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9th February 2006, 08:40 PM
Been a silent visitor for so long, thought of doing some justice as a IR fan, so wanted to start this thread for RK songs composed by the maestro.....
When driving to work this morning, happened to listen to old CD which got this song 'Sandhana Kaatre' from the movie 'Thanikaatu Raaja'. I could vaguely remember that this movie came around 1983/1984 watching it in Alankar theatre in Chennai, but the important point is how does the song felt so fresh and especially the interludes which got that violin piece..incredible...what a great feeling..of-course SPB and SJ did their job without any doubt...

RK should listen to his old movie songs during his leisure time and need to think about it...how he missed working with our talented maestro...

9th February 2006, 09:28 PM
`sandhanakkAtRE' has an extraordinary prelude. Listen to that in full volume in your car and you may end up reaching top speed before SPB starts:-) So much energy packed into it...

The song reaches its pinnacle of glory when SPB-SJ hum together in the end of each saraNam - the memorable, unique, harmoniuous humming...

I didn't see the movie (probably a good thing, as some directors do not have any sense as to how to use a great song - e.g. `pEsakkoodAdhu' in aduththa vArisu)...can someone post whether `sandhanakkAtRE' was picturised on Rajini-Sridevi or Rajini-Sripriya or Jayshankar-Sridevi or Jayshankar-Sripriya or may be Rajini-silukku/anuradha etc...

9th February 2006, 10:08 PM
yes app_engine, it is picturized with rajni - sridevi. i dont remember the movie story line or anything, but few years back i watched this song in one of IR isai thendral videos and this song was there.

Thx for that suggestion i will try that when i go back home....

9th February 2006, 10:41 PM
Hi mates,here is the video of "Sandhana Kaatre" song

10th February 2006, 01:50 AM
Thx fan_ir

10th February 2006, 03:05 AM
In my opinion IR is the only MD who is able to match Rajini with his music.

10th February 2006, 04:58 PM
Yesterday I happened to watch few scenes from "MuLLum Malarum". I was lamenting at the loss of a good actor to the hungry flames of superstardom.I like all of IR's music for the ACTOR Rajini movies
1. Dharmayudham
2. Gayathri
3. MuLLum malarum
4. 6-60 varai
5. NetrikaNN
6. Jhonny,
7. Kai kodukkum kai
8. Buvana oru ?
9. AvaL appadi thaan
10. Kavikuyil.

10th February 2006, 06:28 PM
Dear all,
Rajani is a gifted person by IR tunes!!

Rajani songs in picturisation is also nice to watch.

Even dubbanguthu songs are also interested to watch, because of Rajini!!

1. Podhuvanga en manasu thangam - Rajini in style indha padalil enaku pidikum.

2. Solli adipenadi - enna oru fast movements by Rajini!!!

Rajini first kalakal song

1. Agayam melae padhalam kezhae - i think!!!

Some songs are Special by IR and Rajini!!!

1. Nee koduthadhai thirupi koduthen - Maaveran

2.Chandi raniyae enaku kappam kattu nee - Mannan

3. Gumthalakadi Gumthalakadi paatu - """

4.Rajadhi raja un andha rangam - " "

5.Oru sola kili sodi thannai - Uzhaipalai

6. Oru maina maina vandhu manasoda - Uzhaipali

One song from Guru Sishyan

1. Kandu pidichen kandu pidichen - By Prabu and Rajini - Indha paatil, Rajini friendlyness ai azhagaga express pannuvar.

With Love,
Usha Sankar.

10th February 2006, 07:28 PM
How come no one is mentioning the around 90's films like Ejamaan, or Thalapathi. Those had great music.

10th February 2006, 07:51 PM
I agree with you Usha, you got a good list as well..

Next song i like to discuss is 'Meenamma Meenamma' from Rajadhi Raaja.
Some interesting facts abt Rajadhi Raaja are..
1. RK first tried his sunglass rotating style in this movie and he followed that in series of his movies
2. I guess this is the first movie where he started the style with his hair

Another important record that was broken is the cassette sales for this movie, which surpassed any previous records in tamil industry (not sure abt the number of cassettes sold)..

Coming back to the song now, i definitely would say wrong choice to have Mano for this song, since Mano could not able to sing the song with the same tempo as SPB , even KSC voice could have been better..
But the tune and esp the first interlude where the trumpet and veena comes into play, omg..it was amazing and for the entire song IR maintained that rhythm, it was outstanding...........kuodo IR...

12th February 2006, 06:58 PM
Dear buggle.
Thanks for your reply!!!

Rajadhi raja - indha padathil ella songs um super!!!

Appreciation of great songs thread il, malaiyala karaiyoram song patri solli irundhen. Mano nanraga padi irupar.

Rjini in white dress - iyarkaiyai rasitha padi, oru style nadai!!Nichayam Rajiniyal matumae nadaka mudiyum - andha madhiri oru speed ana steps!!!

IR music - He did a lot of varieties!! That is his Success!!!

Some kind of songs are like a journey!! They took me a MUSIC JORUNEY!!!!

Andha list il neenga sonna meenama songai sollalam!!

This type of songs - MOhan and Rajini - both of them are lucky fellows!!! IR ai purindhu kondu nanraga seidhu irupargal!!!

Some more songs for this type!!

1. Pattu vanna selai kari - Engayo ketta kural - Vilanaga naditha Rajini - indha padalil and padathilum - enna oru innocent expressions!!! Really Rajini did very well!!!

2. ADi adu poongudiyae - Kali

3.Vaazum matum nanmaikaga - Kali. Indha padaluku picturisation parthadhu illai.Anal Beautiful tunes!!!

4.Raaku muthu raaku - Indha padal sirapaga iruka karanam

IR!!! Rajini!!! R.V. Udhaya kumar!!! Yarai mudhalil solvadhu enru eppodhum oru thadumatram varum enaku!!!

Analum Rajini konjam special dhan indha padaluku!!! Veshti kattikondu , oru interest ana dance movements - Ivaral matumae mudiyum!!!

5.Muthu mani sudare vaa - Anbulla Rajinikanth

Ippadi oru group aga define pannalam IR music in Rajini songs!!!

With Love,
Usha Sankar.

14th February 2006, 05:44 PM
How you have forgotten these films of RK with great music by IR - Johny, Priya? Each of the songs from these films are different; still fresh; refresh the mind for each listening etc. etc..

21st March 2006, 05:03 PM
Thanikaatu Raja vil one song - Mullai arumbae mella thirumbu

Sung by MVD and SJ!!

Beautiful composition of iR.Rajini ku siridhum sambandham
illadha oru soft ana , amaidhyana flow vil oru song!!!

With Love,
Usha Sankar.

22nd March 2006, 03:24 PM
Thalabathy songs rocks

22nd March 2006, 06:56 PM
I wish Buggle comes back and discuss more on the opening song in the thread.. Awesome song.

The opening instrumental is out of the world. Am planning to set that as my ring-tone once I buy a new mobile.

22nd March 2006, 10:57 PM
IR _ Rajini Combo was great in 80's and early 90's

The latest One or rather the last one

malai Kovil vaasalil - Veera

I dont think rajini will get a better duet than this.....

What an prelude and the charanams were great....

My ever green favourites are

Agaya Gangai
Oru jeevan than...

23rd March 2006, 12:16 AM
malai kovil Vasalil music by Karthik Raja

23rd March 2006, 06:29 AM
malai kovil Vasalil music by Karthik Raja

sorry i didnt get that

can u pls throw some light on this,...

23rd March 2006, 08:21 AM
pandiyanin raajiyathil is by karthik raja not malai koil

23rd March 2006, 09:36 PM
I own the classic Veera DVD. In the title card it specifically says "Malaikovil Vasalil" music by Karthik Raja. There is a rumour that after Veera and Uzhaipali Rajini wanted KR to score music for his next movie and IR denied.

"Pandianin Raajiyathil" is the first song KR scored music and it is from movie Pandian

23rd March 2006, 10:19 PM
I own the classic Veera DVD. In the title card it specifically says "Malaikovil Vasalil" music by Karthik Raja. There is a rumour that after Veera and Uzhaipali Rajini wanted KR to score music for his next movie and IR denied.

"Pandianin Raajiyathil" is the first song KR scored music and it is from movie Pandian

dont say that

Malai kovil, konji konji, maadathile... all songs hadthe IR touch

23rd March 2006, 11:14 PM
oru jeevanthan is not by IR

23rd March 2006, 11:39 PM

dont say that

Malai kovil, konji konji, maadathile... all songs hadthe IR touch

Even Pandianin Raajiyathil has IR touch and arrangement so you mean KR didn't score that too.

If we go by your claim most of YSR current project IR would have scored the music.

25th March 2006, 01:43 AM
Thx renault for your support...

Next song we can discuss is from the movie Mappillai - song - Maanin iru kangal konda maanae

Little background about the movie....
This movie was one of the biggest hit for RK since the character he played will defeat his own mother-in-law and make her realize the mistakes she did....Nice job done by Srividya as the mother-in-law.
Telugu star chiranjeevi is the producer for this movie and directed by Rajashekar (who died few years back and also he directed RK another hit Padikathavan and KH Kaaki sattai)
Coming to songs, as usual our maestro did a great job and especially in the Maanin iru kangal - the inital violin bit was terrific followed by the drums.
The tune was so catchy and SPB , SJ pouring their valueble contribution to the success of the song.

26th March 2006, 06:13 AM
oru jeevanthan is not by IR

Yes, Naan Adimai Alla was by Vijayanand.
The first best song by IR for Rajini would be 'Kanmaniye Kadhal' in 1980, beautiful melody, very nice prelude and that old 80-ish feel.

'Ragangal Padhinaru' from 'Thillu Mullu' (1982?) - Simple tunes, SPB sung it beautifully especially 'Idayada valayada sadhangaigal aada @(#$(@#'(adhukkappuram correct'a nyabagam ilaba) was stylishly sung by SPB.

'Maalai Soodum VeLai' from 'Naan Mahaan Alla'.

'Enna Desamo' from 'Un Kannil Neer Vazhindhal' - a kind of unusual sad and inspirational song, which I will defenitely miss in all Rajini movies after late 80s. I dont remember seeing the movie, just the promos for madhyana SUN TV padam with Rajini walking in the jail.

'Kannil Enna' from 'Un Kannil Neer Vazhindhal' - inspirational lyrics, beautiful preludes and interludes and some nice guitar work.

more to write...