View Full Version : Hindi songs Copied from ILLAYARAJA!

15th October 2006, 09:56 PM
Hi guys,
i have shocked to know that more than 2 or 3 dozens of illayaraja tunes were blatantly copied in hindi around earlier 90's.

Here is the list that i have known,

1. Dhak Dhak karne Laga (Beta) is copied from Abbanee Theeyani Debba (JVAS) telugu.

2. Tu Tu Tu Tu Tu Tara (Bol Radha Bol) is copied from Adi rakkamma (Dalapati), i came to know that this film MD (anu malik or ?) won national award for this film!

3. Aa Jana Tere Bin ( Bol Radha Bol) ditto from Adi aathaadi (kadalora kavithaigal)

4. Whole album Dil has all songs of Prema (telugu), i doubt this is dubbed or remade either way. I am not sure IR was the MD for prema, but songs resembles him

5. songs of Vansh - Agni nakshathiram.

6. Songs of viraasat - devar magan.

7. Oh priya priya is blatant from Idayathai thirudathey song

and many more...............