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18th January 2006, 09:41 AM
[tscii:9a7dba8bfa]Blogs are still evolving in India and everyday we see so many changes and improvements in the way the blogs are used. But what it has done now is something that has never been tried before in any part of the blogosphere. Many music enthusiasts among the bloggers started to use the audio blogs to post their new music compositions thereby exhibiting their talents to the world. Some even sing some popular songs in their own voice and post it as an audio blog. Such like-minded people started to gather in some of the most popular audio blogs sharing their new ideas in music and discuss about music there. They give honest feedback on each otherís works. Now what is great about this group at this moment is that they have decided to compose a music album and release it in the blog. It is something first of its kind ever tried in blogosphere. It is a collaborative effort of many bloggers. Jo is co-coordinator of this great effort. The album is going to be released shortly. Here is my interview with Jo aobut this project.