Chapu---R.Venugopal---J 29
Behag---Tillana---Adi---T.K.Govinda Rao---J 29
Behag---Tillana---Adi---T.V.Gopalakrishnan---J 29
Brindavani---Tillana---Adi---Kallidakurichi Radhakrishnan---J 22
Chandrakauns---Tillana---Adi---Ashvatamma---J 21
Charukesi---Tillana---Adi---Mysore Vasudevacharya---M 26
Charukesi---Tillana---Adi---Maharajapuram Santhanam---M 26
Chenjuruti---Tillana---T/Adi---Lalgudi Jayaraman---J 28
Dhanyasi---Tillana---Adi---R.Venugopal---J 08
Dvijavanti---Tillana---Adi---T.R.Subramaniam---J 28
Gambhiravani---Tillana---Adi---T.K.Govinda Rao---J 30
Hamirkalyani---Tillana---Rupaka---R.N.Doresvami---J 65
Hamirkalyani---Tillana---Adi---T.N.Sheshagopalan---J 65
Hamsadhvani---Tillana---Adi---Periasami Tooran---J 29
Hamsanada---Tillana---Adi---Ashok Subramanian---J 60
Hamsanandi---Tillana---Adi---T.K.Govinda Rao---J 53
Hamsanandi---Tillana---Rupaka---Tanjavur Quartette---J 53
Hindola---Tillana---Adi---Subbarama Iyer---J 20
Hindustanikapi---Tillana---Adi---T.Choudiah---J 22
Hindustanikapi---Tillana---Adi---Vinai Krishnamacharya---J 22
Hindustanikapi---Tillana---T/Adi---Lalgudi Jayaraman---J 22
Huseni---Tillana---T/Adi---T.N.Sheshagopalan---J 22
Kadanakutuhala---Tillana---Adi---T.V.Gopalakrishnan---J 29
Kadanakutuhala---Tillana---Adi---M.D.Ramanathan---J 29
Kalyani---Tillana---Adi---T.R.Subramaniam---M 65
Kalyani---Tillana---S/Deshadi---Tanjavur Quartette---M 65
Kamavardhini---Tillana---Rupaka---R.Venugopal---M 51
Kanada---Tillana---Adi---N.S.Ramachandran---J 22
Kannada---Tillana---Adi---Mysore Vasudevacharya---J 29
Kapi---Tillana---Rupaka---Pallavi Shesha Iyer---J 22
Kapi---Tillana---Adi---N.S.Ramachandran---J 22
Kapi---Tillana---Adi---T.R.Subramaniam---J 22
Kapi---Tillana---Adi---Chinniah (TQ)---J 22
Kapi---Tillana---Triputa---M.D.Ramanathan---J 22
Kedara---Tillana---Adi---Sami Nattuvanar---J 29
Khamas---Tillana---Eka---Vinai Krishnamacharya---J 28
Kharaharapriya---Tillana---Adi---Vinai Krishnamacharya---M 22
Kuntalavarali---Tillana---Adi---Lalgudi Jayaraman---J 28
Lalita---Tillana---Adi---Periasami Tooran---J 17
Madhyamavati---Tillana---Adi---Vinai Krishnamacharya---J 22
Mandari---Tillana---Adi---Patnam Subramania Iyer---J 50
Mandari---Tillana---Adi---Ponniah Pillai (TQ)---J 50
Mishrashivaranjani---Tillana---Adi---Maharajapuram Santhanam---J 22
Mohana---Tillana---Adi---N.S.Ramachandran---J 28
Nalinakanti---Tillana---Adi---R.Venugopal---J 27
Purnachandrika---Tillana---Adi---Mysore Vasudevacharya---J 29
Purnachandrika---Tillana---Adi---R.Venugopal---J 29
Purvikalyani---Tillana---Triputa---Mysore Sadashiva Rao---J 53
Ranjani---Tillana---Adi---S.Rajeshvari---J 59
Revati---Tillana---Adi---Maharajapuram Santhanam---J 02
Shahana---Tillana---Rupaka---Ramalinga Setupati---J 28
Shankarabharana---Tillana---Adi---Patnam Subramania Iyer---M 29
Shankarabharana---Tillana---T/Adi---Tanjavur Quartette---M 29
Shivaranjani---Tillana---Adi---Maharajapuram Santhanam---J 22
Shivaranjani---Tillana---Adi---M.S.Balasubramania Sharma---J 22
Shri---Tillana---Adi---Mysore Vasudevacharya---J 22
Shuddhadhanyasi---Tillana---Adi---Periasami Tooran---J 22
Shuddhasalavi---Tillana---Adi---Mysore Vasudevacharya---J 20
Sindhubhairavi---Tillana---Adi---M.D.Ramanathan---J 10
Sindhubhairavi---Tillana---Eka---Vinai Krishnamacharya---J 10
Surati---Tillana---T/Adi---Madurai T.Shrinivasan---J 28
Tilang---Tillana---Adi---Raghunath Manet---J 30
Todi---Tillana---Triputa---Namashivaya Pulavar---M 08
Todi---Tillana---Rupaka---Ramalinga Setupati---M 08
Todi---Tillana---Adi---Periasami Tooran---M 08
Todi---Tillana---Adi---Ramalinga Setupati---M 08
Todi---Tillana---Adi---Dharmapuri Subbaraya Iyer---M 08
Tulasi---Tillana---Adi---R.K.Suryanarayana---J ?
Vasanta---Tillana---Adi---Tanjavur Quartette---J 17
Yadukulakambhoji---Tillana---Chapu---?Lalgudi Jayaraman---J 28

Tillans with beginning words.

Dani dhiru dhiru dani tom tom dhir (t)---Todi---Adi---Ponniah Pillai (TQ)
Dani tillillana tana tandari (t)---Kamavardhini---Adi---Virabhadrayya
Dha dha ni tillilana tom dhir tani (t)---Todi---Adi---Shivanandam (TQ)
Dha ni dhru dhru (t)---Todi---Adi---Ponniah Pillai (TQ)
Dhani tana dhirana (t)---Todi---Adi---Kunrakkudi Krishna Iyer
Dhim aka taka dhimi (t)---Amritavarshani---Adi---V.Subramaniam
Dhim dhim dhim (t)---Charukesi---Adi---Mysore Vasudevacharya
Dhim dhim dhim (t)---Hamsanada---Adi---Kamala Krishnamurti
Dhim dhim dhim (t)---Surati---Adi---Kamala Krishnamurti
Dhim dhim dhim dharana dhim (t)---Todi---Rupaka---R.Venugopal
Dhim dhim dhim dhirana (t)---Udayaravichandrika---Adi---Periasami Tooran
Dhim dhim dhim tajanu (t)---Hamsanada---Chapu---Kamala Krishnamurti
Dhim dhim dhim tanana dhirana (t)---Hamsanada---Rupaka---Vasanta Sharavanan
Dhim dhim dhim tananana dhim dhim (t)---Revati---Chapu---Lalgudi Jayaraman
Dhim dhim dhim tatta tana (t)---Hamsanandi---Adi---Lalgudi Jayaraman
Dhim dhim dhim udana tomta (t)---Vasanta---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Dhim dhim dhira dhira tani (t)---Vasanta---Adi---Pazhani Subramania Bhagavatar
Dhim dhim kitataka dhimta dhinuta (t)---Mohana---Adi---Muttiah Bhagavatar
Dhim dhim nadhru dhimta dhim tarana (t)---Karnatakadevagandhar---Adi---S.Maralingam
Dhim dhim ta tom (t)---Dhanyasi---Adi---Pallavi Shesha Iyer
Dhim dhim tadanita udanita tanadarana (t)---Anandabhairavi---Adi---Svati Tirunal
Dhim dhim tadhim tarana dhim (t)---Kedaragaula---Adi---V.Subramaniam
Dhim dhim tadhimi tam (t)---Brindavanasaranga---Adi---R.N.Doresvami
Dhim dhim tadhirana (t)---Behag---C/Triputa---Vina Sheshanna
Dhim dhim takata jhamta tadhirana (t)---Hamirkalyani---Adi---Lalgudi Jayaraman
Dhim dhim tanana (t)---Pramodini---Adi---Kamala Krishnamurti
Dhim dhim tanana (t)---Purnachandrika---Adi---Mysore Vsudevacharya
Dhim dhim tanana dhim tadhim (t)---Kapi---Adi---T.Choudiah
Dhim dhim tanana dhirana (t)---Lalita---Adi---A.S.Panchapakesha Iyer
Dhim dhim tanana dhirana (t)---Yadukulakambhoji---K/Triputa---Poochi Shrinivasa Iyengar
Dhim dhim tanana dhirana dhim tadhirana (t)---Todi---Adi---Poochi Shrinivasa Iyengar
Dhim dhim tanana dhirana dhirana tadhirana (t)---Vasanta---K/Eka---Lalgudi Jayaraman
Dhim dhim tanana dhirana nadhru (t)---Natakuranji---Adi---Poochi Shrinivasa Iyengar
Dhim dhim tanana tanatajam (t)---Hindola---Adi---Rajee Narayan
Dhim dhim tattara tani dhimta (t)---Ragamalika (ghana)---M/Jhampa---Indira Shrinivasan
Dhim dhimta udana dhim dhim tadhirana (t)---Tilang---Adi---Lalgudi Jayaraman
Dhim dhirana ta ta (t)---Jaijaivanti---Adi---Cuddalore Subramaniam
Dhim dhirana tadhim tam dhira (t)---Hamsanandi---K/Adi---Indira Shrinivasan
Dhim dhirena tana dhira (t)---Nata---Adi---T.Choudiah
Dhim dhiru dhinna (t)---Jonpuri---Adi---Krishnasvami Ayya
Dhim nadhiru dhim (t)---Brindavani---Adi---S.Kalyanaraman
Dhim nadhru dhim dhim (t)---Kapi---Adi---Chinniah (TQ)
Dhim nadhru dhim tom (t)---Bilahari---Adi---M.D.Ramanathan
Dhim nana tadhirana takita taka (t)---Hindola---Adi---Balamuralikrishna
Dhim nanana tillillana tillana (t)---Brindavani---Adi---Balamuralikrishna
Dhim ta da re dhani tam tam dhirana (t)---Shahana---Adi---H.Yoganarasimham
Dhim ta dhim (t)---Begada---Adi---Anantakrishna Sharma
Dhim ta dhirana tillillana (t)---Sama---Rupaka---R.K.Suryanarayana
Dhim ta ta jham tajhanu dhim jhanuta (t)---Yamunakalyani---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Dhim ta ta tare dare tillana dhiru dhiru (t)---Todi---Adi---Muttiah Bhagavatar
Dhim tadana tana dhirana (t)---Valaji---Adi---Lalita Shivakumar
Dhim tadanuta (t)---Kanada---Adi---Madurai N.Krishnan
Dhim tadara (t)---Kalyani---Adi---Mysore Vasudevacharya
Dhim tadara tani (t)---Kanada---Adi---Poochi Shrinivasa Iyengar
Dhim tadara tani (t)---Kapi---Adi---Kunrakkudi Krishna Iyer
Dhim tadara tani (t)---Dvijavanti---Adi---R.N.Doresvami
Dhim tadara tani (t)---Chandrakauns---Adi---R.N.Doresvami
Dhim tadara tani (t)---Surati---Adi---Mysore Vasudevacharya
Dhim tadara tani tara tani tatanita (t)---Mohana---Rupaka---Madurai N.Krishnan
Dhim tadhim (t)---Hamirkalyani---Rupaka---Madurai N.Krishnan
Dhim tadhim (t)---Kapi---Adi---Madurai N.Krishnan
Dhim tadhim (t)---Karnatakadevagandhar---Adi---Madurai N.Krishnan
Dhim tadhim dhirana tana dhitana udana (t)---Valaji---Chapu---Madurai N.Krishnan
Dhim tadhim ta (t)---Shuddhamalavi---C/Triputa---Mysore Vasudevacharya
Dhim tadhim ta (t)---Pahadi---Adi---S.Kalyanaraman
Dhim tadhim ta dhim (t)---Hindola---Rupaka---Poochi Shrinivasa Iyengar
Dhim tadhim ta dhim ta dhim dhira na (t)---Amritavarshani---Adi---Madurai N.Krishnan
Dhim tadhim ta dhim ta dhim dhirana (t)---Sindhubhairavi---Adi---Madurai N.Krishnan
Dhim tadhim ta dhim ta dhirana (t)---Vasantamanohari---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Dhim tadhim ta dhim ta tanadhira na (t)---Chandrakauns---Adi---Madurai N.Krishnan
Dhim tadhim tadhim tadhirana (t)---Brindavani---Adi---Lalgudi Jayaraman
Dhim tadhim tadhim tana dhirana (t)---Hindola---T/Adi---Indira Shrinivasan
Dhim tadhim tadhim tana dhirana (t)---Hindola---Rupaka---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Dhim tadhim tadira (t)---Bageshri---Adi---R.N.Doresvami
Dhim tadhim tanana dhirana (t)---Hamsanandi---Adi---G.N.Balasubramaniam
Dhim tadhim udana dhim (t)---Brindavanasaranga---Adi---Rajee Narayan
Dhim taka jhanuta tajhanu dhim (t)---Hamsanandi---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Dhim takita dhim (t)---Hindustanikapi---Adi---R.N.Doresvami
Dhim tam tamdhiru (t)---Purvikalyani---Adi---Mysore Sadashiva Rao
Dhim tana (t)---Ranjani---K/Chapu---Chitravina N.Ravikiran
Dhim tana dhim jhanuta dhirana (t)---Behag---M/Adi---Lalgudi Jayaraman
Dhim tana dhim tanana dhim (t)---Kapinarayani---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Dhim tana dhira (t)---Bilahari---Adi---Madurai N.Krishnan
Dhim tana dhru (t)---Kapi---Adi---Chinniah (TQ)
Dhim tana na na na dhirana dhim (t)---Vasanta---K/Eka---Muttiah Bhagavatar
Dhim tana nana (t)---Hindola---K/Eka---T.Subbarama Bhagavatar
Dhim tana nana dhim dhim dhimta (t)---Hindola---Adi---K.N.Dandayudapani Pillai
Dhim tana tare dhirana dhiru dhiru (t)---Behag---Adi---Muttiah Bhagavatar
Dhim tana udara dhirana nadhru dhru dhimi (t)---Behag---Adi---Papanasham Shivan
Dhim tanana (t)---Hindustanikapi---T/Adi---Karigiri Rao
Dhim tanana dhirana dhimta dhirana (t)---Behag---Chapu---Ponniah Pillai (TQ)
Dhim tanana tana dhire (t)---Hamirkalyani---K/Chapu---T.Choudiah
Dhim tanana tatara tani tana (t)---Hamirkalyani---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Dhim tanata dhim tanatana (t)---Pahadi---Chapu---Lalgudi Jayaraman
Dhim tara dhani dhim (t)---Bageshri---Adi---?Lalgudi Jayaraman
Dhim tarana dhim dhim tana udara tani (t)---Shanmukhapriya---Adi---Papanasham Shivan
Dhim tare nare nare dhirana tarana dhirana (t)---Hamsanandi---Adi---Muttiah Bhagavatar
Dhim tarikita taka (t)---Behag---Adi---R.N.Doresvami
Dhim tatara tani (t)---Kalyani---Adi---Mysore Vasudevacharya
Dhim tatara tani nadhru dhru dhim (t)---Bilahari---Adi---Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar
Dhim tatara tani tana dhirana (t)---Behag---Rupaka---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Dhim tatara tani tatara tani (t)---Hamsalata---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Dhimta jhanu jhanuta dhim tana (t)---Sindhubhairavi---Adi---Lalgudi Jayaraman
Dhimta taratani dhirana dru dru (t)---Rageshri---Adi---Lalgudi Jayaraman
Dhin nada dhirana takita taka (t)---Ragamalika---Adi---Balamuralikrishna
Dhinna dhru dhim dhim (t)---Kapi---Adi---Chinniah (TQ)
Dhir dhir dhir dhim tanana (t)---Kadanakutuhala---Adi---R.N.Doresvami
Dhirana dhim tadhim (t)---Bageshri---K/chapu---T.K.Rangachari
Dhirana na dhirana tanom tana (t)---Dvijavanti---Adi---Balamuralikrishna
Dhirana tana dhimta dhim ta dhire (t)---Shahana---Adi---T.Choudiah
Dhirana tana dhimta dhirana (t)---Chenjuruti---Adi---Vina Sheshanna
Dhiri dhiri dhim dhim (t)---Kannada---C/Triputa;Desh---Vina Sheshanna
Dhitari tillana tara tillana (t)---Valaji---Adi---N.C.Mohanakrishna
Dhitlam ta dhimita (t)---Purvi---Chautal---Vina Sheshanna
Dhittam takajhanu tarikita (t)---Hindola---Chapu---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Dhittayya tanomta (t)---Surati---Adi---Uttukadu Venkatasubbier
Dhru dhru dhim dhimta nadhru (t)---Begada---Triputa---Indira Shrinivasan
Dhru dhru tana tom (t)---Surati---M/Jhampa---R.Vishveshvaran
Dhru dhru tom taka dhim (t)---Behag---Adi---Balamuralikrishna
Dhru tom nana na tom nanana (t)---Ragamalika---Adi---Balamuralikrishna
Ganapate (t)---Kanada---Rupaka---Maha Vaidyanatha Iyer
Gauri nayaka ghana shubha dayaka kamala (t)---Kanada---Simhanandana---Maha Vaidyanatha Iyer
Gidu na dhiku takita taka dhruka duta tom (t)---Dhanashri---Adi---Svati Tirunal
Gidu na dhiku takita taka dhruka duta tom (t)---Malunjidhanyasi---Jhompata---Svati Tirunal
Jham jham tarita jham taka tajham taritaka (t)---Vasanta---Adi---Pallavi Shesha Iyer
Jhanu taka ta dhim tajhanu (t)---Gavati---Adi---S.Kalyanaraman
Na dhir dhim (t)---Darbarikanada---Adi---Vina Sheshanna
Na dhir dhim (t)---Kanada---T/Rupaka---Mysore Vasudevacharya
Na dhir dhim tanana (t)---Kannada---Adi---R.N.Doresvami
Na dhir dhir dhim tanana (t)---Shri---Adi---Mysore Vasudevacharya
Na dhir tanana dhim tana dhim (t)---Begada---Adi---T.Choudiah
Na dhir tanom tanana dhim (t)---Nalinakanti---Adi---T.Choudiah
Na dhira na tom dhirana (t)---Kanada---Adi---Chinniah (TQ)
Na dhira na tom dhirana (t)---Kanada---C/Triputa---Vina Sheshanna
Na dhira tayya (t)---Surati---Adi---Uttukadu Venkatasubbier
Na dhirana diri dhittillana (t)---Shankarabharana---C/Triputa---Vina Sheshanna
Na dhirana tom dhirana (t)---Bilahari---Rupaka---Ponniah Pillai (TQ)
Na dhirana tom dhirana (t)---Jayantasena---Rupaka---T.K.Rangachari
Na dhiri dhiri dhim (t)---Kanada---Trital---Vina Shivaramiah
Na dhiri dhiri dhim (t)---Todi---C/Triputa---Vina Sheshanna
Na dhiri dhiri dhimdhim (t)---Hamsanandi---Adi---R.N.Doresvami
Na dhiri dhiri tani dhirtani (t)---Hindola---Adi---R.K.Suryanarayana
Na dhiri dhiri tom tadhira (t)---Behag---C/Triputa (des---Vina Sheshanna
Na dhiri dhittom tanana (t)---Khamas---C/Triputa---Vina Sheshanna
Na dhiri dhittom tanana (t)---Paraju---Madhyadi---Vina Sheshanna
Na dhiritom dhiri ta dhim (t)---Begada---C/Triputa---Vina Sheshanna
Na dhiru dhiru (t)---Behag---Adi---Vina Sheshanna
Na dhiru dhiru dhim (t)---Ahirbhairav---Adi---Balamuralikrishna
Na dhiru dhiru dhim tadhirana (t)---Behag---Adi---Mysore Venkatagiriappa
Na dhiru dhiru dhim tana dhirana dhirana (t)---Darbarikanada---Adi---Muttiah Bhagavatar
Na dhiru dhiru tillana dhiru dhiru (t)---Kalyani---T/Triputa---Svati Tirunal
Na dhiru tadhim tadhim dhirana dhimta (t)---Amritavarshani---Adi---S.Maralingam
Na dhru dhim (t)---Brindavanasaranga---Adi---Calcutta K.S.Krishnamurti
Na dhru dhim (t)---Shankarabharana---Deshadi---M.Rangasvami Pillai
Na dhru dhim dhim tana dhirana (t)---Shankarabharana---Deshadi---Poochi Shrinivasa Iyengar
Na dhru dhim dhim tatana (t)---Sindhubhairavi---Adi---Poochi Shrinivasa Iyengar
Na dhru dhim ta (t)---Hamsanada---Chapu---Chitravina N.Ravikiran
Na dhru dhim ta (t)---Sindhubhairavi---Ad---Chitravina N.Ravikiran
Na dhru dhim tadana tomtana (t)---Sindhubhairavi---Adi---Uttukadu Venkatasubbier
Na dhru dhim tadhim dhirana (t)---Kanakakusumavali---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Na dhru dhim tanom (t)---Kanada---Adi---Chitravina N.Ravikiran
Na dhru dhir dhirtom (t)---Mandari---Adi---Ponniah Pillai (TQ)
Na dhru dhittom (t)---Mohanakalyani---Adi---Mysore Vasudevacharya
Na dhru dhru dhim dhim (t)---Sindhubhairavi---Deshadi---Patnam Subramania Iyer
Na dhru dhru dhru tom dhru dhru dhim (t)---Kapi---Adi---Muttiah Bhagavatar
Na dhru dhru tom dhru (t)---Garudadhvani---Adi---Balamuralikrishna
Na dhru ta dhim dhimta tom dhru ta dhim (t)---Hamsanada---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Na dhru ta dhim tarana dhim tarana (t)---Nalinakanti---Adi---Radha Hari
Na dhru ta dhim tom dhruta dhim (t)---Kapi---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Na dhru ta ta dhara (t)---Vasanta---Adi---Ammachatram Kannusami Pillai
Na dhru tani tom dhru tani tom tana dhirana (t)---Hamsanada---Adi---Madurai N.Krishnan
Na dhru tanitom (t)---Dhanyasi---Adi---Chitravina N.Ravikiran
Na dhru tom dhru dhimta (t)---Begada---Adi---Tanjavur Quartette
Na dhruta dhim (t)---Hamsanandi---Adi---Calcutta K.S.Krishnamurti
Na dhruta dhim (t)---Malavi---Adi---R.Venugopal
Na dhruta dhim (t)---Sindhubhairavi---Adi---S.Kalyanaraman
Na dhruta dhim (t)---Vasanta---Adi---Ammachatram Kannusami Pillai
Na dhruta dhim ta dhim tana dhirana (t)---Dipikavasanta---T/Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Na dhruta dhim tana dhirana (t)---Yamunakalyani---T/Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Na dhruta dhim tanana dhim (t)---Lalitamanohari---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Na dhruta dhim tanana dhim tataratani (t)---Ragamalika---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Na dhruta dhim tanana tatara tani (t)---Athana---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Na druta dhim tom dhruta dhim tananana (t)---Simhendramadhyam---Adi---Madurai N.Krishnan
Na thru dhim (t)---Kharaharapriya---Rupaka---R.Venugopal
Na thru dhim (t)---Kamavardhini---Rupaka---R.Venugopal
Nadrutani (t)---Kalyanavasanta---Chapu---Madurai N.Krishnan
Nat nadhim (t)---Bilahari---Matya---Mayuram Vishvanatha Shastri
Ni ri ni ri ga ma ga ri sa (t)---Purvi---Rupaka---T.Subbarama Bhagavatar
Sa ri ga ma janu (t)---Mayamalavagaula---Adi---Madurai N.Krishnan
Sumachara janaka suhridaya sura (t)---Kamavardhini---Ragavardhani---Poochi Shrinivasa Iyengar
Ta dha dhani tana tadirana (t)---Behag---Dhruva---Tanjavur Marattha Composers
Ta dhani tillana (t)---Todi---Adi---Shivanandam (TQ)
Ta dhi taku tikuku (t)---Begada---Adi---Narayana Tirtha
Ta dhim dhim (t)---Mayamalavagaula---Adi---?Patnam Subramania Iyer
Ta dhim dhim ta (t)---Paraju---Adi---Patnam Subramania Iyer
Ta dhim takita (t)---Khamas---T/Adi---R.N.Doresvami
Ta dhim tana (t)---Khamas---Rupaka---?
Ta dhim tana dhim (t)---Vachaspati---Jhampa---Rajee Narayan
Ta dhinna dhinna dhinna (t)---Des---Rupaka---Madurai N.Krishnan
Ta dhirana tana (t)---Anandabhairavi---M/Chapu;K/Chap---Tanjavur Shankara Iyer
Ta na tom tana (t)---Kalyani---S/Laghu;Deshad---Ponniah Pillai (TQ)
Ta nom nom tadara tillana (t)---Ragamalika---Adi---Balamuralikrishna
Ta tadhim ta dhim jhamta namta tom (t)---Madhuvanti---Adi---Lalgudi Jayaraman
Ta tanana dhirana (t)---Khamas---Adi---Pallavur Mani Iyer
Ta tha digida thai ta tha (t)---Paraju---Adi---Tanjavur Marattha Composers
Ta thai thayya thai (t)---Yamunakalyani---Adi---Tanjavur Marattha Composers
Tadara tadarana (t)---Dvijavanti---Rupaka---Chitravina N.Ravikiran
Tadara tani (t)---Bindumalini---Adi---Chitravina N.Ravikiran
Tadara tani tam tadhimi (t)---Kedara---Rupaka---Vina Sheshanna
Tadara tani tana dhirana (t)---Kapi---Deshadi---Poochi Shrinivasa Iyengar
Tadara tani tom ta (t)---Todi---C/Triputa---Vina Sheshanna
Tadare tani udara (t)---Chenjuruti---T/Adi---Uttukadu Venkatasubbier
Tajhanu dhim ta dhirana dhirana (t)---Shanmukhapriya---Rupaka---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Tajhanu dhim ta tajhanu dhim tana dhirana (t)---Surati---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Tajhanu dhimta udana dhimta (t)---Rageshri---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Taka jhamta dhim (t)---Bhairavi---T/Rupakam---Vina Sheshanna
Taka jhanutaka tanata dhimta (t)---Sohini---T/Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Taka tadhim (t)---Yamunakalyani---Adi---R.N.Doresvami
Taka tajhanu dhim ta tajhanu dhim ta (t)---Mohanakalyani---Adi---Lalgudi Jayaraman
Taka tajhanu dhim ta tajhanu dhim ta tana (t)---Natakuranji---T/Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Takita kita kita (t)---Madhyamavati---Adi---V.Subramaniam
Takita kitatakatam (t)---Kamavardhini---Adi---V.Subramaniam
Takka tarikita takka tarikita (t)---Nalinakanti---K/Triputa---V.Subramaniam
Tam dhim (t)---Hamsanandi---Adi---Madurai N.Krishnan
Tam dhim tam (t)---Devagandhari---Adi---B.K.Padmanabha Rao
Tam dhim tom (t)---Shivaranjani---K/Eka---Madurai N.Krishnan
Tam nadhiri tani tom dhiri dhiri tam (t)---Kalyani---Adi---H.Yoganarasimham
Tam tadhi gina jaka (t)---Yamunakalyani---Adi---Tanjavur Marattha Composers
Tam tadhimi takajam takita takanam (t)---Natakuranji---Adi---Indira Shrinivasan
Tam tajanu ta (t)---Surati---Adi---Madurai N.Krishnan
Tam taka tam (t)---Sama---Adi---V.Subramaniam
Tam takita jhom tarita (t)---Shankarabharana---Jhampa---Tanjavur Marattha Composers
Tam tam taka tom tom taka (t)---Vasanti---Chapu---Lalgudi Jayaraman
Tam tam tam (t)---Gambhiranata---Adi---B.K.Padmanabha Rao
Tam tam tam (t)---Kanada---Adi---Pallavi Shesha Iyer
Tam tam tam (t)---Khamas---Adi---Patnam Subramania Iyer
Tam tam tam (t)---Surati---Adi---Chennakeshaviah
Tam tam tam udana dhim dhira na (t)---Hindola---Adi---Madurai N.Krishnan
Tam tana dhirana tam dhirana (t)---Kedaragaula---Adi---Walajapet Venkatramana Bhagavatar
Tana dhim tadhim tajhanu dhim (t)---Mishrashivaranjani---Adi---Lalgudi Jayaraman
Tana dhim tadhim tana dhimta (t)---Kamalaveni---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Tana dhim tadhim tana dhimtadhim (t)---Simhendramadhyam---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Tana dhimta dhim dhim dhirana (t)---Kapi---T/Adi---Lalgudi Jayaraman
Tana dhimta dhimta dhirana (t)---Mand---Adi---Lalgudi Jayaraman
Tana dhirana dhim (t)---Hindustanikapi---Chapu---Vina Sheshanna
Tana dhrana dhim dhim dhim (t)---Bhimpalas---Adi---Lalgudi Jayaraman
Tana na dhiri dhiri dhim tanana dhira (t)---Natakuranji---Adi---H.Yoganarasimham
Tana takita tana takita (t)---Ritigaula---Adi---V.Subramaniam
Tana takitaka tirana tirana tirana (t)---Kalyani---E.Eka---V.Subramaniam
Tana tana tarana (t)---Dhanyasi---Adi---V.Subramaniam
Tana tana tarana (t)---Shuddhadhanyasi---V/Chapu---V.Subramaniam
Tanamtana tanana (t)---Amritavarshani---Rupaka---V.Subramaniam
Tanana dhim tana dhim tadhim (t)---Kanada---T/Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Tanana dhim tanana dhim dhim dhim (t)---Hamsavinodini---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Tanana dhim tanana dhim takajhanu (t)---Jajaivanti---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Tanana dhimta dhimta dhirana (t)---Mishrashivaranjani---T/Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Tanana dhimta tana dhimta tadhimta (t)---Revati---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Tanana dhimta tanana dhimta tana dhirana (t)---Behag---T/Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Tanana dhirana dhim tadhirana (t)---Khamas---Adi---Lalgudi Jayaraman
Tanana nanadhim tananadhim (t)---Basantbahar---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Tanata dhim dhim tadhim dhim (t)---Chenjuruti---Chapu---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Tanata dhim tana dhim tana dhirana (t)---Natabhairavi---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Tanata dhim tanata dhim tana dhirana (t)---Hamsakalyani---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Tanattana (t)---Huseni---Adi---V.Subramaniam
Tani tana tirana nadhiru tom tatanana (t)---Todi---Adi---Svati Tirunal
Tani udani tadani ma pa dha ni (t)---Darbarikanada---C/Triputa---Vina Sheshanna
Tanom na nana (t)---Kalyani,,Balamuralikrishna
Tanom tadhim dhim dhim tadhim (t)---Lalitangi---Chapu---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Tanom tadhim tanom tadhim (t)---Bilahari---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Tanom tana ta dhirana tani tomta (t)---Paraju---Adi---Poochi Shrinivasa Iyengar
Tanom tana tom ta dhirana (t)---Dvijavanti---Adi---Lalgudi Jayaraman
Tanom tanana dhire na tillana (t)---Ritigaula---Adi---T.Choudiah
Tanom tanana tana dhire na dhire (t)---Hamirkalyani---Adi---T.Choudiah
Tanom tanata dhim dhim (t)---Ganaranjani---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Taradhipanana dasharatha tanaya (t)---Kapi---Lakshmisham---Poochi Shrinivasa Iyengar
Tarana na dhiri dhiri dhimta nam (t)---Sunadavinodini---Adi---H.Yoganarasimham
Tarita janutaka dhim tadhim (t)---Darbarikanada---Chapu---S.Kalyanaraman
Taruniki sarisati dharani logalada (t)---Paraju---Ata---Tanjavur Marattha Composers
Tataka takatimi tam (t)---Saranga---Adi---V.Subramaniam
Tatara tani (t)---Hindola---Adi---Kamala Krishnamurti
Tatara tani tom tomta tana dhirana (t)---Surati---Adi---Mysore Vasudevacharya
Tatara tani udana dhim (t)---Puranimai---Adi---Uttukadu Venkatasubbier
Tatdhim tanatta dhim tom tom (t)---Yamunakalyani---Chapu---Lalgudi Jayaraman
Tatdhim tanatta dhim tom tom (t)---Yamunakalyani---Chapu---?
Tatta dhi ti (t)---Bageshri---Chapu---Madurai N.Krishnan
Tatta dhim ta dhim tana dhirana (t)---Shankarabharana---T/Adi---Ponniah Pillai (TQ)
Tatta dhim tadhim dhim dhimta dhirana (t)---Brindavanasaranga---Adi---Madurai N.Krishnan
Tatta dhimta tana dhimta nanta (t)---Mallikavasanta---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Tatta jam (t)---Tilang---Adi---Madurai N.Krishnan
Tattam tam tam tam (t)---Kannada---Adi---V.Subramaniam
Tattara tani taka (t)---Sindhubhairavi---Adi---R.N.Doresvami
Tattara tani tani tana dhirana (t)---Karnatakadevagandhar---Adi---Madurai N.Krishnan
Tattara tani udanatom (t)---Ragamalika---Adi---Bellary Sheshagiriachar
Tattom tattom (t)---Kalyanavasanta---K/Chapu---Chitravina N.Ravikiran
Tillana nadhiri dhim (t)---Kuntalavarali---Adi---Balamuralikrishna
Tillana tillillana tom tradhimtra tillillana (t)---Hamirkalyani---T/Eka---D.Pattammal
Tom dhiri dhiri nadhiri (t)---Kalyani---C/Triputa---Vina Sheshanna
Tom dhiru dhiru dhim tadara tadhim (t)---Bageshri---Adi---Lalgudi Jayaraman
Tom dhiru dhiru tani (t)---Charukesi---Adi---?
Tom dhru dhim (t)---Shivaranjani,,Maharajapuram Santhanam
Tom dru tani tom dru tani dhirana (t)---Kanada---Adi---Lalgudi Jayaraman
Tom ta dhirana (t)---Behag---Adi---B.K.Padmanabha Rao
Tom ta tom (t)---Kanada---Adi---Muttiah Bhagavatar
Tom tadara tani dhirana (t)---Kanada---Rupaka---Poochi Shrinivasa Iyengar
Tom tana dhirana dhira dhim jhenkina (t)---Abhogi---K/Triputa---H.Yoganarasimham
Tom tana tadhira (t)---Hamsanandi---Adi---G.N.Balasubramaniam
Tom tara tani (t)---Ragamalika---Adi---?
Tom tarana na na na tarana dhiru dhiru (t)---Hamirkalyani---Adi---Muttiah Bhagavatar
Tom tatom takatom (t)---Yamunakalyani---Adi---Chitravina N.Ravikiran
Tom tom ta dara ta dara tani (t)---Purnachandrika---Adi---Poochi Shrinivasa Iyengar
Tom tom tatara jhanuta (t)---Sukumari---Adi---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Tom tom tatom (t)---Navarasakannada---Chapu---Chitravina N.Ravikiran
Tom tom tom (t)---Dayavati---K/Triputa---N.S.Ramachandran
Tom tom tom tatati tattimi (t)---Dvijavanti---Adi---S.Kalyanaraman
Tom tru dru dani dru dhim tanata (t)---Darbarikanada---Adi---Lalgudi Jayaraman
Udana dhim dhim (t)---Abheri---Adi---R.N.Doresvami
Udana dhim ta dhimta tadhirana (t)---Kanada---Rupaka---Vinai Shesha Iyer
Udana dhim tanaa (t)---Hindola---Adi---R.N.Doresvami
Udana tadana tara dhim dhiru dhiru ta (t)---Kanada---Adi---Muttiah Bhagavatar
Udana tatana tara dhim dhru dhru tani (t)---Adikapi---Adi---Muttiah Bhagavatar
Udana tatana tara dhim tana dhirana (t)---Hamirkalyani---Adi---Muttiah Bhagavatar
Udana tom (t)---Bhimpalas---K/Chapu---Calcutta K.S.Krishnamurti
Udana tom tadhirana (t)---Kapi---Adi---Bellary Sheshagiriachar
Udana tom tana dhirana na dhru dhirana (t)---Kannada---K/Eka---Madurai N.Krishnan
Udana tom tattara tom tana dhirana (t)---Sarasvatimanohari---Adi---Madurai N.Krishnan
Udana tom tom tanam (t)---Athana---Adi---Ponniah Pillai (TQ)
Udarana dhim dhim nadhira dhim (t)---Kapi---Adi;Rupakam---Pallavi Shesha Iyer

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Lakshman - that is a very impressive list - thanks a million- great to look at the array of ragas used in thillaanas :)

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Thanks Lakshman. Is the NarayanTirtha Tillana the one reset by Lalgudi ? If not it may be the oldest !

It is quite amazing that Syamasastri who borrowed 'swarajati' ideas from dance does not have a single tillana. Maybe he should have paid more attention to the 'living' Devis and their footwork. Equally odd is that Dharmapuri SI has only one.

But his contemporary (?) Swati Tirunal has quite a few, as well as the Tanjore quartet ! That seems to fit in with the strongly deshya raga choice for the tillanas.

I suppose the 'Simhanandana' tala (MahaVaidyanathIyer begada above ) can be described by dancers in their footwork. Glad to have some information on this. Thanks for comments.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
In addition to the SyamaSastri anomaly above could you also confirm whether the SwatiTirunal tillana above is in Malunji-Dhanyasi ? I am aware of a raga Malgunji. ( sorry simhananda talam was in kapi , not begada )

Are there any tillanas in raagas with no krities in them ? This Malgunji-Dhanyasi, Hamsalata and KanakaKusumavali are candidates.


30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
I am aware of raga Malguni which is a janya of Kafi thaat (mela 22). The raga Malunji Dhanyasi is what I recorded from a book of Kritis of Svati Tirunal-some 371 of them in english by Gowri Kuppuswamy. It does not give the scales. I am not sure what this raga is. It is definitely not Malgunji.
In Hamsalata one other song I have is Kripa juda samayamamma by Kumari C.Suguna and in Kanakakusumavali there is asong Karunakara sharadi by Tiruvettiyur Tyagayya.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Lakshman Thanks, Malguni may be some corruption of Malkauns and Phalguni. Malgunji may be non-existent or derived from from Malkunj-Malkauns.

Anyway Lakshman, Isrgi, I am intrigued by this Veenai Shesha Iyer. I assume he is different from Pallavi Seshaiyer and the other great vainika Veenai Seshanna. I culled from Lakshman's list on Thillanas his compositions. They are in Vasanta,Yamunakalyani(2),Vasantamanohari ,Hindola(2) ,Hamsanandi,Kapinarayani ,Hamirkalyani,Behag,Kapi,a Ragamalika,Athana,Shanmukhapriya,Surati,Rageshri,S ohini,Natakuranji,Simhendramadhyam,Jajaivanti,Mish rashivaranjani,Revati,Behag,Basantbahar,Chenjuruti ,Natabhairavi,Bilahari,Kanada which can be seen to strongly favor the Deshya raagas.

But he also has tillanas in the following rare raagas:

Kamalaveni, Lalitangi, Ganaranjani, Sukumari, DipikaVasanta, HamsaNada, HamsaKalyani, HamsaLata, HamsaVinodini, Kanakakusumavali, LalitaManohari, MallikaVasanta. I would not be surprised if some of these are the only krities in these raagas (maybe one or two others max. ).

what is the time (19th century?) in which he lived ? TiruTyg was the son of Vinai Kuppier and this KCSuguna may be of the present. I suspect Veenai Shesha Iyer may be much older. What are his regular krities ? Thanks

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Vinai Shesha Iyer is of course different from Pallavi Shesha Iyer and is very much alive and well in his late 60s. He is an electrical engineer by profession and lives in Chennai and devotes all his time after retirement to music. His compositions number around 400 or so published in 4 volumes. They include Svarajatis, padams, padavarnam, javalis, kritis and tillanas. He has used many rare ragas as you noticed in the tillana list. I will go through the list and pick out some kritis and post them later.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Lakshman, I hardly know anything about composers like Vinai Seshayyer... Do you think it would be a good idea to start a separate thread and talk about these great "other composers" (make it a point not to talk about the trinity, swathi thirunaal, purandara daasar etc ::))) - I am sure your info about them would be helpful to most of us here ... your comments please :)

Nado narayanan - interested? or may be you guys already know about these people ::))

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
...and who is Nado narayanan ??
Just Kidding :::::::))))))))

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
I have no problems with starting a new thread on contemporary composers. They too deserve our attention. I checked on Vinai Shesha Iyer's compositions and they are only about 200- not 400 as I said earlier. However he has used ragas like Basantbahar, Dipikavasanta, Hamsakalyani, Hamsalata, Hemant, Jyotishmati, Kamalaveni, Kanakakusumavali, Lalitamanohari, Mallikavasanta, Pranavapriya, Puriadhanashri and sukumari.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
thanks Lakshman - looking forward to your contributions ::))

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
tit for tat Narayanan :(((

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Actually Lakshman had mentioned Veenai Shesha Iyer as a comtemporary 20th century composer in another thread. What are the raagas Kamalaveni and Hamsalata ?

also the NarayanTirtha tillana ? Is that his or was it reset ? I still can't figure out why SyamaSastri doesnt have any tillanas. He borrowed so much from dance otherwise.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Kamalaveni is from mela 56 and uses S R M P D N S; S N D P M R S as its notes. Hamsalata is a janya of Latangi and has the scale: S R G P N S; S N D P M G R S.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
I am not sure Narayana Tirtha had composed a tillana (Begada) even though it is on my list. I don;t know where I got the entry from. I am now in the process of listing all the references for my song titles and eventually I can pinpoint the source. There will probably be a long wait though.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Can a vocalist include 'thillana' type phrases 'dhika, dhim etc. ' into a kriti , say during 'neraval' etc. ? Are there krities with such 'thillana' phrases either set up by the composer ( somewhat like 'chittaswaras') or performed extempore by the vocalist ?

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
I don't know if a singer can introduce solkattu svaras into a niraval or not. Maybe a peforming artist like Nandini can answer that question. But there are many compositions of Uttukadu Venkatasubbier that use such svaras as part of the song. I will find one as a sample and post it later.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Here is the song that I promised. It does not have a charana.

muddu krSNA mEmudam. rAGA: cenjuruTi. Adi tALA. Composer: Uttukadu Venkatasubbier.

pallavi: muddu krSNA mEmudam mukunda mAdhava rAsa vilAsa kaLEbhara maNDala (muddu)
anupallavi: nitya yauvanA alankrtAkAra nIlamEgha kOmaLAnga
sharIra navanItacOra mahanIya rUpa radAvilOladhara
vENugAna gOpAlA agaNita vitaraNa guNashIlA
tittariku tariku taka tadhingiNatOm taka tadhingiNatOm
takatika tadhinginNatOm ga ma pa ni dha pA dha ma dha pa ma
ga ri sa ri ga ma pA tatAm tadhIm taNam takum
takkiTa dhimi tirikiTa dhimi taLAngu takajham tiri
takkiTa dhimi tirikiTadhimi taLAngu takajham tiri
takkiTa dhimi tirikiTadhimi taLAngu takajhaNu
taLAngu takajhaNu kALinga nartana (muddu)

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Lakshman, thanks ! Is there a Swati Tirunal piece Aaj Aaye Shyam etc. which may also have similar 'svaras' ? I think I heard BMK and wasn't sure what was going on.

In any case it is a very interesting construction. Thanks.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
>>"Can a vocalist include 'thillana' type phrases 'dhika, dhim etc. ' into a kriti , say during 'neraval' etc. ?<<" No unless you happen to be a student of "u know who!" :::))

>>"Are there krities with such 'thillana' phrases either set up by the composer ( somewhat like 'chittaswaras')"<< Yes - for example - Sri Mahaabala Giri - A Muthaiyya Bhaagavathar composition has a beautiful chittaswaram using cholkattus - it goes something like "pa dha pa dha ma dha ka jam ri sa ni sa tha dhim mi thari thana..."" Another example in a song is "Bho Shambo Shiva Shambo swayambho" - it uses cholkattu...

Gopalakrishna Bharathi'songs have these kind of thillaana jadis... for example - Natanam Aadinaar in maayamaalava Gowlai (Tha dhim thadhim Januthaka dhimitha.....)

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Isrsgi I am already rocking and rolling, dhikadhimitakajana... :-)) thanks

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
>>"Are there krities with such 'thillana' phrases either set up by the composer ( somewhat like 'chittaswaras')"<<

The foll. MD krithis have such thillana phrases

Ananda natana Prakasam - Kedaram
Visaalakshi - Kasiramakriya
Vallabha(A) Naayakasya - begada

In the Oothukkadu krithi "Natavara Tharuni" - Kannada Gowla, the charanam starts like this
"ki ta jam thari kita dheem thari thaa
thaka kita thom.. thaka dhimi nanda sunandana..."

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Thanks Narayanan, Isn't it true that many musicians ignore the 'chittaswaras' in the MD Begada. Can you please post these swaras or 'thillana' phrases for the Begada and Kamavardhani ? Thanks

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
There is a song Aj AyE shyAm by Svati Tirunal.

rAgA: yamunAkalyANi. ATa tALA.

sthAyi: Aj AyE shyAm mOhan rAsamaNDal khElanE
antara 1: bAnsuri kI lAgE tAn tanan natOn tano
bAjE tAl mrdang kI dhun dhrkuT takiTe tak dhrukuT tathO (Aj)
2: nAc rahE gOri tAn tiyA tai tai tai takaritO
bAjE pAyal cuncun nanan jhanan tatana tOm (Aj)
3: tAn gAvEn takadhIm tAdi thirkaT takatOm tatOm dhintakiT
takadhinna kiTataka dhintakiTa taka taka tatOm (Aj)
4: padmanAbh tumhAri lIlA kyA kahun mai sAvarO
tAp sankaT sharanE AyA sO hamAri tum harO (Aj)

It is interesting to note thet the last line of the last antara has exactly the same wording as the last line of the Dhanashri tillana.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM

Visalakshi - Kamavardhini - Misra Chapu

Thaiya Thakita | Ni dha pa ma| dhi mi pa da||
ni sa jam thari| tha dheem gi na thom pa ma||
dhimi thaki ta ga| ma pa ma pa dha tha ja nu||
dha ri sa ni ri sa |kumtha tha thi gi na thom||

It is true that the chittai swarams for Vallabha is not sung always.

Vallabhaa - Begada - Roopakam

Chittai (jathi) swaram for this is

dheem thaki ta jam ga ma ri|| ga thari kita jom thana tha ||
dhimi tha pa tha thathim gina thom ||dhimi tha pa tha thathim gina thom

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Thanks Narayanan. Regarding the vallabha/A that 'S' has vanished. Is there any info. on the particular temple involved with this MD begada ?

Thanks Lakshman, I guess BMK was not messing around with the lyric. Now why did I think that ??

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
... may be some temple near Kanchipuram...as the Charanam has "pallava pada" in it.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Not so fast :-) - the vanishing part I mean .... I'll check and let u know if I can find more info ...

Rgd solkattu-s cum chittai swara-s in MD kritis, I can readily think of srImahAgaNapatiravatumAm ( gowLa ) in addn to the 3 aforementioned ones.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Does KanjadalaayaDakshi in KmlMnhri also have this ? Thanks

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
The version of kanjadalayadakshi I have learnt does not. However, I remember hearing a recording of Dr N Ramani where he seems to play perhaps a chittai swara passage after the madhyama kala of the charanam.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Thanks S. Could you or some one please post the lyric for SriMahaganapathy- MD's Gowla including the 'chittaswaras' of MD , not any new, neraval type concoctions ? Same for other MD or SyamaSastri krities ? Thanks

It seems like these are optional and this can lead to some modification of the krities. I am not sure if some of the books list all these details properly. Thanks in advance :-)).

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Nado: another good example of jadi in chittaswaram is in Muthaiya Bhagavathar's Dharu - Maathe Malayadhwaja Paandya in Khamaas - it has swaram, jadhi and saahithyam in its chittaswarm - truly a master piece :)

A few other songs:
Sri Ganapathi - charanam - "thalaangu mani"
Aanandha Nadamaaduvaar - "Thajam thakajam..."
Idadhu padham - "Dhimi thaka tharikitathom.."
Kunjitha paadhathai 9panthuvaraali) - "janutha thaka Janutha dhimi..."

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
and also oothukaadu's kuzhaloodhi manam - "Thagu migu ena oru padham paada thakitta thadhimi ena nadam aada..""

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Your mentioning of OVS's kuzhaloodi reminds me of a recent CD by sudha on OVS songs, most of the songs are in this pattern. except for the "light-music" type of sound-bits in between the CD is good.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
I have that CD Vasu - I like it and as you have pointed out, would have been much better without the orchestration ::))

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Hi, Isrsgi :-)) Is that kuzhaloodi in Kamboji ? I think I heard it somewhere on the web. Will try and get TNS to do the HMB Khamaas if I can get his schedule etc.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Nado - that CD by Sudha is worth investing money in - decent rendition of OVS songs - it is in Khamboji :)

Maathe is a must hear piece Nado - do pester TNS ::))) (am sure he would oblige to a request for MB song ::))

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Yep. Sudha's CD is worth it inspite of "orchestration" as IR corrected me. The Ataana kriti "Madhura madhura venu gaanam" is awesome. I have this same kriti by USrinivas also and its really good.

Unnikrishnan has a few cassettes with this kind of orchestration in the background of what would otherwise be a "pure" carnatic, which after buying the first one and terribly disappointed, I was always afraid to buy his, unless i was fully sure.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
these days I find it irritating to buy a CD and then realize that it is one of those "commercially pleasing" albums :((

Vasu, you are right about Unni... I hate to listen to those kind of CD's .... it to me sounds like should be played while whale-watching :::)))

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
I believe these orchestras also were used during BMK's rendering of some Bhadrachala Ramdas and PDasa krities. Bombay sisters may also have tried the same. Maybe Lakshman can help by posting the luric for the BhadrachalaRamdas YadukulaKamboji, PahiRama SriRamayante, if he has it. I was trying to see if there were some SantaClaus-like ho-ho-ho's which are intrinsic or introduced by BMK.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Nado :

Here is some more info on temples, ganesa kritis etc. ( Beware, a long post ) ...

Firstly, vallabhAbAyakasya ( begada ) is associated with Tiruvarur, and is a Tiruvarur Shodasa ganapati kriti ( TSG, henceforth ! )

Secondly, I found reference to vallabhA in two more kritis ( apart from begada, athana and bilahari already talked of earlier in another thread ) - these are 'vallabhApatE' ( mahAgaNapatE, naTanArAyaNi ), 'vallabhAsamEtam' ( s'vEtagaNapatim, rAgachUDamaNi )

Thirdly, I have listed some kritis on ganapati by MD, with the raga and temple.

Uchhishta ganapatou : Kashiramakriya, TSG
Ekadantam : Bilahari, Madurai
Gajananayitam : Vegavahini, Trichy
Gananayakam : Rudrapriya ( now being sung by most in purnashadjam ), TSG
Ganarajena : Arabhi, TSG
Ganesakumara : Janjhuti, TSG
Karikalabha : Saveri, Mayavaram
Panchamatangamukha : Malahari, TSG
Mahaganapatim : Nattai, TSG
Mahaganapatim : Todi, TSG
Mahaganapate : Natanarayani, TSG
Raktaganapatim : Mohanam, TVM
Lambodaraya : Varali, Tirunelveli
Vallabhanayakasya : Begada, TSG
Vatapiganapatim : Hamsadhwani, TSG
Vamangasthita : Athana, ??
Vinayaka : Vegavahini, Kanchi
Saktisahita : Sankarabharanam, ??
Svetaganapatim : Ragachoodamani, Tanjavur
Siddhivinayakam : Chamaram, TSG
Hastivadanaya : Navaroj, TSG
Sreegananatham : Easamanohari, ??
Sreeganesatparam : Ardradesi, Vaideeswarankoil
Srimahaganapatiravatumam : Gowla, TSG
Srimooladhara : Sri, TSG

Most of the above material has been culled from Veena Sundaram Iyer's "Red" book.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Still doesn't explain what is the devi in VallabhaNayaka, S, or how/why Ganapati/pate should be considered as a consort to this devi.

Note that There are other MD krities which use vallabha, e.g. pranavallabhe, gopijanavallabha etc. Lalita sahasranam/trishati doesn't make reference to any vallabha, only someone called the composite 'svadhinavallabha' .

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM

I do not know the story of vallabhA - shall enquire if some independent work ( non MD, possibly even non-musical ! ) has reference to this lady !

However, the meanings to some of the kritis in Sundaram Iyer's book in tamil do talk of vallabhaadevi.

BTW, I was citing references to ganesa kritis with a reference to vallabhA, such as vallabhApatE, vallabhAsamEtam etc - other occurences of the word in MD do exist ...

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
S, The Tiruvarur temple doesn't view Ganapati with a consort just like the MahaVallabhaGanapati or VallabhaGananayak temples. The Buddhi-rddhi twin consorts view is held elsewhere where MD may have visited but I doubt it. Like I said LalitaSahasranam/Trishati make no reference to just vallabha, actually much longer names.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Ananda Natana Prakasam - Kedaram has a beautiful Jathiswaram at the end...

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Narayanan, can you or anyone else clarify what the MD Kedaram jatiswaras are ? Should/Shouldn't they be exactly specified ? One version is this:
pa .. ni ni sa ta ka
ja nu ta sa ni ni ..
jam . ta ri ta sa ma
ga ma pa .. ni ma ga
ta ka na ta ka ma ga
ma ma pa sa ni ni ..
ta jam . ta ri pa ..
ma ga ta din gi na tOm

The DKP rendering on the Sivakumar site appears to be slightly different ! Also such swaras appear to be dropped entirely in some renderings or even used where nothing is prescribed. What is the story with this ? Thanks

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Parvati Kumaram - Katakurinji - Roopakam has a jathiswaram

Thaj janu thaka ni sa ni dha ma|| pa ga ri sa ni dha thaku thari kita||
thaka thaka thaka janu thaka thari|| kita thaka ni sa ri ga matha ja nu

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
DKP's version of Ananda natana ? I have not heard DKP sing this krithi. Could you post the URL

DKJ sings the version of Jathiswaram posted by you.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Oooooops... Natakurinji and not Katakurinji...

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Narayanan, sorry, I meant to type DKJ ! It is the Sivakumar site version. It doesn't match exactly what I had posted, wasn't sure about that. At least one phrase 'ta ja nu ta ka' is different. Also in the SwaraBhushani - PanchBhutalinga tape. Thanks

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
The exact jathi swaram is as below.
pa .. ni ni sa ta ka
ja nu ta sa ni ni ..
jam . ta ri ta sa ma
ga ma pa .. ni ma ga
ta ja nu ta ka ma ga
ma ma pa sa ni ni ..
ta jam . ta ri pa ..
ma ga ta din gi na tOm

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
There is a Dhanashri thillana played by Lalgudi. Who is the composer of this song

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
the popular Dhanasri thillaana is by Swathi thirunaal - am not sure if this is what you heard :)

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
he also has a thillaana of his own in Dhanasri/aaberi/bhimplaas :)

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Thanks IR for the info.

Is there any definition for Thillanas that they start with "solkattus". Most rather all of the thillanas I have heard start only with Solkattus except for one thillana (i do not know the composer for this one too..)

Ni ri ni ri Ga ma ga ri sa
ni gama da ma ga ri ma ga ri sa

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
that is a beautiful thillaana in Poorvi and who else could render it better than KVN ::::::))))))))

It is by Sri T. Vaidhyanatha Iyer in Roopaka Thaalam...

Thillaanas are mainly dance pieces and hence they mostly (as you observe) they start with jadis ...

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
My favourite Thillana though is the Chenchurutti Thillana "Dhira naa Thana Dheem tha ".
Have heard an OLD tape (1950s) of Semmangudi.. so vibrant and scintillating.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
That Chenchurutti thillana is in a recent CD release by RPG "Divine Unision" by Semmangudi/ MSS. The 2CD is worth all the money, has some of the wonderful pieces, esp the Kharaharapriya "Rama nee samanam evaru", "Teliyaledu rama" (Dhenuka) etc.

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
I found this Thillana with Thrukkural Phrases in the Web.
Lalitha Panchamam/Adi/A S Panchapakesa Iyer
Pallavi: Dheem deemthanana dirana deemtha dirana
thana dirana dirana thillana
Thadara thani thaku jeku thakajanu
thom thanjuthom januthom thajanu

Anupallavi: Thadrumi thakita danida maga drumikita
Tham deem thom nisarigama da ni
Nathrutha deem magarisani thomdruthadeem
Thathiginathom thillana thathigina thom thadinginathom

Charanam: Agara mudala ezuthellam
Adi bhagvan mudatre ulagu
Piravip perunkadal needuvaar neendar
Irai vanadi serardar

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
This is a query to Lakshmanan who posted the impressive list of thillanas. I am a fanatic collector of Lalgudi thillanas and I have quite a few of them. Do you have recordings of all the Lalgudi Thillanas you have listed? If so, would you be willing to share them?

Please please let me know..My name is Vinod Menon. my e-mail is pvk@cise.ufl.edu

Thanks so much!!

30th January 2005, 10:46 AM
Can anyone help me with the lyrics for the Dhanashri Thillana.
<a name="last"></a>

30th January 2005, 11:29 PM
gItta dhumiku takadhIm. rAgA: dhanAshrI. Adi tALA. Composer: Svati Tirunal.

P: gItta dhumiku taka dhIm krtatakatOm nAcarahi gOri tAdhittai tai tattai tirakata
A: bAja pAyalakahum jhanana jhanana bAja pAyalakahun jhaNana jhanana jhanana
nanana tOm jhaNana jhanana jhanana nanana tOm jhaNana jhanana jhanana nanana
C1: tAna gAvE takata tai ta tai taitta taitta tana tadhAm dhImna kiTa taka dhI
dhImna kiTa taka dhIm dhImna kiTa takadhIm hata tOm hata tOm hata
2: padumanAbha tumhAri lIlA-kyA kahUm mai sAvarO
tApa sankaTa caaraNaya yAyO sOha mArO tumaharO
tadhim tadhIm dhirana udanita tAni tAni tadhIm tadhim dhiranA nA dhittOm tata kata tari
tattAra tara tAni dhIm alari kalari takata dhatAra tataka mAm tAni tanika tAm tAmta
dhIm dhIm dhIm tanana alari tAm tAmta takatari alari tOm tOm tOm takanaka tani udari

6th March 2005, 08:01 AM
I am looking for lyrics for Kamas Thillana. It starts with Tham tham tham udhani thoam. Thanks in advance.

6th March 2005, 05:55 PM
tAm tAm tAm (tillAnA). rAgA: khamAs. Adi tALA.

P: tAm tAm tAm udanitOm tananam tadaradhIm nAdrudru tOm tanana
A: nAdru tOmdhru tAni dhIm dhIm dhIm tanana dhru dhru dhru dhru tAni tAni tillillAna
tajham tarikiTa takadhIm ga ri sa ni ma dha ni tanOm takiTa ma ga ma ma ga ri sa tadingiNatOm
C: sAmi iTu jAlamu sEya tagunA nA mIda krupa jUDa samayamu
kAminci yunna nannu vEgamE jUdarA shrI venkaTEsha

10th March 2005, 10:30 PM
can anyone post the lyrics for the chenchurutti thillana by veenai seshanna ? it starts with "Dhirana thana dheem tha dhirana"

i've heard two versions of this one - first is the MS-semmangudi combo, and then the more vigorous rendering of TM Krishna. i found both equally appealing.

10th March 2005, 10:33 PM
another request for lyrics -

"Jambupathe" - the dikshitar krithi in yamunakalyani

have been a big fan of this one ever since i heard it sung by DKJ as part of his collection of panchalinga kshetra krithis - a collection which also includes the evergreen "Ananda Natana Prakasham" in Kedaram.

anyone with the lyrics of the yamunakalyani song, please post.

11th March 2005, 12:10 AM
dhirana tanadhImta. rAgA: cenjuruTi. Adi tALA. Composer: Vina Sheshanna.

P: dhiranA tanadhImta dhiranA dhiranA tana dhImta dhiranA
A: nAdrudru tAni tom drudru tAni tanOm tanata
tAkiTa kiTatOm tanakiTa tOm takatOm takatari kiTataka taddhIm takadhIm jhaNutaka dhIm
takajhaNu takadhIm kiTatam taddhit tarikiTatOm takataLAngu taka Namtari tajjhaNu taka
taLAngu tatara tAni dhittillAna dhiranAdhiru dhimita kiTataka jhaNuta taNata
C: enni vidhamuga vEDukondurA ikha tALa jAlanura dayayunncara
ninnE namminAnurA vinara suguNa sAndra shrI krSNarAjEndra
dhittaLAngu taka taLAngu taka dhittaLAngu ma dha pa ma ga ma dhittillAna

11th March 2005, 12:11 AM
jambUpatE mAm pAhi. rAgA: yamunAkalyANi. tALA: t/Eka.

P: jambUpatE mAm pAhi nijAnandAmrta bOdham dEhi
A: ambujAsanAdi sakala dEva namana tumburunuta hrdaya tApO pashamana
ambudhi gangA kAvErI yamunA kambu kaNDy-akhilANDEshvarI ramaNa
C: parvatajA prArtthitApa linga vibhO panca bhUta maya prapanca prabhO
sarvajIva dayAkara shambhO sAmajATavi nilaya svayambhO
sarva karuNA sudhA sindhO sharaNAgata vatsalArttha bandhO
anir vacanIya nAda bindO nitya mauLi vidhrta gangEndO
nirvikalpaka samAdhi niSTha shiva kalpa tarO
nirvishESa caitanya niranjana guruguha gurO