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11th April 2007, 06:14 PM
Sometimes we wouldn't like some songs but after many hearings and after getting matured with lot of information, we might have become an liker. Everyone might have been the same experience. Here my experience

11th April 2007, 06:23 PM
10 years later, once my friend told, this song is very nice and "Intha mathiri songs ellam ketkama irukkurathu thurathirsdam". Suddently I wanted to hear this song and i recorded this song in a cassete at a musical recording store (ippo ellam ivanga pozhappu eppadi irukkuthu :roll:).

And listened 2 or 3 times. Still i did not get anything from this song and did not like. I thought "Intha pattaiyaa ippadi build-up pannunan".

But it slowly addicted me and the starting music is so amazing. A very very nice song. Eventhough the same film has another beautiful song "Engengu nee senra pothum" (instant likable song by anyone), i would rate this song above

11th April 2007, 06:29 PM

the mentioned song above is [b] Kannukkum Kannukkum mOthal" sung by K J Jesudoss

1st August 2007, 08:50 PM
Maayakannadi songs!

After Watching the movie i took a sudden liking to the songs. did anybody notice that the song 'ulagile' comes at a situation when Cheran is attempting to act in movies and navya passing by in a auto, dreams of a hoarding and reads aloud 'Bharathkumar(cheran's name in film) ishawariya rai nadikkum bharathiraja iyakkathil ARrahman isaiyil 'Ulaga Azhagi' ' and says ayooo...! and then this song 'Ulagile Azhagi neethan' pops up :) After seeing this i think there is slight twist in the song's tune pattern and orchestration resembling ARR's style. maybe its only my illusion but i still feel it :oops:
Every single song gels well with the scenes of the movie, Especially 'konjam konjam' is a very addictive song listening to it and running in our mind the visuals accompanying it in the movie 'Raja has composed the BEST as usual :)

2nd August 2007, 10:44 AM
RS, It may not be so, as the song is picturised much after the song is done. Did you notice there was a full length song in the movie which was not in the audio?

The film had very minimal BGM only. I have uploaded some of them (including that song) here.

2nd August 2007, 11:40 AM

Yes i noticed that song and it was similar to 'Yaarathu yaarathu' from Pithamagan. This song should have been composed during BGM recording i believe.
About the song 'Ulagile Azhagi' though it was composed long before the shooting there is still a possibility that cheran explained him the scene as it is and got the song. moreover Raaja would've definitely noticed this during BGM composing session. Mentioning a counterpart's name in a movie where he works and he accepting it, is itself a big thing given his unpredictable nature :wink:

24th August 2007, 03:50 PM
crvenky Good collection. Keep it up.