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14th April 2006, 10:34 PM
Some of us are delighted and surprised at hearing some special songs of our MDs in some strange and odd circumstances. I have had the ethereal feel of hearing IR's songs in strange setttings. Once I heard it in a desolate place in suburbs of Bangalore coming from small hut of a labourer. I have heard it ruling the night time air waves of Suryan FM in all major motels and night stop over restaurants for Government Buses. I have heard it in the unreserved compartment of Tamil Nadu Express at 2 AM in the night, coming from a small tape recorder of an army jawan from Madras. Similarly I have heard songs of Uyire on a bus from Bangalore to Belgaum. This experience of listening to the music by a creator from our culture in a relatively alien setting is many times reassuring. I guess many among us must have felt the same. Can we share this experiences?

14th April 2006, 11:58 PM
Exactly my thoughts, Jai Ganesh!

I used to post in DF about some of my `bus travel' experiences (much like the way you posted in another thread)...

involuntary drizzle of Raja songs, mazhaiyil nanaivadhu pOndRa uNarvaiththarum...endha hi-fi music systeththil kEtkum endhappAttukkum mazhaiyin thAkkam irukkAdhu enbadhu enadhu eNNam...