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5th August 2006, 01:59 AM
[tscii:d8cfc1f983]Raja's New Movie for Director Myskin - Chitiram Pesudhadi

Myskkin who was writing a script for Vikramís next film for producer Kaliapuli S.Thanu has left the project in a huff. It seems Vikram and Dhanu felt that there were not enough commercial ingredients in the script, which looks too arty!
Now the latest news is that Mysskin gave a narration to producer A.M.Ratnam who has grabbed the project. Ratnam will now be producing this film with son Ravikrishna as hero and a new girl from Mumbai is the heroine. Music will be by Ilayaraja and camera by the wizard P.C.Sreeram.

Mysskkin should be appreciated for not bowing to the demands of superstars and changing his script as he has full faith that story is the king and not stars. Remember that Mysskkin is the guy who made one of the biggest blockbusters of this year Chithirem Pesutedi with an unknown actor a debutant heroine. He is indeed a brave guy.

The shooting of this film will start in October after Ravikrishnaís bilingual Kedi in Tamil and Jadoo in Telugu releases.

Source: sify.com