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Cyber Payanee
14th December 2004, 07:55 AM
I havent been to forum for couple of yeras. I saw this topic in old forum but couldnt post it . Not inclined to start a new topic but may be it could be useful ......

Remember though as a starting post it reads a bit odd but try

There is changed perception about diabetic food with the idea of Glycemic Index. Without complicating this too much (I can write something in response if needed- mind you I am NOT a doctor) I may add a few comments

Starch does not behave in a static way. The size and integrity of the grains etc and methods of cooking have a part to play. Also fibre in food combination helps slow down release of sugar to blood

By experience

1. Coarse Semolina (uppuma)
2. Rava idly (without rice flour) Semolina & ulundhu fermented with youghurt
3. Pasta (semolina based)

4. Soak oats (not quick cooking - they have been pulverised & precooked yielding sugar fast) oat bran wheat germ in youghurt overnight add nuts and raisins no sugar. Have in the morning.

5. Wholemeal bread is as BAD as white bread. Multigrain bread may be better. But PITA BREAD WHOLE MEAL is good. This is due to nature of baking.

6. Kurakkan (Tamil) (ragi- Hindi?) as pittu (ragi flour makes strong pellets slows release)

7. Basmati rice is OK. Method of cooking matters. Absorbtion method is best (Just enough water). It does something to the texture.

8. Fenugreek (Vendhayam I Tab Spoon) before meals. (This also enlarges breasts! even in males!! suppose to be good for breast feeding mothers)

9. Gynema sylvester (Sirukurinja leaves). This is trusted method in Jaffna. Multi million $ business here. Excellent. It is edible leaves so no toxicity.

I dont want to overload but depends on your response

Cyber Payanee

14th December 2004, 10:10 AM
Hello cyber payanee!
This diabetic thread is very interesting and also it is a useful thread to so many people. Thanks a lot for opening this thread.
I am surprised to note that whole meal bread is bad as white bread. Here the doctors recommend whole meal bread as well as brown bread for diabetic patients. Even 2 white bread slices with less quantity of mayonnaise and lot of green vegetables salad are recommended. The limited quantity is the most important thing whether it is rice or bread. The unlimited quantity we can consume is only green vegetables.

Cyber Payanee
14th December 2004, 03:04 PM
The Western medical fraternity has paid lip service to diets and looked down on native experiences for a long time. Now there is awareness of alternative therapies, and a humble (but supported by reseraches of unconventional sources- GPs rely on and conditioned heavily by drug companies' sponsored researches) approach.

Also the traditional classification and understanding of diet has undergone changes. This is due to better insight into the complex bio chemical process of food digestion.

Quantity as you say is important. But whole meal is not very different from white. This is due to the baking process which breaks down bread. The traditional slow baking of Piita bread is better.

The best course is middle path. Question your perception about what is good and bad in diets. Internet has very reliable & authoritative sources.

Dont go by hypes.

Search Internet for Julian Whitaker. His book reversing diabeties is a good reference. James A.Duke 's Green Pharmacy

Cyber Payanee

24th December 2004, 03:36 AM
This is a very good link which gives useful info abt diabetes .This may be useful for our hubbers

19th April 2005, 03:26 AM
what kind of food would people with diabetes eat for braekfast, lunch, and dinner?

Hemant Trived1
19th April 2005, 06:49 AM
Hello Cindy,

I have started a series on FOOD FOR DIABETICS in my column. You may start getting recipes from there.
I aim to cover the whole topic with around 40 recipes atleast.

19th April 2005, 08:42 AM

// ...what kind of food would people with diabetes eat for braekfast, lunch, and dinner? //

Apart from the Menu-aspect... the following are some PRACTICAL HINTS... to minimise the Problems...

(1) Distribute the Food by more number of times ... in small quantities... with minimum about 3 hours interval in between meals.

(2) Make sure of some physical Excercise as suited to each person conforming to individual medical advice.... Best Excercise is WALKING.. twice a day.

(3) Never OVER-EAT... especially Sweets must be avoided or the bare minimum.Other Carbo-hydrates stuff too must be restricted.. If you have to participate in some Feast... take NO MAIN DISH... but only SIDE-DISHES.. along with a few Sweets in little quantities (as per Medical Advice). The Previous Meal Prior to Feast .. must be reduced by quantity... to make space for the next heavy Meal... by Feast.

(4) Just Sip One Teaspoonful Water... in Empty-Stomach ... prior to taking every Meal... as a Routine.. and NEVER DRINK WATER... in the midst of eating unless unavoidable. And after taking the whole Food just drink one cup of water.. or even lesser depending upon the weather and Thirst. After about one and half hours... or earlier when you feel thirsty... take ample water AT A STRETCH.. to the extent of appeasement of Thirst.

(5) As far as possible Drink water more AT A TIME...than frequently in small quantities.

(6) Drink more Butter-milk and such other edibles which controls the sense of thirst.

(7) Minimise Salt and Dry stuffs or anything which can cause abnormal thirst.

(8) Avoid Day-sleep... and make a habit of punctual entry and exit from Bed

(9) Keep the Extremities of body like Hand-Fingers and Leg-Fingers... Very clean... protecting from the possibility of any injury... more particular than other parts.

(10) Green-Vegetables, Carrot, Ragi and Methi-grains in Hindi (Vendhayam in Tamil... Uluva in Malayalam... Menthulu in Telugu)
must form part of daily food-routine... especially Ragi and Methi.... Along with Rice or Wheat.... Methi can be mixed at 1: 20 and cooked . The same proportion for Dosa, Idli, Chappaaththi, Poori... Methi instigates the secretion of natural Insulin within the body.

(11) Avoid sedentary jobs or idle times... but keep engaged in some physical activity always... making the body get used to work.
Encourage natural perspiration upto some extent as far as tolerable.

(12) Keep the Mind as calm as possible without any Tension and worries.. which aggravate the complaint by means of gradual reduction in Insulin-secretion..