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5th February 2006, 11:26 PM
I think it would be interesting to know everybody's Best Ilayaraja numbers. You may have hundreds of them. It’s very understandable. But pls make a list of your 10 most favourite Ilayaraja songs of all time. I want to know which year songs get more mentions i.e. 80’s or 90’s and like that.

This is my list, (alphabetically):
Ayiram malargale - Niram Maaraatha Pookkal (79)
Dhoorathil naan kanda - Nizhalgal (80)
Enge naan kaanben - Saathanai (86)
Engiruntho azhaikkum - En Jeevan Paaduthu (88)
Oru kili uruguthu - Ananda Kummi (83)
Paartha vizhi - Guna (91)
Sevvanthi pookkalil seitha veedu - ?
Sindhu nadhikkaraiyoram - Nallathoru Kudumbam (79)
Thamthana namthana thaalam -
Thennageethum thendral - Mudivalla Arambam (84)

Anybody interested?

6th February 2006, 07:00 AM

very difficult to come with a list

7th February 2006, 11:45 AM
I know it's very very difficult. Pls try.

7th February 2006, 12:29 PM
One from each of his 800 hundred movies is a top one. This do not include the BGMs of that movies.... Then the list will be very long man. :)

7th February 2006, 02:24 PM
impossible .

10 drops from the ocean.

7th February 2006, 05:57 PM
perum kadalai siru kamandalathukkuL adaikkum valai. nammaal mudiyaadha kaariyam

8th February 2006, 01:34 AM
just to jump in ship...

I know choosing 10 out of soooo many would even perplex even renouned musicians all over the world...

Here is my top 10.... based on my current mood... dont be amazed I missed a lot of popular ones.... I am going to list a few unpopular ones... which I find extremely soothing when i listen to them in my car....

1. Unnai Nan Parkayail.....
(Dont know the movie name)

Asha and SPB ... just rock in this song... rigt from the prelue to the konjals of Asha.. this is a treat to hear.. My only complaint is SPB couldnt find the range in this song.. he almost sings out of tune .(in the lines varthai thedum kadhal ragam).... other than that .. perfect in every sense ..... My fiance's fav as well.. :-)

2. Thendral Varum ...
(Paaru Paaru Pattan Paaru)

Soothing melody at its best .... SPB crooons his way to our heart.... .impeccable delivery and off course Janaki ..matches him step to step.... I dont know anything about the movie.. but I think it should have been Mohan.... just listen to the lines "en vasal engum poomazhi" ...

3. Engengo Sellum
(Pattakathi Bhaviravan)

Only IR can provide such saranams....I havent heard something like this ever since tfm was conceived....Janaki especially is in her elements... I think she makes the song more appealing than SPB..... whoever the director was.. hats off to him for extracting such a beauty from IR...

4. Oh Vasantha Raja
(Neenga Kettavi)
IR & BR are like perfect foil to each other...the song starts of in a grand manner.... tones itself down to beautiful fusion.... SPB is marvelous with his diction.... I saw the picturisation recently .. didnt feel justified... but so are most of IR's songs.... This one is a gem

5. Anthi Varum Neram...
(Mundhanai Mudichu)

I think we have underestimated KBR ear for music.. most of his movies have great songs.. This is one a particular fav for the way its starts... I attended a marriage recently .. and when the bride was stepping into the marriage hall.. out of nowhere they played this beauty ... I was in goosebumps.... the prelude and the entrance of the bride was something you just have to experience..... Amazinggg..
SPB I salute you for this one...

6. Parthethena Parvai Unnai...
I think I were to choose a fav song for the best duets in TFM.. I would nominate this song... no doubt.. just for its sheer delight and presentation .. SPB was throughly enjoying himself.. and Chitra.. was giving him a fight for the money.... this song is a wonderful experience for anybody in lov....lovers outthere check it out...

7. VaruVai Anbe...

Is this a Rajni starrer..... One thing that stumps me about this song is the male's voice...There is some ruggedness about that guy .. which keeps me hooked to this song... not to lay low IR'S beauty in the charanam's ...Jananki as usual plays her to perfection..

8. Vegam Vegam
It still perplexes me.... how MR left IR after such a score as Anjali.. perhaps.. its all fate that ARR had to be born which is a boon as well... Every song in Anjali deserves a seperate thread .. I am not that competent in music to comment on their greatness.. but this song somehow hooks me becos of the pace.... ( the pace isn anjali anjali was also mindblowing).... the singing was pepppyyyy .. the interludess...were second to none...esp the flowing violins.. during every interludes and then the way the violins merges in tot he charanams.. is a delight to hear and experieince... IR.. you are the greatest .. I bow to you ....

9. Illavattum
(My Dear Marthandan)

MDM is a movie where IR just freaked out .... this movie must have been composed when he was at the best of his moods.. every song was a peppy .. a joyous ride ..... This song stands out for the orchestration .. guitars.. fly all over.. voilins greet their grandiose arrival....SPB... what can I say .... you leave me basking for more ...... pure delight....

10. Enuyire Vaa
(Poonthonta KavalKaran)...
Till recently I never bothered to reached for this song.. .but when I heard it ... the sheer rythm and pace of the song leaves you in a euphoric state.... chitra deserves a special mention ..the way she starts of the song.. and SPB .. he seems to be in his elements here..

well the TOP 10 .. 9right now on my mind) are up .. I thought I will list one more song .. which my Fiance's fav.....

11. Kathirunthen Thaniye...
(Some Prashanth's movie)
Beautiful melody ... lover's paradise....
IR I salute you again....

Thats all folks

8th February 2006, 02:39 AM
It's impossible to limit to 10, even if a specific genre is attempted:-)

endRAlum, as a small diversion, it doesn't hurt to make a list and have some fun...

1. enna saththam indha nEram (SPB, punnagai mannan)
2. madai thiRandhu (SPB, nizhalgal)
3. vizhiyilE malarndhadhu (SPB, bhuvanA oru kELvikkuRi)
4. pAdavA, un pAdalai? (SJ, recording theater version in nAn pAdum pAdal)
5. sheNbagamE, sheNbagamE (AB, enga ooru pAttukkAran)
6. thenpANdiththamizhE, en singArakkuyilE (KJY/KSC, pAsappaRavaigaL)
7. kuzhaloodhum kaNNanukku (KSC, mellaththiRandhadhu kadhavu, IR working with MSV...if that's not acceptable, then `ninnukkOri vaRNam' from agni nakshathram)
8. sendhoorappoovE (SJ, 16 vayadhinilE)
9. vetti vEru vAsam (MV/SJ, mudhal mariyAdhai)
10. kaNNA unaiththEdukiREn vA (SPB/SJ, unakkAgavE vAzhgirEn)

doesn't mean there are not others...in fact there are 100's that equal these (quick example is iLaya nilA, but I avoided listing that as my mind wants to jump to that extraordinary postlude and lose a little focus midway). However, I won't say those are `better' than these but can only 'equal' these...Reason? I can hear all these 100's of `equals' 1000's of times and still not feel bored...i.e from the start to the end...can keep playing on repeat mode for hours on the car...ennavO oru eeeeeerppu indhappAttukkaLil...

8th February 2006, 12:00 PM
Dear all,
Just 10 songs nu solla mudiyavillai.Nannae ten ten a solli indha thread aiyae fill panniduven.

1.Endhan kannil - Guru

2.Kannan oru kai
kuzhandhai - Badhrakali

3.Nyan Nyan adanam - Poondhalir

4.Nanae naana - Azhagae unnai aradhikiren

5.Megam kottatum - Enakul oruvan

6.Oorurangum samathile - Pudhu patti ponnu thayi

7.Nenjukulae - Ponnumani

8.Ennai thalata varuvalo - Kadhaluku mariyadhai

9.Pon manae kobam yeno - Oru kadhiyin dairy

10.Sundhari kannal oru sedhi - Dhalapathi

list is going on....................

With Love,

Usha Sankar.

8th February 2006, 08:51 PM
enna kodumai saravanan idhu? :cry:
Ilaiyaanin top TEN-a??????

8th February 2006, 11:26 PM
app_engine wrote:
it doesn't hurt to make a list and have some fun...

That’s the point. We’ll have some fun. I wanted to post Best 100 songs. But I thought it’ll be too difficult to type. But feel free to add as many 10 Best Songs of IR as possible.

9th February 2006, 12:54 AM
good ones ...

I have never heard few of the songs nentioned by sloshed..

may be after few days i can write new CDs using this list :-)

9th February 2006, 02:52 AM
[tscii:c8335da9c1]Top ten duets where my favourite musician scored for my favourite actor – pardon my cheating, but this is the best way I could list only ten songs.

1 – meendum meendum va – Vikram
2 – Andhi malai pozhikirathu – Raja Parvai
3- Unnai vida intha ulahaththil – Virumaandi
4- Valayoosai kala kala kala – Sathya
5 – Mounamana neram – Salangai oli
6 – nee partha parvaikkoru nandri – Hey Ram
7 – Poo pooththathu – Mumbai Xpress
8 – inji idupalahi – Devar Magan
9 – nee oru kaathal sangeetham – Nayagan
10 – chinanchiru vayathil – Meendum Kohila

This is just off the top of my head. I have not put any thought into this. The real list. as many have pointed out here. Will be endless.


10th February 2006, 01:30 AM
Great thread I was thinking of such thread a couple of days back and here is it :D
1.Oru kunguma chengamalam -aaradhanai
2.Engengo sellum - Pattakathi bairavan
3.Vaan meghangale - Puthiya varpugal?
4.Kaadhal un leelaya - japanil kalyanaraman [ may be Iam hooked to this cos i found this only recently]
5.Vaa Vaa Anbe - Agni natchathiram
6. Kaathal kavithaigal - Gopura vaasalilae
7.O vasantha Raja - neengal kaetavai
8. Paada vanthathor gaanam - Some Mohan Movie?
9.Anthi mazhal Pozhigirathu - raaja paarvai
10. Naane naana yaarothaana - Movie?
:D Is this Allowed :oops:
1.1...Meendum meendum vaa
1.2 ...siriya paravai siragai virikka
1.3... pattu kannam thottu kolla
1.4...Bhoopalam isaikkum
1.5...Varuvai Anbe Tharuvvai...
1.6...Naan thedum sevvanthi
1.7..sundari kannal oru
1.8...perai sollava athu
1.9...senthazham poovil
oops :D
And many many more........

10th February 2006, 02:42 AM
when 1000 people complete their favorite top 10, I am sure we will have top 2000 songs of IR.. Its impossible to list top 10 of IR. May be we can do top 10 of each year.

10th February 2006, 04:39 PM
Great thread I was thinking of such thread a couple of days back and here is it :D
idhai naan vanmayaaga kandikkiren....
You, too brutus???
j/k :D

10th February 2006, 11:24 PM
"May be we can do top 10 of each year"


Even that will be hard for certain years

11th February 2006, 11:19 PM
So far…….

Year of the movie released - songs mentioned
76 - 1
77 - 2
78 - 1
79 - 9
80 - 4
81 - 5
82 - 1
83 - 4
84 - 5
85 - 5
86 - 8
87 - 2
88 - 6
90 - 2
91 - 4
92 - 2
93 - 1
94 - 2
97 - 1
2000 - 1
2004 - 1
2005 - 1
DNK - 3

15th February 2006, 10:04 PM
2. Thendral Varum ...
(Paaru Paaru Pattan Paaru)

Soothing melody at its best .... SPB crooons his way to our heart.... .impeccable delivery and off course Janaki ..matches him step to step.... I dont know anything about the movie.. but I think it should have been Mohan.... just listen to the lines "en vasal engum poomazhi" ...

Do you have this song? or any web-site got that? i was looking around for this song for a while...
Any help is appreciated..

16th February 2006, 12:24 AM
the song is available at coolgoose. I downloaded it last week. If you cant let me know

16th February 2006, 02:16 AM

indhappAttu idhu varai kEttadhillai...simple, sweet song with signature chords...which year this came out? I think there's a very similar sounding hindi song by Nadheem-Shravan...

It's surprising that people have the time and energy to mp3 so many songs and host them in servers...for no profit for themselves...

16th February 2006, 09:43 AM
11. Kathirunthen Thaniye...
(Some Prashanth's movie)
Beautiful melody ... lover's paradise....
IR I salute you again....

this song is from the movie RASAMAGAN

Im searching for this song for a very looooooooong time still i didn't get :cry:

16th February 2006, 01:13 PM

the song is here:


16th February 2006, 03:56 PM

the song is here:


thks ezy

sometimes i really cry listening to his songs. this song is toooo goood.

thks again. :)

16th February 2006, 04:24 PM

the song is here:


ezy do u know whoz the male singer for this song?

16th February 2006, 07:52 PM
Thanks sloshed, i downloaded the song from coolgoose

17th February 2006, 03:54 PM
Swathy, the male singer is none other than KJY.
app_engine, "paaru paaru" is a late 80's film.
It has another good duet between SPB and UmaRamanan
which is
"yaar thoorigai thandha oviyam"

17th February 2006, 06:53 PM
Swathy, the male singer is none other than KJY.
app_engine, "paaru paaru" is a late 80's film.
It has another good duet between SPB and UmaRamanan
which is
"yaar thoorigai thandha oviyam"

thks thumburu

i too have listened paaru paaru songs. excellent songs

26th March 2006, 05:54 AM
1.Kanavil Midhakkum - Eera Vizhi Kaviyangal-1981?
2. Vaan Meedhile - Ragangal Maruvadhillai-??
3. Thendral Vandhu - Thendrale Ennai Thodu
4. Chinna Kannan Azhaikkiran - Kavikkuyil (BMK)-1978
5. Edho Ninaivugal - Agal Vilakku-1982
6. Oh Vasantha Raja - Neengal Kettavai
7. Kalyana Thenila - Mounam Sammadham-1992
8. Vizhiyil Vizhundhu - Alaigal Oyvathillai-1981
9. Elangathu Veesudhe - Pithamagan-2003
10. Poovil Vandu - Kadhal Oviyam - ??

26th March 2006, 06:17 AM
you've a splendid taste narayanan. :D

26th March 2006, 06:40 AM
This is my 10 best songs ( in no particular order)

1.Illangathu veesuthe (pithamagan)
2.poovil kandu (kathal oviyam)
3.pothi vacha malligai mottu
4.muthu mani malai (chinna gownder )
5.ponmalai (nizhalgal)
6.manram vantha thenralukku (mouna raagam)
7.oh butterfly (meera)
8.poongathu thirumbuma (mudal maruyathai)
9.raasathi onna( vaithegi kaathirunthal)
10.thuliyillae (chinna thambi)

26th March 2006, 09:53 AM
1) Thatkida thathumi - Salangai Oli
2) Sri ranga - Mahanathi
3) Chinna kannan - Kavikkuyil
4) Chinnam chiru vayathil - Meendum Kokila
5) Raasaathi unnai - VaithEgi kaathirundhaaL
6) Unnai naan arivEn - Guna (esp the end bit with S.Varalaxmi)
7) KanmaniyE kaadhal - 6-60
8) Nee paartha - Hey Ram
9) Mannil intha - Keladi kanmaNi
10) EthEthO eNNam - Punnagai mannan
10) Unnai vida - Virummandi,
10) Nila athu - Nayagan,
10) Aasayai kaatrula - Johnny
10) NilavE vaa - Mouna raagam
10) Anthi mazhai - Rajapaarvai
.................................... endless ....

1st April 2006, 08:33 PM
1 Andhimazhai
2 Nalam vaala
3 kanmani anbodu
4 Idhu oru pon malai
5 Raasathi Unne
6 Poondhalire
7 Idhayam oru kovil
8 en iniya pon nilave
8 Sundhari Kannal
9 Idhayame

next time post pannum bodhu 10 lernthu down the order, 1 will be blank. Loop continues. :wink: :)

3rd April 2006, 10:43 PM
Its really a very tough task to pick 10 best songs of IR. I include both telugu and tamil songs in my list. Here is my list(but not in order)

Oh Paapa Laali(movie:Geetanjali. dir: mani ratnam Hero:nagarjuna
For its out standing orchastrization and impecable composition)

Sundari (movie: THALAPATHY, i dont have words to explain the beauty of the compositon of this song)

maata raani mouna midi (movie: Maharshi, dir:Vamsi)

Mouna mela noyi (movie: Sagara Sangamam dir: k. viswanath)

Idhayam Oru Kovil (movie: IDHAYA KOVIL)

kinnera saani vachindamma (movie: sitara, dir: vamsi)

Senthoora Poove (movie: 16 VAYATHINILE)

Kanne Kalaimane (MOONDRAM PIRAI)

Tarali raada tanai vasantam ( movie: Rudra veena dir: Bala chandar hero: Chiranjeevi)

ninnu kori varnam (movie: Gharshana, dir: mani ratnam, hero: kartheek and prabhu)

4th April 2006, 04:23 PM
Only 10 songs?

for today i will post 10 songs.

1) kadhal oviyam---nadham en jeevane
2) en jeevan paduthu---ore murai un
3) pontati devai---arraro pattu pada
4) puthu puthu arthankal---kalyanamalai
5) padum paravaikal---keeravani
6) panner pushpankal---anandha ragam
7) ullasa paravaigal---theiveega ragam
8) kopura vasalile---thaludum pookatru
9) pillai nila---raja magal
10) chatriyan---malayil yaro


5th April 2006, 03:14 PM
[tscii:9653af4329]My top Ten List contains the following songs. i am not sorted the list. this list contains only my favorites of Hot well known Hits of raja. i am not included my favorites of rare/unknown gems of maestro.
( However this list is my old list. now many many updates in this list. 3 to 4 years back i created this list. Now i have another 500 songs list. that all contains the rare/unknown gems of maestro. i will post that later.)

etthanai thadavai kettalum sallikkatha padalkal................

1.kadhal oviyam---nadham en jeevane
2.en jeevan paduthu---ore murai un
3.pontati devai---arraro pattu pada
4.poove poosudavaa---poove poosudava
5.neengal kettavai---pillai nila
6.unnai nan santhithen---thalatu mariponadu
7.allaigal oyvathillai---vizhiyil vizhundu
8 " ---tharisanam kidaikatha
9. " ---puthem puthu kalai
10.keladi kanmani---mannil indha kadhal
11. " ---karpura pommai
12.puthu puthu arthankal---kalyanamalai
13. " ---kuruvayurappa kuruvayurappa

14.padum paravaikal---keeravani
15.tharma pathini---nan thedum
16.kadalora kavidhaikal---adi adhati
17. " ---kodiyele
18.mudhal mariyadhai---pookanru
19. " ---andha nilavethan
20. " ---vetti veru vasam
21.sigapu rojakkal---ninaivo oru paravai
22.anbulla rajinikanth---then poove poove
23. " ---kadavul ullame
24.panner pushpankal---anandha ragam
" ---poonthalirada
25.ullasa paravaigal---theiveega ragam
26.pagal nilavu---poomalaiye
27.mouna ragam---manram vandha
28. " ---chinna chinna
29.agni natchathiram---vaa vaa anbe
30.idhaiyathai thirudhate---o... priya..priya
31.unnai ninaichen pattu padichen---nenchai thottu
32.nayagan---thenpandi seemaiyele
33.puthu nellu puthu nathu---poo..poo..poo pootha solai
34.nadodi thendral---maniye manikuyile
35.kopura vasalile---thaludum pookatru
36. " ---kadhal kavidhaikal
37. " ---dhevathai pol oru
38.en uire thozhan---aa... rasathi..rosapoo
40.kavikuyil---chinna kannan
41.padhinaru vayadhinilae---sendura poove
42.iilamai oonjal adukirathu---ore nal unnai nan
43.kaatrinile varum keetham---chithirai chevvanam
44.vattadukul saduram---idho idho en nenjil ore padal
45.mullum malarum---adi penne inku ponnunjal
46.agal villaku---aetho ninaivukal
47.anbe sangeetha--- chinna pura ontru
48.dharma yudham---agaya gangai
49.niram maratha pookkal---ayiram malarkale
50.pagalil oru iravu---ilamai enum pookantru
51.puthiya varpukal---thamthana...thamnana
52.rosapu ravikaikari---ennullil engo engum
53.geramahtu athiyayam---athu methula
54.jhonny---en vanile
55. " ---katril enthen geehtam
56. " ---senyorita i love you
57.moodu pani---en iniya pon nilave
58.nizhalkal---poonkathve thazhthiravai
59. " ---madai thirandhu
60. " ---idhu oru ponmalai
61.thai pongal---theertha karaithanilae
62.tik tik tik--- idhu oru nilakalam
63. " ---poo malarnthida
64.raja parvai---anthi mazhai
65.autoraja ---tamizh sangathil
66.metti---metti oli
67.moondram pirai---poonkattru
68.ninaivellam nithya---pani vizhum malarvanam
69.payanangal mudivathillai---ilaiya nila
70.thooral ninnu pochu---poobalam
71. “ ---thanga sangili
72.anandha kummi---oru kili
73. “ ---indha umai
74.bagavathipuram railway gate---sevvarali thottathula
75. “ ----kalai near kattre
76.ilamai kalangal---pada vandhathor ganam
77. “ ---eramana rosave
78.indru nee nalai nan---ponvanam
79.malaiyur mambattiyan---chinna ponnu
80.man vasanai---pothi vacha
81.mella pesungal---sevvanthi pookkalil
82.munthanai mudichu---vellaku vecha
83. “ ---anthi varum
84.odai nadhiyakiradhu---thalaiyai kuniyum
85.soorakottai singakutti---kalidhasan kannadhasan
86.anbe odi vaa--- kathil kettathu
87dhavani kanavugal---sengamalam sirrikuthu
88.kai kodukkum kai---kannukule yaro
89.mudivalla arambam---thennam keetrum
90.naan padum padal---padava un padalai
91.neengal kettavai---o…vasantharaja
92.nooravadhu naal---vizhiyile
93.poovilangu---kannil aedho
94.thambiku endha ooru---kadhalin deepam
95.unnakkave vazhukiren---kanna unnai thedukiren
96.vaidheki kathirundal---indraiku aenintha
97 “ ---rasathi unnai
98.aan pavam---kuyile kuyile
99. “-----kadhal kasakkuthaiya
100.andha oru nimidam---siriya paravai
101.geethanjali---oru jeevan
102. “ ---thulli ezhundadu
103.kunguma chimizh---poonkatre
104.meendum kadhal kadhai---adhi kalai nerame
105.naane raja naane manthri---mayankinen solla
106.needhiyan marupakkam---malaikarukkalil
107.oru kaithiyin diary---ponmane
108.pillai nila---raja magal
110.sindhu bairavi---poomalai
111. “ ---naan oru sindhu
112.udhaya geetham---sangeetha megam
113.amman koil kezhakale---chnna manikuyile
114. “ ---poovai eduthu
115 “ ---kalai near poonkuyil
116.mandhira punnagai---mandhira punnagaiyo
117.namum oru thozhilali---naan pooveduthu
118.muthal vasantham--- aaru adhum
119.mella thirandhadu kadhavu---thedum kan
121.neethana andha kuyil---poojaiketha poovidu
122. “ ---en jeevan paduthu
123.palaivana rojakkal---kadhal enpathu
124.punnagai mannan---ethetho
125 “ ---theme music
126 “ ---enna satham
127.sathanai---enge naan kanpen
128.thaikku oru thalatu---aarariro padiyatharo
129.vikram---meendum meendum vaa
130.chiraiparavai---anantham pongida
131.enga oru pattukaran---madura marikozhunthu
132. “ ---senbagame senbagame
133.manadhil uruthi vendum---sankathamizh kaviye
134. “ ---kannin maniye
135.ninnaika therindha maname--- engenku nee sentra podhum
136.padu nilave---malaiyoram
137.rettai vaal kuruvi---rajaraja chozhan
138 “ ---kannan vandhu
139.dharmathin dhalaivan---thenmadhurai
140.en pommukutti ammavukku---kuyile kuyile
141.enga oru kavakkaran---aasaiyile patthi
142.pasa paravaikal---thenpandi tamizhe
143.poonthota kavalkaran---sindhiya venpani
144. “ ---paramal partha
145.rasave unnai nambi---rasathi manasula
146. “ ---kalai neara ragame
148. sembagame sembagame---vasalile poosanipoo
149.unnal mudiyum thambi---ithazhil kadhai
150.apoorva sakothararkal---unnai ninaichen
151.mapillai---ennathan sugamo
152. “-----manin eru
153.pandi nattu thangam---en manasule pattudhan
154.pongi varum kaveri---velli kolusumani
155. “ ---- thinamum sirichu mayakki
156.ponmana selvan---poovana etta thottu
157.siva---eru vizhiyin
158.varusam pathinaru---poo pookkum masam
159. “ ---ey ayyasamy
160.arengetra velai---agaya vennilave
161.chatriyan---malayil yaro
162.mounam sammatham---kalayana then nila
163.puthu pattu---nethu orutharai parthom
164.sirayil pootha china malar---o…. thenrale
165.thalatu padava---neethana neethana
166. “` ---varathu vandha
167.unnai solli kuttramillai---sorkkathin vasarpadi
168.chinna thambi---povoma urkolam
169.eeramana rosave---vaa vaa anbe
170.en rasavin manasile---kuyil pattu
171.guna---kanmani anbodu
172. “----unnai naan ariven
174. “ ---idhayame
175.karpulla mullai---poonkaviyam
176.oorellam un pattu---oorellam un pattuthan
177.avaaram poo---samikitta
178. “ ---allolam
179.chinna gowndar---muthu mani malai
180.chinnavar---kottukali kottu nayanam
181.deiva vakku---valli valli
182.devar mahan---enchi eduppazhaha
183.entrum anbuden---thulli trindhathoru kalam
184.meera---aha o…butterfly
185.nadodi pattukaran---agaya thamarai
186.singaravelan---thudhu selvatharadi
187.vanna vanna pookkal---kannamma
188 “ ----ela nenje vaa
189.villu pattukaran---solai malaiyoram
190.aranmanai kili---rasave unnai
191. “ ---adi poonkuyile
192.chinna mappillai---kadhoram lolakku
193.enga thambi---malaiyora manguruvi
194.marupadiyum---nalam vazha
195. “ ---ellorum sollum pattu
196.udanpirappu---nandri sollave
197.valli---enna enna kanavu
198 “---ennulle ennulle
199.maha nadhi---sri renga renga
200. “ ----thai pongal
201.senthamizh selvan---pattu esai pattu
202.enga thambi---mane maragathame
203.sevanthi---semmene semmene
204. “ ----punnaivana poonkuyile
205.avatharam---thenral vandhu dheendum
205. “ ---aritharathai poosikolla
206. “ ---oru gundumani
207.ellame en rasathan---aazhagana manjal
208 “ ---veenaikku veenai
209.chandraleka---alla un aanaipadi
210.kolankal---chinna koottil
211.muthu kalai---punnaivanathu
212.pattu padava---vazhividu
213 “ ---nil nil padhil
214.pattu vadhiyar---neethane nalthorum
216.katta panchayathu---oru chinna manikuyilu
217.devathai---oru naal andha
218.raman Abdullah---en veettu
219. “ ----muthamizhe
220.kadhalikku mariyathai---ennai thalata varuvalo
221. “ ---idhu sangeetha
222. “ “ ---anantha kuyilin
223. “ “ ---oru pattam poochi
224.kizhakum merkkum---kathum kuyile
225.manam virumbuthe unnai---elavenir kala
226 “ “ ---etho etho nenjil
227.kummi pattu---chinna chinna manasu
228.time---kadhal neethana
229 “----thavikkeeren thavikkeeren
230.kadhal rojave---ninaitha swaram
231.kannukkul nilavu---eravu pagalai theda
232. “ “-----rojapoonthottam
234. “-----manjal pusum
235.sethu---enge sellum
235. “-----varthai thavarivitai
236.karisakattu poove---ayiram kodi
237.hey ram---nee partha parvaikku
238. “------isaiyil
239.salangai oli---thakida thakida
240. “ ----om navachivaya
241.sippikkul muthu---manasu mayankum
242.”how to name it?”---All tracks
243.”nothing but wind”--- All tracks
244.”ilayarajavin geethanjali”---kamakshi
245. “ ----thaniyaka naan
246. “ ----muruganai
247.julee ganapathi---minmini parvaigal
248. “ -----enakku piditha
249. “ -----idhayame
251. “ ---en kutthama
252. “ ---paattu solli
253.kasi---en manavanil
254. “----naan kanum
255. “----punniyam
256.ivan---enaiyenna seiythai
257.en mana vanil---enna solli
258. “ ---rottora paattu
260. “ ---vanam athirave
261.solla marandha kathai---aetho onnu nenaichirunthen
262.manasellam----chinna kuyile
263. " ----nee thoonkum
264. " ----llaiya nadhi