View Full Version : Anandha Jodhi - Old Tamil Movie 1963 MGR

3rd June 2007, 07:57 AM
[tscii:da9bf1f67f]This is the only movie Kamal Hassan acted with MGR. They supposed to act together later in Nalai Namathey, but MGR refused.
In this movie MGR is drill master Anandhan, a sports teacher in a primary school run by Jodhi(Devika)’s father, SV Ramadass. Balu (Kamal Hassan) is Devika’s younger brother who studies in the school.
PS Veerappa comes in to the movie and a lot of things changes. Nice story line. Great performance by all the artistes. Wonderful songs. A must watch classic movie, expecially for Old Tamil Movie & MGR fans.
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