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6th January 2010, 10:43 AM
Best goals. (give your top 5)

Best moments. (give your top 5)

Best assist/pass. (give your favorite ones)

Best freekick. (top 5)

Best matches. ( 5-10 would do)

Best XI (this would be better than single player). (both EPL and European all-star)

Best team. (give your 5. Base it on single season. EPL, Europe)

6th January 2010, 11:09 AM
Best goals. (give your top 5) - Ronaldo Vs Porto, Arshavin geometry defying goal in a friendly (Opponent marandhu pochu), Zizou Vs Leverkusen, Rooney Vs Newcastle, Mottai Ronaldo Vs United at OT

Best moments. (give your top 5) - Top : Owen winner against city, United ECL Winners, Dudek dance in front of goal during penalties Vs Milan, Macheda stunner Vs Villa,

Best assist/pass. (give your favorite ones) - Will update soon

Best freekick. (top 5) - Will update soon

Best matches. ( 5-10 would do) - Will update soon

Best XI (this would be better than single player). (both EPL and European all-star)
- Will update soon
Best team. (give your 5. Base it on single season. EPL, Europe) - United 2007-08 (Double Winners), Barca 2008-09 (6 trophies )
_________________ :clap: , Arsenal Invincibles, Porto 2003-04 (Treble Winners).

6th January 2010, 11:11 AM
Best XI: (Europe)

---------Ronaldo (Brazil)

Not a single EPL player there, unless you count Makelele. You can choose one if you want to. But I'm not picking them all things considered.

Ronaldo (Brazil) is a tough choice. Given that Henry, Sheva, Eto'o, etc had sustained consistently for a number of seasons for their clubs. Ronaldo is more of a late 90's phenomenon when he would be El fenomeno of PSV, Barca and Inter - three major leagues (yes, Eredivisie was a great league around that time). But Ronaldo also had a terrific season at Madrid in this decade. And an excellent World cup at 2002. People say it was the worst world cup yet in history, but I actually thought Ronaldo was invincible and Brazil won the cup mostly due to him, as the main striker. Too bad, he didn't win the CL.

I'd pick Messi ahead of Figo. To my mind, he came closest to Ronaldinho's magical display of 05-06 (he was great for Barca, even in his so-called worst season, he scored and assist some wonderful goals). To measure their greatness, you have to consider the visionary passes, jaw dropping dribbling, close control, skills, and level of football intelligence. What makes Ronaldinho and Messi great, is their big game performance - both in assists and in goals. And both score wide ranges of goals.

Xavi holds the record number of assists (29) for a single season. And for a good reason too. He is one of the finest midfield playmakers of our time.

Makelele-Zidane completes the midfield for me. They ruled for France, and Real like no other. Makelele is not much of a footballer, but more of a destroyer. But there is no other in this decade who do a better job.

I prefer 4-3-3, so a proper DM is absolute must.

Back-4 pick themselves. I love Nesta-Maldini as a pair. Maldini plays both LB and CB. But I saw best of him as CB alongside Nesta. For club and country. And that said, I think Cannavaro isn't a bad libero either.

I fully rate Brazilian fullbacks. Cafu and R.Carlos are both enigmatic footballers of finest quality.

Buffon ahead of Saint Iker. It is close but I have seen Iker do a tad more mistakes than Buffon. So there.

6th January 2010, 11:26 AM
Best XI for EPL:

Sagna Carvalho Gallas A.Cole

Ronaldo Scholes Essien Giggs

Henry Torres

6th January 2010, 11:36 AM
Arshavin's goal was against Atletico Madrid. I think he scored from around 2-5 degrees. I thought he sand-duned it to fall just-in far post.

My favorite goals of this type (unbelievable angle):

Vieri for Atletico Madrid vs Paok

R.Carlos vs Tenerife

R. Pires vs Newcastle (when he played for Marseilles)

All three from previous decades.

Lampard vs Barcelona (although I'm not sure he meant it)

That was similar to Drogba vs Hull this season. (Drogbark admitted it was a cross)

6th January 2010, 11:57 AM
Decade XI's

Overall (4-3-3): Casillas; Zambrotta,Nesta,Lucio,A Cole; Makelele, Zidane, Gerrard; C Ronaldo, Messi, Drogba

EPL (4-4-2): Cech; Finnan,Ferdinand,S Campbell, A Cole; Ronaldo, Lampard, Gerrard, Giggs; Shearer, Torres

La Liga (4-4-2): Casillas; Puyol, Marchena, Ayala, R Carlos; Joaquin Sanchez, Xavi, Zidane, Ronaldinho; Raul, Messi

Serie A (4-2-3-1): Buffon; Zambrotta, Nesta, Maldini, Jankulovski; J Zanetti, De Rossi; Nedved, Totti, Kaka; Ibrahimovic

6th January 2010, 12:02 PM
Best moments. (give your top 5)


a) Liverpool comeback from 3-0 down to win CL. Possibly the most astonishing comeback of our lifetime. Dudek's dance included.

b) John Terry slip in penalty shootout 08. "English steel", "tough boy", blah blah. Got back in face, the buffoon. Laughed all day.

c) Pep Guardiola crying after completing 6 trophies for Barcelona.

d) Spain winning 2008 European championship playing champagne Possession football, their trademark and long running philosophy which hadn't worked best, all the time.

e) Zidane winning the CL and Euros. Dinho winning CL. Ronaldo winning the World cup. Undoubtedly, the top 3 players of the decade.

For Arsenal:

1) Coming back from 2-1 down to win 4-2 against Liverpool. Convinced we would win the league that day. Also, 2-2 and winning the league at Spuuuurs was sweet.

2) Winning the league at OT. Wiltoordddd... Classic Martin tyler commentary.

3) Reyessssss..5-3 vs boro, kept unbeaten run.

4) European nights 5-1 vs Inter, 2-0 vs Juve, 2-0 vs Milan, 1-0 vs Madrid.

a) Zizou headbutt

b) Handjob - Henry baskeball tap vs Ireland, Scholes volleyball smash vs Zenit, Messi's netball vs Getafe (Maradona-esque)

c) Ronaldo asking referee to send off Rooney. Then eventually both getting back together and winning PL (That's positive).

d) Abramovich, glazers, etc. Worst = Florentino Perez.

e) Calciopoli Scandal

I can have one more, Eduardo's injury. English press turning against Wenger disgracefully. Summed up the hypocrites of the Isles.

6th January 2010, 12:28 PM
Interesting. Let me include Liga and Serie A as well.
Decade XI's, without considering any of my european XI, just for interest!

La Liga (4-3-3):

D.Villa should be there. But Forlan for me, has been a revelation in Liga. Elevated clubs like Atletico, and Villarreal who are both weaker than Valencia by my reckoning. Oh Raul is great, but I thought I'd leave him out as he is far far better as Support striker. But I can't leave out Riquelme. :(

Serie A (4-1-3-2):


Admittedly lightweight in midfield! I could put in Davids/Gattuso in there, alongside Pirlo, and take off Ibra, push Totti up front. I haven't considered Seedorf, but again a dilemma. :oops:

Samuel, for me, shouldn't have moved to Madrid, or he would have provided a complete decade of quality defending in Serie A. He has about 7 fantastic seasons by my reckoning, this decade. Ahead of Thuram, for me!

Totti in playmaking role than CF which he is equally good at.

I'm still guilty of leaving out Vieri, Del Piero, Emerson, etc. Says a lot of quality of Serie A.

6th January 2010, 12:43 PM

By talent, consistency and importance (match-winning saves), Reina reins all over other Gks of the decade. I like Lehmaan for obvious reasons. VDS is the most prolific. For good reason too.

Bergkamp provided excellent service for half of the decade. While our squad strength and defence hadn't always been best, he helped us forge attack after attack like Napolean marshalled his army. He helped our attacking front of Pires, Henry, Ljuenberg, Wiltord, Reyes, RVP, etc get good amount of goals. He made Vieira, Cashley, etc express their attacking nous. He always finds the killer pass. Main fulcrum of our awesome team goals.

Pires vs Giggs is an interesting debate. It's like Dinho vs Figo, wing-playmaker vs pure winger. I prefer the former - hence, Pires.

I can't pick one of Gerrard and Lampard. Left both out anyway. :lol2: I picked Scholes in stead coz he was still doing the pass-maker job from midfield like no other, for good part of the decade. Past it now, he maybe.

Quality of RBs is so poor in this league. I picked Sagna out of bias. Cashley just about makes it. Evra is not bad either, he would be very close.

Essien is a must-have. What a player!

Henry was a revelation. Score a solo goal, convert a freekick, link up play ,you name it, the man did it. Could help build attacks, could switch roles with Bergkamp, C.ronaldo and Pires, letting others get goals.

C.Ronaldo will pose a potent goal threat. Has developed a long range shot in him and could also take freekicks. Will get on end of service of Bergkamp, Pires and Henry. Could interchange role with Henry.

6th January 2010, 12:54 PM
let us try bundesliga too :lol:



Sagnol--- Lucio--- Worns--- Lahm




Ribery ---------------------Makaay

6th January 2010, 01:05 PM
I can have one more, Eduardo's injury. English press turning against Wenger disgracefully. Summed up the hypocrites of the Isles.
I think it was a deliberate ploy to injure the croats in EPL so that England can beat them in WC Qualifiers. IIRC, the croatian coach also mentioned something like this.

6th January 2010, 01:16 PM
I'm fan of Effenberg. So he makes it to any Die bundesliga team. By default. Vdv is a favorite. He rode Hamburg high. I love many attacking midfielders - both Rosicky, Hleb were traditional no.10/playmakers for Dortmund and Stuttgart. Both have incredible technique. It's a good league, very entertaining. But I haven't seen it in between for a considerable period.

6th January 2010, 01:21 PM
I can have one more, Eduardo's injury. English press turning against Wenger disgracefully. Summed up the hypocrites of the Isles.
I think it was a deliberate ploy to injure the croats in EPL so that England can beat them in WC Qualifiers. IIRC, the croatian coach also mentioned something like this.
Yeah, he said this for WC qualifiers. Eduardo's injury happened before the groups were decided for WC.

But be sure England were fuming about being eliminated by Croatia (and Russia) in Euro qualifiers. Thank god for that. We wouldn't have seen quality players like Arshavin and Modric make a name and would later, come to PL, North london!! :lol:

6th January 2010, 01:28 PM
eredivisie and ligue have produced many top notch talents.. since we don't get coverage here :cry: i couldn't up with a the best xi..

french league very physical and dutch league's defence :lol: bramble-at-newcastle level good.

6th January 2010, 02:48 PM
[tscii:2156f2d1c1]Best goals

5. Bentley’s powerful shot from the middle against arsenal last season.

4. Small boy from everton scored a spectacular goal against arsenal( then, league champions) went on to become one of the best strikers in world.

3. Messi doing a maradona replica goal against getafe, 2 seasons before I think.

2. Henry’s lot of goals I can put in no. 2 but the back heal shot against..i guess m’boro is a great skill. L’pool solo effort @ anfield, solo frm defense to score against spurs and celebrate in front of their fans, doing a 360 with Chelsea keeper, volley against united, free kick against Blackburn after getting boo for tapping ball frm goalkeepers hands, penalty taken by pires and henry against city, .the list is endless.

1. Bergkamp’s turn against Newcastle with left foot and score with the same foot.

Best moments

5. That night at Istanbul.

4. Arsenal winning the league mathematically @ WHL and cole and henry enjoying with the model plastic trophy.

3. 2-1 down against lpool in first half after losing to Chelsea in UCL.. which is also 43rd unbeaten match. Henry comes up with a solo dribbling skills, pires with a swing ball. Won 4-2 at end breaks the record of nott forest to become highest no. of matches unbeaten.

2. Terryslip. Losing the UCL trophy in inches. Should I laugh or cry at that. Sad moment for blues but happy that they are not the no.1 in London to win UCL. Just said lucky ronaldo.
1. the match after pongal in 2007, henry scoring a winner against united. Nasri’s goal after 14 beautiful passes at start of second half against united. Henry’s interview after UCL win against united. Winning the title at OT. :)

Best matches

5. Arsenal v man united Jan 2007

4. Liverpool v AC Milan

3. Chelsea v barca 2nd leg last season

2. Liverpool v Arshavin. great defense by both the teams. End to end thriller.

1. Arsenal v AC Milan both legs 2007

6th January 2010, 04:56 PM
Should we have separate threads for best assists and best goals (regardless of "decade")? We could also post the links there. What say you? Anyone.

6th January 2010, 06:10 PM
Yes Boss (Indha forumla Football ku neengadhaan authority :thumbsup: )

6th January 2010, 07:11 PM
Oru naal munadi namba pesinadha pathi yosichen..:lol:

6th January 2010, 07:16 PM
Oru naal munadi namba pesinadha pathi yosichen..:lol:
We are just passionate fans of our respective clubs, nothing personal mate. Unga footy knowledge and passionukku munnaadi, naan onnume illa. Hats off to u :notworthy:
Me jack of many trades, neenga master of football :thumbsup:

6th January 2010, 07:30 PM
Thread created for assists :thumbsup:

6th January 2010, 08:44 PM
[tscii:7f4d410f67]This site is interesting: www.iffhs.de
All-Time Club World Ranking (1.1.1991-31.12.2008):
Top 10:
club country points
1. FC Barcelona España 757
2. Manchester United FC England 678
3. Juventus FC Torino Italia 621
4. Milan AC Italia 611
5. Real Madrid CF España 605
6. FC Internazionale Milano Italia 567
7. FC Bayern München Deutschland 563
8. Arsenal FC London England 550
9. CA River Plate Buenos Aires Argentina 502
10. Chelsea FC London England 442
How the rankings are made:

6th January 2010, 08:45 PM
Not yet updated with 2009 data

7th January 2010, 05:52 AM
Best goals. (give your top 5)

1. Zidane vs Leverkusen
2. Gerrard vs Olympiakos
3. Bergkamp vs Newcastle
4. Essien vs Arsenal
5. Cambiasso vs Serbia & Montenegro / Maxi Rodriguez vs Mexico

Best moments. (give your top 5)

1. Istanbul 2005
2. Zidane's headbutt
3. Rafa's sitting Buddha pose during UCL Semi Final against Chelsea 2007
4. Liverpool beating Utd 4-1 at OT
5. Senegal beating France at 2002 opener

Best assist/pass. (give your favorite ones)

1. Neil Mellor to Gerrard (3-1) against Olympiakos
2. Redondo to Raul against Utd
3. Bergkamp to Ljungberg against Juve
4. Salif Diao to Henri Camara for Senegal against Sweden (WC 2002)
5. Dmitar Berbatov to Ronaldo (2008) against some jobber team

Best freekick. (top 5)

1. Riise vs Utd (2001)
2. Gerrard vs Newcastle (2006)
3. Ronaldo vs Pompey (that goal of the season)
4. Beckham vs Greece
5. Ronaldinho vs England

Best matches. ( 5-10 would do)

1. Liverpool 3-3 Meeeeelan (2005)
2. Liverpool 4-4 Chelsea (2009)
3. Chelsea 4-2 Barcelona
4. Italy 2- 0 Germany (WC 2006)
5. Liverpool 3-3 West Ham
6. West Ham 3-4 Spurs
7. Turkey 3-2 Czech (Euro 08)
8. France 2-1 Italy (Euro 00)

Best team. (give your 5. Base it on single season. EPL, Europe) // i just give the most successful teams of the decade

1. Barcelona
2. Chelsea
3. Internazionale
4. Utd
5. Porto / Arsenal

8th January 2010, 01:38 PM
Best freekick :

Juninho vs Bayern against Kahn (the inventor of knuckleball freekick in the game. CR vs Pompey is a jujubee. Pity Sky and EPL broadcasters spread the propaganda. Juninho's consistency is spellbinding and he does it against best goal keepers.)

Nakamura vs Man utd against VDS

Ronaldinho vs England against Seaman. He meant it!

Del Piero vs Real against Casillas last season.

Mihajlovic vs Chelsea against Ed de goey. Beauty. Probably the best freekick specialist of our times. The best left foot. Better and more consistent than Z-row R.Carlos. Not that Carlos hadn't scored beauties, but he is not much of a target hitter. Couldn't repeat the magical fk against France 97. :thumbsup:

Bala (Karthik)
8th January 2010, 01:50 PM

8th January 2010, 01:56 PM
Ungaloda lists eppo podureenga. :?: Much interested to see 'em.

8th January 2010, 02:34 PM
To Plummer,
neenga eppo poduveenga.. Limited, Ordinary, special sada knowledge-nalam solla koodadhu :notthatway:

8th January 2010, 03:02 PM
Yov, nAnE paper-la regular-A news padichuttu Football (konjamAvadhu) therinjA maadhiri peter vuttukittirukkEn :evil:. Last I saw a football match was when I was in London(1999)

8th January 2010, 03:08 PM
aha, neenga oru periya thilalangadi-nu nenaichEn. :lol: Because your picks in other threads (Dinho, Barca, Arsenal, Messi etc) are all spot on. :thumbsup:

8th January 2010, 03:11 PM
World cup-lAm serthukkalAmna sollungo. nAn pArtha naalu matchlErundhu solrEn.
Ronaldinho (Seaman) goal in 2003. Fluke-nu pala pEru solranga
That argentinian's goal in 2006. Dont remember the name. In the 2nd round I think

8th January 2010, 03:14 PM
Yeah, Dinho goal was in 2002. No fluke IMO. He tried a similar shot for PSG. :thumbsup:

Cambiasso vs sErbia. :notworthy: Wonderful passing move.

You have a great eye for excellence. Keep watching footie whenever you can, on tv or internet. :thumbsup:

8th January 2010, 04:58 PM
There was also teh 24-pass goal, right? I am talking about the other one

8th January 2010, 05:02 PM
Oh, that's the 24 pass goal. Cambiasso's.

You meant Maxi rodriguez's goal. It's great. :cool:

8th January 2010, 05:02 PM
Oh, that's the 24 pass goal. Cambiasso's.

You meant Maxi rodriguez's goal. It's great. :cool:

adhE dhAn. innoru vaazhapazham rangela clue koduthu kandupidikka vEndiyadhA pOchu!

8th January 2010, 05:12 PM
Maxi IS in Liverpool right now 8-)

8th January 2010, 05:13 PM
Heard so, Raiks. Hope it happens! :thumbsup:

8th January 2010, 05:16 PM
and Dossena has joined Napoli..

it couldn't get any better

25th April 2010, 05:06 PM
Obv Zidane Goal Against leverkusen but I still like messi's goal against getafe