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27th August 2009, 04:16 AM
very good guitars in the song...thank u nga usha!

27th August 2009, 12:50 PM
Dear suresh,
Nice word - Experimental song.....

thanks for the support suresh....

27th August 2009, 12:52 PM
Dear suvai,
Thanks for the support. IR's guitar.. Nice dhanae....

27th August 2009, 12:57 PM
today pick - Un perai kaetalae

Singers - Bhavadharini and Yugendran

Film - Pooncholai

Idhu dhan first time. INdha song kaetkiren.

About the Orchestration -

Haunting tune.

as usual - Sweet Guitar, complicated beat.

Indha paatai purindhu kolla - indha jenmam podhadhu.


Raagam - Mohanam pola thonugiradhu...

Un perai kaetalae


27th August 2009, 07:42 PM
Nice song again Usha. I like the way the tabla is mixed with the synth beats in the pallavi. A very nice innovative touch. The tune is nice as well. Not sure if the song is in pure Mohanam, though there are Mohanam touches. This film has not been released I think. It also has that lovely 'Gaana Kuyile' song.

29th August 2009, 10:40 PM
Tthanks for the respsonse suresh,

Gaana kuyilae - ipo dhan kaekaren.
Thanks for the song Suresh.

29th August 2009, 10:55 PM
Today pick - Gaana kuyilae

Signers - SPB and Bhavadharini

film - Pooncholai

Gaaya kuyilae - 3 versions iruku.

Enaku - Bhavadharini and SPB version romba

Hamsanandhi ya???

about Orchestration

Haunting Tune. Gavanika vaikara Beats.

Instrumentation - Something Special....

Lady love - IR's Flute - i like it always.

But, this time, The flute supports Hero's expression

Flute and violin - supports each other....

(Dont worry gara mahdiri)

Sogamana 97 year song..
Really its a great no....

Suresh - Thank you very much.....

Gaana kuyilae 2 - SPB and Bhavadharini


30th August 2009, 02:23 AM

I love Raja's rendition of 'Gaana Kuyile'. Without any effort he conjures up the effect he wants. In contrast to that SPB does a lot of 'acting' with his voice.

Lovely song with amazing interludes. After all it was for Venkat Prabhu!!

30th August 2009, 02:25 AM
:clap: :clap:
flute...violin ellaam asathal... nga usha!

30th August 2009, 07:32 AM
discovered this gem!


30th August 2009, 01:54 PM
One of the hidden telugu gems.... it was certainly a huge hit when released. Not sure if it is still being remembered...........


30th August 2009, 01:55 PM
a bageshri gem from manjal nila http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pq8o6YmOlvA&feature=related

30th August 2009, 02:01 PM
a bageshri gem from manjal nila http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pq8o6YmOlvA&feature=related

can someone please post this song's mp3 version. please. i liked it a lot.

30th August 2009, 02:35 PM

We should leave the IR SOD to Usha and post our links in the other thread, 'Last IR Song We Listened to'. That will help maintain the focus of this thread. Thanks for the understanding :)

30th August 2009, 02:37 PM

Lovely song from Manjal Nila. Thanks.

2nd September 2009, 07:27 PM
Thanks for to your Great support .......
(konjam tention agiten Suresh. hha)

2nd September 2009, 07:29 PM
Dear Suvai,
Thanks for the response....
ipadi rasicheengalae.. nice suvai....

2nd September 2009, 07:29 PM
Dear irir123,

Thanks for the link. quality is too good.
thank you....

2nd September 2009, 07:30 PM
Dear sivasub,
Thanks for the rare nos of Telugu gems....

2nd September 2009, 07:32 PM
Dear vel,
Thanks for the songs.

pen mayilae - bageshri dhana..
pl confirm me...

2nd September 2009, 07:35 PM
Dear friends (irir123,sivasub, vel and ragaas)

IR song sollii irukaenae..

unga comments solla kudadha.........

(Thread ku vara theiryudhu.song ku comments solla
mudiyalaiya...... very bad......)

konjam varutham enaku......

2nd September 2009, 07:56 PM
Today pick - Pen mayilae

film - Manjal NIla

Singer - Great SJ

This is the first time - am hearing this song...

Vel sollli irukar - Bhageshri enru.

some place - Valaji chayal varuvadhu pola thonudhae..

About the Orchestration.

SJ in Renditon is highlight of the song.

wat a bhavam.... We are Gifted....

Excellent Prelude..

My favourite Flute - its always a companion to the
lady love..

Its enough to her..... Thozhi , thoodhu - edhuvum
thevai ilai.....

1st interlude...

beautiful Swara tabla.....

Violin - expresses the mood of the singer.....

Guitar - Reflects her sadness (youtube parkamalyae
feel panna mudiyum.. tats IR's Guitar.)

Violin and Guitar - 2m serndhu - Reflects Her Inner

2nd interlude
serious mood continues... violin told....
after few seconds,

this time violin relflects her happy mood.
shenoy is also joining with them.
Guitar takes part in the feelings.
(Guitar il sogam , sandhosham - Tats IR..)

Excelent song.
Vel - Thanks for sharing....



3rd September 2009, 09:46 PM
A very nice song Usha. Superb bass guitar. Can listen to the song multiple times only for the bass work.

As you rightly say, there seems to be more than one raga involved in this. What is your take vel? Though the feeling of Bageshri does exist, as Usha says maybe a Valaji feel, especially in the middle of the charanam. My feeling is that this is probably not a single raga. Anyway, it is a lovely song.

4th September 2009, 04:40 AM
:clap: :clap: :clap:
enaku romba pidicha paatunga usha :-)

7th September 2009, 12:51 PM
suresh / usha

theoritically possible...

Bageshree without Pa is Shriranjani. Sriranjani without Ni2 is abhogi. And a madhyama sthaayi play in abhogi (played from Ma to Ma instead of Sa to Sa) will give rise to valaji !

He did a similar musical surgery in nee paadhi naan paadhi kannae in keladi kanmani

He had taken a derivative of charavagam without its Ri1 - this derivative (s g3 m1 p dh2 ni2 sa) is tonic shifted to sriranjani / which sans Ni2 is abhogi - then this abhogi is grahabedham'ed to give valaji...you can hear clear valaji/abhogi/sriranjani/chakravagam pieces in the song.

8th September 2009, 11:43 AM
Dear Vel,
Thanks for the response.

Wat a Narration...

Paatin - Raaagathin flow ai - idhai
vida easya yaralum solla mudiyadhu.

Unga writings parthalae - endha idathil
endha ragam varudhu nu
manasil theriyaradhu.

Idhu dhan VEL - Idhu dhan IR........

IR in Raagam gara Kalaidascope ai
paarka katru kodukum ungaluku
enudaiya Nanri - Eppozhudhum....

8th September 2009, 11:47 AM
Dear Suresh,
Thanks for ur support....

Single raagam ilai dhan..
IR oda songs edhuvum single ragam ilai
pola iruku Suresh.(including old nos also)

idhu dhan en feelings...

8th September 2009, 11:48 AM
Thanks for respsonse and the support.....
(indha paatu unaku munnadiyae thieryuma.
apo neenga great than suvai.. enaku ipo
dhan theiryum...)

8th September 2009, 12:14 PM
Today pick - unnai naan parkaiyil

Singer - KJY

Film - Kannukoru vanna kili

Rare no. KJY version - This is the special to me.

Indha paatai enaku kodutha en friend Alagesan ku

About the song

Prelude - Beautiful keyboard, My favourite IR's flute

KJY's nice singing starts...

Duet version of this song is SPB and ASha..

andha paatin mood ae - indha version il kanom.

But its also a happy version...

IR in majic ai kandu pidika mudiyavilai.

Duet verison il irukum - instruments works ellam
indha version lum iruku..

Anal Great Change...

Nice to hear.....

1st interlude

starts with flulte......
Flute udan serndhu kollum Guitar and the violin

indha chinna bit - really nice to hear. Honey madhiri....

then, beat starts...

Violin takes a great portion - expresses the joyful
feelings in a soft and Majestic way....
kudavae varum instruments - dono their names.....
but it kills me......
(chinna sounds - manasukul pogiradhu. Tats IR)

2nd interlude

starts with Fulte and the violin

beautiful wah wah guitar......

Flute and the violin - Sssooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeet..

Two type of Sweets - 2 sweet ai orae time il sapital,
solla mudiyuma - endha sweet nalla iruku enru..
andha madhiri oru combo - this Flute and the violin..

Guitar - Vazhakam pola,
expresses the happy mood with a friendly manner.....

KJY in singing - i love it in this song.. REally
something different Bhavam from KJY..

pl download this song........


9th September 2009, 01:01 AM
Dear Suresh,
Thanks for ur support....

Single raagam ilai dhan..
IR oda songs edhuvum single ragam ilai
pola iruku Suresh.(including old nos also)

idhu dhan en feelings...

Usha, this was discussed here and consensus was IR sticks to a particular raagam for most of the songs. Hypothetical % given was around 50-60%. Only some popular songs and songs in which he has tried some grahabEdham or similar techniques deviate. I am positive about this because one of the main things I like about IR songs is there is a continuity in the tune and this raagam based composition approach was cited as a possible reason.
IR has denied he picks a raagam first and starts composing, but his actions/record dont seem to support this :-)

9th September 2009, 01:39 AM
Today pick - unnai naan parkaiyil

Hi nga usha....the link u gave is not working for me...but i am sure yr pick will be a good one ;-)

9th September 2009, 07:59 PM

One of the reasons why lot of guys with some carnatic training seem to look up in wonder to Raja's music is that he is able to mix one raga with another but you just cannot see where the change happened or if it has happened at all!!! The continuity and coherency in tune exists, sometimes because of tightly holding to a raga and sometimes even by shifting the raga!!! There is a certain magic in how he does it that I am unable to understand.

Take the case of the song, 'mandiram idhu'. It definitely seems be a case of multiple ragas strung together but the song appears as a whole and not as multiple pieces. And it is not a ragamalika. Raja gets the mood he wants by mixing up ragas.

Other great music directors in the past also have abruptly changed the mood of the song by introducing some 'anya' swaras but it was limited to a phrase or towards the ending of a phrase. Rarely have I heard a song being strung together with multiple ragas. You probably need to understand the swaras and grahabedham to understand what he does. I don't know about them but I can tell that he uses multiple ragas in the same song but the song sounds as if it has a single intended sound.

(To illustrate, not a Raja song, this is Raveendran's Malayalam song, 'thamburu kulir'. Check out this song and the singer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJV4JOU2lz0
As she sings the charanam, 'kaathu pol' there is a distinct shift in the sound, a sort of unexpectedness which is pleasing. This has been done many times in the past. Vidyasagar, who came as a judge in SPB's program, was mentioning about MSV coming up with such exquisite deviations.)

10th September 2009, 08:34 PM
Usha, this was discussed here and consensus was IR sticks to a particular raagam for most of the songs. Hypothetical % given was around 50-60%. Only some popular songs and songs in which he has tried some grahabEdham or similar techniques deviate. I am positive about this because one of the main things I like about IR songs is there is a continuity in the tune and this raagam based composition approach was cited as a possible reason.
IR has denied he picks a raagam first and starts composing, but his actions/record dont seem to support this :-)

THanks for the response. Ungala pola enaku solla theriyalai.
Ennai madhithu sonnadharuku Big Thanks to you kiru.

as u told,
"IR songs is there is a continuity in the tune and this raagam based composition apporach was cited as possible as

Yes kiru. Romba azhaga - short and sweet a sonnenga.

Idaiyae oru topic a eduthu - thread start pannalam.

Ragam vishayathilum - Characater um situation um Role play
panradhu kiru.

10th September 2009, 08:38 PM
Suresh ungaluku reply seidhu irukar parungo.
Romba periya vishayam ellam solli irukar.

10th September 2009, 08:39 PM
ipovavadhu link work aradha. download
seinjeengala.. pl reply me....

10th September 2009, 09:28 PM
Today pick - Vetti vetti veru

Singer - ARun mozhi

Film - Manikuyil

Simple tune.Arun mozhi voice - i like His voice..

Starting with Arun mozhi voice - Affectionate voice.

Behind the voice, Solid Gutar starts...( Friendly guitar.
Supports Arunmozhi's feelings.... and expressess on behalf of him..

Now, unexpected rhythm comes with my favourite Flute..

Flute - takes the first place, rhythm then follows....

(At the starting, Rhythm always gives the space for others... but
during the journey, it never give up.... with a little bit space for others..haahhaa...)

As usual,violin is joining in a Majestic manner....

This violin piece is lenghty one.Leads the singer to the

Stanza starting with this combo in a nice way.....

Arun mozhi's Bhavam - Nice one. Friendly Voice.....

2nd interlude

Solid Guitar calls the violin... with the help of santhoor...

Violin is on the way...... so easily joins with them....

Beautiful song. Could say the word - Beautiful to a song..
TAts IR music......

gives an imagine of greenish forest , a big water falls...
want to hear the song in a real forest.
so i should go to a forest and want to hear the song .....

Like the lyrics so much..

Vetti vetti veru
adhan vasamae
katti vecha podhum
vandhu veesumae

katti vecha paatum
kalam ellam Vazhum (These lines are Dedicated to
our Dear Raajaa Sir.)

vetti vetti veru - Arun mozhi


10th September 2009, 09:52 PM
Usha, nice song. For long, I used to ignore this in favour of "kaadhal nilAvE" from the same film. Heard recently and realised that behind the facade of just another rural, simple song, there is so much sophistication packed into it. You have described well. Great post Usha

11th September 2009, 07:06 AM
Usha..thanks for the compliments. I am trying to learn from knowledgable posters here (you, Suresh, etc etc).
Suresh, I agree with you. Maybe IR sees commonalities between raagams and this is his way of showcasing it to others. He probably sees commonalities between Indian and Western music as well. (Damn..the malayalam MDs do know to compose Indian music very well !!) Still, what is the percentage of songs which are set in a single raagam vs multiple raagam ? I'd guess the single raagam's are the most.

11th September 2009, 07:23 AM
Usha, nice song. For long, I used to ignore this in favour of "kaadhal nilAvE" from the same film. Heard recently and realised that behind the facade of just another rural, simple song, there is so much sophistication packed into it. You have described well. Great post Usha

Exactly..the way Usha is wont to describing the songs recently (maybe I am noticing it only now) ..from start to finish ..including the preludes and interludes is exactly the way IRs songs are supposed to be enjoyed. I dont think IR differentiates the vocal parts from the instrument parts ie. prelude transitions smoothly to pallavi to interlude to charanam etc My theory is he is building it like a WCM composition and just uses voices because the market wants to hear the lyrics. Many songs can probably be ported to a "symphony" or "concerto" if you replace the vocal with violins.
In other words lot of effort goes into composing the interlude to be the part of a whole and if people ignore it (which I think most lay people do) a good % of IRs efforts go un-appreciated. Amazing that the man does so many things whether people really notice them or not. He probably has his own standards and enjoys meeting/beating them probably .

11th September 2009, 11:51 AM

Very well said about IR's compositions. I remember reading a post of Violin Vicky in his blog regarding Raja's usage of bass and he concludes very well.

Here is what Violin Vicky says and I am sure all of us will agree with his assessment. "The point is, many tamil music listeners doesn't even know something called bass guitar exist. Still why is he composing such superb bass tracks song after song. It's the same way that god has created so many beautiful landscapes, animals, plants and flowers in this universe which most of us are unaware of. Why did he create so many things that go unnoticed?

The answer I think is, that's the joy of creation..."

11th September 2009, 12:02 PM

True about single ragam vs multiple ragas. The percentage of single ragas would be higher but if you consider the ratio of single to multiple ragas, it will probably be the highest amongst all composers.

11th September 2009, 12:15 PM
Thanks for the song Usha. Nice opening with just the guitars for percussion. Nice writeup as well. I haven't heard this song earlier so another thanks for introducing this song to me.

13th September 2009, 06:31 PM
thanks for the response.
Great song Plum.....
THanks a lot for ur kind words.
(idharku naan thagudhi anavo kedaiyadhu.... i know myself)

13th September 2009, 06:39 PM
Thank you for ur post.......

as u told,
"I'd guess the single raagam's are the most."

IR music la - Single raagam iruka.. apadinu
doubt vandhuduthu kiru....

" I am trying to learn from knowledgable posters here (you, Suresh, etc etc). "

Ellam sari. En perai yen serthineenga...

am nothing. hahhahaha...

TFM page ku vandha naal mudhala - Ungaloda
Varthaikaluku - am your Fan kiru......

pl write something.....

From Your writings - i am learning something.. This is the truth.....

13th September 2009, 06:39 PM
:clap: :clap: beautiful song nga usha!

13th September 2009, 06:42 PM
Thanks for the support..

Thanks for violin vicky's link.(IR songs ai
paadam nadathum Great Master. We are lucky
to have HIM in this Birth...)

13th September 2009, 06:47 PM
Welcome.. how r u??
Song kaeteengala.. pidichadha..
THank you Suvai..

13th September 2009, 06:51 PM
usha nga!!
Song romba pidichithunga....:-) ir music ku ketkanumaa....
i am well & hope u r well too nga!

13th September 2009, 06:53 PM
Today pick - not a song.. Its Collection of

BGM of Payanangal mudivadhilai by Dilip Kumar

Film - Payanangal MUdiadhilai.

Todays Special

1. This colleciton is posted by Dilip KUmar. He is a
Great Fan of our IR... (He uploaded a lot of BGMS of IR..)

Dear Dilip,
My sincere Thanks to your Effort...

2. One More Special - KRish.. He Wrote something
for this Great BGM..

Want to share with you all ... Its a Great work....
NIcely written by him.

My Sincere Thanks to Krish ..........

Link for the BGM


13th September 2009, 06:55 PM

[tscii:0bb1e25201]Standing ovation to Dilip Kumar for uploading this video on Youtube...I requested him to combine important scenes of Payanangal Mudivathillai and post it and he has done it as per my request...Compliments Dilip!

the start has a lovely Flute, Acoustic Guitar, bass guitar music in a major scale...

Following this, a humor filled music with some violin string plucking, solo violins and a rhythm which might be from Congo...

at 00:28, the extension of the humor with Keyboards and Bass guitars...

00:58, Ilaya Nila theme with sweet guitar strums and flute with a nice finisher at 01:25 and 01:26...

01:38 onwards, soothing Classical Guitar ARPEGGIO(broken chord) alongside male humming!

02:00, the big one!!! The Ilaya Nila Bassline and accompaniment....Arpeggio in electric rhythm Guitar(Phaser enabled)...There sure is a Bass guitar too but very minimal...02:33 the Bass strings heard and end of line with Crash Cymbal..

02:36, the IlayaNila accompaniment chromatic notes which must be played on one of the Yamaha series of keyboards...the electric rhythm guitar(Phaser enabled) with the palm muted techique! superb!! Ending with the well known Classical guitar lead...

03:15, the Brass blows with good Bass and Crash cymbal tapping...

03:35, the humming which I think is in Hamsanandhi as per Carnatic...

03:52, Classical style of violins...

04:08, the Electric rhythm guitar(or could it be an ovation guitar) with a Classical Guitar accompanying in Arpeggio...also present Keyboard as bass(this keyboard Bass is heard in several early 80's songs of Raaja sir...very distinctly identifiable keyboard Bass)...

Payanangal Mudivathillai - Music and music only !
What follows is a supposedly Hamsanandhi humming…

05:09, SUPERB Phaser electric guitar lead with palm muting and awesome use of Phaser to give that drag sound of the guitar output….Bass guitar playing parallely in a good sequence…Muted trumpet heard..

05:22, when Maestro’s group photo appears, lovely trumpets, keyboards supported by partial WahWah effects Bass guitar(or maybe electric guitar) …here the keyboard and electric guitar are difficult to distinguish…very neatly played!

REWIND to 05:22 and concentrate only on Bass...I could hear a Bass guitar playing Parallel Bass…

05:45, a melancholy tune when Mohan leaves…excellent harmony layer in violins…

06:18, for the male humming, I cant identify if the accompanying pluck sound is from Guitar or keyboard! But it sounds like string plucking of the dry signal...How do they play this? Is it plucked close to the bridge? Anyways, it sounds great and so does the pattern Bass (Guitar) sequence..I love the finisher at 06:40…

06:47, nice Phaser for female hum…

07:01, keyboards, Bass guitar and neat drumming for the romantic BGM in minor scale..Similarly, nice finisher at 07:15…

Music is gotta be like this!! So much of stuff in the BGM’s !!

Payanangal Mudivathillai is a lotus in a pond, where the pond is the music and the lotus is the story…but for the pond, the lotus is lifeless !!!

pro-Raaja... [/tscii:0bb1e25201]

18th September 2009, 01:02 AM
யார் இந்த கிருஷ்ணனோ அவருக்கு என்னுடைய நன்றிகள், நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்..
It should be clear from the comments that the gentleman knows to play the guitar and other instruments..A percentage of IRs fanbase seems to come from these sort of people - people not just with raaga or WCM knowledge but also "hands-on" music lovers/musicians. Even though film music ( by IR) may not have full-fledged/rigorous playing of an instrument..it looks to me you do get a satisfaction/joy of playing an instrument well (or for that matter singing as well) like the way IR has used in a composition. Music is not just meant for the ears ..it is also meant for our hands/body to play it if we can and derive a satisfaction that human beings get in displaying grace when the mind is able to coordinate the body to achieve an elegant outcome...(sadly I do not play an instrument and the only keyboard I know is called QWERTY :-) )

(Usha..thanks for the compliment..it is my turn to say it is too much :-) )

18th September 2009, 09:58 AM

What you say is true. There seem to lot of instrumentalist who love Raja's music it offers to them. Starting from Guitar Prasanna himself. Krishnan posts in the Ilayaraja Yahoo groups often and the other person who is also an instrumentalist and who maintains a very good blog about Raja's music is violin Vicky. Raja's music touches everyone from the novice to people with some knowledge to the instrument players.

I know about two keyboards: the QWERTY one and the ABCD one (which my cell phone has :)

18th September 2009, 10:04 AM
can somebody point/provide links to download "geetham sangeetham" SPB sad version? ..just couldnt find it anywhere..

Thanks in advance

18th September 2009, 11:57 AM
can somebody point/provide links to download "geetham sangeetham" SPB sad version? ..just couldnt find it anywhere..

Thanks in advance

Here goes the song


19th September 2009, 07:33 PM
Thanks fan_ir.. hopefully i will find more of some rare Ir songs.

21st September 2009, 12:22 PM
Thanks for the support........

(ungala pathi naan inum onnum sollavae ilaiyae...

tfmpage ku vandha pudhusula - IR's beat nu
topic - think so... adhula dhan unga post
ellam - ennai gavanika vechadhu....

app dhan new thread ellam start panninar..Nice old memories..)

21st September 2009, 12:24 PM
Dear sloshed and fan_ir,
THanks for the song.,

But onething.. This is not the thread to reqeust the songs..

pl note it......

21st September 2009, 12:27 PM
kiru and suresh,

IR fan aga irundhu, instruments play
panna theirynjavangalaga irundhal -

Idhu dhan unmaiyil Sorgam ...........

IR music ai enjoy panna mudiyum...........

21st September 2009, 12:47 PM
Today pick - Othadi Othadi

Film - Dharmathin Thalaivan

Singer - Malaysia Vasudevan

About The Orchestration......

Starting of the song - sung by Swarnalatha.. think so...

Nice Rendition....

But unexpected beat follows... This is not a special thing.....

One single Whistle - just change the mood and give some
IR's Great Guitar works......

Enna solla...

Guitar Flood - am merging........ with MVD's humming
- hey ratthaa rathara rathara......... hi..

Solid Guitar supports MVD's mood.....

NOw only the song starts - othdadi otahdi..

CALL AND RESPONSE - indha paatil,

it happens in this song between MVD and The Guitar......

Nauaghty MVD - but the Guitar is more NAUGHTY than MVD.


In this song - its a jolly and kindal mood like a human

1st Interlude

indha sound enaku solla theiryavilai.
Therindhavargal - help me. want to know about it...


About Beat - Neraiya sollanam...

Beats always in a journey mood .........

Other instruments should follow with them..

(Road la odara kozhandhaiyai thorathindu poi pidikara amma madhiri...
beat ai thorathindu poi - at last Other instruments
catches the Beats and arrests it....)

2nd interlude....

Wat a beat ..........

Ethana type of Beats.... ipadi than ennal solla mudiyaradhu......

Very Excellent Song.....

OPERA style????????

Othadi Othadi - MVD


22nd September 2009, 06:00 PM
Thanks for the song Usha. Haven't heard it earlier. Lovely rhythms in the interludes. Good energy by Malaysia. something which is missing in many singers today.

22nd September 2009, 10:35 PM
Thanks for the response.

MVD - IR music il ivaroda songs ellam Gems.

Vani jayaram - IVaroda songs um IR music il

They are rare nos......

22nd September 2009, 11:06 PM
Today pick - Engae naan kanban

Singers - MVD and VJ

Film - Saadhanai

My long years searching for this song..

NOw i got it from Thiraipadal.com..

My Hearty Thanks to this team...

IR songs kaeka mudiyaradhae....... wat a Great Service......

About the song.....

Excellent Singing from MVD and VJ...

Very very very Excellent Prelude..........

Starting with swara tabla andthe Shenoy (wat a lenghty happy shenoy...)

- speaks to each other....

Guitar - supports the shenoy...........

Now the song starts with VJ voice....

Excellent rendering..

Compositioan ai purindhu konda oru expression...........

Behind her voice - Beats starts ITS role... Means

no chance to the other instruments...... Except the
friendly Guitar..

Yes. Guitar is friendly - always...
so it takes place to join with the Beats - most of the time...

MVD - joins with VJ in a Majestic way......

1st interlude....

Very Sweet swara tabla calls their friends...

vera yaru - the Guitar, the flute and some more (These are so humble with the beats. So that they have a chance
to go a journey with the Beats.)

During the journey, VJ's searching is continuing

with her humming.........

dono the names of some instruments - try to learn.....

During the stanza,

The flute Echoing VJ in feelings.

Guitar - is going with VJ to search the Lover boy on behalf of VJ...

2nd interlude

Dhilrupa - dono the name....

Keyboard - Doneits duty very nicely ...

VJ"s search is so great...... in this song...

Wat a lovely insruments..... All of them are starting
to search Her Hero........

Wat a great Support She has...........

At the end, MVD joins with her and Gives the strength...

Now, pl watch the instrumentation with carefully..

All are now change to support MVD.. This is IR.........

same beat... same Flute.... same Guitar....

But They are playing for MVD's Mood.......

After all, Its IR composition and HIs Mayamalawa Gowla...

Tats all...

Ingae naan kanden - Malaysia vasudevan and Vani Jayaram


23rd September 2009, 01:22 AM
Dharmathin thalaivan is a very nice album from Shri.Ilayaraaja.
It has
piano delight thenmadhurai vaigai nadhi.... bala & susheela
Classical delight by Yesudas & Chithra....muththamizh kaviye...
jubilant velli mani kinnaththila.....

Film is very funny.
I really enjoyed the first half. Rajini :thumbsup:

சுரேஷ், நெறைய இளையராஜா songs 'இப்போதான் first time கேக்கறேன்' or 'கேட்டதே இல்லை' etc.. சொல்றீங்க!
and some of them are evergreen ஹிட்ஸ்/popular ,eternal musicals like ஒரு குங்கும செங்கமலம்.... :musicsmile:

I am very surprised . :)
Good for you now you get to listen/introduced more & more of his rare/popular musical gems. :D

Three outstanding musical albums!

Dhool's Sara has done some articles on ANARKALI IN CINEMA.
He has featured Sadhanai - music ilayaraaja in part 3.


Let me grab my sadhanai/ dharma pathini / Urimai cd.. & get going this lunch hr!
This cd is a very nice combo too.
you may like it. :musicsmile:
vinatha. :D

23rd September 2009, 01:58 AM
சுரேஷ், நெறைய இளையராஜா songs 'இப்போதான் first time கேக்கறேன்' or 'கேட்டதே இல்லை' etc.. சொல்றீங்க!
and some of them are evergreen ஹிட்ஸ்/popular ,eternal musicals like ஒரு குங்கும செங்கமலம்.... :musicsmile:

I am very surprised . :)

Speaking for Suresh & myself, at one point of time IR was too prolific, churning out too many good ones like a deluge and very few could have kept up with the pace (especially for unknown movies, some even unreleased).

This morning I wrote about 'ஓ எந்தன் வாழ்விலே ஒரு பொன்விழா' (உனக்காகவே வாழ்கிறேன்) - don't remember hearing this in the 80's and the song still sounds fresh.

One'll keep unearthing some IR song or other all the time, IMO :-)

23rd September 2009, 02:08 AM
True indeed!
படிக்கும் போது, என்ன இவர் இப்படி சொல்றார் or by mistake typed listening instead of watching visual ...அப்படின்னு தோணும் :D
I always thought you guys (You, Suresh etc..)are thorough Ilayaraja fans, reading/talking about him, he says/she says of old & current news, his stories, analyzing his compositional style, intricacies of orchestration in different stages of his musical journey etc... :)

good , we enjoy more time listening Ilayaraaja's sangeetham.

vinatha. :)

23rd September 2009, 10:07 AM

While what app_eng says about the prodigious output of Raja is correct, my problem is compounded by the fact that I was in Hyd during the 80s and hence could hear the songs only on radio. Those days they used to play only the more popular songs. Not having a tape recorder didn't help either. So while I am ok with songs that happened in the last few years, lot of 80s songs have passed me by. Ofcourse, that now gives me the joy of discovery :D

Again, surprisingly, I have this song which Usha has mentioned. The same CD you referred to is what I bought and I have listened to this song. A nice song indeed.

23rd September 2009, 10:09 AM

That brings me to the next point. If a guy like me who has not heard a lot of Raja songs is a big fan of his, imagine how much more attached to Raja would be those who have heard lot more of his output!!! :)

23rd September 2009, 10:24 AM
I thought about two things about you that day I read your post on oru kunguma chengamalam... :)

may be out of TN state guy
in upper 20s or younger like my niece who is a ilayaraaja fan , not aware of his earlier albums. (I share with her as much as i can)

and then, one day somewhere I think I read a post by you - you used to argue for MSV, couldn't accept/recognize Shri.IR in his initial days or some thing like that...(நீங்கதான்ன்னு நினைக்கிறேன் , i may be wrong also! :P ) confused me.

you are here now, enjoy the musical bliss!

Vinatha. :D

23rd September 2009, 12:13 PM
welcome to the thread.

Strong foundation anavanga neenga - inga.
adhukaga - ipadi - indha thread la

vaiyai pidunganama......

23rd September 2009, 04:38 PM

Your first guess is right, me being an out of TN guy. And yes, I was the one who stated about MSV. You are right.

23rd September 2009, 08:18 PM
Suresh :) enjoy....
thanks for the welcome note, though I don't visit the thread regularly, drop by very rarely, I am not a new person here.
வாயை பிடுங்கறது... etc.. I don't do , I am not good at it.
I am a novice too, thanks for the compliment .:)
Continue your songs! :)

29th September 2009, 03:37 PM
vinu, suresh and app,
Thanks for the responses....

29th September 2009, 04:02 PM
Today pick - Varna virundhavanm

Singer - Our Beloved IR

Film - kaliyoonjal

Indha paatai enaku kodutha en Orkut Nanban Chandra Sekar ku

ennudaiya Nanri........

Wat a waiting.. for this song...

Wat a song - from our IR....

Normally, IR doesnt give much value for the orchestration
to His version of the songs.

His voice only Dominates the composition. Its the
real need for that song indeed...

But this song - Varna virndhavanam has some

1. Orchestration has valued.. So wat.

IR is the Dominating factor in this song also...

Wat a friendly singing....

Varana vrundhavanam
ennu undagumo

cute Guitar starts its job....

IR's song - each one has each feature...

This song - pulls me..

could not follow IR's voice...

Could not foloow the orchestration...

But am going ..... going ... going.. into this song...

Song ended so quickly. Its a small song..

this type of feelings came to my mind..

(seekiram mudinju pochae gara madhiri oru kurai....

nejathil apadi ilai. big song dhan...)

This song is also a music journey....

About the journey...

Cool evening climate.. little bit drizzling.

Like ooty.......

Walking with our beloved Heart...

Without the Disturbance of Cellphone....

This type walking journey - am getting from this song...


Friendly Guitar leads IR.. hahahhaa...
IR is the creator... So wat.. Guitar is Guitar.
IR surrendered to his Guitar Sounds......

IR's love is With this Guitar only... ahhaaaha.....

na na na nana nana

in this place. you could feel the love of IR with this
Guitar Works....

i have uploaded this song.
friends, pl inform me whether you could download or not..

varna vrundhavanam - IR


1st October 2009, 03:44 PM
TVS, deivangaL kaN pArthadhu pOda pOrIngaLA? 4 days-A mindla Odindirukku...

1st October 2009, 11:51 PM

I have downloaded 'varNa vRindAvanam'. Yet to listen to it. Pazhassiraja has upset all my plans :)

2nd October 2009, 04:15 PM
Finally got to 'varNa vRindAvanam' after tearing myself from 'Pazhassiraja'. It has been a long time since I heard the IR version. I do hear Chitra's version often.

It is in Malayalam that Raja has probably demonstrated the best combination of synth and his typical melody. This is one song in that list along with 'shAradEndu pADi', 'manjUlum rAtri', 'sivamallipoovE' etc. The way the keyboards provide the required urgency to this soft song is superb. Added to it is the singing of Raja. There is a certain charm in Raja singing Malayalam. You can probably make out that he is not a native Mallu but his pronunciation seems to be good and has a charm of its own. (This is in the opposite direction of the stylishness induced by people like Udit Narayan. Raja strives to get the pronunciation right.)

3rd October 2009, 11:30 AM
Thanks a lot Usha for the IR version of this song. I'm listening to it for the first time. A beautiful song and I love IR's singing which is very different from what I heard before.

3rd October 2009, 05:49 PM
:clap: :clap: aananthamaana song nga usha....thank u :-)

7th October 2009, 07:54 PM
thanks to your reqeust. Try my best....

7th October 2009, 07:57 PM
thanks for the support.

NIce description about Raaja's singing....

This is my feelings also.

7th October 2009, 08:00 PM
Thanks for the support.
idhu unga turn - idhan first time..
just kidding...

IR version is something special to me...

Dono the reason...

7th October 2009, 08:01 PM
good comments came from you..

Nice to read...... thank you nga suvai....

7th October 2009, 08:37 PM
Today pick - Deivangal kan parthadhu

Singers - Mano and S.Janaki

Film - PUdhiya Raagam.

Plum oda Request.. Tats the special point to this song...

Catchy points of the song..

Raagam - Beautiful raagam .. Brindhavana Saranga...

Mano's Expression.. very Nice to hear His voice..

Orchestration -

Starts with santhoor (?). think so.....

Brindhavana saranga vai express seiyum azhagu. I like it.

Oru Sandhoshamana Function ai Ninaika vaikum expression ai

Raagamum , instrument um kodukum - Nammidam....

Beautiful Prelude....

Hindustani style Composition.......

Nice to hear This Raaja.....

1st interlude

starts with friendly Guitar...

Excellent conversation has taken place between

the shenoy and the Swara tabla... very nice conversation...
santhoor- try to dance - becoz of the Swara tabla...

Racy violin tells something to the flute and flute only
understands the violin....

Wat a humble understand from the flute.. Super.....

lyrics - inspires me a lot..
all are true... after all we are human beings...

pilai ilaldha veedu
mullai illadha kaadu
thootil iladha ilam
thedral iladha madnram
chinna pon vandu
vanna kan rendu
agaya neelam kaatum
kannam poochendu
katti karkandu
chendoora kolam theetum

How can tell my feelings about the lyrics...

thottil iladha ilam
thedral iladha mandram

Yes. VEry true. Indha kashtathai God yarukum koduka kudadhu.
Koduthu irundhalum adhai sari seiyanam.

Idhu dhan en prayer - to God - Whenever i hear this song...

Very NIce Describing words about a New Born baby...

Chinna pon vandu
vanna kan rendu

POn vandu - its a insect with a beautiful color.
(two colors i have seen. ONe is bottle green and another one is carrot color.very nice to see their shining..)

Kid's eyes is compared with this insect.

Excellent comparison. i am rasichifying.....

2nd interlude -

tells some serioud mood. Didnot watch this movie.So cant understand the situation...

Violins told the serious mood.

Wat a types of violins..... This is our IR...

Anyway SJ's Motherhood expression - i loved it very much...

Anai enrana pinnae
thunbam munnooru natkal
pilai kai vandha pinbu
kannil sandhosha pookal
pillai selvangal
pesum dheivangal
elorkum vaipadhillai
thaiymai iladha penmai
kaanadhu anbin yellai

en veedu sera
naan seidha yogam

Great lyrics....

Little bit personal experience valued this song in a great way..

Enaku oru kid vara - Nichayam thavam irundhen...

After his birth, during his 10th months, i happened to
hear this song......

No words to me. A lot of tears only came from my Eyes.....

IR - He Valued Motherhood so much....
Idharkagavae Avaruku Award thara vendum.. Its my feelings..

This is the very special of mine to this Great Song...

Deivangal kan parthadhu


7th October 2009, 08:52 PM
pudhiya rAgam - another "never-heard" IR album for me. Evening veettil pOi kEtkaNum.

POn vandu - its a insect with a beautiful color.
(two colors i have seen. ONe is bottle green and another one is carrot color.very nice to see their shining..)

My schoolmates used to have this as "pet", keeping it tied with a twine, feeding it tamarine leaves etc. Fascinating to watch and its egg was even more fascinating to see :-)

I always wanted to have one but was strictly forbidden at home - cruelty to keep them like that it seems :-(

7th October 2009, 09:09 PM
Usha, wonderful write-up. Write-upnu asolradhai vida expression o feelingsnu dhaan sollanum.
Andha precise emotion-ai epdi tuneilum orchestrationilum kondu vandharo? Genius.

Amma paattu ella mdyum poottiruppaargal. Namma situationai poruthu andha paadalgal namakku personal resonance irukkum.But even without the benefit of that personal experience, for a 17 year old to feel that negizchi, only raja fossible.the yearning, the relief, the joy at the newborn ellaam minute detailsla varum - just in the music.

And as I said, probably mano's best ever.

8th October 2009, 04:58 AM
Hi Usha nga!
One of my fav songs "Deivangal" super song!!
thank u nga...:-)

14th October 2009, 02:45 AM
இன்றைய பாடல்

"வராது வந்த நாயகன் ஒரே சிறந்த ஓர் வரன் "
வாலியின் வார்த்தை நயத்திற்கு இந்த பாடல் ஒரு எடுத்துக்காட்டு

எனக்கு பிடித்த பாடல்களில் இதுவும் ஒன்று

இவன் தலை வி நாயகன் இதை தலைவி நாயகன் என்றும் பொருள் கொள்ளலாம்

முதா கராத்த மோதகம்
சதாவி முக்த்தி சாதகம்
கலாதரா வதம் சகம்
விலாசி லோக ரக்சகம்
வினா சிதேப்ரதைத்தியகம்
நடஷுபாசு நாசகம்
நமாமிதம் வினாயகம்
முதா கராத்த மோதகம்
சதாவி முக்த்தி சாதகம்

வராது வந்த நாயகன் ஒரே சிறந்த ஓர் வரன்
வராது வந்த நாயகன் ஒரே சிறந்த ஓர் வரன்
தராதரம் புரிந்தவன் நிரந்தரம் நிறைந்தவன்
வரம் தரும் உயர்ந்தவன் கரம் கரம் இணைந்தவன்
இவன் தலைவி நாயகன்
வராது வந்த நாயகன் ஒரே சிறந்த ஓர் வரன்
வராது வந்த நாயகன் ஒரே சிறந்த ஓர் வரன்
தராதரம் புரிந்தவன் நிரந்தரம் நிறைந்தவன்

தொடாமலும் படாமலும்
உலாவும் காதல் வாகனம்
வராமலும் தராமலும்
விடாது இந்த வாலிபம்
உன்னோடு தான் பின்னோடு தான்
வந்தாடும் இந்த மோகனம்
கையோடு தான் மெய்யோடு தான்
கொஞ்சாமல் என்ன தாமதம்
உன் பார்வை யாவும் நூதனம்
பெண் பாவை நீ என் சீதனம்
உன் வார்த்தை அன்பின் சாசனம்
பெண்ணுள்ளம் உந்தன் ஆசனம்
அள்ளாமலும் கிள்ளாமலும்
தள்ளாடும் வந்த பூவனம்

வராது வந்த நாயகன் ஒரே சிறந்த ஓர்வரன்
தராதரம் புரிந்தவன் நிரந்தரம் நிறைந்தவன்
வரம் தரும் உயர்ந்தவன் கரம் கரம் இணைந்தவன்
இவன் தலைவி நாயகன்
வராது வந்த நாயகன் ஒரே சிறந்த ஓர் வரன்
தராதரம் புரிந்தவன் நிரந்தரம் நிறைந்தவன்

ல ல ல ல ல ல
லா லா
ல ல ல ல ல ல
லா லா

கல்யாணமும் வைபோகமும்
கொண்டாடும் நல்ல நாள் வரும்
அன்னாளிலே பொன்னாளிலே
என் மாலை உந்தன் தோள் வரும்
சல்லாபமும் உல்லாசமும்
கண் காணும் நேரம் பூவனம்
சொல்லாமலும் கொள்ளாம்லும்
திண்டாடும் பாவம் பெண் மனம்
இந்நேரம் அந்த ஞாபகம் உண்டாக நீயும் காரணம்
கண்ணார நாமும் காணலாம்
செவ்வாழை பந்தல் தோரணம்
என் ஆசையும் உன் ஆசையும்
அந்நாளில் தானே கூடனும்

வராது வந்த நாயகன் ஒரே சிறந்த ஓர் வரன்
தராதரம் புரிந்தவன் நிரந்தரம் நிறைந்தவன்
வரம் தரும் உயர்ந்தவன் கரம் கரம் இணைந்தவன்
இவன் தலைவி நாயகன்

வராது வந்த நாயகன் ஒரே சிறந்த ஓர்வரன்
தராதரம் புரிந்தவன் நிரந்தரம் நிறைந்தவன்


15th October 2009, 01:58 PM
Lovely duet Usha. Arunmozhi does a nice job in this song. I like all the songs in this alum.

15th October 2009, 10:55 PM
Dear suresh and other friends and Rajesh,
Konjam busy. Will come tomorow.

ill reply u all and host my pick....

19th October 2009, 11:31 AM
pon vandu - yes. Neenga sonna madhiri
enga veetilum - valartharadhuku permit pannalai.
nanum en friend kite than parthu iruken..

en friend ku - pon vandai parka
naan paise kodukanam

adharkaga - 2 nalaiki oru time 5 paise tharanam.
veetla - choclate ku nu poi sollitu - pon vandai parthu iruken.... 15 paise varai koduthen.

apparam - veetla doubt.. unmai sonnen.

apram no paise.. choclate vangi thandhutanga..
no paise to me..

apadi - costly aga parthu iruken pon vandai...

19th October 2009, 11:34 AM
Feelings - Idhu dhanae Raaja..

Avaroda Fanatic aga irundhu kondu ezhudhinal

Feelings dhan enaku varum plum....

am just feelings based person.. tats all.

indha paatuku ennai ezhudha vaithadharuku

ungaluku oru thanks plum....

Mano voice enaku epavum pidikum.........

19th October 2009, 11:35 AM
thanks for the support.

ungaluku therinja song a .. nice.......

19th October 2009, 11:36 AM
thanks for the song.

inimel - ungaluku favoaurite song irundhal
enaku pm panunga..
naan host panren.

thanks for understanding...

19th October 2009, 11:39 AM
t hanks for the great support.

Arun mozhi and Mano - ivanga voice epavum
enaku pidikum suresh.

Ivangaloda padal - IR music il - something special nu thonum enaku....

varadhu vnadha nayagan
very nice tune..
dream scene ku change agum interludes - without
little bit jerk... Inga irukar nama Raaja.

19th October 2009, 11:48 AM
Today pick - VAigai nadhi karai

Singer - Hariharan

Film - Nilavae mugam kaatu

About the Orchestartion --

Instruments arrangements are very soothing.....

Mother's touch madhiri oru soft....

Dono the name of the instruments....

Hariharan sang nicely....

About the Raagam - idhu dhan enaku special ipo..

Paatai kaetadhum - Harikambhohi, bageshwari,abogi

nu varasiyaga ninaika thonriyadhu....

like pen mayilae from Manjal Nila...
udanae Vel ramanan dhan ninaivil vandhar..

Vel Sir - ungaluku nalla homework Sir indha paaatu..
Pl consider and reply your Analysis here Vel.

link for the song

Vaigai nadhi - Hariharan


26th October 2009, 10:06 PM
Vel - Unga analysis ai expect pannum

with Love,
Usha Sankar.

26th October 2009, 10:32 PM
Today pick - En aasai vaazhai kuruthae

Singers - K S Chitra and MVD

Film - Kattalai

About the Orchestration

Felt the 85s Raaja's style...(Raaja - IR - indha perai
ezhudhi neraiya naal achu. Really am moved with this name in this birth.)

Instrumetation told about some serious happenings...


Violins speaks about the mood....(Arrival of the villan???)

But the

Beat - gives some cool situation..(Dont worry gara madhiri)

MVD 's singing - I like HIs style in IR's music.. He had some special type of songs in our Raaja's compositions.

1st interlude

Violins did not stop to tell about the serious situations.

but some other instruments to give the normal mood.

Adamant violins did their job....

MVD's pitch - He handled with so easily.

KSC's style - Always in a expressive manner...

Its Her Speciality...

2nd interlude

Guitar expressess... speaks..... in HIS compositions..

but this time it did some other job...

try to protect to someone from a danger.....
Violin expresses the seriousness.....
santhoor - ???? - gives the cool effect. but its not true....
Violin warns the singers about the danger........

Isai - pesum...


All the instruments speak a lot to me.......
(dono about the scene and the film.. but i could feel
the danger to the singers...)

En vaazha kuruthae - K S CHitra and MVD


27th October 2009, 10:29 AM

Thanks for this superb song. Never heard this before.

I love the beats in the song, the way they are used to maintain the tense throughout. The pallavi as well as charanam has superbly controlled beats which communicate the tension. The violins which come in almost asynchronously in the first interlude and the rhythm instruments that keep appearing in the charanam. Excellent stuff. (BTW, can someone tell me the name of the instrument which has beads all over and the player just keeps rotating it?)

The song seems to be based on one of Raja's favorite ragas, Mayamalavagowla. I am happy I have discovered this gem now.

27th October 2009, 11:59 AM
I dont need to write anything further. Suresh wrote exactly what i wanted to. Verbatim. Thanks a lot for showing us this gem.

2nd November 2009, 06:16 PM
Suresh and raagas,
Thanks for the support...

suresh - andha instrument sound - kaetu solren.

2nd November 2009, 06:38 PM
Today pick - Maalai Nila

Singers - IR and ...

Film - Kangalum kavi padudhae

INdha padal vandha udan kaeta podhu enna ninaithen............

Ipodhu enna ninaikiren.......

Nalai eppadi Ninaipen.....

Suresh - 5 years ellam vendam...

Ipodhae sollivitten...

Wat a song... Wat a Orchestration.........

I love IR's singing style - Always..

IR trained us to HIs New Synth Sound in a Sweet Manner..

Composition and Instrumentation -

Indha IR ai - Understand panni, solla theiryum Naal

endha Naalo............

Very Nice no from our Raaja..........

indha raagathil - Oru chiri kandal and Engae sendralum


sirudhum Silakatha Tune and the Raagam....

Maalai Nila


2nd November 2009, 06:50 PM

Nice song. I loved it when the CD came out and this was the only song from the movie that I liked!!

The female singer is Manjari. She has sung quite a few Mayamalavagowla and its cousin for Raja that she must now be quite a master of it :) This song, Oru Chiri Kandal, Kadapurathoru Kadapurathoru Kalyanam come to mind.

2nd November 2009, 09:23 PM
Thanks Usha for Maalai Nila. I'm listening to it after a while. The lovely guitar prelude, the humming by IR are an instant attraction that pulled me in to the song. IR duets are always pleasant.

3rd November 2009, 10:31 PM
Manjari ya... Thanks for her list.

thanks for the support Suresh....

3rd November 2009, 10:33 PM
thanks for the response.

IR duets - Something different to hear.........

3rd November 2009, 10:55 PM
Today pick - Arulae arul sudare

Singers - Lady voice and chorus

Film - Kavalai padadhae Sagodhara

Some words about the stating points of this song..

am Stunned.......

He knots the three religious sounds in a simple way with the help of the Harmony.........

am impressed very much with the Allah..... wat a sweetest sound........Soothing sound..... am moved......

Now song starts with beatuiful beats.

How it comes into Brindhavana Saranga..... Think of that point...

Thats IR...

All the instruments tells the Bhakthi Bhavam in a soothing manner...

1st interlude

Slogam mudiyum munbae - Bhakthiyudan start agum beat and flute - kills me...

2nd interlude

dono the names of the instruments... Signers ku support aa
express seiyum Beauty -

Sandhoshamaga sethu pogalam...... Ipadi than solla mudigiradhu.......

Sila IR in padalgaluku - Nam Uyir dhan vilaiyaga thara mudiyum ....

ONe more Mesmerising Brindhava Saranga...

Simple but very SWEET...

like the lyrics very much..

valartha ennai
kaakum karangal unadhu
varam tharadhau
yemaku yedhu
arul niraindha uravu

My Heartiest Thanks to Thiraipadal.com TEam people....

Neengal ilaiyeil - Raaja padal ilali....

ARulae arul sudare


3rd November 2009, 11:50 PM
நல்ல பாடல். அற்புத இசையுரை. நன்றி :)

[பாடலை ஃபெபி,தேவி,கீதா மற்றும் குழுவினர் பாடியுள்ளனர்]

4th November 2009, 11:21 PM
A very nice song Usha. I bought the tape of this film recently having no clue about the songs. The title made me scared though it stated otherwise :) Anyway I bought it and loved the songs. This song, as you mentioned, has lovely rhythm patterns.

I like almost all the songs in this album. 'tiruvonam' is my favorite.

7th November 2009, 08:43 PM
Thanks for your nice words.

Thanks for the info disk.

7th November 2009, 08:44 PM
Thanks for the support.

indha padathil veru padal kaetadhu ilai suresh.

7th November 2009, 09:07 PM
Today pick - Aarariroo

Singer - KJY

Film - Thaaiku oru thalatu

This song is Neyar virupam of rajkumarc.

Indha paatai neyar virupaga kaeka oru dhairiyam vendum.

Idhai patri ezhudha enakum oru mano dhairiyam vendum..

Andha madhiri oru Isai and kavidhai varigal.....

About the preludes

Starting instruments - tells the funeral moments....
wat a sound it is....

Guitar - have great expressions in our Raaja's composition.

in this prelude. it gives tears for the death...

Perfect expressions of the death time of the Mom...

KJY - He is a Great Singer in His Beautiful expressions.

Kavidhai varigal - Kavinyan yar - Vaali madhiri thonudhu.

En Deivamae
idhu Poi thookama
Naan thungavae
naal agumae.....

wat a true...

1st interlude

it tells after the moments of the death ceremony (its my feelings. didn't see the picturisation.)

Violin - it represents the sadness of the Son....

Flute - Irandhu pona amma Flute aga pin thodaram - than maganai..
( all are my feelings only)

Maganai samadhana paduthavadhai pola oru sound - from the Flute.......

kootai vittu
thai kili
parandha dhingae

En thevi
naanum seidha
kutram enna kooru
oru paarva paaru

Excellent expressions...

2nd interlude

Violin - On beahalf of the son calls the mother....

Great Violin Notes........

Support seiyum keyboard....

Beats - it also joins with the son for his sadness....

Lyrics - kills me.

Paiyanuku oru amma epadi ...
after marriage epppadi - i dono.

but as a female, i felt a Great Feelings with the motherhood.

Pozhudhagi ponadhae
innum thookamae
sollamanal ponadhu

Uyir thandha

Uyir illaiyo
paalooti parthaiyae
pal oothalamo

Annam potta
thaayae unaku
arisi poda vandhen......

Great and very true lyrics......

Amma vum appavum illamal vaazhkai illai..

Amma - She is little bit greater than appa???????????
(not about Husband and wife relationship.)

Motherhood - its a lovely and great relationship in this world.

IR - He gives and shows me a lot about it....

IR in padalil - orae oru paatu - Best nu solla vendi
indha paatu dhan iruka mudiyum enbadhu en feelings.

aarariroo - KJY


8th November 2009, 03:30 PM

I fully concur with you that 'aaraariro' evokes the feeling of sadness and loss and does a very effective job of it. So effective that I try not to listen to it!!! The words, the music, everything leaves a lasting impact.

9th November 2009, 04:51 PM
One big question! How are you guys able to listen on thiraipaadal.com site. Of late, when i try to listen to songs on thiraipaadal site, it says "we are currently working on song files". Even the above song does not play.



9th November 2009, 08:58 PM

That used to be a problem a few days back. It works well now. I have been listening to songs on thirapaadal all day today.

10th November 2009, 11:04 AM
Thanks a lot Usha for Aarariro song. Don't have words to write about your description. Simply stunning. Unarvu poorvama ezhudhi irukeenga. Hats off to you.

10th November 2009, 03:38 PM
Dear Suresh,
Thanks for ur nice words .

One more thanks to the constant support.. hehehe..

10th November 2009, 03:39 PM
Dear krishnan,

Thiraipadal.com is working now in our area.
Dono about ur place. wait for the day of working.......

10th November 2009, 03:41 PM
Dear rajkumar,
Ungalai kanomae nu parthen.
Thanks for ur nice words..

Afterall - am feelings based person. This is my strength. This is my weakness also.. . hahahah...

10th November 2009, 03:59 PM
Today pick - Thendralai kandu kolla

Singer - Hariharan

film - Nilave Mugam Kaatu

Enna solla.......

I love Hariharan voice very much in this song. Bhavam is
very nice to me.

Beats comes like a friend to this song...

Solid and sweet guitar.......

Unmaiyai sonnal, indha pada padal vnadhadhum
original cassette vanginen.

solla theiryadha oru yematrathai than unarndhen...

Enaku therinja ennoda IR ai kanomae ... enru....

Ennoda IR ai tholaitha mahdiri oru feelings...

Anal, manadhil oru ennam...

Style ai maathugirar... Naan dhan katru kollanam indha IR ai enru.........

inum katru kondu irukiren...... therindhu kollavilai......
Idhu dhan unmai.

Thendralai kandu kollu manae - Hariharan udan thodarndhu varum

keyboard, beats. Guitar - allllll are toooooo much friendly...

( Nee padu hari nanga irukom gara mahdiri... Infact Hariyae
yarukagavo support panni padarar...... analum

all the instruments supports Hari to sing neatly.....

Interludes are toooooooooooo much short - idhu dhan enaku kurai......

padal mudiyum podhu varum Slogam by IR.. Pl listen carefuly

andha sanskrit slogam is nicely translated into tamil..
Rendered by Female chorus....

TIS - Idea - namaku - siru siru thuliyaga

kodthu pazhaki irukar.

Adhan pin dhan periya alavin TIS...

Lyrics is so nice

Thendralai kandu kolla manae
kangalin thevai enna thaenae

enna oru arudhalana varthai - kann illadha kadhaliku....

ulathil parvai undu manae
unmaigal kandu sollum thaenae

nenjin vannalgalai
odum ennangalai
kaana kann vendumaa
pesa soll venduma

malar poothadhai vasangal sollumae

indha paatai kaetadhum manadhil vandha veru oru padal

"Thendral vandhu theedum podhu'

enai ariyamal manam compare seidhadhu.. 2 padalaiyum.....

2 paatum - kann illadha kadhalikaga kadhalan paduvadhu dhan.

Inga dhan IR irukar...


2 padalum puriya vaikum.. Kadhalan yar... avan feelings enna endru........

Great song in a simple way from our IR....

Sila samayam - Naan - thaniya irupadhu pol unarndhal,
indha paatai pola oru friend - enaku veru yarum ilai ......

link for the song

padal complete agamal cut aradhae..

Thiraipadal.com people, pl rectify the prob....

Thendralai kandu kolla


10th November 2009, 05:51 PM
Nice song Usha Sankar. One of the few palatable Hariharan songs for me (mIttAdha oru vINai is another)
The song takes off to another plane when IR recites that sloka. Enna oru goose pimple!

10th November 2009, 06:15 PM

Nice song, Hariharan paadina enakku pidiththa paadalgaLil idhuvum onRu!

'aayiram kOdi nilavugaL kUdi' - karisalkAttu pUvE is a nice one along with 'mIttAtha oru vINai' - pUnthOttam!

10th November 2009, 06:46 PM
digression -

KaLanjyam, the director of poonthOttam which had such lovely songs and who also had a few other worthy projects with IR, is being sought by police in some fraud case it seems. I read in a news that he is absconding as he was a co-producer / director in a venture where they got money from public / banks and walked off


10th November 2009, 09:52 PM

The movie is 'Nilave Mugam Kaatu' isn't it? I think by mistake you have written it as 'Poonthotam'.

I haven't heard this song earlier. The slokam at the end is very nice as well as the orchestration for it. It gets cut abruptly as you say. Must find the original and listen to it.

10th November 2009, 11:30 PM

The movie is 'Nilave Mugam Kaatu' isn't it? I think by mistake you have written it as 'Poonthotam'.

I haven't heard this song earlier. The slokam at the end is very nice as well as the orchestration for it. It gets cut abruptly as you say. Must find the original and listen to it.

Kalanjiyam directed the following movies which had good music by IR

Poomani (murali, Devayani, Prakash raj - had 'en paattu en paattu')
Poonthoattam (murali and devayani again - had 'meettaadha oru veenai)
Kizhakkum merkum (nasser, Napolean, Devayani)
nilave mugam kaattu (karthik and devayani chittu parakkudhu kutralathil and thendralai kandu kolla maane)

11th November 2009, 09:15 AM
Kizhakkum Merkum - kathum kuyilae kathum kuyilae
Poonthottam was the best - meettadha, iniya malagal, vaanathiliindhu, vaanathu thaaragaiyo

13th November 2009, 10:36 PM
Nice song Usha Sankar. One of the few palatable Hariharan songs for me (mIttAdha oru vINai is another)
The song takes off to another plane when IR recites that sloka. Enna oru goose pimple!


Thanks for the response. Slogam portion is very nice shifting to a different world..Nicely told by you.

Hariharan's two songs from IR...

1. Nilavu paatu from Kannukul Nilavu

2. thendral varum from Friends.

13th November 2009, 10:38 PM
Welcome to this thread. "Ayiram kodi" - enakum pidikum. Very Nice rendition of Hariharan.

Thanks for the response priya..

13th November 2009, 10:40 PM
thanks for the info... veru enna solla..

paatai patri onum sollavillai neenga.. hmmmm

13th November 2009, 10:41 PM
Film name - you are correct.
Corrent panniten. Thank you Suresh..

As usual, idhu dhan first time - unga reply ku thanks Suresh.

indha paatin Full version - kedacha sollungo.

13th November 2009, 10:44 PM
Thanks for the listings.

My pick is - kathung kuyilae from kizhakum merkum....

Simple but sweet song. Orkut la ezhudhinen indha paatuku...

hmmmmm.... enna ezhudhinen nu enakae theiryalai ipo...

so wat.. marubadiyum ezhudhanam....

13th November 2009, 10:46 PM
Thanks for the lists.

ungalukum pidikuma - kathungu kuyilae song...
nice to know...
Jaiganes ku reply seidhu iruken parunga...
indha paatuku ezhudhanam.......
enaku pidicha paatu idhu..

poonthotam - all the songs are tooooooo good...

Vanathu tharagaiyo - IR version dhan enaku romba pidikum.

13th November 2009, 11:28 PM
Today pick - Naal nalla naal

Singer - S. Janaki

Film - Helo Yar Pesaradhu

Ipadi oru perla IR padam - Namba mudiyavilai.

Anal padal - IR nu solradhae.. :roll:

Padalai patri....

IR - Thannoda padalai Retune seivadhu patri - IR kite
than kaekanam...

Yen... Ehdarkaga... Enna asai.. Ipadi....

indha paatum andha type dhan...

Malaiyalam song - Aa samshagal by KJY..

This tune is retuned with SJ...

Same kalyani.. Same Beat..

These are the things found as same to me...

But - Mood of the song - Very Haunting.......

Beautiful Prelude.....

NIce veena. Friendly Beat..

violin - starts to tell the seriousness...

dono the names of the instruments after that.... They

starts to caution ....

Seriousness theriyadha SJ...
Singing with happy mood....

1st prelude - Extraordinary beats... Flute speaks to us
about SJ's trouble ( pity she is ... like tat)

Soulful rendition by SJ... Now the flute reflects SJ's feelings...

2nd interlude...

Something serious situtation at some other place..
BUt in SJ's place , there is happy mood only.......

These moods are told by these interlude...

Violin strongly expresse the seriousness...

In this circumstances, song turns into a smooth mood....
(wat a beautiful claps....)

Lyrics is impressed me a lot......

Very Nice Rendition by SJ....

Aa samshagal - indha paatoda compare panna thonalai. idhan nijam...

LInk for the song

Naal Nalla - SJ


13th November 2009, 11:40 PM
Nice song, Usha chEchi.

On some occasions, the remake of the song was possibly because the movie itself was a remake from another language where IR did the original.

A number of his malayALam movies were also remade into Thamizh and some of the songs got the same melody. Sometimes not the same movie but the same director or producer. I've heard the Thamizh version of 'Olaththumbaththu' on bus journeys but don't know whether it was in a remake / dub of pappayude swantham appoos.

There are also major changes as in the case of Friends, I loved sivamallippoovE (IMO = ninnukkOri, i.e. in appeal) & kadal kAtRil in the original. These were not repeated in Thamizh.

14th November 2009, 07:35 AM
Pappayude was dubbed into tamil as poove pon poove (I think)
Shivamalli got replaced by manjal poosum, though for a different situation

14th November 2009, 08:06 AM
Pappayude was dubbed into tamil as poove pon poove (I think)
Shivamalli got replaced by manjal poosum, though for a different situation

aahhh that movie has that awesome song 'Snehaththin poonjolai' - the magic begins with Mammootty walking out of the hospital with the kid in hand and the music that begins is one of the best.... heartwrenching stuff..

15th November 2009, 02:25 AM
Usha nga epadi irukeenga?
loved the song Thendralai kandu kolla by hariharan...good pick nga!
thank u

16th November 2009, 09:02 PM

Which movie is the 'Aa samshangal' song from? I have never heard that song?

This song looks like a thriller :) With all that thriller music in between. A very nice Kalyani.

16th November 2009, 09:57 PM
aa samshangal - film per theriyalai.

RAdio la - malaiyala station la

b day ku wishes solli - indha paatai vaipanga.
apo kaetadhu dhan...

KJY padinadhu.

Aa samshangal
nooru noorai
aa samshangal
asaigal ...

enda hirudhayam
meeti nirkum
aa samshangal

Hubber madhu ku theiryum suresh. i think so.
oru time lyrics koduthar vera oru thread la.....

18th November 2009, 08:56 PM
Thanks for the response.

Sivamallipoovae - Recent ta than kaeten app.
very nice no....

kadal katrin - ennoda favourite song .....

18th November 2009, 08:57 PM
Plum and jaiganes,
naan sonna song ku comment solla varalai....
anyway, thanks for the visiting...

18th November 2009, 08:58 PM
am fine. How are you...

thanks for the response....

18th November 2009, 09:12 PM
Today pick - Thitharam theyaaram

Singer - K S Chitra and Sreekumar

film - Kallukodoru pennu

Great finding of mine from our IR's malaiyalam works.

IR's Malaiyalam songs are very hard to find in the net.
(Malaiyalees are very true to IR. )

(Avvalavu easy a kedaikaradhu ilai... IR's Malaiyalam songs....)

Today i got this film songs unexpectedly...

Today pick is very nice to hear...
Excellent synth works are done by our Raaja.

Ipodhu dhan indha sound ai kaetu rasika theiryaradhu....
(IR music ai unarndhu kolla - epodhum pin thalliyae iruken.... felt very bad about me...)

NIce Guitar bit.......

Sweeeet Flute ........
Beautiful Prelude...

Got nice Experience from my Headphone....

Pl enjoy this song......

thitharam theyaaram


19th November 2009, 10:48 AM
Today Pick - Love na Love

Singers - Mano and Minmini

Film - Meera

Wat a Orchestration......

Great Violin strokes......

Wind instruments Gives a grand ceremony.........

Lyrics inspires me a lot.... :lol:

padam vandha podhu matumae kaetadhu...

Aduthu Inru dhan kaeten........

Really Great composition.....

Oru ullatha kavvu
vaanathil thaavu

mudhu vatam elalm
mudiyama vaazha
ila vatam ellam
kodi katti vaazh - Wat a Violin works....

Love pannum Youngsters - Eldersai meratara madhiri(Jollya than)

Great Orchestration....

2nd interludes - I love it tooooooo much..........

Violin violin violin - it takes me to the heaven..

lyrics is very nice.......

ullasa kadhalarai
kollum villanai
kaidhu seivom
polladha thandanaiyai
tv nadagam parka solvom

Deesiya geetham ondru
Ilaiya raajvai poda seivom
kadhalar koootathilae
Adhai kataiyam pada solvom

Female Chorus - very Haunting and catchy.........

Love na Love


20th November 2009, 08:30 PM
Today Pick - Malar Thoopinil

Singers - KSC and chorus

Film - Dhooam Arikae

Paatai kaetadhum - IR dhan nu solradhu..
am i correct ? or Wrong???

Simple but sweet no from our IR......

80s Raaja.

Pl confirm me about this song..........

Malar thopilinil - 39th no of the list.


20th November 2009, 08:51 PM
Malar thoppinil is so unlike ir. It is raja but sounds very much like a typical mallu somg of 80s of other composers.

20th November 2009, 08:56 PM
Thanks for the confirmation. But

Oru time kaetutu onum soladheengo.....

Nidhanama kaetutu sollungo.....

I like the orchestration. Beautiful Preludes...

20th November 2009, 08:59 PM
IR oda Wah wah Guitar ?????????

20th November 2009, 09:06 PM
Usha, apdi illai. I meant it as a compliment - it has trademak raja orchest. But the style of the song is typical of the period in mallu movies.

21st November 2009, 06:27 AM
'malar thoppinil' is a very nice song indeed. As Plum says a very Rajaish song sounding very traditional Malayalam film song. This movie also has the lovely 'arike arike' by Jesudas.

21st November 2009, 07:59 PM
usha nga......enjoyed many songs from the link u have given.....thanks nga!

23rd November 2009, 05:13 PM
Thanks for the support.

23rd November 2009, 05:15 PM
Thanks for the Constant support.

23rd November 2009, 05:16 PM
Welcome... Thanks for the response..

23rd November 2009, 05:29 PM
Usha, idhe padathula poovaadigaLil kEtturikkIngaLA?

23rd November 2009, 05:29 PM
Today Pick - Purakalae puraklae

Signers - Great S P B and Sweet K S C

Film - Kathal parisu

Chinna Nostalgia

Indha TFM PAGE ku vandhadhum - ennoda song request
indha paatu dhan...

Ithanai years kazhithu ipodhu dhan indha padal kidaithu irukiradhu......

About the song

So soft like a Sponge or Deddy bear (no. idhu kuda konjam Hard...)

Mayil Iragu pola oru soft ana padal..

Beautiful Prelude...

Starting Beats - very cute.....

soothing keyboard.....

Beautiful Female Chorus - Devadhaigal kootam pola...

Support seiyum Female chorus...

Friendly Guitars....

Orchestration ai purindhu konda SPB and KSC - They
pronounced the words sooooooo soft..... varthaigaluku
valikumo enbadhu pola......

1st Interlude

Violin, keyboard , guitar - expresses the lovers mood.......

instruments peyar sariyaga theriyavilai..

NIce beat - it travels with the lovers so much friendly....

2nd interlude

IR chorus - Especially Femlae chorus - i love it...

Cute Flute... wat a punctuations...

purakalae puraklae - in this portion, backgroud il
varum beat and the Guitar - Highlight of the song....

wat a Guitar .....

puraklae purakalae - SPB and KSC


23rd November 2009, 05:31 PM
Plum and suresh,
Neenga 2 perum solra 2 song um kaetadhu ilai.
thara mudiyuma........pl.....

23rd November 2009, 08:20 PM

Wasn't 'poovadigalil' from Vyamoham?

23rd November 2009, 08:20 PM

I will get you these songs soon.


23rd November 2009, 09:38 PM
Icidentally, for Kallukondoru pennu & Dooram Arike, lyrics are by ONV.

Dooram Arike songs:

Poovadigalil is from Vyamoham - It's IR's first film / song in malayalam. (The film for which he actually composed first was never released).

23rd November 2009, 10:31 PM
IR's first Malayalam film (unreleased) is Aaru manikkor , directed by Mohan of Annakkili fame. The song Oru Naal Ullasa thirunaal in the film is the same as Oru naal unnodu oru naal from Uravadum nenjam (by the same director - who has also done Kavikuyil,Chittukuruvi,Rosappoo Ravikkaikari etc in Tamil & Aalolam, Mangalam Nerunnu etc.).

23rd November 2009, 10:37 PM
Dooram Arike is a Vintage Wine. :swinghead:
It has stunning songs.
chorus, funky guitar strumming Ir's lilting tune with violin & Xylophone interlude
Malarthoppithil kili konchalaay
Mani thennalaay vaa .......yesudas
Harmonious orchestration. :musicsmile:
soothing Maankidaave......Jayachandran solo is a Tabala Raaja finesse!Magical violin, relaxed flute orchestration.
oh.. I must treat myself today! :musicsmile:

24th November 2009, 11:51 AM
Thanks everyone for clarifying on Dooram Arike vs Vyamoham.

Vyamoham = remake of Policekaaran MagaL?, because IR said his first Malayalam movie was remake of PM

24th November 2009, 07:39 PM

Yes. Vyamoham is a remake of 'Policekaran Magal'. In one interview Raja says that he was apprehensive of tuning for this movie since Vishwanathan Ramamoorthy had given excellent tunes in Tamil. Raja uses the same Kalyani ragam for 'poovadigalil' which MSV-TR used for 'indha manrathil odi varum' song. Ofcourse each one is a totally different tune but the raga used is the same. Both of them excellent melodies.

Talking of Kalyani, MSV also has an excellent Kalyani based Malayalam song in the movie 'Chandrakantham', "aa nimishanthinthe nirvrithiyil".

25th November 2009, 04:25 PM
Thanks for the info.
Malaiyalam IR songs adhigam theiryadhu.

One more thanks to the link......

25th November 2009, 04:26 PM
Suresh and plum,
Vyamoham details theirnjindeengala...
Saagar llink la indha film songs
kandu pidika theiryalai enaku.

help me...

25th November 2009, 04:27 PM
Welcome to this thread.........

25th November 2009, 04:33 PM
Today song - Naan undhan chella kutti

Singer - S P Shailaja

Film - Muthu Engal sothu

About the song..

Padam vandhadhum, indha paatai kaetadhum - enaku pidikavilai.
Yen enru theriyadhu.

Ithanai years kazhithu ipodhu dhan kaetkiren..

Sathiyama - ipo pidichu iruku.
Reason - Enaku - IR songs kaekara arivu varugiradhu
ena ninaikiren. Tats all. :lol:

Beautiful and Excellent Guitar work.
I like SPS voice... innocent voice ....

Guitar is the Highlight of the song... pl enjoy.......

Nice and sweet beats.....

amazing flute notes..
Beautiful Harmony (harmony na enna nu theiryadhu. ana solla thonudhu.hehehhe)

NIce Modulation in the 2nd interlude.......

is this song pop kind????

Paatai - Headphone la kaetal IRin workai purindhu kolla mudiyum....

Nee endhan chella kutti - ipadi than thiraipadal la iruku.


25th November 2009, 04:54 PM
Indha paattu gnabagam illai but there is another song yaaraaru ennaannu dhaan sollenda kanna - I didn't like it much but the kannada original heloru keloru is very funky.

25th November 2009, 05:48 PM
Haedphone la kelunga plum.

Harmony modulation nu ella vishayamum iruku
indha paatula...

kannada - enna song.. link thara mudiyuma...

25th November 2009, 05:51 PM
U S, vootula speaker out. office-la speaker disabled. ippodhaikku depending only on my weak speaker(ear) and my memory for hearing songs....

25th November 2009, 06:02 PM
oh appadiya..
sari.. ungaluku great memory plum..

ungaloda memory kaekaradha indha paatai. nejama great dhan neenga.
then your ears are not weak speaker... i wont accept it.

one mroe point about IR songs - Namaku knowledge varum podhu
Same song - ethana tune miss panninom nu theiryum...
instruments oda sweetness rombavae theiryum.
idhu en personal experience.... :lol:
analum. thayavu senju Headphone la kelungo. pl

Headphone la dhan IR oda carving works ai kaeka mudiyum.
rasika muidyum...... pl

30th November 2009, 08:17 PM
Today Pick - Chozhar kula

Singers - IR and SPB

Film - Udanpirapu

Beautiful Harikambhoji (or Bhageshri ??)...

Very Excellent Melody from our IR...

Mesmersing composition.......

Beats is so nice.....

Great Rare GEM of His Composition...

about the lyrics -- Chozhar , kulothungan enru
kadhai theirndhu irundhal, kavidhaiyai rasika mudiyum..

ethanai Historical characters patri gavanika vaikum
kavidhai varigal....

Udanpirapu - film



2nd December 2009, 10:44 PM
Yarukum thanks solli post panra
kashtamana velai 3 songs ku illaiyae........

hmmmmmmm... very sad......

2nd December 2009, 10:52 PM
Today pick - kanyakumari

Singers - SPB and KSC??

Film - Vaaliban

Paatai kaetal - Dubbed song enru theirigiradhu..

adhuuvm Telugu film song enru thonugiradhu....

Beautiful Beats.....

nalla ragam....

Beautiful rendition by SPB and KSC

Excellent haunting humming........

catchy violin

Raagangal site il - paatirkana link ai thara mudiyavilai.

open agum link il - Moives - title il - alphabeticalil irukum letter ai click seidhu - Film name ai
click seidhu paatai kaetu kollavum..

Film - Vaaliban

Song - Kanya kumari


3rd December 2009, 10:59 AM
Good song Usha Sankar. The movie is Telugu dubbed starring Venkatesh. Don't know the Telugu movie's name.

3rd December 2009, 11:00 AM
Bobbili Raja

3rd December 2009, 11:02 AM
Hi Usha,

Haven't been to the link but from your description looks like this is the Telugu version of the hit song "Kanyakumari Kanapadadha Daari" from 'Bobbili Raja' starring Venkatesh and Divya Bharathi. This movie was a major hit with the songs playing their part in the popularity. The other widely popular song from this movie was 'balpam patti baama odilo'. I still remember my office manager getting so enamored by these songs that he used to rewind the tape using a ball point pen since batteries were in short supply during a picnic trip. (He was as much in love with Divya Bharathi as he was with the songs :lol: )

3rd December 2009, 02:14 PM
Hi Usha,
I still remember my office manager getting so enamored by these songs that he used to rewind the tape using a ball point pen since batteries were in short supply during a picnic trip. (He was as much in love with Divya Bharathi as he was with the songs :lol: )

:) I can figure out which part of the film made him fall in love :) Eventually, that became the USP of the film :)

3rd December 2009, 05:06 PM

You got it right :lol: Anyway Divya Bharathi was a major hit those with one film with Mohan Babu and another with Balakrishna also running to full houses. she was at her glamorous best in Telugu films. Unfortunately died young, when she was getting a foothold in Hindi films.

3rd December 2009, 05:18 PM

now that we are discussing Divya Bharathi and her glamorous best ;), let us justify our digression (before people call it as digression..), by bringing back the IR element. Divya Bharathi's last film was "Tholi Muddhu", for which IR composed music.

But songs were not that great or worth that everlasting type. Yet, there was one song "Vannelaadi", which had lot of jazz piano and stuff. it has that rock and roll kind of arrangements. lot of hangover from "Rum Bum Bum" work.

3rd December 2009, 05:30 PM
digression-deleted-fearing-Usha-Sankar's-wrath :-)

3rd December 2009, 06:18 PM

Yup. 'tholi muddu' was her last film but the hero looked so awful that we neither saw the movie nor heard the songs!! Will listen to the one you mentioned soon. (Digression to digression: Was 'tholi muddu' remade in Hindi and was it the first movie of Karishma Kapoor? Not that my head will break if don't know the answer. Just curious.)

Usha Akka, consider this post deleted :)

3rd December 2009, 06:43 PM
Usha, indha oru dhadavai mannichudunga - I want to respond to Suresh :-)
The hero..er..second heroine..er..dont know..whatever...was Prashanth, who is well known in Tamil film circles. Avarai nInga ipdi alatchiyamA solli irukka koodadhu enna irundhaalum :-)

No, That karisma movie was Prem Qaidi with Harish, another Prashanth type 'hero', and the remake was of a kannada/telugu movie starring Malasree and Harish himself - prema qaidi possibly

3rd December 2009, 08:27 PM

The hero..er..second heroine..er..dont know..whatever...was Prashanth

'சிட்டுக்குருவியைப் போல் ரெண்டு றெக்கைகள் கட்டிக்குவோம்’ன்னு ஒரு பாட்டு வருமே, அந்தப் படமா இது? (தமிழ் டப்பிங் படப் பெயர் ஞாபகமில்லை)


3rd December 2009, 09:46 PM

Thanks for the correction. Your memory is better than mine. I was indeed thinking of 'Prem Qaidi' and Harish, who was atrocious. Now I vaguely remember 'toli muddu'. Harish and Malasree !!! As they advertised for the 'Blue Brothers', the most explosive combination since Nitro and Glycerine!!

Now I am sure Usha is not going to feel sad that no one has responded!!! :)

4th December 2009, 10:45 AM
Suresh, plum and co,

indha madhiri responses onnum naan edhirparkavillai......

:lol: :evil: :D

4th December 2009, 10:51 AM
Today pick - Eyangum Deivam

Singer - VJ

Film - Sonnadhu Nee Dhana

Nice rare song of VJ and IR combo.

Simple and sweet composition.

Old HIndi songai ninaivu paduthum Orchestration.

Beautiful Raagam. enna ragam???

Eyangum Deivam


4th December 2009, 01:18 PM
sorry for the late response.
current pochu. en reply miss achu.

Thanks for your response PM.

4th December 2009, 04:00 PM

That's the beauty of the web and this forum. You don't always get what you expect. Instead you will get some amazing insights like what we gave about Divya Bharathi :lol:

4th December 2009, 05:22 PM
:lol: well said Suresh.

6th December 2009, 10:48 PM
Dear Suresh and raagas,
Thanks for the response..

and thanks to your insights. :D

6th December 2009, 10:55 PM
Today pick - Ilavataa

Singers - KSC and Mano

film - Poomani

90s Raajavai purinjuka try panren.. Tats all..

wat a beautiful song...

As usual, very nice beats.

catchy rhythms...

Situation - Vilage game madhiri oru feelings.

NIce female chours..
dono the instruments names...

Excellent interludes....

sweet Gutar... very sweeeet...

raagam - bhageshri or harikambhoji?

I love Mano's voice. innocent voice....

KSC - Energetic and konjam mazhalai......



8th December 2009, 05:07 PM

Atlast a response from me without any reference to Divya Bharathi :D

I have heard 'tholmele' from this movie but not this song. Very energetic song and as usual Raja maintains the energy throughout. I thought Chitra did a lovely job here. Also Mano. The chorus also adds well to the overall energy.

9th December 2009, 09:56 PM
Thanks for the response.

(ramba nu varudhae paatulae.. solla poreengalo nu .. konjam bayandhuten. hehhehe)

9th December 2009, 10:14 PM
Today pick - Muchathu madapura

singers - KSC and Mano

Film - Periya Kudumbam

Beautiful pick in this album.

Beautiful Chorus.

Soothing rhythm pattern..

IR's Rhythm expresses the mood of the signers.....

This rhythm also finely expresses the mood .......

Beautiful......... Kudos to IR...

Oonjal aduvadhu pola oru swing.............

Different composition from our Raaja....

Muthathu maadapura


9th December 2009, 10:50 PM

Nice pick, this song. Have not heard this song earlier. Sounds very nice. A very soothing tune.

11th December 2009, 01:30 AM
Mutrathu Mada Pura is a beautiful song Usha. Hearing it after a long time. Thathi Thathi Thaavidum is another lovely number from the same movie.

11th December 2009, 12:45 PM

Awesome pick. the song has such a peaceful ambience despite that rhythm. Nice chords. The mild string section that plays along with the singer (but in little different tune), during charanams is damn impressive. I never knew about this song. Beautiful

11th December 2009, 03:00 PM
Thanks for the nice response. :lol:

11th December 2009, 03:01 PM
Thanks for the response..

Thathi thathi thaavidum - indha paatu matum
dhan enaku pidichu irundhadhu...

mUchachu mada pura - running race la win pannindu iruku.

11th December 2009, 03:02 PM

Awesome pick. the song has such a peaceful ambience despite that rhythm. Nice chords. The mild string section that plays along with the singer (but in little different tune), during charanams is damn impressive. I never knew about this song. Beautiful

Thanks for ur nice comments.

chords - kaekaradhuku ipo dhan kathundu iruken..
Thanks raagas.

11th December 2009, 03:07 PM
Today pick - Pani vizhum malaiyil

Singers - SPB and ASha Bhonsle

Film - Meera

Very nice Rendition from SPB and Asha .

ASha (paati - told by app.. not paati she is .. in this song she is cute..)

Paatu mudiyum podhu, rendition of SPB and Asha - very cute..

ha hahaha haga - lalalallayae by ASHA - very charm.....

about the Orchestration

90s Raaja with 80s touch.

Beautiful Flute...

Amazing Violin works....

Great and Naughty Guitar........

Lovely Beats........

Lot of sounds - dono the names ....

but i like this very much from today.........

Pani vizhum - SPB and Asha


11th December 2009, 03:15 PM
Great song Usha. Cant play it in my mind, though - need to listen again.

12th December 2009, 10:59 PM
Great song Usha. Cant play it in my mind, though - need to listen again.

enna ipadi solliteenga.. Paatai kaeteengala.......

12th December 2009, 11:41 PM
Today Pick - Ezhu vannam

Singers - karthick and Sadhana Sargam

Film - Konji Pesalam

Orchestration - Different tune from our Raaja..

IR's Flute - Confirms Raaja's Touch..

Madhyamavathi solradhu - IR oda Composing nu....

Kathick's Rendition - Porupa , samatha paadi irukar..

Haunting voice he has.......

Sadhana - Dhairiyama paadarar.. She knew IR....
so she sung freely......

Beats - Very knew to me......

Ezhu vannam konda


13th December 2009, 03:53 AM
:thumbsup: nice song nga usha :-) thank u!

ketka ketka it grows on u ;-)

13th December 2009, 11:03 AM

I guess what Plum means is his headphones are still under repair and the only way he listens to songs is by playing them in his mind!!

14th December 2009, 01:19 PM
Usha..good comments about the konji pEsalaam song.. Did you listen to the unnai thEdi thEdi from the same movie ? I liked this. But dont know why it reminds me of the oldier - kaathal siragai kaaRRinil virithu.

14th December 2009, 04:13 PM
kaeka kaeka pidikudha.. Tats IR.
Thanks for the support.....

14th December 2009, 04:15 PM
Plum ku innum headphone sari agaaliaya..
Mind la kaekaradhae podhum nu nenachutar pola iruku....

14th December 2009, 04:17 PM
Most Welcome to this thread...

Unnai thedi thedi - Last year dhan kaeten.,
SOTD ku solliten..

anal , appodhu - indha IR ai ipadi kaeka theiryalai....

Revisit seiyanam - Neraiya IR songs ai...

Kadhal siragai - ipadi nenachu kaetadhu ilai.

solliteengalae . Kaetutu solren kiru...

14th December 2009, 04:36 PM
Today Pick - Chadu gudu

Singers - Mano and SJ

Film - Pagalil Pournami

Padam per inspire seiyavilali. So, ithanai natkalaga
indha pada padal edhuvum kaetkavilai.

Indru kaeta thoniyadhu.

Very nice flow. Beautiful Musical Journey from our IR.

Music Journey - Padal Chadu gudu padal pola

OOty il, , Manidha kootamae illadha idathil, Gals and Guys,
, nature ai rasithu kondu, scahtting seindhu kondu padinal oru
journey irukumae -- adhu pola oru feelings enaku.....

Soothing Beats.

Out from SJ and Mano - highlight of the song...

Guitar - speaks a lot with the singers...

Beats - Guide them to their journey

1st interlude

Sax calls somebody to proceed further with the support of the Guitar..

dono the other instruments names . All are wind instruments... think so....

2nd interlude

Now the song goes towards to the rack and roll direction..
But in the same mood.......

This is Raaja...

Beautiful Song... Kaeka Kaeka Nanraga irukiradhu.....

Chadu gudu - Mano and SJ


14th December 2009, 05:32 PM
You are very correct..
Unnai thedi thedi - Starting portion
kadhal siragai nyabagam paduthudhu....

14th December 2009, 09:27 PM
Plum ku innum headphone sari agaaliaya..
Mind la kaekaradhae podhum nu nenachutar pola iruku....
Actually ippo indiala illa - briefly caught up in a us trip and heavy workload so no headphone is the situation rather than faulty headphone.

However, it is true that even if IR doesn't give 1 more song, I have enough of his music in my mind to fill my life.

19th December 2009, 05:42 PM
India vandhuteengala....
Unga MIndphone la indha paatai kaetu irupeenga nu nenaikaren.....

19th December 2009, 05:55 PM
Today Pick - Thaai undu

Singer - IR

Film - Kovil Kaalai

Indraiya paatai patri -

IR in Bhakthi Album thil - oru padalai kaetpadhu pola
oru feelings........

IR in Rendition - Haunting..... am inspired a lot
with the Rendtion.......

about the Orchestration - IR padum podhu, Orchestration
periya vishayamga irupadhillai....

Lyrics - expresses the character of the film.......

anyway, nice lyrics... Ellarukum indha lyrics - epodhavadhu porundha koodiya ondru dhan.....

Aiya oru thunbam vandhu
theivathidam poi uraithal
kai thandhu kaakum allava
Dheiyavama thunbam thandhal
engae senru poi uraipom
nallorku kalam illaiyaa

Elamum inga undu
unmai ilai
naanae solgindrae
vaakil endrum
poiyae ilai

Excellent lyrics.........
Bhakthi bavathudan kadavulidam padum oru padal bhavam
from our IR - oru cinema padalaga..
Tats our IR.....

Thaai undu - IR


25th December 2009, 09:23 PM
Today PIck - Anbae Dheivam

Singer - Radhika

Film - En selvamae

Excellent song from an unnoticed Film.

Here is our Raaja. Per theriyadha , hit agadhu endru therindha padathuku extroardinary compositions ai kodupar.

Andha list il indha padathin padalgalai sollalam.

Christian Song pola oru oru hindu song.

Ninaithu parka mudiyadha Imagination .,

Raaja gives a Great Presentation....

About the orchestration

Raajavin Guitar Notes.

(ivvalavu dhan ennal solla mudiyum. katru, therindhavargal share seidhal sandhosha paduven.)

Friendly Flute...

Innocent Rendition by the singer..
Singer - Radhika - Ivanga dhan "Llam pani" song padinangala...

Am very much moved by our Raaja's composition......

My Hearty Thanks to Kamal . He introdunced this song to me.

Anbae Dheivam


Happy Christmas to all of you...

27th December 2009, 08:21 PM
Today pick - Netone

Singers - KSC and SPB

Film - Stuvartpuram Police Station

Wat a Great RETUNE...
Idhu dhan first timae kaetkiren. Unmaiyl oru inimaiyana
sweet surprise....

IRku oru periya Namaskarams - Ipadi inimaiyaga koduthadharku.

Konjamum expect seiyavilai.

Vaadi en kapa kezhangae paatu - ipadi oru azhagana padalaga marum endru.

Scale change agum style - Sirudhum Jerk illadha Music Journey.

KSC and SPB 's Rendition - Very Sweeeeeeeeeet.

Naughty Flute.

Love mood il irukum Beats. (Yes. IR's Beats gives expressions.)

Beautiful Love song from our Raaja.



29th December 2009, 09:17 PM
Today pick - Manyum peyum

Singer - Great KSC

Film - Paapayude Swantham Apoos

About the Orchestration -

IR starts to give synth sounds long time before.
But i could recognise nowadays only....
That is IR. hmmm
Better late than Never.

I love this song too much. Dont know the reason.

Manyum peyum raavil - He creates Night mood from HIS OWN Sounds.
I love Raaja becoz of His Creativity.

From reality to Dream scene, IR gives a Beautiful Jump .
Yes. Its a jump. But Without littble bit Jerk.

KSC's singing - She is a Queen.

Picturisation - Thanks God. It gives some credits to the Orchestration.(Orchestration ai spoil seiyadha picturisation. idhu periya vishayam IR music ku.)

Manyum peyyum Raavil


1st January 2010, 02:13 PM
Lovely pick Usha. I like this song a lot. Not surprising given that I like almost _every_ song that Raja gave for Malayalam films :)

1st January 2010, 08:35 PM
Thank you Suresh.
(New Year ku response panniteenga... Thanks)

Happy New Year ...

1st January 2010, 08:48 PM
Today Pick - Alliyilam poovo

Singer - Krishnachandar

Film - Mangalam Nerunnu

already, indha paatai solli irundhal mannikavum.

This song is dedicated to daughter of Plum, app, Suresh and jaiganes.

I love Girl kids tooooooo much...

app, plum and jai ellam - avanga Girl kid ai patri pesiyadhai

Manadhil indha padal than ninaivu vnadhadhu.

Indha list il ,

Want to add one more friend - rajkumarc,

who also has a Girl Baby..(Ellarum koduthu vechavanga.)

Dono know their names.

Anyway want to dedicate this song to them.

IR music il oru azhagana Thalatu paatu....

Kid ai thoonga vaikum oru composition.....

Excellent bhavam from Krishnachandar.
I love his voice.

Baby Shalini - Cute to the core. wat a smart kid she is....

She has beautiful smile.....

Nedumudi Venu - Friendlyana appa.

NIce to watch the youtube.

Madhyamavathi ragama...

Alliyilam poovo


1st January 2010, 09:38 PM

I remember getting to this song following some links while seeing Raja's Malayalam songs on youtube. It was around 3am when I saw this and it hit me hard. I was wondering how I ever missed this song!! Outstanding tune and a wonderful job done by Krishnachander.

1st January 2010, 11:18 PM
Usha, romba thanks for the gesture and the actual song. Infact, innikku romance series aachu and I was mulling another series of posts on parent-child feelings - I mean not in the "amma endrazhaiiakda" senti sense but the melliya negizhvu feeling.
I have a few songs in mind but this was not one of them - a timely pick. Lovely, lovely song. In many songs of raja, speed is of essence - as in, a lot of matter packed into the tune and orch and the "movement"s are very fast like a river in spate. Think of even melodies like kuzhaloodhum and you'll find that speed factor. This is one of the Raja songs where the tune flows unhurriedly like a gentle stream. I love the way the first word of the pallavi spans a few seconds and phrases.Great song.

2nd January 2010, 05:51 AM
This song completely escaped me when it released...it's from Maya Bazaar (1995). It's just amazing that Raja has experimented in this fashion. I can't recall another song that he has done in this way.This is the kind of stuff that Raja has accomplished...which many might not know.

I searched all over for the song and came up with this link...it has a good quality version to play..check it out


Let me know what you think.

2nd January 2010, 06:42 PM
Today Pick - Alliyilam poovo

Singer - Krishnachandar

Film - Mangalam Nerunnu

already, indha paatai solli irundhal mannikavum.

This song is dedicated to daughter of Plum, app, Suresh and jaiganes.

I love Girl kids tooooooo much...

app, plum and jai ellam - avanga Girl kid ai patri pesiyadhai

Manadhil indha padal than ninaivu vnadhadhu.

Dono know their names.

Anyway want to dedicate this song to them.

IR music il oru azhagana Thalatu paatu....

Kid ai thoonga vaikum oru composition.....

Excellent bhavam from Krishnachandar.
I love his voice.

Baby Shalini - Cute to the core. wat a smart kid she is....

She has beautiful smile.....

Nedumudi Venu - Friendlyana appa.

NIce to watch the youtube.

Madhyamavathi ragama...

Alliyilam poovo


thanks Ushaji!!

It is a special song - with the same raga base as 'thaazham poove' from kai kodukkum kai (Rajini and Revathi). Andha raagathulaye oru melliya sogam kalandha azhagu irukku. Adhai konjamum disturb pannaamal tharuvadhu dhaan raajavin thani kalai.
andha santoor varudhe,, adhu varum bodhu evvalo sandhosham, ethanai freshness in mind?
another thing that makes this song very accessible to thamizh guys is the use of chaste thamizh words like then mozhiyo and thengiLaneero - indha vaarthayellaam thamizhlaye ippo tholanju pochu.

and offcourse very poignant references to a young girl, the maha shakthi in her most human form. it is a wonderful song and I will certainly play it for my kutti ponnu. Thanks once again.

BTW this guy krishnachandar is a blessed person - his voice is so very soothing and his rendition is PERFECT... God bless him...

ps: Is this madhyamavathi? somehow i end up in aakasamlo and enge nee sendraalum(kannukkulle) when i start singing it...

2nd January 2010, 10:02 PM
Thank you Usha chEchi, for the nice song:-)

3rd January 2010, 05:21 AM
A lovely song Usha. Have never heard this before and it takes my breath away. I love the unhurried pace and flow of the song as Plum mentioned earlier.

Can relate to it more because I have a daughter.
I will add it to my kiddo's thalattu playlist. Thanks for the song.

Happy new year everyone.

3rd January 2010, 01:18 PM

It is indeed Madhyamavathi.

3rd January 2010, 10:18 PM

It is indeed Madhyamavathi.

rombave vidhyaasam raja's madhyamavathis...

4th January 2010, 08:58 PM
I showed the song to my daughter who asked me to repeat atleast 7 times. first time it was for baby shalini whom she calls by 'her' name.
Then it was nedumudi venu's antics which she recognizes clearly as the ones I do when I play with her.
And then the music - by the end of 6th time she starts humming and then I know how simple the song is to really hum - this nature is very common among all classic lullabies, Right from Brahm's lullaby to namma oor thaalaatus. There is no unnecessary 'flurry' of notes in the composition...

4th January 2010, 09:48 PM
Dear friends,
hmm. Ponnu na ipadi paasama......
Nice to read your responses.

4th January 2010, 09:50 PM
Negizhchi - Azhagana tamizh varthai.

Purindhu konden.

4th January 2010, 09:50 PM
Neenga kodutha link work agalaiyae....

4th January 2010, 09:52 PM
Thanks for the niiiiiccceeee reviews of the song.

unga ponnuku pididcha... Really Great....

Unga ponnuku nalla music rasanai iruku.....

ipaidyae , yemathi yemathi - IR songs kaeka vechudungo....

4th January 2010, 09:53 PM
thanks for the response.

4th January 2010, 09:54 PM
Ungalaiyum - ponna pethavanga list la serthiten..
Nice to hear. ungalukum ponnu iruka. Enjoy....

4th January 2010, 09:56 PM
indha paatai neenga miss panniteengala.
Namba mudiyalai............

Madhyamavathi listings - THANK YOU Suresh.

IR - Madhyamavathi - am MAD.

4th January 2010, 09:56 PM
Neenga kodutha link work agalaiyae....
copy paste the entire text (including the '( and 2997 ) and then paste it in a new browser tab and launch it - it works and it is indeed a breathtaking experiment that Raaja has done.

4th January 2010, 09:58 PM

Thank you Jaiganes. try panren.enna achu nu solren.

4th January 2010, 10:06 PM
Today pick - Ennadi amma

Singer - My Favourite singer Mano

Film - Kaivessama kai veesu

Suresh solra madhiri - Indha paatai ipodhu FIRST TIME aga
kaetkiren. :lol:

Thayavu seidhu Headphone il kaetkavum.

Sweet and Innocent voice of Mano - I like the innocence.

Simple and Sweet Orchestration..........

Enadi amma vai thodarum - Hey Yey - male chorus

Wat a soft chours.. Sweet to the ears.....

Chorus - softaga iruka mudiyum. kaadhuku inimaiyaga iruka mudiyuma...

IR padalil matumae kidaikum Inbam idhu.......

Guitar - Naughty Guitar....

Beats - Expresses the soft moods. Yes. it expresses.

(Nam kaadhuku valika kudadhu enbadhu pola oru sound idhu)

Kiru sonna - Harmony layers - idhil Swim seigiradhu
indha paatu..

Ellavatariyum vida.,

for my sweet surprise, Our Thiraipadal work aradhu.....

IR song sollum podhellam, naan
Thiraipadal.com nu - Nandri kadan padugiren...

Ennadi amma - Mano


4th January 2010, 10:08 PM

I guess I did not express myself correctly. I saw this song in youtube about a year or so back. I had missed it till then!!

This song, by the way, was also sung quite well by the guy who won the Malayalam Idea Star Singer contest last year. (I think Vivekanand was his name.) All the judges were in full praise of the tune and of Krishnachandar's singing.

There are atleast a dozen Raja songs in Malayalam for which I will give up any other film song. This belongs to that category.

4th January 2010, 10:13 PM
Alliyilam - romba varusham munnadi
TV la parthu iruken.

Net il, IR songs kedaika aramba naal mudhal
thedi kondu irundhen,

Neenga sonadhai pola, Oru time youtube parthen.
piragu andha youtube kidaikavilali dhan.

Ipo kedachadhu. Adhan solliten.

Idea star singer la indha paatai miss panni iruken.
Youtube thedi parkiren.

Padinavar peyar enna Suresh?

Dozen songs in this category - Sollungo pl.
want to know from your view....

4th January 2010, 10:17 PM

Here is the link of Vivekanandan singing this song (Alliyilam Poovo):


4th January 2010, 10:23 PM
thanks for the youtube. parkiren ipo.

Indha paatuku naan rombavae Mad............

4th January 2010, 10:33 PM

Nice observation about lullabies. In fact not only the tune but the orchestration is also done keeping this fact in mind. The orchestration is very touching but very simple as well (Simple when executed but not simple to conceive.) In the youtube link I had given, you can hear G Venugopal, the singer and judge, talk about Raja's 'controlled orchestration' for this song. (Sarath, another talks about 'edho moham' and its outstanding orchestration.) Infact in another program, the ETV Paadutha Theeyaga, when K Vishwanath came as the judge he also drew attention to the orchestration done by Raja for another of his gems, 'vatapatra saayiki' from Swathi Muthyam. He was saying that Raja had kept constant beat going throughout the song which gave a very good mood to the song. Infact in 'alliyilam poovo' also the mridangam beat follows the song constantly.

4th January 2010, 11:54 PM
alliyilam - Vivek - Usha Uthup comments venumae - you tube venumae....
enaku kedaikalaiyae..

5th January 2010, 09:22 AM
Usha, kettu patheengala? nalla irunthatha?

5th January 2010, 09:23 AM

I don't think anyone has loaded the Usha Uthup's comments in youtube.

5th January 2010, 10:06 AM
Usha, is this what you are looking for?