View Full Version : Uzhavan By ARRahman (1993)

28th December 2004, 07:47 PM
Hey all ARR fans..just taut of discussing on this amazing album,yes,its been 11 years the album releases,eventhough Pennala was a new version of Pesum Mani Mutthukal...but its just amazing...Kaathu Kaathu is another amazing track..also Raakozhi...also Ennatha Ponnatha...i mean..u see..the way i say it its like im just in love with the album...lets discuss on the songs back!! btw,anyone has the Mp3 in 320 kbps???plzz share it with me guys!!

28th December 2004, 07:49 PM
1.Pennala Pennala Ootha Poo
2.Kaathu Kaathu
3.Kangalil enna Eramo
4.Ennatha Ponnatha
5.Raa Kozhi
6.Mari Mazhai

Kangalil Enna Eramo another amazing song man!!!anyone has the 320kbps mp3????i need all 6 :D:D:D