View Full Version : Ilaiyaraaja should perfom in next yrs PROMS 2008- RAL London

5th August 2007, 07:21 PM
Ilaiyaraaja should perform in PROMS next year - Royal Albert Hall London.
Why don't his NRI friends or Indian friends promote him to perform in BBC yearly PROMS.
And it is known to be best venue to show the world for any kind of music but not just clasical music.
All the best

I happened attend one of the evening Symphony orchestra, which was good. But Raaja can justify and entertain the crowd better.

Next day there was an program based on film music, which I did not attened, but it was produced by the same flop show man Andrew loyrds of ARR fame symphony music nothing but remix of ARR film music.

Ilaiyaraaja must show case his creativity once in this stage to show the world that there is an Indian who can out perform the wertern world composers and whose symphony for Royal Philhorminc Orchestra, London is still NOT released.

15th August 2007, 04:55 PM
hey anything wrong with the topic? It seems people are not bothered about IR getting popular. When ARR performed some junk WCM performance with remix songs and got stink and bad image, still he was in news.