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3rd November 2006, 02:05 PM
Songs written with personalities in mind

- Manisekaran

We all have heard the evergreen song:

Antha Sivagami maganidam Seithi cholladi-ennai
sErum Naal Paarka cholladi!
vERu Yeverodum naan pEsa vaarthai YEthadi? Velan illaamal thogai Yethadi?

Doesn't it sound like a message to someone? Yes, indeed Kannadhasan was addressing a real life personality in this song.

Also, in "Oho endhan baby, nee vaaraai endhan baby", why Kannadhasan used 'baby'? why not like "Oho endhan kanne, nee vaaraai endhan penne'..? It was because he had a specific personality in mind while writing the song. There are many such interesting songs in TFM and we will take a look at some of them:

1) Kannadasan,like MGR was never a fully committed member in the DMK Movement. He had areas of accord, and areas of discord in the movement. At a time when he was not too happy with the DMK movement, he wrote many songs against the DMK policies. One of the songs was, as he later admitted, written with Karmaveerar Kamarajar in his mind. The song came out in Padikkatha Methai. The song is:

"Padithathinaal Arivu Petror Aayiram Undu-
Paadam Padikkatha Methaikalum Paarinil UNdu."

Padikkatha Methai was the affectionate name of Kamaraj at that time. It was later that KarmaVeerar came to be used.
In this song there is an anology that has been metaphorically composed, to justify Kamarajar's illiteracy, of course, suiting Sivaji Ganesan too in the film.

"vaazhai Maram Padithathillai-Kani Kodukka Maranthathaa?
Vaan Mugilum katrathillai-Mazhai kodukka maranthathaa?
Solai Ellam katrathillai-Kani Kodukka Maranthathaa-Enrum Suthanthiramaai Padivarum
Kuyilum Padam Padithathaa?

2) When Kannadasan left DMK he was with Sambath in the Tamil Desiya Katchi. Later he aligned himself with Kamaraj. It was at this time that Bantulu produced Karnan. In the film he wrote the song "Ullathil Nalla Ullam Urangathenbathu Vallavan Vaguthathada"

3) But poilitics could never agree with people who simply cannot conquer fear, emotion and anger. Kannadasan is a very emotional person, typical of most poets. So he used to be upset over trivial matters and make hasty decisions. There was a time when Kannadasan was not too happy with Kamaraj too. Later on he wanted to patch up with Kamaraj. So came the film Pattanathil Bootham with music by Govarthanam, the brother of Sudarsanam. There Kannadasan wrote the song

"Antha Sivagami maganidam Seithi cholladi-ennai
sErum Naal Paarka cholladi!
vERu Yeverodum naan pEsa vaarthai YEthadi? Velan illaamal thogai Yethadi?"

4) In a talk "ILakkiyathil Kathal" Kannadasan makes mention as to who was the motivating factor behind all his cine songs. It seems when he was 12 years old he fell in love with a 13 year old girl. He never openly confessed his love for her. Soon she got married, and he left his village to forgot her. But off an on he used to have thoughts of her. His friends used to ask him for the motivation he had for penning good lyrics. In Paalum Pazhamum he gave the long awaited answer this way:

"Ennai Yaarendru Enni Enni Nee paarkiraai? Ithu Yaar Paadum Paadal Enru nee Ketkinraai-Naan Aval Perai thinam Paadum Kuyil Allava-En Paadal Aval Thantha Mozhi Allava?"

So this song was written for the tuberclosis infected Sarojadevi for the film, keeping in mind his childhood girlfriend.

5) In Buddha Pictures "Pava Mannippu" also there is the award winning song that Kannadasan wrote for P.B. Sreenivos. It was again written with thoughts of Kannadasan's childhood girlfriend. The song is

"Kaalangalil aval Vasanthan
Kalaigaliley Aval Oviyam
Mathangalil Aval Maargazhi,
Malargaliley Aval Malligai...

6) Many DMK supporters and workers collected money for the elections. Kannadasan too collected. In Marina Beach Anna honoured all of them. Karunanithi received ring. Kannadasan expected some form of recognition. But he was side-stepped. Later he was given an explanation that deeply dissappointed Kannadasan. At the same time some accusations were levelled at him. In the deep dissappointment he wrote a song for Sivaji Ganesan in Padithaal Mattum pothuma as follows, keeping Annadurai in mind.

"Annan Kaattiya vazhiyamma-ithu
anbaal vilaintha pazhiyamma-kannai
imaiye keduthathamma en kaiye ennai adithathamma

Adaikkalam Enrey Naanirunthen
Anaithavaney Ennai Adithuvittaan
Kodutharulvaai Enrey Vendi Ninren
Kumbitta Kaikalai Murithuvittaan.

Avanai ninaithe naanirunthen
avan thannai ninaithey vaazhnthirunthaan
innum avanai marakkavillai
avan ithanai seithum naan verukkavillai."

7) After leaving DMK Kannadasan and Sollin Chelvar EVK Sambath, together with a few others started the Tamil Desiya Katchi. Then came elections. EVK Sambath stood for elections and lost. As soon as Kannadasan heard this, he was so sad. He was sure that the electorate would make a very wise choice by electing Sambath. But the results showed otherwise. At that time he was busy writing song for BR Bantulu's "Baley Paandiya" There was a jail scene and Kannadasan immediately wrote a song against the electorate, keeping Sambath in mind. The song is
"Yaarai Engey Vaippathu Enru Yaarukkum Theriyallai-ada
Andang Kaakkaikkum Kuyilkalukkum Betham theriyalai-
Pereduthu unmayai cholli pizhaikka mudiyalai-ippo
beedigalukkum Oothuvathikkum Petham theriyalai....

Naanirukkum idathinilye Avan Irukkinraan
Avan Irukkum idathiniley Naan irukkinren
Nalai Engu Yaar Iruppar Athuthuvum theriyalai-ada
nallavanukkum kettavanukkum petham theriyalai-ada enathai cholvenda thambiyo ennathai cholvenda?

Thambi oruvan veliyin ninru kaasu ennugiraan
Nambi oruvan sirayil inru kambi ennugiraan....

Moodarukkum Manithar pole Mugam irukkuthadaa
Mosam naasam Veshamellam Nirainthirukkuthadaa
Kalam maarum Vesham kalaiyum Unmai Vellumadaa

8) Of course Kannadasan did not agree with Anna on a number of subjects, but always respected him in a personal capacity. Later whenKadavulai Kanden was produced, Kannadasan was called to write a song in which a sister sings in praise of her elder brother(dream scene) So Kannadasan grabbed the opportunity to ask for the wellbeing of Anna. He wrote for Sowkar Janaki, keeping in mind Annadurai. The song is:

"Anna Anna Sugamthaanaa-un Aasa Nenjam Nalamthaanaa?"

9) In 1967 DMK came to power and Anna was sworn in as the CM of Tamilnadu. HE went to Yale University, Kansas, New York etc and returned home. As he returned Anna fell ill. Many wnet to visit himn in th hospital, but Kannadasan could not visit him owing to some unavoidable situation. Around this time Thillaana Mohanambaal was in the making. Kannadasan wrote a song for Padmini, keeping Anna in mind. The song is:

Nalamthaanaa? Nalam thanaa? Udalum ullamum nalam thaana?

kan pattathaal un meniyiley pun pattatho athai naan ariven
pun patta seithiyai kettavudan-intha pen patta paattai yaar arivaar?

Ilaimarai kaai pol porul kondu evarum ariyaamal sol inru...
nadanthathellaam maranthiduvom..
nadappathaiye ninaithiruppom.....

Anna went to see this movie and understood them message from the song. Anna alos appreciated Sivaji Ganesan's acting. Anna too had tremendous love for Kannadasan. Anna was very sad when Kannadasan left DMK. But the feeling was mutual. Anna could not do much to stop Kannadasan from leaving the party, as there were several other whales whom Anna could not pacify.

10) There is a song in Pava Mannippu. Sivaji Ganesan who was orphanaged at young age grows up to later identify his original parents. Unfortunately his father becomes his arch enemy while the mother is a most loving person. Sivaji encounters situations where he finds it impossible to express his deep feelings. While Kannadasan was in the studio to write a song for this situation, there came the tragic news that his house was about to be auctioned. He was, like the characterization of Sivaji Ganesan in the film lost in words. So he wrote a song for Sivgaji Ganesan, keeping in mind the auctioner. The famous song is:

Silar Sirippaar-Silar Azhuvaar-naan
Sirithukkondey Azhugindren
Silar azhuvaar-silar sirippaar-naan
azhuthukkondey sirikkindren...

11)M.M. Sinnappa Devar produced Thaikku Pin Thaaram which portrayed some form of feudal system in the villages. This film became an instant hit. One of the scenes was MGR sbduing a bull. This poster was used by the DMK for elections and the party won in the constituency. The bull was the Congress Party symbol at that time. The DMK influence was already infiltrating into the cine industry by this time. Maruthakazi wrote a song as follows:

Manusanai Manusan Saappidaraandaa Thambi Payaley-ithu
Maaruvatheppo vaazhuvatheppo Namma Kavalai

This was already recorded and picturised on MGR riding the bullock cart. Devar came back and
requested Maruthakazi to rewrite the same song in Anna's style. During those days Anna used to give public speeches in which he used words like "Arumai thambi, arumai thozhan" etc. So Devar wanted Maaruthakazi to write in Anna's style. Therefore the song was rewritten and recorded in disc. The new pallavi goes like this, keeping Anna in mind:

Manusanai manusan saappidaraandaa Arumai thambi-ithu
maaruvatheppo vaazhuvatheppo ezhai thambi.

The pallavi in the film is different from that in the record.

12) MM Sinnappa Devar produced the famous Thaaikku Pin Thaaram. Immediately after that he produced Neelamalai Thirudan in which Ranjan acted. The Tamil Cine world knew that there was a clod war going on between MGR and Ranjan in rising up as the Superman in Tamil movies. MGR did not want Sinnappa Devar to promote Ranjan. So MGR gave lots of trouble to Devar.(Later Devar and MGR became close friends) Devar was not too happy. He got hold of MAruthakazi and asked him to write a song attacking MGR. A song was written for Ranjan, keeping MGR in mind. The song is

Sathiyamey Latchiyamaai kolladaa
Thalai nimirnthu unai unarnthu sellada..

Ethanaiyo medu pallam vazhiyiley-unnai
idara vaithu thalla paakum kuzhiyiley-nee
athanayum thaandi kaalai mun vaiyadaa-nee
anjaamal kadamayiley kan vaiyadaa..

Kulla nari koottam vanthu kurukkidum
nallavarkku thollai thanthu madakkidum-nee
ellalavum bayam kondu kalangatheydaa-avatrai
emanulagu anuppi vaikka thayangatheydaa...

13) After Kannadasan left DMK he started to attack the hiprocricy of the leaders. One of his targets was MGR himself. Kannadaasan felt that many cine stars became philanthrophists to escape income tax. So he came out with the movie "Karuppu Panam" There was a dance scene for which Kannadasan wrote a song. In composing the song he kept MGR in his mind. The attack was very subtle. The song is:

Kayiley Panam Irunthaal Kazhudai kooda arasanadi
Kai thatta aal irunthaal kaakkai kooda azhaganadi

Porada selbavaney veerathi veeranadi
pogamal iruppavaney sagaatha thalaivanadi
maar thatti pesivittaal Mannathi Mannanadi
mannippu kettuvittaal Makkalukku thondanadi

14)Many of us would have seen the movie "Naan Vanangum Deivam" which is an average movie, with music by KVM. There is an excellent song written for the film. The song was originally written keeping the main hero Sivaji Ganesan in mind. But as the producers later found that the voice of the playback singer would not suit Sivaji the nleast, they at the last moment switched to picturising on TR Ramachandran. The singer is L.Ragavan, with Jikki. The song is:

Mullai Poo Manakkuthu Muthai Poley SIrikkuthu
Alli ALli vaasa Thenai Ilanthendral Thelikkuthu.

15) We may remember that on 9 February 1950 Kannadasan married Ponnammai Aachi. In the following year Baga Pirivinai was released. In that film Kannadasan wrote a song for Sivaji and Saroja Devi who acted as Ponnammaa. While he wrote for them Kannadasan had his first wife Ponnamma in his mind. The song goes:

Thaazhayaam Poo mudichu thadam ppaarthu nadai nadanthu

Vaazhai ilai pola vantha ponamma En
Vaasalukku vangi vanthathu ennamma

Thayarin seethanamum thambimaar perum poruluma
mamiyaar veedu vanthaal pothumaa-athu
manathi maanangalai kaakkumaa? maanathi maanangalai kaakkuma?
16) Padmini is the longest acting star among the Truvangoor sisters. From a dancer she became a heroine and acted in many movies. When Padmini got married she went off to the USA for a long time. She even announced that she wanted to settle in the states. While she was away, Saroja Devi was shining in Tamil cinema. She produced silver jubilee runs with MGR, Gemini and Sivaji. She was the dream queen for that short period of time. Suddenly Padmini reappeared after three years and wanted to act. She was put to act, this time with an average actor at that time, who had few cinema chances. It was SSR. The film was Kaattu Roja. The cinme circle started to hiss around that Padmini had aged and she had to take leave for good. But Padmini took it as a chellenge and wanted to prove her youthfulness. Kannadasan wrote a song for Padmini, shooting questions at Saroja Devi who was at the height of her glory. The song is:

Yenadi Roja(Sarojadevi) Ennadi Sirippu
Ethanai Kandayo?
Andru (USA)Ponaval indru vanthuvitaal enru (yelana)Punnagai seithayo?

Rathinak kambalamey! Adi Muthirai mothiramey-Nee
Naalai pozhuthukkul Vaadi vizhunthidum Maayak kathayadiyo!
Naan Sithira Penmayadi-Ithu Theiva Paruvamadi
Ethanai Kalangal Maariya pothilum Enrum ilamayadi-enakku
enrum ilamayadi..

17) Kannadasan used to call Sinnappa Devar his Sadyappa Vallal. This is because Devar always gave financial assistance to Kannadasan whenever he ran into difficulties. There was a time when Kannadasan was looking for a marriage hall for his daughter. No hall was available. There was ample land in front of Kavitha Hotel of Kannadasan. Devar gave money to Kannadasan and the marriage hall was up in front of Kavitha Hotel. Kannadasan named the hall Devar Kalyana Mandapam. When the film Deivam was produced, Kannadasan sat with kunnakudi vaithiyanathan and wrote songs for the film. He made dircect reference to Devar in a song that was written for the film. The song is:

Maruthamalai Maamaniyey Murugaiyaa
Devarin kulam Kaakkum Velaiyaaa

18)Panju Arunasalam was a long time assistant for Kannadaasan. Kannadasan came late to studio when the film Saradha was in the making. Therefore the producers got Panju to write a song. He wrote the song Manamagaley Manamagaley Vaa Vaa. Kannadasan jined later and corected the lines. That was about the first attempt of Panju on his own.

Later he had written songs on his own. Later Kannadasan was booked to write for the film Gowravam. After signing the agreement, he went overseas and could not retunr on time.Panju Arunasalam wanted to take the place of Kannadasan and he spoke about it openly to producer Rangarajan and director Sundram. These are people who had made up their mind not to produce movie without Kannadasan's songs. SO they refused and waited for Kannadasan to return from Malaysia. They even phoned Kannadasan and asked him to hasten to Tamilnadu, but never told the matter. Kannadasan reached Madras and was informed of the attempt by Panju. Kannadasan was much disappinted. The film scene suited him very well, and he wrote the follwing lines for Sivaji, keeping Panju Arunasalam in mind.

Palootti valartha Kili
Pazham koduthu kaatha kili
nann valartha pachai kili nalai varum kacherikku.

19) Vaijanthimala was called Baby in her house. In Then Nilavu her name was not Baby, but Kannadasan used her house name in composing a song. He had the original Vaijanthimala. The song is:

Oho Enthan baby, Nee vaarai Enthan Baby
Kalai Mevum Varna Jaalam Kodna Kolam Kaanalaam

20) MGR insisted being called Chinnavar and he wanted his elder brother Sarangapaani to be called Periyavar. This was before he became CM. In Thani Piravi, Kannadasan wrote a song for him, but keeping in mind the original MGR. The song is Kannathil Ennadi Kkayam. The line os interest, as sung by Jayalalitha is :

Selathu Pattondru Vaangi Vanthar-Intha
SINNAVARAI Poi Kelum-Kannadi Munnaal Ninru Paarum

21) P. Banumathy considered Udumalai Narayanakkavi as the very best poet, and refused to recongnise others. When Kannadasan was introduced to her the first time as a poet, she shun him away. Kannadasan was hurt. It was much later that Banumathy saw the greatness of Kannadasaan. She really accepted his talent and abilities. In between was the film Ambikapathy. In the film she played the role of Amaravathy. But Kannadasan wrote as song for Amaravathy, keeping in mind the original Banumathy. The song is Kanniley Iruppathenna Kanni Ilam Maaney-Kaaviyamo, Oviyamo Kanni Ilam Maaney. The lines of interest to us are:

Pal Varisai Mullai Enraal Kanni IlamMaaney
Paadum Vandaai naan Varavaa Kanni Ilam Maaney
BANUMATHI Maari Varum Vanagathu Meeney!
Paarkka Unnai Theduthadi Kanni Ilam Maaney.

22) Vali had been keeping a girl in his heart for a long time. They had mutuial feelings, but the girl could not make a decision about marriage. In Enga Veettu Pillai Vali wrote a song for MGR and Saroja Devi. In the song he kept his girl in mind and raised a question which came to be answered in the form of marriage. The song is

Kumari Pennin Ullathiley Kudi Irukkaa Naan Varavendum
Kudi Irukka Naan Varuvathendraal
Vadakai Enna Tharavendum

Kumari Pennin Kaikaliley Kathal Nenjai Thara Vendum
Kathal Nenjai Thanthuvittu
Kudiyirukka nee vara Vendum.

(From the archives. (C) Author. )

Do you know of any such interesting songs? Write about them..

4th November 2006, 07:07 PM
Nice compilation of songs with real life references. Usually i don't care for lyrics much in songs releasing today, rarely a song makes you to pay attention to the lyrics... but i could not stop admiring the Kannadasan lyrics, his flow, choice of words and philosophy are great....

In recent songs, i think we can quote most of Rajini's songs upto from Basha to Baba had such inner meanings written on request by many lyricists... like say "Minsara kanna" song from Padayappa, the charanam part tells about the tussle between Rajini and Jayalalitha...

7th November 2006, 09:52 PM
Manisekaran: After reading your collection of various songs, these songs get a totally different meaning. :)
Nice collection. Never knew about the story behind some of them.

8th November 2006, 10:03 AM
Thanks Manisegaran :D
Didn't know there actually were hidden meaning behind these beautiful evergreen songs! Now, as JN akka said, these songs get very different meanings... :D

9th November 2006, 06:12 AM
Rajaraman just contacted me and told me of this reposting. If time permits, I shall post more of such songs.


10th November 2006, 12:11 AM
Very interesting article Manisekaran, thank you.

There's one other song I've heard about. Apparently Ilayaraja composed the tunes for Chinna Thambi songs in an unbelievably short times and Vaali expressed his amazement in:
uchchan thalai uchchiyile
muLLirukkum budhdhiyile paaattu

2nd December 2006, 09:19 PM
Thanks Mr Mani-sekara.!... Quite an Interesting Article!!

There is so much... UNDERLYING SENSE... behind the SIMPLE WORDS !

...Oh!!... Hitherto UNKNOWN...!!!