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9th November 2005, 06:21 PM



The Council in memory of late Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, organizes Maulana Azad International Essay Competition every year in English, Hindi, Urdu and Arabic languages. The competition in Hindi, Urdu and Arabic languages is open to entries from all over the world. Entries in English language are open to SAARC countries only and to bonafide students of Universities and Research Institutions. For 2004 Maulana Azad International Essay Competition the Council invites essays in any one of four languages on the topic noted below :




First Prize : Rs. 25,000/-; Second Prize : Rs. 20,000/-; Third Prize : Rs. 15,000/-

(The Winner from foreign country will be presented ICCR Publications worth the Award Money)

The essays should be neatly typed in double space or written in calligraphy (for Urdu and Arabic). The participants must submit one original and three copies of their essays. Each page should be clearly numbered. The length of the essay should not be less then 10,000 words.


The participant should be a bonafide student of University/Research Institution. A certificate to this effect obtained from the University/Institution and a passport size photograph should invariably be enclosed with the entries.

Any participant who resorts to plagiarism shall be disqualified. A participant can submit only one essay in any one of the four languages. The essay may be sent through registered post/courier or hand delivered to the under noted address so as to reach ICCR by 31st December, 2005. Essays received after the last date will not be accepted.

For any further queries and details contact CD Section, Midnain Council for Cultural Relations, Azad Bhawan, IP Estate, New Delhi-110002.

Phone : 0091-11-2337-0227/2337-9930/2337-0931

15th November 2005, 05:04 PM
Invitation to attend Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) annual conference


17th November 2005, 03:11 PM
Pravasi Bhartiya Divas (PBD) is held in India every year from 7-9 January. The fourth PBD will be held in Hyderabad from 7-9 January, 2006. The broad details of the programme as well as Registration Forms are posted on the website of Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (www.moia.gov.in).

It is requested that you may like to circulate this information to all members of your Association/Society as well as to other interested people of Indian origin (PIOs) in Ireland as some of them may be interested to attend the PBD in Hyderabad. The Government of India looks forward to a large scale participation from the Indian diaspora in the best tradition of the affection and solidarity that all the Indians would feel for their country.

24th November 2005, 05:53 AM
[tscii:25207f45a9]A new site:

"This unique, searchable database contains up to date profiles of some of South Asia’s most talented women writers – biographies, bibliographies, prizes and photographs. It aims to create a network for women writers and to promote internationally voices that are less frequently heard. The site has developed from a conference organised by the British Council India in 2003, UKSAWWC, which brought together women writers from the UK and South Asia, many for the first time. For more information on that conference, please access www.uksawwc.org"

24th November 2005, 10:11 PM
Got this as a forward, checked the website and that has only US info... so please email or call local no to confirm info

They are like a consultancy who bring companies for recruitment for the disabled...who completed Diplomma,B.Sc,B.Tech etc....

Till now they have contacted 32 companies for recruitment...

700 disabled candidates attended the interview and out of them 65 candidates were selected and now they are in the job..

This is for people who completed their degree or doing their degree...

And November 30th is the last date for registering for interview... only registered candidates are allowed to attend the interview ...

Dec 17th,18th interview

They prefer only one person accompanying the candidate for help. I think it is conducted by Lions club and sponsored by ASN india.

Contact details:
For more queries Call : +91 44 2445 2400
Or mail at abilityindia@vsnl.net

Employee Ability-2005
C /o.Ability Foundation,
28,Second cross street,
Gandhi Nagar, Adayar,
Madras. 044-24452400

12th December 2005, 08:33 PM

About the Contest

code4bill is a unique contest aimed at finding the best student technologists in India.

Contest registrations open on January 1, 2006. Till then you can sign in to get updates and access to cool brain teasers.

What is in it for you?
Internships, cool jobs, and an opportunity to work with Bill Gates Technical Assistants Team (Yes, that’s true!). Here’s how:

The top 20 students will be offered a two month internship at Microsoft Research Center & Microsoft India Development Center in India. What’s more students successfully completing their internship will be offered a job at Microsoft India. And these jobs will not be just any jobs, these will be cool jobs where you might just change the way we work, communicate and live. Click here to see projects that interns work on.

The Grand Champion:
The numero uno, the chosen one, the best of the best will be decided on the basis of project submissions & final presentations to a selection panel. The winner will work with Bill Gates Technical Assistants Team in Redmond, USA for a period of one year.

What if you are not in the Top 20?
You can still win certificates of participation, cool Microsoft goodies and gifts if you are in the top 1000 contestants.

How does it work?
The code4bill contest comprises of a series of online tests followed by a face-to-face interaction to identify the top 20 student technologists.

The contest will run from January 2006 to March 2006 followed by a 2 month internship for the top 20 contestants.

Check out the exact details on January 1, 2006

You can actually get a sneak peek into what's coming, interact with our top programmers and benefit from the first mover advantage. To get updates, take a sneak peek and stay ahead, just Sign In. It's that simple. [/tscii:f9b752460b]

19th December 2005, 05:17 PM
TIFR Alumni Association (TAA) is organsing a Public Lecture on 21 December 2005.

Speaker: Professor N. Mukunda
Title: Science and the Human Predicament
Date, Venue & Time 21 December, Homi Bhabha Auditorium; 5 p.m.

The centenary of Einstein's Year of Miracles is a good time to review the increase in scientific knowledge and conceptual advances in our understanding of the physical universe. The Lorenz and Delbruck reinterpretation of Kant in the light of evolutionary theory explains our abilities, limitations and singular position in Nature. The predicament of the individual then emerges as a possible source for the important quality of compassion as essential for human existence as the possession of knowledge

About the speaker
Professor Mukunda is an eminent theoretical physicist and author of several books and monographs. He is renowned for his pioneering initiatives in nurturing and strengthening science education at all levels in the country. He is the Chairperson of the Science Education panel, Editor of Publications and the Vice President of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore.

The lecture is open to all.

22nd February 2006, 06:10 PM
[tscii:8ef0ee0cab]Oliyin Malalaihal’
(Children of light)
by Thava Sajitharan
Tamil Poetry Book Launch:
Saturday, 5.15pm
February 25, 2006
Colombo Thamizh Sangam, Rudra Mawatha, Wellawatta, Colombo-06
Thava Sajitharan is a young Sri Lankan Tamil poet and a journalist working with Sri Lanka’s national weekly Sunday Observer. His poems have appeared in many literary magazines in Sri Lanka, including in English, 'God of Horror,' back cover of SSA's Polity journal's 2nd post-tsunami 2005 issue. Sajitharan’s first book of poetry ‘Oliyin Malalaihal (Children of Light)’ is divided into two parts: the first part includes poems written in keeping with prosody, and the second free verse.
Prof. M.A.Nuhman (University of Peradeniya, Tamil Dept.), in his Foreword to the book says: ‘My first impression after going through the poems in this compilation, is that Sajitharan ! is a young poet who deserves our trust.’[/tscii:8ef0ee0cab]

22nd February 2006, 06:11 PM
TIFR Alumni Association (TAA) is organising a Public Lecture on 28 February 2006

Topic Radio Waves and the Universe
Speaker Professor Govind Swarup, FRS
Date Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Time & Venue 5 p.m.: Homi Bhabha Auditorium,

Discoveries in radio astronomy have revolutionized our understanding of the Universe such as radio galaxies, quasars, microwave background radiation, pulsars, molecules in space. Recent major results from the Ooty radio telescope and the Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope at Narayangaon will be highlighted. Finally the speaker will discuss the question: Are we alone in our galaxy

About the speaker
Professor Govind Swarup is the former Centre Director of the National Centre for Radio Astrophysics and the Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope Project. He set up a 530 meters long and 30 meters wide radio telescope of a unique design at Ooty during 1965-1969. During 1987-1996, he directed the design of the Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope that was proposed by him.
He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of London and all the national science academies in India. He has received over 20 national and international awards.

The lecture is open to all.

Non TIFR members are requested to carry a photo identity card when coming to attend the lecture.
College ID card, voter's ID card etc will suffice.

24th February 2006, 07:30 PM
wow nice thread :clap:

6th March 2006, 04:33 PM
The Harappan Puzzle - talk

Professor Mayank Vahia, Professor of Astronomy, TIFR, will give a colloquium on "The Harappan Puzzle". It will be held at the Main Lecture
Theatre of TIFR - Room AG 66 - on Wednesday, March 8 2006 at 4 p.m.

Abstract of the talk
Harappan or Mohenjo Daro is one of the most enigmatic prehistoric human
civilisations. One of the oldest and largest civilisations, it is also one
of the least understood. Several basic questions about it remain
unanswered. While it was known to be technologically quite advanced, its
science, literature, commerce and general intellectual capabilities are
poorly understood. Absence of extensive written material and discontinuity
of the civilisation around 2000 BC have made these matters difficult to
decipher through conventional archaeology. However, new developments in
archaeo astronomy, archaeo genetics, and linguistics promise to contribute
significantly to our understanding of the Harappans. We will discuss some
of these issues and look for future trends in this subject of great
curiosity and importance to Indians in particular and the world in

This talk has been arranged in our Lecture Theatre where the seating capacity is limited. Therefore, if you plan to attend the talk, please send me a mail in advance.

20th April 2006, 04:53 PM

Dear Sir,

You are perhaps aware that Friendz Exhibitions & Promotions Pvt. Ltd. (FEP) is one of the leading ORGANISERS of Exhibitions & Seminars in North India. Kindly visit our WEBSITE at www.friedzexhibition.com to know more about our organization.

Education is our FORAY of activities and 2006 is our 4th year of our INFRA-EDUCA, a complete exhibition on education. Please visit www.infraeduca.com for full details.

INFRA EDUCA, 05 was a grand success – spread over in four halls – 7A, 7B, 7C and 7E measuring over 10,000 sq. meter in PRAGATI MAIDAN, New Delhi with 200 and odd participating Institutes visited by thousands of students and their parents.

OBJECTIVES of INFRA EDUCA are as follows:

Exposing the various educational streams being introduced by various institutes of Higher & Technical Education.

Act as a catalyst in bringing the Indian Education at par with the World Standards & lowering the cost of studies.

Tie- Ups between the institutions for introduction of new courses across the country.

Making India as the destination in the various fields of Education among the other Developing nations.

Last but not the least; bring awareness to the masses about the policies and programmes of the Government & Grants- in- aid.

We take this opportunity to request your good self to recommend us to a few Exhibition Organizers for mobilizing Institutes, Universities etc. both in public and private sectors for participating in our above events, on mutual benefit basis.

Thanking you,

Yours truly
For Friendz Exhibitions & Promotions Pvt. Ltd.

(Former General Manager, I.T.P.O.)
Mobile No.: 09891657608

10th May 2006, 04:49 PM
Red Hat Scholarships 2006-2007


13th May 2006, 06:33 PM
Having conducted the basic and the advanced workshop, for about 1100 students across the country in a span of 3 months, TRI feels the need to push the bar even higher and guide passionate students to the next level.

Micromouse is amongst the toughest autonomous competition in the country and has just seen 2 winners in a span of 4 years. So as to equip you with the best of fundamentals of autonomous robotics, TRI brings to you " mouseTRIx", a workshop which gives you insight to the process of building a successful Micromouse.
The workshop is a unique mixture of theory and implementation, designed so as to expose the students to all the basics of building of a fully autonomous intelligent robot, via the platform of Micromouse.

This workshop has been conceptualized and would be conducted by Ashish Bhat, the one who has made the fastest micromouse in India, Won the Micromouse competition at IIT Bombay for 2 consecutive years and, Rahul Singh, the one who led the IIT Bombay team to represent India in ROBOCON finals at Beijing.

For more details kindly visit our website http://www.triindia.co.in/mousetrix.html

Feel free to contact us for any clarification.

Team TRI


29th May 2006, 02:06 PM
[tscii:dad9f86e2a]Hello Friends,

This is an Invitation for Mahaa Sri Yoga to be conducted in Bangalore for FREE from June 5 to June 10 by Universal Peace Foundation.

(Note: It will be conducted In Coimbatore and Chennai in near future on similar model)

Mahaa Sri Yoga is a variant of Ashtanga Yoga flexed for this modern age so that a common man can practise and benefit from it.

The intent of the course is to make a person stronger, healthier and Fitter in physical, mental (emotional) and intellectual (Spiritual) aspect of being by waking the dormant Kundalini power within ones Self. For more info about greatness of Kundalini as preached by Swami Vivekananda, please click here

Please forward this information to all your friends and colleagues.

Whom is it intended for?

Those who are interested in practicing Yoga or looking for Yoga as means for a Healthier Mind and improved life or Seeking Supreme Knowledge

To know more about Mahaa Sri Yoga check



Some of the benefits observed for regular practioners are

· Relief from Stress
· Calmer and Rational Intellect with a refined positive thought pattern.
· Regulated Sleep Cycles
· Any physical ailments or mental stress can be gradually removed through regular practise.

For Course Details click here http://www.prasadbr.net/common/yoga/Course_Details.html

Interested minds can register their names : Register Yourself Online http://www.prasadbr.net/common/yoga/Register.asp

Vijay R

Email: 99802 25444

Phone: duvijan@gmail.com

Krishna Kumar P

98450 33431


29th May 2006, 02:27 PM
Nice thread....
Orae ala irundhu oru threadai nadathureenga..

12th July 2006, 04:49 PM
This is good news for book lovers. World's first Online Book Fair has
started on 4 th July 06. This book fair will be for a month. E-books
will be available for free access / download. Those of you, who are
interested in readership, do not miss this opportunity !

<http://www.worldebookfair.com/> http://www.worldebookfair.com/

One can download the books from this site till Aug 4th, 2006.

About World eBook Library Catalogs and Collections The World eBook Library
Consortia Collection shelves more than 330,000 PDF eBooks in 100+ languages
contained in 112 of the finest eBook and eDocument collections published on
the Internet today. The mission of the World eBook Library's Acquisition
Department is to add new eBooks every day.

18th September 2006, 09:46 PM
Due to limited space in the Lecture Theatre, we will be able to accommodate only a limited number of non_TIFR members. If you would like to attend the lecture, please send a mail to kishore_menon at yahoo.com latest by Thursday, September 21, 2006

Title : On the irrelevance of being Pluto
Speaker : Prof M.N.Vahia, DAA, TIFR
Date : Friday, 22nd September 2006
Time : 16:00 hours
Venue : AG-69

Pluto was recently demoted from a planet to a Pluton! For seventy-five years Pluto was also a member of the elite "Planet club" as decided by the inhabitants of the only living planet of the Solar System and then is was (un?)ceremoniously dumped into the sea of rocks as being an impostor. I can quite identify with Pluto: I think Pluto very important while those who matter think it is an imposter! In the present talk we will discuss why Pluto was declared a *persona non-grata* of the elite Planet club and why it was partially compensated by being given a separate club and made a Trishanku of planetary science!

22nd September 2006, 02:00 PM
Hi All,

The IITs have taken up an initiative of starting online teaching and thus have started offering course materials online for every engineering stream.
Many professors from all the IITs have provided course materials for each chapter and each subject.
One has to register at the link provided below and can access the course material.
Every Chapter has been described with diagrams and charts.
Please spread this message to everyone, as many can benefit from this program taken up by the government and IIT.
This is just a trial period going on and hence i request everyone to register at the link given.
1] Go to http://nptel.iitm.ac.in
2] Click on Courses
3] Sign up as a NEW USER
4] And one can access any course material.

Please spread the word, so that this initiative benefits as many students as possible.

6th November 2006, 02:48 PM
"Upliftment of Children is our motto"

Dear friends,

Contests for Children have been announced for short story writing
and sketching in my novel English and Tamil bilingual website:


Improving the career of children is the sole objective of the site
and the site is dedicated exclusively for the children. Teaching
tamil is one of the most important aspects of the site.

Amazing pictures drawn by kids, beautiful photographs of children,
selected stories, songs and video. Information to improve general
knowledge, English and Tamil proverbs, interesting online games
and many more things are being published in this site.

An exclusive tamil teaching section to guide children as well as
adults to produce Tamil contents with all applications in the PC is
developed with the world's most powerful and extremely versatile
Transliteration software Azhagi.

Please do see the website, offer your views, send pictures drawn by
your kids, photographs of your kids and whatever content you have to
offer for the kids for publication.

Please do encourage your children to participate in the contests and
recommend the site to all your friends.

thank you,

(A.K. Rajagopalan)

22nd November 2006, 06:42 PM
Our friends in Vadapalani are conducting a blood donation camp with the help of Royapettah Govt. Hospital at Vadapalani on 10th Dec 2006. Please see the route map & other details below.

Please pass on the message to your friends.
Note:This is the third year we are conducting the camp.Number of donors in the first year was 46,second year - 100.This year we are aiming for 200 donors.

************************************************** ************************************************** *******************
Venue : Shakespeare Matriculation School,
No. 52A,South Sivan Koil Street,
Chennai - 600 026.
Date : 10th Dec 2006
Time : 10 AM - 1PM
Contact : 98414 00952, 98413 25973

Blood collected will be given to Royapettah Govt. Hospital.

Attached is the route to venue

Why is blood required?

Many lifesaving medical treatments require blood transfusions. What and how many blood products are given to a patient will depend on his or her individual needs. Some of the patients in need of blood transfusion :

Victims of traumatic injuries and accidents
Leukemia patients
Burn patients
Those receiving organ or bone marrow transplants
Premature babies
Cancer patients
Patients undergoing certain surgeries

Here's what you do for donating blood:

Have a good meal and lot of fluids before you donate blood.
You will be asked a few questions about your health, previous blood donation history (if any) and will be given a form to fill up.
All information you provide is confidential and will not be made available to any agency or authority.
You will undergo a medical examination including height, weight, blood pressure and haemoglobin to ensure that you are healthy enough to donate blood.
Donor safety is as important as blood safety. If found fit, you can donate blood.
You will not develop any disease through blood donation.
It takes about 10 minutes to donate blood - less than the time an average telephone call takes.

Eligibility for blood donation:

Age - 18 to 60 years
Weight - above 45 kgs
Haemoglobin - above 12.5g (we will be checking this at the time of donation)
No malaria, jaundice or typhoid or any major surgery in the last 12 months.
No medication 72 hrs prior to donation. Those on medication for diabetes or hypertension cannot donate.
A proper breakfast/lunch before donation.

Some FAQ's about Blood Donation:

Why should I donate Blood?
To save human life, only human blood can be used. It has no substitute.

Will I feel weak if I donate Blood?
No. You have about 5 litres of blood in your body, you donate only 350 ml which is made up by your system within 24 hours to 36 hours in quantity and in 2-3 weeks in quality. You can return to your job immediately after donation.

How do I know that I am fit to donate Blood?
You will be asked to donate blood only if you are declared medically fit and between the age of 18-60 years, and not less than 45 kgs weight.

How often can I donate Blood?
You can safely donate blood once in every three months.

************************************************** ************************************************** *******************

22nd January 2007, 02:34 PM
If you and any of your colleagues are interested in arts and paintings, do come to attend the talk.

Professor Richard Ernst, NL, will deliver a Public Lecture on Monday, January 22, 2007. The details are as under:

Title: Science and Heritage: Analysis and Conservation
The Example of Tibetan Painting Art

Speaker: Prof Richard R. Ernst, NL
Laboratorium fr Physikalische Chemie
ETH Hnggerberg HCI
8093 Zrich, Switzerland

Date Monday, 22 January 2007 at 5 .p.m.
Homi Bhabha Auditorium, TIFR, Mumbai 400005

Tibetan Painting Art, is closely related to the urgency of preserving cultural heritage. Cultures are our roots. Culture is where we are at home, and it is not only science that fills our hearts, even when we are spending days and nights in our beloved laboratories. Losing our roots means losing our sense in life.

The Tibetan culture has undergone major destruction by ruthless politicians during the Cultural Revolution and before. Most of the monasteries and much of the art have been eradicated. But also today, there are enemies to the preservation of cultural heritage: mainly our profit-oriented monetary thinking. It is one of our academic obligations to actively help preserving our treasures

Richard Ernst's personal encounter with Tibetan art and culture was purely accidental, but it significantly enriched his life through collecting, studying, analyzing, and restoring Tibetan paintings. It brought him into contact with a fascinating culture that opened his eyes to a different world.

The speaker will try to transfer his personal excitement to the audience, hoping that it will be contagious. He will show that science is of great value in the process of conserving ancient art.
\nAbout the speaker
Richard Ernst, Swiss researcher and teacher was awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize in Chemistry, in 1991 for his development of techniques for high-resolution nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. Ernst&#39;s refinements made NMR techniques a basic and indispensable tool in chemistry and also extended their usefulness to other sciences.\n

The lecture is open to all

18th March 2007, 05:20 PM
Cyberia, a national level technical fest held by IEEE-SJCE during the even semester is acclaimed to be the most successful technical fete of SJCE.

IEEE-SJCE in its continuing effort of bringing out the best in the technical arena in the undergraduate stream has been conducting CYBERIA, for the past 11 years.
CYBERIA '07, which is scheduled to be held from 22nd to 25th March in the SJCE campus has a stipulated 14 events, each of which is carefully chosen to cater to students,from the various fields of engineering. The response from the students has been tremendous over the years so far and for CYBERIA '07 we are expecting a better response from students from all over Karnataka as well as the whole of India.
Being counted among the best technical events of the country, the fete is expected to attract the
pre-eminent industries as well as distinguished personalities from premier research and educational

Be a part of this technical extravaganza! !

For further details please check the website www.ieee.org/sjce

4th April 2007, 02:55 PM
The Bangalore Linux Users Group is happy to announce a special event on
April 10th:

T h e O p e n M o k o P r o j e c t
Presented by
Sean Moss-Pultz and Harald Welte
Tuesday, 10th April, 4:00pm
Hotel Chancery, Lavelle Road

OpenMoko (http://openmoko. org) is the world's first integrated Open Source
Mobile Communication Platform. OpenMoko is supposed to run on all kinds of
Linux-capable mobile phones. The first fully supported OpenMoko phone is
the FIC Neo1973.

Sean Moss-Pultz of FIC is the Program manager and driving force behind the

Harald Welte is... ummm.. he's done so much for the FOSS community,
maybe it's better if you just read about him here:
http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Harald_Welte

They are going to show off their baby, explain what makes it tick, and how
it works, and how you can get involved in this high-visibility project.

They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The event is open to (almost) everyone who is interested in OpenMoko and
wants to learn more about the project. This event is developer oriented,
and of interest to people who wish to contribute to the project at system
(Linux), UI (gtk) or application level.

The "almost" in the paragraph above stems from the fact that no more than
100 people will fit in the venue, and it is therefore first come, first

There is no cover charge, but you will have to register by sending your
name to openmoko-event@ blug.in latest by Monday, the 9th of April - only
people who register and who receive a confirmation can attend.

Sorry about that, but we have to take into account that the venue can only
hold a fixed number of people, and that we have to tell the hotel in
advance how many people will be coming (for the snacks and tea/coffee
after the event).

We are grateful to Geodesic Information Systems Limited, who have kindly
agreed to cover the expenses of the event.

So if you are interested in embedded/mobile Linux, the OpenMoko project,
and the future of mobile communication, then please send your name to
openmoko-event@ blug.in

Please spend some time going through the material at http://openmoko. org
to prepare. This will help you get the most out of the event.

And if any of you have already started developing for the platform (you
know who you are), please let us know so that we can highlight this during
the event.
Tejas Dinkar

8th June 2007, 03:18 PM
Announcement of
India 's Student Sponsorship Program for IAC-2007

(For more details visit website : http://www.iac2007. org)

Astronautical Society of India along with Indian Space Research Organisation is privileged to host International Astronautical Congress (IAC) for the second time in India . After 39th IAC at Bangalore in 1988, Hyderabad has got the honour to host 58th Session of this most prestigious event of Astronautics during September 24-28, 2007 .

This program of IAC offer students a unique opportunity to learn and exchange information with their peers and space professionals from across the globe while creating lasting contacts with academic, industry and space agency representatives.

The Congress primarily attracts students with keen interest in space-related studies. This year, the congress being held in India , a large contingent of 50 students will be selected from India to participate in IAC-2007. For many students this is an opportunity that will strongly motivate towards their studies, research and future career path.

Reflecting the ISRO's commitment to encourage the development of the next generation of space professionals, students from Science, Engineering and Law are invited to participate in the contests for selection to participate in IAC.

21st September 2007, 03:56 PM
This is from my friend Thirumani.... those interested please call him.

For those of you who are in Bangalore, if you have the
time this weekend do join in this program.

Global Volunteer Days: A Day with Special Children
22-SEP-2007 10:00 to 17:30
Bangalore, Karnataka India
The plan is to spend a day with the children and
conduct various lively ice breaking games with some
knowledge sharing. We will also invite "yours truly
theatre" group to perform an interactive drama
for the children to entertain the children and end of
the day leave a useful message. We will provide them
with one good meal and conduct sports events to
energise the children.

I am participating in this and can provide more
details if you decide to join in.

You can reach me on my mobile 9740199300


7th October 2007, 01:50 AM
[tscii:171ee7b216]A new site:

"This unique, searchable database contains up to date profiles of some of South Asia’s most talented women writers – biographies, bibliographies, prizes and photographs. It aims to create a network for women writers and to promote internationally voices that are less frequently heard. The site has developed from a conference organised by the British Council India in 2003, UKSAWWC, which brought together women writers from the UK and South Asia, many for the first time. For more information on that conference, please access www.uksawwc.org"
[/tscii:171ee7b216] :D nice info...

7th October 2007, 01:52 AM

29th December 2007, 09:01 PM
[tscii:d46939dff1]Kurukshetra Jan22nd - 25th, 2008

College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University, presents KURUKSHETRA ’08 - an International Techno Management fest to be held during January 22nd - 25th, 2008. Kurukshetra’08 will span an event-packed four days, with more than 35 events, mind boggling workshops and loads of contests. The main highlight of Kurukshetra’08 is XCEED - The Nationwide Robotics Challenge scheduled at 5 different zones across the country. The Robotics events are Designer’s quest, Solenopsis, Freightocog and Catch me if u can. The total prize money for Robotics is over 1.6 lakhs!! For further details, visit www.kurukshetra.org.in

It started like this. We wanted to create a synthesis of engineering techniques, skills and thought processes.While engineers think differently from doctors and scholars, what is more important is that engineers think differently from each other as well. We decided to create a stage... nay...a battlefield for the exponents of various engineering techniques to showcase their skill, their stamina, their drive to win for what can be better for the engineering community as a whole but a test of strength, a test of character, a test of will. The name Kurukshetra practically chose itself for the event.

Like any proper war there will be a lot of smaller battles. These battles are going to take place in the areas of MODELLING, DESIGN, MECHANICS, PRESENTATIONS, SOFTWARE, QUIZZES and MANAGEMENT. The mother of all battles is going to be in ROBOTICS of course. There are not only the events where you are expected to get down and dirty, sweat and make things work;but also events where you are expected to be suave and poised and cool and calm. Kurukshetra tests not only your qualifications as an engineer it also tests your resolve to be one and your qualifications to be a representative of the engineering community to the rest of the world.

Kurukshetra is being organized this year, from the 22nd to the 25th of January, 2008 at the hallowed grounds of CEG, Anna University, which is Asia’s largest Technical University.
With quests, ranging from "OPC" to "Robotics", from "Business Plan" to "MATLAB contests”, and with a plethora of quizzes, puzzles and coding events to add spice, KURUKSHETRA 08 promises to be a true Multi-Disciplinary concoction.
The winner will be the one, who not just thinks, but enjoys, as well! [/tscii:d46939dff1]

29th December 2007, 09:15 PM
[tscii:5eeb2b92e3]Guest lectures at K'08

Douglas Osheroff
Professor of Physics & Applied Physics
Stanford University

J.G. Jackson and C.J. Wood Professorship in Physics

Nobel Prize Winner in Physics(1996) -
Discovery of the superfluidic nature of 3He.

Born and raised in Aberdeen, Washington, a logging town in the Pacific Northwest, Osheroff attended public schools and earned his Bachelor's degree in Physics in 1967 from Caltech. He received a Ph.D. from Cornell University in 1973. His Ph.D. thesis work resulted in the discovery of three superfluid phases of liquid 3He. These phases are neutral analogs to the superconductors, but with greater complexity in their order.

Leaving Cornell in the fall of 1972, he spent the next fifteen years in the physical research division at AT&T Bell Laboratories, the last six as the head of their Low Temperature and Solid State Research Department. Here, in collaboration, he worked on studies of the newly discovered superfluid phases of liquid Helium-3, the nature of nuclear spin order in solid 3He, and made the first observations of weak localization in thin disordered metallic films.

In 1987 he came to Stanford University, where his research still focuses on the properties of condensed matter near the absolute zero of temperature. He has also served as chair of the Physics Department at Stanford from 1993-96, and again from 2001-04.

In 2003 Osheroff served as a member on the Columbia Accident Investigation Board, which determined the causes of the accident that led to the destruction of Space Shuttle Columbia during re-entry on 1 February, 2003.

Osheroff has received numerous awards for his research. These include the Sir Francis Simon Memorial Award (1976), the Oliver E. Buckley Prize (1981), the MacArthur Prize Fellowship Award (1981), Walter J. Gores Award for Excellence in Teaching (1991, Stanford University) & the Nobel Prize for Physics. He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences.

Prasad Ram

Head and Director of R&D
Google India

Dr. Prasad started his career as a researcher at Xerox PARC, where he led the research on Digital Rights Management technology, which was later licensed to Microsoft. Prasad Ram received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of California, Los Angeles in 1993. Prasad received his B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in 1987.

At Google, India, he is responsible for the creation of new Google Search, Ads, and Community technologies for global users and innovative products for the Indian consumers. Prasad was previously the CTO of Yahoo India, where he was responsible for providing strategic direction, launching a number of products such as HotJobs, Audio Search, and Podcasting and developing key technologies for vertical search and behavioral targeting.

David Pope Anderson

Research scientist
Space Sciences Laboratory
University of California, Berkeley

Adjunct Professor
Department of Computer Science
University of Houston
Director, SETI @ home Project

Anderson was born in 1955. He received a B.A. in Mathematics from Wesleyan University, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. From 1985 to 1992 he was an Assistant Professor in the UC Berkeley Computer Science Department, where he received the NSF Presidential Young Investigator and IBM Faculty Development Awards.

Initially, his research focused on distributed systems for handling digital audio and video in real time. He later worked at Sonic Solutions, where he developed the first distributed system for digital audio editing, and at Tunes.com, where he developed web-based systems for music discovery based on psychometrics, acoustics, and other models.

In 1995 he joined David Gedye in creating SETI@home - a large volunteer computing project. From 2000 to 2002, he served as CTO of United Devices. In 2002 he created the BOINC - Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing project, which develops an open-source software platform for volunteer computing. The project is funded by NSF and is based at the UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory. BOINC is used by about 40 projects, including SETI@home, Einstein@home, Rosetta@home, and Climateprediction.net.

Mr Vinod K Dasari

Chief Operating Officer
Ashok Leyland Limited

Vinod completed his MBA from Kellogg School of Management and a Masters in Engineering Management from McCormick School of Engineering, both from Northwestern University. He earned a Bachelors Degree in Engineering from University of Louisville.

Prior to Ashok Leyland, Vinod was Joint Managing Director of Cummins India Ltd. where he has laid a strong emphasis on various cost reduction measures, enhancement of supply chain to meet customers’ requirements and overall growth in business. He has successfully driven an innovative initiative - TurboKaizen, which blends Six Sigma and Kaizen to drastically improve performance. Vinod commenced his career with the General Electric Company in 1986.

After completing his MBA in 1992, he joined Timken USA as Senior Business Analyst - Manufacturing and Strategy and then moved to Timken’s Indian operations as Director of Manufacturing and Technology. In 1998, he was appointed Managing Director of Timken India. He served as the President of the Global Railroad business of Timken USA for two years, before joining Cummins in 2002. In his role at Timken, Vinod is credited with bringing about significant changes in these organizations and leading them into profitability after a period of sustained losses. Vinod serves on the Boards of Automotive Coaches & Components Ltd, Gulf Ashley Motor Ltd, Gulf Oil Corporation Ltd and Irizar-TVS Ltd.

At Ashok Leyland, he is heading the Company’s Manufacturing, Domestic Marketing, Defense, Engine Business, Strategic Sourcing, Project Planning, Telematics, IT and Corporate Quality Engineering Divisions. [/tscii:5eeb2b92e3]

14th February 2008, 03:07 PM
Please spread this message in your respective colleges/Univ.

IBM and Techkriti'08 (IIT Kanpur) present all the electronics students an
opportunity to get involved in some of the latest stuff around. We bring to
The rule is very simple:
All you have to do is study some of the latest techniques and come up with
some interesting application along-with feasibility study.

No hardware implementation and simulation required!!

For more info, please visit:

23rd April 2008, 02:28 PM
Message from Anil Kumar Challa:
"DNA Day 2008

Understanding the structure of DNA, the key chemical entity determining genetic inheritance, is considered to be one of the most significant events in 20th century science. The description of the DNA structure by James Watson and Francis Crick was published on 25th April 1953 and fifty years later, in 2003, the genetic manual for
humans (the human genome) was sequenced in its entirety under the aegis of the Human Genome Project. To celebrate these remarkable events in scientific history, April 25th is being celebrated as the DNA Day. This is the first time that Hyderabad will be celebrating the DNA Day at the BM Birla Science Center and invites everyone to be part of the celebrations."
The program is from 10 AM to 5 PM. For further details, contact Anil Kumar Challa at

29th April 2008, 08:18 PM
Make your innovative green design the star of FTF 2008.
The challenge? Design a product that benefits the environment. For the first time, each Freescale Technology Forum in 2008 has a design challenge. Enter the FTF India challenge. If your design is selected, you win $10,000 USD and an all-expenses-paid trip to present your design to peers at FTF. Additional prizes will be awarded throughout the challenge. Together we can make the world a cleaner and greener place.

Submit your design paper by June 20, 2008.
All eligible entries must use one or more of the Freescale products listed below. Click on the product for more information