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27th October 2005, 12:21 AM
BHAGAWATHAM is another Rich-Epic of Indian-Culture ... .

Shall we discuss.?

27th October 2005, 12:32 AM
You mean the Bhagawatha Purana written by Baladeva in the 13th Century?

27th October 2005, 12:36 AM
You mean the Bhagawatha Purana written by Baladeva in the 13th Century?

No. ..Authored By SUKHA-BRAHMA- RISHI..... Briefly called. SUKHA-DEVA in North India

27th October 2005, 03:24 AM
No, I think we have enough of this 'exemplary' epic and puranic talk flooding the history section. It is time we talk some true history.

27th October 2005, 07:15 AM
No, I think we have enough of this 'exemplary' epic and puranic talk flooding the history section. It is time we talk some true history.

Dear Mr. Idiappam,

If You do not relish AJANTHA... it is your Taste or Distaste...

In such a Case... you are welcome to Start any other One of your Choice and Liking... or just can keep off. the ones you do not like.

... Without hindering with others... NOR HATING OR CRITICISING OTHERS TASTES..

27th October 2005, 08:33 AM
Hello Sudhaama Sir
Good Morning. Oh already Discussion abt BHAGAVATHAM is started, Glad.

Who is Lord Krishna's guruji? From whom he learnt 64 arts in 64 days.

Have a nice day

27th October 2005, 09:00 AM
I don't think this is the way it should start in an History forum... It should go something like..

'Bhagavatha was written 10,000 years ago in Punjab by Mr Sukhdev Singh..."

Dates, place or origin, details of the author, extent of the book (say 20 verses) should be given.
Oher names of that work, author should be given too. Contradictions should discusses. And not brushed aside, in the name of 'Holiness' - This is not a 'religion' forum.

Niether a 'literary' forum. It is a HISTORY forum you are in, Uncle Sudhamaa.

27th October 2005, 10:31 AM
Suka maharishi is supposed to have narated the bhagwatham to Parikshit while he was awaiting death from the curse.It seems after hearing the bhagwatham, he became detached and he did not feel any pain on his death.

Suka maharishi is also a very strange rishi.He is supposed to have a parrot like face.Also, supposed to very intelligent with an exemplerary knowledge of brahmavidya

27th October 2005, 02:31 PM
I don't think this is the way it should start in an History forum... Oher names of that work, author should be given too. This is not a 'religion' forum. ...Niether a 'literary' forum. It is a HISTORY forum....

Dear Idiappam,
As usual, you are asking too many simple questions even though you very well know that you will not get any answers. I am surprised that you are still having lot of stamina to ask questions against “large hearted” “mankind” “humanity” “heritage” threads under the history columns. More surprising is that you are expecting historical, archeological evidences and dates too. I don’t know why you can’t understand the meaning of the term “History and culture”! Please understand that these “broad minded humanity” comes under “Culture” category. If you can’t understand this, then I have to call you idiotappam. *

( * I hope you know Vanjapukaljiyani!)

27th October 2005, 03:02 PM
Sorry, Mr r-kk.. I did not know that beliving that one of our maharishis had a parrot face is our culture..

Sorry Viggop and Sudhaama.. carry on the tale..


27th October 2005, 03:03 PM
Hello Sudhaama Sir
Good Morning. Oh already Discussion abt BHAGAVATHAM is started, Glad.

Who is Lord Krishna's guruji? From whom he learnt 64 arts in 64 days.

Have a nice day

Thanks. SAANTHEEPINI Rishi... was Krishna's Guru, during His Boyhood. Sudhaama , alias Kuchela was His Classmate.

27th October 2005, 03:32 PM
Suka rishi is also the son of Veda Vyasar and an apsara .
He had a parrot like face.Even though a boy, he was supposed to be a brahma gnaani.There is even a temple for him in North India in one of Vishnu's thiruthalams.

Suka rishi learnt a lot of things from King janaka.Janaka was a king who performed all duties of king but still was a jeevan muktha.

27th October 2005, 03:35 PM
Idiappam Sir
Hinduism has lot of instances of such things which Hindus believe.

In Dasa avatharams of Vishnu, only Rama,Kirshna and Vamana and Kalki are human beings.Hanuman(another brahma gnaani) is a monkey.

27th October 2005, 04:25 PM
Idiappam Sir
Hinduism has lot of instances of such things which Hindus believe.

In Dasa avatharams of Vishnu, only Rama,Kirshna and Vamana and Kalki are human beings.Hanuman(another brahma gnaani) is a monkey.

Quite a bunch we are! No wonder we are easy target for conversion.

Do you believe it, Viggop? Or are you just there to point out beliefs? Or promote them?

27th October 2005, 06:43 PM
Idiappam Sir
As a Hindu, I do believe in this.
I will have no problem if a person has an alternate view on this.I just follow mine and will not try to force anyone to follow mine.In a secular country like India,people are allowed to promote and propagate their views(as long as it does not abuse other people's views).So, in the future,i can decide to promote my view saying that Dasavatharam really happened and people like Suka maharishi existed.Another person can promote his view that it did not happen and all these things are not real concept of Hinduism.An atheist can say all religions are false.Everything is acceptable in India's constituition.

I think these images are for a person who is just starting his journey towards mukthi.We have lot of philosophies in Hindu religion.as a erudite person, u know that great saints go beyond these images.Lord SHiva is said to be formless to them.But as an ordinary man, i'll keep a form in mind as i've not reached that spiritual level.Take Adi sankara for instance.His philosophy says everything is brahmam and trinity are just a form of it.But , he went and composed slokas on every god and goddess for the common man.

ANyway,we are going beyond this topic on bhagawatham
Sudhaama Sir,Let us continue the Bhagawatham

27th October 2005, 07:29 PM
Idiappam Sir
As a Hindu, I do believe in this.
I will have no problem if a person has an alternate view on this.I just follow mine and will not try to force anyone to follow mine.In a secular country like India,people are allowed to promote and propagate their views(as long as it does not abuse other people's views).So, in the future,i can decide to promote my view saying that Dasavatharam really happened and people like Suka maharishi existed.Another person can promote his view that it did not happen and all these things are not real concept of Hinduism.An atheist can say all religions are false.Everything is acceptable in India's constituition.

I think these images are for a person who is just starting his journey towards mukthi.We have lot of philosophies in Hindu religion.as a erudite person, u know that great saints go beyond these images.Lord SHiva is said to be formless to them.But as an ordinary man, i'll keep a form in mind as i've not reached that spiritual level.Take Adi sankara for instance.His philosophy says everything is brahmam and trinity are just a form of it.But , he went and composed slokas on every god and goddess for the common man.

ANyway,we are going beyond this topic on bhagawatham
Sudhaama Sir,Let us continue the Bhagawatham

Yes Mr. viggop... WELL-SAID....

Besides, the Questions our Friends Mr. Idiappam and Mr. Rohit have raised..

...even though coupled with the underlying sense of Ridicule or Mockery....

.. I take them as the Wise-Questions.... deserving the due Replies...

Because the same Questions can be raised even by our own Children, the Students anxous to LEARN THE TRUTH...

... as well as by our Non-Hindu Friends.... CURIOUS TO KNOW THE VALUES of Indian-Heritage....

INDEED there are Answers...Logical and Sensible.. for these Valid Questions.

But has got to be elaborate... Question can be in a Few Words.... but not the Answer.

And I will duly reply.... on such wealth of Knowledge... in the relevant Forum-Dais...

... another Thread... LARGE-HEARTED INDIAN-HERITAGE... soon.

I request my Friends to continue on these points... as also raise further such Wise-Questions of Common aspects... (irrelevant and far apart this Thread Topic)

... be raised in that latter one... COMPREHENSIVE THREAD.

...allowing this Thread on Bhagawatham to continue within its bounds.

27th October 2005, 08:52 PM
...even though coupled with the underlying sense of Ridicule or Mockery....

'Ridicule and mockery' - see where it is coming from.....

...allowing this Thread on Bhagawatham to continue within its bounds.

What is the purpose of this thread then? Just tell the tale of krishna? Then change the heading to just 'Bhagavatam' remove misleading words 'rich' and 'mankind' etc from it.

If you think there is 'richness', light-hearted or heavy-hearted matter in there - post them. How many threads of do you intend to start for these empty propaganda.

Can you please change the title of this thread to just 'Bhagavatham Story'..

27th October 2005, 10:08 PM
hey guys please mention quotes from Bhagawatham, every piece of literature has sensible things and some nonsense. Even the sensible things are conveyed in a manner that may be ludicrous apparently, but the style was defined centuries back to be accomodative to the level of intellectual development then. So let us disregard the style, parrot head etc. Let us concentrate on the message and see how sensible it is. Unfortunatley for most of our heritage we give too much importance to the form than the content, and call the form as sacred, that is the reason our culture(like most others *) looks funny for those who question it.

* In other cultures mostly in west, their documents are often revised, look at the first few centuries after christ, the religious text went multiple iterations. Even now people try to reinterpret their text with relevance to the modern thought.

28th October 2005, 04:59 AM
Can you please change the title of this thread to just 'Bhagavatham Story'..

I agree.

Request to Sudhaama to kindly change the title to just "Srimad Bhagavatham"

No doubt you may believe the story of Bhagavatham may be the panacea for all world evils, however there is no reason why others should be coerced into such belief.

As Idiappam has said, when one comes to this thread to see what Bhagavatham has for humanity and only finds stories of Krishna (in whom he does not believe) and contrived derivations thereof that this is a lesson for humanity (which he cannot accept) as has been attempted in Mahabharatha and Ramayana threads, one feels disappointed.

True, to those who believe, the stories mean much, myself included. However, a sweeping statement such as "all humanity" is not warranted and it would do well to change the title.

28th October 2005, 06:44 AM
Dear Mr. Badri,

I am sorry to say that I do not agree with your Justification, based on a few person's contradictory opinions. Such Objections and Arguments can be raised on any Topic. .. intentionally.

I have already replied on this point hereabove addressing Mr Idiappam.

Had you not interfered... I could have handled this matter amicably WITHOUT ANY PROBLEM TO ANYBODY... because all the Hubbers here are quite wise enough to understand the other side...

.... and INVARIABLY ONE AND ALL here, are my Friends ...

Besides, what I meant in the Title... I would have established in the long run, step by step... That is the Debative-interest amongst Friends Circle

The Title I meant... NOT ONLY MEANS MY PERSONAL BELIEF... but also is an Indication to other Hubbers to handle in such a Healthy and Unique direction.

Anyone should not be Hasty to conclude... but wait for the varied opinions. and arguments. I believe in Healthy arguments... and I do not feel hurt, simply because someone disagrees with me or vociferously counters my stand.... I believe others too duly RECIPROCATE.

.And your argument and advice to me, with a NEGATIVE APPROACH
( ! ), is UNFAIR... as well as a BAD PRECEDENCE....for our Hub.

However I do not want to displease you... but HONOUR YOUR WORDS... because of the personal high regard I have for you.

So complied with YOUR ADVICE .... But I feel Hurt.. It is a BLOW ON MY ENTHUSIASM..

Let anybody else continue this Topic further..... as I now WITHDRAW.

.. Or You can Close down... That will fetch Happiness to those few., whom you are preferentially interested in.


28th October 2005, 07:14 AM
Dear Sudhaama: While I am honestly touched by the regard you have for me, I am surprised that after all that talk of wisdom and maturity, you would want to withdraw simply based on a suggestion to change the title of the topic. Isn't that unwise and immature?

Kindly consider the following facts.
We have repeatedly seen in the Hub that sweeping statements such as the earlier title of this topic have caused acrimony and hurt sentiments. Instead of beginning a thread by already forcing down the view that the Bhagawatham is indeed THE panacea for all human ills, it would have been infinitely better to have developed the theme and then letting people decide and judge for themselves whether it is indeed for all humanity or not.

I understand your enthusiasm for the great purana. I share your enthusiasm personally. Besides, all the puranas and ithihasas are part of the rich Indian heritage and culture. Which is why none of these threads have been locked or removed, but allowed to continue discussing these stories. But we have to draw the line if these threads aim at establishing any one epic as the best, the most glorious, the absolute path for all humanity etc.

With your wealth of knowledge, it is unfair if you do not participate. I request you to kindly consider this suggestion in the best spirit, which you have demonstrated on other occasions and take up the narration of tales from Bhagawatham and clarifying hubber queries with regard to the same.

28th October 2005, 07:42 AM
Dear Sudhaama: While I am honestly touched by the regard you have for me, I am surprised that after all that talk of wisdom and maturity, you would want to withdraw simply based on a suggestion to change the title of the topic. Isn't that unwise and immature?

Kindly consider the following facts.
We have repeatedly seen in the Hub that sweeping statements such as the earlier title of this topic have caused acrimony and hurt sentiments. Instead of beginning a thread by already forcing down the view that the Bhagawatham is indeed THE panacea for all human ills, it would have been infinitely better to have developed the theme and then letting people decide and judge for themselves whether it is indeed for all humanity or not.

I understand your enthusiasm for the great purana. I share your enthusiasm personally. Besides, all the puranas and ithihasas are part of the rich Indian heritage and culture. Which is why none of these threads have been locked or removed, but allowed to continue discussing these stories. But we have to draw the line if these threads aim at establishing any one epic as the best, the most glorious, the absolute path for all humanity etc.

With your wealth of knowledge, it is unfair if you do not participate. I request you to kindly consider this suggestion in the best spirit, which you have demonstrated on other occasions and take up the narration of tales from Bhagawatham and clarifying hubber queries with regard to the same.

DearMr. Badri,

My detailed posting is Self-explanatory.... containing the the Answers for each and every point you have raised. now too. ...

Further I add...

My intention was a Healthy-discussion in a SPECIFIC-ASPECT... towards which I wanted to kindle the Thoughts ... Pro or Anti... Yes I welcome... Let the various Hubbers put forth their views on this specific direction.

Those who VEHEMENTLYDISAGREE with me today... will fall in line with my stand on one day in future... I am sure... because it is the fact ...which I have to bring it to light... from IRUTTU ARAI.

I feel your posting was a CHARGE ON ME... a blow on my Enthusiasm... not because of your insistence for the change of the Title... Please understand.

But because of your blatant attack on me... as if I am unfair and one-sided FANATIC... and we are the parties under loggerheads ... which you have interfered to settle down..

Where was the misunderstanding or a ugly turn towards the wrong direction.?

Some of my friends have wisely questioned me... which I had appreciated and am replying PART BY PART... in the midst of my Tight-Schedule... After all this a Forum... I wait for others too to put forth their divergent views.

If you wanted ... you cou;d have put forth your Independant views... pro or anti to mine... I would have welcomed it.

But there is NO ROLE NOW for the Modertor to interfere unnecessarily.. which is a provocation and Bad-precedence, I consider.

In brief.... realising your delicate commitment as a Moderator... I say...

If I were you.... I would have waited for that Sudhaama's way of handling ... observe closely, Healthy or Unhealthy... in the interest of the Hub. in the long run... without unnecesarily poking my nose in between the Circle of Friends.

Please note... there are several Threads here.... where the same Frends here are vehemently countering with me, at one stage and coming round with me at a later stage.... It goes on so... Both the sides amongst us, gain Knowledge by Give and Take.

Have I done any damage to The Hub at any time in the past, by way of my wrong-handling?

... or Rubbing on the Wrong-side?.. which lesson forced you to interfere now as a preventive- measure?

.You say I am Unwise and immature.!

Please go through my Reply-postings here and then you can judge.

28th October 2005, 08:01 AM
Sudhaama: I would like to end this unnecessary digression with this brief post.

Firstly, I had not stepped into this post in the shoes of a Moderator. If that had been the case, I would not have posted here. Instead, I would either have

a) Sent you a PM to change the title


b) changed the title myself.

As a hubber, I posted my views on the topic. Hence the request to you to change the title.

Therefore your premise that I interfered to put an end to any argument is grossly mistaken.

28th October 2005, 11:02 AM
[Please understand that these “broad minded humanity” comes under “Culture” category. If you can’t understand this, then I have to call you idiotappam. *

Good one! :lol: :lol: [/tscii:74e8e0b227]

28th October 2005, 11:13 AM
Unfortunatley for most of our heritage we give too much importance to the form than the content, and call the form as sacred, that is the reason our culture(like most others *) looks funny for those who question it.
Exactly! :D Which was y even the Bhagwad Gita was undermined (even by Indians themselves) as just a "holy book for Hindus" for a long time before its contents were expounded to most of its readers....it wasn't until I read "An Understanding of the Bhagwad Gita" by Swami Ranganathananda (who has explicitly explained the meaning of all the slokas w/ relevance to current/modern scenario & actual practical application rather than just a theoritical read & remember form in a 'sacred' script!) tat I realised how knowledgable the book's teaching cud be! :D

* In other cultures mostly in west, their documents are often revised, look at the first few centuries after christ, the religious text went multiple iterations. Even now people try to reinterpret their text with relevance to the modern thought.
Not only west, I was told by a Muslim friend tat this is the case even w/ the Quran, which is updated & reinterpreted w/ relevance to modern times/thinking.

28th October 2005, 11:46 AM
Sudhaama Sir
continue on the Bhagawatham please.

28th October 2005, 02:20 PM
[Please understand that these “broad minded humanity” comes under “Culture” category. If you can’t understand this, then I have to call you idiotappam. *

Good one! :lol: :lol: [/tscii:7d5934077d]

aiyaiyo! amaam samy pottathan polaikalaam/ Idiappam theirnjuko!

28th October 2005, 08:42 PM
once Veda Vyasa was meditating in his ashram.suddenly, he had an intense feeling o see his son sage Suka.Veda Vyasar came out of ashram and cried along "where is Suka?"

it seems the entire forest with trees and birds answered his question "I am here".This is because Sage Suka was so merged with the Brahmam through his brahma vignya that there was no difference between the forest trees ,birds and Suka Maharishi

28th October 2005, 08:49 PM
One more story about the greatness of sage Suka who recited the srimad bhagwatham to King Parikshit.

Once Sage Suka and his father Veda Vyasar was crossing a river.There were lot of women bathing in the river.When sage suka crossed the river, they stood up to bow to him even though they were naked.But,when Vyasar crossed next,they covered their bodies with clothes.Sage Vyasa was surprised about this and asked the women who were bathing why they behaved differently towards his son.They answered that Sage Suka was immersed in Brahmam that he did not even notice the difference between man , woman.For him ,no difference existed between himself and the women.both were manifestations of Brahmam.But, Vyasa considered them as different from his own body and hence they covered their bodies when he passed.

30th October 2005, 11:15 PM
Can't they (the story tellers) think of something else to prove their point - the greatness of their Sage, - something other than women baring thier bodies.

31st October 2005, 08:47 AM
Can't they (the story tellers) think of something else to prove their point - the greatness of their Sage, - something other than women baring thier bodies.

Tat makes me think- can't today's film makers think of sumthing else to prove their film's worth- the logic behind their story,- sumthing other than women baring their bodies! :wink: :lol:

- Sorry 4 the digression, other guys.......but cudn't help typing this!

31st October 2005, 12:59 PM
Why blame the movie makers, when even the god-men get carried away...

Lord, I don't now how much you get carried away, but I get carried away when it comes to this subject. AUM!

31st October 2005, 04:38 PM

you are great!

I followed your AUM and I am carried away too!


31st October 2005, 07:37 PM
Those are the stories which have been repeated for centuries.Obviously, they are not considered vulgar.For e.g., we have lot of slokas in Sanskrit and Tamil praising all body parts of Gods and Godesses in Hindu Pantheon(like Soundarya lahari,abhirami andhathi etc).But, it is not edited to suit modern opinions and is still considered holy.

So,listen to the story of Bhagwatham.You'll find Lord Krishna's leelas sizzling(;-)) but just listening to it made Parikshit a jivan muktha.

1st November 2005, 05:31 PM
he he he! Viggop. That's what Idiappam was shouting about. Treat stories like stories, giving them the 'years ago' thought.

and not - 'this holy' 'that very rich' this good for mankind' opinions. leave it to the reader to form an opionion. You just tell the story.

amd every one will be fine.

1st November 2005, 07:51 PM
viggop wrote : So,listen to the story of Bhagwatham.You'll find Lord Krishna's leelas sizzling() but just listening to it made Parikshit a jivan muktha.

Thanks buddy, keep your posting and let me hear more of it and become a jivan muktha :-)

2nd November 2005, 09:23 AM
Uthapam and Mahadevan
I totally agree with you opinion that while some people like me consider Bhagwatham holy,it need not be the views of other people. Every one has the right to have his or her own opinion and should not be expected to jalra other people's views. :-)

2nd November 2005, 09:26 AM
I'll be copying and pasting Bhagwatham from another place like I did for Kamba Ramayana thread.

================================================== =========

janmaadi asya yata: anvayaat itarata: ca artteshu abhijna swaraat
tene brahma hRudaa ya aadikavaye muhyanti yat soorya:
tejo vaari mRudaam yathaa vinimayo yatra trisarggo mRushaa
dhaamna swena sadaa nirasta kuhakam satyam param dheemahi 1.1.1

(I meditate upon the one who is responsible for the creation, sustinance and dissolution through union and separation, who is the form of knowledge in all beings, who explained the Veda/Knowledge to Brahma in his mind, who attracts even the most learned, who makes the thriguna creation real, who is always beyond Maaya, who is eternal and Parameswara.)

yam pravrajantam anupetam apetakRUtyam
dvaipaayano virahakaatara aajuhaava
putreti tanmayatayaa taravo abhinetu:
tam sarvabhoota hRudayam munim aanatosmi 1.2.2

(Sreesuka brahmaRshi was going absolutely detached, without upanayanam, free of any actions. His father, Vyaasa bhagavaan followed him as he could not bear his son's separation addressing 'oh! Son'. Sreesuka who was enjoying the brahmam did not hear this because of his abheda state. But, as HE is the dweller of all beings, all the trees answered Vyaasa. I bow to that great Rushi who dwels in all hearts.)

vadanti tat tattvavida: tattvam yat jnaanam advayam
brahmeti paramaatmeti bhagavaan iti sabdyate 1.2.11

(People who now the reality say that the supreme is one. It is the same thing that is called as 'brahmam', 'paramaatmaa', 'bhagavaan' depending on how they refer to it.)

3rd November 2005, 09:52 AM
dharma projjita kaitavotra paramo nirmatsaraanaam sataam
vedyam vaastavamatra vastu sivadam taapatraya unmoolanam
sreemad bhaagavate mahaamunikRute kim vaa parair eeswara:
sadyo hRudi avaruddhyatetra kRutibhi susrooshubhi: tatkshaNaat 1.1.2

(Srimad bhaagavatm, done by great Vyaasa Maharshi describes the dharmaa that is followed by pure souls who are are free of competition and pretention. These dharmas are eternal absolute. It announces the supreme truth that takes care of us by burning the three taapaas. The lord shines in the heart of those (immediately) who enjoy this work of Vyaasa bhagavaan.)

vaasudevaparaa vedaa vaasudevaparaa makhaa:
vaasudevaparaa yogaa: vaasudevaparaa kriyaa: 1.2.28
vaasudevaparam jnaanam vaasudevaparam tapa:
vaasudevaparo dharmo vaasudevaparaa gati: 1.2.29

(Everything (veda, yajna, yoga, kriya, jnaanam, tapas, dharma) proclaims the supreme reality of vaasudeva and leads one to vaasudeva.)

sa evam sasarjjaagre bhagavaan aatma maayayaa
sat asat roopayaa caasou gunamayee aguna: vibhu 1.2.30

(That supreme lord, who is beyond gunaas used his own maaya with guna, cause and effect to create this universe and entered into everything.)

4th November 2005, 09:09 AM
naaraayaNam namaskRutya naram caiva narottamam
devIm saraswatIm vyaasam tato jayam udIrayet 1.2.4

(namaskaarams to naaraayana, nara, vaagdevata, vyaasa bhagavaan and start the Bhaagavatam)

jagRuhe paurusham roopam bhagavaan mahadaadibhi:
sambhootam shodasakalam aadau loka sisRukshayaa 1.3.1

(The Lord accepted the aadipurusha form, with 16 kalaas/amsaas, first to start his creation. 16 -> 5 kaRmmendriyas, 5 Jnaanendriyaas, 5 elements, mind etc. starting with mahat tattvam. So anything in this universe is nothing but a part of the Supreme)

yasya ambhasi sayaanasya yoganidraam vitanvata:
naabhihrada ambujaad asIt brahma viswasRujaam pati: 1.3.2

(The Lord was in yoga nidra in the causal water and there appeared a lotus from his naval (seed of the universe). The creator Brahma appeared in that.)

pasyantiado roopam adabhra cakshushaa sahasra paada ooru bhuja aanana adbhutam
sahasra moordha sravaNa akshi naasikam sahasra mouli ambara kunDala ullasat

(The form of aadipurusha/aadinaaraayanaa has many legs, thighs, hands, faces, heads, ears, eyes, noses. He is in splendor with many crowns, eardrops and dresses. This divine form (viswaroopam) is seen only by tapasvIs through their divine sight. This is the base for all the avataaraas and creation.)

5th November 2005, 09:08 AM
naama sankeerttanam yasya sarva paapa praNaasanam
praNaamo du:kha samana: tam namaami harim parm 12.13.23

(Snging the names of the Lord Hari removes all the sins and doing namaskaarams to him washes away all the sorrows. This purifies one and takes one to the Lord.)

na yat vaca: citrapadam hare: yasa: jagat pavitram pragrunIta karhicit
tat vaayasam tIrttamusanti maanasaa na yatra hamsaa niramanti usikshayaa: 1.5.10

(A wonderful speech with no praise of Lord - the purifier, is like a pot of water for crows and (parama) hamsaas will never enjoy it.)

tyaktvaa swadharmmam caraNaambhujam hare: bhajan apakvotha patet tata: yadi
yatra kva vaa abhadram abhoot amushya kim kovaartha aapto abhajataam swadharmmata: 1.5.17

(One who is totally immersed in worshipping the lotus feet of Lord Hari, giving up all his swadharmmas, even if he falls down before he ripens, what wrong is going to happen to him (The Lod will take care of him because of his devotion)? On the otherhand if one is adhering to swadharmma with no bhakti (if naaraayanaayeti samarppayaami is not done), what is the benefit he is going to get (other than 'punarapi jananam punarapi maranam?)

5th November 2005, 09:09 AM
nisIthe tama udbhoote jaayamaane janaarddane devakyaam devaroopinyaam vishNu: sarva guhaasaya:
aaviraasIt yathaa praacyaam disi induriva pushkala: 10.3.8

(When the world was sunk in darkness (ignorance as well as night), MahaavishNu who dwells in each and every heart, incarnated in his full form (poorNam brahma sanaatanam) like the moon in the east.)

tam adbhutam baalakam ambujekshaNam caturbhujam sankha gadaa aryuada aayudham
srIvatsa lakshmam gaLa sobhi kaustubham pItaambaram saandra payoda saubhagam 10.3.9

(That most wonderful magical child was there is splendor with his lotus eyes, four hands with sankham, cakram, gada and padmam, chest decorated with srIvatsam and Kaustubhamani beautifying the neck. That thick dark cloud colored Lord with unparallelled beauty was wearing bringht yellow silk.)

mahaarha vaiDhoorya kirITa kuNDala twishaa parishvakta sahasra kuntaLam
uddaama kanchi angada kankaNaadibhi: virocamaanam vasudeva aikshata 10.3 10

(He was wearing crown and ear drops that are studded with most precious gems and that added beauty to the dark thick curls and hair. He was adorned with kaanci (in the waist), shoulder bangles and bangles. Vasudeva saw this wonderful babay glowing in slpendor.)

6th November 2005, 10:24 AM
na kevalam me bhavatasca raajan sa vai balam balinaam ca apareshaam
pare avare amee sthirajangamaa ye brahmaadaya: yane vasam praNItaa: 7.8.8

(Prahlaada to Hiranyakasipu - Oh! King, everything and everybody is under the control of HIM. He is the source of strength for me. Not only for me but for you and others as well.)

yastvayaa mandabhaagya ukta: madanya: jagadeeswara: kvaasau yadi sa sarvatra kasmaat stambhe na dRusyate 7.8.13

(Oh! Prahlaada unlucky one! Are you saying that THERE IS A LORD OTHER THAN ME? Where is HE then? If he is every where why isn't HE here in this pillar?)

soham vikathamaanasya sira: kaayaat haraami te
gopaayate hari: tvaa adya yaste saraNam Ipsitam 7.8.14

(You are talking nonsense to me my son! I am going cut off your head. Hari is your favorite right? You have taken refuge in him right? May he come and save you!)

evam duruktai: muhu: arddayan rushaa sutam mahaabhaagavatam mahaasura:
khaDgam pragRuhya utpatita: varaasanaat stambham tataaDa atibala: swamushtinaa 7.8.15

(Raging with anger, verbally abusing, Hiranyakasipu tortured the great Bhaagavata Prahlaada. He took his sword out, jumped out of his magnificient throne and hit the pillar with his fist!)

tada eva tasmin ninada: atibheeshaNa: babhoova yena aNDakaTaaham asphuTat
yam vai swadhishNya upagatam tu ajaadaya: sruttvaa swadhaamaapyayam anga menire 7.8.16

(Oh! King (YudhishThira) It made such a thundering sound and it reverberated even in satyalokam. Everywhere the inhabitants thought there world is coming to an end!)

satyam vidhaatum nija bhRutya bhaashitam vyaaptim ca bhooteshu akhileshu caatmana:
adRusyata atyadbhuta roopam udvahan stambhe sabhaayaam na mRugam na maanusham 7.8.18

(Oh! What a divine sight! There stood the Narasimha!! To make the words of HIS trure devotee come true and also to show that HE is dweller in all, he incarnated as a divine, most wonderful form. That wonderful Narasimha appeared roaring from the pillar that was knowcked down.

No 1 devotee Prahlaada who did not move even a bit from the truth even after all the threat and torture! Oh! Father, Hari is there everywhere! In that pillar too! - TO MAKE THAT COME TRUE
No 2 devotee Brahma who granted all the boon - TO MAKE THAT COME TRUE
No 3 devotee Sanatkumaaras who have requested the satgati for the cursed Jaya and Vijaya - TO MAKE THAT COME TRUE
No 4 Hiranyakasipu's demand to Brahma! - TO MAKE THAT COME TRUE
No 5 Mahaavishnu's own words to protect his attendants jaya & Vijaya) - TO MAKE THAT COME TRUE!
Hiranyakasipu was taken care of in that dual. Prahlaada praised the LORD (who is his friend!) and requested for his father's satgati. Prahlaada got crowned as 'bhaagavata cakravartti'.

6th November 2005, 10:26 AM
aatmaaraamaasca munaya: nirgranthaa api urukrame
kurvanti ahaitukIm bhaktim itham bhootaguna: hari: 1.7.10

(Munis have burned all the ego and they enjoy the self/supreme. Hari's Guna's are such that he attracts even those who have detached from everything. Their bhakti is the purest as they do bhakti with/for no reason.)

arjuna uvaaca
krishna hrishna mahaabhaaga, bhaktaanaam abhayamkara
tvameka: dahyamaanaanaam apavargosi samsRute: 1.7.22

(oh! Krishna, Mahaabhaaga, you protect your devotees from everything. You save them from this burning samsaaram itself. (so, saving us from this brahmatejas is nothing for you))

tvam aadya: purusha: saakshaat Iswara: prakRute: para:
maayaam vyudasya cit saktyaa kaivalye sthita aatmani 1.7.23

(Oh! Krishna, you are the aadi purusha and the supreme lord. You are above Maaya. With your pure jnaana you keep away from Maaya and stay in pure aatma.)

7th November 2005, 09:31 AM
paahi paahi mahaayogin deva deva jagatpate
na anyam tvat abhayam pasye yatra mRutyu: parasparam 1.8.9

(Uttara Devi, the widow of Abhimanyu, came running towards the savior. Oh! Jagat pate, please save me. I do not see any other refuge than you. All are under the control of death and are afraid of each other.)

abhidravati maam Isa sara: taptaayasa: vibho
kaamam dahatu maam naatha maa me garbho nipaatyataam 1.8.10

(Oh! lord, look at this buring arrow approaching me! Let it burn me as much as it wants. But, let it not destroy my womb. (Please save it and give a child to the family.))

vyasanam veekshya tat teshaam ananya vishayaatmanaam
sudarsanena swaastrena swaanaam rakshaam vyadhaat vibhu: 1.8.13
antastha: sarvabhootaanaam aatmaa yogeswaro hari:
swamaayayaa aavRuNot garbham vairaaTyaa: kurutantave 1.8.14

(The LORD saw the stress on his people who do not know anything other than Krishna. He saved the paaNDavaas with his sudarsanam from the Brahmaastram that sent by aswathaama to get rid of paaNdavaa family. The LORD yogeswara, WHO DWELLS in every being, entered the womb of the viraaT princess (Uttara) and covered it and protected the baby (most gifted Parikshit). This baby is the only thread to continue the kuru dynasty.)

7th November 2005, 09:34 AM
There enters Mother Kunti to offer herself at the lotus feet of Lord (nephew disappeared!) who saved her children and greatgrandchild.

namasye purusham tu aadyam ISwaram prakRute: param
alakshyam sarva bhootaanaam anta: bahi: avasthitam 1.8.18

(oh! aadipurasha, Iswara, one who is above prakRuti, beyond physical eyes, dwelling inside and outside of everything, I offer myself to you.)

maayaa javanikaa aachannam ajnaa adhokshajm avyayam
na lakshyase mooDha dRuSaa naTo naaTyadharo yathaa 1.8.19

(Oh! Lord, there is a screen of Maaya between you and the jeevaatma and so you can't be seen by sensory organs. You are beyond any definition. An observer can't identify the real actor because of the makeup, dressing etc. Similarly, people who are ignorant of you can't see you. Oh! Iswara, I belong to that category.)

tathaa parama hamsaanaam mumInaam amalaatmanaam
bhaktiyoga vidhaanaartham katham paSyema hi striya: 1.8.20

(Even paramahamsaas (who can deifferentiate aatma from non-aatma) and munis who are pure at heat, can't see your real form. So, how can I see you Lord? This avataaram of yours is to teach us the path of prema bhakti. (krishna - one who attracts))

kRushnaaya vaasudevaaya devakI nandanaaya ca
nandagopa kumaaraaya govindaaya namao nama: 1.8.21
nama: pankaja naabhaaya nama: pankaja maaline
nama: pankaja netraaya namaste pankaja anghrye1.8.22

(KrsuhNa, vaasudeva, devakIsuta, nandakumaara, govinda, namaskaarams to you again and again. namaskaarasm to pankajanaabhan, namaskaarams to one with lotus garland, namaskaarams to one with lotus eyes and namaskaarams to one with lotus feet.)

yathaa hRUsheekesa khalena devakI kamsena rudhaa aticiram sucaarppitaa
vimocitaaham ca sahaatmajaa vibho twaya eva naathena muhu: vipat gaNaat 1.8.23

(Oh! Hrusheekesa (lord of Indriyas), you saved your mother who was getting tortured for years by the wicked Kamsa. Oh! naatha, prabho, you have saved me and my children too. (there is no kunti or paanDavAs without you KrishNa!)

vishhat mahaagne: purushaadadarSanaat asat sabhaaya vanavaasa kRuchrata:
mRudhe mRudhe aneka mahaaratha astrata: draunyastrata: ca aasma hare: abhirakshitaa: 1.8.24

(From poison (Bheema was poisoned), wild fire (burning of wax palace), man eaters (ekacakrapuram and bakaasura), valueless court (pancaali's disrobing), throughout 12 years of vanavaasam and 1 year of ajnaatavaasam, in each and every war from the powerful arrows of great warriors and now finally from the brahmaastram of aswathaama... Krishna, the list is never ending mahaabhaaratam! All I can do is namaskaaram..)

vipada: santu: na: Saswat tatra tatra jagat guro
bhavata: darSanam yat syaat apunarbhava darSanam 1.8.26

(Krishna having said that, I am not asking you to ward off the problems! Please give us more and more problems because you come instantaneously to save us, oh! jagat guru! We get to see you who gives us moksham. So, I am not afraid of dangers at all!!) (kunti said this because the hazards were for herself and her family and not for her jagat guru)

7th November 2005, 09:35 AM
The last paragraph is really moving.

Kunti asks for more troubles(!!!) just because every trouble makes the jagatguru Krishna come near them and they can see him one more time!!!
very moving and what bhakthi!

8th November 2005, 09:18 AM
tathaapi ekaanta bhakteshu pasya bhoopa anukampanam
yanme asoon tyajata: saakshaat kRushNa: darSanam aagata: 1.9.22

(Bheeshma says, Oh! YudhisThira, it is true that all are equal for him. Even then look at his compassion on his focused devotees! I am going to give up my life and kRushna has come here to give me HIS darSan.)

iti mati: upakalpitaa vitRushNaa bhagavati saattwata pungave vibhoomni
swasukham upagate kwacit vihaRttum prakRutim upeyushi yat bhava pravaaha: 1.9.32

(Oh! Supreme you enjoy the brahmaanandam. Whenever you decide to do your leela, you accept your prakRuti that is the reason for creation-destruction. Now, you have incarnated as the best among the yaadavas. My intellect, which is free of all attachment has merged with you.)

tribhuvana kamanam tamaala varNam ravikara gauravara ambaram dadhaane
vapu: alakakula aavRuta aanana abjam vijasakhe rati: astu me anavadyaa 1.9.33

(oh! the one who is the most attractive in the three worlds, one who appears as shiny blue, one who wears yellow silk, one whose has lotus face with the beautiful curls on the forehead, oh! friend of Arjuna, may I have blemishless love for you always.)

8th November 2005, 09:21 AM
yudhi turaga rajo vidhoomra vishwakkaca luLita Srama vaari alankRutaasye
mama niSitaSarai: vibhidyamaana twaci vilasat kavace astu kRushNa aatmma 1.9.34

(Oh! paarthasaarathe, you were sweating (for the sake of your devotee arjjuna in that hot sun). The dust raised from the hoofs of the horses fell on your beautiful curls and gave a nice shade. Those colorful curls and pearly sweat were decorating your face. My sharp arrows pierced your kavacam here and there. (kRushna took each arrow from his bhakta-Bheeshma as a form of pooja) Oh! That kRushNa, may mind stay on HIM for ever.)

sapadi sakhi vaco niSamya madhye nija parayor balayo ratham niveSya
sthitavati parasainikaayu: akshNaa hRutavati paarthasakhe ratir mama astu 1.9.35

(Oh! Friend of paartha! your friend said, 'take the chariot to the front. Let me see who is my equal and with whom should I fight'. Immediately (what a compassion?) you took the chariot to the middle of the two armies. You stayed there and with your eyes you took the life of the enemies! Oh! paarthasakhe, let me have supreme love for you. (kRushna was controlling horses with one hand and whip in the other. Addressing arjjuna kRushNa rolled his eyes from one to the other introducing each one by name. 'arjjuna, there is Bheeshma, there is Drona....' With that look he already killed the enemies and Bheeshma is acknowledging what kRushNa paramaatma said in gIta.)

vyavahita pRutanaa mukham nirIkshya swajana vadhaat vimukhasya dosha budhyaa
kumatim aharat aatma vidyayaa ya: caraNa rati: paramasya tasya me astu 1.9.36

(looking at the front of the army ahead, arjjuna's wrong buddhi (as per bheeshma too) kicked in 'how can I kill my own people?' Oh! kRushNa to remove that bad thoughts, you provided the aatmavidyaa (bhagavat gIta). Oh! Great bhagavaan, may the dust from your feet come to me. (accept me as a desciple too).)

swanigamam apahaaya mat pratijnaam Rutam adhikarttum avapLuto rathastha:
dRuta ratha caraNa: abhyayaat caladgu: haririva hantum ibham gata uttareeya: 1.9.37

(Oh! kRushna, to make my words come absolutely true, you gave up your word (that I will not take weapon in the kurukshetra war)! (Oh! Dayaalo what all won't you go through to make your bhakta happy?) Oh! you jumped out, pulled the wheel of the chariot and as a cakrapaaNi came running towards me, without even realising that your uttareeyam fell off in the teru itself (pretending to be so much in anger!) (uttareeyam was left as kRushNa's rep. to protect arjjuna), shaking the earth under you feet! It was like a lion lion charging to kill an elephant! Oh! kRushNa, may my mind stay in that LORD for ever.)

9th November 2005, 12:06 PM
sita visikha hata: visIrNNa damsa: kshataja paripLuta aatataayino me
prasabham abhisasaara mat vadhaartham sa bhavatu me bhagavaan gatir mukunda: 1.9.38

(Oh! Mukunda, may you be the refuge for me. You came running towards me, one who was armed to kill you. Your kavacam was torn by my sharp arrows and was covered with blood. Oh! Bhagavaan, be there for me. (Oh! Krishna how else could I worship my LORD in the battlefield?))

vijaya ratha kuDumba aatta tottre dhRuta haya rasmini tat sriyekshaNIye
bhagavati ratirastu me mumoorsho: yamiha nirIkshya hataa gataa saroopam 1.9.39

(Oh! kRushNa, you treat arjuna's chariot as your family (HE would pamper arjuna's horses as they belong to arjuna!). Holding the reign in one hand and whip in the other, oh! kRushna your sight is so magnificent. It attracts and anchors the observer. I am in my beath bed and I pray that I should have extreme prema bhakti to that paarthasaarthy. All who died in the Krurkshetra looking at you attained Moksham, kRushNa. (I was not lucky then. But, you are here now and please wait till my end!))

laLita gati vilaasa valguhaasa praNaya nirIkshaNa kalpita urumaanaa:
kRutam anukRutavatya unmadaandhaa: prakRutimagan kila yasya gopavadhwa: 1.9.40

(Oh! kRushNa, look at that gopIs (how can communicate with you without mentioning gopIs?). Their delicate walking, acting, beautiful smile, love filled look, everything adds their respect for you. All they do is just copy you. (Krishna, even their prema is what they copied from you!) you. They were totally blind because of their premabhaavam. They attained you through that. (Unfortunately I could not do that kind of pooja for you, kRushNa. Because of my adherence to brahmacaryam, may be ready to become a gopi now))

9th November 2005, 12:07 PM
munigana nRupavarya sankule anta:sadasi yudhishThira raajasooya yeshaam
arhaNam upapeda IkshaNIyo mama dRusi gocara esha aaviraatmaa 1.9.41

(Oh! kRushNa you received the (agrya) pooja in YudhisThira's raajasooya sadas, which was filled with great kings and munis. It was worth seeing. Now that form has appeared in front of me and am able to see you with my physical eyes.)

tam iham ajam sarIrabhaajaam hRudi hRudi dhisThitam aatma kalpitaanaam
pratidRusamiva naikadhaarkkam evam samadhi gatosmi vidhoota bheda moha" 1.9.43

(Oh! kRushna you are never born. You create EACH AND EVERY BEING and dwell in their heart. We can see/feel the sun in various ways but, there is only one sun. Like that, I am free of bhedabhaavam (I have realised THE SUPREME) and have attained the paramaatma beyond any doubts.)

kRushNa evam bhagavati mano vaak dRusThi vRuttibhi:
aatmani aatmaanam aavesya sontha:swaasam upaaramat 1.9.44

(Like this Bheeshma united his soul through, words and actions in the supreme Lord kRushNa at his last breath and reached HIM.)

9th November 2005, 12:08 PM
This is also very touching.

Lord Krishna accepts the arrows of Bhishma as offering to him in prayer!!!

9th November 2005, 12:09 PM
sa vai kilaayam purusha: puraatana: ya eka asIt avisesha aatmani
agre guNebhyo jagadaatmani Isware nimIlitaatman nisi supta saktishu 1.10.21

(This (kRsuhNa) is the same puraaNa purushaa who was the soul of the universe before creating guNaas. He is the same Jeeva who is covered by his maaya. He is the same one who takes everything into him during praLaya. There is nothing other than HIM before, during or after the universe.)

KrushNa seen by uttara's baby in her womb-
angusThamaatram amalam sphurat puraTa moulinam
apeecya darSanam syaamam taDIt vaasasam acytam 1.12.8
Sreemad deergha caturbaahum tapta kaancana kuNDalam
kshatajaaksham gadaa paaNim aatmana: sarvato diSam
paribhramantam ulkaabhaam bhraamayantam gadaam muhu: 1.12.9

(Lord blessed uttara and decided to give a child to the family of paaNDavaas. He took a form as big as a thumb. He was spotless bright, wearing shiny gold crown, blue in color, wearing a dress that will put lightining to shame and extremely beautiful. With four long and strong hands, wearing shining gold ear drops, with reddened eyes, he was going round round (the baby) swirling the buring gada (again and again) in all directions (to ward off from brahmaastram).

10th November 2005, 08:59 AM
paanDavaas who heard kRushNa's vaikuNTa aarohaNam from arnjuna went back to their abode, handing over the kingdon to parIkshit. The day kRushNa did vaikuntha aarohaNam, kalipurusha started showing his power.

yadaa parIkshit kurujaangale vasan kalim pravaishTam nija cakravarttite
niSamya vaarttam anatipriyaam tata: Saraasanam samyuga sounDi: aadade 1.16.11

(When parIkshit was in kurujaangalam, he heard about Kali's entrance into his kingdom. The damaging and hurting informations woke up the warrior in him. He picked up him bows and arrows and got ready to smack kali. He started on hid digvijayam.)
(He saw Dharma in the form of a bull struggling with one leg and standing with the support of bhoomidevi, in the form of a cow. (out of tapas, soucam, daya, satyam - the 4 legs, dharma is left with just satyam and kali was ready to cut off that too. parIkshit chased kali out (did not kill him as 1. kali fell at his feet and 2. kali has the great quality of uniting people with the supreme just with naamasankeerttanam) )
When kali begged for a place to saty -

abhyrthidaa tasmai sthaanaani kalaye dadou
dyootam paanam, striya: soonaa yatra adharmma: caturvidha: 1.17.38
punasca yaacamaanaaya jaataroppam adaat prabhu:
tata: anRutam madam kaamam rajo vairam ca pancamam 1.17.39

(When kali begged for a place to saty parIkshit said, 'Ok stay wherever there is gambling, drinking alcohol, brothels and killing of beings. When kali begged for more, parIkshit let him stay in wealth amassed the wrong way and used the wrong way. Thes five lead to anRutam (lie), ego, greed, cruelty and enemity.))

vRushasya nashTaam treen paadaan tapa: soucam dayaam iti
pratisandadha aaSwaasya mahIm ca samavardhayat 1.17.42

(parIkshit joined the 3 legs of dharmma (he converted kali to kRuta yugam) and cosoled and nourished mother earth too.)

10th November 2005, 09:01 AM
Even if one has collected all the strength by tapas, touching a devotee marks the end.

yadaa deveshu vedeshu goshu vipreshu saadhushu
dharmme mayi ca vidvesha: sa vaa aaSu vinasyati 7.4.28

(Devas led by Brahma prayed to NaaraayNa to take care of HiraNyakasipu who was torturing the universe. The lord answered thus- when one develops hatred towards devas, vedas, cows, vipras, saadhus, dharmas and myself he will meet his end very soon.)

nirvairaaya praSaantaaya swasutaaya mahaatmane
prahLaadaaya yadaa druhyet hanishye api vara oorjjitam 7.4.29

(Oh! devas, his son prahlaada is a mahaatma. He is free of enemity and one in absolute tranquil. When he tortures Prahlaada, even if he is strengthened with all the boons from Brahma, I will get rid off him.)

Little prahlaada getting tortured by teachers at school because he mentioned 'Hari'.

iti tam vividha upaayai: bhIshayan tarjjanaadibhi:
prahLaadam graahayaamaasa trivarggasya upapaadanam 7.5.18

(The teachers used different techniques to scare and scold prahLaada. They taught him sastras about dharma, artha and kaama. (prahLaada obediently heard all those, while his mind was dwelling in naaraayaNa-the lesson he learned from Naarada while he was in the womb.))

SravaNam kIrttanam vishNo: smaraNam paada sevanam
archanam vandanam daasaym sakhyam aatma nivedanam 7.5.23
iti pumsaarppitaa vishnau bhaktiscet navalakshaNaa
kriyate bhagavati addhaa tanmanye adheetam uttamam 7.5.24

(hiraNyakasipu wanted to know what prahLaada leanred so far from his teachers. prahLaada confidently answered what he learned from Naarada when he was in his mothers womb as what he learned from current teachers was not worth mentioning. Oh! Father, listen to the praise of the lord, sing the glories of Vishnu, think about the form of the Lord, serve the feet of the Lord, worship the lord, be his servant, trust in him as he is the best friend and total surrender to the lord are the best things that I understood. Offering the devotion, that has this 9 lakshaNas to the LORD is the best of what I understood, dad."

10th November 2005, 09:04 AM
I think Hiranyakashipu was the most evil, megalomaniacal demon in our puranas.Even though Ravana was very powerful, he did not say that he is God! though he abused the trimurthis a lot, he prayed to Shiva before the final battle with Rama.
But Hiranyakashipu was so arrogant and blinded by power that he even ordered that "Narayana" be removed from the Smrithis and Sruthis and wanted it replaced by his name!!! He could go to the extent of killing his own son(a little kid) who did not comply with his orders.More an animal type of character.A real rakshasha.

11th November 2005, 08:52 AM
prahLaada is not praying to me when I am the super power!
prahLaada is praising my enemy!
prahLaada's devotion to naaraayaNa is a cause of danger for me!

na mat praNItam na parapraNItam suto vadati esha tava indraSatro
naisarggikeeyam matirasya raajan niyaccha manyum kat adaa: sma maa na: 7.5.28

(hiraNyakasipu accussed prahLaada's teachers for teaching vishnubhakti to the child! They said, 'Oh! King, I did not teach him this, nor anyone else. Whatever your son is saying is because of his natural tendency/buddhi. Please control your anger and don't blame us for something that we did not do.')

guruNaa evam pratiprokta: bhooya aaha asura: sutam
na cet gurumukhIyam te kuta: abhadra asatI mati: 7.5.29

(Hearing such a reply from the Gurus, the asura roared at his son again. Hey abhadra, how did you get this wrong buddhi/idea if it was not taught by your gurus?) (Here guru only means vidyaa guru. prhLaada's atmavidyaa guru is Sri naaradji)

matirna kRushNe parata: swato vaa mitho abhipadyeta gRuhavrataanaam
adaantagobhi: viSataam tamisram puna: puna: carvita carvaNaanaam 7.5.30

(People who think that there is nothing other than taking care of the family (for happiness) and who have no control over their indriyaas fall into hell and will keep on chewing the chewed again and again. (will keep going round and round in the samsaaram). These kind of people will never get devotion/prema bahkhti towards kRushna - not on their own, not through others and not among themselves. (This comes only with the blessings of GURUs.))

11th November 2005, 08:52 AM
na te vidu: swaarthagatim hi vishNum duraasayaa ye bahirartha maanina:
andhaa yathaa andhai: upanIyamaanaa: te api Isatantiaamm urudaamni baddhaa: 7.5.31

(People's minds are spoiled and they look outward and believe that that is real. They cannot understand the one who can be seen inside. These blinds will depend on other blinds, who are tightly bound by the strong thread of the lord (maaya), to lead them. They can't escape from this samsaara!)

na eshaam mati: taavat urukramaangrim spRuSati anarthaapagama: yadartha:
mahIyasaam paada raja: abhishekam nishkincanaanaam na vRuNIta yaavat 7.5.32

(Until one takes refuge in bathing oneself in the dust from the feet of a saadhu (paadadhooli of sadguru), their brain will not even touch the feet of the LORD. Attaining the LORD's feet will put an end to all disaster.)

iti ukta: uparatam putram hiraNyakasipoo rushaa
andhIkRutaatmaa swa utsangaat nirasyata mahItale 7.5.33

(prahLaada said that much and kept quite. That is it. HiraNyakasipu was furious. That anger blinded him. He pushed his son down from his lap. (sarvam vaasudevamayam made prahLaada keep smiling.))

11th November 2005, 08:53 AM
hiraNyakasipu continued with his tortures. 'sarvam vaasudevamayam' prahLaada took everything with a cool. Look at the poilitical crookedness in hiraNyakasipu! What all tortures did he do to bhakta prahLaada!

aaha amarsha rushaa aavisTha: kashaayI bhoota locana:
vadhyataam aasu ayam vadhya: ni:saarayata nairRutaa: 7.5.34

(Overwhelmed by anger, his eyes reddened and ordered his raakashasaa attendants to take him far away and kill him. This enemy of mine need to be fixed. (Tapas gives immeasurable power. Bhakti gives humility and love))

para: api apatyam hitakRut yathoushadham swadehaja: api aamayavat suto ahita:
chindyaat tadangam yadutaatmana: ahitam sesham sukham jIvati yat vivarjjanaat 7.5.37

(An outsider who does good is like a medicine. Even if he is own son by brith, he is a disease if not favorable! If some part of the body has some problem, amputate it so that one can live comfortably with the rest!)

nairRutaa: te samaadishTaa: bhartraa vai soolapaaNaya:
tigma damshTra karaaLasya taamra smasru siroruhaa: 7.5.39
nadanta: bhairavaan naadaan chindhi bhindhIti vaadina:
aasInam ca ahanan soolai: prahLaadam sarva marmmasu 7.5.40

(Those people had scary faces with sharp canine teeth, reddish hair and facial hair. As per the orders of their boss, they carried trident in their hands, screamed 'cut', 'chop' and poked the sharp tridents on prahLaada, in all sensitive parts.)

pare brahmaNi anirddeSye bhagavati akhilaatmani
yukta aatmani aphalaa: aasan apuNyasya iva satkriyaa:7.5.41

(prahLaada had united himself with the supreme brahmam, the Bhagavaan who is beyond words and who is the soul of everything. Their efforts were futile like the good acts of virtueless people. NO ONE CAN HURT A BHAKTA AS THEY DON'T SEE ANYTHING OTHER THAN HIS LOVE. HE RUSHES TO SAVE THEM.)

12th November 2005, 09:34 AM
As the above punishments turned futile hiraNyakasipu tried other methods! When the so called protector turns to be the punisher none other than the supreme can save the situation. Fear of self destruction blinds one, but not the bhakta.

diggajai: dandasookaisca abhicaara avapaatanai:
maayaabhi: sannirodhaisca garadaanai: abhojanai: 7.5.43
hima vaayu agni salilai: parvata akramanai: api
na sasaaka yadaa hantum apaapam asura: sutam
cintaam dIrghatamaam praapta: tat karttum na abhipadyata 7.5.44

(hiraNyakasipu tortured prahLaada with wild elephants. He charged poisonous snakes on prahLaada, tried various evil magics, threw him down from mountians, tried various tricks, pushed him into deep holes, fed him poison and starved him. He tortured him with cold, air, fire, water and throwing mountains on his body. Nothing would hurt that pure prahLaada. hiraNyakasipu became desparate to find a solution to get rid of prahLaada.)

aprameya anubhaavoyam akutascit bayo amara:
noonam etat virodhena mRutyurme bhavitaa na vaa 7.5.47

(My goodness, his gretaness is unlimitted. Nothing seems to scare him. So, he is beyond death. Hatred towards him is going to bring death to me. I don't have death from anywhere else.)

imam tu paasai: varuNasya baddhvaa nidhehi bhIto na palaayate yathaa
budhisca pumso vayasaa aaryasevayaa yaavat guru: bhaarggava: aagamishyati 7.5.50

(saying thus he ordered Sukracaarya's children to take care of prahLaada. They told hiraNyaksipu that prahLaada had to be tied up by varuNa paasa so that he won't run away out of fear! Oh! king, we will take care of him until our father Bhaarggava (Sukraacarya) arrives, who prepared you!. In the mean time age/time and company of good people might change him too! (Good depends on the definition of framework!))

12th November 2005, 09:35 AM
kaumaara aacaret praajna: dharmmaan bhaagavataan iha
durllabham maanusham janma tadapi dhruvam arthadam 7.6.1

(prahLaada is in the bondage of 'varuNapaasam'. Teachers were taking a break! His friends came and called him to join them. He addresses them with a smile instead. 'Dear friends we should start practising things that would please the LORD from childhood itself. Obtaining human birth is very hard. But, that is the only one that can lead us to moksham. (It is not the hatred that he fed. It is the love and bhakti that he fed. THAT IS A BHAKTA WHO is GOVINDA BUJA GUPTA - PROTECTED BY GOVINDA))

yathaa hi purushasya iha vishNo: paada upasarppaNam
yat esha: sarvabhootaanaam priya aatma Iswara: suhRut 7.5.2

(The ideal thing for a human being is to take refuge in the feet of the LORD. Because HE is the dearest, soul, controller and friend of everyone.)

sukham aindriyakam daityaa: deha yogena dehinaam
sarvatra labhyate daivaat yathaa du:kham ayatnata: 7.6.3
tata: yateta kusala: kshemaaya bhayam aasrita:
sarIram pourusham yaavat na vipadyeta pushkalam 7.6.5

(Oh! Asura kids, pleasing indriyas will come to you as praarabdham it self. One never struggles to create du:kham, but, it comes anyway. The same state is true for sukham too. So, divert your energy to the LORD. So, a smart one who is afraid of the samsaara, should strive for the soul's welfare before the body starts disintegrating! Now you are kids with lot of energy and so start it now itself. (a good lesson for mothers to train their little ones.) It is the attachment to the samsaara anchoring things that one has to give up. Hold on to aatmabandhus who will walk with you always as they are aatma-bandhus.)

na hi acyutam prINayata: bahvaayaasa: asuraatmajaa:
aatmattvaat sarva bhootaanaam siddhatvaat iha sarvata: 7.6.19

(Oh! Dear friend, asura putras DNO'T BE SCARED! That acyutaa is the soul of all He is there in everything and everywhere. Oh! Pleasing him is very easy and HE is easily availabe for those who pleases him - beyond caste, creed, color, nation, origin.......)

12th November 2005, 09:36 AM
gurususrooshayaa bhaktyaa sarva labdha arppaNena ca
sangena saadhu bhaktaanaam Iswara aaraadhanena ca 7.6.30

(Serve the GURU sincerely and with devotion, offer everything to them, enjoy the company of saahdus and devotees, worship the lord, )

sraddhayaa tat kathaanaam ca kIrttanai: guNa karmmaNaam
tat padaamburuha dhyaanaat tallinga Ikshaa arhaNaadibhi: 7.6.31

(Listen to the Lord's stories with devotion, sing the golries and leelas of the lord, meditate upon his lotus feet, see his vigraham and worship him,)

hari: sarveshu bhooteshu bhagavaan aasta Iswara:
iti bhootaani manasaa kaamaistai: saadhu maanayet 7.6.32

(Lord Hari dwells in all beings. Have this thought and take care of their needs, respect and serve all,)

evam nirjjita shadvarggai: kriyate bhakti: Isware
vaasudeve bhagavati yayaa samlabhate ratim 7.6.33

(This will remove the kaama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada and maatsarya and generate prema bhakti towards the lord. If only these are followed.......!!)

13th November 2005, 09:05 AM
prahLaada continues his vacanaamRutam to his friends and they accepted it because of their innocence as well as prahLaada's purity.

na alam dwijatvam Rushitvam vaa asuraatmajaa:
prINanaaya mukundasya na vRUttam na bahujnataa 7.7.51

(Oh! Friends don't get discouraged thinking that you belong to asura family. It is not enough if you have qualitfications such as you are a dwija, or greatness of a deva or Rushi or great descipline and values, or knowledge. These are not enough to attract Hari.)

na daanam na tapo na ijyaa na soucam na vrataani ca
prIyate amalayaa bhaktyaa hari: anyat viDambanam 7.7.52

(charity, tapas, yagas, aacaarams, vrataas etc. also do not please Hari as much as PURE BHAKTI. DOING PURE BHAKTI BEYOND ANY REASON (that is not tainted by desires) is what he looks for. Everything else more like an act.)

tato harou bhagavati bhaktim kuruta daanavaa:
aatmoupamyena sarvatra sarvabhoota aatmani Isware 7.7.53

(So, please do BHAKTI to Hari who is the sarvabhoota aatma, loving all as euqal to him.)

atha daitya sutaa: sarve sRutva tadanuvarNitam
jagRuhu: nirvadyatvaat naiva gurvanusikshitam 7.8.1

(The asura children who heard this learned it very well becasue of the innocence of prahLaada as well as the kids. The have never grasped anything so well from their teachers! But, this furiated the teachers that prahLaada has converted the school to a bhajanamatham!)

13th November 2005, 09:07 AM
jaya jagadIsa hare kRushNa jaya jagadIsa hare
jaya guru maaruta mandira naatha jaya jagadIsahare


sRuttvaa tadapriyam daitya: dussaham tanayaan ayam
kopaavesa calad gaatra: putram hantum mano dadhe 7.8.3

(The fact the the gurukulam is reverberating with bhagavannaama, the teachers got scared and reported to hiraNyakasipu. HiraNyakasipu was shivering in rage. He could not take it. He decided to kill prahLaada. THE EVILS CAN TRY THEIR BEST. BUT, AATMAARAMAAS ARE PROTECTED BY HIM AND EVEN BRAHMAASTRAM CAN'T TOUCH THEM!)

prasrayaa avanatam daantam baddhaanjalim avasthitam
sarppa: padaahata iva swasan prakRuti daaruNa: 7.8.5

(GREAT SOULS ARE ALWAYS GREAT. prahLaada expressed his respect by doing namaskaaram to his father. (WHAT A GREAT SOUL? Respects one who is torturing!) He stood their with hands folded. (He followed his code of conduct irrespective of the other entity.) He neglected prahLaada's action and breathed heavily like snake that got stepped on. (Who is reacting for what?)

he durvinIta mandaatman kulabhedakaraa adhamaa
stabdham maccaasan uddhootam na eshye twaadya yamakshayam 7.8.6

(Hey disobedient, dumb, lowliest one who would destroy the family, you are disobeying me. First I will send you to yama's place. (He is blind and has lost everything! HE FORGOT THAT NOTHING WILL WORK AGAINST PRAHLAADA!!))

kRuddhasya yasay kampante traya: lokaa: saheswaraa:
tasya me abheetavat mooDha Saasanam kim bala: atygaa: 7.8.7

(Hey fool! The inhabitants of three lokas along with their lords shiver at my anger!!! You are standing infront of me like a fearless person!!??? How dare you cross my orders??? What is the source for your power????)

Bhattatiri says in sreeman naaraayaneeyam -

pitaa sRuNvan baalaprakaram akhilam tvat stutiparam
rushaandha: praaha enam kula hataka kaste balam iti
balam me vaikunTha: tava ca jagataam caapi sa balam
sa eva trailokyam sakalam iti dheera: ayam agadIt 24.9

(hiraNyakasipu turned blind with anger when he found that all the children are singing your glories, Oh! Guruvaayoorappa. (Please Guruvaayoorappa, listen to us too. We are simple and humble devotees of yours, pretty close to your favorite KUCELA.) That bold prahLaada said calmly, "Not only for me father, for you as well as the whole universe, HE IS THE SOURCE OF ENERGY.")

are kwaasou kwaasou sakala jagadaatmaa hari: iti
prabhinte sma stambham calitakara vaaLa: ditisuta:
ata: pascaat vishnO nahi vaditum Isa: asmi sahasaa
kRupaatman viswaatman pavanapura vaasin mRuDaya maam 24.10

(Are! Where is that Vishnu of yours who is the soul of everything and the universe? Raoring like that he shook the swrod in his hand and hit the pillar as prahlaada told him that HE IS EVERYWHERE. 'if he is in this pillar let him save you or I will turn around and kill you!' Oh! GURUVAAYOORAPPA! I CAN'T EXPLAIN WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THAT!! Oh! Guruvaayoorappa, you are full of compassion, you are everything, please give me (us) aanandam. .)

14th November 2005, 09:58 AM
What won't the compassionate lord do for the sake of his bhakta!
Let us offer ourseves to this ugra (for hairNya but divine for prahLaada) narasimha moorthy.

sa sattvamenam parito vipasyan stambhasya madhyaat anunirjjihaanam
na ayam mRugo naapi naro vicitram aho kim etat nRumRugendra roopam 7.8.19

(hiraNyakasipu heard the thundering sound and looked around to see the source. He saw an awesome form coming out of the pillar! What a strange creation? He is neither an animal nor a man! This looks like a narasimham!)

meemaamsamaanasya samuthita: ugrata: nRusimha roopa: tat alam bhayaanakam
pratapta caamIkara caNDa locanam sphurat saTaa kesara jRumbhita aananam 7.8.20

(While hiraNyakasipu was thinking like that, Sri Narsimha bhagavaan appeared before him. Bhagavaan's form was really terrifying. His eyes are shiny like a molten gold balls. The shiny mane stood up around his face.)

karaaLa damshTram karavaaLa cancala kshuraanta jihvam bhrukuTI mukha ulbaNam
stabha ooRdhwa karNam girikandara adbhuta vyaatta asya naasam hanubheda bhIshaNam 7.8.21

(His canine teeh are scary and are vibrating like a sword. His tongue edge is sharp and shiny like the edge of a knife. His eyebrows are bent and hence scary. His ears stood up. His mouth and nostrills look like wide open caves. His chin spread upto his ears and appeared terrifying.)

divispRuSat kaayam adIRgha pIvara grIva uruvakshasthalam alpa madhyam
candraamsu gaurai: churitam tanooruhai: vishwak bhujaanIkasatam 7.8.22

(He is so tall that he was almost touching the sky. His neck is short and fat. He has broad chest and thin waist. His hair looked like moon rays. His hands stretched in all directions and bore sharp nails as weapons!)

14th November 2005, 09:59 AM
[tscii:26c04c647d] durAsadam sarva-nijetarAyudha- praveka-vidrAvita-daitya-dAnavam
prAyena meyam harinorumAyinA vadhah smrtonena samudyatena kim7.8.23

'I guess this is what the Lord is trying in order to get me killed, but what's the use of doing so? Who can kill me?' so Hiranyakashipu murmured to himself, and taking up his weapon(mace); Hiranyakashipu (who was a veritable elephant among the daityas) attacked the loudly roaring Lord Nrisimha.

evam bruvams tv abhyapatad gadAyudho nadan nrsimham prati daitya-kunjarah

alaksito 'gnau patitah patangamo yathA nrsimhaujasi so asuras tadA 7.8.24

Just as a small insect falls forcefully into a fire and the insignificant creature becomes invisible, when Hiranyakasipu attacked the Lord, who was full of effulgence, Hiranyakasipu became invisible. This is not at all astonishing, for the demon (who was darkness personified) should have dissapeared into the Lord who is always situated in pure goodness. Formerly, during creation, He entered the dark universe and illuminated it by His spiritual effulgence.

na tad vicitram khalu sattva-dhamani sva-tejasA yo nu purApibat tamah

tato abhipadyAbhyahanan mahAsuro rusA nrsimham gadayoruvegayA 7.8.25

Thereafter, the great demon Hiranyakasipu, who was extremely angry, swiftly attacked Nrsimhadeva with his club and began to beat Him. Lord Nrsimhadeva, however, captured the great demon, along with his club, just as Garuda might capture a great snake.

tam vikramantam sagadam gaddharo mahoragam tArksya-suto yathAgrahit
a tasya hastotkalitas tadâsuro vikridato yadvad ahir garutmatah

When he, the asura, slipped from His hands as He was playing with him just like Garuda does with a snake, thought the godly and the rulers of heaven whose places he had taken, from behind the clouds that to be a bad turn of events, o son of Bharata(Yudhistira)

asAdhv amanyanta hrtaukaso amarA ghana-cchadA bhArata sarva-dhisnya-pAh

tam manyamAno nija-virya-sankitam yad dhasta-mukto nrharim mahAsurah

punas tam Asajjata khadga-carmani pragrhya vegena gata-sramo mrdhe 7.8.27

Thinking that Lord Nrisimha from whom he had just escaped was frightened by his display of prowess, attacked the greatest of the demons, after a pause in the battle taking up his sword and shield, with great force.

tam syena-vegam sata-candra-vartmabhis carantam acchidram upary-adho harih

krtvAtta-hAsam kharam utsvanolbanam nimilitAksam jagrhe mahA-javah

Making a loud, shrill sound of laughter, rendered more terrible by the roar that accompanied it Sri Hari, who is extremely strong and powerful, captured Hiranyakasipu, who was protecting himself with his sword and shield, leaving no gaps open. With the speed of a hawk, Hiranyakasipu moved sometimes in the sky and sometimes on the earth, his eyes closed partly because of fear of Nrsimhadeva's laughter and partly due to HIS dazzling splendour..[/tscii:26c04c647d]

14th November 2005, 10:03 AM
hiraNyakasipu - one who is so greedy and amasses so much wealth that he sleeps in a bead made of gold!!

One can get any number of any boon from anyone. But, crossing the limits will bring the 'dharma samsthaapana avataaram' and nobody can save one at that stage.

vishwak sphurantam grahaNaaturam hari: vyaaLo yathaa aakhum kulisaa akshata twacam
dwaari oorou apaatya dadaara leelayaa nakhai: yathaa ahim garuDo mahaa visham 7.8.29

(hiraNyakasipu who is in the clasp of narasimha is struggling to escape. He was helpless and was looking in all direction for a solution! Narasimha bhagavaan picked him up as if he is a huge snake picking up a mouse! (What an insult to hiraNyakasipu's ego that said '3 worlds shiver in my fear'!) He took him to the doorstep, put him on his lap. hiraNyakasipu's skin is so thick that even Indra could not even scratch it with his vajrayudham! Narasimha poked his sharp nails into his body like a play, the way garuda will pierce into a poisonous snake and tore him apart......
Sri narasimha bhagavaan kI jai!
It was neithe inside nor outside, neither day nor night, he was neither on the ground nor in the sky, the destroyer is neither a man nor an animal, the destroyer is a not a creation of brahmaa, no weapon was used to kill him. So the condition -
na anta: na bahi: divaa naktam anyasmaat api ca aayudhai:
na bhoomou na ambare mRutyu: na narai: na mRugai: api 7.3.36

came absolttely true.

samrambha dushprekshya karaaLa locana: vyaataa aananantam vilihan swajihwayaa
asRuk lavaa akta aruNa kesara aanana: yathaa aantramaalI dwipa hatyayaa hari: 7.8.30

(Because of the fight and anger his eyes were scary and one could not look at his eyes. His mouth was wide open and he was licking the edges with his fierceful tongue. His mane and face were reddened because of the blood drops from hiraNyakasipu. He stood there in splendor garlanding himself with hiraNyakasipu's blood dripping intestine. He was glowing like a lion that killed an elephant.)

(Narasimha killed all the attendants who came to attack him. He shook his mane and that split the clouds - as if he was helping the devas in the sky to watch this terrible beauty! In front of the power of his eyes, all the planets lost their glow. Oceans agitated because of his breathing. His roarin glaugh scared the elephants and they started screaming.)

dyou: tat saTaa utkshipta vimaana sankulaa protsarppa kshmaa ca padaa ati pIDitaa
sailaa: samutpetu: amushya ramhasaa tat tejasaa kham kakubha: na rejire 7.8.33

(What a terrible effect! The force of the air when he shook his mane, gave a jerk to the sky where many devas were sitting in their vimaanaas, shook and it moved from its place. The earth under his feet crumbled. The force pushed the mountains down. Because of the unnatural brightness, sky, direction everything became invisible.)

Narasimha went to the throne and sat there. All the devas where watching. The beautiful terror narasimha made all of them dumbfounded. No one dared to approach this 'paritraaNaaya saadhOOnaam vinaasaaya ca dushkRutaam' karuNaa moortty! All the devas, kinnaras ,gandharvaas etc. praised the LORD staying far away. Even Lakshmi Devi stayed away as she knew that her LORD is craving for HIS BHAKTA PRAHLAADA. Brahma requested him to go and passify the LORD.

14th November 2005, 10:03 AM
Hope all of you enjoyed the super fight scene described above

15th November 2005, 09:14 AM
While everyone were shivering with fear, praying to the Lord to cool down, seven year old prahLaada walked to him with love. How can one who sees divinity in everything be scared of the divinity itself?

Prayers to Lord Narasimha to bless us with the pure devotion that will please him.

swapaadamoole patitam tam arbhakam vilokya deva: kRupayaa paripLuta:
uthaapya tat SeershNi adadhaat karaambujam kaala ahi vitrasta dhiyaam kRuta abhayam 7.9.5

(As per the request of Brahma, prahLaada went near Narasimhamoorthy. He fell at his feet. Lord picked up this little boy and teh sight of prahLaada filled the Lord with compassion. He lifted his dear prahLaada and blessed him by keeping his protecting hand on prahLaada's head. This hand of the lord saves one who is scared of the most poisonous snake, time.)

sa tat karasparSa dhuta akhila aaSubha: sapadi abhivykta paraatma darSana: tat paadapadmam hRudi nirvRuta: dadhou hRUshyattanu: kLinna hRut aSru locana: 7.9.6

(All prahLaada saw was the lord. Now the brahma saprSam when the Lord touched his head removed all the traces of bad in him and gave him supreme bliss immediately. Seeing the paramaatma with ordinary eyes! What more does a devotee like prahLaada need? He got charged immediately. Absolute happiness (aanandam) filled his heart. Hair stood up on his body. His heart melted, tears of joys rolled down from his eyes. He filled his heart with the LORD's LOUTS FEET. Why would he ever fear or stay away from this karuNaamoorthy? He started praising the Lord.)

brahmaadaya: suragaNaa: munaya: atha siddhaa:
sattwaikataana mataya: vacasaam pravaahai:
na aaraadhitum puruguNai: adhunaa api pipru:
kim toshTum arhati sa me hari: ugrajaate: 7.9.8

(Great ones like Brahmadi devas, Devaganaas, Munis and Siddhas whose mind is full of saatwikam were praising you with beautiful words. They are not satisfied with their wonderful praising of the Lord (and are not able to please you.). Then I, who is born in this ugra asura jaati, do I desrve this credit of pleasing you? It is your compassion that you bless your devotee and give the credit to him.)

manye dhana abhijana roopa tapa: Sruta oja:
teja: prabhaava bala pourusha buddhi yogaa:
na aaraadhanaaya hi bhavanti parasya pumsa:
bhaktyaa tutosha bhagavaan gajayoothapaaya 7.9.9

(I think that wealth, birth in a great family and strong family support, beauty, tapas, knowledge of saastraas, powerful indriyas, physical splendor, status, strength, smartness, intellegence, yogas etc. are not enough to worship the lord. I think the LORD GETS PLEASED ONLY BY PURE DEVOTION, THE WAY HE WAS PLEASED BY GAJENDRA (When gajendra lost everything and was struggling in the clasp of a crocodile, after years, the supreme reality set in him and he addresses the 'aadimoolam' and Lord Hari was pleased with the offering of a lotus with devotion. So, I guess the LORD BLESSED ME WITH DEVOTION AND THEN GOT PLEASED WITH IT.)

15th November 2005, 09:16 AM
prahLaada continued his stuti. His prayers are for others who have gathered there. For, HIM THE LORD'S COMPASSION IS EVERYTHING.

vipraat dwishaDguNayutaat aravinda naabha
paadaaravinda vimukhaat swapacam varishTham
manye tat arppita mana: vacana Ihitaartha
praaNam punaati sa kulam na tu bhoorimaana: 7.9.10

(Oh! Bhagavaan, if there is a vipra who has all the above cited 12 virtues and if he is indifferent to the lotus feet of the lord, the values are not going to take him to the lord. On the other hand it will add to their pride and prevent them from self improvement. On the other hand if there is person who is deprived of all the above (from the society's point of view!) but, he has offered his mind, words, actions, wealth and praana to the lord, HE IS THE GREATEST. He sanctifies the whole lineage.)

na eva aatmana: prabhu: ayam nija laabha poorNa:
maanam janaat avidusha: karuNa: vRuNIte
yat yat jana: Bagavate vidadhIta maanam
tat ca aatmane pratimukhasya yathaa mukhaSrI: 7.9.11

(You are dwelling in self and you are complete and enjoy the bliss. You do not need any material offerings from us, who are ignorant! Still you accept the offerings out of compassion. Whatever we offer helps us to reduce the incompleteness in us and takes us closer to the Lord. This is like the make up put of the face appears on the reflection in the mirror too. We are all relfections of the lord and keeping ourselves pure and offering it to the LORD purifies us)

sarve hi amI vidhikaraa: tava sattwadhaamna:
brahmaadaya: vayam iva Isa na ca udwijanta:
kshemaaya bhootaya uta aatma sukhaaya ca asya
vikrIDitam bhagavata: rucira avataarai: 7.9.23

(Oh! Lord, all these Devas including Brhama are your servants. They are full of sattwa guNas unlike we asuras. All your incarnations and leelas are for the welfare and greatness of the universe. For you, it is aatmaanandam. So, please give up your anger and please these Devas who are still scared of your anger.) ( Look at this prahlaada - he is not scared of narasimha. He is not rejoicing though his enemy has been slayed. He is not angry though his father got killed. THAT IS PRAHLAADA'S SAMADRUSHTI. Leaving everything to the lord and being a sthitaprajna.)

tat yacha manyum asurasca hata: twayaa adya
modeta saadhu: api vRuscika sarppa hatyaa
lokaasca nirvRutim itaa: pratiyanti sarve
roopam nRusimha vibhavaaya janaa: smaranti 7.9.14

(So, please give up your anger as you have already accomplished your mission of killing the asura. Saadhus are rejoicing as a bad element like a scorpion or a snake is removed. You have given peace of mind to all the worlds. They are all expecting you to cool down and bless them. Oh! Narasimha, this from (though fro few minutes) is enoguh! It will stay for eternity in the minds of the people and they will head towards greatness.)

16th November 2005, 08:56 AM
soham priyasya suhrda: paradevataya lila kathas tava nrsimha virinca gita:
anjas titarmy anugrnan guna vipramukto durgani te pada yugalaya hamsa sanga: 7.9.18 [/color]

O my Lord Nrsimhadeva, I shall easily be able to cross all hurdles in my path by chanting the glories of you just like Brahma and other enlightened devotees who are constantly meditating over your lotus feet.

balasya neha saranam pitarau nrsimha nartasya cagadam udanvati majjato nauh
taptasya tat pratividhir ya ihanjasestas tavad vibho tanu bhrtam tvad upeksitanam7.9.19

My Lord Nrsimhadeva, O Supreme, souls neglected and not cared for by You cannot do anything for their betterment. Whatever remedies they accept, although perhaps temporarily beneficial, are impermanent. For example, a father and mother cannot protect their child, a physician and medicine cannot relieve a suffering patient, and a boat on the ocean cannot protect a drowning man.

16th November 2005, 08:58 AM
pRahLaada continued his stuti. He offered his praNaams with gratitue to his GURU Naaradji. HE explains the paramaatma tattvam which keeps him in 'sarvam vishNumayam jagat'.

kwaaham raja: prabhava: Isa tama: adhike asmin
jaata: suretarakule kwa tava anukampaa
na brahmaNa: na tu bhavasya na vai ramaayaa:
yat me arppita: sirasi padmakara: prasaada: 7.9.26

(Oh! Bhagavan, where am this insignificant who is born in asurakula that is filled with rajo guNa and tamo guNa? And where is the compassion that you showered on me? Both in extremes. Oh! My Lord, you put your blessing, lotus hand on my head. How easily available are you and how loveale are you! Nothing other than your compassion can explain this. You did not do this to Brahma, Siva or not even your Devi Rama. This shows your bhakta vaatsalyam.)

evam janam nipatitam prabhava ahi koope
kaama abhikaamam anu ya: prapatan prasangaat
kRutwaa aatmasaat sura RushiNaa bhagavan gRuhIta:
soham katham nu visRuje tava bhRutya sevaam 7.9.28

(Oh! Lord, I was like others who have fallen into the well filled with powerful sankes (fell into the womb). I was also running after all desires with so much desire (prahLaada is talking on our behalf and let us not include him in this list and do the bhaagavata apacaaram!). Fortunately, I got the wonderful satsangham of Naarada. He took me as HIS. How can I ever give up serving your favorite devotee. So, please unite me with them. (ANYONE WHO HAS A SADGURU IS BLESSED.

cintaamaNir loka sukham suradru: swargga sampadam
prayacchati guru: prIta: vaikunTham yogi durllabham - maahaatmyam 1.7

(The great gem cintaamaNi gives worldly pleasures. The heaven tree (kalpavRuksham) gives heavenly happiness. But, a GURU WHO IS PLEASED WITH A DESCIPLE GRANTS VAIKUNTHAM WHICH IS HARD EVEN FOR YOGIS. SO SINCERE, SELFLESS GURU SEVA IS THE PATH TO VAIKUNTHAM.)

twam vaayu: agni: avani: viyat ambu maatraa:
praaNa indriyaaNi hRudayam cit anugrahasca
sarvam twameva saguNa: viguNasca bhooman
na anyat #### asti api mana: vacasaa niruktam 7.9.48

(Oh! Lord you are everything. Your the five elements air, fire, earth, space, water and you are the five subtle elements associated with these. (touch, form,smell,sound and taste). You are the praaNa, five karma and 5 jnaana indriyas and the 3 anta: karaNaas (hRudayam, cittam and ahankaaram). You are the only sthoola (solid) and sookshma (subtle) form and anything that can be conceived by mind and explained by words.)

17th November 2005, 07:25 PM
[tscii:9225edc1c0]Durvaasa Maharshi is teaching us a lesson – ‘price to pay for harming a sadhu/bhakta’. Maharshi is telling us, “if this is my plight, imagine what it would be for ordinary mortals”!!

ambarIsho mahaa bhaaga: sapta dwIpapatIm mahIm
avyayaam ca sriyam labdhwaa vibhavam ca atulam bhuvi 9.4.15

vaasudeve bhagavati tat bhakteshu ca saadhushu
praapto bhaavam param viswam yena idam loshTavat smRutam 9.4.17

(Srisukar introduces AmbarIsha as ‘mahaa bhaagyavaan’. He was the ruler of the 7 continent. He had eternal wealth and unparalleled aiswaryam on earth.
But, with all these, he had supreme love for Vaasudeva and his devotees. Because of this he treated the world as well as a block of soil was exactly the same. (There was no pride in him and he ruled the country under his guidance.) Prayers to Krishna to bless us with this kind of a ruler.

Sa vai mana: kRushNa padaaravindayao: vacaamsi vaikunTha guna anuvarNane
Karou hare: mandir maarjjanaadishu Srutim cakaara Acyuta sat kathodaye 7.4.18

Mukunda linga aalaya darsanE dRuSou tat bhRutya gaatra sparse anga sangamam
ghraaNam ca tat paada saraoja sourabhe srImat tuLasyaa rasanaam tadarppite 7.4.19

paadou hare: kshetra pada anusarppaNe siro hRushIkesa padaa abhivandane
kaamam ca daasye na tu kaama kaamyayaa yathaa uttama sLoka jana aasrayaa rati:7.4.20

(His mind stuck on the lotus feet of Lord kRishna, words describing Lord’s gunas all the time, hands doing the temple cleaning etc., and ears listening to acyuta’s wonderful stories – this is ambarIsha.
His eyes were on seeing Mukunda’s temples and his moortties, body in having contact with Lord’s devotees, nose in enjoying the tuLasi that has the fragrance of the lotus feet, and tongue on tasting only those that were offered to him – that is ambarIsha.
His feet on visiting temples and teertaas, head for touching the feet of hRushIkesa (one who controls all the indriyaas), desires only for serving and he lived in such a way that he will become the favorite of the lord and his devotees. – That is ambarIsha.) Krishna, please give us that devotion too.

This gave ambasrIsha the vairaaghyam and supreme bhakti, Pleased Hari, gifted him with his cakra and ambarIsha made cakra as the king and he became cakra raja’s servant.
Once ambarIsha started the karttika dwaadasi vratam. (start in sukla kaarttika ekadasi and observe all ekaadasis and conclude it with next sukla kaartti ekadasi.) The concluding ceremony is in progress and being dwaadasi, great ambarIsha is respecting the guests who had gathered for dwaadasi paaraNa (feast). There walks in DURVAASA BHAGAVAAN (his anger is to highlight the devotees and the lord). ambarIsha was delighted as Lord Siva himself has walked in for paaraNa. MAharshi promised to come back soon after finishing his morning karmas. But, took his own sweet time meditating upon ‘what is ambarIsha doing’ Dhyaanam. Dwaadasi paaraNa has to be done with in the muhoortta. It was crossing. So as per the advice of paNDits, ambarIsha took tuLasi tIrttam. This infuriated Durvaasa Maharshi. He created a monster to destroy ambarIsha. The kRuta charged towards ambarIsha.”Maharshi is getting mad means and that means I have done a crime and if that is so, let this destroy me’ ambarIsha stood there to accept the punishment. Cakraraja could not take this injustice. It killed the kRuta and started chasing Durvaasa Maharshi. Brahma and Siva expressed their helplessness in saving Maharshi.

Aham bhakta paraadhIna: hi aswatantra iva dwija
Saadhubhi: grasta hRUdaya: bhaktai: bhakta jana priya: 9.4.63

Oh! maharshe I can’t help you either! I am under the influence of my devotees. They have attracted my heart and feelings. I am not independent. I love them and act per their wish!

Upaayam kathayishyaami tava vipra SruNushwa tat
Ayam hi aatmaabhicaara: te yata: tam yaatu vai bhavaan
Saadhushu prahitam teja: praharttu: kurute aSivam 9.4.69

Because you came to me, I will tell you a solution. You created this monster aabhicaaram) to kill ambarIsha, right? Please go to him. If you abuse power against sadhus it will harm you.

Durvaasa ran to ambarIsha. In the meantime ambarIsha requested cakra to come back and cool down, if he or any of his forefathers have done any sat karmas. (That is the greatness of sadhus – saadhava: sadhu bhooshaNaa:) By then one year passed. ambarIsha welcomed Durvaasa Maharshi and did the paaraNa. Durvaasa praised ambarIsha fro his greatness and devotion. [/tscii:9225edc1c0]

17th November 2005, 07:28 PM
Why kRushNa avataaram?
- To reduce the bhoobhaaram (he can very well do that sitting in vaikuntham - sankalpa maatram)
- To attract people in to his fold - bhakti maargga (Kunti Devi and all bhaktas like this)


The scene is in Mathura. Ugrasena is the king who unfortunately is blessed with a wicked son Kamsa - Rebirth of asura Kalanemi. Ugrasena Maharaja has a brother Devakan and his lasut daughter is divine mother Devaki. Kamsa loves (!?) Devaki more than any of his own sisters. Soorasena is the 'muDicooDaa mannan' of yaadava dynasty. His son Vasudeva is a man of words.

enter the most enchanting 'dasama skandham' of Srimad Bhagavatam.

kathito vamaSa vistaara: bhavataa soma sooryayo:
raajnaam ca ubhaya vamsyaanaam caritam parama adbhutam: 10.1.1

(Sri Sukar concluded kRushNa story in hardly 16 slokas in navama skandham while he was narrating soorya vamSam and candra vamSam!

drouNyastra vipLushTam idam mat angam santaana bIjam kuru paaNDavaanam
jugopa kukshim gata aatta cakra: maatusca me ya: saraNam gataayaa: 10.1.6

(When I was in the womb, Aswathaama's Brahmaastram burned me to death. I was the only one to carry the lineage of kauravas as well as paaNDavaas. (Their family is one.) My mother Uttaraadevi took refuge in HIM. He entered her womb with a ready to attack cakra and protected THIS BODY OF MINE. (kRIshNa bhakti is a wonderful privilege for parIkshit's family - satrting from Bheesha to him! Who won't feel jealous of them!!)

na eshaa ati dussahaa kshunmaam tykata udam api baadhate
pibantam twan mukha amboja cyutam harikathaa amRutam 10.1.13

(I am hungry and have not even drank a drop of water (ParIkshit entered SamIka's asramam with this, insulted the Rushi, returned to the palace and heard the curse by SRungi, went to Ganga shore, rUshIs came, SriSukar appeared, started the bhaagavata saptaaham and today is the 4th day of bhaagavata saptaaham!). But, that does not bother me as I am enjoying the nectar (amRutam) of harikatha that is flowing from your mouth, GURU.)

bhoomi: dRupta nRUpa vyaajai: daitya anIka sata ayutai:
aakraantaa bhoori bhaareNa bhramaaNam saraNam yayou 10.1.17

(UNDER THE PRETENTION OF RULERS, COUNTLESS ASURAS ARE RULING THE EARTH. Mother earth is, unable to bear this weight, approached Brahma and with Brahma as the leader proceeded to ksheera abdhi and prayed to LORD Naaraayana.) The karuNaamoorthy announced that he has decided to incarnate in Mathura as Devaki adn Vasudeva's son and all devas welcome to join his drama on earth. Now, Devaki is given in marriage to Vasudeva. Kamsa decided to do the saarathyam himself to show his love for his dear sister!

18th November 2005, 08:52 AM
[tscii:94f0d92069]Scene: Vasudeva marries Devaki with much pomp and show. Prince Kamsa, the son of the King Ugrasena assumed the role of a charioteer and was driving the newly married couple.

pathi pragrahinam kamsam abhashyahasarira vak
asyas tvam asamo garbho hanta yam vahase abudha 10.1.34

when the evil Kamsa was driving in his chariot a voice from the heavens thus spoke about Devaki “You fool! eighth child of the woman you are carrying will kill you!"

ity uktah sa khala: papo bhojanam kula pamsana:
bhaginim hantum arabdha: khadga panih: kace agrahit 10.1.35

Upon hearing these words Kamsa the disgrace of the Bhoja family immediately drew out his sword and held Devaki by her hair and proceeded to kill her.

vasudeva uvaca

Vasudeva Said:

Shlaghaniya guna: shurair bhavan bhoja yashaskara:
sa katham bhaginim hanyat striyam udvaha parvani 10.1.37

Upon seeing this Vasudeva tried to pacify Kamsa by saying the following:

esha tavanuja bala kripana putrikopama
hantum narhasi kalyanim imam tvam dinavatsala: 10.1.45

As your younger sister, this poor girl Devaki is like your own daughter and deserves all your affection. You are merciful, and therefore you should not kill her.

sri-shuka uvaca

Shri Shuka thus spoke to Parisksit

evam sa samabhir bhedai: bodhyamano api daruna:
na nyavartata kauravya purushadan anuvratah:10.1.46

Thus Vasudeva tried his best to desist Kamsa from carrying out this evil deed by pleading and trying to put some fear of God into him. However Kamsa who was filled with rage would not listen to Vasudeva’s advise and proceeded to kill Devaki.[/tscii:94f0d92069]

18th November 2005, 08:54 AM
'IF YOU OPPOSE YOU ARE IN JAIL BECAME THE LAW OF LAND' Under Kamsa! That much attrocity was needed for the neela ratnam to incarnate.
(neela ratnam is blue gem - Sweet kRushNa)

na hi asyaa: te bhayam soumya yat vaak aaha aSarIriNI
putraan samarppayishye asyaa yata: te bhayam uthitam 10.1.54

(Vasudevaji thought and thought. He has to save this innocent soul Devaki now. He got a solution. Oh! Softhearted one (praising to save a life is OK), that divine voice (from formless) did not say that you have fear from Her right? How about this? I will surrender her children to you as the fear for you is only from them. (Look at the way LORD is planning to make his father a satyasandha. As his master plan is in place, HE did not make him say 'how many children'!)

kIrttiman tam prathamajam kamsaaya aanakadundubhi:
arppayaamaasa kRucchreNa sa: anRUtaat ati vihvala: 10.1.57

(Devaki gave birth to her first son 'kIrttiman'. Vasudeva carried tha baby to Kamsa and offered. He was not happy. But, the fear of 'lie' was stronger than the suffering from attachment.)

kim dussaham nu sadhoonaam vidushaam kim upekshitam
kim akaaryam kadaryaaNaam dustyajam kim dhRutaatmanaam 10.1.58

(What is impossible for sadhoos? What is impossible for the ones who knows the supreme reality? What is impossible for the wicked ones? what is impossible for one who enjoys the aatman? In all these cases the anser is 'nothing'!) DON'T WE KNOW THAT?)

Even kamsa was impressed by vasudeva's truthfulness and he returned the baby saying I will deal with the eighth! This does not excite Vasudeva as he knew that a wicked can not eb trusted based on a momentary act of good! He was right!. Naradji approached Kamsa and shared the deva secrets. (He did noy advice killing though. THAT IS KAMSA'S OWN BRAIN CHILD!) ANYONE OPPSSED ENDED UP IN JAIL. THIS INCLUDES HIS FATHER UGRASENA MAHAARAJA, ALL TEH GREAT MINISTERS. 'IF YOU OPPOSE YOU ARE IN JAIL!!

18th November 2005, 08:56 AM
The scene is ksheerabdhi (milk ocean). Mountain madara is the churning rod and serpant VaasukI is the rope. Asuras on the head side and devas on the tail side are churning the ksheeraabdhi. Lord NARAYANA was pulling the head side with one hand and the tail side with the other while holding the peak with the other (so that it will not go here and there on the shaky surface!) and supporting the mountain on his back as turtle (koorma avattaram) (So what did all the devas and asuras do? Pretended that they are churning!! Exactly what we are doing now.)
That lord is
megha Syaama: kanaka paridhi: karNa vidyota vidyut
moordhni bhraajat viluLita kaca: sragdhara: rakta netra:
jaitrai: dorbhi: jagat abhayadai: dandaSookam gRuhItwa
mathnan mathnaa pratigiri: iva aSobhata atha udhRuta adri: 8.7.17

(That beautiful Naaraayana was wearing gold like dress, his dangling eardrops were like lightning. His head covered with beautiful hair, wearing garland, eyes a little bit reddend, he is personification of victory. With the protecting (the world) hands he was holding the serpant. Thus standing in splendor, it was like one (blue) mountain using another (brown) mountain to churn the (white) milk ocean. A beautiful rainbow there.)

nirmathyamaanaat udadhe: abhoot visham
maha ulbaNam haalahalaahwam agrata:
sambhraanta meena makara ahi kacchapaat
timi dwipa graaha timingala aakulaat 8.7.18

(Becasue of the churning all the water living animals got agitated. The first thing that emerged was the most poisonous enitity called haalaahalam.)

pumsa: kRupayata: bhadre sarvaatmaa prIyate hari:
prIte harou bhagavati prIye aham sacaraacara:
tasmaat idam garam bhunje prajaanaam swasti: astu me 8.7.40

(The devas could not stand the poison. they rushed to aaSutoshi (one who can be pleased very easily) Sambho Mahaadeva, who was with his Devi Uma and prayed for protection. Shankara addressed Umadevi and said, 'oh! Dear, Lord Hari gets pleased with one who is very compassionate to all beings. This is becasue he dwells in everything. When HE is happy everything and I get very pleased. May the whole universe enjoy the peace and protection. As compassion is the best, I am going to drink this poison Devi.' Thus with Uma's permission Shankara drank the poison. Mother cought hold of Deva's neck and Shankara became nIlakaNTha.) The churning continued, Dhanvantari came with amRuta, Asura's ran away with amRuta, Mohini came and got it back and served the amRutam to the Deva's - the force in nature.

Let us offer our praNaams to Umaamaheswara and Lord NaaraayaNa.

19th November 2005, 10:03 AM
Kamsaas freinds and kRsuhNa's master plan - I

pralamba baka caaNoora tRuNaavartta mahaasanai:
mushTika arishTa dwivida pootanaa kesi dhenukai: 10.2.1
anyaISca asura bhoopaalai: baaNa bhoumaadibhi: yuta:
yadoonaam kadanam cakre balI maagadha samSraya:10.2.2

(These are all Kamsa's freinds who will not hesitate to do anything! Just a few to k now the quality! To escape from the torture many yaadavaas escaped to other neighboring countries.) Devaki lost 6 of her children by now.

saptamo vaishNavam dhaama yam anantam pracakshate
garbho babhoova devakyaa harsha Soka vivardhana: 10.2.5

(The seventh one was Aadisesha's amsam. Devaki felt unusual happiness. At the same time, the thought of Kamsa tortured her.)

LORD decides when to intervene.

bhagavaanapi viswaatma vidittvaa kamsajam bhayam
yadoonaam nijanaathaanaam yogamaayaam samaadiSat 10.2.6

(The Lord is the soul of everything. He understood the fear caused by Kamsa to his devotees. So, he invited his yoga maaya and said-)

gaccha devi vrajam bhadre gopa gopi: alankRutam
rohiNI vasudevasya bhaaryaa aaste nandagokule 10.2.7
devakyaa jaThare garbham Seshaakhyam dhaama maamakam
tat sannikRushya rohiNyaa: udare sannivesaya 10.2.8

(Oh! Devi please go to Gokula. They place is beautiful becasue of the presence of wonderful Gopas and Gopis and cows. Vasudeva's wife Rohini is also living there. The baby in Devaki's womb is my own amsa that is known as AadiSesha. Please attract it and deposit in RohiNi's womb. (Order for transplanting Balarama.))

athaa aham amsa bhaagena devakyaa: putrataam Subhe
praapsyaami twam yaSodaayaam nanda patnyaam bhavishyasi 10.2.9

(Hey, Subhe, immediately, I will enter mother Devaki's womb as a poorNam and you enter mother yoSoda's womb. Devi was blessed with various names and places for worship.

19th November 2005, 10:05 AM
[tscii:496ba44dd0]sA devaki sarva jagan nivAsa nivAsa bhutA nitarAm na reje
bhojendra gehe qgni shikheva ruddhA sarasvati jnAna khale yathA sati 10.2.19
The same lord who holds the entire universe within HIM was now inside the womb of Devaki! Devaki had become very beautiful due to the presence of the lord. She was as radiant as the flames of the fire, as wise as goddess Sarswati. It’s a real pity that others could not enjoy this because she was locked up in the prison of Kamsa.

tAm vikshya kamsa: prabhayAjitAntarAm virocayantim bhavanam shucismitAm
Ahaisha me prAnaharo harir guhAm dhruvam shrito yan na pureyam idrishi 10.2.20
Because the Lord Narayana was within her womb, Devaki illuminated the entire atmosphere in the place where she was confined. Seeing her jubilant, pure and happy, Kamsa thought, "It must be the Lord Vishnu, who is now within her born to kill me. Devaki has never before looked so brilliant and jubilant."
kim adya tasmin karaniyam Ashu me yad artha tantro na vihanti vikramam
striyA: svasur gurumatyA vadhoyam yasha: shriyam hanty anukAlam Ayu: 10.2.21
Kamsa thought: What is my duty now? If I wait for my enemy to be born before I make an attempt on HIS life, I might not survive it since this is no normal baby. Devakî is a woman, she is my sister, and moreover she is now pregnant. If I kill her, my reputation, prosperity and duration of life will certainly be reduced.

Satya vratam satya param tri satyam satyasya yonim nihitam ca satye
satyasya satyam rita satya netram satyAtmakam tvAm sharanam prapannA: 10.2.26
The sages headed by Narada and Gods ccompanied with their attendants (gandharvas), Brahma and Shiva glorified Lord Vishnu:
O Lord, You never deviate from Your vow, which is always perfect because whatever You decide is perfectly correct and cannot be stopped by anyone. Being present in the three phases of cosmic manifestation: creation, maintenance and annihilation: You are the Supreme Truth. Truth is the highest means of attaining you. You are the active principle, the real truth, in all the ingredients of creation. You treat everyone fairly, and Your instructions apply for everyone, for all time. You are the beginning of all truth. Therefore, offering our prayers, we surrender unto You. Kindly give us protection.[/tscii:496ba44dd0]

20th November 2005, 08:51 AM
[tscii:740ba91d54]Devas and Rushis headed by Brahma continued the stuti of Lord Narayana who was still in Devaki’s womb.

tathA na te mAdhava tAvakA: kvacit bhraSyanti mArgA: tvayi baddha sauhRudA:
tvayAbhiguptA vicaranti nirbhayA: vinAyakAnikapa moordhasu prabho 10.2.33

(“Even if some of your bhakata’s stray from the path of bhakti they do not fall as other non-bhakta’s.; you still continue to protect them.Your bhakata’s continue to make spiritual progress and find all their enemies and obstacles vanquished.”
Such is Krishna’s kRupa on his bhakta’s! )

sRuNvan gRuNan samsmarayan ca cintayan nAmAni rupANi ca mangalAni te
kriyAsu ya: tvat caranAravindayor AvishTacetA na bhavAya kalpate 10.2.37

(Those who constantly hear, chant, contemplate and cause others to remember your name and form and meditate upon your lotus feet have no need to be born again.)

Matsya ashva kacchapa nRusimha varAha hamsa rAjanya vipra vibudheshu kRutAvatAra:
tvam pAsi na: tribhuvanam ca yatha adhuna ISa bhAram bhuvo hara yaduttama vandanam te 10.2.40

(O Lord, You accepted incarnations as a fish, a horse, a tortoise, Narasimhadeva, a boar, a swan, Lord Rama, Brahmana ( Parasurama) and Vamanadeva, to protect the entire world by Your mercy. Now please protect us again by Your mercy. O Krishna, best of the Yadus, we respectfully offer our prayers unto You.)

distyA amba te kukshigata: para: pumAn amSena sAkshAd bhagavAn bhavAya na;
mA bhood bhayam bhoja-pate: mumurshor goptA yadoonAm bhavitA tavAtmaja: 10.2.41

(O mother DevakI, fortunately, the Supreme Lord Narayana Himself, is now within your womb. Therefore you need not fear Kamsa, who is courting his own death (by prosecuting you and your husband). Your son, Krishna will be the protector of the entire Yadu dynasty.)

20th November 2005, 08:53 AM
Let us enjoy the aanandam from this aananda roopan. His avataaram is multipurpose - bhakata aakarshaNam, sishTa paripaalanam, dushTa nigraham

aanada roopa bhagavan ayi te avataare praapte pradIpta bhavat anga nirIyamaaNai:
kaanti vrajairiva ghanaaghana maNDalairdyaam aavRUNvatI viruruce kila varshavelaa 38.1

(Oh! Guruvaayoorappa, as your avataara time was getting closer, the sky filled with dark thikck clouds. It looked as if the shiny dark glow from you was spreading from your body. It was like the clouds are ready to shower 'kRupa' just like you Guruvaaayoorappa!)

aaSaasu SItaLataraasu payoda toyai: aaSaasita aapti vivaSeshu ca sajjaneshu
naiSakara udayavidhou niSi madhyamaayaam kLesaapaha: trijagataam twam iha aaviraasI: 38.2

(Oh! Guruvaayoorappa! That pouring water cooled all the directions. All saadhoos were delighted as their wish has come true (the LORD's avataaram). The beautiful ashtami (8th day of dark side) moon came up in the sky. Oh! Lord! The remover of all problems for all the three worlds, you incarnated then as a poorNa avataaram.)

baalya spRuSaa api vapushaa dadhushaa vibhootI: udyat kirITa kaTaka angada haara bhaasaa
sankha ari vaarija gadaa paribhaasitena meghaasitena parilesitha sooti gehe 38.3

(Oh! Guruvaayoorappa! You were in the baby form. But, carried all the magnificient! The glow from diadem, bracelets, shoulder bangles, necklaces was matchless. The radiation spread all over from the conch, cakra, lotus and the mace. Oh! Lord, with your cloud like body (Oh! MeghaSyaamaLa!) you illuminated the delivery room (here the dark jail! As dark as Kamsa's heart!))

maatraa ca netra salilaastRuta gaatravalyaa stotrai: abhishTuta guNa: karuNaalaya: Twam
praacIna janma yugaLam pratibodhya taabhyaam matur giraa dadhita maanusha baala vesham 38.7

(Oh! Guruvaayoorappa! vasudeva praised you and mother Devaki who was drenched with tears of happiness, sang your glories. Oh! reservoir of compassion, you narrated their previous birth to them. (Prajaapati sutapaa and pRusni did tapas to have a son like mahaavishnu. In that life they had pRusnigarbhan. Then they came as kasyapa & aditi and lord came as upendra or vaamana. Next they came as Dasaratha and kausalya and Lord incarnated as Rama. Now as Vasudeva and Devaki and LORD IS HERE AS kRushNa. HE SHOWERS MORE THA WHAT WE ASK FOR. THE POURING CLOUD!) Mother Devaki begged to see him as a baby. As a mother she feared that kamsa would come and looking at the vishNu roopam would certainly kill him. (The love took over and all stotram she did got burried under the prema! 'oh! if you become an ordinary one I will somehow beg and convince my brother!)THERE GOES! HE BECAME A BLUE GEM AND MOTHER DEVAKI HUGGED HIM CLOSE.

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[tscii:6ae0a133fe]Vidita: asi bhavAn sAkshAt purusha: prakRute: para:
kevala anubhava Ananda swaroopan: sarva Buddhi dRuk 10.3.13

(Vasudeva experienced the brahmam in his own child and praised his child as follows. My Lord, You are the Supreme Person, beyond any material existence (Prakrti). You are the experience and Ananda (supreme bliss); You are the greatest observer of all intellects (buddhi))

sa eva svapraRutyaa idam sRushtvA agre trigunAtmakam
tad anu tvam hi apravishta: pravishta iva bhAvyase 10.3.14

(My Lord, You are the same person who in the beginning created this material world by Your own Maaya. After the creation of this world of three gunas [trigunAtmakam: sattva, rajas and tamas], You appear to have entered it, although in fact You have not. The LORD is beyond Maaya.)

sa tvam triloka sthitaye sva mAyayA bibharshi suklam khalu vaRnam Atmana:
sargAya raktam rajasa upabRumhitam kRushNam ca varNam tamasA janAtyaye 10.3.20

(My Lord, you are the same Person who maintains the three worlds(triloka) , You assume the white color of Vishnu (Satva form) for creation, which is surrounded by the quality of passion, for the continuation of the three worlds You appear reddish (Brahma form with Rajas guna); and at the end, when there is a need for annihilation, You appear blackish (Rudra form with Tamas Guna).

ayam tu asabhya: tava janma nou gRuhe sruttvA agrajAn te nyavadhIt suresvara
sa te avatAram purushai: samarpitam srutvA adhunaa iva abhisarati udAyudha: 10.3.22

(O my Lord, Lord of the suras (suresvara), after hearing the prophecy that You would take birth in our home and kill him, this (asura) uncivilized Kamsa killed many of Your elder brothers. As soon as he hears from his men that You have appeared, he will rush with raised weapons to kill You. Vasudeva expressed his fear and left it to the LORD to decide on the action.)

rupam yat tat prAhu: avyaktam Adyam brahma jyoti: nirgunam nirvikAram
sattAmAtram nirvisesham nirIham sa tvam sAkshAt Vishnu: adhyAtma dIpa: 10.3.24

(Mother Devaki also experienced the divinity in her child and said: My dear Lord, some describe You as (avyaktam ) unperceivable through physical senses. Some call you Brahman, the greatest of everything, full of splendor. You have no material cause, You are free from change and deviation. You are absolutely pure and eternal. You are beyond any attributes. You are the cause for every thing and you are every where. By understanding You, one understands everything. Everything emanates from You. My Lord, you are (sAkshAd vishnur) Vishnu You are the light of all spiritual knowledge or the one gives enlightenment.)

nashTe loke dviparArdha AvasAne mahA bhooteshu Adi bhootam gateshu
vyakte avyaktam kAla vegena yAte bhavAn eka: Sishyate Sesha samjna: 10.3.25

(At the end of two parardhas (dviparArdha : The span of life for Brahma) the entire universe is dissolved. The five constituent elements (water, fire, earth, sky, air) . merge into their suble form, which in turn merges into the Ahankara tatvam, which merges into the mahat tatvam(vyaktam) which merges into PrakUti and finally merges into the lord. In the end only thing that remains is you, my Lord, who rests over the aadiSesha. Mother Devaki praised the LORD as the beginner and end. So, there is absolutely no reason for any fear. But,)

janma te mayi asou pApo mA vidyAn madhusoodana
samudvije bhavad heto: kamsAd aham adhIradhI: 10.3.29

(Oh! Madhusudana (slayer of asura Madhu), for your sake, I am becoming more and more anxious and afraid of evil Kamsa. Therefore, please don’t let that sinful Kamsa know that You have taken birth from my womb. Why worry about Kamsa when her son is Madhusoodana? Now the prema is taking over and the concern to protect overpowers the Jnaana.)

upasamhara visvAtmann ado roopam aloukikam
sankha chakra gadA padma sriyA jushTam chatur bhujam 10.3.30

(O my Lord, Your appearance as the four-armed form, holding conchshell, disc, mace and lotus, is unnatural for this world. Please withdraw this form (and become just like a natural human child so that I may try to hide You somewhere) The mother in Devaki wants cuddle the baby that has stolen her heart.)

visvam yad etat svatanou niSAnte yathA avakAsam purusha: paro bhavAn
bibharti so yam mama garbhago abhut aho nRulokasya viDambanam hi tat 10.3.31

(O Lord You are the same person who can hold the entire universe within you after it’s dissolution (niSAnte) with out any effort. It’s impossible to think that the same lord has now appeared in my womb. That is only your pretention.)

Lord reminds them of the pervious janma and prompts Vasudeva to carry him to Gokulam and exchange with Yoga Maya who has taken birth there. When there is an order from the LORD, that becomes the truth. Plus Vasudeva has already given 6 children to Kamsa and so 'putraan' is already taken care of! Mother cries saying, 'I want to save you' and the compassionate lord wants to take care of HER wish as well the wish of great devotees waiting in Gokuam/brindaavanam. [/tscii:6ae0a133fe]

21st November 2005, 07:24 PM
[tscii:94cd24f24b]Krishna revealed his true form. But, Prema took over and mother Devaki started worrying. So, he instructed them to take him to Gokulam and exchange with yasoda’s baby girl.

tatas ca Sauri: bhagavat pracodita: sutam samaadaya sa sootika gRuhat
yadaa bahir gantum iyesha tarhi ajaa yaa yogamaaya ajani nanda jaayaya 10.3.47

(Upon being thus instructed by Krishna, Vasudeva felt greatly relived. All his bondages were released. He carried the little baby in his hand and decided to leave. At that very instant Yoga Maaya, who is Lords energy appeared as Yasoda & Nandagopa’s child. This yoga maaya-who can escape from her grip? Only HIS kRupa can make that happen)

tayaa hRuta pratyaya sarva vRuttishu dvaa: stheshu poureshu api Saayiteshu atha
dvaarastu sarvaa: pihitaa duratyayaa bRuhat kavaaTaaya sa kIla Srinkhalai: 10.3.48

(By the influence of Yogamaya, all the doorkeepers fell fast asleep, and the other inhabitants of the city fell deeply asleep too. But there were huge closed doors, which were strongly pinned with iron and locked with iron chains.)

taa: kRushNa vaahe vasudeva Agate svayam vyavaryanta yatha tamo rave:
vavarsha parjanya upaamSu garjita: Sesho anvagaad vaari nivaarayan phanai: 10.3.49

(Just as when the sun rises the darkness automatically fades away, when Vasudeva approached the doors, the doors automatically opened wide. (How can there be any bondage when the LORD is with him? LORD controls his own maaya.) Since the clouds in the sky were thundering and showering, Sesha (Snake), followed Vasudeva, beginning from the door, with hoods expanded to protect Vasudeva and his child.)

maghyoni varshati asakrid yamaanuja gambhIra toyaugha javormi phenila
bhayaanakaavartta Sataakulaa nadI maargam dadau sindhur iva Sriya: pate: 10.3.50

(Because of constant rain the River Yamuna was filled with deep water, foaming about with fiercely whirling waves. But as the great Indian Ocean had formerly given way to Lord Rama (Sriya: pate : Sita’s Husband) by allowing Him to construct a bridge, the River Yamuna gave way to Vasudeva and allowed him to cross.)

nanda vrajam Saurir upetya tatra taan gopaan prasuptaan upalabhya nidraya
sutam yaSoda Sayane nidhaya tat sutaam upaadaya punar gRuhaan agaat 10.3.51

(When Vasudeva reached the house of Nandagopa, he saw that all the cowherd men were fast asleep. He then placed his own son on the bed of YaSoda, picked up her daughter, who was none other than Maya Devi and then returned to his residence, the prison house of Kamsa.)

devakyaa: Sayane nyasya vasudevo atha daarikam
pratimuchya pador loham aaste purvavad avRutah 10.3.52

(Vasudeva placed the female child on the bed of Devaki, the dorrs got closed, the chains bound his legs with the iron shackles, and thus remained they there as before. Lord set up the whole thing and what happened in the middle of the night remained a deva rahasyam.)

yasSoda nanda patnI ca jaatam param abudhyata
na tat lingam pariSraanta nidrayaa Apagata smRuti: 10.3.53

(Exhausted by the labor of childbirth, YaSoda was overwhelmed with sleep and unable to understand the sex of child had been born to her. This too was just because of Lord’s Maya.)

Oh! kRushNa, all we can do is watch your lIla by the 'adbhuta baalaka:'.
As gopIs are going to sing later
'tava kathaamRutam kRushNaa tapta jIvanam'
Oh! kRushNa, your katha is the amRutam for the withered lives. That is what is keeping us alive, expecting for you kRupa.[/tscii:94cd24f24b]

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When everything rolled back to normal, Maya Devi cried in the top of her voice! She continued playing her role, as a divine sister. Kamsa has to be pushed to the peak of his 'vinaaSa kaale viprIta buddhi:' This woke up the guards and

tetu toorNam upavrajya devakyaa garbha janma tat
aacakhyu: bhoja raajaaya yat udwigna: pratIkshate 10.4.2

(They rushed to their king and announced the birth of Devaki's child. Kamsa, who was counting days in fear was waiting for this.)

sa talpaat toorNam uthaaya kaala: ayam iti vihwala:
sootIgRuham agaat toorNam praskhalan mukta moordhaja: 10.4.3

(He jumped out of the bed screaming, "he is my killer". He was shattered with fear and dashed to the delivery room (jail). He was losing balance and his hair was open. This shows Kamsa's state of mind. )

bahavo himsitaa: bhraata: SiSava: paavaka: upama:
twayaa daiva nisRusTena putrikaa ekaa pradIyataam 10.4.5

(Oh! Brother, many of my children who were pure like fire have been killed by you. I accpet that as the God's wish (or fate) which prompted you to do that. Now, please have mercy on me. All I have is this baby girl. Please spare her life. )

nanu aham te hi avarajaa dInaa hatasutaa prabho
daatum arhasi mandaayaa ange imaam caramaam prajaam 10.4.6

(Oh! respectable one, smart one, am I not your sister? Don't you see me drenched in sorrow at the death of my children? Don't I deserve this daanam of this child from you brother? I am so helpless and unlucky. Please have mercy on me. I am too old and this will be my last child. Please don't take her away from me. How can a girl even hurt you? This is early Kali or transition time!!)

upaguhya aatmajaam evam rudatyaa dIna dInavat
yaacita: taam vinirbhartsya hastaat aacichide khala: 10.4.7

(Mother Devaki cuddled her baby so tightly and wept so helplessly. Kamsa turned a deaf ear to her begging. He showed all signs of hatred and THAT WICKED KAMSA SNATCHED THE LITTLE DARLING, THE ADORABLE BABY FROM MOTHER DEVAKI'S HAND... OH! My God, how pitiable? Will anyone ever pardon this kind of cruelty? But, there is an end for all attrocities!!!!)

taam gRuhItwaa caraNayo: jaatamaatraam swasu: sutaam
apothayat SilaapRushTe swartha unmoolita souhRuda: 10.4.8

(The baby is just born, so tender, so lovely. He grabbed her, his own neice, by the leg (a bit of fortune is still left in Kamsa and so he touched the Devi's feet - for whatever reason it is). With all force, he hit the baby on the piece of rock!!! One loses total balance out of fear of death. One goes beyond reasoning when selfishness crosses the limit!! Look at his love!! Where did that 'my sister' go now?)

saa tat hastaat samutpatya sadya: devi ambaram gataa
adRuSyata anujaa vishNo: saayudha ashTa mahaa bhujaa 10.4.9

(Ha! What a wonderful sight! That baby slipped out of his grip before she hit the stone! She flew up and went up to the sky. She appeared there as DURGAA DEVI, LORD VISHNU's SISTER. Devi stood their in splendor with eitht hands holding divine weapons. Jai SrI Durga Devi kI Jai!)

divya srag ambara aalepa ratna aabharaNa bhooshitaa
dhanu: Soola ishu carma asi Sankha cakra gadaa dharaa 10.4.10

(Let us enjoy this DIVINE MOTHER. Mother is wearing Garland made with divine flowers, shiny, soft (silk) dress, sandal paste etc. smeared all over her body, decorated with very rich and precious gem. (Durga Devi is there as sarva alankaara bhooshitaa) She is holdong, bow, spear, arrow, shield, sword, conch, discus, mace. (Well, now mother is with Kamsa. When she turns to us we will see her as snehamayi amma))

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vivikta upsangamya jagataam Iswara Iswaram
praNamya SIrasaa paadou praanjali: tam abhaashata 11.6.42

(The Lord of teh Lord was sitting alone waiitng for teh end of yaadava kulam and his vaikunTha aarohanama. Uddhava approached kRushNa and touched teh Lrod's feet with his head. With folded hadns and tears rolling down, he said thus 'Oh! kRushna, you could have stopped the Brahmin's curse on the family. You did not as it ispart of your plan.)

na aham tava anghri kamalam kshaNa ardham api kesSava
tyaktum samutsahe naatha swadhaama naya maam api 11.6.44

(Oh! kRushNa, I can not be away from your lotus feet, not even for half a second. Please taek me with you.)

The Lord explained the effect of kRushNa leaving this world and said -

na vastavyam twayaa iha mayaa tyakte mahItale
jana: adharma ruci: bhadra, bhavishyati kalou yuge 11.7.5

(Oh!Uddhava, the moment I leave thsi wrold, Kali will reenter this world. people will be more into adharma. You being my devotee, Uddhava, you will be pure. As it will be hard for you to be i the midst of them, please leave this place. (Arjuna was dissuaded from this decision by the same lord!)

twam tu sarvam parityajya sneham swajana bandhushu
mayi aaveSya mana: samyak samadRuk vicaraswa gaam 11.7.6

(Oh! Uddhava you cut all the bondages you have with your people and relatives. Offer your whole mind to me and seeing me in everthing, roam around the world in bliss.)

22nd November 2005, 09:21 AM

PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, 2005 4:46 pm Post subject: Kamsa's temporary state of 'repenting' Reply with quote
Radhe Krishna,

The divine mother stood up in the sky in splendor and announced thus -

kim mayA hatayA manda jAta: khalu tava Anta kRut
yatra kva vA purva Satrur mA himsI: krupanAn vrithA 10.4.12

(O Kamsa, you fool, what will be the use of killing me? Your enemy, who will certainly kill you, has already taken His birth somewhere else. Therefore, do not unnecessarily kill other innocent children. Being a mother, she warns kamsa!)

aho bhagini aho bhAma mayA vAm bata pApmanA
purushAda iva apatyam bahavo himsitA: sutA: 10.4.15

(Upon hearing these words Kamsa was shocked and he said the following words with humility, due to the influence of the divine mother – very short living though! Oh! my sister! Alas, my brother-in-law! I am indeed so sinful that just like a man-eater who eats his own child, I have killed so many sons born to you.)

sa tu aham tyakta kArunya: tyakta jnAti suhrut khala:
kAn lokAn vai gamishyAmi brahmaha iva mRuta: Svasan 10.4.16

(I have been merciless and cruel, I have forsaken all my relatives and friends. Therefore, I am like a person who has killed a brahmajnaani. I do not know to which loka (hell) I shall go after death.)

daivam api anRutam vakti na martyA eva kevalam
yad viSrambhAd aham pApa: svasur nihatavAn SiSoon 10.4.17

(It seems that not just humans but God’s too lie. Believing in the Prophecy I, a sinner killed my own sister’s babies. Kamsa, who could not understand the secret ways of the lord, started blaming them too. But, if only he had learned the real lesson….)

mA Socatam mahA bhAgAu AtmajAn svakRutam bhuja:
jAntavo na sadaa ekatra daivAdhInA: tad Asate 10.4.18

(O great souls, your children have suffered their own misfortune. Therefore, please do not lament for them. All living beings are under the control of the Supreme, and they cannot always live together.)

tasmAd bhadre svatanayAn mayA vyApAditAn api
mA anuSoca yata: sarva: svakRutam vindate avaSah 10.4.21

(Dear Sister, Please do not grieve over the death of your sons who have been unfortunately killed by me. Ultimately everyone has to bear the fruits of one’s past actions.)

bhrAtu: samanutaptasya kshAntvaa rosham ca devakI
vyasRujad Vasudeva: ca prahasya tam uvAca ha 10.4.25

(When Devaki saw her brother repentant, she suppressed her anger. Similarly, Vasudeva was also controlled his anger. Smiling, he spoke to Kamsa. He explained how ego leads to mine and others. Unfortunately, when the same was argument was put as request to prevent Devaki’s death, it did not enter Kamsa! Wicked ones use logic at their own convenience!) [/tscii:b4bb8dfe33]

23rd November 2005, 09:24 AM
[tscii:a54ddf15e1]After listening to what Vasudeva and Devaki, Kamsa retired back to his palace. He then summoned his councilors (we already listed them before!) and informed them of what Mother yoga maya's announcement. However, the evil and foolish councilors tried to persuade him to continue the pursuit of killing the killer! They promised that they will take desired forms using their magic and kill all the new born babies. That way, Kamsa’s killer also will be taken care of!

moolam hi Vishnu: devaanam yatra dharma: sanaatana:
tasya ca brahma go vipraa: tapo yajnaa: sadakshina: 10.4.39

(The strength of all the gods is Lord Vishnu, who lives wherever the sanaatana dharma is practiced. He gains his power due to the practice of the Vedas, worship of cows, and the rishis who perform the various austerities

vipraa: gaava: ca veda: ca tapa: satyam dama: Sama:
Sraddha daya titikshaa ca kratava: ca hare: tanu: 10.4.41

(The Rishis, the cows, Vedic knowledge, austerity, truthfulness, control of the mind and senses, faith, mercy, tolerance and sacrifice are the different parts of the body of Lord Vishnu.)

sa hi sarva suraadhyaksho hi asuradviD guhASaya:
tanmoolaa devataa: sarvA: seSvaraa: sacaturmukha:
ayam vai tad vadhopayo yad rishInam vihimsanam 10.4.42

(Lord Vishnu, who is the leader of all sura’s (gods) is the ultimate enemy of the asuras and is therefore known as asuradviD. He is found in the heart of all beings. The great saintly persons, sages, who offer the veda to the world are his main strength. To persecute the rishis, therefore, is the only way to kill Lord Vishnu. HE DID NOT REALISE THAT HURTING THEM IS WHAT IS GOING TO BRING THE EARLY ARRIVAL OF THE LORD!)

Ayu: Sriyam yaSo dharmam lokan aSisha eva ca
hanti Sreyamsi sarvani pumso mahad atikrama: 10.4.46

(After listening to what his wicked advisors had to say, kamsa came to the conclusion that it was in his best interest to follow their advice. 'vinaaSa kaale viparIta buddhi:'! He then gave order to other evil asuras to prosecute the righteous in any way possible. Sri Sukar warns us that when a man persecutes the righteous, his life, beauty, glory, fame, religious merit, and any chance to ascent to the heavens will be destroyed. )

23rd November 2005, 09:26 AM
Rushi maarkkaNDeya did tapas. Rushi had absolute control and nothing would didstract him. Pleased with his tapas, Lord appeared as Nara and NaaraayaNa Rushi. After praising the LORD MaarkkaNDeya Rushi had only one wish, "I want to see your Maya". Soon, LORD showed his maaya. Rushi went into his meditation. Pralaya vaayu and rain happened and the whole universe got merged. Darkness fell all over. Rushi was the only one who survived being a 'cinranjIvi'. HE struggled in maaya. That was the first experince for the Rushi who was a maaya atIta. Suddenly in the midst of that he saw a green peepal tree and wished that he would take refuge there. On closer look, oh! LORD!

sa kadaacit bhraman tasmin pRithivyaa: kakudi dwija:
nyagrodhapotam dadRuSe phala pallava Sobhitam 12.9.20
praag uttarasyaam Saakhaayaam tasya api dadRuSe SiSum
Sayaanam parNNa puTake grasantam prabhayaa tama: 12.9 21

(What a divine sight! On the north east branch of the tree, on a leaf he saw a wonderful, divine child who was removing the darkness with his own glow!)

mahaa marakata Syaamam SrImad vadana pankajam
kambu grIvam mahoraskam sunaasam sundara bhRuvam 12.9.22

(What a beautiful baby. No one can express it in words. Like a beautiful marakata maNi, great lotus like face full of Sree, conch like neck, broad chest, beautiful nose, very attractive eyeborws... The aatmaaraama RUshi got trapped right there! Let usbe there for a while...)

Swaasaijat aLakaabhaatam kambuSrI karna daaDimam
vidruma adhara aabhaasa Ishat SoNaayitasudahaa smitam 12.9.23

(When the baby was breathing, that air pushed the beautiful dangling curls, wearing daaDima flower on his conch like ears, his coral like lips are slightly reddened and that adds a red shade to his beautiful, nectar like flowing smile...)

padma garbha aruNa appangam hRUdya haasa avalokanam
Swaasaijat vali samvigna nimna naabhi dala udaram 12.9.24

(His eyes are like the insdie of the lotus flower (in shape and color), a beautiful look filled with catchy smile, Oh! kRushna! who could resist this?
When the baby was breathing, his tender, leaf like stomach was going up and down.)

caaru angulibhyaam paaNibyaam unnIya caraNa ambujam
mukhe nidhaaya viprendra dhayantam vIkshya vismita: 12.9.25

(Raising both his hands, with that beautiful fingers, the baby lifted the lotus leg up (ha! Rushi saw the carana aravindam! Took it to his mukha aravindam and was happily sucking the toes. The Rushi who saw this was in surprise. Our Sri Bhagavad paadaal also got attrated to this to this and started..)

karaaravindena padaaravindam mukhaaravinde vinive Sayantam
vaTasya patrsya puTe Sayaanam baalam mukunda manasaa smaraami

Let us also offer our heart to that baalam mukundam on this ekaadasi day.
Story continues, baby sucked the wondering Rushi inside, he saw the whole universe inside. He was breathed out and in many times. After enoguh suffering Rushi came out of dhyaanam and felt "oh! this is Maaya".

23rd November 2005, 09:28 AM
[tscii:912f1e51f2]Nanda; tu Atmaja utpanne jata aahlado mahaa manA:
ahUya viprAn vedajnan snAta: Suci: alankrita: 10.5.1

(Nandagopa was very happy to have baby boy. He then bathed, dressed in good clothes and got ready for the rituals.)

gopya: ca aakarNya muditA: yaSodAyA: sutodbhavam
atmAnam bhUshayAm cakru: vastra aakalpa anjanAdibhi: 10.5.9

(Gopi’s upon hearing that mother Yashoda had given birth to a male child became very happy and decorated themselves with good clothes ornaments and all make ups. The best reason to rejoice. The birth of a child brings so much happiness. Now, if the child is poorNam brahma sanaatanam? It will be boundless.)

gopya: sumRushTa maNi kunDala nishka kanThhya: citrAmbarA: pathi SikhA cyuta mAlya varshA:
nandAlayam savalayA vrajatIr vireju: vyAlola kunDala payodhara hAra SobhA: 10.5.11

(The GopIs wore beautiful shiny earrings, and necklaces. Their hands were decorated with bangles, their dresses were beautifully embroidered, and for their hair they wore beautiful garlands. Gopi’s looked very beautiful and they joyfully went to visit mother Yashoda to celebrate the child’s birth. There was a flower rain on the path the flowers that fell from the gopIs hair as they were rushing! So much flowers and they were in such a hurry to reach the destination.)

taa ASisha: prayunjanA: ciram pAhIti bAlake
haridrA coorNa tailadbhi: sincantyo ajanam ujjagu: 10.5.12

(Gopi’s proceeded to then bless that baby. (little they knew that the baby is there to bless them!) In their ecstasy they sprinkled water, turmeric and water mixed with turmeric powder and oil on each other. They sang the glories of the LORD loudly. Just the look of Brahmam made to them to ecstasy.)

gopA: parasparam hRushThA: dadhi kshIra ghRuta ambubhi:
Asincanto vilimpanto navanItaiSca cikshipu: 10.5.14

(The cowherd men enjoyed the great festival by smearing on each other with handfuls of curd, milk, butter and water and drenching in those.) [/tscii:912f1e51f2]

24th November 2005, 08:19 AM
Nnadagopa went to Mathura to pay his yearly tax as well as special gift to the king as he has been blessed with a baby. After finishing his job, he went to meet his dear vasudeva. Vasudeva hugged and welcomed him and enquired about the children.

bhraata: mama suta: kaccit maatraa saha bhavat vraje
taatam bhavantam manvaana: bhavadbhyaam upalaaLita: 10.5.27

(Oh! Dear brother, how is my son there (he is referring to RohiNi's son)? Is he considering you as his father and getting pampered by you and your wife too?)

aho te devakI putraa: kamsena bahavo hataa:
ekaa avaSishThaa avarajaa kanyaa saa api divam gataa 10.5.29

(Oh! What a sad thing, Nandagopa answered. All the children that you had in Devaki got killed by this wicked Kamsa. Finally, you were left with a girl and she also went to heaven.)

karo vai vaarshiko datto raajne dRushTaa vayam ca va:
neha stheyam bahutitham santi utpaataa: ca gokule 10.5.31

(Vasudeva told Nanda that he has finished his job in Mathura as he has paid the tax as well as met vasudeva. 'I see some bad omens in Gokulam and so please hurry back. Vasudeva is aware of Kamsa and his councilors plan.)

Nandagopa listened to vasudeva's words and hurried to Gokulam worrying about what mgiht have happened. AS LONG AS KAMSA IS AROUND THIS WILL BE AN ETERNAL FEAR FOR PEOPLE.

24th November 2005, 08:22 AM
Nandagopa hurried to Gokula, worrying about the danger, praying to LORD VISHNU.

kamsena pahitaa ghoraa pootanaa baala ghaatinI
SiSoon cacaara nighnatI pura graama vrajadishu 10.6.2

(The first emissary sent by Kamsa is raakshasi pootana. She is so wicked and a killer of babaies. She went everywhere- to town, villages, people where cowherds live killing all new born babies.)

saa khecari ekadaa upetya pootanaa nanda gokulam
yoshittwaa maayayaa aatmaanam praaviSat kaamacaariNI 10.6.4

(This pootana has the ability to use her magic to take any form. While she was flying across Nanda Gokulam, she took the form of a beautiful lady and approached Nandagopa's house. Even she could not resist the LORD's call. The LORD did not get cheated by her beauty either!)

taam keSabandha vyatishikta mallikaam bRUhan nitamba stana kRucchra maddhyagaam
suvaasasam kampita karNa bhooshaNa twishaa ullasat kuntaLa maNDitaananaam 10.6.5
valgusmitaa apaanga visargga vIkshitai: mano harantIm vanitaam vrajoukasaam
amamsata ambhoja kareNa roopiNIm gopya: Sriyam drashTum iva aagataam patim 10.6.6

(Her hair was done so beautifully. Jasmine garland was tucked around it. Her physique was so perfect, wearing such delicate pretty dress, with shinty ear drops decorating her ears, dangling curls decorating her face. Her smile was so beautiful and a look from her - that is it, every one fell for her. She was holding a lotus in one of her hands - (Oh! NO THIS IS NOT MAHAALAKSHMI AND IT IS STILL POOTANA!!) all the innocent gopIs thought that Mahalakshmi has entered Gokulam to see her LORD who has taken birth in Nandagopa's house! (Their love for Nandagopa's son was so deep that they decided that it can't be anyone other than the LORD)

vibudhya taam baalaka maarikaagraham cara acara aatma sa nimIlita IkshaNa:
anantam aaropayat ankam antakam yathaa uragam suptam abudhi rajjudhI: 10.6.8

(Who can cheat the LORD? Well HE might pretend! Knowing that this is a baby killer, the soul of all mobile and immobiles closed his eyes tight. (because 1. she does not deserve his sweet loving look, 2. he may not have the heart to kill her if he looks at her). Brainless pootana put the eternal, supreme in her lap. She did not know that she was putting her killer in her lap - like mistaking a sleeping snake to be a rope.

25th November 2005, 09:52 AM
[tscii:3e51231700]He is the lord of poison too. How can that do anything to HIM?

tAm tIkshna cittAm ativAma ceshThitAm vIkshyAntarA koSa paricchad asivat
vara striyam tat prabhayA ca dharSite nirIkshyamANe jananI hi atishThatAm 10.6.9

(Putana’s heart was fierce and cruel, but she looked like a very affectionate mother. Thus she resembled a sharp sword in a soft sheath. Although seeing her within the room, YaSoda and RohinI, overwhelmed by her beauty, did not stop her, but remained silent because she treated the child like a mother. And her actions were so quick. With her beauty she mesmerized both rohiNi and yasoda.)

tasmin stanam durjara vIryam ulbanam ghorAnkam AdAya SiSor dadAu atha
gADham karAbhyAm bhagavAn prapIdya tat prANai: samam rosha samanvito apibat 10.6.10

(The evil Rakshasi took the baby on her lap and pushed her breast into His mouth. It was smeared with a very dangerous poison. But who can possibly poison Lord Narayana himself!? Krishna squeezed it very hard with both hands, and sucked out both the poison and her life. He sucked it with so much force as if he was taking revenge for all the killing she has done so far.)

sA munca munca alam iti prabhAshinI nishpIDyamAnA akhila jIva marmaNi
vivRutya netre caranau bhujau muhu: prasvinna gAtrA kshipatI ruroda ha 10.6.11

(As her very life was being sucked by the lord, pootana cried out “Leave me, O Leave me, stop it”. Perspiring, her eyes bulged out and her arms and legs flailing, she cried very loudly again and again. She was not able to bear the pain. The lord seldom holds someone. But, if it does happen, there is no way to escape either. Be it through love or through hatred!)

tasyA: svanena ati gabhIra ramhasA sAdrir mahI dyau: ca cacAla sa graha:
rasA diSaSca pratinedire janA: petu: kshitau vajra nipAta SankayA 10.6.12

(As Pootana screamed loudly, the earth with its mountains, and outer space trembled. All the planets, rasA (nether lands) and all directions shook due to her roar and people fell down, fearing that thunderbolts were falling upon them. pootana fell down with her mouth wide open and she was like vRUtraasura knocked down by devendra.)

patamAno api tad deha: tri gavyooti antara drumAn
coornayAmAsa rAjendra mahad AsIt tad adbhutam 10.6.14

(As pootana was dying she reache her original form as a huge raakshasi. When the gigantic body of pootana fell to the ground, it smashed all the trees within a limit of twelve miles.( tri gavyuti). Oh! King parIkshit, that was an unbelievable sight. She beautiful angel like body was lying there like the most scary and disgusting.)

bAlam ca tasya urasi krIDantam akutobhayam
gopya: toorNam samabhyetya jagRuhu: jAta sambhramA: 10.6.18

(After killing Rakshasi Putana, the baby was playing on her bosom. When the gopîs saw the child playing so happily on that raakshasIs body, they immediately came forward with great jubilation and picked Him up.)

Yasoda and rohiNi were so delighted to see their baby safe and alive. They did raksha (protection) for the baby with purifying things as well as the LORD's name. (these slokas 19-29 are recited to ward off evils) Baby kRUshNa certainly did not need this but, we all do. Yasoda took the baby and fed him with her milk. nadagopa returned and found that almost all the roads were blocked with a raakshasI's dead body. He listened to the unbelievable story. Thanked Vasudeva and the LORD for saving his baby. They cut pootanaa's body into pieces (as it was too big to keep in one pire) and burned it in pieces. They felt a nice fragrant coming out of it (indicating pootana's moksham - LORD touched and that purified her already). Sri Sukar says that LORD gave her the same status that he would give to yasoda amma or devaki amma. So, what all won't HE give to people who approach him with love. Whoever enjoyed pootana moksham will be blessed with absolute prema bhakti on LORD GOVINDA[/tscii:3e51231700]

25th November 2005, 09:54 AM
[tscii:bb9eabbce0]Today and tomorow we will go with the anga raksha done by the gopIs. These are powerful slokas which can be recited for the health/protection of anyone we love and respect.

yaSodA rohinIbhyAm tA: samam bAlasya sarvata:
rakshAm vidadhire samyag gopuccha bhramaNAdibhi: 10.6.19

(Yoshoda, Rohini and other Gopi’s then performed rites to protect the baby against evil forces. In reality kRushNa of course needs no protection from evil forces but it’s a lesson for all us to learn how to love.)

gomUtreNa snApayitvA punar go rajasA arbhakam
rakshAm cakruSca SakRutA dvAdaSAngeshu nAmabhi: 10.6.20

(The child was thoroughly washed with cow’s urine and then smeared with the dust under cow’s hooves. Then different names of the Lord were applied with cow dung on twelve different parts of His body. In this way, the child was given protection from all evil forces.)

gopya: samspRushTaa salilA angeshu karayo: pRuthak
nyasya Atmany atha bAlasya bIja nyAsam akurvata 10.6.21

(They sprinkled some water on baby’s body to ward off evil. Further they performed the ritual known as nyasya. This ritual involves touching various parts of the body and then invoking a particular god with beeja mantra to protect that organ.)

avyAd ajo anghrim aNimAn tava jAnu: atha Uru yajno Acyuta: kaTi taTam jaTharam hayAsya:
hRut keSavas tvadura ISa inastu kanTham vishnur bhujam mukham urukrama ISvarah kam 10.6.22

(They said : May Lord Aja (the birthless lord) protect your anghri (feet), May aNiman (twho is beyond description) protect your knees, Yajna (the deity presiding over all sacrifices) protect your thighs; Acyuta (the immortal lord) protect your loins, Hayagriva (lord with the head of a horse) protect your abdomen; Keshava your heart; Isa (the almighty lord) your chest; Ina (soorya naaraayaNa) your neck; Vishnu your arms; Lord Urukrama your mouth and Isvara your head.)

cakry agrata: sahagado harir astu paScAt tvat pArSvayor dhanur asI madhu hA ajanaSca
koneshu Sankha urugAya upary upendra: tArkshya: kshitau haladhara: purusha: samantAt 10.6.23

(May cakry (wielder of the chakra) stand before you and protect you from the front; May Lord Hari endowed with a mace protect you from the back; and may the carrier of the bows and a sword, who is known as the enemy of Madhu, and Lord Ajana (the birthless lord), protect Your two sides. May Lord UrugAya, the carrier of the conchshell, protect You from all corners; may Upendra (Vaamana) protect You from above; may the rider of Garuda protect You on the ground; and may Lord Haladhara, protect You on all sides.)

indriyANi hRushIkeSa: prAnAn nArAyano avatu
SvetadvIpa patiS cittam mano yogeSvaro avatu 10.6.24

(May Hrishikesa(controller of all indriyaas) protect Your senses, and Narayana Your life breath. May the lord of SvetadvIpa (lord of sattwa guna – naaraayaNa) protect your cittam(conscience), and may Lord Yogeshwara protect Your mind.)

pRuSnigarbha: tu te buddhim AtmAnam bhagavAn parah
krIdantam pAtu govinda: SayAnam pAtu mAdhava: 10.6.25

(May Lord PRuSnigarbha protect Your intelligence, and the supreme lord protect Your (atman) soul. While You are playing, may Govinda protect You, and while You are sleeping may Madhava protect You.)

vrajantam avyAd vaikunTha AsInam tvAm Sriyah pati:
bhunjAnam yajnabhuk pAtu sarva graha bhayankara: 10.6.26

(May Lord of VaikunTha protect You while You are walking, and may the husband of the goddess of fortune, protect You while You are sitting. Similarly, may Lord Yajnabhuk (lord of all yagna’s), the enemy of all evil planets, always protect You while You enjoy life.)[/tscii:bb9eabbce0]

26th November 2005, 09:40 AM
[tscii:0ad122c474]dAkinyo yAtudhAnyaSca kushmAndA ye arbhaka grahaA:
bhUta preta pisaaca: ca yaksha raksho vinAyakA: 10.6.27

(Evil spirits such as Dakini’s, Yatudhani’s and Kushmanda’s who are the enemies of babies as well as Bhuta’s, Preta’s and Pisacha’s are which are just looking to trouble good people.)

kotarA revatI jyeshTA pUtanA mAtRukAdaya:
unmAdA ye hi apasmArA deha prAnendriya druha: 10.6.28

(Witches like KotharA, RevatI, Jyeshtha, PUtana and MatRuka, are always ready to give trouble to the body as well as the prana (life force) and Indriyas.)

svapna dRushThA mahotpAtA vRuddhA bAla grahAS ca ye
sarve naSyantu te vishnor nAma grahaNa bhIrava: 10.6.29

(Sacry and bad dreams, planets that cause hindrance to old and young etc. can be vanquished by uttering Lord Vishnu's name. When Lord Vishnu's name resounds, all of them become afraid and go away. Such is the power of HIS name!)

With these mantras the ladies of vraj protected Nanda and YaSoda's baby. Mother yaSOda was so relieved to have her baby back. [/tscii:0ad122c474]

26th November 2005, 09:42 AM
[tscii:08bc177b7f]kadAcid autthAnika kautukAplave janmarksha yoge samaveta yoshitAm
vAditra gIta dvija mantra vAcakai: cakAra sUnor abhishecanam satI 10.7.4

(Sree sukar said: When Krishna was twisting His body to attempt to rise and turn around, this attempt was observed by a Vedic ceremony. In such a ceremony, called utthAna (the child is 28 days), which is performed when a child is due to leave the house for the first time, the child is properly bathed. On that day, there was a conjunction of the moon with the constellation RohinI. Brahmanas were chanting the Vedic hymns, while others were playing musical instruments as well as songs. What a lucky mother! She got to put the gem of Vedas on her leg and pamper him!)

nandasya patnI kRuta majjanAdikam viprai: kRuta svastyayanam supUjitai:
annAdya vAsa: srag abhIshTha dhenubhi: sanjAta nidrAksham aSISayac chanai: 10.7.5

(The brahmanas properly chanted Vedic hymns to observe the auspicious ceremony When she has to do so much, mother Yashoda saw that the child felt sleepy. That mother’s lap was so comfortable that even the LORD felt so so sleepy. SO, she made a nice swing in a cart and put the sleeping baby in that. She asked the kids playing around to keep an eyes on him.)

autthAnika outsukya manA manasvinI samAgatAn pUjayatI vrajaukasa:
na eva aSRuNod vai ruditam sutasya sA rudan stanArthI caranAu udakshipat 10.7.6

(Mother Yashoda, absorbed in celebrating the utthana ceremony, was busy receiving guests, etc.Th ekids were engrossed in play! Thus she could not hear the child crying for His mother. At that time, the baby Krishna, demanding to drink to be fed, angrily threw His legs upward.)

adha: SayAnasya SiSor ano alpaka pravAla mRudu anghri hatam vyavartata
vidhvasta nAnA rasa kupya bhAjanam vyatyasta cakrAksha vibhinna kUbaram 10.7.7

(The baby was lying down under the handcart in one corner of the courtyard and kicked the wheel of the cart. His little feet are as soft as the new leaf for his devotees but, not so for the anit social elements. When He struck the cart with His legs, it turned over violently and collapsed. The wheels separated from the axle, the hubs and spokes fell apart, and the pole of the handcart broke. On the cart there were many little utensils which contained delicacies such as milk, curd and Ghee, and all of them scattered hither and thither. The wheels swirled in the air and cam back as powder! Kamsa had send another emissary, SakaTasura who entered the wheel and started turning it fast in order to crush the baby. The baby pretended that it was crying for milk and attaention. As he planned no one came to the resce. SO, he decided to protect himself and with a akick crushed the SakaTaasura.)

dRushThvA yaSodA pramukhA vraja striya autthAnike karmaNi yA: samAgatA:
nandAdayaS ca adbhuta darSanAkulA: katham svayam vai SakaTam viparyagAt 10.7.8

(When mother Yashoda and the other ladies who had assembled for the utthana festival, and all the men, headed by Nanda, saw the wonderful situation (of the heavily laden cart being destroyed by a small baby and yet being totally unhurt), they began to wonder how the handcart had collapsed by itself. They could not even consider the possibility that a baby could have upturned the cart.)

Ucu: avyavasita matIn gopAn gopISca bAlakA:
rudatAnena pAdena kshiptam etat na samSaya: 10.7.9

(Boys who were playing nearby while the cart turned upside down told the wondering cowherds and the ladies that the cart was indeed destroyed by the baby with a kick while he was crying for food. Thus all their doubts were removed and they knew who was responsible for this. What is notpossible for the LORD. All that is needed is sankalpam.)

na te Sraddadhire gopA bAla bhAshitam ity uta
aprameyam balam tasya bAlakasya na te vidu: 10.7.10

(The assembled gopis and gopas, could not believe the statements of the children, and therefore they neglected these statements as being childish talk. This surely must have been the maya causing the people not to believe the truth.)

26th November 2005, 09:43 AM
To save Bhakti Devi and her children Jnaana and Vairaaghya, naarada was looking for a slotuon. Becasue of Kali they had beome so tired and children were dead. But, brindavanam brought youth to Bhakti. Narada met his brothers Sanatkumaras. Narada fell at their feet and asked for a solution.

bhakti jnaana viraagaaNaam sukham utpadyate katham
sthaapanam sarav varNeshu premapoorvam prayatnata: 3.52

(Oh! Gurus, please tell me what is that need to be done so that bhakti, jnaana and vairaaghya can be installed with supreme love in all the varNaas.)
Kumaras did a bhaagavata saptaaham. They started the maahaatmyam.

bhakteshu govinda suroopa dhartrI premaika kartrI bhavaroga hantrI
saa twam ca tishThaswa sudhairya samsrayaa nirantaram vaishNava maanasaani 3.71

As soon as Kumara's finished the bhaagavata maahaatmyam, Bhakti arrived there with children. It was already house full. She asked the adhyaksha brahma, 'where should I sit? Give a place for me and mu children'. So Kumara's said teh baove slokam. Oh! Devi, you stay as the form of govind in haridaasaas. You are generate only prema. You destroy the jananamaraN cycle. Please eb courageous and enter the heart of all kRushNa bhaktaas and stay there for ever.

Now when Bhakti sits -

sakala bhuvana madhye nirdhanaa: te api dhanyaa:
nivasati hRudi yeshaam sri hare: bhakti: ekaa
harirapi nijalokam sarvadhaa ato vihaaya
praviSati hRudi teshaam bhakti sootra upanaddha: 3.73

Even if they are the penniless they are the most contented & happy ones, if bhakti for hari is living in their heart. Sri Hari also leaves his abode Vaikuntham for ever, by all means, and enter their heart and tie himself with the unbreakable thread of Bhakti.
That hari, that kRushNa, that brahma is what we are enjoying always in everything.

28th November 2005, 11:05 AM
[tscii:9be94fdd74]ekadA Aroham ArUdham lAlayantI sutam satI
garimANam SiSor voDhum na sehe giri kUTavat 10.7.18

(One day, mother YaSodA was patting her son on her lap. But suddenly she felt the child to be heavier than a mountain, and she could no longer bear His weight. So she placed him on the ground and went about doing her work. She has no clue that this divine child was increasing his weight so that he will be dumped on the ground and he can handle the tRUNaavartta who is approaching!)

daityo nAmnA tRunAvarta: kamsa bhRutya: praNodita:
cakravAta svarUpena jahAra AsInam arbhakam 10.7.20

(While the child was sitting on the ground, a demon named tRuNaavartta, who was a servant of Kamsa's, came there as a whirlwind (tornado?), at Kamsa's instigation, and very easily carried the child away into the air. He filled Gokulam with dust and noise. Asura’s can do anything with their magic.)

muhUrtam abhavad goshTham rajasA tamasA AvRutam
sutam yaSodA na apaSyat tasmin nyastavatI yata: 10.7.22

(For a while, the whole of Gokulam became dark due to dust storm, and mother Yashoda was unable to find her son where she had placed Him.)

na apaSyat kaScana AtmAnam param cApi vimohita:
tRunAvarta nisRushthAbhi: SarkarAbhir upadruta: 10.7.23

(tRuNAvartta threw stone at everyone fiercely that people became unconscious and could not feel themselves let alone others, and thus they were greatly disturbed by this incident.)

tRunAvarta: SAntarayo vAtyA rUpa dharo haran
kRushNam nabho gato gantum na aSaknod bhUri bhAra bhRut 10.7.26

(Having assumed the form of a forceful whirlwind, the demon tRuNAvarta took the baby high up in the sky. When he reached enough height, the baby started increasing his weight! (Well, he is supremost magician!) The demon had to stop and could go any further. See how easily he accomplishes his actions!)

tam aSmAnam manyamAna: Atmano guru mattayA
gaLe gRuhIta utsrashtum na aSaknod adbhuta arbhakam 10.7.27

(To tRuNAvarta it appeared as if the baby was as heavy as huge mountain. However, the baby tightly caught hold of the demon’s neck and as a result the demon could not shake Him off. It was at this point that he realized that this was no ordinary baby.)

gala grahana niSceshTo daityo nirgata locana:
avyakta rAvo nyapatat saha bAlo vyasur vraje 10.7.28

(With the baby grasping him by the throat, tRuNAvartta choked due to His immense weight. He was unable to make even a meaningful sound. His eyes popped out, the demon lost his life and fell and along with the baby. He fell down to the ground of Vraja.

tam antarikshAt patitam SilAyAm viSIrNa sarvAvayavam karAlam
puram yathA rudra Sarena viddham striyo rudatyo dadRuSu: sametA: 10.7.29

(While the gopis who had gathered were crying for the baby (such is their devotion that they could not even bear separation from this divine child even for a moment), the demon fell from the sky onto a big slab of stone. His body parts scattered everywhere, as if he had been pierced by the arrow of Lord Shiva himself.)

Another emissary of Kamsa who dug a hole for himself! Their own traits lead them to their end!
With Prayers to that kRushNa.[/tscii:9be94fdd74]

28th November 2005, 11:08 AM
[tscii:cf9104ee53]Entire Gokulam was ecstatic when they saw that the precious baby was alive despite the fall from the skies. The Gopis started saying that the sin killed the asura and the Lord saved the baby!

kim na: tapa: cIrNam adhokshaja arcanam pUrta ishTa dattam uta bhUta sauhRudam
yat sampareta: punar eva bAlako dishTyA sva bandhUn pranayan upasthita: 10.7.32

(The Gopis said: We must have performed great austerities, worshiped the Supreme Lord (Vishnu), performed pious activities, and also given charity, as a result of which this boy, although faced with death, has come back to give happiness to all of us. Nanda Gopa remembered Vasudeva’s warning and thanked him for the support.)

ekadA arbhakam AdAya svAnkam Aropya bhAminI
prasnutam pAyayAmAsa stanam sneha pariplutA 10.7.34

(One day mother Yashoda, placed her little darling on her lap and fed Him milk from her breast with great love and affection. Is there anyone who is as lucky as this mother? Of course each mother is when she sees kRushNa in her baby.)

pIta prAyasya jananI sutasya rucira smitam
mukham lAlayatI rAjan jRumbhato dadRuSe idam 10.7.35

(When the child almost finished drinking His mother's milk and mother Yashoda was softly rubbing Him with her hands. She was enjoying the lovely, beautiful, brilliantly smiling face. The baby yawned (As naaraayaNa, he never gets a chance to do this!), and mother Yashoda saw in His mouth the following: Sri Sukar who was experiencing as he was narrating this. He calles out for Parishit, ‘Oh! Rajan, this is what happened!’)

kham rodasI jyotir anIkam ASA: sUryendu vahni Svasana ambudhIn ca
dvIpAn nagAn tad duhitur vanAni bhUtAni yAni sthira jangamAni 10.7.36

(Mother Yashoda saw in His mouth the whole sky, all the worlds and the earth, the sun, the moon, fire, air, the seas, islands, mountains, rivers, forests, and all kinds of living entities, moving, static adn what not!)

sA vIkshya viSvam sahasA rAjan sanjAta vepathu:
sammIlya mRugaSAvAkshI netre AsIt suvismitA 10.7.37

(Sri Sukar who saw the viswaroopam with yaSoda called out, 'oh! Raajan, see this'. When mother Yashoda saw the whole universe within the mouth of her child, her heart began to beat rapidly, and her eyes were wide open at the awesome sight (just like the eyes of a deer). YaSoda was shocked to see this wonderful yet scary vision of the entire world in His mouth. She could not bear it anymore and she closed her eyes tightly. The baby wanted to show his mother why he was so heavy and showed the whole creation which is just inside him.) Another smile from him erased all her memory and she started pampering the baby again! If the daivattwam memory stays with the mother, the baby will be the loser! Such is the mother's love - that too from mother yaSoda.

Oh! That kRushNa, who can do anything and everything, we offer ourselves at your lotus feet.[/tscii:cf9104ee53]

29th November 2005, 08:50 AM
[tscii:654621e522]Now our baby is getting named! What a sweet name!! So attractive. Glues us.A perfect avataaram for nurturing bhakti in Kali.

Garga: purohito rAjan yadUnAm sumahA tapA:
vrajam jagAma nandasya vasudeva pracodita: 10.8.1

(Sree *beep* said: O Maharaja Parikchit, the priest of the Yadu dynasty Garga, was highly great ascetic. Vasudeva requested Him to go see Nanda gopa at his home in Vraja. Vasudeva wished the naming ceremony to be performed by his Guru.)

jyotishAm ayanam sAkshAd yat tat jnAnam atIndriyam
pranItam bhavatA yena pumAn veda parAvaram 10.8.5

(People in Vraj thought that evils are casting on the baby as they have not done the naming ceremony yet, though the baby is crawling and killing! Nanda Gopa decided to meet his Guru SaanDilya. But, met Gargaaccarya on the way. Nanda Gopa greeted Garga with great respect with both his palms joined together and said: Oh! great sage, you have compiled the astrological knowledge by which one can understand past and present and the future. An ordinary person cannot understand the effects of stars and planets on his life, but because of you people can now understand the cause and the effect of one’s destiny. )

tvam hi brahma vidAm SreshTha: samskArAn kartum arhasi
bAlayor anayor nruNAm janmanA brAhmano guru: 10.8.6

(My lord, you are the best among the experts, with deep understanding of Vedas and the brahmam. Since you have kindly come to my house, please conduct the naming ceremony for these two boys. (the children of yaSoda and rohiNi). Typically Nanda’s spiritual guru would have conducted this ceremony, but because Garga Muni is so qualified he allows him the privilege to conduct the naming ceremony. Reality of course is that the lord wanted to give the cprevilege to his own family guru Garga Muni.)

yadUnAm aham AcArya: khyAtaS ca bhuvi sarvatA:
sutam mayA samskRutam te manyate devakI sutam 10.8.7

(Garga said: My dear Nanda Gopa, I am the priest of the Yadu dynasty. This is well known everywhere. Therefore, if I perform the naming ceremony for your sons, Kamsa will consider them the sons of Devaki. Don’t you know the wickeds are smarter? Still they can’t beat the LORD’s materplan!!)

Kamsa: pApa mati: sakhyam tava ca Anakadundubhe:
devakyA aShTamo garbho na strI bhavitum arhati 10.8.8

(Kamsa has a very evil and a twisted mind. He knows about the friendship between you and Vasudeva. Furthermore he suspects that the eighth child of Devaki could not be a girl. Why won’t he, if this baby is acting like wonder child? Well, our hero also wants to fill him with fear!)

iti sancintayan SrutvA devakyA dArikA vaca:
api hantA Agata ASanka: tarhi tan no anayo bhavet 10.8.9

(He will surely be thinking about the remark made by Devaki’s daughter that his killer had already been born! (What a perfect sister for our wonderful brother!) He might put all this together and come to the conclusion that these babies are children of Vasudeva and Devaki. If we commit this blunder this would be the terrible mistake of our stupidity.)
Guru’s intention was neither scaring Nanda Gopa nor missing the chance of naming this divine children. Come up with a secret plan which is already encoded in the message!


29th November 2005, 09:05 AM
udatishThan sadasyaa: te swadhishNyebhya: sahaagnaya:
Rute virincam Sarvam ca tad bhaasaa aakshipta cetasa: 4.2.6

(Long back they were having the prajaapati's conference. Like usual, the chief decided to come at the end to get all the attention. So, Daksha (who has been appointed as the prajaapatipati), was the last one to arrive. All the Devas, Brahma, Siva, angnis all of them were waiting. When Daksha entered, everyone got attracted by his slpendor and stood up except Brahma and Siva. Brahma did not becasue he is Daksha's father and SIva did not be casue he is 'sivanena' (being an aatmaaramma what can attract him, what can turn him away?) Dkasha bowed to Brahma and got raged seeing this Siva with an indefferent attitude sittting in the front.)

Srooyataam brahmaRushayo me sahadevaa: sahaagnaya:
saadhoonaam bruvata: vRUttam na ajnaanaat ca matsaraat 4.2.9

(With reddened eyes he roared, 'Oh! BrahmRushIs, Devas, AgnIs, please listen to what I am saying carefully. This information is not because of my ignorance or competition!!!' WHAT AN ARROGANCE? SOME CREATIONS HAVE THE ABILITY TO SEE INNOCENCE AND PURITY AS AN INSULT!!)

I certainly don't want to write sivaninda here!! Daksha started abusing Siva and cursed that he should not be given his share (rudra bhaagam) in any yajna. Siva thought that things will cool down if he walks away and so left the palce with a smile. This only raged Daksha more. The abuse continued. Nandi, who is the leader of SIva devotees could not take this. (How can devotee take Gurunida?) Nandi bhagavaan cursed Daksha to be a karmaTha and animal and one with a goat face in the near future.. Bhrugu and other Rutwiks took Dakhsha's side and cursed Siva side. Everyone crossed their limit and dispersed. Daksha refused to meet with SIva after that. DaakshaayaNi did not have any porantaam (mother's place) visits. This went on for a long time. This is the reason for the enemity bewteen Dkasha and SIva which led to the Daksha yaagam and satI prANatyaagam, Dkasha getting beheaded by Veerabhadran, SIva waking him up with a goat face, finally Daksha ending his life becasue fo teh sivadwesham that he did..... PATH OF ARROGANCE - rather this drama was enacted to teach us the results of arrogance!

30th November 2005, 09:06 AM
[tscii:c826939c99]alakshito asmin rahasi mAmakair api go vraje
kuru dvijAti samskAram svasti vAcana pUrvakam 10.8.10

(Nanda Said: My dear great sage, if you think that your performing this process of naming my baby will make Kamsa suspicious, then secretly chant the Vedic hymns and perform the process here (refers to the namakaran ceremony) in the cow shed of my house, without the knowledge of anyone else, even my relatives. What a secret way to name the most wonderful baby!)

ayam hi rohinI putro ramayan suhRudo guNai:
AkhAsyate rAma iti balAdhikyAd balam vidu:
yadUnAm apRuthag bhAvAt sankarshaNam uSanty uta 10.8.12

(Garga said: This child, the son of Rohini, will give all happiness to His relatives and friends. Therefore He will be known as Rama (the delighter of people). And because He will manifest extraordinary physical strength, He will also be known as Bala (strength). Moreover, because He will unite Yadu families that are apilt now (Because of Kamsa) and so he will be known as Sankarshana (the uniter of people)

Asan varnAs trayo hi asya gRuhNato anuyugam tanU:
Suklo raktas tathA pIta idAnIm krishnatAm gata: 10.8.13

(Your son has appeared as an incarnation in every Yuga. In the past, He assumed three different colors - white, red and yellow - and now He has appeared in a dark complexion. So, we will name him kRushNa. This secret word echoed all over three worlds and there goes the confidentiality!)

kRUshi dhaaTu Na kaaraabhyaam satta aanada aatmataam kila abhilapat
jagat agha karshittwam vaa kathayat Rushi kRushNa naama te vyatanot (Narayaneeyam 44.5)

(Bhattatiri says, Oh! Guruvaayorappa, Rushi took the root kRushi (which is bliss personified) and addedn ‘Na’ to (eternal) and named you as eternal bless as proclaimed by the sciptures. Also, Gurruvaayoorappa, he was consoling Nadagopa saying, ‘eternal bliss is there for this baby and no evil can cast anything on your child!)

prAgayam vasudevasya kvachit jAta: tavAtmaja:
vAsudeva iti SrImAn abhijnA: sampracakshate 10.8.14

(In the past, this son of yours appeared as the son of Vasudeva. Therefore he shall also be know as VAsudava(son of Vasudeva). (For instance Rama was the son of Dasharatha who was no other than Vasudeva, even Krishna was actually born the son of Vasudeva but Nanda did not know that yet. But, this did not strike Nadagopa at all.)

bahUni santi nAmAni rUpAni ca sutasya te
guNa karma anurUpAni tAni aham veda no janA: 10.8.15

(This son of yours has many many forms and names according to His qualities and actions. These are known to me, but common people do not understand them. He wanted to keep the deva rahasyam a secret!)

ya etasmin mahA bhAgA: prItim kurvanti mAnavA:
na arayo abhibhavanti etAn Vishnu pakshAn iva asurA: 10.8.18

(Demons [asuras] CANNOT HARM THE DEVOTESS because they have Lord Vishnu on their side. Similarly, any person who loves your son is extremely fortunate; because he cannot be defeated by his enemies. (Enemies here stand for both external as well as internal enemies))

Let us offer our sincere love and namaskaarams to this kRushNa who has come to remove all the sins. [/tscii:c826939c99]

30th November 2005, 09:10 AM
[tscii:58f165443e]Be ready for a joy ride. Watching the wonderful kids on earth. Let us all become Gopis enjoying this. It is beyond explanation so relax, forget yourself and spread the wings of dhyaanam & experience and enjoy.

kAlena vrajatA alpena gokule rAma keSavau
jAnubhyAm saha pANibhyAm ringamANau vijahratu: 10.8.21

(What a delightful sight! If we can enjoy our little one, here comes the divine little ones! In a short time, both brothers, Balrama and Krishna, began to crawl on the ground of Vraja with the strength of their hands and knees. They were enjoying their childhood while immersing others in bliss.)

tAu anghri yugmam anukRushya sarIsRupantau ghoSha praghoSha ruciram vraja kardameShu
tan nAda hRushtha manasau anusRutya lokam mugdha prabhItavad upeyatur anti mAtro: 10.8.22

(Krishna and Balarama, crawled about in Vraja, dragging their feet. The sound of their anklets (kolusu), and waist bells was so sweet to the ears. They roamed everywhere, on the dirty streets of Vraj! People would rush to them enchanted by that (like a bagpiper!). What an innocent children! The little ones also would rush to them thinking that they are their parents!! Alas, the darlings figured out that they are not! Like innocent and scared they would rush to their mothers, YaSoda and Rohini. Each and every soul that witnessed this laughed and cried with the joy.)

Tan mAtarau nija sutau ghRunayA snuvantyau panka anga rAga rucirau upaguhya dorbhyAm
dattvA stanam prapibato: sma mukham nirIkshya mugdha smita alpa daSanam yayatu: pramodam 10.8.23

(Only a mom knows the beauty of a naughty kid! The two babies who were already very beautiful looked even more beautiful due to mud sticking on to them due to their crawling! Thought mothers would scold them and worry about their nice paTTu saree? Not here! The mother’s love was oozing out as milk. Both Yashoda and Rohini picked them up with great affection, embraced them and allowed them to suck the milk flowing from their breasts. The babies would suck for a while and pause. Look at their mother’s face and smile so innocently, showing their small teeth. Their mothers, upon seeing this enjoyed great bliss. What more do they need?)

yarhi angina darSanIya kumara lIlou anta: vraje tad abalA: pragRuhIta pucchai:
vatsai: ita: tat ubhAu anukRushyamANau prekshantya ujjhita gRuhA jahRuShu: hasantya: 10.8.24

(Now they are becoming walkers! When the boys were a little older the entire Vraja was captivated by their childish games. The gopi’s would enjoy seeing the pastimes of the babies Rama and Krishna (Krishna dragging Rama into mischief!). The babies would catch the ends of the calves' tails, and the calves would drag them here and there. When the ladies saw these pastimes, they stopped their household activities and laughed and enjoyed the incidents. What an easy yoga to forget everything and merge with the lord! In praNayagItam Gopis are going to sing
‘cittam sukhena bhavataa apahRutam gRuheshu yat nirviSatuta karou api gRuhya kRUtye
paadou padam na calata: tava paada moolaat yaamaa: katham vrajam atho karavaama kim vaa’
(our mind &heart, hands, legs everything has been stolen by you so easily! We can’t even move a bit from your feet. What are we going to do in Vraj? Why are you asking us to go back?)

SRungi agni damshthri asi jala dvija kanTakebhya: krIdA parau aticalau sva sutau nisheddhum
gRuhyAni kartum api yatra na tat jananyau SekAta Apatur alam manaso anavasthAm 10.8.25

(Mother’s Yashoda and Rohini were unable to restrain the two restless babies from their playful activities. They were constantly worried about the safety of the babies from calamities such as horned cows, fire, animals with sharp claws and teeth, birds and by thorns. Taking care of them and doing house work became impossible for them! Their mind would always wander around the children. Don’t think this was the status of just yaSOda nad rohiNi! Every being in Gokulma felt the same way. What a lucky life to enjoy the bliss. No wonder Brahma wanted to become a grass here!)

kAlena alpena rAjarShe rAma: krishnaS ca gokule
aghRushTa jAnubhi: padbhi: vicakramatu: anjasA 10.8.26

(Sree Shuka who was enjoying all these cries out to King Parikshit: O King, within a very short time both Balarama and Krishna began to walk very easily in Gokula on Their legs, by their own strength, without the need to crawl. Their pranks are going to get worse now!) [/tscii:58f165443e]

1st December 2005, 08:55 AM
[tscii:a1498ef68c]ekadA krIdamAnA: te rAmAdyA gopa dArakA:
kRushNo mRudam bhakshitavAn iti mAtre nyavedayan 10.8.32

(One day while Krishna was playing with other cowherd boys, all His friends headed by Balarama complained to mother YaSoda. "Mother, Krishna has eaten sand/mud.")

kasmAn mRudam adAntAtman bhavAn bhakshitavAn raha:
vadanti tAvakA hi ete kumArA: te agrajo api ayam 10.8.34

(Mother Yashoda was very worried as well as annoyed with her baby for eating mud. She said the following” “Why did you eat mud, sitting in a secret place? O disobedient Child. All these boys as well as your elder brother confirm this.”)

na aham bhakshitavAn amba sarve mithyA abhiSamsina:
yadi satya gira: tarhi samaksham paSya me mukham 10.8.35

(Lord Sri Krishna replied: My dear mother, I did not eat dirt, amma. What an innocent reply? But amma does not want to believe! All those who told you so are not telling the TRUTH amma. If you think they are being truthful, you can directly look into my mouth. You decide yourself, amma. Don't stare at me like that, amma. yaSOdamma did not know whether to cry or scold! His face was smeared with mud and still he tells that he did not eat mud! (This divine child was telling the TRUTH that was beyond her comprehension. HE IS TRUTH INCARNATE. “amma, when I am everything how can I eat myself? Hmmm. He Thought, "The only way I can convince her is make her experience the reality. Here I go!!!")

yadi evam tarhi vyAdehi ityukta: sa bhagavAn hari:
vyAdatta avyAhata aiSvarya: krIdA manuja bAlaka: 10.8.36

(Mother Yashoda said “If so then open your mouth.” Krishna who was none other than the supreme Lord behaved exactly like a normal human baby, when confronted by an angry mother and obeyed her demand. Vishnu who was acting like this boy, opened his mouth!!)

sA tatra dadRuSe viSvam jagat sthAsnu ca kham diSa:
sAdri dvIpa abdhi bhUgolam sa vAyu agni indu tArakam 10.8.37

(When Krishna opened His mouth wide as per the order of mother YaSoda, she peeped into his mouth to look at the amount of mud that he has eaten!!! Oh! My goodness!! What is this??? She saw the whole system of universes within His mouth!! All moving and nonmoving entities, space, and all directions, along with mountains, islands, oceans, and the surface of the earth, the wind, fire, the moon and the stars……)

jyoti: cakram jalam tejo nabhasvAn viyad eva ca
vaikArikANi indriyANi mano mAtrA guNA: traya: 10.8.38

(She saw the planetary systems, water, light, air, sky, and creation from transformation (of ahankara tattva). She also saw the Indriyas (senses), the mind, sense perception, and the three gunas (sattva, rajas and tamas))

etad vicitram saha jIva kAla svabhAva karmASaya linga bhedam
sUnos tanau vIkshya vidArita Asye vrajam saha AtmAnam avApa SankAm 10.8.39

(She saw the time allotted for the living entities, she saw natural instinct and the reactions of karma, and she saw desires and different forms of creation. She saw the Vridavan along with herself watching her son’s mouth inside the open mouth of her child. She wondered about the real nature of her child. She could not see her child there anymore!)

kim svapna etad uta devamAyA kim vA madIyo bata buddhi moha:
atho amushyaiva mama arbhakasya ya: kaScana outpattika Atma yoga: 10.8.40

(Mother Yashoda began to argue within herself: Is this a dream, or is it an illusion created by maya devi? Has this been manifested by my own intelligence, or does this have something to do with great powers in my baby?)

The LORD yielded as THIS anger, this questioning, is out of LOVE and HE IS A SLAVE FOR THOSE WHO LOVE HIM.

The most blessed mother had the saakshaatkaaram for the second time. But, kRushNa does not want a mother who would worship him! [/tscii:a1498ef68c]

1st December 2005, 08:55 AM
ya: anta: pravisya mama vaacam imaam prasuptaam
sanjIvayati akhila sakti dahra: swadhaamnaa
anyaamsca hasta caraN SravaNa twak aadIn
praaNaan namo bhagavate purushhaya tubhyam 4.9.6

(As per the direction of HIS GURU Narada, 5 year old Dhruva did tapas for 5 months and reached thepeak. The lord rushed to the scene to see his devotee. Dhruva would not open his eyes as he was enjoying the paramaatma described by Naradji -

prasaada abhimukham SaSwat prasanna vadana IksahNam
sunaasam subhRuvam caaru kapola sura sundaram 4.8.45
taruNam ramaNIyaangam aruNa oshTha IkshaNa adharam
praNata aaSrayaNam nRumNam SaraNyam karuNaarNNavam 4.8.46
SrIvatsaankam ghana Syaamam purusham vanamaalinam
Sankha cakra gadaa padma: abhivyakta caturbhujam 4.8.49
kirITinam kuNDalinam keyUra valayaanwitam
koustubha aabharaNa grIvam pIta kouSeya vaasasam 4.8.50
kaancI kalaapa parystam lasat kaancana noopuram
darSanIya tamam Saantam mano nayana varddhanam 4.8.51
padbhyaam nakhamaNi SreNyaa vilasadbhyaam samarccataam
hRut padma karNNikaa dhishNyam aakramya aatmani avasthitam 4.8.50
smayamaanam abhidhyaayet saanuraaga avalokanam
niyatena eka bhotena manasaa varda Rushabham 4.8.51

Finally Lord withdrew his beautiful form explained above from teh child's heart! Dhruva startled an opened hsi eyes. What is this? What was seen in side is present outside. Little Dhruva was so excited and could nto utter a word. Mumbling he rushed to teh Lord with both hands lifted as if saying, 'please carry me. Lord touched his cheeks with his counch and 12 slokas came out like ganga flow from the child's mouth.
Oh! the reservoir of all power, you entered inside me, woke up and energized me and brought out these words from me. You are the one makes other karmendriys and jnaanendriyas function. To that Lord, who is all pervading, who is present in front of me now, I am doing namaskaarams.)

2nd December 2005, 09:23 AM
[tscii:4d36661a8b]In one incarnation complete many. He started it with blessing two parents.

atho yathAvan na vitarka gocaram ceto mana: karma vacobhi: anjasA
yadASrayam yena yata: pratIyate sudurvibhAvyam praNatAsmi tat padam 10.8.41

(Yashoda said to herself: Therefore let me surrender unto the Supreme Lord and offer my prayers unto Him, who is beyond the conception of human speculation, the mind, activities, words and arguments, who is the cause of this universe. Let me simply surrender at his lotus feet.)

aham mama asau pati: esha me suto vrajeSvarasya akhila vittapA satI
gopyaSca gopA: sahangodhanA: ca me yan mAyaya ittham kumati: sa me gati: 10.8.42

(It is by the influence of the Supreme Lord's maya that I am wrongly thinking that Nanda Maharaja is my husband, that Krishna is my son, and that because I am the queen of Nanda Maharaja, all the wealth of cows and calves are my possessions and all the cowherd men and their wives are my subjects. Whatever I have is actually due to the Supreme Lord. He is my ultimate shelter.)

ittham vidita tattvAyAm gopikAyAm sa ISvara:
vaishnavIm vyatanon mAyAm putra snehamayIm vibhu: 10.8.43

(Mother Yashoda, by the grace of the Lord, could understand the real truth; she got the sakshaatkaram. But then again, the Lord was not done yet, by the influence yogamaya he wiped out all her memories, caused her to become absorbed in intense maternal affection for her son. kRushNa avataaram is trap people ever for prema and make them say “oh! kRushNa I don’t want anything, not even Moksham but, to be with you!”)

sadyo nashha smRuti: gopI sa Aropya Aroham Atmajam
pravRuddha sneha kalila hRudayA AsId yathA purA 10.8.44

(Due to the maya she quickly forgot the vision of the universe she saw within Krishna’s mouth. Mother YaSoda placed her son on her lap as before, and she smiled at him with her heart filled with love for her son just as before. Having taught the lesson, HE got his mother back!)
Parikshit asks what Nanda Gopa and Mother YaSoda did to deserve the good fortune of having Lord himself as their son.

drono vasUnAm pravaro dharayA saha bhAryayA
kariShyamANa AdeSAn brahmaNa: tam uvAca ha 10.8.48

Sree Suka said: Drona, the best of the Vasus, along with his wife, Dhara, asked Lord Brahma to bless them that they should have Lord himself as their child.

astu ity ukta: sa bhagavAn vraje droNo mahA yaSA:
jajne nanda iti khyAto yaSodA sA dharAbhavat 10.8.50

(When Brahma said, "Yes, let it be so," the most fortune Drona, appeared in Vraja, Vrindavana, as the Nanda Maharaja, and his wife, Dhara, appeared as mother Yashoda. Sri Sukar concludes saying, “to make Brahma’s words come true, kRushNa has entered Brindavan and Nada Baba and yaSodamma’s house. Along with Balarama he is delighting all the vrajvaasIs.)


2nd December 2005, 09:23 AM
Little dhRuva praised lord as the creator, one who is the reason for everything and declared the need for satasangham.

Bhaktim muhu: pravahataam twayi me prasanga:
bhooyat ananta mahataam amala aasayaanaam
yena anjasaa ulbaNam uruvyasanam bhavaabdhim
na eshya bhavat guNa kathaamRuta paanamatta: 4.9.11

(Oh! endless one, please bless me with the company of people whose heart is absolutely pure and who carry the supreme devtion towards you. They will pour the nectar of your guNa katha and I will get intoxicated with that. Then I can easily cross the terrible samsaara saagaram that is full of miseries. Thinking about the LORD, meditation etc. are there. But, the easy path for bhakti is satsangham.)

2nd December 2005, 09:26 AM
Now let us be Gopis while complaining and yaSOda while listening. ANother day to forget everything and enjoy bhagavat leela. When we do this HE will be working to solve all our problems.

vatsaan munjan kwacit asamaye krosa sanjaata haasa:
steyam swaadu atti atha dadhi paya: kalpitai: steya yogai:
markkaan bhokshyan vibhajati sa cet na atti bhaaNDam bhinatti
dravya alaabhe sa gRUha kupita: yaati upakroSya tokaan 10.8.29

(Mother YaSoda gets plenty of guests everyday. Not to give gifts to our sweet kRushNa, but, to complain about HIM! She is a typical eg. of a mom who is nothing but love. You go and complain and she will say, "not my child. He is paavam. All your imagination!" One gopi starts, "Oh! YaSoda Raani, your son walked in at the wrong time (as she was still milking the cow. Half way through she went in to boil the milk that has been collected. kRushNa sneaked in!) and untied the calves and they started sucking the milk!!!! When I screamed HE IS LAUGHING!! (other devotees have enjoyed this as a big story!) yaSOdamma looks at HIM and HE is still laughing! Another gOpi goes, "in stealing, he is an expert! Especially in stealing milk, yogurt etc. He steals everything and eats it." (in fact it is this stealing that has made them go mad about HIM - forgetting everything!) ('He described all the yogas in Bhagavat Gita - the yogas needed for us. Never mentioned about the steya yoga! So, he kept the yoga of stealing for himself!!') Another gopi goes, "At least in your house he eats it. He steals from my house and gives it to monkyes! (What difference does it make for the paramaatma? But, for her, her feelings are hurt because he did not eat it!) Another one goes, "In my house, he neither ate nor gave to animals but, broke the pot!' (That was because the pot was never cleaned and the butter was stinking!) Another one goes, "he came to my house. But did not get anything. So he got mad at everyone at home (which she heard secretly!). Hurt the children, made them scream and ran away!!)

3rd December 2005, 09:50 AM
[tscii:5a4667914e]ekadA gRuha dAsIshu yaSodA nanda gehinI
karmAntara niyuktAsu nirmamantha svayam dadhi 10.9.1

(Sri Sukar continued: One day when mother Yashoda saw that all the maidservants were engaged in other household affairs, she personally began to churn the yogurt. She loves to do this herself as it is for dear darling Kanna.)

kshaumam vAsa: pRuthu kaTi taTe bibhratI sUtra naddham
putra sneha snuta kuca yugam jAta kampam ca subhrU:
rajau Akarsha Srama bhuja calat kankaNau kunDale ca
svinnam vaktram kabara vigalan mAlatI nirmamantha 10.9.3

(Dressed in a nice silk saare, with a belt tied around her hips, mother Yashoda pulled on the churning rope. She was sweating. She was singing the past actions of kRUshNa. The happiness of such a lovely son had made her put on weight as well. Her bangles and earrings were moving and vibrating and were making a very pleasant sound. Her whole body was shaking as she was churning. But even while she was busy with this; her mind was still fully concentrated on Krishna (Such was her love for Krishna). Her face, with its very beautiful eyebrows and dark black hair (Sri Sukar compares it to the dark clouds), was wet with perspiration and dripping as if it were raining, and malati flowers were falling from her hair. This way mother Yashoda was completely engrossed in the moment and enjoying every bit of it.)
Meditating upon this yaSoda will give us the love kRushNa. Now kRushNa woke up and found that amma is not near him. He quitely walked towards her.

tAm stanya kAma AsAdya mathnantIm jananIm hari:
gRuhItvA dadhi manthAnam nyaShedhat prItim Avahan 10.9.4

(While mother Yashoda was churning butter, Lord Krishna, desiring to drink the mother’s milk, appeared before her. He caught hold of the churning rod and prevented her from churning. That is the only way mother would pay attention to him!)

tam ankam ArUdham apAyayat stanam sneha snutam sa smitam IkshatI mukham
atRuptam utsRujya javena sA yayAa utsicyamAne payasi tu adhiSrite 10.9.5

(Mother Yashoda then embraced Krishna, put him on her lap, and began to look upon the face of the Lord with great love and affection while Krishna was sucking milk. kRushNa was enjoying the milk while Yashoda was in a state of bliss. Suddenly she saw that the milk pan on the oven was boiling over. She immediately left her son to take care of the overflowing milk. kRushNa wanted to dring more milk from his mother. But, mother was more worried about the milk that the child is going to demand in few minutes!)

sanjAta kopa: sphurita aruna adharam sandaSya dadbhi: dadhi mantha bhAjanam
bhittvA mRushASru: dRushad aSmanA raho jaghAsa haiyangavam antaram gata: 10.9.6

(kRushNa was very angry. Hmmm! That milk is important for amma is it? He was biting His reddish lips with His teeth. With false tears rolling down from his eyes, he expressed his anger. No one to see it though! He picked up a stone that was nearby and broke the container of yogurt. He cut the rope, broke the churning rod!! The curd spilled and spread all over!!. Then He entered the middle of the hall, picked up the stored butter and ate the butter. Carried the rest of it and ran to the backyard! It wasn’t difficult to spot th culprit as yogurt footprint showed the way!)

uttArya gopI suSRutam paya: puna: praviSya samdRuSya ca dadhi amatrakam
bhagnam vilokya sva sutasya karma tat jahAsa tam cApi na tatra paSyatI 10.9.7

(Mother Yashoda, after taking down the hot milk from the oven, returned to the churning spot. She saw that the container of yogurt was broken and Krishna was not present. Very simple! She concluded that kRushNa broke the pot. She could not help laughing as she could see exactly what happened! Who can get mad at a child? That too to a divine child child? That too from yaSodamma?)

3rd December 2005, 09:52 AM
Does any one have the right to tie up the LORD, the divinity? One who has been blessed with the unbreakable tie of 'PREMA BHAKTI' has! Bheeshma poured arrows after arrows on Parthasaarathy. For the LORD, it was the pooja that he received in the battle field. Jambavaan hit kRUshNa with trees and mountains and fist screaming 'glories to Rama'. Lord took it as a worship. But not SiSupaala's abuse! He decided to sooth the boiling heart of arjuna.

ulookhalaanghre: upari vyavasthitam markkaaya kaamam dadatam Sici: sthitam
haiyangavam courya viSankita IkshaNam nirIkshya paScaat sutam aagamat Sanai: 10.9.8

(Our butter stealer has one pot full of butter (todays as well as yesterdays!). He went to the back yard and used a ulookhalam (pounding stone or ural) as him simhaasanam (well now he has crowned himself as cakravartti of stealing!). But, this cakravartti is a real cakravartti. He is so generous in giving away what HE has, which is everything. He was generously sharing his butter with all the mokeys. At the same time, he knows that he will be caught by his dear mom. The best police who would tie him up with love! Pretending that he is so afraid, now and then crying, looking towards the entrance, enjoying the butter!!!! Multi acting at the same time. yaSOdamma also slowly sneaked in. But how? With a stick in her hand (to beat?? Noway... to threaten!!!) A thread in her hand (for tying him up? Let us see! Sri Sukar would not like that as HE is all pervading parabrahmam... But...... Our kRushNa though so fat with all that butter, jumped out of the ural and flew like a feather! Mother panting and chasing!! The paramaatma who is unreachable even for great yogis is getting chased by a cowherd lady! What a sukRutam. Only yaSOda is THE MOTHER.)

kRutaagasam tam prarudanta akshiNI kashantam anjan mashiNI swa paaNinaa
udveekshamaaNam bhaya vihwala IkshaNam haste gRUhItwaa bhishayanti avaagurat 10.9.11

(Poor KRushNa. He saw his mother gasping for breath and sweating. His maatRu vaatsalyam hurt him! Oh! my goodness! How naughty and sinner had I been. So, the LORD slowed down. Oh! What a cry??? All the nadIdevatAs came to his rescue!! No child in this world would have cried like this!!! He started rubbing his eyes as HE is so scared!! The kilos of anjanam applied by YoSoda in her baby's eyes is all over his face now!! (Imagine yaSOdamma's heart now!!) Here you are!!! yaSOdamma caught HIM (She thinks so!). She started threatening HIM with words. (Remember her heart is full of love. See what I am going to do? I want to teach you a lesson. Will tie you with this! and she is trying....)

na ca anta: na bahi: yasya na poorvam na api ca aparam
poorva aparam bahi: ca anta: jagata: ya: jagat ca ya: 10.9.13

(Sri Sukar goes.... How can she tie him? With what? He has no inside, no outside, everything is him, he has no front or back, he is the universe, inside, outside..... well........)

tam mattwaa ajam avyaktam marttya lingam adhokshajam
gopikaa dhaamnaa babandha praakRUtam yathaa 10.9.14

yat aasIt tat api nyoonam tena anyat api sandadhe
tat api dwyangulam nyoonam yat yat aadatta bandahanam 10.9.16

swamaatu: swinna gatraayaa: visrasta kabarasraja:
dRushtwaa pariSramam kRUshNa: kRupayaa aasIt swabandhane 10.9.18

(While Sri Sukar was so nervous (As a brahma darSi he is all kRushNa, yaSOda, the rope, the fear........) My goodness, she is tying him up! Thinking that 'this is my son', she is tying up the 'ajam' who has incarnated as a human!! Ooops! Not yet! She is running short of 2 angulam rope! Added more, the same! But, our kRupaaLu lookes at amma's pathetic state - sweating all over, hair knot fell off, firends laughing at her... Which child can handle that? Not our kRushNa! Compassion flowed out of him, "amma now tie me up!" We need two qualities to tie up the lord. One is the craving for it and another one is the feeling that 'I am helpless, I can't do it' If these are in the peak, LORD is ours) Now the little kRUshNa is standing there tied upto the ulookhalam.

4th December 2005, 10:31 AM
Daksha decided to conduct a bRuhaspatisvam yajna. He invited everybody except Maheswara and his own daughter Sati Devi. When Sati Devi came to know about the Yajna, she told Mahadeva

prajaapate: te SwaSurasya saampratam niryaapita: yajna mahotsava: kila
vayam ca tatra abhisaraama vaam te yadi arthitaa amee vibudhaa: vrajanti hi 4.3.8

(She very politely expressed her wish, your father-in-law is conducting a big yajna. All the Devas are going. If you wish we still can go. Then she continued her wish saying that her sisters and BILs will be there, she can meet her father and mother etc. what started as a request became stronger and stronger! When Siva heard her strong wish, he felt bad as this would be a disaster, He tried to dissuade her.)

twayaa uditam sobhanam eva sobhane anaahutaa api abhiyanti bandhushu
te yadi anutpaadita dosha dRushTayo: balIyasaa anaatmyamadena manyunaa 4.3.16

(Mahadeva said, Devi, pure one, what you are saying is true. You should go to celebrations even if you are not invited provided the affection is there. Becasue of pride if they are nurturing enemity, going there without invitation will only end up in danger.)

tathaa aribhi: na vyathate SilImukhai: Sete arddita anga: hRudayena dooyataa
swaanaam yathaa vakradhiyaam duruktibhi: divaa niSam tapyati marmma taaDita: 4.3.19

(Oh! Devi, the wounds you get in your heart from your own people who have crooked mind is much worse than sharp arrows from enenies. The first one will burn you day and night!) Don't we all understand this?

pratyudgama praSrayaNa abhivaadanam vidhIyate saadhu mitha: sumadhyame
praajnai: parasmai purushaaya cetasaa guhaasayaa eva na dehamaanine 4.3.22

(Oh! beautiful Devi, showing respect by getting up, taking them in, folding hands, namaskaaram etc. are for the paramaatma who is dwelling in the heart as caitanyam. Not for the physical body. I have given that respect in mind. But, Daksha could not feel it because of his ahambhaavam.)

yadi vrajishyasi atihaaya madvaca: bhadram bhavatyaa na tata: bhavishyati
sambhavitasya swajanaat paraabhava: yadaa sa sadya: maraNaaya kalpate 4.3.25

(Devi, if you go without listening to my words, it is not going to do good for you. If you get insulted by your own people, instead of getting respect, that will lead to immediate death.) Mahadeva explained the situation but, it was upto Devi to take it. Devi decided that she would torutre herself either way. Either sit here and worry about family or go there and get insulted. She was getting tormented. Siva was sitting 'sivanena'. She stared at Siva who is standing against her wish. She left the lord who made her the ardhhaangini and started to her parents' house. Lord Siva asked his attendants and Nandi to go with her and sent lot of gifts as well as part of tradition.

4th December 2005, 10:33 AM
[tscii:5e8a49bbdb]evam sandarSitA hi anga hariNA bhRutya vaSyatA
sva vaSenApi kRushNena yasya idam seSvaram vaSe 10.9.19

(Sri Sukar who was completely caught up in the moment cried out to Pariksit: “O Dear King, Sri Krishna is the same lord who rules over the entire universe as well as all the gods (including Brahma and Indra) yet he has one weakness. He is the servant to his devotees!” This very behavior was being exhibited by Lord Krishna towards Yashoda. The lesson from this episode is quite simple, love Lord Krishna with all your heart and Krishna himself will take do the needful.)

Na imam virinco na bhavo na SrIr api anga samSrayA
prasAdam lebhire gopI yat tat prApa vimuktidAt 10.9.20

(Neither Lord Brahma, nor Lord Shiva, nor even the goddess of fortune Sri, who is the better half of the Supreme Lord and whose very abode is on His person, can obtain this blessing from the Lord. Only mother Yashoda could tie HIM up because of putra vaatsalyam. Who would dare to tie up the LORD?)

nAyam sukhApo bhagavAn dehinAm gopikA suta:
jnAninAm cAtma bhUtAnAm yathA bhaktimatAm iha 10.9.21

(Lord Krishna, the son of Mother Yashoda is not easily accessible to jnanis (people with great wisdom, as they are aatmaaraamaas who will tie whom with what?) and certainly not to those people who identify themselves with their physical bodies. Yet he’s the servant of those people who have prema bkahti for HIM.)

kRushnas tu gRuha kRutyeShu vyagrAyAm mAtari prabhu:
adrAkshId arjunau pUrvam guhyakau dhanada aatmajau 10.9.22

(While mother Yashoda was very busy with household affairs, the Lord, Krishna, observed twin arjuna trees who were two yakshas and were the sons of Kubera.)

purA nArada SApena vRukshatAm prApitau madAt
nalakUbara manigrIvAu iti khyAtau SriyAnvitau 10.9.23

(In their former birth, these two sons, known as Nalakubara and Manigriva, were extremely arrogant. Because of pride and false prestige, they did not care about anyone, and thus Narada Muni cursed them to become trees) [/tscii:5e8a49bbdb]

4th December 2005, 01:27 PM
how can this particular text undergrade gods like Shiva & Brahma?They can simply claim Shiva is just a Demigod & Vishnu is the supremehead god.. just becoz the writer is a devotee of vishnu,how can they say things like that??

4th December 2005, 04:16 PM
how can this particular text undergrade gods like Shiva & Brahma?

They can simply claim Shiva is just a Demigod & Vishnu is the supremehead god.. just becoz the writer is a devotee of vishnu,how can they say things like that??

They can! Because, as you said, the writer is a devotee of vishnu! They can say anything they want 'out of devotion'. Get that buddy!

4th December 2005, 05:16 PM
Even Lord Shiva cannot be tied down with anything other than pure devotion.So, the statement that Lord Vishnu cannot tie Lord Shiva with anything but devotion is also true!!!

All Gods like Shiva,Vishnu,Yehovah,Allah,Jesus are supreme.Every devotee can call their Gods as their supreme God.We can try our best to reach our the God whom we consider as supreme.

Do not allow your mind to worry about these things.
In this topic, let us enjoy the divine play of Krishna.In another topic, we can enjoy the tiruvilayadal of Lord Shiva. :-)

4th December 2005, 05:17 PM
I am copying and pasting all this work from another site(as usual)
Good thing to know that people are reading it! :-)

4th December 2005, 06:18 PM
I am copying and pasting all this work from another site(as usual)
Good thing to know that people are reading it! :-)

Why don't you give the link instead? You should respect the copyright of others!

5th December 2005, 09:15 AM
[tscii:4b06f3fde9]King Parikshit asked Sri Sukar to the incidence of Narada Muni’s curse on the two yakhas.

Sree Sukar said that though they were the attendants of Lord Rudra, they could not control their senses and possessed fake pride. They indulged themselves in alcohol known as Vaaruni. Accompanied by women they were roaming around in the garden attached to the mount Kailash with eyes rolling from intoxication. They were sporting like an male elephant with females elephants.

yadRucchayA ca devarshi: bhagavaan tatra kaurava
apaSyan nArado devau kshIbANau samabudhyata 10.10.5

(O Parikchit, by some chance, the great saint Devarshi Narada once appeared there. Seeing them intoxicated, eyes maddened by intoxication, he could understand their situation.)

tau dRushThvA madirA mattau SrI madAndhau surAtmajau
tayor anugraha arthAya SApam dAsyann idam jagau 10.10.7

(Narada Muni found the two boys naked; however they showed no shame at being spotted in such a situation. Seeing the two boys drunk and filled with pride of wealth, in order to bless them, he cursed them by saying:
asata: SrI mada andhasya dAridryam param anjanam
Atmaupamyena bhUtAni daridra: param Ikshate 10.10.13

(fools and rascals who are very much proud of wealth fail to see things as they are. Therefore, returning them to poverty is the proper medicine for their eyes so they may see things as they are. This will help them repent for their mistake.)

tad aham mattayor mAdhvyA vArunyA SrI madAndhayo:
tamo madam harishyAmi strainayor ajitAtmano: 10.10.19

(Therefore, since these two boys, drunk with the liquor named Varuni, and unable to control their senses, have been blinded by the pride of wealth and have become attached to women, I shall relieve them of their false prestige.)

yad imau loka pAlasya putrau bhUtvA tama: plutau
na vivAsasam AtmAnam vijAnIta: sudurmadau 10.10.20

(These two young men, Nalakubara and Manigriva, were fortunate to be born as sons of Kubera, but because of false prestige and madness after drinking liquor, they had fallen so much that they are naked but could not even realize that.)

ato arhata: sthAvaratAm syAtAm naivam yathA puna:
smriti: syAn mat prasAdena tatrApi mad anugrahAt 10.10.21

(Therefore, because they are living like trees (trees are naked but are not conscious), these two young men should receive the bodies of trees. This will be the proper punishment. Nonetheless, after they become trees and until they are released, by my mercy they will remember their past sinful activities.)

vAsudevasya sAnnidhyam labdhvA divya Sarata: Sate
vRutte svarlokatAm bhUyo labdha bhaktI bhavishyata: 10.10.22

(Moreover, after the expiry of one hundred years by the measurement of the devaas, they will be able to see the Lord, Vaasudeva, face to face, who will release them and thus revive their devotion to the Lord as well.)[/tscii:4b06f3fde9]

5th December 2005, 09:18 AM
[tscii:dfcfb08aea]rishe bhAgavata mukhyasya satyam kartum vaco hari:
jagAma Sanakai: tatra yatra AstAm yamalArjunau 10.10.24

(The Supreme Lord Sri Krishna (who was tied to the mortar), in order to fulfill the words of the greatest devotee, Narada, slowly went to that spot where the twin arjuna trees were standing, dragging the mortar. (This is yet another example of Krishna displaying his mercy and showing us that there is nothing He will not do for a true devotee)

iti antarena arjunayo: kRushNas tu yamayor yayau
Atma nirveSa mAtreNa tiryag gatam ulUkhalam 10.10.26

(Krishna entered between the two arjuna trees. He crossed but, the big mortar(ulUkhalam) to which He was bound turned crosswise and got stuck on teh other sdie!! Now, little poor kRUshNa is stuck there! IS HE? WHO CAN BLOCK AN AATMARAAMA? THEY PRETEND.)

bAlena niShkarShayata anvag ulUkhalam tad dAmodarena tarasA utkalitAnghri bandhau
niShpetatu: parama vikramita ativepa skandha pravAla viTapau kRuta canda Sabdau 10.10.27

(KRushna started pulling the mortar tied to his belly with all the forces that he could muster! (And What is that? The strength of one who carried the earth on his damshTra!). One pull! That Is it! The trunks and leaves trembled and the trees fell down with a big thud! Baby kRushNa uprooted the two trees!!)

tatra SriyA paramayA kakubha: sphurantau siddhAv upetya kujayor iva jAta vedA:
krishnam praNamya Sirasa akhila loka nAtham baddhAnjalI virajasou idam Ucatu: sma 10.10.28

(Two great celestial beings, who were as radiant as the Vedic fire itself, came out of the two trees. Their radiance illuminated all directions. With bowed heads and folded hands they offered obeisance to Krishna. They have been doing tapas to see the LORD. Narada’s blessing as well as the LORD’s darsanam cleansed them of the entire ego that they had because of rajo guna. With pure heart they spoke the following words.)

vAnI guna anukathane Sravanau kathAyAm hastau ca karmasu mana: tava pAdayor na:
smRutyAm Sira: tava nivAsa jagat praNAme dRushTi: satAm darSane astu bhavat tanUnAm 10.10.38

(Henceforward, may all our words describe Your actions. May our ears engage in listening to Your glories. May our hands, legs and other senses engage in doing Your work and may our minds always think of Your lotus feet. May our heads offer our obeisances to this world, which is your dwelling place. (Because everything is also you in different form) May our eyes only see the rishis who are no different from You. Oh! Vaasudeva, please bless us so that we will lead such a devoted life and will not roll back to our original nature.) Praying thus, doing a namaskaram they hurried up to their home without even releasing the baby from the ulUkhalam. They were in such a hurry to pray their respects Sri Narada who blessed them with this divinty. Plus, no one can untie the LORD from prema bandhanam (tie of divine devotion). )

Sri daamodaralaal kI jai… Later when Akroora takes kRushNa in the chariot to Madhura, gopIs cry out
Govinda daamodara maadhaveti - which Sri Leela Sukar cries out in each of his slokas in the Govinda daamodara stotram. Oh! Govinda, Oh! kRushNa, who was tied up in the stomach with a rope, oh! maadhava, how can you escape from us and run away? yaSOdamma, tie him up again……

vaktum samarthopi na vakti kascit
aho janaanaam vyasaabhimukhyam
jihwe pibaswa amrutam etadeva
govinda daamodara maadhava it (G.D.S.)

(The reason for all our sufferings is that we don't cry out 'govinda daamodara maadhava' even though we are capable of doing it! Oh! tongue, please drink this nectar govindaa... daamodara... maadhavaa sing and enjoy!) [/tscii:dfcfb08aea]

5th December 2005, 11:27 AM
how can this particular text undergrade gods like Shiva & Brahma?

They can simply claim Shiva is just a Demigod & Vishnu is the supremehead god.. just becoz the writer is a devotee of vishnu,how can they say things like that??

They can! Because, as you said, the writer is a devotee of vishnu! They can say anything they want 'out of devotion'. Get that buddy!

attitude like this is the cause of the fights among hindu :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: anyways...continue ur way of devotion... 8-)

5th December 2005, 03:08 PM
I totally accept your point that such attitudes leads to fights.It is not even among hindus but between different religions of India leading to communal riots,violence and lot of bloodshed.
People should learn to accept that different views exist which might not necessarily concur with theirs.

5th December 2005, 04:35 PM
Those who don't bother of religion can atleast get rid of this major problem.

5th December 2005, 04:55 PM
I totally accept your point that such attitudes leads to fights.It is not even among hindus but between different religions of India leading to communal riots,violence and lot of bloodshed.
People should learn to accept that different views exist which might not necessarily concur with theirs.

salute u buddy!! 8-) thats very true!! :D

would like to know...is there any script in hinduism mentioning about other religions??

5th December 2005, 10:50 PM
Those who don't bother of religion can atleast get rid of this major problem.

Then those who bother of religion will be after their neck! :(

6th December 2005, 01:12 AM
I totally accept your point that such attitudes leads to fights.It is not even among hindus but between different religions of India leading to communal riots,violence and lot of bloodshed.
People should learn to accept that different views exist which might not necessarily concur with theirs.

salute u buddy!! 8-) thats very true!! :D

would like to know...is there any script in hinduism mentioning about other religions??

Many, some about religious conficts too....

Manickavasagar says:

[tscii:829db33c0d]¦¾öÅõ ±ýÀ§¾¡÷ º¢ò¾õ ¯ñ¼¡¸¢
ÓÉ¢× þÄ¡¾Ð µ÷ ¦À¡Õû «Ð ¸Õ¾Öõ
¬Ú §¸¡Ê Á¡Â¡ ºì¾¢¸û
§ÅÚ §ÅÚ ¾õ Á¡¨Â¸û ¦¾¡¼í¸¢É
¬ò¾õ ¬É¡÷ «ÂÄÅ÷ ÜÊ
¿¡ò¾¢¸õ §Àº¢ ¿¡ò¾ØõÒ ²È¢É÷
ÍüÈõ ±ýÛõ ¦¾¡øÀÍì ÌÆ¡í¸û
ÀüÈ¢ «¨ÆòÐô À¾È¢É÷ ¦ÀÕ¸×õ
Ţþ§Á ÀÃõ ¬¸ §Å¾¢ÂÕõ 50

ºÃ¾õ ¬¸§Å º¡ò¾¢Ãõ ¸¡ðÊÉ÷
ºÁ š¾¢¸û ¾õ¾õ ¾í¸§Ç
«¨ÁÅÐ ¬¸ «ÃüÈ¢ Á¨Äó¾É÷
Á¢ñÊ Á¡Â¡ Å¡¾õ ±ýÛõ
ºñ¼ Á¡Õ¾õ ÍÆ¢óÐ «ÊòÐò ¾¡«÷òÐ
¯§Ä¡¸¡Â ¾¦ÁÛõ ´û ¾¢ÈôÀ¡õÀ¢ý
¸Ä¡ §À¾ò¾ ¸ÎÅ¢¼õ ±ö¾¢
«¾¢ø ¦ÀÕÁ¡¨Â ±¨ÉôÀÄ ÝÆ×õ
¾ôÀ¡§Á ¾¡õ À¢Êò¾Ð ºÄ¢Â¡ò
¾ÆÄÐ ¸ñ¼ ¦ÁØÌ «Ð §À¡Äò 60
¦¾¡ØÐ ¯Çõ ¯Õ¸¢ «ØÐ ¯¼ø¸õÀ¢òÐ [/tscii:829db33c0d]
---- Thiruvasagam - pORRi thiru agaval 4.42-61

Translation by G U Pope:
Then wondrous thought of the Divine, so-called, arose.
Soon as I knew that BEING, free from hate, unique,
Delusive powers in ever-changing millions
Began beguiling varied play. (45)

Relations, neighbours, came around,
With fluent tongue they urged their 'atheism'
Friends around (such herds of cattle old !)-
Seiz'd me, call'd, hurried to and fro;
The BrAhman said 'the way of penance is supreme'; (50)
And others showed the law of trusting love !
Sectarian disputants complacently
Discordant tenets shouted loud and fought.
Then haughty VedAnt creed unreal came,
Whirled, dashed, and roared like furious hurricane. (55)
LOkAyathan a glistening mighty snake
Brought cruel poisoned heresies.
Whilst these delusions, endless, girt me round,
Lest I should go astray, He laid His hand on me !
As wax before the unwearied fire (60)
With melting soul I worshipt, wept, and bent myself,

6th December 2005, 09:24 AM
Idiappam Sir
Many of verses of gnanasampandhar,appar,manickavasagar with relation to other religions like Jainism and Buddhism ,other school of thoughts, do not necessary follow the secular tenets of modern times.Secularism as a concept became strong only with democracy.Monarchy , as a system of governance, did not follow concept like secularism.This was true not only in India but also in other countries.
SO, we should not blame these olden day saints that they used harsh words against other schools of thought.If anyone talks like this in modern days,abuses other religions, then he can be arrested for spreading communal violence.

Anyway, let us continue Srimad Bhagwatham in this thread. :-)

6th December 2005, 09:29 AM
[tscii:f22d0738f8]mathRu vaatsalyam tied HIM up and pitRu vaatsalyam released HIM!

Hearing the crash the villagers led by Nanda Gopa came looking for the source of the sound. However they found two huge arjuna trees fallen on the sides of baby Krishna.

ulUkhalam vikarShantam dAmnA baddham ca bAlakam
kasya idam kuta AScaryam utpAta iti kAtarA: 10.11.3

(They found Krishna who was bound by the rope to the ulukhala, the mortar, which He was dragging. But they wondered how he could have pulled down the trees! Who had actually done it? Where was the source for this incident? They were alarmed to think that this was caused by some evil force and were very worried. (Such are the wonderful leela’s of Krishna. The Gopa’s could not see the reality)

na te tad uktam jagRuhu: na ghaTeta iti tasya tat
bAlasya utpAthanam tarvo: kecit sandigdha cetasa: 10.11.5

(Some of the other boys who watched the incident said that it was kirishna who broke the two arjuna trees. However most of the Gopa’s could not believe that such a tiny and sweet little baby could destroy not one but two huge arjuna trees!! So they did not lend much credence to what other boys had to say. However there were a few who remembered how Krishna had killed Putana, and how Garga muni had compared Krishna with Lord Narayana and they started wondering about the true identity of Krishna.)

ulUkhalam vikarshantam dAmnA baddham svam Atmajam
vilokya nanda: prahasad vadano vimumoca ha 10.11.6

(When Nanda Gopa saw his own son bound with ropes to the wooden mortar and dragging it, he smiled and released Krishna from His bonds. (What a wonderful sight this must have been! He who releases us from the bonds of this life-death cycle was now being freed! KRishNa would have given His appa a big hug and a kiss.))

darSayan tad vidAm loka Atmano bhRutya vaSyatAm
vrajasya uvAha vai harsham bhagavAn bAla ceShTitaih 10.11.9

(To His pure devotees throughout the world who could understand His activities, Krishna exhibited how much He cares for his devotees. For the sake of His devotees He becomes their servant. With his childhood pranks he added more pleasure to the people pf Vraj everyday.)

krINIhi bho: phalAnIti SrutvA satvaram acyuta:
phalArthI dhAnyam AdAya yayau sarva phala prada: 10.11.10

(Once a woman was selling fruit was calling, "O inhabitants of Vraja, if you want to purchase some fruits, come here!" Upon hearing this, Krishna immediately took some grains and went to barter as if He needed some fruits. The same Krishna who is responsible for giving us the fruits now pretended as if he was desirous of the fruits! One cannot help singing the glories of this wonderful child Krishna.)

Phala vikrayiNI tasya cyuta dhAnyam kara dvayam
phalair apUrayad ratnai: phala bhAndam apUri ca 10.11.11

(While Krishna was going in a hurry to the fruit vendor (an old lady), most of the grains He was holding in his little palm fell. Nonetheless, the fruit vendor filled Krishna's hands with fruits. Her fruit basket was immediately filled with jewels and gold. (Such is the greatness of Lord Krishna. He blesses even those who enjoy him without realsiing the divinity. Imagine the bliss of one who sees the divinity everywhere! If we take one step towards Him and he will take countless steps towards us. Oh! No, No! All we need is the desire to take one step!))

kRushNa, we don’t even no how to achieve THAT desire. Break this inertia and teach us how to make THAT desire for the first step so that YOU WILL DO THE REST. [/tscii:f22d0738f8]

6th December 2005, 09:32 AM
[tscii:f513946bdc]Let us enjoy the love filled calling of rohiNi devi and yaSOdamma. Get ready as we ready to leave for bRunDaavan! The word itself is so sweet. this is where bhakti got revived.

Na upeyAtAm yadA AhUtau krIdA sangena putrakau
yaSodAm preShayAmAsa rohiNI putra vatsalAm 10.11.13

(One day when Rohini called the two boys (Krishna and Balarama) to return home back. But they did not even hear as they were having too much fun playing. Therefore Rohini sent mother Yashoda to fetch them. RohiNi devi knew the putra vaatsalyam (affection to a child) that mother Yashoda pours on Krishna and Balarama.)

he rAma Agaccha tAta ASu sAnuja: kula nandana
prAtar eva kRutAhAra: tad bhavAn bhoktum arhati 10.11.16

(YaSoda’s affection was overflowing as milk. She called for them many times. Oh! kRushNa, darling, come and drink milk or you will wither because of hunger and thirst. Naturally mothers are worried about only that! How do they know that kids are hungry to play as well? Yashoda then said “My dear Baladeva, please come immediately with Your younger brother, Krishna; the most dear one in the family! You both ate in the morning, and now You ought to eat something more.” The more the mom scream, the more they play! Otherwise how ill know the real strength of affection. Well, Krishna always has the habit making people cry before he comes!)

dhUli dhUsarita anga: tvam putra majjanam Avaha
janmarksham adya bhavato viprebhyo dehi gA: Suci: 10.11.18

(Mother Yashoda further told Krishna: “My dear son, because of playing all day, Your body has become covered with dust and sand. Therefore, come back, take Your bath and cleanse Yourself.

paSya paSya vayasyAn te mAtRu mRuShTAn svalankRutAn
tvam ca snAta: kRutAhAro viharasva svalankRuta: 10.11.19

(Just see how all Your playmates of Your own age have been cleansed and decorated with beautiful ornaments by their mothers. You should come here, and after You have taken Your bath, eaten Your lunch and been decorated with ornaments, You may play with Your friends again. Please kRUshNa, what is this? Won’t you listen to me kaNNa?)
One day cowherd men led by Nanda Gopa met to discuss the various attacks made on Krishna’s life. Upananda a senior gopa reminded everyone about the incidents of Pootana, Tranavarta as well as the two arjuna trees. (The reason the two were born was to protect Gokul, and of course needed no protection from the Gopa’s. But this is just another illustration of the pure love exhibited by the Gopa’s. )

yAvad autpAtiko arishTo vrajam na abhibhaved ita:
tAvad bAlAn upAdAya yAsyAmo anyatra sAnugA: 10.11.27

(He continued: “All these incidents are being caused by some unknown evil demon. Before he comes here to create another disturbance, it is our duty to go somewhere else with the boys until there are no more disturbances.”)

vanam vRundAvanam nAma paSavyam nava kAnanam
gopa gopI gavAm sevyam puNyAdri tRuna vIrudham 10.11.28

(There is a place named Vrindavana. This place is very suitable because it is lush with grass, plants and creepers for the cows and other animals. It has nice forests and sacred mountais and is the perfect place for all the gopas and gopis as well as our animals. ARE WE NOT EXCITED THAT KRISHNA IS ENTERIGN BRINDAAVAN?)

yamunaa tIra vihArI bRundAvana sancAri
govarddhanoddhAri gopAla kRushNa murAri

“Move to another place devils won’t come.” We all know that this is true even today, not only during kRushNa's days!. Devils will follow until they become extinct![/tscii:f513946bdc]

7th December 2005, 11:21 AM
godhanaani puruskRutya SrungaaNi aapoorya sarvata:
tooryaghosheNa mahataa yayu: saha purohitaa: 10.11.32

(Cows are their wealth. They collected all those and played musical instruments. The purohitaas chanted Veda to make the trip auspicious. They started tehir trip. Ladies dressed up nicely got a into one cart to enjoy kRushNa's pranks. yaSOda, rohIni along with kRUshNa and Balarama aslo enoyed the ride with them.)
Let us be with them and we will settle down in Brundavanam in the evening.

7th December 2005, 11:22 AM
[tscii:f2801c716f]Upananda’s words struck cord with everyone and it was decided to relocate to Vridavan. Of course we all now know that it was just another part of Krishna’s grand plan!

vRuddhAn bAlAn striyo rAjan sarva upakaraNAni ca
anassu Aropya gopAlA yattA Atta SarAsanA: 10.11.31

(Keeping all the old men, women, children and household paraphernalia on the bullock carts and keeping all the cows in front, the cowherd men picked up their bows and arrows with great care and began their journey. (What devotion!, for the sake of Krishna the entire villagers in one voice without a moments hesitation left their safe secure homes to the forest Vridavan to start a new life. Krishna, please grant us a tiny fraction of such Bhakti.)
As they were moving; the Gopis who were very beautifully dressed and very happy started to sing about the various activities of Krishna.

tathA yaSodA rohinyav ekam SakaTam Asthite
rejatu: kRushNa rAmAbhyAm tat kathA Sravanotsuke 10.11.34

(Mother Yashoda and Rohini who did not want to be separated from Krishna and Balarâma for even a moment, got up with Them on one bullock cart. They listened to the various past times of the two divine boys with great pleasure. This made the trip even more divine and enjoyable!

vRundAvanam govardhanam yamunA pulinAni ca
vIkshya AsId uttamA prItI rAma mAdhavayor nRupa 10.11.36

(Sri Sukar noticed the excitement in Balarama and kRushNa and addresses parIkshit, ‘Oh! King, At the sight of Vridavan, Govardhan mountain and the beautiful sandy banks of Yumana, the hearts of Krishna and Balarama was filled with intense happiness’)

evam vrajaukasAm prItim yacchantau bAla ceShTitai:
kala vAkyai: sva kAlena vatsa pAlau babhUvatu: 10.11.37

(In this way, Krishna and Balarama, with their infantile gestures and sweet expressions and talking in half broken language, gave immense pleasure to all the inhabitants of Vraja. In due course of time, They became old enough to take care of the calves. (Krishna was now in full flow, besides take care of evil forces; his main reason for even appearing on earth was to please his devotees so that they could enjoy him. Thus kRushNa became ‘GOPAALA’.)

kvacid vAdayato veNum kshepaNai: kshipata: kvacit
kvacit pAdai: kinkinIbhi: kvacit kRutrima go vRushai: 10.11.39

(Sometimes Krishna and Balarama would play on Their flutes. Sometimes They would throw stones using slings for getting fruits from the trees Yet other times They would throw only stones. With their legs they made the melodious sounds with Their tinkling ankle bells. Sometimes They would dress up and imitate cows & bulls. Just a naughty boy to capture others!)

vRuShAyamAnau nardantau yuyudhAte parasparam
anukRutya rutair jantUn ceratu: prAkRutau yathA 10.11.40

(Krishna and Balarama would join other cowherd boys in playing by making sounds like the animals, sometimes playfully fighting and loudly roaring. In this way they played just as any normal human children. What a lucky birth! As Gopa baalaas in bRundaavan.) [/tscii:f2801c716f]

8th December 2005, 09:40 AM
Devi's words to Daksha who hrut Lord Siva.

na AScaryam etat Asatsu sarvadaa mahat vinindaa kuNapa aatmavaadishu
sershyam mahaapurusha paada paamsubhi: nirasta tejassu tadeva Sobhanam 4.4.13

(Oh! A perosn like you, think that this material, perishable body is the real aatma. So, it is not surprising that you have this hatred for mahaans. You insulting them does not surprise me! But, the mahaan is never going to curse people like you. The power of the dust from their feet will reduce your power and glory to mere dirt.)

yadyaksharam naama giraa Iritam nRuNaam sakRUt prasangAt agham aaSu hanti tat
pavitra kIrttim tam alanghya Saasanam bhavaan aho dweshTi Sivam Sivetara: 4.4.14

(Just by chance if one says the two syllabled 'siva' it removes all the sin from a person. What a shame that you hate that kind of Siva who has nothing but pure fame and whom no one dares to question?)

yat paada padma mahataam mano alibhi: nishevitam brahma rasaasava aarthibhi:
lokasya yat varshati ca aaSisha: arthina: tasmai bhavaan dRuhyati viswa bhandhave 4.4.15

(The hearts of great souls are like bees that crave for the nectar flowing from the lotus feet of the LORD. That lotus feet pours it compassion and grants all the wishes. You hurt that LORD who is the wellwisher of the wholeuniverse!!)

Let us all merge with DEVI and join her prayer now.

8th December 2005, 09:42 AM
[tscii:2d5d0a2015]kadAcid yamunA tIre vatsAn cArayato: svakai:
vayasyai; kRushNa balayor jighAmsur daitya Agamat 10.11.41

(One day while Balarama and Krishna, along with other boys, were tending the calves on the bank of the River Yamuna. A demon arrived there, with a desire to kill them. Kamsa would never give up, until his time ends! Evils certainly are more persistent in torturing and insulting. Sadhus are persistent in spreading the divine love and knowledge.)

tam vatsa rUpiNam vIkshya vatsa yUtha gatam hari:
darSayan baladevAya Sanair mugdha iva Asadat 10.11.42

(The demon disguised himself as a calf. Krishna of course realized this and pointed this to his brother Balarama. The two divine boys then slowly made their way towards the demon as if they had no clue about the presence of a demon.)

gRuhItvA apara pAdAbhyAm saha lAngUlam accyuta:
bhrAmayitvA kapitthAgre prAhiNod gata jIvitam
sa kapitthair mahA kAya: pAtyamAnai: papAta ha 10.11.43

(Thereafter, Sri Krishna quickly caught the demon by the hind legs and tail, twirled the demon's whole body very strongly until the demon was dead, and threw him into the top of a kapittha tree. The tree then fell down, along with the body of the dead demon, which now revealed its true nature and appeared in a demonic form. So how elegantly he did it? The byproduct is plenty of yummy yummy kapittha fruits! Look at the end. We don’t know how much trouble and preparations the demon to took to arrive here!! )

tam vIkshya vismitA bAlA: SaSamsu: sAdhu sAdhviti
devAS ca parisantuShTA babhUvu: pushpa varshiNa: 10.11.44

(Upon seeing the dead body of the demon, all the cowherd boys exclaimed, "Well done, Krishna! Very good, very good! Thank You." The gods too were pleased, and therefore they showered flowers on Krishna.)

tau vatsa pAlakau bhUtvA sarva lokaika pAlakau
saprAtar ASau go vatsAn cArayantau viceratu: 10.11.45

(After the killing of the demon, Krishna and Balarama finished Their breakfast. They continued taking care of the calves. They wandered around in the woods. Krishna and Balarama, who maintain the entire universe, now took charge of the calves as if they were mere cowherd boys.)

9th December 2005, 09:04 AM
Sri Sukar annouces,

swarge satye ca kailaase vaikunThe na asti ayam rasa:
ata: pibata sadbhaagyaa: maa maa muncata karhicit B M 6.86

(Oh! great lucky ones, you won't get this nectar in heaven, satyalokam, kailaasam or vaikuTham. So, please come and drink it. Never miss it. WHile He announced this LORD HARI ENTERED THERE surrounded by prahLaada, bali, uddhava, arjuna, all the suraRshis etc. shree haraye nama: sree haraye nama: sree haraye nama:)

kRushNa priyam sakala kalmasha naaSanam ca
muktaika hetum iha bhakti vilaasakaarI
santa: kathaanakamidam pibata aadareNa
loke ahitaartha pariSIlana sevayaa kim B M 6.101

(Oh! Saadhus, please enjoy this story. This nourishes bhakti and grants mukti. It removes all the sin. More than that it will generate love for kRushNa and will make you kRushNa's priyaa too. What is the point in amassing material wealth? So, enjoy this?)

kham vaayum agnim salilam mahIm ca
jyotImshi sattwaani diSo drumaadIn
sarit samudraan ca hare: SarIram
yat kinca bUtam praNamet ananya: 11.2.41

(Don't think anything is other than Lord Hari. The sky, air, fire, water, earth, light sources, beings, directions, tress, rivers, ocean anything that is made of elements - anything is form of Hari and with that feeling, do praNaam to everything. If you continue doing bhakti to Hari like this, you will be blessed with bhakti, virakthi and jnaanam. They become the bhaagavatottama and enjoy the supreme bliss.)

visRujati hRudayam na yasya saakshaat
hari: avaSa abhihita: api aghougha naaSa:
praNaya raSanayaa dhRUta anghri padma:
sa bhavati bhaagavata pradhaana ukta: 11.2.55

(Oh! What a power! Who is a top most bhaagavata uttama? Hari refuses to go away from his heart. He ties his lotus feet with the unbreakable thread of 'prema' and stays in the devotees heart for ever. Just reciting his name removes all sins and now HE is refusing to go away even if he has lost his freedom. This bhakta is very rare. Put all the wealth in this world in front of them - their mind will not waver. They won't see anything other than the LORD.)

9th December 2005, 09:05 AM
[tscii:2c03f85d00]More of dushta vadhams. No, kRushNa did not go looking for them, they came to HIM, prompted by TIME. Now it is Bakaasura’s turn, an emissary of Kamsa.

One day while Krishna and Balarama were grazing the calves with their friends near a lake. They all quenched their thirst and saw a huge creature near the water, which looked like the peak of a mountain.

sa vai bako nAma mahAn asuro baka rUpa dhRuk
Agatya sahasA kRushNam tIkshNa tunDo agrasad balI 10.11.48

(It was a very powerful demon known as Bakasura. He had assumed the body of a huge Heron with a very sharp beak. Having come there, he immediately swallowed Krishna.)

kRushNam mahA baka grastam dRushTvA rAmAdayo arbhakA:
babhUvur indriyANIva vinA prANam vicetasa: 10.11.49

(When Balarama and the other boys saw that Krishna had been devoured by the gigantic bird, they became stupefied, like senses and body without life.)

tam tAlu mUlam pradahantam agnivad gopAla sUnum pitaram jagad guro:
caccharda sadyo atirushA akShatam baka: tundena hantum punar abhyapadyata 10.11.50

(Krishna, who is the father of Lord Brahma(jagad guro:) himself. Now He has incarnated as the son of a cowherd man. He became hot like fire, burnt the root of the demon's throat, and the demon Bakasura was unable to bear the pain. He immediately disgorged Him. When the demon saw that Krishna, although having been swallowed, was unharmed, he immediately rushed towards Krishna with a great rage and fury. He again ran to attack Krishna with his sharp beak. Well, sometimes a bit of show is needed, though everything is just a child’ s play for kRushNa.)

tam Apatantam sa nigRuhya tundayor dorbhyAm bakam kamsavsakham satAm pati:
paSyatsu bAleShu dadAra lIlayA mudAvaho vIraNavad divaukasAm 10.11.51

(Krishna, the protector of the righteous, saw that the demon Bakasura, the friend of Kamsa, ready to charge Him. Krishna then captured the demon by the two halves of the beak and easily tore him into two pieces just as a child splits a blade of vIraNa grass. Krishna very much pleased the denizens of heaven as well as the other boys who were watching him. Another example of digging holes!)

tadA bakArim sura loka vAsina: samAkiran nandana mallikAdibhi:
samIDire ca Anaka Sankha samstavai: tad vIkShya gopAla sutA visismire 10.11.52

(At that time, the Devas showered jasmine (mallika) and other flowers grown in Nandana (Indra’s garden), upon Krishna, the slayer of Bakasura. They also congratulated Him by beating of the drums, blowing of the conch shells and by singing praises. Seeing this, the cowherd boys were filled with wonder.)

12th December 2005, 09:28 AM
DaakshaayaNi Devi continued her arguements

karNNou pidhaaya nirayaat yat akalpa ISe
dharma avitari asRuNibhi: nRubhi: asyamaane
chindyaat prasahya ruSatIm asatIm prabhu: cet
jihvaam asoon api tata: visRujet sa dharmma: 4.4.17

(When the LORD who protects the dharma is getting abused by ruthless people , one can react in three ways ONLY. If you are helpless, close your ears and walk away. If you are capable, cut the tongue of the person who mentioned sinful words. Even if you are capable, if something else is preventing you from doing it, give up your life. Any of these three fall under these categories.)

12th December 2005, 09:31 AM
[tscii:b14c116e3b]SrutvA tad vismitA gopA gopyaS cAtipriyAdRutA:
Pretya Agatam iva outsukyAd aikShanta tRuShitekShaNA: 10.11.54

(When the cowherd men and women heard about the killing of Bakasura in the forest, they were very much astonished and very happy. Upon seeing Krishna and hearing the story, they received Krishna very eagerly, thinking that Krishna and the other boys had returned from the mouth of death. Thus they looked upon Krishna and the boys with great happiness, not wanting to turn their eyes aside now that the boys were safe.)

athApi abhibhavanti enam naiva te ghora darSanA:
jighAmsaya enam AsAdya naSyanty agnau patangavat 10.11.56

(nanda Gopa and other Gopas began to wonder how Krishna survived even though he had been attacked so many times. Although the demons were very fierce, they could not kill this boy Krishna. Rather, because they came to kill innocent boys, as soon as they approached they themselves were killed, exactly like flies attacking a fire. They attributed their sin to be the destroyer!

One day Krishna decided to have a meal in the forest. He blew his bugle which made a very beautiful sound and woke up all the other Gopa’s. At that time, hundreds and thousands of cowherd boys came out of their respective homes and joined Krishna, keeping before them their hundreds and thousands of groups of calves. The boys looked very beautiful, and they were equipped with lunch bags, bugles, flutes, and sticks for controlling the calves. Although all these boys were already decorated by their mothers with ornaments of pearls and gold, when they went into the forest they further decorated themselves with fruits, green leaves, bunches of flowers, peacock feathers.

muShNanto anyonya SikyAdIn jnAtAn ArAc ca cikShipu:
tatratyAS ca punar dUrAd hasantaS ca punar dadu: 10.12.5

(The cowherd boys playfully stole one another's lunch bags and other belongings. When a boy came to understand that his bag had been taken away, the other boys would throw it farther away, to a more distant place, and those standing there would throw it still farther. When the owner of the bag became disappointed, the other boys would laugh, when the owner would cry or become very annoyed, and then his bag would be returned. What a fun!)

kecid venUn vAdayanto dhmAnta: SRungANi kecana
kecid SRungai: pragAyanta: kUjanta: kokilai: pare 10.12.7

(All the boys would be differently engaged. Some boys blew their flutes, and others blew bugles made of horn. Some imitated the buzzing of the bumblebees, and others imitated the voice of the cuckoo. Imitating the nature was their best game. Imitating monkeys, walking under the umbrella of clouds, and what not? Well, kRushNa was also imitating the same! ‘getting rid of dushTaas and protecting the saadhUs’)

ittham satAm brahma sukhAnubhUtyA dAsyam gatAnAm para daivatena
mAyASritAnAm nara dArakeNa sAkam vijahru: kRuta puNya punjA: 10.12.11

(In this way, all the cowherd boys used to play with Krishna, who is the source of the eternal bliss (brahma sukha). He is the Supreme Lord for devotees who have accepted his service, and who for ordinary persons is but another ordinary child. The cowherd boys, having accumulated the results of pious activities for many lives, were able to associate in this way with the Supreme Lord Narayana. A brahmaanubhoota, Sri Sukar, is explaining the play of brahmam and hence it is a brahma anubhooti for us too.)

Yat pAda pAmsur bahu janma kRucchrato dhRutAtmabhi: yogibhi: api alabhya:
sa eva yad dRug viShaya: svayam sthita: kim varNyate diShTam ato vrajaukasAm 10.12.12

(Yogis may undergo severe austerities and penances for many births none of which are easily performable. Yet in due course of time, when these yogis attain the perfection of controlling the mind, they will still be unable to taste even a particle of dust from the lotus feet of the Supreme Lord Narayana. What then can we describe about the great fortune of the inhabitants of Vrindavana, with whom He personally lived and who saw the Lord face to face?)

13th December 2005, 10:41 AM
[tscii:cc7029de0e]While the boys were playing and having great fun, a demon named Agha came there to kill Krishna. He was so powerful that even the Devas were scared of him!

dRushthvA arbhakAn kRushNa mukhAn aghAsura: kamsAnuSishtha: sa bakI bakAnuja:
ayam tu me sodara nASa kRut tayor dvayor mamainam sabalam haniShye 10.12.14

(Aghasura, who had been sent by Kamsa, was the younger brother of Putana and Bakaasura. Therefore when he came and saw Krishna, he thought, "This Krishna has killed my sister and brother, Putana and Bakasura. Therefore, in order to avenge their deaths, I shall kill this Krishna, along with other cowherd boys.")

iti vyavasya ajagaram bRuhad vapu: sa yojanAyAma mahAdri pIvaram
dhRutvA adbhutam vyAtta guhAnanam tadA pathi vyaSeta grasanASayA khala: 10.12.16

(Aghasura then assumed the form of a huge python(Ajagaram), as thick as a big mountain and as long as eight miles(yojanA). Having assumed this fearful python's body, he spread open his mouth like a big cave in the mountains and lay down on the path, expecting to swallow Krishna and His friends. His lower lips touched the ground and the upper lips touched the clouds it seems! His breathing came out like storm!)

aho mitrANi gadata sattva kUtham pura: sthitam
asmat sangrasana vyAtta vyAla tundAyate na vA 10.12.19

(They though that it is a great thing in Brindavan and as part of the game, they wondered about it! Presently the boys came across this huge snake and said: “Dear friends, is this creature dead, or is it actually a living python with its mouth spread wide just to swallow us all?” They compared the teeth of aghasura to mountain peaks.)

dAvoshNa khara vAtoyam SvAsavad bhAti paSyata
tad dagdha sattva durgandho api antarAmiSha gandhavat 10.12.23

(“Breath coming out of his mouth seems to be as hot as the fire itself, and is giving off foul smell of burning flesh because of all the animals it has eaten.”)

asmAn kim atra grasitA niviShTAn ayam tathA ched bakavad vinankShyati
kShaNAd aneneti bakAri uSan mukham vIkshya uddhasanta: kara tAdanair yayu: 10.12.24

(Then the boys said, "Has this living creature come to swallow us? If he does so, he will immediately be killed like Bakasura, without delay." Thus they looked at the beautiful face of Krishna, the slayer of Bakasura, and, laughing loudly and clapping their hands (to chase the snake away while they are inside!), they entered the mouth of the python.

ittham mitho atathyam atajjna bhAShitam SrutvA vicintyeti amRuShA mRuShAyate
raksho viditvAkhila bhUta hRut sthita: svAnAm niroddhum bhagavAn mano dadhe 10.12.25

(Krishna heard the innocent cowherd boys talk among themselves that this was merely a statue of a huge python as they walked into the mouth of Aghasura. Krishna who is an Avatar Purusha of course knew what was in store for his friends and decided to warn his friends about the true identity of this demon.) [/tscii:cc7029de0e]

13th December 2005, 10:44 AM
In the great Bhagavata family of Dhruva, there was a great king by name Anga. Because he did not have any children, he performed putrkaameshTi yaaga and got a son named Vena. Vena was so wicked that the father got virakti and left for the forest. Vena was crowned as the king.

sa aarooDha nRupasthaana unnadha: ashTa vibhootibhi:
avamene mahaabhaagaan sambhaavita: swata: 4.14.4

(Vena is very proud by nature! Now that he is crowned, and have all the riches inherited, his 'garvam' (vanity) knew no bounds! He started insulting all great souls.

evam madaandha utsikta: nirankusa: iva dwipa:
paryaTan rathamaasthaaya kampayan iva rodasI 4.14.5

(He was blind with big-headedness. He crossed all the boudaries of decency. He was like an inotxicated elephant that escaped from its control! Sitting in his chariot he made the earth and sky tremble.

aho ubhayata: praaptam lokasya vyasanam mahat
daaruNi upayata: dIpte iva taskara paalayo: 4.14.8

(Sadhus said, 'Ah! What a sad a state. We are like the log that is getting burned from both sides. The world is suffering from thieves as well as the rulers! We are bombarded from both sides. Those sadhus sitting in vaikunTham will sympathise for us even more!)

Saying these to themselves the munis approached Vena, blessed him for a long life and put forth their plead.

sa te maa vinaSet vIra prajaanaam kshema lakshaNa:
yasmin vinashTe nRupati: aiswaryaat avarohati 4.14.16

(Oh! King, your dharma is to protect the people. Please stay on that dharma. If you lose that you will lose all the greatness and fall down. A king who helps everyone to stay in their dharma facilitates a smooth society and will be celebrated in all worlds. BUT FOOLS CARE FOR WHAT THEY ENJOY FOR A SHORT WHILE! THEY SELDOM WORRY ABOUT TOMORROW. THEN WHY BOTHER ABOUT OTHER WORLDS?)

baaliSaa bata yooyam vai adharmme dahrmma maanina:
ye vRuttidam patim hittwaa jaaram patim upaasate 4.14.23

(Vena laughed and said, "you are all fools and childish! You mistook adharma for dharmaa You want to leave me,the protector (pati) and go after fake (jaaram) one, the vishNu? A person who neglects the King who is the LORD personified and worship others will neither enjoy happiness here nor in other worlds (so watch out!!)!

The munis talked to themselves and decided to destroy the bad king who talks ill of Hari! They did a humkaaram and burned Vena to ashes.

14th December 2005, 10:00 AM
[tscii:3e54ef731b]Let us not forget that kRushNa is constantly thinking about how to save his devotees. Our efforts will be futile if we donot have the faith in HIM. If there are no efforts and prayers from our side, how will the antaryaami (one who dwells inside) even know that we are suffering?.

tAn vIkShya kRushNa: sakalAbhaya prado hi ananya nAthAn svakarAd avaccyutAn
dInAmSca mRutyor jaTharAgni ghAsAn ghRunArdito diShtha kRutena vismita: 10.12.27

(Krishna saw that all the cowherd boys, who did not know anyone but Him as their Lord, were now helpless. They have entered like straws into the fire of the abdomen of Aghasura, who was death personified. It was intolerable for Krishna to be separated from His friend. Krishna who is mercy personified was himself surprised to find the boys under his protection now falling into mortal danger due to his own maya! He wondered how they escaped from his grip of protection! This only shows how much concern HE has for his devotees. Anything happens after sankalpam and HE is a SATYASANKLPAN)

kRutyam kim atra asya khalasya jIvanam na vA amIshAm ca satAm vihimsanam
dvayam katham syAd iti samvicintya tat jnAtvA aviSat tundam aSesha dRug ghari: 10.12.28

(Krishna of course could not let any harm come to his devotees while at the same time he had to kill this wicked demon. Now, what was to be done? How could both the killing of this demon and the saving of the devotees (inside) be performed simultaneously? Krishna then thought about a plan and then He entered the mouth of Aghasura.)

tato atikAyasya niruddha mArgiNo hi udgIrna drishTer bhramata: tu itas tata:
pUrno antar ange pavano niruddho mUrdhan viniSpATya vinirgato bahi: 10.12.31

(When Devas saw this they screamed in fear. People like kamsa were delighted (asuras also have divya dRushTi!). Krishna reached the demons throat and started to increase his size. Because Krishna had increased the size of His body, demon found his air passage ways getting blocked. His breathing stopped, he suffocated, and his eyes rolled here and there and popped out. The demon's life air, however, could not pass through any outlet, and therefore it finally burst out through a hole in the top of the demon's head. See how smart kRishNa is, if the killing were done form outside, it will harm his friends. Any action the divinity adopts is the best. If only we understand…… Now the killing happening while the amruta varsham is on his fans.)

tenaiva sarveShu bahir gateshu prANeshu vatsAn suhRuda: paretAn
dRushthyA svayA utthApya tad anvita: punar vaktrAn mukundo bhagavAn viniryayau 10.12.32

(When the entire demon's life air had passed away through that hole in the top of his head, Krishna glanced over the dead calves and cowherd boys and brought them back to life. Then Mukunda, who can give one liberation, came out from the demon's mouth with His friends and the calves.)

pInAhi bhoga utthitam adbhutam mahat jyoti: sva dhAmnA jvalayad diSo daSa
pratIkShya khe avasthitam ISa nirgamam viveSa tasmin mishatAm divaukasAm 10.12.33

(From the body of the Aghasura, a bright column of light came out, illuminating all directions, and hovered in the sky until Krishna came out from the corpse's mouth. Then, as all while Devas were watching, this light entered Krishna's body. Moksham for Aghaasura. What else will you get when the divinity shines in one at the time of death?)

tato atihRuShTA: sva kRuto akRutArhaNam pushpai: sugA apsarasa: ca nartanai:
gItaih surA vAdya dharASca vAdyakai: stavaiSca viprA jaya nihsvanair gaNA: 10.12.34

(Everyone was extremely happy to see the end of evil Aghasura who had tormented the Devas and all good people. Being pleased, Devas began to shower flowers, the Apsaras began to dance, and the Gandharvas, who are famous for singing, offered songs of prayer. The vidyadharas and other great musicians began to play on their instruments, and the brahmanas offered Vedic hymns while his bhaktas were singing songs of his glory. In this way, both in the heavens and on earth, everyone began to glorify the Lord.
(This incident of Krishna killing Aghasura happened when Krishna was just 5 years. If that is not surprising enough what was even more surprising was that the gopa boys recounted this incident to the other villagers a year later as if it had just yesterday. This prompted King Parikchit to ask clarification on how this could have happened)

ittham sma pRuShTha: sa tu bAdarAyaNi: tat smAritAnanta hRutAkhilendriya:
kRucchrAt punar labdha bahir dRuSi: Sanai: pratyAha tam bhAgavat uttamottama 10.12.44

(soothar said: O Saunaka, greatest of saints and devotees, when Maharaja Parikshit inquired with Sri Sukar in this way he immediately disconnected himself from all his external senses and delved deep into his heart to gather information of Krishna’s actions. Thereafter, with great difficulty, he revived his external sensory perception and began to speak to Maharaja Parikshit about krishna. We will continue.)

14th December 2005, 10:02 AM
The Munis' churned the body of Vena and came the nishaadaas. Then they churned his arms and there appeared pRuthu and Archi, incarnation of Sri Hari and Sri Lakshmi. All Devas offered their gifts and pRuthu was crowned . He sat in the throne gifted by Kubera, wearing the crown given by Devendra. Dance and music contiued to add festivity.

sindhava: parvataa: nadya: ratha vIthi: mahaatmana:
soota: atha maagadha: vandI tam stotum upatasthire 4.15.20

(All the rivers, mountains and oceans offered to give way to his chariot. The Sootaas, maagadhaas and vandhIs (the professional singers, who compose music, praise them to cheer them up etc. this is their profession and the king will bestow them with gifts. got ready to sing the glories of the king.)

staavakaan taan abhipretya pRuthu: vainya: prataapavaan
megha nirhraadyaa vaacaa prahasan idam abravIt 4.15.21

(The great pRuthu, who was born from Vena, realized that they are going to praise him. With a smile, in a thundering voice he annouced like this-")

bho soota he maagadha soumya vandin loke adhunaa aspashTa guNasya me syaat
kim aaSraya: me stava esha yojyataam maa mayi bhoovan vitathaa giro va: 4.15.22

(Oh! Soota-maagadha-vandhIs, my qualities are yet to be known to the world. I am just crowned. Don't sing my praise and waste the value of your words as I am not yet established! What is the basis for your praise? So, don't do it. Use those wonderful words and talents only to praise the Supreme LORD who is always Pure. Sabhyaa: (people who deserve respect on stage) will not use their words to glorify anything that does not deserve it.)

prabhava: api aatmana: stotram jugupsanti api visrutaa:
hrImanta: paramodaaraa: pourusham vaa vigarhitam 4.15.25

(People who have gained fame with their own efforts will not accept praising them, if they are shy and virtuous. They are averse to taking it and treat it like a misdeed that is hateful.)

Finally they predicted the future of this avataaram and left.

15th December 2005, 08:59 AM
[tscii:7548504db0]Sree Sukar was very pleased with Parikshit’s question. He then continued saying:

tathA agha vadanAn mRutyo rakShitvA vatsa pAlakAn
sarit pulinam AnIya bhagavAn idam abravIt 10.13.4

(Then, after saving the boys and calves from the mouth of Aghasura, who was death personified, Lord Krishna, brought them all to the bank of the river and spoke the following words).

aho atiramyam pulinam vayasyA: sva keli sampan mRudulAcchavAlukam
sphuTthat sarogandha hrUtAli patrika dhvani pratidhvAna lasad drumAkulam 10.13.5

(My dear friends, Wow! look at this beautiful shore! just see how this riverbank is extremely beautiful because of its pleasing atmosphere. And just see how the blooming lotuses are attracting bees and birds by their aroma. The humming and chirping of the bees and birds is echoing throughout the beautiful trees in the forest. Also, here the sands are clean and soft. Therefore, this must be considered the best place for our sporting and pastimes.)

atra bhoktavyam asmAbhir diva Arudham kshudhArditA:
vatsA: samIpe Apa: pItvA carantu Sanakai: trUnam 10.13.6

(I think we should take our lunch here, since we are already hungry because it is very late. Here the calves may drink water and go slowly here and there and feed upon the green grass. Now, Devas are watcing everymove of kRushNa. Every step is a leela! They all self appointed themselves as 'kRushNa watchers'! Soon we are going to see Brahma who miss all the leelas becasue of his hectic job - THE CREATION!)

kRushNasya vishvak puru rAji mandalair abhyAnanA: phulla dRuSo vrajArbhakA:
sahopavishTA vipine vireju: chadA yathA ambhoruha karNikAyA: 10.13.8

(Like the whorl of a lotus flower surrounded by its petals and leaves, Krishna sat in the center, encircled by His friends, who all looked very radiant because they were in bliss and enjoying Krishna. Their eyes wide opened and glowed. Every one of them was trying to look forward toward Krishna, thinking that Krishna might look toward him. And indeed, Krishna was showering his blessing spreading his smile all around.)

sarve mitho darSayanta: sva sva bhojya rucim pRuthak
hasanto hAsayantaScA bhyavajahru: saheSvarA: 10.13.10

(All the cowherd boys enjoyed their lunch with Krishna, showing one another the different tastes of the different varieties of preparations they had brought from home. Tasting one another's preparations, they began to laugh and make one another laugh. Instead of doing naivedyam, they are sharing. Though all of them were hungry, all were feeding kRushNa! Imagine the luck of the vraj baalaas.)

bibhrad veNum jaThhara pathayo: SRunga vetre ca kakshe vAme pANau masRuNa kavalam tat phalAni angulIshu
tiShThan madhye sva parisuhRudo hAsayan narmabhi: svai: svarge loke miShati bubhuje yajna bhug bAla keli: 10.13.11

(Krishna is yajna-bhuk - that is, He eats only offerings of yajna (where all sorts of discipline are expected) – but now he is eating things that are devoid of everything but love! He now sat with His flute tucked between His waist and His loin-cloth. He held His horn bugle and cane under His left arm pit. He is having a very nice preparation of yogurt and rice ball in the right hand. Pieces of vegetables (those suitable to be eaten with rice) are inserted between His fingers. He sat like the whorl of a lotus flower, looking forward toward all His friends, personally joking with them and creating jubilant laughter among them as He ate. At that time, Devas from the sky wondered at how the yajna-bhuk, is now eating with His friends in the forest – a child among other children.) Meditating upon this itself will fill our hearts and stomachs. [/tscii:7548504db0]

15th December 2005, 09:35 AM
In the family of pRuthu (a descendant of Dhruva) came PraacInabarhis. He was a ritualistic and filled the earth with darbhas doing one yaga after the other. His children are called pracetasas. Father asked them to get married and continue the family tree. They went towards the sea to do tapas. Rudra, who was very pleased became the GURU for them and adviced the rudra gItam - a praise of Lord narayaNa.

darSanam na: didRukshUNaam dehi bhaagavata arccitaam
rUpam priyatamam swaanaam sarvendriya guNaanjanam 4.24.44

(oh! Lord, please show us that form that you reveal to your devotees. Please show that dearest form that will nurture all the indryaas. A cry like this deep from the heart, under the guidance of a GURU is what one can crave for.)

How beautiful is it? No explanation can be adequate here.

snigdha prAvRUD ghanaSyAmam sarva soundarya vigraham
cArvAyata caturbAhum sujATa rucirAnanam 4.24.45

(oh! kRushNa, You are so soft and delicate. You are as dark as the rainy season clouds. Ha! You are the net total of all the beauty, with beautiful four long hands and round and attrctive face. The beauty just flows from you LORD)

padmakoSa palASa aksham sundara bhrU sunAsikam
sudwijam sukapola Asyam sama kaRNa vibhUshaNa 4.24.46

(Those eyes are like the lotus petals. The face captivates because of the lovely eyebrows, nose, teeth and cheeks. The ears are so symmetric.)

prIti prahasita apAngam aLakai: upaSobhitam
lasat pankaj akinjalka dukUlam mRushTa kuNDalam 4.24.47

(Lord has that beautiful smile that expresses his love for his devotees and that refelcts in his looks. The face is decorated with curly dangling hair locks. He is wearing a beautiful yellow silk that matches with the lotus pollen in color and glow. He is wearing shiny ear drops.)

sphurat kirITa valaya hAra nUpura mekhalam
Sankha cakra gadA padma mAlA maNi uttama Rudhimat 4.24.48

(He is wearing shiny diadem, bracelets, garlands, anklets and waist band.
His hands are decorated with conch, discus, mace and lotus. He is wearing vanamaala and necklace made of precious gems.)

simha skandha twishaa bibhrat soubhaga grIva koustubham
Sriyaa anapaayinyaa aakshipta nikashASma urasA ullasat 4.24.49

(HIS shoulders and majestic like that of a lion. Kaustubha gem decorates his beautiful neck. The beauty of the chest gets lifted becasue of the presence of his inseparable consort mahalaskhmi.)

pUra recaka samvigna valivalgu daLa udaram
prati samkraamayat viSwam naabhyaa aavartta gabhIrayA 4.24.50

(His tender leaf like stomach decorated by three lines and a deep naval moves up and down because of the breathing.)

SyAma SroNi adhirocishNu dukUla swarNa mekhalam
samacaaru anghRi jangha Uru nimna jAnu sudarSanam 4.24.51

(His waist is so dark and beautiful. The shiny yellow silk is tied there and a gold band is tied over it. His feets, leg and thigh are perfectly symmetrical and attractive. His knees are perfect and very beautiful to look at.)

padaa sarat padma palASa rocishA nakha dyubhi: na: antaragham vidhunwatA
pradarSaya swIyam apAsta sAdhwasam padam guro: mArga guru: tamojushAm 4.24.52

(Lord, the glow from your toe nails will remove all the internal stress from us. Your feet are like the petals of a lotus that bloomed in the Sarat season. Oh! Guru, with the radiance from those feet, you show path to the ignorant. With that light you remove the samsAra fear of your devotees. Oh! Guru, please show that form to us.)

etat rUpam anudhyeyam AtmaSuddhim abhIpsatAm
yat bhakti yoga abhayada: swadharmmam anutishTatAm 4.24.53

(This form of the lord is worth meditating upon by the one who desires to purify the soul. The practice of this bhakti yoga gives refuge for a devotee.)

kshaNArdhena api tulaye na swraggam na apunarbhavam
bhagavat sangi sangasya marttyAnAm kimuta ASisha: 4.24.57

(Heaven or moksham can't be compared with even a fraction of a second of contact with a bhaagavta. Then what can we say about the perishable desires of human beings? The best thing one can crave for is satsangham.)

Rudra at the end blesses pracetasas saying anyone who recites rudra gItam in the morning will be released from the bondage of karma and pleased NarayaNa will grant them all the desires. (as they are free of all desires by then and they are ready to do everything with no attachment but with full devotion.)

16th December 2005, 09:30 AM
[tscii:6243f92caf]Brahma trying to witness an 'exclusive leela'

bhArata evam vatsapeShu bhunjAneshu acchyutAtmasu
vatsA: tu antar vane dUram viviSu: tRuna lobhitA: 10.13.12

(Sree Sukar says to Maharaja Parikshit that while the cowherd boys were thus enjoying their lunch in the forest with Krishna who showered his grace on all of them. Meanwhile the calves went far away, deep into the forest, being allured by green grass.)

iti uktvAdri darI kunja gahvareshu Atma vatsakAn
vichinvan bhagavAn kRushNa: sapANi kavalo yayau 10.13.14

(When Krishna noticed that the other cowherd were a little worried about the cows, he said "Let Me go and search for the calves. Don't disturb your enjoyment." Then, carrying His yogurt and rice in His hand, Krishna, immediately went out to search for the calves of His friends. To please His friends, He began searching in all the mountains, mountain caves, bushes and narrow passages calling, ‘Oh! vatsaa, please come’. Well the one who wanted them to go is calling and they could not come back!.)

ambhojanma janis tad antara gato mAya arbhakasya ISitur
draShTum manju mahitvam anyad api tad vatsAn ito vatsapAn
nItvA anyatra kurUdvaha antaradadhAt khe avasthito ya: purA
dRushthvA aghAsura mokShaNam prabhavata: prApta: param vismayam 10.13.15

(Brahma who was born from a lotus flower was watching with keen interest all the activities of Krishna such as the deliverance of Aghasura and luncheon with other gopa’s. Now that same Brahma wanted to show some of his own power and see the power of Krishna, who was engaged in His childhood pastimes, playing as if he was a cowherd boy. Therefore, in Krishna's absence, Brahma took all the boys and calves to another place. Thus Brahma now became entangled in this issue because Krishna never forsakes any of his devotees. Brahma wanted to see a special leela performed for him!)

tato vatsAn adRushthva etya puline api ca vatsapAn
ubhAv api vane kRushNo vicikAya samantata: 10.13.16

(Thereafter, when Krishna was unable to find the calves, He returned to the bank of the river, but there He did not see the cowherd boys either!. Thus He began to search for both the calves and the boys, as if He could not understand what had happened. Well, HE did not want to disappoint his first born brahma!)

kvApi adRushthvA antar vipine vatsAn pAlAmSca viSvavit
sarvam vidhi kRutam kRushNa: sahasA avjagAma ha 10.13.17
(When Krishna who is aware of everything in this universe was unable to find the calves the cowherd boys, anywhere in the forest, He could understood that this was the work of Lord Brahma.)

How did kRushNa manage? We will see soon. HE satisfies everyone. [/tscii:6243f92caf]

16th December 2005, 09:33 AM
[tscii:975d6e2d5a]BTW, Balarama did not go with them on the day of aghAsura vadham. So, he missed the vana bhojanam, brahma’s action etc. Let us keep watchign the Leela.

yAvad vatsapa vatsakAlpaka vapur yAvat karAnghri Adikam
yAvad yaShTi viShANa veNu dala Sig yAvad vibhUShAmbaram
yAvat SIla guNAbhidhAkRuti vayo yAvad vihArAdikam
sarvam vishNumayam giro angavad aja: sarva svarUpo babhau 10.13.19

(Maya that will put the Maya to shame! Krishna simply expanded Himself into the exact number of missing cowherd boys and calves, with the exact same physical features as the missing boys/cows. But Krishna also ensured that the clones also had with them their own like sticks, bugles and flutes, their lunch bags, their particular types of dress and ornaments placed in various ways, as well their own individual behavior (All these are kRushNa). In fact they were so similar to the missing boys that it was impossible for anyone to tell the difference. By expanding Himself in this way, beautiful Krishna proved the statement "Everything consists of Vishnu." While that is the reality, here it is a leela! At the ene of the day, kRushNa tok everyone to their individual homes – like any other day.)

Tan mAtaro veNu rava tvara utthitA utthApya dorbhi: parirabhya nirbharam
Sneha snuta stanya paya: sudhAsavam matvA param brahma sutAn apAyayan 10.13.22

(Imagine the luck of mothers who are going to pampaer the paramaatma. The mothers of the boys, upon hearing the sounds of the flutes and bugles being played by their sons, immediately rose from their household tasks. They rushed out and lifted their boys onto their laps, embraced them with both arms. Now these mothers had the good fortune of having Krishna as their son. Krishna accepted their offerings which were made with such immense love.)

tato nripa unmarddana majja lepana alankAra rakshA tilakam aSanAdibhi:
samlAlita: svAcaritai: praharShayan sAyam gato yAma yamena mAdhava: 10.13.23

(Krishna thus entered into the house of all boys who were stolen and in this way he provided the mothers an opportunity to serve him personally. The mothers took care of the boys by massaging them with oil, bathing them, smearing their bodies with sandalwood pulp, decorating them with ornaments, chanting protective mantras, decorating their bodies with tilaka and serving them delicious food. This way, the mothers served Krishna personally. By serving Krishna in this manner all the mothers were in a state of bliss. Though they had no clue about the reason for their joy.)

Go gopInAm mAtRutAsmin AsIt snehardhikAm vinA
purovad Asu api hare: tokatA mAyayA vinA 10.13.25

(From the very beginning, the gopis had great motherly affection for Krishna. Infact, their affection for Krishna exceeded even their affection for their own sons. But Krishna who is always above the maya loves everyone equally. Now, their love for their own children grew beyond normalcy.)

vrajaukasAm sva tokeShu sneha vally Abdam anvaham
Sanai: ni:sIma vavRudhe yathA kRushNe tu apUrvavat10.13.26

(Although the inhabitants of Vraja, the gopa’s and the gopi’s, previously had more affection for Krishna than for their own children, now, for one year, their affection for their own sons continuously increased, for Krishna had now become their sons. There seemed to be no limit to their affection for their sons, who were now Krishna.)

No wonder poontaanam sang 'uNNikRushNan manassil kaLikkumbol'. Here it is kRushNa is acting as you child! What all won't he do make plunge his devotees in bliss![/tscii:975d6e2d5a]

17th December 2005, 12:19 PM
kRushNasya AsIt sakhA kaScit brAhmaNo brahmavittama:
virakta indriya artheshu praSanta AtmA jitendriya: 10.80.6

(The moment Sri Sukar thought about this friend of kRushNa, his heart melted and started narrating. kRushNa had a Kuchela as his friend. He is the best among the knowers of brahmam. He was absolutely detached, with no needs and wants and was very much at peace with himself. He had absolute control over his indriyaas.)

yadRucchayaa upapannena varttamaano gRuhASramI
tasya bhaaryA kucelasya kshutkshAma ca tathAvidhA 1.80.7

(He lead his life with whatever he gets without much effort (He would spend all his time in bhagavat smaraNam). But, he was a gRUhastha. HE IS KUCELA, whose dress is worn out. His wife was also just like him and has grown thin because of hunger. The poverty never bothered them as 'nirdhanaa: te api dhanyaa:')

One day she approched her pati and prayed to him to go and see the Lord Sriya: pati, who is his sakha. As he did not want to go empty handed (take something to offer the amrk of prema), she went and begged for 3 hand full of rice and made flattened rice and packed it in a torn piece of cloth and handed it over for offering. The great devotee started with so much devotion and reached Dwaraka. All through the way he was dreaming about his great friend. There kRushNa demonstarted his true friendship and treated him like his own brother. kRushNa himself did all the service to Sudaama along with his consorts. saakshaat rugmiNi Devi did the fanning for Kucela.

ya: asou triloka guruNaa SrInivAsena sambhRuta:
paryankasthaam Sriyam hittwaa parishwakta: agrajo yathA 10.80.26

(Devis were talking that this kRUshNa who is the GURU fro all the three worlds is making this poor man sit on his bed! Leaving SrIdevi he is hugging this bhikshu as if he were his own brother! What puNya has he done to win his heart like that? Simple prema, devotion, ananya diavattwam.)

They shared all chilhood stories. kRushNa was eagerly waiting for 'something'!. As it did not come out on its own, kRushNa asked for it -

kim upaayanam anItam brahman me bahvataa gRuhaat
aNu api upaahRutam bhaktai: premNaa bhoori eva me bhavet
bhoori api abhakta upahRutam na me toshAya kalpate 10.81.3

(Oh! Great friend, what did you bring for me from home? Even the littlest thing brought to me by my devotee with prema is the greatest for me. I am NOT pleased with even the biggest thing brought to me if he/she is not a devotee.)

patram pushpam phalam toyam yo me bhaktyaa prayacchati
tat aham bhakty upahRutam aSnaami prayata aatmana: 10.81.4

(When a devotee offer me a leaf (tuLasi), flower, fruit or water with devotion, I enjoy it as it is given to me filled with devotion.)
kRushNa ate one handful of pRuthukam and Devi stopped him when tried the second handful saying, 'one handful is enough to satisfy you for Sudama's this life as well as life in all worlds'. Kucela took leave of his dear friend the next day. Nothing was asked, given or offered to Kucela. Kucela still hadn't got out the pleasure shock that he had with kRushNa. With tears he said -

kwaaham daridra: pApIyAn kwa kRushNa: SrIniketana:
brahmabandhu: iti sma aham baahubhyaam parirambhita: 10.81.16

(Where is this poor sinner and where is the kRushNa lord of SrI? What have I done to deserve this love and respect from the lord? Oh! with those great hands he hugged me. Why? (If kucela thinks like that where are we?)
Finally Kucela reached his town and was shocked to see a palace there. His Devi, who was dressed like RugmiNI devi narrated the whole incidence. Kucela realised how silenlty the lord blessed him, just with a smile on his eyes. He prayed -

tasya eva me souhRuda sakhya maitrI daasyam puna: janamani janmani syaat
mahaanubhaavena guNaalayena vishajjata: tat purusha prasanga: 10.81.36

(I am HIS only. Life after life may HE bless me with his prema, friendship and make me to be his servant. I have a special relation with this reservoir of all guNas. May HE bless me with company of HIS devotees for ever.)

17th December 2005, 12:21 PM
[tscii:c5008db3af]In this way Krishna entertained the entire inhabitants of Vraja with his child-like past times. The Gopa’s and Gopi’s and teh cows were now lucky enough to have Krishna as their sons. About 5-6 days before a year was complete Sri Krishna and Balarama entered the forest while grazing the cows.

ato vidUrAt carato gAvo vatsAn upavrajam
govardhanAdri Sirasi carantyo dadRuSu: tRuNam 10.13.29

(Cows which were pasturing on top of Govardhana Hill, looked down to find some green grass and saw their calves pasturing near Vrindavana far away from the summit.)

dRushthvA atha tat sneha vaSo asmRutAtmA sa go vrajo atyAtmapa durga mArga:
dvipAt kakud grIva udAsya puccho agAt hunkRutair Asru payA: javena 10.13.30

(When the cows saw their own calves from the top of Govardhana Hill, their hearts were filled with such affection that they even forgot themselves. Although the path was very rough, they ran toward their calves with great anxiety, each running as if with one pair of legs. Their udders started flowing with milk (because of love), their heads and tails raised, and their humps moving with their necks, they ran forcefully until they reached their calves to feed them.)

sametya gAvo adho vatsAn vatsavatyo apy apAyayan
gilantya iva cAngAni lihantya: svaudhasam paya: 10.13.31

(Though the cows had very young calves they still allowed the older calves also to suck them for milk. They were filled with so much love that they showered the older calves with more love than what was given to the new born ones. They licked the calves all over their body to show their affection. This behavior was so unnatural.

gopA: tad rodhanAyAsa maughya lajjoru manyunA
durgAdhva kRucchrato abhyetya go vatsair dadRuSu: sutAn 10.13.32

(The cowherd men were angry and ashamed at the same time. They felt ashamed and angry because they were not able to control the cows. They walked down the difficult terrain to reach the cows. They saw that their children, grazing the older calves are the cause for all these. They ran to them with anger.)

tadIkShaNot prema rasAplutASayA jAtAnurAgA gata manyavo arbhakAn
uduhya dorbhi: parirabhya mUrdhani ghrAnair avApu: paramAm mudam te 10.13.33

(The moment they approached their own children, all their anger and exhaustion was gone. They were filled with extreme joy just from the mere sight of their children. They lifted their sons, embraced them in their arms and enjoyed the highest pleasure by smelling their son’s heads (as a token of love)). [/tscii:c5008db3af]

19th December 2005, 10:45 AM
[tscii:cab4940a45]Brahma being on top (nArAyaNam, padmabhuvam (brahma)....) it takes longer for him to get trapped in the maya and it takes even longer for him to get out as he is going to do the longest stuti soon.....!

vrajasya rAmah premardhe: vIkShya outkanThyam anukShaNam
mukta staneshu apatyeshu api ahetuvid acintayat 10.13.35

(It seemed that there was exponentially increased love every where. The cows were behaving uncharacteristically by showering great love even towards the older calves which had stopped sucking the mother’s milk a long time ago, and the Gopa’s and the Gopi’s were ecstatically kissing and hugging their children. Seeing all this Balarama thought as follows:)

kim etad adbhutam iva vAsudeve akhilAtmani
vrajasya sa atmana: tokeshu apUrvam prema vardhate 10.13.36

(What is this wonderful phenomenon? The affection of all the inhabitants of Vraja, including Me, toward these boys and calves is increasing as never before, just like it does for Lord Krishna.)

iti sancintya dASArho vatsAn sa vayasAn api
sarvAn AcaShtha vaikunTham cakShuShA vayunena sa: 10.13.38

(Thinking in this way, Balarama (dASArha:) was able to see, with the divine eye of transcendental knowledge, that all these calves and Krishna's friends were merely various form of Krishna. Sarvam kRushNa mayam was witnessed by Balarama. Balarama got the answer for his head breaking puzzle. If only we know this real reality, how can anyone have any hatred towards anyone else?)

tAvad etya Atma bhUr Atma mAnena truthinehasA
purovad Abdam krIdantam dadRuSe sa kalam harim 10.13.40

(At the same time (according to Brahma’s own measurement, it was a tRuTi but on earth it was a year!), Braham saw that Lord Krishna was engaged just as before in playing with the boys and calves. Imagine Brahma’s confusion as he is seeing the kids & calves locked up by him playing here! Should he suspect his security or the Lord’s maya?)

ita ete atra kutratyA man mAyA mohitetare
tAvanta eva tatrAbdam krIdanto viShNunA samam 10.13.42

(Brahma knew that all the boys and calves that he had stolen were still sleeping under the influence of Maya and had not awakened yet. Yet he could see the exact same boys and calves here in Vraja playing with Krishna. He asked himself: “Who are they? Where did they come from?” He forgot that he was dealing with a maayaadhItan!)

evam sammohayan viShNum vimoham viSva mohanam
svayaiva mAyayAjo sapi svayam eva vimohita: 10.13.44

(Thus Lord Brahma, thinking and thinking for a long time, tried to distinguish between those two sets of boys. He tried to understand who was real and who was not real, but he couldn't understand at all. Thus Lord Brahma who wanted to seea leela tried to mystify the all-pervading Lord Krishna. But kRushNa is many step ahead of anyone! He is the 'pUrNam brhama sanAtanam' the one who in fact mystifies the entire universe! Found himself completely in bewilderment by Krishna’s maya shakti.)

Oh! Krushna if Brahma gets trapped in your maya, where are we? Sata koTi namaskaarams at your lotus feet. [/tscii:cab4940a45]

19th December 2005, 10:49 AM
[tscii:9d30710565]tAvat sarve vatsa pAlA: paSyato ajasya tat kShaNAt
vyadRuSyanta ghana SyAmA: pIta kauSeya vAsasa: 10.13.46

(Brahma was trying to understand the current situation. While he was watching the calves and the boys tending them and everything immediately appeared to have the color of dark rain clouds and to be dressed in beautiful yellow silk garments.)

catur bhujA: Sankha cakra gadA rAjIva pANaya:
kirITina: kunDalino hAriNo vana mAlina: 10.13.47

(Each of them had four arms, holding conch shell, disc, mace and a lotus flower. They wore beautiful crowns on Their heads, earrings on Their ears and garlands of forest flowers around their necks.)

SrIvatsa angada do ratna kambu kankaNa pANaya:
nUpurai: kaTakair bhAtA: kaTi sUtra angulIyakai: 10.13.48

(On the upper portion of the right side of Their chests was the emblem of the goddess of fortune. They wore armlets on Their arms, bangles which were marked with three lines like a conch shell, anklets on Their ankles, ornaments on Their feet, and girdles around Their waists and thus They all appeared very beautiful in naaraayaNa roopam.)

Anghri mastakam ApUrNAs tulasI nava dAmabhi:
Komalai: sarva gAtreShu bhUri puNyavad arpitai: 10.13.49

(Every part of Their bodies, from Their feet to the top of Their heads, was fully decorated with fresh, tender garlands of tulasi leaves offered by devotees engaged in worshiping the Lord. All the nitya soorIs and bhaagavataas were worshipping that Vaikuntha naathan.)

Satya jnAna ananta Ananda mAtraika rasa mUrtaya:
aspRuShtha bhUri mAhAtmyA api hi upanishad dRuSAm 10.13.54

(The Vishnu murtis all had eternal, unlimited forms. They were knowledge personifieed and were in bliss. They were above the influence of time. Their great glory was not even to be touched by the jnanis engaged in constantly studying the Upanishads.)

iti IreSe atarkye nija mahimani sva pramitike paratra ajAto atan nirasana mukha brahmakaa itau
anISe api draShTum kim idam iti vA muhyati sati cacchAda ajo jnAtvA sapadi paramo ajA javanikAm 10.13.57

(Even Lord Brahma who is the spouse of Saraswati devi (goddess of knowledge) got caught in the web of Maya and could not understand the true identity of the cowherd boys. The true nature of this Lord cannot be understood by means of logic or by understanding the prakruti (world around us), his energies are not given to him by anyone but created by Himself. The Upanishads, the crown of the Vedas talk about him by stating what he is not this not this etc. No one can really put it in words what He is. Sri Krishna who is the form of the same Lord, perceived the difficulty in Brahma’s mind and removed the cloak of Maya. Brahma woke up from his state and saw the world around him. Only that? That divine Narayana was not there. A little blue boy dressed in yellow, holding a ball of rice was crying and searching for his friends and calves! The climax of Brahma mohanam! He got down from his hamsa vaahanam and fell at the feet of that 5 year old boy again and again.) [/tscii:9d30710565]

20th December 2005, 09:39 AM
gurvarthe tyakta rAjyo vyacarat anuvanam padma padbhyaam priyaayaa:
pANi sparSa akshamAbhyAm mRujita patharujo yo harIndra anujaAbhyAm
vaitUpyA SUrppaNakhyA priya viraha rushA Aropita bhrU vijRumbha
trastAbdhi: badha setu: khala dava dahana kosalendro avatAnna: 9.10.4

(For a prime reason (for the sake of his Guru-father) Rama gave up his country and roamed in the forest. His lotus feet feet are so delicate that even the touch of his priya would irritate it. LakhmaNa and hanumAn would clean up the path so as to make it comfortable for Rama and he would walk on that. Becasue they disfigured SUrppaNakha, he had to suffere separation from his priya. This furiated Rama and twisted hsi eyebrows. The ocean gave way, they built the bridge across an burned the forest of wickeds. He returned to kosalam and may that Rama protect us.) Sri Sukar narrats ramayanam in one slokam.)

He is kaalaagni sadRuSa kopa: kshamayA pRuthivI sama: May that Rama save us in this time of crisis.

rAma rAghava rAma rAghava rAma rAghava rakshamAm
kRushNa keSava kRushNa keSava kRushNa keSava pAhimAm

20th December 2005, 09:43 AM
[tscii:fade3ce4f5]Brahma Stuti. Brahma did not praise the brahmam, the absolute but he praised and prostrated to the cowherd boy. Either he is still intrans or the first child of that brahmam is waiting for the brahmam to say, ‘Don’t you know that I am brahmam poorNa sanAtanam?’ Well, HE will say that to HIS dear Arjuna, Dear Uddhava, but not to Brahma Ji. Why would HE when he separated his dear friends who say 'taavakaa: kRushNa'? (HE is bhagavaan and not a bhAgavata. HE WILL NOT TAKE ANY BHAGAVATA APACARAM)

noumIdya te abhra vapuShe taTid ambarAya gunja avatamsa paripiccha lasan mukhAya
vanya sraje kavala vetra viShANa veNu lakShma Sriye mRudu pade paSupAngajAya 10.14.1

(Lord Brahma said: Dear one, who is worth praising, I offer my humble obeisance’s and prayers. Your body is dark blue like a dark cloud, Your garment is brilliant like lightning, and the beauty of Your face is enhanced by Your gunja (some kind of seed - kuntumaNi) earrings and the peacock feather on Your head. Wearing garlands of various forest flowers and leaves, and equipped with a herding stick, a buffalo horn and a flute, You stand beautifully with ball of rice in Your hand. I offer my prayers to you, O Son of Nanda. Brhama was praising kRushNa who trapped him at the end – the crying little boy! Where is the naaraayaNa roopam and where is this little cute captivating kRushNa!)

asyApi deva vapuSho mad anugrahasya svecchA mayasya na tu bhUta mayasya ko api
neSe mahi tu avasitum manasAntareNa sAkShAt tavaiva kim utAtma sukhAnubhUte: 10.14.2

(My dear Lord, how can I praise you when I don’t understand your greatness. You have appeared in this form just to please your bhakatas. Your body isn’t made of panch bhootas and you can only be enjoyed through Bhakti. When this is Brahma's state how can others even attempt to do that? ) In reality, if you can enjoy kRushNa that is enough, why worry about the rest?

jnAne prayAsam udapAsya namanta eva jIvanti san mukharitAm bhavadIya vArtAm
sthAne sthitA: Sruti gatAm tanu vAng manobhirye prAyaSo ajita jito apyasi tai: trilokyAm 10.14.3

(Those who have given up all desires even to achieve spiritual enlightenment but instead spend all their efforts simply to describe and chant the stories and your glories easily conquer you; but other wise there is no one in all three worlds who can challenge you. If one knows how to enjoy you, oh! gopaala, they are yours.)

tathApi bhUman mahima aguNasya te viboddhum arhati amalAntara Atmabhi:
avikriyAt svAnubhavAd arUpato hi ananya bodhyAtmatayA na cAnyathA 10.14.6

(O Limitless Lord, You are without any gunas and its very difficult to truly understand You. However it is possible to attain you by inwardly introspecting ones inner self. One who purifies his heart and maintain no material attachments to anything crave to attain you and understand you. Only they deserve you vrajanATha.)

tat te anukampAm su samIkshamANo bhunjAna evAtma kRutam vipAkam
hRud vAk vapurbhi: vidadhan namaste jIveta yo muktipade sa dAyabhAk 10.14.8

(My dear Lord, one who earnestly waits for You to bestow Your mercy upon him, all the while patiently suffering the reactions of his past actions (good or bad done by all Indriyas including mind) in a completely detached manner and offering prayers with his heart, words and body, is surely eligible for moksha. THAT IS WHAT WE ALL NEED TO DO NOW. kRushNa one day, we are sure that your kRupa will drench us.)

paSya ISa me anAryam ananta Adye parAtmani tvayi api mAyi mAyini
mAyAm vitatyekshitum Atma vaibhavam hi aham kiyAn aiccham ivArcir agnau 10.14.9

(My Lord, in my moment of weakness I tried to test Your power by trying to cover you around with maya. But You are the master of even the maya, you delude the deluders! What am I compared to You? I am just like a small spark in the presence of a great fire.)

kRushNa, while you are the doer, you make us do something. Without your grace, nothing happens. Please make us your tools. [/tscii:fade3ce4f5]

20th December 2005, 09:45 AM
[tscii:1954787b8a]Brahma realises his mistake and apologises. Gopaala stuti has been elevated to parabrahmastuti. (In previous avataara Brahma's parabrahma stuti was turned into dasaratha nandana by Rama!)

ata: kShamasva acyuta me rajo bhuvo hi ajAnata: tvat pRuthag ISa mAnina:
ajau Alepa andha tamo andha cakShusha esho anukampyo mayi nAthavAn iti 10.14.10

(I have been foolish in presuming myself as controller of this universe. My eyes are blinded by the darkness of ignorance, which causes me to think of myself as different from you, I am the creator of the universe etc. That is because of the rajo guna in me. Since I Consider you as my lord, please consider that I am Your servant and therefore I am worthy of Your compassion. Therefore, O achyuta, kindly excuse my offenses.)

kvAham tamo mahad aham kha cara agni vAr bhU samveShTita anDa ghatha sapta vitasti kAya:
kva IdRug vidha avigaNita anDa parANu caryA vAtAdhva roma vivarasya ca te mahitvam 10.14.11

(What am I, a small creature measuring seven spans of my own hand? I am presiding over a universe composed of material nature (prakrti), maha tattva, false ego, ether, air, water and earth. And what is Your glory? Unlimited universes pass through the pores at the root of your each hair of Your body. Why did I even try to show off my power?)

utkShepaNam garbha gatasya pAdayo: kim kalpate mAtur adhokShaja Agase
kim asti nAsti vyapadeSa bhUshitam tavAsti kukShe: kiyad api ananta: 10.14.12

(O Lord Adhokshaja (who can be seen only by internalizing the senses), does a mother take offense when the child within her womb kicks with his legs? And is there anything in existence - whether deemed as real or as unreal - that is actually outside You? So, oh! Compassionate Lord, bless me as I am a child in your womb who misbehaved.)

jagat traya anta udadhi samplavode nArAyanasya udara nAbhi nAlAt
vinirgato aja: tu iti vAng na vai mRushA kin tu ISvara tvan na vinirgato asmi 10.14.13

(My dear Lord, it is said that when the three planetary systems (Heavens, Earth and the nether worlds) are merged into the water at the time of dissolution, Lord Narayana (and you are none other than Lord Narayana) lies down on the water. Gradually a lotus flower grows from His navel, and Brahma takes birth upon that lotus flower. Certainly, these words are not false. Thus am I not born from You? So, please forgive this child’s behavior.)

nArAyana: tvam na hi sarva dehinAm AtmA asi adhISa akhila loka sAkShI
nArAyano angam nara bhU jalAyanAt tat cApi satyam na tavaiva mAyA 10.14.14

(Are You not same as Lord Narayana, O supreme controller, since You are the Soul of every living being and the eternal witness of all lokas? You are NarayaNa (one who is the refuge for all beings) you lie in kaaraNa jalam (nara bhU jalAyanAt). You are all pervading. NarayaNa appears to be confined and that is only because of your maya but you are the amsam of the Supreme and I am your child.)

sureShu RuShiShu ISa tathaiva nRuShu api tiryakshu yAdassu api te ajanasya
janmAsatAm durmada nigrahAya prabho vidhAta: sad anugrahAya ca 10.14.20

(O Lord, You have no material birth, yet to defeat the false pride of the wicked and to show mercy to Your devotees, You take birth among the gods, sages, human beings, animals and even the fishes. Your incarnate in the appropriate form to bring balance in the universe.) [/tscii:1954787b8a]

21st December 2005, 09:19 AM
agre paSyaami tejo nibiDatara kaLaaya aavaLI lobhanIyam
pIyUsha aplAvita: aham tadanu tadudare divya kaiSora vesham
tARuNya Arambha ramyam parama sukha rasa AswAda romAncita angai:
AvItam nAradAdyair vilasat upanishat sundarI maNDalaiSca Nara 100.1

(Oh! kRushNa! I see a dark blue glow just in front of me. I am already sunk in the amRUtam! Look! In the middle of that I see the most beautiful form that is just entering the youth. See, he is surrounded by Narada etc whose hair stand up as they are enjoying the divine nectar. He is surrounded by those BEAUTIFUL LADIES. My kRUshNa is right in the middle! How lucky are those gopIs and how lucky are those Bhaagavataas? How blessed I am to witness all these.)

yogIndrANAm tvat angeshu adhika sumadhuram muktibhAjAm nivAso
bhaktAnAm kAmavarsha dyutaru kisalayam nAtha te pAda mUlam
nityam citta sthitam me pavana pura pate kRushNa! kAruNya sindho!
hRuttwA niSSesha tApAn pradiSatu paramAnada sandoha lakshmIm Nara 100.10

(Oh! kRushNa! Your lotus feet is the tender leaf of kalpaka vRuskham. (the beauty here is it will grant all the wish but will generate only those wishes that are perfect which the real kalpaka vRUksha is not capable of!)
YogIs consider as as the sweetest part of you kRushNa. That is the abode of realized souls. Oh! kRushNa, Guruvaayoorappa, ocean of compassion, may that lotus feet stay in my heart for ever and irradicate all the worries and nourish the 'parama Anandam' Please bless me with that Guruvaayoorappa.)

21st December 2005, 09:25 AM
[tscii:20e6162ecb]ko vetti bhUman bhagavan parAtman yogeSvara UtI: bhavata: trilokyAm
kva vA katham vA kati vA kadeti vistArayan krIdasi yoga mAyAm 10.14.21

(O Supreme one! O paratman (the greatest atman) Your pastimes are taking place continuously in these three worlds, but who can estimate where, how and when You are employing maya shakti and performing these innumerable pastimes? No one can understand the mystery of how Your maya shakti acts.)

eka: tvam AtmA puruSha: purANa: satya: svayam jyotir ananta Adya:
nityo akSharo ajasra sukho niranjana: pUrna: advayo mukta: upAdhito amRuta: 10.14.23

(You are the unique Supreme Soul, You are the Supreme Purusha, the Absolute Truth - self-manifested, endless and beginning less. You are eternal and infallible, perfect and complete, without any rival and free from all bondage. Your happiness can never be obstructed, You are perfectly pure (i.e. not contaminated by maya) and death does not affect You. Indeed, You are the nectar of immortality.)

AtmAnam evAtmatayA vijAnatAm tenaiva jAtam nikhilam prapancitam
jnAnena bhUyo api ca tat pralIyate rajjvAm aher bhoga bhavAbhavau yathA 10.14.25

(One has to see you as the soul of the soul with knowledge. A person who mistakes a rope for a snake becomes fearful, but he then gives up his fear upon realizing that it was only a rope. Similarly, for those who fail to understand You, there exists this universe. But once they realize you; this universe disappears and one realizes that there is in fact nothing other than You. Sarvam vishNumayam jagat.)

ajnAna samjnau bhava bandha mokshau dvau nAma nAnyau sta Rutajna bhAvAt
ajasra citi Atmani kevale pare vicAryamANe taraNAu ivAhanI 10.14.26

(The concept of material bondage and the concept of liberation are both manifestations of ignorance. They cease to exist when one correctly understands that the atma (soul) is unique, free from nature (nature changes and aatma is eternal) and is perfectly pure and always fully conscious. At that time bondage and liberation no longer have any significance, just as day and night have no significance from the perspective of the sun.)

tvAm AtmAnam param matvA param AtmAnam eva ca
AtmA punar bahir mRugya aho ajna janatAjnatA 10.14.27

(Just see the foolishness of those ignorant people who consider ‘aatma’ to be the physical body and the physical body to be the self ‘aatma’. In fact you are the atma in every being. The ignorant people identify themselves with their physical body and thus differentiate between them selves and You. Such fools conclude that You are to be searched for somewhere outside, when in fact all they have to do is to look inward. What a sad state!)

athApi te deva padAmbuja dvaya prasAda leSAnu gRuhIta eva hi
jAnAti tattvam bhagavan mahimno na cAnya eko api ciram vicinvan 10.14.29

(My Lord, if one is blessed with an iota of grace of Your lotus feet, he can understand You and thus reach the truth. But without your grace; even those who strive very hard to attain you are unable to know You. O Lord! Please shower some of your mercy on us.)


22nd December 2005, 09:38 AM
[tscii:f74388df8a]tad astu me nAtha sa bhUri bhAgo bhave atra vA anyatra tu vA tiraScAm
yenAham eko api bhavat janAnAm bhUtvA niSheve tava pAda pallavam 10.14.30

(My dear Lord, I therefore pray to be so fortunate that either in this life as Brahma or in another life, wherever I take my birth, that I may be counted as one of Your devotees. I pray that wherever I may be, even if I am born as a lowly animal; I be given the opportunity to tend to your lotus feet. May I take life in the midst of your devotees.)

aho ati dhanyA vraja go ramaNya: stanyAmRutam pItam atIva te mudA
yAsAm vibho vatsatarAtmaja AtmanA yat tRuptaye adyApi na ca alam adhvarA: 10.14.31

(O almighty Lord, how greatly fortunate are the cows and ladies of Vrindavana, for You have happily drunk the milk from their udders and their breasts (Krishna had taken the form of calves and gopaalas when Brahma has snatched them, and thus all the gopi’s and the cows had a divine opportunity to enjoy Krishna as their own sons/calves.) All the Vedic sacrifices performed from time immemorial up to the present day have not given You this much satisfaction. (The Lord is extremely pleased from this simple act because it was given with such pure unadulterated love.)

aho bhAgyam aho bhAgyam nanda gopa vrajaukasAm
yan mitram paramAnandam pUrNam brahma sanAtanam 10.14.32

(How greatly fortunate are Nanda Gopa and all the other inhabitants of Vraja! There is no limit to their good fortune, because the Absolute Truth, the source of bliss, the all perfect eternal Brahman, has become their near and dear one.)

eshAm tu bhAgya mahimA acyuta tAvad AstAm ekAdaSaiva hi vayam bata bhUri bhAgA:
etad hRushIka cashakair asakRut pibAma: SarvAdayo anghri udaja madhu amRutAsavam te 10.14.33

(The greatness and the good fortune of the inhabitants of Vraja cannot be conceived of; but even we the eleven presiding deities (headed by Shiva) over the indriya’s are constantly blessed. The senses of these Gopa’s and Gopi’s are the cups through which we enjoy the amRutam flowing from your Lotus feet. (We Indriya Devatas enjoy a part of your beauty the fragrance, taste etc; through the respective senses and organs of the inhabitants of Vraja. But, imagine how much more lucky are the inhabitants of Vraja who enjoy You through all their senses and organs at the once.)

tad bhUri bhAgyam iha janma kim api aTavyAm yad gokule api katamAnghri rajo abhiShekam
yat jIvitam tu nikhilam bhagavAn mukunda: tu adyApi yat pada raja: Sruti mRugyam eva 10.14.34

(My greatest possible good fortune would be to take birth in any form in this forest of Gokula and have my head bathed by the dust falling from the lotus feet of any of its residents. Their entire life and soul is dedicated to You, O Mukunda. Vedas and Vedic scholars search for the dust from your lotus feet and they have not found it yet. (This is from Brahma who is Veda personified.) So, he wishes to achieve it by being a grass in Brandaavan.

eshAm ghosha nivAsinAm uta bhavAn kim deva rAteti na: ceto viSva phalAt phalam tvad aparam kutrApi ayan muhyati
sad veshAdiva pUtanApi sakulA tvAm eva devApitA yad dhAmArtha suhRut priyAtma tanaya prANASayA: tvat kRute 10.14.35

(My mind becomes bewildered just trying to think of what reward other than You could be found anywhere? You are the very embodiment of all rewards, which You bestow upon Gopa’s and Gopi’s of Vrindavana. You were generous enough to give moksha to Putana and her family members (Bakasura and Aghasura) because she disguised herself as a devotee. So what can you give to these devotees of Vrindavana, whose homes, wealth, friends, dear relations, bodies, children and very lives and hearts are all dedicated only to You? Oh! kRushNa you offered yourself to them That is why they are going to cry later, ‘vismarttum naiva Saknuma:’ (Oh! Uddhava, we are not able to forget HIM!) - The peak of bhakti which makes one forget everything else other than the LORD! [/tscii:f74388df8a]

22nd December 2005, 10:02 AM
[tscii:bf804b7339]prapancam nishprapanco api vidambayasi bhUtale
prapanna janatAnanda sandoham prathitum prabho 10.14.37

(My dear master, although You have nothing to do with material existence, You come to this earth and take part in the worldly affairs only to give joy to your true devotees. What else can be the reson? DushTa nigraham can be done with your sankalpam itself, sitting in Vaikuntham. It does not ask for an incarnation.)

jAnanta eva jAnantu kim bahUkatyA na me prabho
manaso vapusho vAco vaibhavam tava gocara: 10.14.38

(There are people who claim that know all about You. Let them think that way. What is to be gained by talking about such people or their words? O my Lord, let me say this: As far as Your glories are concerned, they are all beyond the reach of my mind, body and words. If Brahma says so, where are we?)

anujAnIhi mAm kRushNa sarvam tvam vetsi sarva dRuk
tvam eva jagatAm nAtha: jagat etat tavArpitam 10.14.39

(My dear Krishna, I now humbly request permission to leave. Actually, You know everything; O omniscient one! You are the Lord of all the universes, and yet I offer this one universe unto You. So, should be our prayers. We are not doing anything. Whatever is given to us by HIM,we are offering. As Adi Sankara saysa in Soundarya lahari – twadIpai: vaagbhi: tava janani vAcAm stutiriyam)

SrI kRushNa vRushni kula puShkara joshadAyin kshmA nirjara dvija paSUdadhi vRuddhikArin
uddharma SArvara hara kShiti rAkShasa dhrug Akalpam Arkam arhan bhagavan namaste 10.14.40

(My dear SrI kRushNa, You bestow happiness (like the sun) upon the lotus like Vrishni dynasty and swell the great oceans consisting of the earth, the gods, the cows. You dispel the darkness of atheism and oppose the demons (like Kamsa) that have appeared on this earth. O You Supreme Lord, whom everyone including the sun worships, as long as this universe exists (brahma’s life span), I will offer my prayers unto You. All we have to do is keep HIM in our heart and enjoy everything that HE has made for us, offer that to HIM and that is the way to worship HIM.)

iti abhishthUya bhUmAnam tri: parikramya pAdayo:
natvA abhIshTam jagat dhAtA svadhAma pratyapadyata 10.14.41

(Having thus offered his prayers, Brahma went around Krishna three times (as a mark of respect) and then bowed down at His lotus feet. He then retuned back to his abode which is the Brahma lokam.)
After Brahma’s departure Krishna brought back all the missing cows and Gopa children who were stolen by Brahma. Even though a year had passed by on earth; the missing children did not realize this at all. This was of course due to His maya shakti. Krishna took his meal with other children and then returned to the vraj as usual. They saw the dead snake skin of aghAsura and played with it.

barha prasUna vana dhAtu vicitritAnga: proddAma veNu dala SRunga ravotsavADhya:
vatsAn gRunan anuga gIta pavitra kIrti: gopI dRug utsava dRuSi: praviveSa goShTham 10.14.47

(What a beautiful sight! The gopIs had been waiting for yugas (in fact morning till evening which is yuga for them! One who is craving will know what this means!) Lord Krishna's body was decorated with peacock feathers and flowers and painted with forest minerals; He played divine tunes with his flute and lovingly called out His calves by name. His cowherd boyfriends purified the whole world by chanting His glories. Thus Lord Krishna entered the Vraja, and the very sight of Him at once produced a great joy in the heart of all the gopi’s.) [/tscii:bf804b7339]

23rd December 2005, 09:35 AM
[tscii:821521a371]Adya anena mahA vyAlo yaSodA nanda sUnunA
hato avitA vayam ca asmAt iti bAlA vraje jagu: 10.14.48

(As the cowherd boys reached the village of Vraja, they sang, "Today Krishna the son of Yashoda and Nanda Gopa saved us by killing a great serpent!" Of course the snake had been killed an year before, but the boys remembered nothing about their captivity by Brahma and furthermore Krishna had showed them the corpse of the dead Aghasura and therefore they had no reason to believe other wise.)
King Parikshit asks a very pertinent question “Why did the inhabitants of Vraja love Krishna more than their own sons?” To the question Sree Sukar responds as follows:

sarveshAm api bhUtAnAm nRupa svAtmaiva vallabha:
itare apatya vittAdyA: tat vallabhatayaiva hi 10.14.50

(O King, for every creature, their own self is more valuable than anything else. In fact every other kind of love; love towards money, children etc is only because of ones selfish needs and it’s not an unconditional love.)

tat rAjendra yathA sneha: sva svakAtmani dehinAm
na tathA mamatAlambi putra vitta gRuhAdiShu 10.14.51

(For this reason, O kings, most people are self-centered; they are more attached to their own bodies and self than to their so-called possessions like children, wealth and home.)

dehAtma vAdinAm pumsAm api rAjanya sattama
yathA deha: priyatama: tathA na hi anu ye ca tam 10.14.52

(Thus for people who identify themselves with their physical body, O best of kings, their body is always more valuable than every thing else. (Sree Sukar is perhaps repeating this point just to stress the fact that we the dearest is whatever we see as aatma. Oh! Parikshit, see the kRushNa in everthing and enjoy the prema.)

tasmAt priyatama: svAtmA sarveShAm api dehinAm
tat artham eva sakalam jagat etat carAcaram 10.14.54

(Therefore it is his own self that is most dear to every living being, and it is simply for the satisfaction of this self that the whole material creation of moving and nonmoving entities exists.)

kRUshNam enam avehi tvam AtmAnam akhila AtmanAm
jagat hitAya sa: api atra dehi iva AbhAti mAyayA 10.14.55

(Oh! Parikshit, realize that kRushNa is the Atma every being. For the welfare of the universe HE has taken a physical form. He being the Atma of each being in vRaj, they love him dearer than anyone else and anything else.)

samASritA ye pada pallava plavam mahat padam puNya yaSo murAre:
bhavAmbudhi: vatsa padam param padam padam padam yad vipadAm na teShAm 10.14.58

(For those who have accepted the boat of the lotus feet of the Lord, who is famous as Murari, the enemy of the Mura demon, the ocean of the material world is like the water contained in a calf's hoof-print (vatsa padam). Their goal is Vaikunthha (param padam), the place where there are no material miseries and they no longer have to face obstacles at every step (padam padam). They enjoy the eternal bliss.) [/tscii:821521a371]

23rd December 2005, 10:04 AM
[tscii:5955969f64]When Krishna and Balarama attained the age of pauganda [six to ten] they were allowed to take up the task of tending the cows. Engaging thus in the company of Their friends, the two boys rendered the land of Vrindavana most auspicious by imprinting upon it the marks of Their lotus feet.

tan mAdhavo veNum udIrayan vRuto gopair gRuNadbhi: sva yaSo balAnvita:
paSUn puraskRutya paSavyam AviSad vihartukAma: kusumAkaram vanam 10.15.2

(Sree Sukar describes the scene of Lord Krishna entering the forest to allow cows to graze: Lord Madhava is playing on His flute, surrounded by cowherd boys who are chanting His glories. He is accompanied by Baladeva. He kept the cows before Him and entered the Vrindavana forest, which was full of flowers and rich with nourishment for the animals. He wanted to sport with his friends in that rich forest. The forest was so divinely beautiful. Various sounds of birds and animals and humming of bees added a natural music. Smell of lotus flower was intoxicating. kRushNa started conversing his brother as if He was really surprised!)

Sree Bhagavan Krishna says to his elder brother as follows:

aho amI devavara amara arcitam pAdAmbujam te sumana: phalArhaNam
namanti upAdAya SikhAbhir Atmana: tamo apahatyai taru janma yatkRutam 10.15.5

(O greatest of Lords, just see how these trees are bowing their heads at Your lotus feet, which are worshipped even by the immortal devas.. The trees are offering You their fruits and flowers to eradicate their ignorance that has caused their birth as trees. Of course Balarama is the incarnation of AdiSesha. kRushNa is reminding him that now and sure enough, there is a master plan behind it!)

ete alina: tava yaSo akhila loka tIrtham gAyanta Adi puruSha anupadam bhajante
prAyo amI muni gaNA bhavadIya mukhyA gUDham vane api na jahati anagha Atm daivam 10.15.6

(O Adi Purusha! these all bees must be great sages and most elevated devotees of Yours, for they are worshiping You by following You along the path and chanting Your glories. Though You have disguised Yourself within this forest, O sinless one, they refuse to abandon You.)

nrityanti amI Sikhina IDya mudA hariNya: kurvanti gopya iva te priyam IkshaNena
sUktaiSca kokila gaNA gRuham AgatAya dhanyA vanaukasa iyAn hi satAm nisarga: 10.15.7

(O Lord, respectable one, these peacocks are dancing before You out of joy, these doe’s just like the Gopi’s are pleasing You with their affectionate glances. These cuckoos are honoring You with their sweet songs. All these residents of the forest are most fortunate that you have blessed them. Being great souls, they act the way they should.)

dhanya iyam adya dharaNI tRuna vIrudha: tvat pAda spRuSo druma latA: karajAbhi mRushThA:
nadyo adraya: khaga mRugA: sadaya avalokair gopyo antareNa bhujayo: api yat spRuhA SrI: 10.15.8

(This earth has now become most fortunate, because You have touched her grass and bushes with Your feet and her trees and creepers with Your fingernails, and because You have graced her rivers, mountains, birds and animals with Your merciful glances. But above all, You have embraced the young cowherd women between Your two arms - a favor hankered after by the goddess of fortune herself.)

That is kRushNa’s bRAtRu bhakti. He attributes everything to the greatness of His brother and the poor brother does not do anything other than admiring his dear little brother! Later Uddhava is going to sing glory to the dust from the gopIs and their songs–

vande nada vraja stRINAm pAdareNum abhIkshNaSa
yAsAm harikatha udgItam punAti bhuvana trayam 10.47.63

Only kRushNa knows the truth as HE IS THE TRUTH INCARNATE. Let us join the bhaagavata and sing -

dhanya dhanya vraja nAri dhanya ho
dhanya bRundAvan kunja dhanya ho[/tscii:5955969f64]

24th December 2005, 10:12 AM
[tscii:e917592f46]Sree Sukar continues saying that in this fashion Sree Krishna along with Balarama and his friends continue to enjoy the beautiful forest around Vridavan while pasturing the cows on the river banks in the vicinity of the mighty Govardhana mountains.

kvacid gAyati gAyatsu madAndha Alishu anuvratai:
upagIyamAna carita: sragvI sankarShaNa anvita: 10.15.10

(The honeybees in Vrindavana become so mad with ecstasy (from the honey - both) that they hum the glories of the Lord; while the boys would sing the glories of our Lord Krishna. Sri Krishna who would be adorned by a beautiful garland, would be accompanied by his elder brother continued to enjoy and provide enjoyment to entire Vraja.)

megha gambhIrayA vAcA nAmabhi: dUragAn paSUn
kvacid Ahvayati prItyA gogopAla manojnayA 10.15.12

(Krishna would sometimes respond to this by making a voice as deep as the rumbling of clouds; He would call out with great affection the names of the cows who had wandered far from the herd, thus enchanting both the cows and the cowherd boys.)

nrityato gAyata: kvApi valgato yudhyato mitha:
gRuhIta hastau gopAlAn hasantau praSaSamsatu: 10.15.15

(Sometimes, as the cowherd boys danced, sang, moved about and playfully fought with each other, Krishna and Balarama, would laugh and applaud their activities.)

evam nigUDha Atma gati: sva mAyayA gopAtmajatvam caritai: vidambayan
reme ramA lAlita pAda pallavo grAmyai: samam grAmya vad ISa ceShTita: 10.15.19

In this way the Supreme Lord, whose soft lotus feet are personally attended by the goddess of fortune, concealed true self by maya shakti and acted like the son of a cowherd. Yet even while enjoying like a village boy in the company of other village residents, He often exhibited feats only a supreme would perform.
Once, some of the cowherd boys - Sridama, the very close friend of Balrama and Krishna, along with Subala, Stokakrishna and others - lovingly spoke the following words. “O Lords! Not far from here is a very great forest filled with rows of palm trees.”) WHEREELSE CAN ONE POUR THEIR DESIRES? TO THEIR DEAR (ATMA), RIGHT?

phalAni tatra bhUrINi patanti patitAni ca
santi kintu avaruddhAni dhenukena durAtmanA 10.15.22

(They continued: In that forest many fruits are falling from the trees, and many are already lying on the ground. But all the fruits are being guarded by the evil Dhenuka.) See, how the lord makes it so natural. Killing Dhenuka has become gopAlA’s wish now!

so ati vIryo asuro rAma he kRushNa khara rUpa dhRuk
Atma tulya balair anyai: jnAtibhi: bahubhi: vRuta: 10.15.23

(O Rama, O Krishna! Dhenuka is a most powerful demon and has assumed the form of a donkey. He is surrounded by many of his evil friends who have also assumed a similar shape and are just as powerful. For the boys, Rama and kRushNa are their dear friends. ‘Know the strength of your enemies before attacking them. We need the fruits.’)
How lucky are these boys to enjoy the lord like this! [/tscii:e917592f46]

24th December 2005, 10:14 AM
[tscii:9268e24346]vidyante abhukta pUrvANi phalAni surabhINi ca
esha vai surabhir gandho viShUcIno avagRuhyate 10.15.25

(The boys continued by saying to Krishna & Balaram as follows: In the forest are sweet-smelling and delicious fruits that no one has ever tasted. In fact their sweet smell can be perceived even here. They wanted Krishna and Balarama to help them reach those wonderful tasting fruits. And of course Krishna cannot say no to his true devotees.)

evam suhRut vaca: SrutvA suhRut priya cikIrShayA
prahasya jagmatur gopair vRutau tAlavanam prabhU 10.15.27

(Hearing the words of Their dear companions, Krishna and Balarama heartily laughed and, desiring to please them, set off for the Talavana followed by Their cowherd dear friends.) Please don’t compare any human friendship with this. This is DIVINITY playing to get rid of the evil, the asura in the form of donkey.

Bala: praviSya bAhubhyAm tAlAn samparikampayan
phalAni pAtayAm Asa matangaja iva ojasA 10.15.28

(Krishna looked at Balarama. Lord Balarama entered the tAla forest first. Then with His two arms He began shook the trees with the power of a maddened elephant and caused the fruits to fall to the ground. This created such a big noise.)

phalAnAm patatAm Sabdam niSamya asura rAsabha:
abhyadhAvat kShiti talam sanagam parikampayan 10.15.29

(Hearing the sound of the falling fruits, the demon Dhenuka in the form of a donkey charged forward to attack, making the earth and trees tremble due to his might. Who dares to enter my zone? He charged on Rama and screamed like a donkey. Kicked with his hind legs.)

sa tam gRuhItvA prapador bhrAmayitva ka pANinA
cikShepa tRuna rAjAgre bhrAmaNa tyakta jIvitam 10.15.32

(But he stood no chance against the might of Lord Balarama, who carries the whole universe on his hood. He easily seized Dhenuka by his hooves, whirled him about with one hand and threw him into the top of a palm tree. The violent wheeling motion itself killed the demon! Such was the power of Lord Balarama.)

balasya lIlaya utsRuShTa khara deha hatAhatA:
tAlAS cakampire sarve mahA vAteritA iva 10.15.34

(Lord Balarama threw the demon onto the top of the tallest palm tree with such force that all the trees began shaking and striking against one another as if blown about by powerful winds.)
DhenukA’s kith and kins attacked Balarama and kRushNa. Like a child’s play, they got rid off them. Devas rejoice and showered flower. The whole land looked so colorful with palm tree tops, colorful heavenly flowers and the dead bodies of the asuras. The people vraj enjoyed the sweet tAla fruits (nongu) from that day onwards.
Oh! kRushNa, please accept our prayers too.
Offering this at the lotus feet.[/tscii:9268e24346]

26th December 2005, 08:59 AM
[tscii:cb2c2bd346]tam gorajaS churita kuntala baddha barha vanya prasUna rucirekshaNa cAru hAsam
veNum kvaNantam anugair anugIta kIrtim gopyo didRukshita dRuSo abhyagaman sametA: 10.15.42

(Lord Krishna's hair, colored with the dust raised by the cows, was decorated with a peacock feather and forest flowers. The Lord glanced charmingly and smiled beautifully, playing upon His flute while His companions chanted His glories. The Gopis were waiting to have a glance of kRushNa all day doing nothing. Suddenly they heard the sound of madana gopAl’s flute! The Gopis rushed forward to meet Him, their eyes very eager to see Him. Don’t they have to do their house chores? Well after kRushNa’s arrival, the only chore that gets done is GOSSIP about kRushNa!)

pItvA mukunda mukha sAragham akShi bhRungais tApam jahur virahajam vrajayoshita: ahni
tat sat kRutim samadhigamya viveSa goShTham savrIda hAsa vinayam yat apAnga mokSham 10.15.43

(With their beelike eyes, the women of Vrindavana drank the honey of the beautiful face of Lord Mukunda, and thus they gave up the distress they had felt during the day because of separation from Him. They cast sidelong glances at the Lord - glances filled with humilty and devotion - and Krishna completely accepted these glances as a proper offering of respect and entered the village. Each one read, “Oh! Gopi, I was just waiting for this.” In kRushNa’s smile.)

gata adhvAna Sramau tatra majjan unmarddana adibhi:
nIvIm vasitvA rucirAm divya srag gandha manditau 10.15.45

(By being bathed and massaged, the two young Lords were relieved of the weariness caused by walking to and from the forest. Then They were dressed in beautiful robes and decorated with exquisite garlands and pleasant smelling sandal-paste.)

janani upahRutam prASya svAdu annam upalAlitau
samviSya vara SayyAyAm sukham sushupatur vraje 10.15.46

(After dining sumptuously on the delicious food given to Them by Their mothers and being pampered in various ways, the two brothers lay down upon Their beds and happily went to sleep in the village of Vraja. Ha! The creator of the universe finally got to sleep peacefully.)
One day while Krishna was wandering about in near the Yamuna river without his elder brother. At that time the cows and cowherd boys were feeling acute distress from the blazing summer sun. Afflicted by thirst, they drank the water from the nearer loop of the Yamuna River. But it had been contaminated with poison from kALiya.

viShAmbha: tat upaspRuSya daivopahata cetasa:
nipetur vyasava: sarve salilAnte kurUdvaha 10.15.49

(Oh! greatest among the Kurus, as soon as they sipped the water all the cows and the gopAlA’s fell down life less by the side of the water. They were forced by the destiny/Lord. What else can I say?)
However Krishna the master of all Yoga’s felt great compassion for them (dead gopa’s & cows) for they had completely surrendered onto Him. He revived them back as before by His mere loving glance.

anvamamsata tat rAjan govinda anugraha IkShitam
pItvA viSham paretasya punar utthAnam Atmana: 10.15.52

(The boys realized that although they had died from the poison; they had come back to life only due to the loving grace of Sri Krishna. May this merciful Lord continue shower His grace on all His devotees!)

Oh! kRushNa, today we are also dead poisoned by various things, though we look alive. Please awake us. [/tscii:cb2c2bd346]

26th December 2005, 09:03 AM
[tscii:707da4851b]Sri Sukar said that kRushNa chased kALiya out when he realized that kALiya has made water in that loop unusable. (The LORD wanted to get rid of all the negativities from bRundAvan.. Sri Parikshit was not happy with this one line narration and so asked for the details and Sri Sukar continued.)

kAlindyAm kAliyasya AsIt hrada: kaScid vishAgninA
SrapyamANa payA yasmin patanti uparigA: khagA: 10.16.4

(Within the river kalindi [Yamuna] was a lake (loop) inhabited by the serpent Kaliya, whose fiery poison constantly heated and boiled its waters. The vapors thus created were so poisonous that birds flying over the contaminated lake would fall down into it.)

tam canda vega viSha vIryam avekShya tena duShTAm nadIm ca khala samyamana avatAra:
kRushNa: kadambam adhiruhya tato ati tungam AsphoTya gADha raSano nyapatad viShode 10.16.6

(Lord Krishna saw how the wicked Kaliya serpent had polluted the Yamuna River with it’s poison. Since the very purpose of Krishna avatar to rid this world of evil, the Lord immediately climbed to the top of a very high kadamba tree and prepared Himself for battle. He tightened the cloth around his waist, slapped His arms (as if preparing for the battle) and then jumped into the poisonous water from that great height.. Because of that force, the water in that loop rose so high – the one who carries all the three worlds has jumped in and so simple Archimedes princilple !)

tasya hrade viharato bhuja danDa ghUrNa vArghoSham anga vara vAraNa vikramasya
ASrutya tat sva sadanAbhibhavam nirIkShya cakshu: SravA: samasarat tat amRuShyamANa: 10.16.8

(Krishna began sporting in Kaliya's lake like an elephant - swirling His mighty arms and thus making various kinds of sounds due to the water splashing about. When Kaliya heard these sounds, he understood that someone was trespassing in his lake. The serpent could not tolerate this and immediately came forward to attack the Lord.)

tam prekShaNIya sukumAra ghanAvadAtam SrIvatsa pIta vasanam smita sundarAsyam
krIdantam apratibhayam kamala udarAnghrim sandaSya marmasu ruShA bhujayA cachAda 10.16.9

(Kaliya saw that Sree Krishna, who wore yellow silken garments, was very delicate, His attractive body was shining like a glowing dark cloud (ready to pour)..There was the mark of Srivatsa on that beautiful boy’s chest. His face smiling beautifully and His feet resembling the whorl of a lotus flower attracted and infuriated kALiya. The Lord was playing fearlessly in the water. Despite His wonderful appearance, the enraged Kaliya furiously bit Him on the chest and then completely enwrapped Him in his coils. (kALiya is expressing his devotion in his own way!)

tam nAga bhoga parivItam adRuShTa ceShTam Alokya tat priya sakhA: paSupA bhRuSArtA:
krishne arpitAtma suhRut artha kalatra kAmA duhkhAnuSoka bhaya mUdha dhiyo nipetu: 10.16.10

(When his friends the other Gopa’s, who had accepted Krishna as their everything, saw Him enveloped in the snake's coils, motionless, they were greatly disturbed. They had offered Krishna everything - their very selves, their families, their wealth, wives and all pleasures. At the sight of the Lord in the clutches of the Kaliya snake, they were overcome with grief and fear, screamed and thus they fell to the ground senseless.)


27th December 2005, 08:39 AM
[tscii:cb91a9b19c]gAvo vRuShA vatsatarya: krandamAnA: suduhkhitA:
kRushNe nyasta IkShaNA bhItA rudantya iva tasthire 10.16.11

(The cows, bulls and heifers, in great distress, called out piteously to Krishna. Fixing their eyes on Him, they stood still weeping in fear, with their eyes riveted on Krishna.)

atha vraje mahot pAtA: trividhA hi atidAruNA:
utpetur bhuvi divya Atmani Asanna bhaya Samsina: 10.16.12

(In the vraja area there then arose all three types of ill omens - those on the earth, those in the sky and those in the bodies of living creatures – these ill omens indicated some imminent danger. (Of course who can harm our darling Hero; this is nothing but his drama. Krishna ought to win an Oscar for this!))

tAn Alakshya bhaya udvignA: gopA nanda purogamA:
vinA rAmena gA: kRushNam jnAtvA cArayitum gatam 10.16.13

(Gopa’s headed by Nanda Gopa noticed all these evil omens; and who did they start to worry about? Them selves? Their personal belongings? No Never! kRushNa is their prANa, kRushNa is their mind and heart. They worried for the safety of their most beloved one; Krishna; the protector of the righteous! Realizing that Krishna had gone to graze the cows without his elder brother, entire Vraja was agitated with the fear for Krishna’s safety. This explains all the evil omens; this was just another gift provided by Krishna to the inhabitants of Vraja (who were in fact great sages born just to enjoy Krishna) to enjoy Krishna leela.)

AbAla vRuddha vanitA: sarve anga paSu vRuttaya:
nirjagmur gokulAt dInA: kRushNa darSana lAlasA: 10.16.15

(Sree Sukar tells Maharaj Parikcshit that such was the devotion among the people of Vraja that everyone including small children (bAla), old people (vRuddha), women (vanitA) started to worry for Krishna and waiting eagerly for Krishna darshana just as a cow would behave towards its calf. Lord please grant us a tiny fraction of such devotion.

However Balarama was not worried since he knew the true identity of Sri Krishna. But the rest of the villagers anxiously followed the foot prints of Sree Krishna to try and protect him from any kind of danger. Such was their bhakti! In our world probably when people sense danger to their lives; they run away from the source of danger. But here their love for Krishna was so strong they rode towards the danger to save Krishna. Such was their devotion! No wonder Brahma considers himself blessed if the dust from the feet of Vraja inhabitants falls on him!)

antar hrade bhujaga bhoga parItam ArAt kRushNam nirIham upalabhya jalASayAnte
gopAmSca mUdha dhidhaNAn parita: paSUmSca sankrandata: parama kaSmalam Apur ArtA: 10.16.19

(As they hurried along the path to the bank of the Yamuna River, they saw from a distance that Krishna was in the lake, motionless within the coils of the black serpent. They further saw that the cowherd boys had fallen unconscious and that the animals were standing on all sides, crying out for Krishna. Seeing all this, the residents of Vrindavana were overwhelmed with anguish and utmost sorrow.) [/tscii:cb91a9b19c]

27th December 2005, 08:44 AM
[tscii:4231d1c70c]The Lord may look motionless, but HE is watching everything.

gopyo anurakta manaso bhagavati anante tat sauhRuda smita viloka gira: smarantya:
graste ahinA priyatame bhRuSa duhkha taptA: SUnyam priya vyatihRutam dadRuSu: trilokam 10.16.20

(The gopis, whose minds were constantly attached to Krishna, the very symbol of love and mercy, saw that He was now within the grips of the serpent. Tey remembered His loving friendship, His smiling glances and His talks with them. They were filled with such sorrow that it seemed to them that without their Dear Krishna the entire universe was now desolate. Such was their PREMA, they had totally surrendered before Krishna and absolutely nothing else mattered to them.)

tA: kRushNa mAtaram apatyam anupraviShTAm tulya vyathA: samanugRuhya Suca: sravantya:
tAstA vraja priya kathA: kathayantya Asan kRushNAnane arpita dRuSo mRutaka pratIkA: 10.16.21

(Although the gopis were feeling just as much distress as Yashoda and were profusely crying, they had to forcibly hold back Krishna's mother from jumping in to the river, whose consciousness was totally absorbed in her son. Standing like corpses, with their eyes fixed upon His face, these gopis each took turns recounting the pastimes of the darling of Vraja. Nanda gopa and other Gopas wanted to jump into the river to save kRushNa (PREMA TAKES OVER JNANA.) and Balarama stopped them with his words.)

ittham svagokulam ananya gatim nirIkShya sa strI kumAram ati duhkhitam Atma heto:
AjnAya martya padavIm anuvarttamAna: sthitvA muhUrtam udatiShThad uranga bandhAt 10.16.23

(The Lord remained for some time within the coils of the serpent, as if He was in mortal danger. As part of this lIla kRushNa was giving a chance to kAlIya to enjoy the LORD’s touch. The Lord realized that the women, children and other residents of His village of Gokula were in acute distress because of their love for Him. He saw their state where they have none other than Him. He expanded his body and escaped from the coils of Kaliya.)

tat prathyamAna vapuShA vyathitAtma bhoga: tyaktva unnamayya kupita: svaphaNAn bhujanga:
tasthau Svasan Svasana randhra vishAmbarIsha stabda IkshaNa ulmukha mukho harim IkshamANa: 10.16.24

(Kaliya could not bear the pain caused by the expanding body of Krishna and it was forced to let go of Krishna. In great anger the serpent then raised it’s hoods high and stood still, breathing heavily. It’s nostrils appeared like vessels holding deadly poison, and the staring eyes were filled with rage and shining bright like burning coal. Thus the serpent looked at the Lord. Yes! Now kRushNa’s mind is on His dear ones and nothing will distract Him from His mission.)

tam jihvayA dviSikhayA parilelihAnam dve sRukkiNI hi atikarAla vishAgni dRushTim
krIdann amum parisasAra yathA khagendro babhrAma so api avasaram prasamIkShamANa: 10.16.25

(Again and again Kaliya licked his lips with his bifurcated tongues as he stared at Krishna with a glance full of rage and poisonous fumes. But Krishna playfully circled around him, just as Garuda would play with a snake. In response, Kaliya also moved about, looking for an opportunity to bite the Lord. If He wanted he could have finished Kaliya off in an instant; it seems that Lord was playing with Kaliya only to teach Kaliya a lesson and in turn teach us a lesson too.)

evam paribhrama hataujasam unnatAmsam Anamya tat pRuthu Sirassu adhirUdha Adya:
tan mUrdha ratna nikara sparSAti tAmra pAdAmbujo akhila kalAdi gurur nanarta 10.16.26

(Having severely depleted the serpent's strength with His relentless circling, Sri Krishna, pushed down Kaliya's raised shoulders and mounted onto his broad serpentine heads. Thus Lord SrI Krishna, the original master of all fine arts, began to dance, His lotus feet deeply reddened by the touch of the numerous jewels upon the serpent's heads. kRushNa got onto the most shaky stage to do the most wonderful dance – kALiya narttanam!) But, imagine the luck of kALiya, the lotus feet is on his head now. The puNyam Kaliya has done is ‘bRundAvana vAsam’.) [/tscii:4231d1c70c]

28th December 2005, 08:37 AM
[tscii:0bda501dd4]kRushNa's movement on that unstable stage itself turned our into a dance. Visualise this and enjoy. Hold on to your breath and don't get scared. kRushNa will never lose his balance.

tam nartum udyatam avekShya tadA tadIya gandharva siddha sura cAraNa deva vadhva:
prItyA mRudanga paNava anaka vAdya gIta puShpa upahAra nutibhi: sahasA upasedu: 10.16.27

(The various Gandharvas, Siddhas, sages, Caranas and Apasaras who are nothing but His servants realized that it was Krishna’s intent to dance. They arrived there to be part of the joyous dance. With great pleasure they began accompanying the Lord's dancing by playing drums such as mridangas, panavas and anakas. They also made offerings of songs, flowers and prayers.)

yat yat chiro na namate anga Sataika SIrShNa: tat tan mamarda khara daNDa dharo anghri pAtai:
kShInAyuSho bhramata ulbaNam Asyato asRung nasto vaman parama kaSmalam Apa nAga: 10.16.28

(Sree Sukar says: My dear King, Kaliya had 101 prominent heads, and when one of them would not bow down, Lord Sri Krishna, who inflicts punishment on cruel wrong-doers, would smash that stubborn head by striking it with His feet. This movement of kRushNa became the most wonderful dance. In this way Krishna danced on the top of Kailya’s head. On the one hand it was a beautiful dance yet deadly. Then, as Kaliya entered his death throes, he began wheeling his heads around and vomiting ghastly blood from his mouths and nostrils. The serpent thus experienced extreme pain and misery. This might appear as very cruel but Krishna knows no cruelty; He was doing this to protect his bhakta’s and for Kaliya’s own good. Krishna’s action had one purpose – cleanse the Vridavanam area of all evil and set the stage for Maha raas later on.)

tasya akShibhir garalam udvamata: Sirassu yat yat samunnamati ni:Svasato ruShoccai:
nRutyan pada anunamayan damayAm babhUva puShpai: prapUjita iva iha pumAn purANa: 10.16.29

(Exuding poisonous waste from it’s eyes, Kaliya, would occasionally dare to raise up one of it’s heads, while breathing heavily with anger. Then the Lord would tirelessly dance on it and subdue it, forcing it to bow down with His foot. The various Gods who were witnessing this leela used this as an opportunity to worship Krishna, the most ancient person, with showers of flowers.)

tat citra tAndava virugNa phaNa Atpatro raktam mukhair uru vaman nRupa bhagna gAtra:
smRutvA carAcara gurum puruSham purANam nArAyaNam tamaraNam manasA jagAma 10.16.30

(Lord Krishna's wonderful, powerful dancing trampled and broke all of Kaliya's one numerous hoods. Then the serpent, profusely vomiting blood from its mouths, finally had all it’s pride removed. It realized then there was no hope. It was at that juncture that Kaliya fully surrendered to Lord Narayana and sought His protection. As long as the pride is there, realization will not come. Lord also will not give up on forcing one to give up the pride.)

kRushNasya garbha jagato ati bharAvasannam pArShNi prahAra parirugNa phaNAtapatram
dRushThvA ahim Adyam upasedu: amushya patnya ArtA: Slathad vasana bhUShaNa keSa bandhA: 10.16.31

(Kaliya's wives saw how the serpent had become so fatigued from the excessive weight of Lord Krishna, who carries the entire universe in His abdomen. They saw how Kaliya's umbrella like hoods had been shattered by the striking of Krishna's heels. They felt great distress. With their clothing, ornaments and hair scattered in disarray, they approached Krishna.)

tA: tam suvigna manaso atha puraskRutArbhA: kAyam nidhAya bhuvi bhUta patim praNemu:
sAdhvya: kritAnjali *beep*: Samalasya bhartu: mokshepsava: SaraNadam SaraNam prapannA: 10.16.32

(Kaliya’s wives placed their children before them and then bowed down to Krishna, stretching their bodies upon the ground. They desired the liberation of their sinful husband and the shelter of the Supreme Lord and thus they folded their hands in supplication and approached Him.)
. [/tscii:0bda501dd4]

28th December 2005, 08:40 AM
[tscii:2bf8e22198]kALiyA’s wives came running to the Lord begging for their pati’s life, while praising the Lord. A prayer that we must do always.

nyAyyo hi danda: kRuta kilbishe asmin tava avatAra: khala nigrahAya
ripo: sutAnAm api tulya dRushTe: dhatse damam phalam eva anuSamsan 10.16.33

(The wives of the Kaliya serpent said: The punishment that You have given to Kaliya to is certainly just. After all, Your purpose behind incarnation within this world is to destroy the evil present here and cleanse the world, while protecting the good. You are so impartial that You look equally upon Your enemies and Your own sons, for when You impose a punishment on a living being You do it for his ultimate benefit. Knwoing what kALiys has done, we accept your action on him.)

anugraho ayam bhavata: kRuto hi na: danDo asatAm te khalu kalmaShApaha:
yat dandaSUka tvam amuShya dehina: krodho api teasnugraha eva sammata: 10.16.34

(What You have done here is actually mercy for us, since Your punishment wipes out all the past sins. Your wrath is a blessing for our husband that it has cleansed his sins that caused him had to assume the body of a serpent. Your anger toward him is obviously in fact great mercy.)

Tapa: sutaptam kim anena pUrvam nirasta mAnena ca mAnadena
dharmo atha vA sarva jana anukampayA yato bhavAn tuShyati sarva jIva: 10.16.35

(Did our husband carefully perform austerities in a previous life, with his mind free of pride and full of respect for others? Is that why You are pleased with him? Or did he in some previous existence carefully execute religious duties with compassion for all living beings, and is that why You, giver of life to all, are now satisfied with him? Oh! kRushNa, we are wondering the reason for his luck now – the luck that brought your lotus feet on his head. Lakshmi Devi craves for this and serves your feet and what brought this luck on him is a puzzle for us – Oh! Lord, it is your kRupa.)

na nAka pRushTham na ca sArva bhaumam na pArameshThyam na rasAdhipatyam
na yoga siddhIr apunar bhavam vA vAnchanti yat pAda raja:-prapannA: 10.16.37

(Those who have attained the dust of Your lotus feet never desire for the heavens, not the position of Brahma nor the right to rule over the earth. They are not interested even in the powers of yoga or even moksha itself. All they desire is the dust from your lotus feet kRushNa. We, being the wives of that kALiya,who is thus blessed have realized this, offer ourselves at your feet. This particular prayer appears i many places in bhAgavatam. In ekAdasam kRushNa himself quotes this as the bhakta laskhaNam.)

tad esha nAtha Apa durApam anyai: tamo jani: krodha vaSo api ahISa:
samsAra cakre bhramata: SarIriNo yat icchata: syAd vibhava: samakSha: 10.16.38

(O Lord, although this Kaliya, the king of the serpents, lives in the darkness of ignorance and is controlled by anger. But, he has achieved that which is difficult for others to achieve. The souls that are full of desires and are thus wandering in the cycle of birth and death can be freed from this misery simply by receiving the dust of Your lotus feet. Even great sages who perform rigorous meditation and severe penance find it difficult to receive the dust from your feet. But, you have blessed our pati with that. We offer at your lotus feet kRushNa.)

nama: tubhyam bhagavate puruShAya mahAtmane
bhUtAvAsAya bhUtAya parAya paramAtmane 10.16.39

(We offer our prayers unto You. Although present in the hearts of all living beings, You are all-pervasive. You are the controller of the great ones like Brahma etc. You are the base of the 5 elements which constitute the universe.You are the Supreme reality and the cause of everything, You are beyond all material cause and effect. You are the paramAtma. We surrender at your lotus feet, Lord.)

29th December 2005, 08:58 AM
iti tava sUraya: tryadhipate akhila loka mala
kshapaNa kathA amRuta abdhim adagAhya tapasAmsi jahu:
kimuta puna: swadhAma vidhuta ASaya kAla guNA:
parama bhajanti ye padam ajasra sukha anubhavam 10.87.16

(Oh! Lord you are the lord of triguNAs. Great souls sing your glories and that removes all the sins form all. The beauty from your self cleanse their internal senses too. Do we have to say that they enjoy status of eternal happiness. So, we also sing your glories and offer ourselves to you.)

dRutaya iva swasanti asubhRuta: yadi te anuvidhA
mahat aham Adaya: aNDam asRuajn yat anugrahata:
purushavidha: aneaya: atra carama: annamayAdishu
sat asata: param twam atha yat eshu avaSesham amRutam 10.87.17

(Oh! Lord, If people live as per your terms, they are breathing as living beings. Or they are just the bellows. mahat, aham etc. created a golden egg with your blessings. That became the virAT purusha, when you entered them. Yuo created the 5 koSAs. You are above the sthUla and sUkshma forms. You are theabsolute truth (Rutam) that stays back at the end. Being ungrateful to you is just being lifeless and forgetting the SELF. So, we offer ourselves to you.)

29th December 2005, 09:00 AM
[tscii:bcb70bf513]Does prayer help one? To save from bondage, suffering? OF COURSE YES. Aren't we the living examples? It is HIS kRupa that has given us the human life to move upwards.

jnAna vijnAna nidhaye brahmaNe ananta Saktaye
agunAya avikArAya namaste prAkRutAya ca 10.16.40

(You possess all knowledge and experience. You are endowed with infinite energy. Although You have no gunas or no physical form, You are the cause for the prakRuti (physical universe) You are the Supreme.Our praNAms to you.)

namo anantAya sUkDhmAya kUTa sthAya vipaScite
nAnA vAdAnurodhAya vAcya vAcaka Saktaye 10.16.43

(We offer our obeisance’s unto You, the unlimited Supreme Lord, the supremely subtle one, You are unchanging and You are omniscient. It is You who sanctions the opposing views of different philosophies, and who are the power behind these ideas as well as the words that express them. You are veda personified and you are the proof for everything.)

nama: kRushNAya rAmAya vasudeva sutAya ca
pradyumnAya aniruddhAya sAtvatAm pataye nama: 10.16.45

(We offer our prayers to Lord Krishna who is SankarshaNa, the son of Vasudeva, Lord Pradyumna and Lord Aniruddha. Everything is You Lord. We humbly offer our respects unto the master of all the devotees.)

avyAkRuta vihArAya sarva vyAkRuta siddhaye
hRushIkeSa namaste astu munaye mauna SIline 10.16.47

(O Lord Hrishikesa, master of the senses, please let us offer our obeisance unto You whose glories are infinite. Wise people know that you are the creator and the cause for everything. You are Muni – one who enjoys the brahmam all the time. You remain silent and invisible. You are formless as well as viswrUpa.)

aparAdha: sakRud bhartrA soDhavya: svaprajA kRuta:
kShantum arhasi SAntAtman mUDhasya tvAm ajAnata: 10.16.51

(A master should tolerate at least one offense committed by his child or subject. O supreme Lord, You should therefore forgive our foolish husband, who did not understand who You are. Please realese him for the first time with a warning.)

anugRuhNIshva bhagavan prANAn tyajati pannaga:
strINAm na: sAdhu SocyAnAm pati: prANa: pradIyatAm 10.16.52

(O Supreme Lord, please be merciful. Our husband – the serpent Kalia is about die. Being ladies we deserve compassion. Please give us back our husband, who is our life.)

Oh! Lord we also offer prayers at YOUR LOTUS FEET. [/tscii:bcb70bf513]

30th December 2005, 09:25 AM
udaram upAsate ya Rushi vartmasu kUrppadRuSa:
parisara paddhatim kRudayam AruNaya: dahram
tata udagAt ananta tava dhAma Sira: paramam
puna: iha sametya na patanti kRutAnta mukhe 10.87.18

(In the muni tradition, Oh! Lord, some of them meditate on you upon the maNipUrakam (naval). Other group named as AruNIs, meditate you upon their heart. Oh! Ananta, one who go beyond that and escape through the top of the head (sahasrAram) will not come back to earth. They merge with the brahmam and escape from the mouth of death. Oh! You are that Brahmam and there is nothing better than your upAsana and we offer ourselves to you.)

swakRuta vicitra yonishu viSan iva hetutayA
taratamata: cakAsi analavat swakRuta anukRuti:
atha vitathAsu amUshu avitatham tava dhAma samam
viraja dhiya: anwayanti abhivipaNyava: ekarasam 10.87.19

(Oh! Lord you enetered various wombs as if there is a reason. Then like a fire that depends on the wood for its color and size and glow, you also appear to be different. In reality, you, the only essense, are dwelling in the unreal things and people with pure heart, who do their actions with no desire recognize you everywhere. Oh! all pervader, we offer ourselves to you.)

30th December 2005, 09:27 AM
[tscii:d8fbc88cee]The kRupAnidhi, smiled and blessed the nAgaptnIS with his eyes and accepted their vAcika pUja.

Pratilabdhendriya prANa: kAliya: Sanakai: harim
kRucchrAt samucchvasan dIna: kRushNam prAha kRutAnjali: 10.16.55

(Kaliya slowly regained his sensory functions and vitality after having fallen into a swoon. Then, breathing loudly and painfully, the wretched serpent addressed Lord Krishna, with both his palms joined in a very humble manner as follows: Only torture can soften the hardness due to pride – thinks the Lord, but not the sAdhUs. Their weapon is compassion and love.)

vayam khalA: saha utpattyA tamasA dIrgha manyava:
svabhAvo dustyajo nAtha lokAnAm yat asat graha: 10.16.56

(The serpent Kaliya said: Our very births as a snake has made us envious filled us with tamas (ignorance) and are constantly angry. O my Lord, it is so difficult for people to give up their instincts which are to identify themselves with their physical bodies. Lord, so, please don’t hold me responsible for what I did.)

tvayA sRuShTam idam viSvam dhAtar guNa visarjanam
nAnA svabhAva vIrya ojo yoni bIjASayAkRuti 10.16.57

(O supreme creator, it is You who has created this universe; the universe consisting of the 3 guna’s, filled with various kinds of personalities and species; varieties of sensory and physical strengths, various desires such as the desire to pro-create, as well as various forms. How can you punish for this?)

bhavAn hi kAraNam tatra sarvajno jagat ISvara:
anugraham nigraham vA manyase tat vidhehi na: 10.16.59

(O My Lord, since You are Lord of the universe, You are the only reason for anything and the only means by which one can escape from this cycle of sorrow caused due maya. Please give us either a reward or a punishment or whatever You think is fit for us. (Kailiya has now surrendered completely to the Lord and it makes no difference to him what he receives from the Lord since he’s willing to accept it joyfully. But in fact Lord never punishes anyone with a cruel intent since he’s joy incarnate. He merely corrects his devotees.)

ityAkarNya vaca: prAha bhagavAn kArya mAnuSha:
na atra stheyam tvayA sarpa samudram yAhi mA ciram
sva jnAti apatya dArAdhyo go nRubhir bhujyatam nadI 10.16.60

(Sree Sukar said: After hearing Kaliya's words, the Supreme Lord Narayana, who was acting the role of a human being, replied: O serpent, you may not remain here any longer. Go back to the ocean immediately, accompanied by your entourage of children, wives, other relatives and friends. Let this river be enjoyed by the cows and humans. (This is the beauty if Krishna’s incarnation. His each action has so many benefits. On one hand he helped Kailya and his family by destroying his pride but did not kill him. He cleared the Yumuna river of the poison that was inhabiting it and thus purifying the water for the sake of His devotees, He then danced beautifully on top of Kailiya’s heads which provided great joy to the deva’s etc, and provided us with another opportunity to sing glories of Him!)

ya etat samsmaren martya: tubhyam mat anuSAsanam
kIrtayann ubhayo: sandhyor na yushmad bhayam ApnuyAt 10.16.61

(If anyone remembers My command to you - to leave Vrindavana and go to the ocean - and narrates this account at sunrise and sunset, they (the narrator as well as the listener) will never have any cause to be afraid of you (serpents).) [/tscii:d8fbc88cee]

31st December 2005, 01:10 PM
swakRuta pureshu amIshu bahi: antara samvaraNam
tava purusham vadanti akhila SaktidhRuta: amSakRutam
iti nRugatim vivicya kavaya: nigamAvapanam
bhavata upAsate anghrim abhavam bhuvi viSwasitA: 10.87 20

(It is said that jIvAtma is your amSam and that you live inside and outside the body that is created by you. You are the source of all energy. People who have the knowledge have absolute faith in this and worship your lotus feet - the source to release one from the samsAram.)

duradhigama Atmatattva nigamAya tava Attatano:
carita mahA amRuta abdhi parivartta pariSramaNA:
na parilashanti kecit apavarggam api Iswara te
caraNa saroja hamsa kula sanga visRusTa gRuhA: 10.87.21

(Oh! Lord, it is very difficult to understand you. But, to make it perceivable to beings, you accept different forms and incarnate. Some lucky souls dive into the nectar ocean of your katha and give up all other efforts. Very few live in the company of those hamsAs who enjoy your lotus feet and forget all attachements. They do not even desire for the moksha.)

31st December 2005, 01:12 PM
[tscii:1da95933e2]King Parikshit asked Sree Sukar why Kaliya left the Ramanaka islands the abode of the serpents and also why Guruda was inimical to Kailya.
To this question Sree Sukar replied as follows:

upahAryai: sarpa janair mAsi mAsIha yo bali:
vAnaspatyo mahA bAho nAgAnAm prAn nirUpita: 10.17.2

(Serpents and Garuda had an agreement where in on every amavasya the serpents would make an offering to the Garuda. These offerings would be placed near the foot of a tree (vanaspati – that gives fruit without flowers.))

svam svam bhAgam prayacchanti nAgA: parvaNi parvaNi
gopIthAya Atmana: sarve suparNAya mahAtmane 10.17.3

(Thus every month on schedule, O mighty King Parikshit, each serpent would duly make his offering to that carrier of Vishnu. And in return Garuda granted them protection.)

visha vIrya madAviShTa: kAdraveya: tu kAliya:
kadarthI kRutya garudam svayam tam bubhuje balim 10.17.4

(Although all the other serpents were dutifully making offerings to Garuda, one serpent - the arrogant Kaliya, son of Kadru - would eat all these offerings before Garuda could claim them. Thus Kaliya directly defied the carrier of Lord Vishnu. Kadru and Vinata are wives of kaSyapa. Sepents are the children of kadru and Garuda is the child of vinata.)

tam Apatantam tarasA vishAyudha: pratyabhyayAd utchrita naika mastaka:
dadbhi: suparNam vyadaSad dadAyudha: karAla jihvo ucchvasita ugra locana: 10.17.6

(Garuda became angry when he saw this. Desiring to kill Kaliya, he rushed toward the serpent with tremendous speed. As Garuda swiftly fell upon him, Kaliya, who was armed with fangs filled with deadly poison, raised his numerous heads to counterattack. Hissing his ferocious fangs and expanding his fearsome eyes, Kaliya then bit Garuda with his fangs.)

tam tArkShya putra: sa nirasya manyumAn pracanda vego madhusUdana Asana:
paksheNa savyena hiraNya rocishA jaghAna kadru sutam ugra vikrama: 10.17.7

(Garuda the son of Kasyapa; who serves as the carrier for none other than Lord Vishnu (the slayer of demon Madhu) is quick as the lightening and possesses immense power. Garuda was greatly enraged and struck Kailya with his left wing which shone as brilliantly as gold.)

suparNa pakShAbhihata: kAliyo atIva vihvala:
hradam viveSa kAlindyA: tad agamyam durAsadam 10.17.8

(Kaliya was extremely distraught having been hit by GaruDa in this manner. He realized that he could never defeat GaruDa in a combat and therefore decided to seek shelter in a loop in Yamua. GaruDa could not follow Kailya to this shelter because he was prohibited from entering anywhere near the vicinity of this loop in Yamuna, by Soubhari Maharshi.)

Everyone has a safe place to live. So did kALiya, like SugrIva found RushyamUka mountain for his safe stay. Rama came there to save sugrIva. Here, kRushNa came to correct kALiya. [/tscii:1da95933e2]

31st December 2005, 01:14 PM
Oh! Lord, you changed your sAntam, padmAsanastham becasue Narad Ji informed you about SatI Devi's dehatyAgam and insult done on her.
kRuddha: sudashta oshThapuTa: sa dhUrjjaTi:
jaTAm taDit vahni saTa ugra rocisham
utkRutya rudra: sahasA uthita: hasan
gambhIra nAda: visasarjja tAm bhuvi 4.5.2

(When Lord heard about Devi giving up her physical body, her insult and torutring his army, he was in fury. He bit his lips in anger. His matted hair was glowing like lightning and fire. He stood up immediately and opened his hair. He smacked his hair on the ground
From that appeared RudrA's amSam vIrabhadra. With glorious but scary appearance, he approached the Lord,

tam kim karomi iti gRuNantam Aha badha anjalim bhagavAn bhUtanAtha:
daksham sayajnam jahi matbhaTAnAm twam agraNI rudrabhaTa amSako me 4.5.4

(vIrabhadra folded his hands and praeyd to bhUtanAtha, "Oh! Lord, what can I do for you? Please order me." Lord told him, "You are the chief of my army. You are my amSam. Destroy the Yajna and kill Daksha.")

vIrabhdra went around the Lord. He felt the uncontrollable energy coming in him. He marched towrds DakshA's yAgaSAla. His anklets added a terrifying music to his earth cracking steps. All the gaNAs followed him. This brought in thick dark sheet of dust on the northen sky.

vAtA na vAnti na hi santi dasyava: prAcInabarhi: jIvati iha ugra daNDa:
gAvo na kALyanta idam kuta: raja: loka: adhunA kim praLayAya kalpate 4.5.8

(There is no typhoon. No dacoits as pracInabarhis who is known for punishing the evil Cows are not running here and there. What is the reason for this cloud of dust? OH! Is the world entering the pralaya right now?

2nd January 2006, 09:16 AM
[tscii:7cd6350b81]It was the same pool where once Garuda had eaten a fish.

mInAn sudu:khitAn dRushthvA dInAn mIna patau hate
kRupayA saubhari: prAha tatratya kshemam Acaran 10.17.10

(Seeing how the unfortunate fish in that lake had become unhappy at the death of their leader, sage Saubhari (who was doing tapas in that water) uttered the following curse in order to protect the inhabitants of this lake from Garuda.)

atra praviSya garudo yadi matsyAn sa khAdati
sadya: prAnair viyujyeta satyam etad bravImi aham 10.17.11

“If Garuda ever again enters this lake and eats the fish here, he will immediately lose his life. What I am saying is the plain truth.” GaruDa realized this and stopped coming that side at all.)

tat kAliya: param veda nAnya: kaScana leliha:
avAtsId garudAd bhIta: kRushNena ca vivAsita: 10.17.12

Of all the serpents, only Kaliya came to know of this curse and in fear of GaruDa he took up residence in that lake in the river Yamuna. Later Lord Krishna himself drove him out.)

kRushNam hradAd viniShkrAntam divya srag gandha vAsasam
mahA maNi gaNAkIrNam jAmbUnada pariShkRutam 10.17.13

Sree Sukar now resumed the story about Krishna and Kaliya. nAgapatnIs decorated kRushNa with love. Krishna rose up out of the lake wearing divine garlands, fragrances and garments, covered with many fine jewels, and decorated with gold. When the Gopa’s saw Krishna return back safely they it seemed as if their life itself had returned back. They were filled with great joy and hugged Krishna.)

yaSodA rohinI nando gopyo gopAS ca kaurava
kRushNam sametya labdhehA Asan labdha manorathA: 10.17.15

(It seemed that the entire Vraja had come to a standstill due to the fear that beloved Krishna was in danger. However once Krishna came back safely the people regained some degree of control. Yashoda, Rohini, Nanda and all the other cowherd women and men went up to Krishna. There was so much joy in the air that O descendant of Kuru, even the dried-up trees came back to life.)

yaSodApi mahA bhAgA naShTa labdha prajA satI
parishvajya ankam Aropya mumoca aSru kalAm muhu: 10.17.19

(Mother Yashoda, who had thought that she had lost her son to Kaliya for who could even imagine that a tiny sweet like boy of 6 years could possible escape unhurt from the clutches of the evil multi-headed serpent? Mother was so happy to see Him back that she held him closely and helplessly shed tears of happiness.) [/tscii:7cd6350b81]

2nd January 2006, 09:19 AM
[tscii:0be66a0ff3]During vibhIshaNa SaraNagati Rama says
sakRut eva prapannAya tavAsmi iti yAcate
abhayam sarva bhUtebya: dadAmi etat vratam mama (If someone request just once saying, 'Rama, I am yours', I will give protection to them and this is my vratam) here is another example.

tadA Suci vanodbhUto dAvAgni: sarvato vrajam
suptam niSItha AvRutya pradagdhum upacakrame 10.17.21

(Due to the incident of Kalia; all the people were totally exhausted. Therefore they decided to sleep in the patch of forest near the river. Forest was completely dry due to the summer heat. It tuned out that Krishna was not done with his leelas yet! The forest caught fire and the people were now completely surrounded by fire.)

kRushNa kRushNa mahA bhaga he rAmAmita vikrama
esha ghoratamo vahni: tAvakAn grasate hi na: 10.17.23

(The residents of Vraja cried out to Krsihna as: O Krishna O Krishna; enchanter of all; O Rama processor of immense strength and valor; this fire is threatening to destroy us all. We are yours; so please save us. To anyone who says “I am yours”, ‘acceptance and protection’ is guaranteed.

sudustarAn na: svAn pAhi kAlAgne: suhRuda: prabho
na Saknumas tvat caraNam santyaktum akuto bhayam 10.17.24

(O Lord, we are Your true devotees. Please protect us from this insurmountable fire of death. We are incapable of giving up Your lotus feet, which drives away all fear.)

ittham sva jana vaiklavyam nirIkShya jagad ISvara:
tam agnim apibat tIvram ananto ananta Sakti dhRuk 10.17.25

(Seeing His devotees so disturbed, Sri Krishna, the Lord of the universe, then swallowed the terrible forest fire to save his devotees from a certain death.)

vanam kusumitam SrIman nadat citra mRuga dvijam
gAyan mayUra bhramaram kUjat kokila sArasam 10.18.7

(As we all know summers in India are anything but pleasant. But because Krishna himself had taken birth in Vridavana; the weather there was very pleasant even during the harsh summer. Beautiful flowers bloomed in the forest of Vrindavana, and many varieties of animals and birds filled it with pleasant sound. The peacocks and bees sang, and while the cuckoos cooed and the cranes cackled.)

krIdiShyamANa: tat kRushNo bhagavAn bala samyuta:
veNum viraNayan gopai: go dhanai: samvrito aviSat 10.18.8

(Krishna was far from ‘done with his leelas’! Lord Krishna, accompanied by his brother Balarama and surrounded by the cowherd boys and the cows, entered the forest of Vrindavana as He played beautifully on His flute.) [/tscii:0be66a0ff3]

3rd January 2006, 09:18 AM
The gopAlAs had fun filled life with kRushNa around. They will decorate themselves with whatever is available. They danced with the nature. AT times they acted 'fighting' as well. Always kRushNa was the center of attraction. The others would do the naTTuvaangam and music for kRushNa's dance. Even Devas could not resist and they joined the gang. But, unfortunately they could not really enjoy it as they knew the value of kRushNa. They could not forget themselves and enjoy the divinity. Let us also join them - like gopabAlAs.

kwacit vilvai: kwacit kumbhai: kwa ca amalaka mushTibhi:
aspRusya netra bandhAdyai: kwacin mRuga khaga Ihaya 10.18.14

(Sometime they will throw vilva fruit at each other. Other times they play with kumbha fruits. Soemtimes they will hold gooseberry in their hand and ask the kids to guess the number. Sometimes they would play tag. Sometimes blind someone by tying their eyes and make them catch others. At times they would just act and play like birds and animals. Is there any difference between kRushNa and our kids? But, Sri SUkar explains all these as it is the brahmam that is playing. In reality, it is that kRushNa who is making us all play this life!)

kwacit ca darduraplAvai: vividhai: upahAsakai:
kadAcit spandoLikayA karhicit nRupaceshTaya 10.18.15

(Sometimes they will jump like frogs. Soemtimes it will be just talking funny things. They would play on the swing. At times they will act like king too! aho bhAgyam aho bhAgyam nandagopa vrajoukasAm yan mitram paramAnandam pUrNam brahma sanAtanam - brahma stuti.)

Once, when they were enjoying in the forest, an asura named pralamba took the form of a cow and joined them with a desire to kill them.

tam vidvAn api dASArha: bhagavAn sarvadarSana:
anvamodata tat sakhyam vadham tasya vicintayan 10.18.18

(But who can fool kRishNa? He knows everything. But, in order to kill him, Lord allowed him to be his friend. One needs luck to die in the hands of the Lord too. May be pralamba celebrated victory in his mind thinking, 'oh! I fooled him. I can accomplish what I want!'
Krishna, explained his plan - 'Hey gopAs today we are going to a dual fight. One group is lead by me and the other by balarama. The rest can take sides. Any one from one group can pick one from the other. The deal is the one who loses has to carry the winner upto the bhANDIrakam peepal tree.

rAma sanghaTTina: yarhi SrIdAma vRushabhAdaya:
krIDAyAm jayina: tAn tAn Uhu: kRushNAdaya: nRupa 10.18.23

(All kRushNa fans were on Rama's side. Of course they can watch kRushNa as well as hug and fight with him which is more fun than being on kRushNa's side and watching him do that to someone else! Plus, is the Lord ever going to hurt any of his devotees? Pralamba was on kRushNa's side! Every one on Rama's side won and they were carried by people on the other side. kRushNa carried SrIdAma and pralamba carried Rama.)

avishahyam manyamAna: kRUshNam dAnava pungava:
vahan drutataram prAgAt avarohaNata: param 10.18.25

(The asura figured out that he can not stand kRushNa and so ran as fast as he could carrying Rama and he went beyond the mark. His intention was to kill rama who is with him now. But,......)

tam udvahan dharaNi dharendra gouravam
mahAsura: vigataraya: nijam vapu:
sa Asthita: puraTa paricchada: babhou
taDidyumAn uDupativAD iva ambuda: 10.18.26

(Balarama, who carries the whole universe showed a bit of his power. The asura could not run anymore. So, to make up asura decided to take his real rAkshasa form. All the jewelleries on him looked like lightning and he looked like a dark cloud. Balarama on his shoulder looked like a moon. Carrying Rama, he flew up in the sky. For a moment even Rama forgot his form and was a bit disturbed.)


atha Agata smRuti: abhaya: ripum bala: vihAya sArtham iva harantam Atmana:
rushA ahanat Sirasi dRuDhena mushTinA surAdhipa: girim iva vajra ramhasA 10.18.28

(What kRushNa told him few minutes back came to his mind and shook off his fear. He got really furious at the asura who was taking him away form his group. He held his fist and gave a hard hit on pralambA's head. It was like Devendra hitting the monutain with his thunderbolt. (once up on a time mountains used to fly and cause big damage and Indra put an end to this. )

sa Ahata: sapadi viSIrna mastaka:
mukhAt vaman rudhiram apasmRuta: aSura:
mahAravam vyasu: apatat samIrayan
giri: yathA maghavata Ayudha Ahata: 10.18.29

(That hit smacked pralambA's head. Blood oozed from his mouth. He screamed and fell uncoscious. With a huge thud gigantic body fell on the
ground like a mountain knocked off by Devendra.)

Everybody rejoiced pralambA's death. gopAlAs rejoiced Rama's safe return and hugged him. Devas showered flowers from the sky.

3rd January 2006, 09:19 AM
[tscii:7cda41836d]atha gAvo mahishyaSca nirviSantyo vanAd vanam
IshIkATavIm nirviviSu: krandantyo dAva tarShitA: 10.19.2

(While the cowherd boys were completely absorbed in playing, their cows wandered far away looking for food. Passing from one part of the great forest to another, the cows and buffalos eventually entered an area overgrown with sharp canes. The heat of a nearby forest fire made them thirsty, and they cried out in distress.)

tRuNai: tat khuradat chinnai: goshpadai: ankitai: gavAm
mArgam anvagaman sarve nashTAjIvyA vicetasa: 10.19.4

(Then the boys began tracing out the cows' path by noting their hoof prints and the blades of grass the cows had broken with their hooves and teeth. All the cowherd boys were in great anxiety because they had lost their source of livelihood. And of course they cared for the cows immensely and did not want any harm to come to them while the cattle were under their watch.)

tata: samantAt dava dhUmaketu: yadRucchaya abhUt kshaya kRud vanaukasAm
samIrita: sArathina ulbaNa ulmukai: vilelihAna: sthira jangamAn mahAn 10.19.7

(Suddenly a great forest fire appeared on all sides, threatening to destroy all the forest creatures. Like a chariot driver, the wind swept the fire onward, and terrible sparks shot in all directions. The great fire extended its (tongue like) flames towards all moving and nonmoving creatures.)

kRushNa kRushNa mahA vIra he rAma amitavikrama
dAvAgninA dahyamAnAn prapannAn trAtum arhatha: 10.19.9

(O Krishna ! Krishna! Most powerful one ! O Rama! You whose prowess never fails! Please save Your devotees, who are about to be burned by this forest fire and have come to take shelter of You! We surrender to you and deserve to be saved.

vaco niSamya kRupaNam bandhUnAm bhagavAn hari:
nimIlayata mA bhaishTa locanAnIty abhAshata 10.19.11

(Sree Sukar said: Hearing these prayers from His devotees, the Supreme Lord Krishna told them, "Just close your eyes and do not be afraid.")

tatheti mIlita aksheshu bhagavAn agnim ulbaNam
pItvA mukhena tAn kRucchrAt yogAdhISo vyamocayat 10.19.12

("All right," the boys replied, and immediately closed their eyes. Then the Supreme Lord, the master of all Yoga’s, opened His mouth and swallowed the terrible fire, saving His devotes yet again from danger. What a faith! Oh! kRushNa we will do the same and save us from the wild fire too.)

agre kurUNAm atha pANDavAnAm
duSSAsanenahRuta vastra keSa
kRushNA tadAkroSat ananya nAthA
govinda damodara mAdhaveti

gopInAm paramAnanda AsId govinda darSane
kshaNam yuga Satam iva yAsAm yena vinAbhavat 10.19.16

(It was now late in the afternoon, and Lord Krishna, accompanied by Balarama, turned the cows back toward home. Playing His flute, Krishna returned to the village in the company of His cowherd friends, who chanted His glories. The young gopis took the greatest pleasure in seeing Govinda come home, since for them even a moment without His association seemed like a hundred yugAs. That is prema. We use ‘out of sight and out of mind’ rule and lose the divinity.) [/tscii:7cda41836d]

4th January 2006, 08:31 AM
In family of of Bharata (son of King dushyanta), there was king by name rantideva. He was a very benelolant king.

viyat vittasya dadata: labdham labdham bubhukshata:
nishkincanasya dhIrasya sakuDumbasya sIdata: 9.21.3

(Rantideva was getting wealth from the sky - means he did not make any special efforts to generate wealth and was happy with whatever comes to him. He will spend whatever he gets on charity. This way he lost everything. He became very poor and had not eaten for days. He was very strong in his heart and decided to endure the situation with his family.)

vyatIyu: ashTa catvArimSat ahAni apibata: kila
ghRuta pAyasa samyAvam toyam prAta: upasthitam 9.21.4

(48 days went by like that without even having a sip of water. Then next morning he found ghee, pAyasam and water near him. They were desperately waiting for some food and were shivering in hunger. When they were ready to eat, they saw a guest approaching them.)

tasmai samvyabhajat sa: annam AdRutya Sraddhaya anvita:
harim sarvatra sampaSyan sa bhuktwA prayayou dwija: 9.21.6

(Rantideva sees Sri Hari everywhere and so he welcomed the guest with the same attitude and divided his food into half and entertained the guest. The guest was very pleased and left. The king and family were ready to eat the rest of the food, in the thought of Hari. There appeared another guest. Rantideva, who saw Hari in him shared half of the food with him. He also left with a happy heart. Then came a guest with a lot of dogs. Rantideva welcomed Hari in the form guest and bowed to them and gave away the food. Now Rantideva and his family were ready to drink the left over food. There came another guest and asked for water.)

na kAmaye aham gatim IswarAt parA asThaRdhi yuktAm apunarbhavam vA
Arttim prapadya akhila deha bhAjAm anta: sthita: yena bhavanti adu:khA: 9.21.12

(Oh! Lord, I don;t ask for AnimAdi ashTa mahAsidhi or great position or even moksham from you. I want to dwell in every beings heart and experience their sadness and stress. If I can take their du:kham they will be free of that and this what I pray to you Lord! I want to offer my livelyhood to others and see them living. This way I will forget my suffering too. Also he was asking for union with the 'antaryAmi, brahman. Immediately the three guests reappeared as Brahma, vishNu and Siva - the products of vishNu mAya.)

Iswara Alambanam cittam kurvata: ananya rAdhasa:
mAyA guNamayI rAjan swapnavat pratyalIyata 9.21.17

(Rantideva fell like a rod infront of them, with absolute prema bhakti. He did not want anything else. Oh! King parIkshit, a person whose heart is only on the lord and who does not expect anything has won over the mAya and he is like a person who woke up after a dream. He realised that everything is mAyA and becomes self realized.)

4th January 2006, 08:34 AM
All the Gopas went home and shared the story of slaying of Pralamba, saving from the wild fire etc. with gopIs, YoSodamma and rohiNi amma. The elders thought that Rama and kRushNa must be some great devas. Now let us see the season change in bRundAvan. We do not want to miss anything around kRushNa.

Tata: prAvartata prAvRuT sarva sattva samudbhavA
vidyotamAna paridhi: visphUrjita nabha: talA 10.20.3

(Finally the summer was over and then the rainy season began, giving life and sustenance to all living beings. The sky began to rumble with thunder, and lightning flashed on the horizon. The dark blue clouds radiated like brahmam.)

ashTau mAsAn nipItam yat bhUmyAS coda mayam vasu
sva gobhir moktum Arebhe parjanya: kAla agate 10.20.5

(With its rays, the sun had for eight months drunk up the earth's wealth in the form of water. Now that the proper time has arrived, the sun began releasing this accumulated wealth. The gopAs never failed in any of their duties and the Devas never failed in blessing them either. Plus, with the deva deva, lakshmI pati in their midst, they had everything in plenty.)

taDidvanto mahA meghA: canDa Svasana vepitA:
prINanam jIvanam hi aasya mumucu: karuNA iva 10.20.6

(Flashing with lightning, great clouds were shaken and swept about by fierce winds. Just like saints, the clouds gave their lives for the pleasure of this world. We just enjoyed rantideva, who is a wonder example.

SrutvA parjanya ninadam manDUkA: vyasRujan gira:
tUshNIm SayAnA: prAg yadvaT brAhmaNA niyamAtyaye 10.20.9

(The frogs, who had all along been lying silent, suddenly began croaking when they heard the rumbling of the rain clouds.

haritA haribhi: Sashpai: indragopai: ca lohitA
ucchilIndhra kRuta cchAyA nRuNAm SrI: iva bhU: abhUt 10.20.11

(The newly grown grass made the earth emerald green, the indragopa insects added a reddish hue, and white mushrooms added further color and circles of shade. Thus the earth appeared like a person who has suddenly become rich.)

kshetrANi sasya sampadbhi: karShakANAm mudam dadu:
ManinAm utApam vai daivAdhInam ajAnatAm 10.20.12

(With their wealth of grains, the fields gave joy to hardworking and god fearing farmers. But those fields created remorse in the hearts of those who were too proud to engage in farming and were envious of those farmers who put in the effort during the hot summer. Such people failed to understand how everything is under the control of the Supreme.)

5th January 2006, 08:56 AM
girayo varSha dhArAbhi: hanyamAnA na vivyathu:
abhibhUyamAnA vyasanair yatha adhokShaja cetasa: 10.20.15

Just as the mountains in the rainy season are not at all disturbed by the repeated striking of the ferocious rains; devotees whose minds are absorbed all the time in God remain peaceful even when attacked by all sorts of dangers.

megha Agama utsavA hRuShTA: pratyanandan Shikhandina:
gRuheShu tapta nirviNNA yathAcyuta janAgame 10.20.20

The peacocks who were eagerly awaiting the rains became festive and started to dance and cry out a joyfully when they saw the clouds arrive, just as people distressed in household life feel pleasure when the pure devotees of the Lord visit them.

jalaughai: nirabhidyanta setavo varShatISvare
pAkhandinAm asad vAdai: veda mArgA: kalau yathA 10.20.23

When Indra sent forth his rains, the floodwaters broke through the irrigation tanks in the fields

vyamuncan vAyubhi: nunnA bhUtebhyo athamRutam ghanA:
yathASiSho viS pataya: kAle kAle dvijeritA: 10.20.24

The clouds, pushed by the winds, released their life giving water for the benefit of all living beings, just as kings, dispense charity to the citizens.

evam vanam tad varShiShTham pakva kharjura jambumat
go gopAlair vRuto rantum sa bala: prAviSad hari: 10.20.25

When the Vrindavana forest had thus become resplendent, filled with ripe dates and jambu fruits, Lord Krishna, surrounded by His cows and cowherd boyfriends and accompanied by his elder brother Balarama, entered that forest to enjoy this beautiful forest.

dhenavo manda gAminya Udho bhAreNa bhUyasA
yayur bhagavatAhUtA drutam prItyA snuta stanA: 10.20.26

The cows had to move slowly because of their weighty milk bags, but they quickly ran to the Krishna as soon as He called them, their affection for Him over coming all physical discomfort and causing their udders to become wet.

5th January 2006, 08:57 AM
Its now the end of rainy season. The Autumn season is just beginning. Its very beautiful and Sri Krishna has already cleared a lot of impurities from the Vrindavan area. Sree Sukar here gives a beatiful desciption of Vridavan. Makes us want us want to be there!

evam nivasatos tasmin rAma keSavayor vraje
Sarat samabhavad vyabhrA svacchAmbu aparuShAnilA 10.20.32

While Balarama and Lord Keshava were thus dwelling in Vrindavana, the fall season arrived during which the sky is cloudless, the water is clear and the wind is gentle.

SaradA nIrajotpattyA nIrANi prakRutim yayu:
bhraShTAnAm iva cetAmsi punar yoga niShevayA 10.20.33

The autumn season, which is marked by the appearance of the beautiful lotus flowers, also restored the purity of the various water bodies, just as the process of bhakti purifies the minds of the fallen yogis when they return to it.

sarva svam jaladA hitvA vireju: Subhra varcasa:
yathA tyaktaiShaNA: SAntA munayo mukta kilbiShA: 10.20.35

The clouds, having given up all that they possessed (in the form of water), shone forth in their white luster, just like peaceful sages who have given up all material desires and are thus become totally pure at heart and free from all negative tendencies.

gAdha vAri carAs tApam avindan Sharad arka jam
yathA daridra: kRupaNa: kuTumbi avijitendriya: 10.20.38

Just as a miserly house holder overly absorbed in family life suffers because he cannot control his senses, the fish swimming in the shallow water had to suffer the heat of the autumn sun. Interestingly Sree Sukar also refers to such a person as daridra (poor). Here he means poor in sense of knowledge and wisdom.

Sanai: Sanai: jahu: pankam sthalAnyAmam ca vIrudha:
yathAham mamatAm dhIrA: SarIrAdishu anAtmasu 10.20.39

Gradually the different areas of land which were muddy due to the rains started to clear up and the plants started to grow into a more mature state, just as wise sages that give up egotism and stop identifying themselves with their physical body.

niScalAmbur abhUt tUAhNIm samudra: Sarada Agame
Atmani uparate samyan muni: vyuparatAgama: 10.20.40

With the arrival of autumn, the ocean and the lakes became silent, their water still, just like the calm mind of a sage who has lost all desires and attractions towards the material world and has even given up even his recitation of Vedic mantras.

6th January 2006, 08:54 AM
[tscii:258126837e] We are about to start the beautiful Venu Gitam. Its now the fall season and the wether is perfect. Gopi's have a wonderful vision of Lord Krishna and they start singing glories of Him. Sree Sukar's description of this incident is so powerful that it takes us all there and makes us wish to be one of those Gopi's for a moment of our lives.

ASliShya sama SItoShNam prasUna vana mArutam
janAs tApam jahur gopyo na kRuShNa hRuta cetasa: 10.20.45

People enjoyed the pleasant wind coming out through the flower filled forest and quickly forgot their stress caused due the heat. However to the gopi’s it made no difference; since their hearts had already been stolen by Krishna. They were beyond such material attractions and constantly thought only about Krishna.

udahRuShyan vArijAni sUryotthAne kumut vinA
rAjnA tu nirbhayA lokA yathA dasyUn vinA nRupa 10.20.47

O King Parikchit, when the autumn sun rose, all the lotus flowers blossomed happily, except the night-blooming kumut, just as in the presence of a strong ruler everyone becomes fearless, except the thieves.

SrI Sukar uvAca
ittham Sarat svaccha jalam padmAkara sugandhinA
nyaviSat vAyunA vAtam sa go gopAlako acyuta: 10.21.1

Sree Sukar said: Thus the Vrindavana forest was filled with crystal clear autumnal waters and cooled by breezes perfumed with the fragrance of lotus flowers growing in the clear lakes. Thus the Lord Krishna, accompanied by His cows and cowherd boyfriends, entered that Vrindavana forest.

tat vraja striya ASrutya venu gItam smarodayam
kAScit parokSham kRuShNasya sva sakhIbhyo anvavarNayan 10.21.3

The young ladies in the village of Vraja heard the entrancing song coming out from Krishna's flute, which rekindled love in their heart. Their love for Krishna oozed out of them in the form of a beautiful song which described the glories of Krishna.

barhApIdam naTa vara vapu: karNayo: karNikAram bibhrad vAsa: kanaka kapiSam vaijayantIm ca mAlAm
randhrAn venor adhara sudhayA pUrayan gopa vRundair vRundAraNyam sva pada ramaNam prAviSat gIta kIrti: 10.21.5

The gopis began to sing about Krishna, but when they remembered His activities, they were so much over come with love for Krishna that they could not speak. They had a wonderful vision of Krishna as he was entering the forest: They could see Krishna wearing a peacock-feather ornament upon His head, blue karnikara flowers on His ears, a yellow garment as brilliant as gold, and the Vaijayanti garland. Lord Krishna exhibited His form as the greatest of dancers as He entered the forest of Vrindavana, beautifying it with the marks of His footprints. He filled the holes of His flute with the nectar of His lips, and the cowherd boys sang His glories.

iti veNu ravam rAjan sarva bhUta manoharam
SrutvA vraja striya: sarvA varNayantyo abhirebhire 10.21.6

O King, when the young ladies in Vraja heard the enchanting sound of Krishna's flute, which captivates the minds of all living beings, they all embraced one another and joyfully began describing it.[/tscii:258126837e]

6th January 2006, 08:56 AM
[tscii:100368d580]akhaNvatAm phalam idam na param vidAma: sakhya: paSUnanu viveSayator vayasyai:
vaktram vrajeSa sutayor anuveNu jushTam yairvA nipItam anurakta kaTAkSha mokSham 10.21.7

The gopi’s said: O friends, those eyes that see the beautiful faces of the sons of Nanda gopa are certainly fortunate. As these two sons enter the forest, surrounded by Their friends, driving the cows before Them, They hold Their flutes to Their mouths and glance lovingly upon the residents of Vrindavana. For those who have eyes there is no greater object of vision. Blessed are those who can see this. Let us see the same in our minds.

cUta pravAla barha stabakotpalAbja mAlAnupRukta paridhAna vicitra veSau
madhye virejatur alam paSu pAla goShThyAm range yathA naTa varau kva ca gAyamAnau 10.21.8

Dressed in a charming variety of garments, upon which Their garlands rest, and decorating Themselves with peacock feathers, lotuses, lilies, newly grown mango sprouts and clusters of flower buds, Krishna and Balarama shine forth magnificently among the assembly of cowherd boys. They look just like the best of dancers appearing on a dramatic stage, and sometimes They sing melodiously too. Gopis have nothing to think or talk about other than kRushNa.

gopya: kim Acarat ayam kuSalam sma veNur dAmodarAdhara sudhAm api gopikAnAm
bhunkte svayam yad avaSishTa rasam hradinyo hRushyat tvaco aSru mumucus taravo yathArya: 10.21.9

My dear gopis, what auspicious activities must the flute have performed to enjoy the nectar of Krishna's lips freely. The forefathers of the flute, the bamboo trees, shed tears of pleasure. His mother, the river on whose bank the bamboo was born, feels jubilation, and therefore her blooming lotus flowers are standing like hair on her body. They are really going to miss kRushNa as he is stepping into the forest. But, they rejoice and crave thinking about the luck of everybody else.

vRundAvanam sakhi bhuvo vitanoti kIritim yat devakI suta padAmbuja labdha lakShmi
govinda veNum anu matta mayUra nRutyam prekShyAdri sAnvaparatAnya samasta sattvam 10.21.10

O sakhi, Vrindavana is spreading the glory of the earth, having obtained the lakshmi in the form of the lotus feet of Krishna, the son of Devaki. The peacocks dance madly when they hear Govinda's flute, and when other creatures see them from the hilltops, they all become stunned.

dhanyA: sma mUDha matayo api hariNya etA yA nanda nandanam upAtta vicitra veSam
AkarNya veNu raNitam saha kRuShNa sArA: pUjAm dadhur viracitAm praNayAvalokai: 10.21.11

Blessed are all even the ignorant deer’s because they have approached Nanda Gopa’s son, who is gorgeously dressed and is playing on His flute. Indeed, both the doe and the bucks worship the Lord with looks of love and affection.

kRuShNam nirIkShya vanitotsava rUpa SIlam SrutvA ca tat kvaNita veNu vivikta gItam
devyo vimAna gataya: smara nunna sArA bhraSyat prasUna kabarA mumuhur vinIvya: 10.21.12

Oh! kRushna give us that dhyAnam and make us gopis too. [/tscii:100368d580]

9th January 2006, 09:09 AM
[tscii:cde6b2372b]gAvaSca kRushna mukha nirgata veNu gIta pIyUsham uttabhita karma puTai: pibantya:
SAvA: snuta stana paya: kavalA: sma tasthur govindam Atmani dRuSASru kalA: spRuSantya: 10.21.13

(Using their upraised ears as vessels, the cows are drinking the nectar like music flowing from Krishna’s flute. The cows as well as calves (that had been let loose to be suckled their mothers) stood still with tear-filled eyes and embraced Him within their hearts. The forgot to swallow the milk and ball of grass. What are these physical things when the divinity is there. We forget ourselves in prema (let it be with happiness or sadness). We all have experienced how we forget ourselves.

prAyo batAmba vihagA munayo vane asmin kRuShna Ikshitam tat uditam kala veNu gItam
Aruhya ye druma bhujAn rucira pravAlAn SRunvanti amIlita dRuSo vigatAnya vAca: 10.21.14

(O mother, in this forest all the birds dwelling on beautiful branches of the trees must be great sages themselves who have taken on this form in order to see Krishna without any kind of hindrance. With closed eyes they are simply listening in silence to the sweet vibrations of His flute, and have completely blocked out all other sounds. Just the first note from kRushNa's flute has taken them to absolute silence.)

nadya: tadA tat upadhArya mukunda gItam Avarta lakshita manobhava bhagna vegA:
Alingana sthagitam Urmi bhujair murArer gRuhNanti pAda yugalam kamala upahArA: 10.21.15

(When the rivers hear the flute-song of Krishna, their minds begin to crave for Him, and thus the flow of their currents is broken and their waters are agitated, moving around in whirlpools. Then with the arms of their waves the rivers embrace Murari's lotus feet and, holding on to them, offering of lotus flowers. In Brindavanam everything is full of life. The obsession for mortals die soon but, the dAham filled with prema for divinty keeps growing day by day.)

dRushthvA Atape vraja paSUn saha rAma gopai: sancArayantam anu veNum udIrayantam
prema pravRuddha udita: kusumAvalIbhi: sakhyur vyadhAt sva vapushAmbuda Atapatram 10.21.16

(In the company of Balarama and the cowherd boys, Lord Krishna is playing His flute as He herds the cows of Vraja, even under the full heat of the summer sun. Seeing this, the cloud in the sky has expanded itself out of love and acted like an umbrella to the Lord. It gave shade and showred flowers to theri dear friend.)

pUrNA: pulindya urugAya padAbja rAga SrI kunkumena dayitA stana manDitena
tat darSana smara ruja: tRuNa rUshitena limpantya Anana kuceshu jahu: tat Adhim 10.21.17

(Oh! Dear friend, look at this kATTALa ladies (unrefined). They see the kunkumam from the lotus feet of the Lord on the grass. Their mind gets agitated with the separation from the lord. They smear that dust from the grass on their face and chest and get over the 'virahatAPam'. Look at thier bhAgyam. As kRUshNa spends so much time in the forest, they get thi sblessings. Aren't they better than us?)

hantAyam adrir abalA hari dAsa varyo yat rAma kRushna caraNa sparaSa pramoda:
mAnam tanoti saha go ganayo: tayor yat pAnIya sUyavasa kandara kanda mUlai: 10.21.18

(Of all the devotees, this Govardhana Hill is the best! O my friends, this hill supplies Krishna and Balarama, along with Their calves, cows and cowherd friends, with all kinds of necessities - water for drinking, very soft grass, caves, fruits, flowers and vegetables. In this way the hill offers respects to the Lord. Being touched by the lotus feet of Krishna and Balarama, Govardhana Hill appears very jubilant. GpIs feel that anythin gelse in bRundAvanam is luckier than them.)

gA gopakair anuvanam nayator udAra veNu svanai: kala padai: tanu bhRutsu sakhya:
aspandanam gatimatAm pulaka: taruNAm niryoga pASa kRuta lakshaNayor vicitram 10.21.19

(My dear friends, as Krishna and Balarama pass through the forest with Their cowherd friends, leading Their cows, They carry ropes to bind the cows' rear legs at the time of milking. When Lord Krishna plays on His flute, the sweet music causes the moving living entities to become stunned and the nonmoving trees to tremble with ecstasy.)

evam vidhA bhagavato yA vRundAvana cAriNa:
varNayantyo mitho gopya: krIdA: tan mayatAm yayu: 10.21.20

(Thus narrating to one another the playful pastimes of the Krishna as He wandered about in the Vrindavana forest, the gopis became fully absorbed in thoughts of Him.) [/tscii:cde6b2372b]

9th January 2006, 09:11 AM
[tscii:2dd12a89e6]kAtyAyani vratam

hemante prathame mAsi nanda vraja kamArikA:
cerur havishyam bhunjAnA: kAtyAyani arcana vratam 10.22.1

(During the first month of the winter (hemantam) season, the young unmarried girls of Gokula observed the vow of worshiping goddess Katyayani. For the entire month they ate only haviss that is offered to Devi. People in bRundAvan lost their ananya daivattwam? Not really. This prayer is to make their Lord their ‘own’ Well, they can get the blessings of two and may be more powerful?)

Aplutya Ambhasi kAlindyA jalAnte codite aruNe
kRutvA pratikRutim devIm Anarcur nRupa saikatIm 10.22.2

(After they had bathed in the water of the Yamuna just as the sun was rising, the gopis made an ‘sand’ deity of goddess Durga on the riverbank. bRundAvan during this season is extremely cold and these tender girls are taking bath in that freezing river. Their craving kRushNa has made them so ‘hot’ and they needed this freezing water to bring the balance.)

gandhair mAlyai: surabhibhi: balibhi: dhUpa dIpakai:
uccAvacai: ca upahArai: pravAla phala tandulai: 10.22.3

(Then they worshiped her with such aromatic substances as sandalwood paste, fragrant flowers along with other items both such as lamps, fruits, betel nuts, tender leaves, and incense.)

kAtyAyani mahA mAye mahA yogini adhISvari
nanda gopa sutam devi patim me kuru te nama:
iti mantram japantyastA: pUjAm cakru: kamArikA: 10.22.4

(Each of the young unmarried gopis performed her worship while chanting the following mantra. "O goddess Katyayani, O Maha Maya, O controller of all, please make the son of Nanda Gopa my husband. I offer my prayers unto you.")

evam mAsam vratam ceru: kumArya: kRushNa cetasa:
bhadrakAlIm samAnarcu: bhUyAn nanda sutah pati: 10.22.5

(Thus for an entire month the girls carried out their vow and properly worshiped the goddess Bhadra Kali, fully absorbing their minds in Krishna and meditating upon the following thought: "May the son of King Nanda become my husband." THIS IS A MANTRA WHICH GRANTS WONDERFUL HUSBAND FOR UNMARRIED GIRL AND FOR THE UNION OF JIVATMA WITH PRAMATMA.)

ushasi utthAya gotrai: svair anyonya Abaddha bAhava:
kRushNam uccai: jagu: yAntya: kAlindyAm snAtum anvaham 10.22.6

(Each day they rose at dawn. Calling out to one another by name, they all held hands and loudly sang the glories of Krishna while going to the Kalindi to take their bath. Thus they carried out the vratam with great devotion towards Krishna.)
Oh! kRushNa, [/tscii:2dd12a89e6]

10th January 2006, 09:09 AM
[tscii:409e6730f9]nadyAm kadAcit Agatya tIre nikshipya pUrvavat
vAsAmsi kRushNam gAyantyo vijahru: salile mudA 10.22.7

(One the last day of their vow (which happened to be a full moon day) they came to the riverbank and, put aside their clothes as usual and happily played in the water while singing the glories of Krishna.)

bhagavAn tat abhipretya kRunhNo yogeSvareSvara:
vayasyair AvRuta: tatra gatas tat karma siddhaye 10.22.8

(Lord Krishna, master of all masters of yoga (yogeSvareSvara), was perfectly aware of what the gopis were doing and more importantly with how much devotion they were carrying out this vow. Therefore He went there surrounded by His young companions to reward the gopis for worshipping him with so much devotion and love and at the same time test their devotion. (One thing that we must keep in mind is that like all other Krishna’s activities even this activity was a lesson for all of us on how to completely surrender to Krishna)) Please note the word yogeswara Iswara used by SriSukar here - he has absolute control and is the controller.

tAsAm vAsAmsi upAdAya nIpam Aruhya satvara:
hasadbhi: prahasan bAlai: parihAsam uvAca ha 10.22.9

(He then proceeded to take the girls' garments and quickly climbed to the top of a kadamba tree. Then, as He laughed loudly and His companions also laughed, He addressed the girls teasingly as follows:)

atra Agatya AbalA: kAmam svam svam vAsah pragRuhyatAm
satyam bravANi no narma yad yUyam vrata karSitA: 10.22.10

([Lord Krishna said:] My dear girls, each of you may come here and take back your garments. I'm telling you the truth and am not joking with you. Since I see you're fatigued from carrying out these austere vows. It was teh lord's call to grand them teh boon.)

The girls heard what Krishna had said to them. But their modesty would not allow them to leave the water and come take their clothes back while Krishna was watching on. So while the gopi’s were shivering in the cold water they said the following:

mAnayam bho: kRuthAs tvAm tu nanda gopa sutam priyam
jAnImo anga vraja SlAghyam dehi vAsAmsi vepitA: 10.22.14

([The gopis said:] Dear Krishna, don't be so cruel to us! We know that You are the son of Nanda and that You are honored by everyone in Vraja. You are also very dear to us. Please give us back our clothes since we are shivering in the cold water.)

SyAmasundara te dAsya: karavAma tavoditam
dehi vAsAmsi dharmajna no ced rAjne bruvAma he 10.22.15

(O Syamasundara, we are Your servants and must do whatever You say. But please give us back our clothing. You are the (dharmajna) knower of the dharma, and if You don't give us our clothes we will have to report you to the King. Thus the Gopi’s uses their tactics with Krishna and yet at the same time tried to appeal to his sense of right and wrong hoping to get the clothes back from Krishna.)
The Lord noticed their feeling 'you are different', 'we are different', 'Nanda is different' etc. More over, getting something out of HIM with a threat? Well, that is not going to work. If they had not use 'if not' he might have yielded there itself. IFs and BUTs are throns in the path of SaraNagati. [/tscii:409e6730f9]

10th January 2006, 09:11 AM
[tscii:f736c20392]Oh! I see! Are you threatening me? Please go and tell your king. If I give back your dresses the king will not believe you!! LORD TESTS TO PURIFY.

bhavatyo yadi me dAsyo mayoktam vA karishyatha
atrAgatya svavAsAmsi pratIcchantu SucismitA: 10.22.16

(Sree Krishna Said: If you girls are actually My devotees, and if you will really do what I say, then come here with your innocent smiles and let each girl pick out her clothes. If you don't do what I say, I won't give them back to you. And even if the king becomes angry, what can he do?
Upon hearing these words each and every one of those Gopi’s got out from that water shivering with cold. With a pure heart, they approached their Lord.)

bhagavAn Aha tA vIkShya Suddha bhAva prasAdita:
skandhe nidhAya vAsAmsi prIta: provAca sa smitam 10.22.18

(kRushNa saw how the gopis, who were almost dead due to embarrassment, came out of the water just because of their devotion for Krishna. He was satisfied by their pure loving affection. Putting their clothes on His shoulder, the Lord smiled and lovingly spoke to them as follows:)

yUyam vivastrA yat apo dhRuta vratA vyagAhat atat tat u deva helanam
baddhvAnjalim mUrdhni apanuttaye amhasa: kRutvA namo adho vasanam pragRuhyatAm 10.22.19

(He gave a prAyaScittam. You girls bathed naked while executing your vow, and that is certainly an offense against the Devas (varuNa and agni) Any vrata insulting the Devas will not fetch any result. To counteract your sin you should offer namaskArams placing your joined palms above your heads. Then you should take back your garments. In this manner Sree Krishna actually helped his devotees! (nAma sankIrttanam yasya sarva pApa praNASanam praNAmo du:kha Samana: tam namAmi harim param)

iti achyutena abhihita vrajAbalA matvA vivastrAplavanam vrata chyutim
tat pUrti kAmA: tat aSesha karmaNAm sAkshAt kRutam nemur avadya mRug yata: 10.22.20

(Thus the young gopi’s of Vrindavana, considering what Lord Achyuta had told them, accepted that they had made a mistake in their vow by bathing naked in the river. But they still desired to successfully complete their vow, and since Lord Krishna is Himself the ultimate result of all pious activities, they offered their prayers to Him to cleanse away all their sins.)

tA: tathA avanatA dRushTvA bhagavAn devakI suta:
vAsAmsi tAbhya: prAyacchat karuNa: tena toshita: 10.22.21

(Seeing them bow down like that, the supreme Lord Krishna, the son of Devaki, gave them back their garments, feeling compassionate toward them and satisfied by their act.)

Even though they had been teased by Krishna and had their clothes stolen by him they could find no fault with Him. Even when they were given their clothes back, they found themselves so enthralled by Krishna that they simply kept looking at him and praying to Him, and did not even move. Krishna was very pleased with their intense devotion for Him and said as follows:

sankalpo vidita: sAdhvyo bhavatInAm madarcanam
mayA anumodita: so asau satyo bhavitum arhati 10.22.25

(O saadhwi, I understand that your real motive in this austerity has been to worship Me. That intent of yours is approved of by Me, and therefore it must materialize. You deserve it and will happen.)

Oh! kRushNa, accept our satakoTi sAshTAnga namaskArams.

11th January 2006, 10:39 AM
[tscii:7635b3ae53]Oh! kRushNa, when have let your helpless, crying devotees down. We are not worthy of claiming 'yours'. But, you still hear us. SatakoTi namaskArams. All we can do is cry like kucela

tasya eva me sauhRuda sakhya maitrI
dAsyam puna: janmani janmani syAt
mahAnubhAvena guNAlayena
vishajjata: tat purusha prasanga:

(Oh! kRushNa give me the satsangham of your people, who are mahAnubhAvAs. Please bless me with love, friendship, friendship and service life after life to wards you and your devotees.)

na mayi AveSita dhiyAm kAma: kAmAya kalpate
bharjitA kvathitA dhAnA prAyo bIjAya neshyate 10.22.26

The desire of those who fix their minds on Me does not lead to material desire for sense gratification, just as grains burned by the sun and then cooked can no longer grow into new sprouts.
He blessed them by saying “Go now, and return to Vraja. Your desire is fulfilled, for in the coming nights you will enjoy my company. After all, this was the purpose of your vow to worship goddess Katyayani, O pure-hearted ones.”

iti AdiShTA bhagavatA labdha kAmA: kumArikA:
dhyAyantya: tat padAmbhojam kRucchrAn nirviviSur vrajam 10.22.28

(Sree Sukar said: Thus instructed by the Lord Krishna, the young girls whose desires were now fulfilled, could bring themselves only with great difficulty to return to the village of Vraja, meditating all the while upon His lotus feet.)

nidArghA arka Atape tigme chAyAbhi: svAbhir Atmana:
AtapatrAyitAn vIkshya drumAn Aha vrajaukasa: 10.22.30

(Some time later Lord Krishna surrounded by His cowherd friends and accompanied by His elder brother, Balarama, went a good distance away from Vrindavana, herding the cows. Then the sun's heat became intense, Lord Krishna saw that the trees were acting as umbrellas by shading Him, and thus He spoke as follows to His friends: “just see how great there trees are, whose lives are completely dedicated to the benefit of others. Even while tolerating the wind, rain, heat and snow, they protect us from these elements. ”)

etAvat janma sAphalyam dehinAm iha dehishu
prAnair arthair dhiyA vAcA Sreya eva Acaret sadA 10.22.35

(The way to make one’s life successful and meaningful is to perform welfare activities for the benefit of others with his life, wealth, intelligence and words. The bigger your heart is, the happier you would be. Nature is full of that love, prema.)

iti pravAla stabaka phala pushpa dalotkarai:
tarUNAm namra SAkhAnAm madhyan yamunAm gata: 10.22.36

(Sree Sukar then continued: Thus moving among the trees, whose branches were bent low by their abundance of twigs, fruits, flowers and leaves, Lord Krishna came to the Yamuna River.)

tatra gA: pAyayitvApa: su mRuShTA: SItalA: SivA:
tato nRupa svayam gopA: kAmam svAdu papur jalam 10.22.37

(The cowherd boys let the cows drink the clear, cool and wholesome water of the Yamuna. O King Parikchit, the cowherd boys themselves also drank that sweet water to their full satisfaction.)

12th January 2006, 10:35 AM
[tscii:1253175708]The cool water quenched their thirst. But, now kRushNa gave them the hunger! (Well, the director needs the inroduction for the next chapter. Catch anyone in vraj feeling hungry otherwise!)

rAma rAma mahAvIrya kRushNa dushTa nibarhaNa
eshA vai bAdhate kshunna: tat SAntim kartum arhatha: 10.23.1

(The cowherd boys said: O Rama, O Rama, O Brave one! O Krishna, destroyer of the wicked! We are being harassed by hunger, and You should do something about it. Well, we are also driven by hunger. If only we think of the divinity before taking care of hunger! kRushNa told them that this asura named 'hunger' need to be fed instead of killed.)

prayAta deva yajanam brAhmaNA brahma vAdina:
satram Angirasam nAma hi Asate svarga kAmyayA 10.23.3

([Lord Krishna said:] Please go to the sacrificial arena where a group of people are now performing a sacrifice known as Angirasa to gain entry to heaven (after death). What a strange thing. When the Lord has incarnated and there for them, they need a yAga to go to heaven. A bird jaTAyu behaved differently and Lord Rama sent him to HIS abode.)

iti AdishTA bhagavatA gatvA yAcanta te tathA
kRutAnjali *beep* viprAn danDavat patitA bhuvi 10.23.5

(Thus instructed by Krishna, the cowherd boys went there and submitted their request.

he bhUmi devA: SRuNuta kRushNasya AdeSa kAriNa:
prAptAn jAnIta bhadram vo gopAn no rAma coditAn 10.23.6

([The cowherd boys said:] O bhumi deva’s, please hear us. We cowherd boys are here upon the orders of Krishna and Balarama. We wish all good for you. In this manner they very humbly and respectfully greeted the people who conducted yagna)

gAS cArayantA avidUra odanam rAmAcyutau vo lashato bubhukshitau
tayor dvijA odanam arthinor yadi SraddhA ca vo yacchata dharma vittamA: 10.23.7

(Lord Rama and Lord Acyuta are tending Their cows not far from here. They are hungry and want you to give Them some of your food. Therefore, O best among the knower of dharma (feeding a hungry stomach is one of the well known dharma) , if you have any faith please give some food to Them. All they wanted was a food to put off their hunger. They did not ask for fresh offerings, which should have been offered by them.)

dIkshAyA: paSu samsthAyA: sautrAmaNyAS ca sattamA:
anyatra dIkshitasyApi na annam aSnan hi duShyati 10.23.8

(it is not contaminating to partake of food, at least in sacrifices other than the Sautramani and where sacrificing animals in not involved. The Gopa’s pointed out to the priests that by providing them with food they were not breaking any rituals; in fact what could be a greater good than providing Krishna with food.)

tam brahma paramam sAkshAt bhagavantam adhokshajam
manushya dRushTyA dushprajnA martyAtmAno na menire 10.23.11

(Although the ingredients of sacrificial performance - the place, time, particular paraphernalia, mantras, rituals, priests, fires, gods, performer, offering and the as yet unseen beneficial results - are all simply aspects of Lord Krishna, the priests saw Lord Krishna as an ordinary human being. The foolish priests identified their mortal bodies with themselves and thus failed to recognize that Krishna is the Supreme Absolute Truth, the Lord Vishna, whom one cannot ordinarily perceive with physical senses. Thus bewildered by their false identification with the mortal body, they did not show Him proper respect. This is also bhagavat lIla.)

na te yat om iti procure na neti ca parantapa
gopA nirASA: pratyetya tatha ucu: kRuShNa rAmayo: 10.23.12

(Sree Sukar continued: When the priests failed to reply even with a simple yes or no, O chastiser of the enemy [King Parikchit], the cowherd boys returned disappointed to Krishna and Rama and reported this to Them. This is a sin. They made the boys wait instead of giving a reply.) [/tscii:1253175708]

12th January 2006, 10:37 AM
The boys dutifully went and reported the news to kRushNa. Tell HIM anything, HE has a solution. All we need is the belief that HE is our santata sahacAri (one who walks with us always).

tat upAkarNya bhagavAn prahasya jagat Iswara:
vyAjahAra puna: gopAn darSayan loukikIm gatim 10.23.13

(BhagavAN kRushNa listened to their hurt feelings and gave a beautiful smile. He told them the general trend of the world. Once you approach for help, there is no need to get hurt and we should keep knocking until we get what we are looking for.

mAm jnApayata patnIbhya: sasankarshaNam Agatam
dAsyanti kAmam annam va: snigdhA: mayi ushitA: dhiyA: 10.23.14

(Oh! Friends, don't lose heart. Please go and tell them that kRushNa and BalarAma are here. They are constantly thinking about me. Just tell them, they will give you plenty of food. How does kRushNa know? HE IS ANTARYAMI. They are tuned to him the yajna priests were stuck with their rituals and forgot the Lord.)

They approached the yajna ptnIs. A mother knows a child's hunger better. The kids caught their attention. They told them that they arrived there as per the request of kRushNa. Enough, they forgot everything else. 'oh! mothers, we walked too far. We are hungry. Can you give please give some food for kRushNa and his followers? These ladies were for years to see the wonderful kRushNa, but the pride of the priests did not let them take ladies to bRundAvan. They got very excited. When the call come from the Lord, how can one resist? They collected all the food they had prepared for the yajna and rushed. The priests could not stop them. There they saw that beautiful scene. What a lovely kRushNa!!

13th January 2006, 09:55 AM
While the priests educated in the vedic scriptures showed no respect or love for Krishna; the wives of the priests were always eager to see Krishna, for their minds had been enchanted by descriptions of Him. Thus as soon as they heard that He had come, they became very excited. Taking along in large vessels the four kinds of foods, full of fine tastes and aromas, all the ladies went forth to meet their beloved, just as rivers flow toward the sea. Although their husbands, brothers, sons and other relatives tried to forbid them from going, their desire to have the darshan of Krishna was so strong that they won out. Along the river Yamuna, within a garden decorated with buds of ashoka trees, they caught sight of Him strolling along in the company of the cowherd boys and His elder brother, Balarama.

SyAmam hiraNya paridhim vanamAlya barha dhAtu pravAla naTa vesham anuvratAmse
vinyasta hastam itareNa dhunAnam abjam karma utpalAlaka kapola mukhAbja hAsam 10.23.22

(His complexion was dark blue and His garment golden. Wearing a peacock feather, colored minerals, sprigs of flower buds, and a garland of beautiful forest flowers and leaves, He was dressed just like a dancer. He rested one hand upon the shoulder of a friend and with the other twirled a lotus. Lilies graced His ears, His hair hung down over His cheeks, and His lotus like face was smiling.

prAya: Sruta priyatama udaya karma pUrair yasmin nimagna manasa: tam athAkshi randhrai:
antah praveSya suciram parirabhya tApam prAjnam yathAbhimatayo vijahur narendra 10.23.23

(O ruler of men (narendra ), for a long time these virtuous ladies had heard about Krishna, their beloved, and His glories had become the constant ornaments of their ears. Indeed, their minds were always absorbed in Him. Through their eyes they allowed Krishna to enter within their hearts, and then they embraced Him within for a long time. In this way they finally gave up the pain of separation from Him, just as sages give up their ego by embracing their innermost consciousness.)

tAs tathA tyakta sarvASA: prAptA Atma didRukshayA
vijnAyAkhila dRug drashTA prAha prahasitAnanah 10.23.24

(Lord Krishna, who witnesses the thoughts of all creatures, understood how those ladies had abandoned all worldly desires and come there simply to see Him. Thus He addressed them as follows with a smile upon His face.)

svAgatam vo mahA bhAgA AsyatAm karavAma kim
yan no didRukshayA prAptA upapannam idam hi va: 10.23.25

(Welcome, O most fortunate ladies. Please sit down and make yourselves comfortable. What can I do for you? That you have come here to see Me is most appropriate.)

tat yAta deva yajanam patayo vo dvijAtaya:
sva satram pArayiShyanti yushmAbhi: gRuha medhina: 10.23.28

(You should thus return to the sacrificial arena, because your husbands, are householders and need your assistance to finish their respective sacrifices.)

13th January 2006, 09:58 AM
[tscii:ca6eacc1b9]Let us also join the Lucky 'mahAbhAgA' yajna patnIs.
kRushNa blessed them by his darSan. Let them feed him and all his friends (bhAgavatAs) and said, "now you go back"!

maivam vibho arhati bhavAn gaditum nRuSamsam satyam kurushva nigamam tava pada mUlam
prAptA vayam tulasi dAma padAvasRuShTam keSair nivoDhum atilanghya samasta bandhUn 10.23.29

(The wives O Lord, please do not speak such cruel words. Rather, please fulfill Your words written in Vedas that “He who attains me does not have to return back”. Now that we have attained Your lotus feet, we simply wish to remain here in the forest so we may carry upon our heads the garlands of tulasi leaves that You might have neglectfully kicked away with Your lotus feet. We are ready to give up all material relationships. We have disobeyed all our relatives and please don't sned us back to them, oh! karuNAmoorthy.)

gRuhNanti no na pataya: pitarau sutA vA na bhrAtRu bandhu suhRuda: kuta eva cAnye
tasmAd bhavat prapadayo: patitAtmanAm na: na anyA bhavet gatir arindama tat vidhehi 10.23.30

(Our husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, other relatives and friends will no longer take us back, and how could anyone else be willing to give us shelter? Therefore, since we have thrown ourselves at Your lotus feet and have no other destination, please, O destroyer of enemies, grant our desire.)

na prItaye anurAgAya hi anga sango nRuNAm iha
tan mano mayi yunjAnA acirAt mAm avApsyatha 10.23.32

(Lord Krishna replied: Rest assured that your husbands will not be inimical toward you, nor will your fathers, brothers, sons, other relatives or the general populace. Once you have been accepted by me; you have won over the approval of even all gods. Anyway for you to remain in close physical proximity to Me is not the best way to increase your love for Me. Rather, you should fix your minds on Me, and very soon you will achieve Me.)

bhagavAn api govinda: tenaiva annena gopakAn
catur vidhena ASayitvA svayam ca bubhuje prabhu: 10.23.35

(Sree Sukar said: Thus instructed, the wives returned to the place of sacrifice. The priests did not find any fault with their wives, and together with them they finished the sacrifice. Govinda, the Supreme Lord, fed the cowherd boys the food (of four varieties) that was offered by the virtuous ladies. Then the all-powerful Lord Himself ate the food offered to Him.)

dRushTvA strINAm bhagavati kRushNe bhaktim alaukikIm
AtmAnam ca tayA hInam anutapA vyagarhayan 10.23.38

(Taking note of their wives' pure devotion and unconditional love for Lord Krishna, and seeing their own lack of devotion, the priests felt most sorrowful and began to repent. Why won't they who are nto as lucky to offerself to teh divinity? Many times, teh pride, ego etc. keep one away from the Lord. One who hears TEH CALL can not be stopped either.)

athApi hi uttama Sloke kRushNe yogeSvareSvare
bhakti: dRudhA na cAsmAkam samskArAdimatAm api 10.23.43

([The priests said:] Fie upon our threefold birth, our vow of celibacy and our extensive learning! Fie upon our aristocratic background and our expertise in the rituals of sacrifice! These are all useless since we do not have love and devotion for Krishna. These women have never undergone the various rites , nor have they lived as brahmacaris in the ashrama of a spiritual master, nor have they performed yagnas or speculated on the nature of the self, followed the formalities of cleanliness or engaged in pious rituals. Nevertheless, they have firm devotion for Lord Krishna, who is the supreme master of all masters of all Yoga’s. We, on the other hand, have no such devotion for the Lord, although we have executed all these processes.)
They felt even more as they can't make an effort to see kRushNa as they are afraid of kRushNa. Yes! While enjoying the bRundAvana lIla, we have kind of forgotten our 'KAMSA'. So, Sri Sukar makes sure that we remember him and the Lord's mission. [/tscii:ca6eacc1b9]

17th January 2006, 08:51 AM
[tscii:09c8553e10]Well, HE is antaryAmi and whenever the pride (which is aasuric guNa) lifts its head, HE plans to conquer it. Anyone who is tuned to divinity will feel the same. praSamAya prasAdAya to put an end to but to bless!

bhagavAn api tatraiva baladevena samyuta:
apaSyan nivasan gopAn indra yAga kRutodyamAn 10.24.1

(One day Lord Krishna who was with his elder brother Baladeva happened to see the cowherd men busily arranging for a sacrifice to Indra. They were carrying loads and loads of pUja materials and prasAdams. Very innocent, HE wanted to know the reason.)

kathyatAm me pita: ko ayam sambhramo va upAgata:
kim phalam kasya coddeSa: kena vA sAdhyate makha: 10.24.3

(Being the omniscient God, the Lord Krishna already understood the situation, yet He still humbly inquired to His father, Nanda Gopa as follows:
“My dear father, please explain to Me what is going on here; I see a flurry of activity. What is it meant to accomplish? For whose satisfaction is this yaga intended?”)

jnatvA ajnAtvA ca karmANi jano ayam anutishThati
vidusha: karma siddhi: syAt tathA nAvidusho bhavet 10.24.6

(Please tell Me about it, O father. I have a great desire to know and am ready to listen to you. Certainly, no secrets are to be kept by saints, who see all others as equal to themselves, who have no concept of "mine” or "another's" and who do not differentiate between a friend, an enemy and someone who is neutral. When people in this world perform activities, sometimes they understand what they are doing and sometimes they don't. Those who know what they are doing achieve success in their work, whereas ignorant people do not.)

parjanyo bhagavAn indro meghA: tasyAtma mUrtaya:
te abhivarshanti bhUtAnAm prINanam jIvanam paya: 10.24.8

(Nanda Gopa replied: The great Lord Indra is the controller of the rain. It is the clouds that provide rainwater, which gives happiness and sustenance to all living creatures.)

tat SesheNa upajIvanti tri varga phala hetave
pumsAm purusha kArANAm parjanya: phala bhAvana: 10.24.10

(We offer him (Indra) grain and other substances produced due to the rains that have been released by him. It is because of Indra that, people sustain their lives and accomplish the threefold aims of religious merit, economic development and worldly procession. In this way it is Indra who yields the fruits (in the shape of a bumper crop) of men’s efforts.)
Let us wait to hear ‘modern views’ from kRushNa.

Oh! kRushna. If you are looking for pride in Indra, where are we? That Is why you keep great souls around to gently remind us our fault to correct ourselves. [/tscii:09c8553e10]

17th January 2006, 08:54 AM
Use the theory that works! "I am THE LORD. LISTEN" Would work. But, then what will happen to the bala lIla that HE plans? So, he wants to be very subtle! So, don't buy this theory now. It is only for HIM - like the 'stealing yogam'. Anyone else, will turn around 180 degrees sometime in this life or in future.

karmaNA jAyate jantu: karmaNaiva vilIyate
sukham duhkham bhayam kshemam karmaNaiva abhipadyate 10.24.13

(Lord Krishna said: It is by the force of karma alone that a living entity takes birth, and it is by karma alone that he meets his destruction. His happiness, distress, fear and sense of security all arise as the effects of karma.)

asti ced ISvara: kaScit phala rUpi anya karmaNAm
kartAram bhajate so api na hi akartu: prabhur hi sa: 10.24.14

(Even if there is some supreme ruler who awards all results of their activities, He must also depend upon a performer's engaging in activity. After all if there is a person who does no activity at all then even this supreme ruler has no control over him.)

kim indreNeha bhUtAnAm sva sva karmAnuvartinAm
anISenAnyathA kartum svabhAva vihitam nRuNAm 10.24.15

(Living beings in this world are forced to experience the consequences of their own past actions. All individuals born perform actions guided by their svabhava with which they are born. However Indra has no power to change the svabhava (behavioral tendencies) of beings; so why do you worship him?)

svabhAva tantro hi jana: svabhAvam anuvartate
svabhAvastham idam sarvam sa deva asura mAnuSham 10.24.16

(Every individual is under the control of his own svabhava, and thus he must follow that nature with which he is born. This entire universe, with all its gods, demons and human beings, is based on the svabhava of the living entities.)

tasmAt sampUjayet karma svabhavastha: sva karma kRut
anjasA yena varteta tat evAsya hi daivatam 10.24.18

(A person should remain in the position corresponding to his nature and should perform his own duty to the best of his abilities. Indeed one should worship work itself.)

sattvam raja: tama iti sthiti utpatti anta hetava:
rajasa utpadyate viSvam anyonyam vividham jagat 10.24.22

(The three gunas Sattva (goodness), Rajas (passion) and Tamas (ignorance) are the causes of creation, maintenance and destruction of this universe. In particular, the mode of Rajas (passion) populated this universe through the union of a male and female causing it to become full of variety.)

These are words the LORD is using only to put an end to indra's pride.

18th January 2006, 08:47 AM
Beware! One can follow Rama blindly. When it comes to kRushNa, read in between lines and follow only what is right for you (the rest are only for kRushNa!). Live like Rama and do constant dhyAnam of kRushNa lIla. Perfect yoga.

rajasA coditA meghA varshanti ambUni sarvata:
prajA: tair eva sidhyanti mahendra: kim karishyati 10.24.23

(It is because of the rajo guna of the parkriti that the clouds pour down their rain everywhere. It is by this rain that all creatures gain their sustenance. But what has the great Indra to do with any of this? Law of nature!)

na na: puro janapadA na grAmA na gRuhA vayam
vanaukasas tAta vana Saila nivAsina: 10.24.24

(My dear father, our home is not in the cities or towns or villages. Being forest dwellers, we always live in the forest and on the hills. We are surrounded by great nature, govardhan mountain.... and leaving all these you want to worship Devendra whom we can't even see?)

tasmAd gavAm brAhmaNAnAm adre: ca ArabhyatAm makha:
ya indra yAga sambhArA: tair ayam sAdhyatAm makha: 10.24.25

(Therefore let us conduct a yaga for the cows, and Govardhana Hill! With the same paraphernalia collected for worshiping Indra, let this sacrifice be performed instead.)

pacyantAm vividhA: pAkA: sUpAntA: pAyasAdaya:
samyAvA ApUpa Sashkulya: sarva doha: ca gRuhyatAm 10.24.26

(Let many different kinds of food be cooked, from rice boiled with milk and sugar (pAyasam!) down to boiled pulses including samyavA (kind of porridge made of wheat flour with milk; ghee etc)! And all the available milk should be taken for this sacrifice. No dilution at this stage! Indra will take care of it after govardhan consumes it!)

anyebhya: ca ASva cAndAla patitebhyo yathA arhata:
yavasam ca gavAm dattvA giraye dIyatAm bali: 10.24.28

(You must give appropriate food to everyone else, including dogs, and other suffering souls. You should also give grass to the cows and then present your respectful offerings to Govardhana Mountain.)

etan mama matam tAta kriyatAm yadi rocate
ayam go brAhmaNa adrINAm mahyam ca dayito makha: 10.24.30

(This is My suggestion, O father, and you may carry it out if it appeals to you. Such a sacrifice will be very dear to the cows,and Govardhana Hill, and also to ME. PLEASE READ THIS "ME" AS "SUPREME". Once that Supreme is satisfied, the whole universe is satisfied. Whether Indra likes it or not he has to pour. It is his duty. WHEN THE BOSS SAYS WHO CAN QUESTION? WELL QUESTIONA AND FACE CONSEQUENCES.)

18th January 2006, 08:49 AM
[tscii:6ea3e5e548]upahRutya balIn samyan AdRutA yavasam gavAm
go dhanAni puraskRutya girim cakru: pradakshiNam 3.24.33

(The villagers then did all that Madhusudana had suggested. They arranged for the brahmanas to recite the auspicious Vedic mantras, and using the paraphernalia that had been intended for Indra's yagna, they presented offerings to Govardhana Hill .They also gave grass to the cows. Then, placing the cows, bulls and calves in front of them, they circumambulated Govardhana.)

anAmsi anadud yuktAni te cAruhya sva alankRutA:
gopya: ca kRushNa vIryANi gAyantya: sa dvijASisha: 3.24.34

(As the beautifully ornamented gopi’s followed along, riding on wagons drawn by oxen, they sang the glories of Lord Krishna, and their songs mingled with the brahmana’s chanting of Vedic mantra’s.)

kRushNa: tu anyatamam rUpam gopa viSrambhaNam gata:
Sailo asmIti bruvan bhUri balim Adad bRuhad vapu: 3.24.35

(Krishna then assumed a (separate form from Himself so that there were now two copies of Krishna) huge form to instill faith in the cowherd men. Declaring "I am Govardhana Mountain!" He ate the offerings that were offered to the Govardhana.)

tasmai namo vraja janai: saha cakra AtmanAtmane
aho paSyata Sailo asau rUpI no anugraham vyadhAt 3.24.36

(Together with the people of Vraja, the Lord bowed down to this form of Govardhana Hill, thus in effect offering prayers to Himself. Then He said, "Look how this mountain has appeared in person and bestowed mercy upon us!”)

esho avajAnato martyAn kAma rUpI vanaukasa:
hanti hi asmai namasyAma: SarmaNe Atmano gavAm 3.24.37

("This Govardhana Hill, can assume any form he wishes and will kill any residents of the forest who disrespect him. Therefore let us offer our prayers to him for the safety of ourselves and our cows.")

iti adri go dvija makham vAsudeva praNoditA:
yathA vidhAya te gopA: saha kRushNA vrajam yayu: 3.24.38

(Thus the villagers were inspired by Vasudeva to perform the worship Of Govardhana Mountain Instead Of Indra and they carried out Krishna’s wishes to the best of their abilities. After worshipping the great mountain the villagers; cows and the brahmana’s returned back to the village.) [/tscii:6ea3e5e548]

19th January 2006, 09:45 AM
indras tadA Atmana: pUjAm vijnAya vihatAm nRupa
gopebhya: kRushNa nAthebhyo nandAdibhyaS cukopa ha 10.25.1

(Sree Sukar said: My dear King Parikshit, when Indra understood that his sacrifice had been put aside, he became furious with Nanda Gopa and his men, who had accepted Krishna as their protector. )

gaNam sAmvartakam nAma meghAnAm cAnta kArINAm
indra: pracodayat kruddho vAkyam cAheSa mAni uta 10.25.2

(Angry Indra sent forth the destructive clouds known as Samvartaka (These clouds are usually released only during the dissolution of the universe). Imagining himself the supreme ruler, he spoke as follows.

aho SrI mada mAhAtmyam gopAnAm kAnanaukasAm
kRushNam martyam upASritya ye cakrur deva helanam 10.25.3

([Indra said:] Just see how these cowherd men living in the forest have become so greatly intoxicated by their prosperity! They have surrendered to an ordinary human being, Krishna, and thus they have offended me!? When 'pride' and 'power' gets heavier, 'poise' vanish!)

yathA adRuDhai: karma mayai: kratubhi: nAma nau nibhai:
vidyAm AnvIkshikIm hitvA titIrShanti bhavArNavam 10.25.4

(Their taking shelter in Krishna is just like the foolish attempt of men who abandon true knowledge of the self and instead try to cross over the great ocean of material existence in the false boats of ritual sacrifices.)

vAcAlam bAliSam stabdham ajnam pandita mAninam
kRushNam martyam upASritya gopA me cakrur apriyam 10.25.5

(These cowherd men have acted inimically toward me by taking shelter of this ordinary human being, Krishna, who thinks Himself very wise but who is actually a foolish, arrogant, over talkative child. These words from Devendra?? This hiding pride that our kRushNa wants to crush.)

aham ca airAvatam nAgam AruhyAnuvraje vrajam
marud-ganair mahA vegair nanda goshTha jighAmsayA 10.25.7

([To the clouds of destruction King Indra said:] The prosperity of these people has made them mad with pride, and their arrogance is backed up by Krishna. Now go and remove their pride and bring their animals to destruction.
I will follow you to Vraja, riding on my elephant Airavata and taking with me the swift and powerful wind-gods to decimate the cowherd village of Nanda Gopa)

19th January 2006, 09:45 AM
manushyatvam yAto madhubhit api deveshu avinayam
vidhatte cet nashTa tridaSa sadasAm ko api mahimA
tataSca dwamsishye paSupahatakasya Sriyam iti
pravRuttastvAm jetum sa kila maghavA durmada nidhi: N.62.8

(Devendra thundered, "Even if you are the destroyer of demon Madhu, once you have assumed the human form (Indra is still thinking about maryAtApurush rAmaavatAr, though that was in the previous Yuga!), you better respect the group of Devas. If not their their glory will go down! Oh! I will put an end to this! (Now blind with pride!) The richness has spoiled these cowherd and they are listening to this useless little cowherd boy! Let me take the punitive measure in the beginning itself! Oh! kRushNa, Guruvaayoorappa, where is Indra's prowess infront of your splendor? Who will put an end to whom? To what? HE WILL DECIDE)

19th January 2006, 09:48 AM
[tscii:76942d9847]vidyotamAnA vidyudbhi: stananta: stanayitnubhi:
tIvrai: marudgaNai: nunnA vavRuShur jala SarkarA: 10.25.9

(Propelled by the fearsome wind-gods, the clouds blazed with lightning bolts and roared with thunder as they hurled down hailstones and massive drops of rain. Whether the other Devas liked it or not, they had to follow the line of command!)

sthUNA sthUlA varsha dhArA muncatsu abhreshu abhIkshNaSa:
jalaughai: plAvyamAnA bhU: nAdRuSyata natonnatam 10.25.10

(As the clouds released torrents of rain as thick as massive columns, the earth was submerged in the flood, and high ground could no longer be distinguished from low.)

ati AsArAti vAtena paSavo jAta vepanA:
gopA gopyaS ca SItArttA govindam SaraNam yayu: 10.25.11

(The cows and other animals were shivering from the excessive rain and wind. Gopa’s and the Gopi’s who were also troubled by this cold and rain all approached Lord Govinda their protector for shelter.)

Sira: sutAn ca kAyena pracchAdyAsAra pIditA:
vepamAnA bhagavata: pAda mUlam upAyayu: 10.25.12

(Trembling from the distress brought about by the severe rainfall, and trying to cover their calves with their own bodies, the cows approached the lotus feet of the Krishna. I wish most of TN did that instead of taking refuge in the wicked media.)

kRushNa kRushNa mahA bhAga tvan nAtham gokulam prabho
trAtum arhasi devAn na: kupitAd bhakta vatsala 10.25.13

([The Gopa’s and the Gopi’s women addressed the Lord:] Krishna, Krishna, O most fortunate (mahA bhAga) one, please deliver the cows from the wrath of Indra! O Lord, You are so affectionate to Your devotees. Please save us also. LET US HAVE THE FAITH THAT HE WILL SAVE WHO SURRENDERS TO HIM.)

tatra pratividhim samyag Atma yogena sAdhaye
lokeSa mAninAm maudhyAd dhanishye SrI madam tama: 10.25.16

(kRushNa bhagavAn started HIS promise. LET US HEAR IT VERY CAREFULLY. By My divine power I will completely counteract this disturbance caused by Indra. God’s like Indra are proud of their power, and out of their false ego they falsely consider themselves the Lord of the universe. I will now destroy such ignorance and arrogance.) [/tscii:76942d9847]

24th January 2006, 09:29 AM
In an island in kshIrAbdhi, there is beautiful mountain called trikUDa. This mountain and its valley highly are blessed by mother nature. There lived a King of elephants who protected all the gentle animals while terrified all the cruels. On a hot summer, Gajendra was sporting in the forest with his wives. They got tormeneted by the heat. They walked as much as they could and fortunately came to a lake filled with lotus. With absolutely no respect for mother nature, they drank and spurted water all over. In that rejoicing, he did not see the danger awaiting for him.

tam tatra kaScit nRupa daivacodita: grAho balIyAn caraNe rushA agrahIt
yadRucchaya evam vyasanam gata: gaja: yathAbalam sa: atibalo vicakrame 8.2.27

(Oh! King, there is something called the daiva Sakti. Prompted by that, a strong crocordile grabbed gajendra's foot. The stronger elephant tried his best to escape from this unexpected strong grip. We are all stuck in this horrible grip of kaalam as well as............)

Other female elephants cried. Male elephants tried their best to pull. But, the grip was so strong that everybody felt helpless. So, are we. But, we are all looking for help from above while praying for the success of others who are trying hard. thousand years passed by. Both Gajendra and the crocodile are alive, still the tug of war continued. Devas and animals wondered. Gajendra wondered what is hodling him from death even! Suddenly his previous life's sadhana prompted him to surrender to the supreme. Oh! GajendravaradA, this incidence happened in Devalokam so 1000 years is nothing. We are in marttya lokam. So, please force your garuDaf ly faster.

Let us all surrender to that supreme power

om namo bhagavate tasmai yata etat cidAtmakam
purushAya Adi bIjAya pareSAya abhidhImahi 8.3.2

(I medidate upon and offer namaskArams to that bhagavAn who is the life of everything, who is the dweller inside all, who is the prakRuti, who is the supreme.)

yasmin idam yata: ca idam yena idam ya idam swayam
ya: asmAt parasmAt ca ca para: tam prapadye swayambhuvam 8.3.3

(This universe is HIM. It came from HIM. It came becasue of HIM. HE is above everything. surrender to that LORD who is swayambhu (who is born from self). IF ONE HAS THAT ABSOLUTE FAITH WILL THEY EVER DARE TO LIE? SEE HOW SPIRITUALLY ADVANCED THIS GAJENDRA IS.)

ya: swAtmani idam nijamAyayA arppitam kvacit vibhAtam kwa ca tat tirohitam
aviddha dRuk sAkshi ubhayam tat Ikshate sa AtmamUlo avatu mAm parAtpara: 8.3.4

(Using his own Maya and thought HE brings out the universe from within during creation and consumes it during dissolution. He is self luminant and illuminates the universe. with his impeccable sight he observes both prakRuti and Universe as a wirness. May that supreme who is the soul of everything and who is above everything, protect me/us.)

24th January 2006, 09:31 AM
[tscii:787a142dfd]na hi sat bhAva yuktAnAm surANAm ISa vismaya:
matto asatAm mAna bhanga: praSamAyopakalpate 10.25.17

(Gods (such as Indra etc) are supposed to be full of positive qualities. Negative qualities such as arrogance and pride (Indra considers himself to be the ruler of this universe) is certainly not appropriate for them.. When I seek to destroy this false pride of those bereft of goodness, My only purpose is to correct them and make them learn from their mistakes. )

tasmAn mat SaraNam goshTham mannAtham matparigraham
gopAye svAtma yogena so ayam me vrata Ahita: 10.25.18

(I must therefore protect the gopa’s and the gopi’s by My power, for I am their shelter, I am their master, and indeed they are My own family. After all, I have taken a vow to protect My devotees. (Krishna always delivers his promises; so He has to protect those who surrender to Him.) Lord Rama also says the same thing during vibhIshaNa SaraNAgati)

ity uktvaikena hastena kRutvA govardhanAcalam
dadhAra lIlayA kRushNaS chatrAkam iva bAlaka: 10.25.19

(Having said this, Lord Krishna, who is Lord Vishnu Himself, picked up Govardhana mountain with one hand and held it aloft, as an umbrella, just as easily as a child holds up a mushroom. What an easy job for the creator who lifted the whole earth in His canine teeth as the VarAham!)

na trAsa iha va: kAryo mad hastAdri nipAtatne
vAta varsha bhayenAlam tat trANam vihitam hi va: 10.25.21

(You should have no fear that this mountain will fall from My hand. And don't be afraid of this fearsome wind and thunderous rain, for your deliverance from these sufferings has already been arranged.
Their minds thus pacified by Lord Krishna, they all entered beneath the hill, where they found ample room for themselves and all their cows, wagons, servants and priests.)

kshut tRud vyathAm sukhApekshAm hitvA tair vraja vAsibhi:
vIkshyamANo dadhAvadrim saptAham nAcalat padAt 10.25.23

(When Lord Krishna is there who will remeber hunger and thirst and personal comforts? He stood there holding up the hill for seven days as the people of Vraja gazed upon Him lovingly.)

govardhana giridhara lAl kI jai!

When Indra observed this exhibition of Lord Krishna's power, he became most astonished. He realized that this is no ordinary boy and realizing his mistake he ordered the clouds to stop pouring down on land of Vraja.

kham vyabhram uditAdityam vAta varsham ca dAruNam
niSamyoparatam gopAn govardhana dharo abravIt 10.25.25

Seeing that the fierce wind and rain had now ceased and that the sky had become clear of dark rain clouds and the bright sun had risen, Lord Krishna, the lifter of Govardhana mountain, spoke to the cowherd community as follows.)

Oh! kRushNa, please have mercy on us, we offer ourselves to you. [/tscii:787a142dfd]

24th January 2006, 09:33 AM
[tscii:d6ca624b8e]niryAta tyajata trAsam gopA: sa strI dhanArbhakA:
upAratam vAta varsham vyuda prAyAS ca nimnagA: 10.25.26

([Lord Krishna said:] My dear Gopa’s, please go out with your wives, children and possessions. There is no cause to fear since the wind and rain have stopped, and the rivers' high waters have subsided. Oh! kRushNa, when are you going to say this again? You prove this again and again and we still keep asking. Give us the unshakable devotion kRushNa.)

bhagavAn api tam Sailam sva sthAne pUrva vat prabhu:
paSyatAm sarva bhUtAnAm sthApayAmAsa lIlayA 10.25.28

(After collecting their cows and loading their belongings into their wagons, the cowherd men went out. The women, children and elderly persons gradually followed them.
While others looked on, Lord Krishna put down the hill in its original place, just as it had stood before.)

tam prema vegAn nirbhritA vrajaukaso yathA samIyu: parirambhaNAdibhi:
gopya: ca sa sneham apUjayan mudA dadhi akshatAdbhi: yuyuju: sadASisha: 10.25.29

(All the residents of Vrindavana were overwhelmed with ecstatic love, and they came forward and greeted Sree Krishna according to their individual relationships with Him - some embracing Him, others bowing down to Him, and so forth. The gopi’s presented water mixed with yogurt and akshata, and they showered it upon Him. They even thought that it is their blessing that gave HIM the strength. Didn't Valmiki say the same thing - "May my ramayaNam give strength to Rama"? The sambandh that a bhakt holds with the LORd is so strong.

yaSodA rohiNI nando rAmaS ca balinAm vara:
kRushNam Alingya yuyuju: ASisha: sneha kAtarA: 10.25.30

(Mother Yashoda, mother Rohini, father Nanda Gopa and Balarama, the bravest among all, embraced Krishna. They were overcome with love for Krishna and offered Him their blessings.)

tato anuraktai: paSupai: pariSrito rAjan sa goShTham sa balo svrajad hari:
tathA vidhAni asya kRutAni gopikA gAyantya Iyu: muditA hRudi spRuSa: 10.25.33

(In the heavens, all the gods, including the Siddhas, Gandharvas and Caranas, sang the praises of Lord Krishna and showered down flowers.
Surrounded by His loving cowherd friends and Lord Balarama, Krishna then went off to the forest to attend to His cows. The cowherd girls returned to their houses, singing joyfully about the lifting of Govardhana Hill and other glorious deeds performed by Lord Krishna. Their hearts were filled with intense joy and devotion towards Krishna.) [/tscii:d6ca624b8e]

25th January 2006, 11:07 AM
BhagavAn keeps exhibiting his 'bhagavattvam'. But, their prema hides the jnAnam. Here is wondeful bAlalIla summarized by gopas.

Sree Sukar said: The cowherd men were astonished when they saw Krishna's activities, such as lifting Govardhana Hill. Unable to understand His true nature, they approached Nanda Gopa and spoke as follows.

bAlakasya yad etAni karmANi ati adbhutAni vai
katham arhati asau janma grAmyeshu Atma jugupsitam 10.26.2

(Since this boy performs such extraordinary activities (karmANi ati adbhutAni), how could He warrant a birth among worldly men like us - a birth that for Him would seem contemptible?)

ya: sapta hAyano bAla: kareNaikena lIlayA
katham bibhrad giri varam pushkaram gajarAdiva 10.26.3

(How could this seven-year-old boy playfully hold up the great Govardhana Mountain with one hand, just as a mighty elephant holds up a lotus flower?)

tokenAmIlitAksheNa pUtanAyA mahaujasa:
pIta: stana: saha prAnai: kAleneva vayas tano: 10.26.4

(As a mere infant who had hardly yet opened His eyes, He drank the breast milk of the powerful rakshasi Putana and then sucked out her very life force as well, just as the force of time sucks out the youth of one's body.)

hinvato adha: SayAnasya mAsyasya caraNAu udak
ano apatad viparyastam rudata: prapadAhatam 10.26.5

(Once, when only three months old, little Krishna was crying and kicking up His feet as He lay beneath a huge cart. Then the cart fell and turned upside-down simply because it was struck by the tip of His toe.)

eka hAyana AsIno hRuyamANo vihAyasA
daityena yas tRuNAvartam ahan kanTha grahAturam 10.26.6

(At the age of one, while sitting peacefully He was taken up into the sky by the demon Trinavarta (who appeared as a tornado). But baby Krishna grabbed the demon's neck, causing him great pain, and thus killed him. (How could an ordinary one year old baby kill a powerful demon when even the strongest people of this land cannot kill him?))

kva sapta hAyano bAla: kva mahAdri vidhAraNam
tato no jAyate SankA vraja nAtha tavAtmaje 10.26.14

(On the one hand this boy is only seven years old, and on the other we see that He has lifted the great Govardhana Mountain. Therefore, O King of Vraja, a doubt about your son has arisen within us.)

Imagine the father who is hearing his son's glory! What really surprised them was 'how come this Nanda baba is not trumpeting his child's greatness?' (May be he has no time but to wonder or absolute humility?)

25th January 2006, 11:08 AM
kAlena pancattvam iteshu kRutsnaSa: lokeshu pAleshu ca sarva hetushu
tama: tadA AsIt gahanam gabhIram ya: tasya pAre abhivirAjate vibhu: 8.3.5

(At the end, when everything ends - the whole world, the protectors, the whole universe enter into the deepest darkness. But, beyond that the Lord stays in spendor. I bow to that Supreme.)

na yasya devA Rushaya: padam vidu: jantu: puna: ko arhati gantum Iritum
yathA naTasya AkRutibhi: viceshTata: durtyaya anukramaNa sa mA avatu 8.3.6

(Even devAs and Rushis fail to understand the real character behind the various form that the supreme takes. So, who else deserve to do that? May that supreme who is beyond any explanation, protect me/us.)

didRukshava: yasya padam sumangaLam vimukta sangA: munaya: susAdhava:
caranti alokavratam avraNam vane bhUtAtma bhUtA: suhRuda: sa me gati: 8.3.7

Great Munis and sAdhUs with pure heart, who has merged with the Brahmam, free them selves from all attachments. With a deep desire to the Lotus feet of that Supreme, they retire to the forest and observe absolute celibacy. May that Lord, for whom they crave be available to me/us.)

na vidyate yasya ca janma karma vA na nAmarUpe guNadosha eva vA
tathA api loka apyaya sambhavAya ya: swamAyayA tAni anukAlam Rucchati 8.3.9

(That Supreme Lord has no birth, no action, no name, no form, no guNa or no Dosha. But, still for teh cration, sustinance and destruction He accepts them, using His own Maya, as and when needed. I bow to that Supreme whose actions are nothing but absolute wonders.)

25th January 2006, 11:10 AM
[tscii:903dc615a6]Nanda Gopa replied: O Gopas’, just hear my words and let all your doubts concerning my son be gone. Some time ago Garga Muni himself spoke to me as follows about this boy (Krishna).

varNA: traya: kilAsyAsan gRuhNato anuyugam tanU:
Suklo rakta: tathA pIta idAnIm kRushNatAm gata: 10.26.16

([Garga Muni had said:] Your son Krishna appears as an incarnation in every yuga. In the past He had assumed different colors such as white, red and yellow - and now He has appeared in a blackish color.)

prAgayam vasudevasya kvacit jAta: tavAtmaja:
vAsudeva iti SrImAn abhijnA: sampracakshate 10.26.17

(This, beautiful son of yours appeared previously as the son of Vasudeva. Therefore, those who are wise sometimes call this child VAsudeva (son of Vasudeva).)

bahUni santi nAmAni rUpANi ca sutasya te
guNa karmAnurUpANi tAny aham veda no janA: 10.26.18

(For this son of yours there are many forms and names according to His qualities and activities. These are known to me, but people in general do not understand them. He just gave a hint without releasing the Devarahasyam.)

esha va: Sreya AdhAsyad gopa gokula nandana:
anena sarva durgANi yUyam anjas tarishyatha 10.26.19

(The delight of all the people in Gokula, this child, will bring great happiness and fortune to all. And it is by His grace only that you will surpass all difficulties.)

ya etasmin mahA bhAgA: prItim kurvanti mAnavA:
nArayo abhibhavanti etAn vishNu pakshAn ivAsurA: 10.26.21

(Just as demons cannot harm the gods, who always have Lord Vishnu on their side; similarly, any person who surrenders/loves Krishna cannot be defeated by their enemies)

tasmAn nanda kumAro ayam nArAyaNa samo guNai:
SriyA kIrtyAnubhAvena tat karmasu na vismaya: 10.26.22

(Therefore, O Nanda Gopa, this child of yours is as good as Narayana himself. In His qualities opulence, name, fame and influence and glory He is exactly like Narayana. Therefore there is nothing to wonder at his exploits.) [/tscii:903dc615a6]

28th January 2006, 10:14 AM
Gajendra continued his prayer to the 'supreme'.

nama Atma pradIpAya sAkhiNe paramAtmane
namo girAm vidUrAya manasa: cetasAm api 8.3.10

(Oh! Supreme, you are radiant because of Atma. You are the witness for everything. You are beyond words (explanation), mind and conscience. I bow to thee.)

sattwena pratilabhyAya naishkarmmyeNa vipaScitA
nama: kaivalya nAthAya nirvANa sukha samvide 8.3.11

(Oh !Supreme, you are reachable by a sincere person who is full of sattwa guNa and with absolute detachment. You are the one who grants moksham and eternal bliss. My namaskaarams to that supreme.)

nama: SAntAya ghorAya gUDhAya guNadharmmiNe
nirviSeshAya sAmyAya namo jnAnaghanAya ca 8.3.12

(I bow down to thee who is tranquil (Because you are free of kAma, krodha etc.). I offer myself myself to thee who is terrible for wickeds. I do namaskaarams to that Supreme who is invisible though everywhere. I bow to that LOrd who accepts Guna and follow its rules. My obeisance to that divinity who has no attributes. My namaskaarams to that pure knowledge.)

kshetrajnAya namastubhyam sarva adhyakshAya sAkshiNe
purushAya AtmamUlAya mUla prakRutaye nama: 8.3.13

(My namaskaarams to the who knows the body (the jIvAtma). My namaskArmas to the one who is the controller of everything, a witness, who is the dweller, who has no reason other than himself, and who is the reason for the nature (prakRuti).)

nArAyaNa akhika guro bhagavan namaste! bhagavan namaste!

vidyA tapo yogapatham Asthitam tat adhISwaram
carantam viswa suhRudam vAtsalyAt loka mangaLam 4.6.34

(After DakshAyaNi's deha prityAgam, vIrabhadrAs anger etc. Devas headed Brahma decided to go to KailAsam to greet the Lord and to put off his anger. But, what did they see? SatakoTi praNAms. The Lord of the universe, jagat guru, was practicing vidya, tapas and yoga paths. He is doing that out of affection as he is well wisher. He is doing it to do good to the world. He is doing it as others will follow him.)

lingam ca tApasA abhIshTam bhasma daNDa jaTa ajinam
angena sandhyA abhra rucA candralekhAm ca bibhratam 4.6.35

(His body glows like the clouds during sunset. That is most favorite form craved by tApasAs. He has smeared ash all over his body. He is wearing a daNDam, matted hair and deer skin. The crescent moon decorates his forehead.)

kRutwA Urou dakshiNe savyam pAdapadmam ca jAnunI
bAhum prakoshThe akshamAlAm AsInam tarkka mudrayA 4.6.37

(How is He seated? The left lotus feet rests on His right thigh. His left hand rests on his left knee. There is a japamAla around his right wrist. He is holding tarkka mudra (poniter touching the thumb) on his right hand. He was sitting in vIrAsanam like this.)

28th January 2006, 10:16 AM
[tscii:bc8d44b29f]iti addhA mAm samAdiSya garge ca sva gRuham gate
manye nArAyanasyAmSam kRushNam akliShTa kAriNam 10.26.23

([Nanda Gopa continued:] After Garga muni spoke these words to me he returned to his abode. Since then I have realized that it is Krishna, who keeps us free from trouble and constantly protects us. Is must be that Krishna is a manifestation(AmSam) of Lord Narayana himself.)

iti nanda vaca: SrutvA garga gItam tam vrajaukasa:
dRushTa Sruta anubhAvA te kRuahNasya amita tejasa:
muditA nandam Anarcu: kRushNam ca gata vismayA: 10.26.24

([Sree Sukar continued:] Having heard Nanda Gopa relate the statements of Garga Muni, the residents of Vrindavana became very happy. Moreover they had already witnessed and heard the glory of Krishna themselves so they had no cause to doubt Nanda Gopa’s words. Their doubts disappeared and all their questions were now fully answered, and they worshiped Nanda Gopa and Lord Krishna with great respect.)

deve varshati yajna viplava rushA vajrAsma varshAnilai:
sIdat pAla paSu stri Atma SaraNam dRushTvA anukampi utsmayan
utpATyaika kareNa Sailam abalo lIlocchilIndhram yathA
bibhrad goshTham apAn mahendra mada bhit prIyAn na indro gavAm 10.26.25

(May Sri Krishna be merciful and gracious to us; same Krishna who destroyed Indra’s pride when he (Indra) became angry when his(Indra’s) sacrifice was disrupted, and thus he caused rain and hail to fall on Gokula, accompanied by lightning and powerful winds, all of which brought great suffering to the cowherds, animals and women there. When Lord Krishna, who is compassion and love personified, saw the condition of those who had only Him as their shelter, He smiled broadly and lifted Govardhana Hill with one hand, just as a small child picks up a mushroom to play with it. Holding up the hill, He protected the cowherd community. May this Krishna constantly shower his blessings upon us.

NamaskArams to Sri SUkar and Sri Vyasa bhagavAn who are doing this prayer on our behalf.

govardhane dhRute Saile AsArAd rakShite vraje
go lokAd Avrajat kRushNam surabhi: Sakra eva ca 10.27.1

(Sree Sukar said: After Krishna had lifted Govardhana Hill and thus protected the inhabitants of Vraja from the terrible rainfall, Surabhi, the mother of the cows, came from her planet to see Krishna. She was accompanied by Indra. Well, ONE HAS TO FACE THE CONSEQUENCES, SOONER OR LATER.)

vivikta upasangamya vrIdIta: kRuta helana:
pasparSa pAdayor enam kirITenArka varcasA 10.27.2

(Indra was very ashamed of having offended the Lord. Approaching Him in a solitary place, Indra fell down and while his crown, which was as radiant as the sun, upon the Lord Krsihna’s lotus feet.)

dRushTa SrutAnubhAvo asya kRushNasyAmita tejasa:
nashTa tri lokeSa mada indra Aha kRutAnjali: 10.27.3

(Indra had now not only heard but now witnessed the glories of the omnipotent Krishna with His unlimited energy! His false pride as being the lord of the three worlds was thus destroyed and holding his hands together in supplication, he addressed the Lord very humbly as follows:)

Oh! kRushNa, you lifted the govardhan, because you wanted to save "your" people who have taken refuge in you. Not becasue they gave you butter and sung your glories! Oh! bhakta vatsala, we offer ourselves to you. Always lead us in the right direction. Let nothing deviate us from the path of divinity, let us be focussed on the goal. [/tscii:bc8d44b29f]

30th January 2006, 10:19 AM
sarva indriya guNadrashTre sarva pratyaya hetave
asatA chAyaya aktAya sat AbhAsAya te nama: 8.3.14

(You are the power behind the function of all sense organs. You are the knowledge collected through IndriyAs. You are known becasue of your reflection (the existence of nature, which is the reflection of Supreme, is the proof for your existence). You are self radiant because of your reality. I bow down to thee.)

namo namaste akhila kAraNAya nishkAraNAya adbhuta kAraNAya
sarva Agama AmnAya mahArNavAya namo apavrggAya parAyaNAya 8.3.15

(I bow bow down to thee again and again. You are the reason for everything. But you have no reason for your existence. You are the wonderful cause for everything. By nature, you are beyond any reason. All the SAstrAs, vedAs everything explain you and end in you. You grant moksham and you are the refuge for all. I bow to that Supreme.)

guNa araNichanna cit UshmapAya
tat kshobha visphUrjjita mAnasAya
naishkarmya bhAvena vivrjjitAgama
swayam prakASAya namaskaromi 8.3.16

(The fire of your conscience is covered guNAs. When the posie in those guNAs are disturbed, because of the glow, your mind turns towards creation. Because of constant meditation on Atma, sAdhU's conscince get purified and you exist in splendor there. I bow to to that Supreme.)

vaktum samartho api na vakti kaScit
aho janAnAm vyasana abhimukhyam
jihvwe pibaswa amRutam etat eva
govinda dAmodara mAdhaveti
govinda dAmodara mAdhaveti
gocinda dAmodara mAdhaveti
(Even if we are capable of saying it, we don't chant teh divine names and that is the reason for all problems. Oh! toungue, please drink this nectar by singing 'govinda, dAmodara, mAdhavA')

30th January 2006, 10:22 AM
[tscii:3eb5b91b33]SattwaguNam gives one the humilty to apologize when they realize their mistake. But, do we have it now???????? Let us see.

viSuddha sattvam tava dhAma SAntam tapo mayam dhvasta rajas tamaskam
mAyA mayo ayam guNa sampravAho na vidyate te agrahaNa anubandha: 10.27.4

(Devendra said: You are the manifestation of pure goodness, You are ever steady and unchanging, You are shining with knowledge and devoid of passion and ignorance. You are completely free from the three gunas which create this universe, which is based on illusion and ignorance.

kuto nu tad hetava ISa tat kRutA lobhAdayo ye abudha linga bhAvA:
tathApi danDam bhagavAn bibharti dharmasya guptyai khala nigrahAya 10.27.5

(How, then, could there exist in You the symptoms of an ignorant person - such as greed, lust, anger and envy? Those are produced by one's previous involvement in material existence and which cause one to become further entangled in material existence. And yet as the Supreme Lord You impose punishment to protect religious principles and curb the wicked. Oh! kRushNa Only you can punish.

pitA guru: tvam jagatAm adhISo duratyaya: kAla upAtta danDa:
hitAya svecchA tanubhi: samIhase mAnam vidhunvan jagadISa mAninAm 10.27.6

(You are the father(pitA) and spiritual master(guru:) of this entire universe, and also its supreme controller(adhISo). You are insurmountable time(duratyaya: kAla), imposing punishment upon the sinful for their own benefit. Indeed, in Your various avatara’s, selected by Your own free will, You act decisively to remove the false pride of those who presume themselves masters of this world.)

ye mad vidha ajnA jagadISa mAnina: tvAm vIkshya kAle abhayam ASu tanmadam
hitvArya mArgam prabhajanti apasmayA IhA khalAnAm api te anuSAsanam 10.27.7

(Even fools like me, who falsely imagine themselves to be the lord of this universe, quickly give up their pride and directly take to the path of the spirituality when they see You who is fearless even in the face of time. Thus You punish the wicked only to instruct them.)

sa tvam mama aiSvarya mada plutasya kRutAgasa: te avidusha: prabhAvam
kshantum prabho athArhasi mUdha cetaso maivam punar bhUn matir ISa me asatI 10.27.8

(Intoxicated by pride I have sinned O Lord, ignorant of Your power and majesty, I offended You. O Lord, may You forgive me. My mind was astray, but let my mind never again be so impure.)

tava avatAro ayam adhokahaja iha svayam bharANAm uru bhAra janmanAm
camU patInAm abhavAya deva bhavAya yushmat caraNAnuvartinAm 10.27.9

(You descended into this world, O Great Lord, to destroy the evil which burden the earth and create many terrible disturbances. O Lord, you act for the welfare of those who faithfully serve Your lotus feet.)

twayaA ISa anugRuhIta: asmi dwasta stambho vRutha udyama:
Iswaram gurum AtmAnam twAmaham SaraNam gata: 10.27.13

(Oh! Lord, with your blessing, I am out of pride now (keep me that way for ever.) All my efforts to destroy gokulam was in vain because they have taken refuge in you. (This was all your devotees will always be protected Lord.) I take refuge in you as you are my Lord, Guru and paramAtma. Please keep me in the right track always.)

kRushNa blessed Devendra and sent him back to Swargam. kRushNa told him that His intention was to remove the Asuric guNa 'pride' that Indra exhibited.

30th January 2006, 10:22 AM
Many namaskArams to gajendra for praying on our behalf.

mAdRuk prapanna paSupAsa vimokshaNAya
muktAya bhUri karuNAya namo alayAya
swAmSena sarva tanubhRut manasi pratIta
pratyak dRuSe bhagavate bhRuhate namaste 8.3.17

(Hmmm! Hard to explain. Oh! Bhagavan, you are the savior of people like me, who have taken refuge in you, we are like animals and release us from the bondage. You are the only FREE and if you don;t release us, we are helpless. Oh! Lord you will release us because you are compassion personified. As you have no lethargy in you, you will never get tired of releasing us (we are too many in number and you are the only one - THE SUPREME THE GURU. No one owns you and you own all.) As an amSam (soul), you glow in every being. Oh! one who is full of greatness, one who is the greatest, I bow to thee again and agian.)

AtmA AtmajA: AptA: gRuha vitta janeshu saktai:
dushprApaNAya guNasanga vivarjjitAya
muktAtmabhi: swahRudaye paribhAvitAya
jnAnAtmane bhagavate nama ISwarAya 8.3.18

(Oh! Supreme, you are inaccessible to people who are immersed in self, children, friends, house, wealth and people. This is because you have no attchement to any of these and so you stay away from those. You are carefully nurtured by the detached people in their mind. You are the personification of jnAna. Oh! bhagavan, oh Lord, I bow to thee.)

31st January 2006, 09:50 AM
[tscii:b9e1baeae2]tvayeSAnugRuhItoasmi dhvasta stambho vRuthodyama:
ISvaram gurum AtmAnam tvAm aham SaraNam gata: 10.27.13

(Indra continued - O Lord, You have been merciful to me by shattering my false pride and defeating my attempt [to destroy Gokula]. To You, the Supreme Lord (ISvaram), spiritual master (gurum) and Supreme Soul (AtmAnam), I have now come for shelter (SaraNam).)

mayA te akAri maghavan makha bhango anugRuhNatA
mad anusmRutaye nityam mattasyendra SriyA bhRuSam 10.27.15

(The Lord Krishna replied: My dear Indra, it was out of mercy that I stopped the sacrifice meant for you. You were greatly intoxicated by your pride as Lord of heavens, and I wanted you to always constantly think of Me.)

gamyatAm Sakra bhadram va: kriyatAm me anuSAsanam
sthIyatAm svAdhikAreshu yuktair va: stambha varjitai: 10.27.17

(Indra, you may now go and may good fortune come to you. Carry out My order and remain in your appointed position as Lord of heaven. But always be sober and without any arrogance.)

The Divine cow Surabhi (kAmadhenu) arrived there with her calves and said -

kRushNa kRushNa mahA yogin viSvAtman viSva sambhava
bhavatA loka nAthena sanAthA vayam acyuta 10.27.19

(O Krishna, Krishna, greatest among the yogi’s (mahA yogin)! O Supreme Soul(viSvAtman) and originator of the universe(viSva sambhava)! You are the master of the world(loka nAthena), and by Your grace, O infallible Lord, we have You as our master.)

indram na: tvA abhishekshyAmo brahmaNA noditA vayam
avatIrNo asi viSvAtman bhUmer bhArApanuttaye 10.27.21

(As ordered by Lord Brahma, we shall perform abhishekam to coronate You as Indra. O Supreme Soul(viSvAtman) of the universe, You descend to this world to relieve the burden of the earth. You are real Indra (leader for us)

evam kRushNam upAmantrya surabhi: payasAtmana:
jalair AkASa gangAyA airAvata karoddhRutai: 10.27.22

(Having thus requested Lord Krishna, mother Surabhi performed His abhishekam with milk, and meanwhile Indra's elephant carrier Airavata himself carried the holy Ganga water in his trunk for this abhiskeham.

indra: surarshibhi: sAkam nodito deva mAtRubhi:
abhyashincata dASArham govinda iti cAbhyadhAt 10.27.23

(Thus, in the company of the gods and great sages, and inspired by the mothers of Gods such as Aditi; Indra coronated Lord Krishna, the descendant of Dasharha, and gave Him the name Govinda.)

Oh! Govinda! Gajendra has classfied all of us as 'paSu'. Please save us too. [/tscii:b9e1baeae2]

31st January 2006, 09:54 AM
(Oh! Supreme you provide what ever is requested by your devotee. No! You grant more than what they have asked for. You also give them all the blessing and eternal body 'as your servant'. Oh! ocean of compassion, please release me from this bondage. (clutch of the crocordile as well as this samsAra sAgaram

ekAntina: yasya na kancanArtham vAnchanti ye vai bhagavat prapannA:
atyadbhutam tat caritam sumangaLam gAyanta Ananda samudra magnA: 8.3.20

(But your great devotees, who have surrendered to you do not want anything from you! Oh! singing your beautiful stories and glories cleanse them and grants them everything. They float in the ocean of Anandam! Why would they ask for any material thing or comfort? .)

tam aksharam brahma param pareSam avyaktam AdhyAtmikayoga gamyam
atIndriyam sUkshmam iva atidUram anantam Adyam paripUrNam IDhe 8.3.21

(Oh! You are eternal. You are omnipresent. You are the Supreme. You are the Lord of Lords. You are beyond definition. You are attainable through bhakti yoga. You are beyond the conception of iNdriyas. You are very subtle. You are very far away and unattainable (for people who do not have the devotion). You are endless. You are the primordial. You are perfect. I praise you, that Supreme.)

31st January 2006, 09:55 AM
yasya brahmAdayo devA: vedA; lokA: carAcarA:
nAmarUpa vibhedena phalgwyA ca kalayA kRutA: 8.3.22

(Oh! Lord, Devas like Brahma etc., vedas, all mobile and immobile beings, everything is your amSam with different names and forms. I bow to thee. There is nothing in this world that is not yours.)

yathA arcisha: agne: savitu: gabhastaya:
niryAnti samyAnti asakRut swarocisha:
tathA yata: ayam guNa sampravAha:
budhi: mana: khAni SarIra sarggA: 8.3.23

(The spraks continuosly come out from the fire. The rays spread out without break from the sun. Like that there is a flow of worlds (beings) from the supreme as his amSam. They come out as intellect, mind, indriyAs and creation and finally merge with Him. I bow to that Supreme who controls all these.)

sa vai na deva asura marttya tiryak na strI na shanDa: na pumAn na jantu:
na ayam guNa: karma na sat na ca asat nishedha Sesha: jayatAt aSesha: 8.3.24

(Now what is this Supreme??? He is not a deva, asura, human or animal, female, neuter, man or some living being. He is not Guna, karma, gigantic or invisible. If you remove everythig, what is left over is that Supreme. Also, He is the sum total of all. Glory to that Lord.)

1st February 2006, 09:31 AM
et us meditate upon the 'bAlam mukundam' who is resting on the banyan leaf. Oh! water, stop you rage. Our baby kRushNa is resting on you.

karAravindena padAravindam mukhAravinde viniveSayanatam
vaTasya patrasya puTe SayAnam bAlam mukundam manasA smarAmi

(I meditate upon that Baby Mukunda who is sleeping on the banya leaf, putting his lotus foot on the lotus face (mouth) with his lotus hand. Oh! Ocean, calm down. Or the Lord will become Rama and take his kodaNdam out!)

samhRutya lokAn vaTapatra madhye SayAnam Adyanta vihIna rUpam
sarveSwaram sarva hitAvatAram bAlam mukundam manasA smarAmi

(He has no beginning and no end. After consuming the whole universe, he is taking rest on the Banyan leaf. He is the Lord of all and He takes avatAram for everyone's welfare. I meditate upon that Baby Mukund. Oh! Ocean watch out! If not the kALiyanarttana lAl will come out! Your furious waves are nothing for Him. He will push them down.)

Oh! kRushNa calm the nature.

1st February 2006, 09:33 AM
[tscii:7ed4182e9f]tatra AgatA: tumburu nAradAdayo gandharva vidyAdhara siddha cAraNA:
jagur yaSo loka malApaham hare: surAnganA: sannanRutur mudAnvitA: 10.27.24

(Tumburu, Narada and other Gandharvas, along with the Vidyadharas, Siddhas and Caranas, came there to sing the glories of Lord Hari, which purifies the entire world. And the wives of the gods, filled with joy, danced together in the Lord's honor.)

tam tushTuvur deva nikAya ketavo vyavAkiramS cAdbhuta pushpa vRuShTibhi:
lokA: parAm nirvRutim Apnuvams trayo gAvas tadA gAm anayan payo drutAm 10.27.25

(The Deavs chanted the praises of Lord Krishna and scattered wonderful showers of flowers all around Him. All three worlds felt supreme satisfaction(nirvritim), and the cows drenched the surface of the earth with their milk.)

kRushNe abhishikta etAni sarttvAni kuru nandana
nirvairAni abhavams tAta krUrAni api nisargata: 10.27.27

(O Parikchit, beloved of the Kuru dynasty, upon the abhishekam of Lord Krishna, all living creatures, even those cruel by nature, became entirely free of cruelty.)

tam gRuhItvAnayad bhRutyo varunasyAsuro antikam
avajnAyAsurIm velAm pravishTam udakam niSI 10.28.2

(Sri Sukar said: Nanda Gopa one day after having worshiped Lord Janardana and fasted on the Ekadasi day, he entered the water’s of the Kalindi on the auspicious Dvadashi day to take his bath. However he (Nanda Gopa) entered the water in the dark of night, which is considered as an inauspicious time, a demoniac servant of Varuna seized him and brought him to his master.)

On not seeing Nanda Gopa, the cowherd men loudly cried out, "O Krishna! O Rama!" Lord Krishna heard their cries and immediately understood that His father had been captured by Varuna. Therefore the almighty Lord, went to the court of Varuna deva. Seeing that the Lord Krishna, had arrived, the Varuna worshiped Him with elaborate offerings. Varuna was in a state of great jubilation upon seeing the Lord, and he spoke as follows.

adya me nibhRuto deho adyaivArtho adhigata: prabho
tvat pAda bhAjo bhagavann avApu: pAram adhvana: 10.28.5

(Sri Varuna said: It’s today that my life has been fulfilled. In fact the only goal of my life is achieved, O Lord. Those who accept Your lotus feet, O bhagavan, can easily cross this path of material existence. Yes, VaruNa bhagavAn, remember that now, please. Yes, you get furious to teach us a lesson as human beings are cruel to nature. We keep forgetting the lesson we learned. But, please come back to your tranquilness,as that is the Deva guNam. )

ajAnatA mAmakena mUdhenAkArya vedinA
AnIto ayam tava pita tad bhavAn kshantum arhati 10.28.7

(Your father, who is sitting here, was brought to me by a foolish, ignorant servant of mine who did not understand his proper duty. Therefore, please forgive us. [/tscii:7ed4182e9f]

1st February 2006, 09:35 AM
[tscii:b189fa8f64]Thus propitiated by Lord Varuna, Sri Krishna, took His father and returned home, where their relatives were overjoyed to see them. Nanda Gopa was astonished to see for the first time the great wealth and fortune of Varuna, the ruler of the ocean’s, and even more so when he saw how Varuna (inspite of being so rich and powerful) and his servants had offered such humble respect to Krishna! Nanda described all this to his fellow Gopa’s.

te tvautsukya dhiyo rAjan matvA gopAs tam ISvaram
api na: svagatim sUkshmAm upAdhAsyad adhISvara: 10.28.11

([Hearing about Krishna's pastimes with Varuna,] the cowherd men wondered that Krishna must be the ishwara, the Supreme Lord. Their minds, O King (Parikscit), were filled with eagerness and wonder. They thought, "Will the Supreme Lord bestow upon us His subtle glories one after the other?"

iti svAnAm sa bhagavAn vijnAya akhila dRuk svayam
sankalpa siddhaye teshAm kRupayaitad acintayat 10.28.12

(Because He knows and sees everything(akhila dRuk), Lord Krishna, the Supreme Lord, automatically understood what the cowherd men were desiring. Wanting to show His compassion to them by fulfilling their desires, the Lord thought as follows.)

jano vai loka etasminn avidyA kAma karmabhi:
uccAvacAsu gatishu na veda svAm gatim bhraman 10.28.13

([Lord Krishna thought:] People in this world are wandering among higher and lower states of existence under the force of ignorance (in the shape of identification with their physical bodies) and desire (born of such ignorance) and actions (prompted by such desires). Thus people are unable to realize their essential nature and they remain trapped.)

satyam jnAnam anantam yad brahma jyoti: sanAtanam
yat hi paSyanti munayo guNApAye samAhitA: 10.28.15

(Lord Krishna revealed to Gopa’s his divine realm (Vaikuntha) which lies beyond the prakruti, His true state (Brahman) which is the absolute truth; pure; infinite and eternal. Even the great Sages get to see that spiritual existence only during deep meditation, when their consciousness is free of all attachment to this physical world. Imagine the fortune of the Gopa’s that they could view this Vaikuntham which even great sages struggle to catch a glimpse of!

te tu brahma hradam nItA magnA: kRushNena ca uddhRutA:
dadRuSu: brahmaNo lokam yatrAkrUro adhyagAt purA 10.28.16

(kRushNa dipped them in the pond of Brahmam and lifted them up. WHat did they see. The same vaikunTha darSan that akrUra got when he took kRushNa and balarama to Mathura.

nandAdaya: tu tam dRushTvA paramAnanda nivRutA:
kRushNam ca tatra cchandobhi: stUyamAnam suvismitA: 10.28.17

(Nanda Gopa and the other cowherd men were in a state of ecstacy when they saw the Vaikuntham. They were especially amazed to see Krishna Himself there, surrounded by the four Vedas (in living form), who were offering Him prayers. pUrNam brahma sanAtanam - n a chance to pamper IT?)

8th February 2006, 09:57 AM
jijIvishe na aham iha amuyA kim antar bahi: ca AvRuta ibha yonyA
icchAmi kAlena na yasya viplava: tasya Atma loka AvaraNasya moksham 8.3.25

(Oh! Lord, I am not craving for living. I am not asking for escape from the grip of this crocordile! In side and outside is full of ignorance in this elephant form. What is the use of this? Please save me from the ignorance, that has covered the glow of Atman in me. Please remove that covering and that is what I am asking for.)

sa: aham viSwasRujam viSwam aviSwam viSwavedhasam
viSwAtmAnam ajam brahma praNatosmi param padam 8.3.26

(Again and again, I bow to you who is the creator of the universe, who is teh universe itself, who is separate from the universe, who uses the universe for his sRushTi etc. lIla, who is the soul of the universe, who is never born, who is omnipresent. I bow to that supreme state.)

8th February 2006, 09:59 AM
[tscii:de6b2e4ef0]bhagavAn api tA rAtriI: SArat utphulla mallikA:
vIkshya rantum manaS cakre yoga mAyAm upASrita: 10.29.1

(Sri Sukar said: (Please note the word 'bhagavAn', 'yogamAyA' etc. We have to remember that at each stage.) It is now the beautiful month of Sharad (Autumn), the nights are very pleasant and the air is intoxicated with the sweet smell of Jasmine. ( Sri Krishna has already got rid all of the evil/impurities around gokul and there’s now love and peace and joy surrounding this entire blessed village. In Canto 27 Krishna had promised the Gopi’s that their desire to be with Krishna would be fulfilled when they had put their hearts and souls into worshipping Goddess Katyayani) It was under such circumstances that Krishna called his energy in the form of Yogamaya for his next lIla! As bhagavAn, using his own mAya he decide to play rAsalIla.)

tat uDurAja: kakubha: karair mukham prAcyA vilimpann aruNena Santamai:
sa carshaNInAm udagAt Suco mRujan priya: priyAyA iva dIrgha darSana: 10.29.2

(Presently the moon, the king of the stars: appeared on the horizon, painting the face of the eastern horizon with the reddish hue of his comforting rays, and thus dispelling the pain of all who watched him rise. The moon was like a beloved husband who returns after a long absence and adorns the face of his beloved wife with red kunkuma and alleviates the suffering. kRushNa is also longing to fulfill the wishes of gopIs. For bhagavAn, taking care of His devotees is a 'fever' which subsides only when wish is taken care of.)

dRushTvA kumudvantam akhanda mandalam ramAnanAbham nava kunkuma aruNam
vanam ca tat komala gobhI ranjitam jagau kalam vAma dRuSAm manoharam 10.29.3

(Lord Krishna saw the full moon glowing with the red hue just like that of fresh saffron, and radiant moon appeared as if it were the very face of the goddess of fortune. This reminded Him of His AhlAdinI Sakti SrI rAdhArANi (Sri Sukar never mentions her name but, she is part of gopIs.) He also saw the kumuda lotuses (these type of lotuses bloom only during the night) opening in response to the moon's presence and the forest gently illumined by its rays. Thus the Lord began to play sweetly on His flute, attracting the minds of the beautiful eyed gopis.)

niSamya gItAm tat ananga vardhanam vraja striya: kRushNa gRuhIta mAnasA:
Ajagmur anyonyam alakshitodyamA: sa yatra kAnto java lola kundalA: 10.29.4

(When gopi’s of Vrindavana heard Krishna's flute song, this re-kindled love in the hearts of gopi’s which were already captivated by the Lord! They hurried to where their Lord waited, each unknown to the others (since their minds were so fully engrossed in the Lord they could not perceive anything else), moving so quickly that their earrings swung back and forth. Who can resist the divine call? Unfortunately, people like us who are so attached to material world would resist anything!.

duhantyo abhiyayu: kAScid doham hitvA samutsukA:
payo adhiSritya samyAvam anudvAsyAparA yayu: 10.29.5

(Some of the gopis were milking cows when they heard Krishna's flute. They stopped milking and went off to meet Him. Some left milk curdling on the stove, and others left food burning in the oven.)

tA vAryamANA: patibhi: pitRubhi: bhrAtRu bandhubhi:
govinda apahRutAtmAno na nyavartanta mohitA: 10.29.8

(Their husbands, fathers, brothers and other relatives tried to stop them, but Krishna had already stolen their hearts. To them nothing mattered other than Lord Krishna. Enchanted by the sound of His flute, they refused; nay they could not turn back. Oh! kRushNa give us this devotion, where we are single focussed.)

antar gRuha gatA: kAScid gopyo alabdha vinirgamA:
kRushNam tat bhAvanA yuktA dadhyur mIlita locanA: 10.29.9

(Some of the gopis, however, could not manage to get out of their houses (becasue they got locked up), and instead they remained home with eyes closed, meditating upon Him with pure love. [/tscii:de6b2e4ef0]

8th February 2006, 10:00 AM
yoga randhita karmmANa: hRudi yogavibhAvite
yogina: yam prapaSyanti yogeSam tam natosmi aham 8.3.27

(Oh! Lord, people who have burned all their karmas with bhakti yoga see thee in their heart and enjoy the supreme bliss. I bow to that Lord, who is the fruit giver of yoga.)

namo nama: tubhyam asahya vega SaktitrayAya akhila dhI guNAya
prapanna pAlAya duranta Saktaye kadinriyANAm anavApya vartmane 8.3.28

(Oh! Lord I bow to thee again and again. With uncontrollable force you tempt people with guNAs from inside and through indriyAs from outside. You are beyond comprehension through indriyAs. Though your Maya is very powerful and you are beyond physical indriyAs, you cleasne your devotees who take refuge in you. You protect them out of compassion. My namaskaarams to thee again and again. Oh! kRushNa, please give me the budhi to surrender to you.)

na ayam veda swam AtmAnam yat SaktyA aham dhiyA hatam
tam duratyaya mAhAtmyam bhagavatam ita: asmi aham 8.3.29

(People do not realise the self as that is covered by your Maya. They think this body is everything. I offer myself to that Lord who is not very hard to attain by anyone.)

14th February 2006, 08:52 AM
[tscii:fe11c8662f]Parikshit's doubt is for us to hear an answer from Sri Sukar.

kRushNam vidu: param kAntam na tu brahmatayA mune
guNa pravAhoparamas tAsAm guNa dhiyAm katham 10.29.12

(Maharaja Parikchit asked: Here the king asks a very pertinent question to remove all the doubt if anyone has any! Parikshit would not have asked thes after hearing 'bhagavAn and yogamAya' but, being a bhAgavata he is compassionate towards us - who are spiritually dull headed. “O sage, the gopis knew Krishna only as their lover, not as the brahman – the Supreme Absolute Truth. So how could these gopi’s, their minds caught up in three guna’s (satwic, rajas and tamas), free themselves from material attachment?”

uktam purastAd etat te caidya: siddhim yathA gata:
dvishann api hRushIkeSam kim uta adhokshaja priyA: 10.29.13

(Sree Sukar said: This point was explained to you previously (canto 7). Since even Sisupala (Ruler of cedi – caidya), who hated Krishna, achieved siddhi, then what to speak of the Lord's dear devotees?)

Sisupala was Lord Krishna‘s cousin. He was mortified when the Lord stole the gorgeous Rukmini, whom Sisupala himself was hell-bent on marrying. For various other reasons also, Sisupala was consumed with envy of Lord Kṛṣṇa, and finally he insanely offended Him in a great assembly of the Rajasuya yagna. At that time Krishna nonchalantly cut off Sisupala’s head and gave him moksha. The Seventh Canto explains that Sisupala was an incarnation of a gatekeeper in the Vaikuntha who was cursed to take birth on the earth as a demon. As sadhus say it’s merely enough to think about the Lord; even if the thought is filled with hatred towards Him. Lord however only has Love for all his children and he will ensure that His children are taken care of. If He is so merciful towards the people who hate him; then what to say about those who love Him more than their own life and all their material belongings.

nRuNAm ni:Sreyasa arthAya vyaktir bhagavato nRupa
avyayasya aprameyasya nirguNasya guNAtmana: 10.29.14

(O King, the Supreme Lord is inexhaustible and immeasurable, and He is untouched by the three gunas because He is their controller. He takes avatars in this world only for bestowing the highest benefit upon humanity. Since He has descended on to earth for the welfare of the general humanity why then would He neglect the innocent gopi’s who loved Him more than anyone else? Sree Sukar stresses the point that Lord Himself is completely unaffected by the 3 guna’s since He is their controller. So are His devotees. We might think they are, but, they are taking it on themselves to teach a lesson to the world.)

kAmam krodham bhayam sneham aikyam sauhRudam eva ca
nityam harau vidadhato yAnti tan mayatAm hi te 10.29.15

(People who constantly direct their lust, anger, fear, love, feeling of oneness or friendship toward Lord Hari are sure to become one with Him.
Lord Kṛṣṇa the very embodiment of purity, love and mercy and has no attachment with anything and is free from all 3 guna’s, and those who somehow or other become attached to Him, absorbed in thoughts of Him, rise to in spiritual path. This is the absolute nature of the Lord's personal association. It doesn’t matter with what feeling one gets attached to the lord but what is absolutely essential is that one gets attached to the Lord. Once some is attached to Him; Krishna will ensure that the soul will not fall astray. You will be reciprocated the way you treat Him.)

na caivam vismaya: kAryo bhavatA bhagavati aje
yogeSvareSvare kRuShNe yata etad vimucyate 10.29.16

(You should not be so astonished by activities of Krishna, the unborn, the Lord of all yoga’s, the Supreme Lord. After all, it is Krishna who liberates this world.)

Lord Kṛiṣhṇa's call to grant prema is in fact meant to liberate all of us. Krishna’s purpose was to teach all of us a lesson and help us in realizing the truth and getting rid of our own material attachment and lust. The Lord's relationship with the gopis fit in very properly in this context because we who are filled with lust can be purified and liberated by hearing the stories about the love and devotion of the gopi’s. Also it must always be kept in our mind that these Gopi’s are already realized souls and their relationship cannot be taken in the context of a lustful relationship between a man and a woman but like a relationship between parmatma and jivatma.

tA dRushTvA antikam AyAtA bhagavAn vraja yoShita:
avadad vadatAm SreshTho vAca: peSair vimohayan 10.29.17

(Seeing that the girls of Vraja had arrived, Lord Krishna, the best of speakers, greeted them with charming words that bewildered their minds.)

14th February 2006, 08:54 AM
How can the Lord resist that kind of a stuti?

evam gajendram upavarNita nirviSesham
brahmAdaya: vividha lingabhida abhimAnA:
na ete yadA upasasRupu: nikhila AtmakattwAt
tatra akhila amaramaya: hari: AvirAsIt 8.3.30

(Brahma and other Devas has attachment to various forms that they take and they did not rush their as Gajendra was describing a supreme that is beyond any description. When none of them arrived, the real addressee, who is the soul of the universe, whom any adress reaches arrived there.)

tam tadvadArttam upalabhya jagan nivAsa:
stotram niSamya divijai: saha samstuvadbhi:
chandomayena garuDena samuhyamAna:
cakrAyudha: abhygamat ASu yata: gajendra: 8.3.31

(How did he come? ASu - immediately, in a hurry. He is always on call on g-net (sahasra Sira: purushA has unlimitted connection too) He is just waiting for our call - never off line!) He heard the stuti by gajendra who was suffering in the clutch of the crocordile (we also cry and scream.... but, how? Do we scream like gajendra?). He, who is the dweller in everything rushed on the veda personified garuDa, praised by the devAs. His discus was ready to fly to save his devotee.)

sa: anta: sarasi urubalena gRuhIta Artta:
dRshTwA garutmati harim kha upAtta cakram
utkshipya sAmbujakaram giram Aha kRucchrAt
nArAyaNA akhila guro bhagavan namaste 8.3.32

(Gajendra was totally without any energy as he was getting dragged by the crocordile in the pond. He saw the lord in the sky , seated on garuDa and his discus in a lifted pose. Ha! What sight! Worth going through the struggle. Gajendra plucked a fresh louts from the pond, lifted his trunk and with great difficulty said these words, "nArAyaNA akhila gurO bhagavan namaste"! AkASAt patitam toyam yathA gacchati sAgaram sarvadeva namaskAram keSavam prati gacchati.)

14th February 2006, 08:58 AM
[tscii:398033d8b6]Oh! kRushNa, you called they came. Another test? Of course, there are rules and regulations. Only the purest is above all the rules and regulations.

svAgatam vo mahA bhAgA: priyam kim karavANi va:
vrajasyAnAm ayam kaccid brUtAgamana kAraNam 10.29.18

(Lord Krishna asked: O most fortunate ladies, welcome. What may I do for you? Is everything well in Vraja? Please tell Me the reason (kAraNam) for your coming here.

Here Krishna was simply teasing his darling Gopi’s! It was He who had dragged Gopi’s to Him by playing enchanting tunes on his flute and now he was very innocently asking the Gopi’s “Why have you come here?”!

rajani eshA ghora rUpA ghora sattva niShevitA
pratiyAta vrajam neha stheyam strIbhi: sumadhyamA: 10.29.19

(This night is quite dangerous, and there are frightening creatures lurking about. Return to Vraja, O slender waisted girls. This is not an appropriate place or time for you to be here. The Gopi's looked at each other as this is a news to them! Who thoguht about all these??? They forgot everythign and came running!!)

dRushTam vanam kusumitam rAkeSa kara ranjitam
yamunA anila lIlaijat taru pallava Sobhitam 10.29.21

(He showed the beautiful Brindavan to gopis in that sarat mUrNima night!Now you have seen this Vrindavana forest, full of beautiful flowers and bathed in the gentle light of the full moon. You have seen the beauty of the trees, with their leaves trembling in the gentle breeze coming from the Yamuna. Gopis were lost, "we came for this!!".)

tad yAta mA ciram goshTham SuSrUshadhvam patIn sati:
krandanti vatsA bAlAS ca tAn pAyayata duhyata 10.29.22

(Oh! gopis, don't look at me like that! I have a reson. Listen - So now go back to the Vraja with haste. Don't delay. O virtuous ladies, serve your husbands. The calves as well as the babies are crying (with hunger) so please provide them with milk. Duty first and forever. For whom? For those who are boudn by karmas and vAsanAs.)

athavA mad abhisnehAd bhavatyo yantritASayA:
AgatA hi upapannam va: prIyante mayi jantava: 10.29.23

(On the other hand, perhaps you have come here out of your great love for Me, which has taken over your hearts. This is of course completely proper on your part, since all living entities possess natural love for Me. I accept your love adn devotion


14th February 2006, 08:59 AM
tam vIkshya pIDitam aja: sahasA avatIrya
sagrAham ASu sarasa: kRupayA ujjahAra
grAhAt vipATita mukhAt ariNA gajendram
sampaSyatAm hari: amUmucat usriyANAm 8.3.33

(Becasue of comapssion, the Lord Hari got down from the GaruDa and charged his cakram. He cut the crocordile's mouth and releaseGajendra, while pulling him out of the pond pulling his trunk. WHat a blessing? Brahma sparSam. All the Devas were watching this divine sight.)

gajendro bhagavat sparSAt vimukta: AjnAna bandhanAt
prApta: bhagavato rUpam pItavAsA" caturbhuja: 8.4.6

(The touch of the Lord removed Gajendra's ignorance that is the cause for the samsAram. He gained the divine nArAyaNa swarUpam with four hands and pItAmbaram. He obtained sArUpya mukti.)

ye mAm stuvanti anena anga, pratibudhya niSAtyaye
teshAm prANAtyaye ca aham dadAmi vimalAm matim 8.4.25

(Lord Haris promised, "Og! Ganjendra, who ever sing of me using the stotrAs that you used to praise me, or think of you and me, will be blessed. I will give them pure intellect during their last minute. They will think of ME reach ME.")

We offer this at the lotus feet with daNDa namaskArams.

15th February 2006, 09:50 AM
[tscii:926c86ef9d]Oh! kRushNa are you heartless? Or are you checking whether their heart is with them still? You have already stollen those!

iti vipriyam AkarNya gopyo govinda bhAshitam
vishaNNA bhagna sankalpAS cintAm Apur duratyayAm 10.29.28

(Sree Sukar said: Hearing these unpleasant words spoken by Govinda, the gopis became morose. They were extremely frustrated and felt great anxiety. But, kRushNa, they will not give up. Love and devotion is not for giving up.)

kRutvA mukhAni ava Suca: Svasanena Sushyad bimbAdharANi caraNena bhuvam likhantya:
astrai: upAtta maSibhi: kuca kunkumAni tasthur mRujantya uru duhkha bharA: sma tUShNIm 10.29.29

(They hung their heads down with sorrow and their breaths dried up their red lips that are red as the bimba fruit, the gopis scratched the ground with their toes. Tears flowed from their eyes, carrying their eye makeup and washing away the kunkumam smeared on their chests. Thus they stood quietly; filled with extreme sorrow. How could you bear that kRushNa?)

preshTham priyetaram iva pratibhAshamANam kRushNam tat artha vinivartita sarva kAmA:
netre vimRujya ruditopahate sma kincit samrambha gadgada giro abruvata anuraktA: 10.29.30

(Here were the Gopi’s who had abandoned every material object worth desiring for Krishna; Krishna was the only thing in this entire universe that they had any attraction towards. And now here is Krishna speaking about them unfavorable; and asking them to leave Him and return back to their material life. If it were anything other than pure love and devotion they would have got angry at Krishna and left Him. But, kRushNa is dearer than the dearest for them. So, they did not give up. As they say Guru’s test their Shishya’s not to see them fail but to see them succeed. Similarly Sri Krishna was testing Gopi’s bhakti towards Him, but not as a test of their devotion but simply to watch them succeed! Gopi’s remained unflinching in their attachment to Him. They stopped their crying, they wiped their eyes and began to speak, their voices filled with emotion. Oh! kRushNa, now that your speech is over, do you want to hear our prayer music? It is very simple. Of course kRushNa was delighted. He knows what they will sing! Also, He wanted people like us to enjoy it!)
Here goes praNaya gItam - this love we can give only for divinity. Be ready to weep with the gopIs. But, stay strong on the devotion.

gopya Ucu:
mA evam vibho arhati bhavAn gaditum nRuSamsam santyajya sarva vishayAms tava pAda mUlam
bhaktA bhajasva duravagraha mA tyajAsmAn devo yathA Adi purusho bhajate mumukshUn 10.29.3

(The gopis said: O all-powerful one, You should not speak to us so cruelly. Do not reject us, who have renounced all material enjoyment to render devotional service to Your lotus feet. Reciprocate with us, O stubborn one, just as the Lord, Sri Narayana, reciprocates with His devotees in their efforts for liberation.)

yat pati apatya suhRudAm anuvRuttir anga strINAm sva dharma iti dharma vidA tvayoktam
astu evam etad upadeSa pade tvayISe preshTho bhavAn tanu bhRutAm kila bandhur AtmA 10.29.32

(You are the foremost expert in dharma. You are the dear most friend of all souls. You are their most intimate relative and indeed their very Self. Also, Oh! Swamy, if we had ever missed any of our Dharmma, we would not even had a glimpse of you. So, that is the proof for us 'yato darma: tata: kRushNa:'.)

kurvanti hi tvayi ratim kuSalA: sva atman nitya priye pati sutAdibhir Arti dai: kim
tan na: prasIda parameSvara mA sma chindyA ASAm bRutAm tvayi cirAd aravinda netra 10.29.33

(The wise always direct their affection toward You because they recognize You as their own atman and eternal beloved. What use do we have for these husbands, children and relatives of ours, who simply give us trouble? They are what they are only because of you. Therefore, O supreme Lord grant us Your mercy. O lotus-eyed one, please do not turn down our only desire - to be with You.)

Oh! kRushNa we are no where near a gOpi. But, please make us one and take us with you.

15th February 2006, 09:51 AM
VIrabhadra and SivagaNAs put a halt to DakshayAga. Daksha was killed and DEvas and Rushis were hurt very badly. They all rushed to Kailash to pray to the Lord. There the Lord was seated in tranquil. The started praising the Lord -

pRutakgdhiya: karmmadRusa: durASayA:
parodayena arppita hRudruja: aniSam
parAn duruktai: vitudanti aruntudAn
tAn mA avadhIt daivavadhAn bhavat vidha: 4.6.46

(Oh! Lord, there are people like Daksha, who see everything as different, who are stuck to rituals, whose hearts are not clean, who always have the heart disease called jealousy where they can't stand others getting better, etc. As they do not see the reality, they always hurt others with unbearable words. Why would you kill them? It is their own karma, their own prArabdham that kills them.)

yasmin yadA pushkaranAbha mAyayA
durantayA spRushTadhiya: pRuthak dRuSa:
kurvanti tatra hi anukampayA kRupAm
na sAdhava: daivabalAt kRute kramam 4.6.47

(People who are touched by the VishnumAyA, which is hard to escape, can not see the divinity in all, and all in the divinity. They hurt sAdhUs. On the otherhand, sAdhUs though capabale of turning them to ashes, do not hurt them. Instead, they shower compassion. They attribute their problems to their prArabdham and spare the wickeds. The very compassion will eventually make the wrong doer repent and turn around. Will it always? It has to happen eventually.)

15th February 2006, 09:53 AM
[tscii:10f649ed8e]Oh! kRushnA, are you standing and enjoying their prema? Oh! hRUdaya kamalavAsa, You want to hear the truth from their mouth? Then were are we, who doesn't even know how to read praNayagItam properly? Give us the bhakti and we ask for nothing else kRushNa.

cittam sukhena bhavatA apahRutam gRuheshu yan nirviSati uta karau api gRuhya kRutye
pAdau padam na calatas tava pAda mUlAd yAma katham vrajam atho karavAma kim vA 10.29.34

You easily stole our hands away from our housework. Now our feet won't move even one step away from Your lotus feet. How can we go back to Vraja? What would we do there?
To Krishna’s order to return back to Vraja; Gopi’s say that their feet wont even take one step away from Krishna what to say about walking all the way back to Gokul! This is true devotion, that the Lord wants to witness. He puts it and then enjoys it.

sincAnga na: tvat adharAmRuta pUrakeNa hAsa avaloka kala gIta ja hRut SayAgnim
no ced vayam virahajAgni upayukta dehA dhyAnena yAma padayo: padavIm sakhe te 10.29.35

(Dear Krishna, please pour the nectar of Your lips upon the fire within our hearts - a fire You ignited with Your smiling glances and the sweet song of Your flute. If You do not accept us, we will have no choice but to consign our bodies to the fire of separation from You, O friend, and attain to the abode of Your lotus feet by meditation.)

yarhi ambujAksha tava pAda talam ramAyA dattakshaNam kvacid araNya jana priyasya
asprAkshma tat prabhRuti nAnya samaksham anja sthAtums tvayAbhiramitA bata pArayAma: 10.29.36

(O lotus-eyed one, even the goddess of fortune considers it her fortune whenever she touches the soles of Your lotus feet. You are very dear to the residents of the forest, and therefore we will also touch those lotus feet. From that time on we will be unable even to stand in the presence of any other man, for we will have been fully satisfied by You.)

SrI: yat padAmbuja raja: cakame tulasyA labdhvApi vakshasi padam kila bhRutya jushTam
yasyA: sva vIkshaNa kRute anya sura prayAsa: tadvad vayam ca tava pAda raja: prapannA: 10.29.37

(Goddess Lakshmi, whose glance is sought after by the gods, has achieved the unique position of always remaining on the chest of her Lord, Narayana. Still, she desires the dust of His lotus feet, even though she has to share that dust with Tulasi devi and indeed with the Lord's many other servants. Similarly, we have approached the dust of Your lotus feet for shelter.)

tan na: prasIda vRujinArdana te anghri mUlam prAptA visRujya vasatIs tvat upAsanASA:
tvat sundara smita nirIkshaNa tIvra kAma taptAtmanAm purusha bhUshaNa dehi dAsyam 10.29.38

(Therefore, O vanquisher of all sorrow, please show us some mercy. To approach Your lotus feet we abandoned our families and homes, and we have no desire other than to serve You. Our hearts are burning with intense desires generated by Your beautiful smiling glances. O jewel among men, please make us Your servants.)

vIkshya alaka AvRuta mukham tava kundala SrI ganda sthalAdhara sudham hasitAvalokam
dattAbhayam ca bhuja danda yugam vilokya vaksha: Sriyai ramanam ca bhavAma dAsya: 10.29.39

(Seeing Your face encircled by curling locks of hair, Your cheeks beautified by earrings, Your lips full of nectar, and Your smiling glance, and also seeing Your two imposing arms which take away our fear, and Your chest, which is the only source of pleasure for the goddess of fortune; Oh! kRushNa, we must become Your servants. We have no other desire left in us.)

Oh! kRushNa, gopIs teach us how to love you. Please fill us with that prema.

16th February 2006, 09:13 AM
The Lord was pleased. As per the order of the Lord, Devas attached the head of the goat that was ready for the yajna on Daksha's body. Siva looked at him and he was sanctified. Daksha praised the ASutoshi. There appeared the yajna mUrtti nArAyaNa.

SyAmo hiraNya raSanA arkka kirITa jushTa:
nIlALaka bhramara maNDita kuNDala Asya:
kambu abja cakra Sara cApa gadA asi carmma
vyagrai: hiraNmaya bhujai: iva karNNikAra: 4.7.20

(HIs body is as dark as the thick clouds and is wearing golden dress. The glow emanating from the crown put the sun to shame. The wasp like curls on his forehead and ear drops made of gem from the fish 'makara' added radiance to his beautiful face. He had conch, lotus, discus, bow, arrows, mace, sword,and shield in each of his hands. Those eight hands were moving indicating his desire to protect his devotees. Becasue his hands were decorated with jewels, those looked like the branches of karNikAra tree (konna - the yellow flowere used for VishukkaNi).)

vakshasi adhiSrita vadhU: vanamAli udAra
hAsa avaloka kalayA ramayan ca viSwam
pArSwa bhramat vyajana cAmara rAjahamsa:
sweta Atapatra SaSainA upari rjyamAna: 4.7.21

(Lakshmi Devi is seated on his chest. VanamAla adorns his chest. He nourishes the wole universe with his smile and side looks. The cAmarAS on both sides look like Swans. His while umbrella look like moon that adds shine to the moon like face.)

16th February 2006, 09:17 AM
[tscii:63bd70608c]Please give us the strength to turn to you for help always and accept whatever is given by you as your wish, with a contented heart.

kA stri anga te kala padAyata mUrcchitena sammohitA Arya caritAn na calet tri lokyAm
trailokya saubhagam idam ca nirIkshya rUpam yad go dvija druma mRugA: pulakAni abibhran 10.29.40

(Dear Krishna, what woman in all the three worlds wouldn't deviate from religious behavior when drawn by the sweet, drawn out melody of Your flute? Your beauty makes all three worlds auspicious. Even the cows, birds, trees and deer get filled with ecstasy when they see Your beautiful form. Oh! kRushNa, then where are we, the helpless girls?)

vyaktam bhavAn vraja bhayArti haro abhijAto devo yathAdi purusha: sura loka goptA
tan no nidhehi kara pankajam Arta bandho tapta staneshu ca Sirassu ca kinkarINAm 10.29.41

(Clearly You have taken birth in this world to relieve the fear and distress of the people of Vraja, just as Lord Vishnu, protects the domain of the gods. Therefore, O friend, kindly place Your lotus hand on Your servant’s head’s and burning chests. OK kRushNa we poured our heart. Now you do whatever we deserve. What can that ocean of compassion do now, but to yield to his devotees?)

iti viklavitam tAsAm SrutvA yogeSvareSvara:
prahasya sa dayam gopIr AtmArAmo api arIramat 10.29.42

(Sree Sukar said: Smiling upon hearing the pitiful prayer from the gopis, Lord Krishna, the supreme master of all masters of yoga, mercifully proceeded to delight his gopi’s, although He is reveling in Himself and always completely satisfied with Himself. HE needs nothing from us. He is giving us a chance to enjoy the divinity. Like a mom enjoy's a gift (may be a laDDu thats he made!) from a child!)

tAbhi: sametAbhir udAra ceshTita: priya IkshaNa utphulla mukhIbhir acyuta:
udAra hAsa dvija kunda dIdhatir vyarocataiNAnka ivodubhir vRuta: 10.29.43

(Among the assembled gopis (who had now surrounded Him), the infallible Lord Krishna appeared just like the moon surrounded by stars. Gopi’s were extremely delighted by Lord Krishna’s playful activities and their faces blossomed with His affectionate glances, and His charming smiles revealed His beautiful jasmine bud teeth.)

upagIyamAna udgAyan vanitA Sata yUthapa:
mAlAm bibhrad vaijayantIm vyacaran mandayan vanam 10.29.44

(As the gopis sang His praises, that leader of hundreds of women sang loudly in reply. He gracefully moved among them, wearing His Vaijayanti garland (garland made with 5 different types of flowers), further beautifying the beautiful Vrindavana forest itself.

nadyA: pulinam AviSya gopIbhi: hima vAlukam
reme tat tarala Ananda kumudAmoda vAyunA 10.29.45

(Sri Krishna went with the gopis to the bank of the Yamuna, where the sand was cooling and the wind blowing from the river bore the fragrance of lotuses. There Krishna satisfied all the desires that gopIs had. They enjoyed the pUrNam brahma sanAtanam while the brahmam is AtmArAma:)

16th February 2006, 09:20 AM
Atra te kIrttayishyAma: itihAsam purAtanam
yasya SravaNa mAtreNa pApahAni: prajAyate BM.4.15

(Sanat Kumara's told Narada that they are going to narrate a past incidence. Listening to that itself will cleanse one from all the sins. This story describes the significance of bhAgavata saptAham in cleansing.)

On the banks of Tungabhadra, there were a group of people who followed all dharmAs very religiously. There was preist named Atmadeva, who was well versed in Vedas and Sastras and was radiant like a sun because of his knowledge and practise. His wife, Dundhuli is from a high family, beautiful, adamnet, smart, not too interested in charity etc. but, would always argue and pick up fights. Atmadeva had everything but no children. He did everything prescribed in the SAstrAS, but was not blessed with a child. He did not see any point in living anymore and went near a pond to end his life where he met a yati. sAdhUs by nature are very compassionate and would go out to help any suffering soul.

katham rodishi vipra twam kAte cintA balIyasI
vada twam sattwaram mahyam swasya du:khasya kAraNam BM4.26

(Oh! you are crying. Seem to be lost in some thoughts? Can you please tell me the reason for your sorrow? SanyAsIs do not communicate because they want something. But, they do it because they want to bless someone.)

Atmadeva explained the reason for his distress. Sanyasi adviced him to come out of the ignorance and forget this desire for a child.

SRuNu vipra mayA te adya prArabdham tu viokitam
saptajanmAvadhi tava putro naiva ca naiva ca BM 4.35

(Oh! Vipra, I read your prArabdahm and you do not have a son for 7 seven janmAs.)

Why worry then? If you insist you might get one like King Anga (who got tired of his wicked son, Vena and took sanyAsam). A sanyAsi is blessed and so follow that path. Well, that should be in the prArabdham too! Atmadeva insisted that he should be blessed with a son or he would commit suicide in front of the sAdhu. The sAdhu took a fruit, did japam and loaded with power for a great son and gave it Atmadeva. There was a condition.

satyam Soucam dayA dAnam ekabhaktam tu bhojanam
varshAvadhi striyA kAryam tena putro atinirmala: BM.4.42

(If the lady observe all these - truthfulness, cleanliness, compassion, charity and eacting only once for one whole year, she would get the best son! What a test for Dhundhuli! Now one has to see which is powerful, the blessing or prArabdham?)

Atmadeva handed over the fruit to Dundhuli. His wife followed her instincts (karma?) and hid the fruit and lied to her pati that she ate the fruit! Atmadeva left the town for some work. She was so worried about pregnancy, struggles, child's torture etc. Shared the news with her sister, who was pregnant. She agreed to trade her child for money. Decided to test the power of sAdhu (not obeying is a sin, but, testing is a worst sin) and gave the fruit to their cow. Atmadeva came and Dhundhuli pretended to be pregnant. (One lie to cover up the previous lie and so a thick layer!) When her sister delivered, she secretly brought the baby and broke the news to Atmadeva. Poor Atmadeva celebrated the news and did everything as presecribed. The child was named as DhundhukAri. After 3 months, something strange happened. The cow gave birth to a divine boy who was radiant like gold. He had his ears like a cow and so he was named as gokarNan. Atmadeva loved both as his own. But, Dhundhuli did not.

kiyat kAlena tau jAtau taruNau tanayau ubhou
gokarNa: paNDita: jnAnI dhundhukArI mahA khala: BM 4.67

(As time passed, they both grew up to young adults. Gokarna became very inteligent and balanced and DundhukAri very wicked. Blessing always work. So does insulting.)

17th February 2006, 10:40 AM
[tscii:47ac002be8]Oh! kRushNa, what they gained with love, they lost??? Why? I see, craving makes union sweeter! (prasAdAya)

evam bhagavata: krishnAllabdha mAnA mahAtmana:
AtmAnam menire strINAm mAninyo abhyadhikam bhuvi 10.29.47

(The gopis considered themselves extremely fortunate for having received such special attention from Krishna, the Supreme Lord, and each of them thought of herself as the luckiest woman on earth. But at the same time there arose some pride among them and they started to also think that they must be the best woman on earth to receive such special attention from Krishna. My goodness, watchout, kRushNa reads your min dgopIs.... But, how can they not feel proud? If you don't you don't know the value of what you have in hand!)

tAsAm tat saubhaga madam vIksya mAnam ca keSava:
praSamAya prasAdAya tatra eva antaradhIyata 10.29.48

(Ever the Guru, Lord Kesava, seeing that little pride in gopis about their good fortune, wanted to relieve them of this pride and show them further mercy. Thus He immediately disappeared. This is 'soubhaga madam' which need to blessed and not punished. That is why 'prasAdAya'.)

Let us join the gopIs in their cry......

antarhite bhagavati sahasaiva vrajAnganA:
atapyams tam acakahANA: kariNya iva yUthapam 10.30.1

(Sree Sukar said: When Lord Krishna disappeared so suddenly, the gopis felt great sorrow at losing sight of Him just like a group of female elephants who have lost their mate. They were suffocated. The very thought makes us feel what we lost.)

gatyAnurAga smita vibhrama Ikshitair manorama AlApa vihAra vibhramai:
Akshipta cittA: pramadA ramA pates tAs tA viceshTA jagRuhus tat AtmikA: 10.30.2

(How can we explain this pain? We all suffered this...... As the gopi’s remembered Lord Krishna, their hearts were overwhelmed by the memories His enchanting movements and loving smiles, His playful glances and lovely words, and by the many other pastimes He would enjoy with them. Thus absorbed in thoughts of Krishna, the gopis began acting out His various pastimes while totally absorbed in Him.)

gAyantya uccair amum eva samhatA vicikyur unmattaka vad vanAd vanam
papracchur AkASa vad antaram bahir bhUteshu santam puruSham vanaspatIn 10.30.4

(Singing loudly of Krishna, they searched for Him throughout the Vrindavana forest like a band of mad women. They even asked the trees about Krishna the same Lord who is the soul ever present both inside and outside of all living beings, just like the sky which exists everywhere.)

dRushTo va: kaccid aSvattha plaksha nyagrodha no mana:
nanda sUnur gato hRutvA prema hAsAvalokanai: 10.30.5

([The Gopi’s sang:] O ashvattha tree, O plaksha, O nyagrodha, have you seen our Krishna? That son of Nanda Gopa has gone away after stealing our hearts with His loving smiles and glances. Where is He? Where are you kRushNa? Do you hear us?)

kaccit kurabakASoka nAga punnAga campakA:
rAmAnujo mAninInAm ito darpa hara smita: 10.30.6

(O kurabaka tree, O ashoka, O naga, punnaga and campaka, has Balarama's younger brother, whose very smile removes the pride of women filled with pride, passed this way? Our beauty or worth is worthless in front of His smile. Yes kRushNa, please join us...)

Sri Sukar does not mention Radha's name but, soon gopIs will figure out that He has escaped with His Priya. Bhattatiri says,

'rAdhAbhitAm tAvat ajAta garvAm' Radhe Rani is His AhlAdinI Sakti and she is the one who unites Hid devotees with the Lord. Good that He is never away from Her.

17th February 2006, 10:44 AM
DHundhukaari spent his time torturing innocents and enjoying with veSyAs. He spent all the momey saved by his father. Kaama leads to krodha. Finally he started beating up his father for more money and Atmadeva realized what the sAdhu meant -

tat pitA kRupaNa: procchai: dhanahIna: ruroda ha
vandhyattwam tu samIcInam kuputro du:khadAyaka: BM4.71

(That helpless father cried pitiably. "Oh! being childless is better. A bad son gives nothing but miseries. Look at this, my son is beating me up......". Isn't this true with anything? When one looses the poise (like Atmadeva - not listening to the sAdhu), one has to head straight to disater.)

May be his love for gokarNa or the darSan of a sAdhu brought gokarNa in front of him at the right time. The jnAni thought, "What is this? If the son had thought of him as father would he beat him up? Or if the father had though the other as son, would he complain? What a strange tangle of Maya?" He told his father that everything is temporary. The soul that enjoys paramAnandam is the muni who is not caught in samsAram. Get out of this ignorance. before the body falls because of prArabdham, take refuge in the lord and go to the forest and reach HIS LOTUS FEET. Atmadeva prayed to his son,

andhakUpe snehapASai: badha: pangu: aham SaTha:
karmmaNA patita: nUnam mAm uddhara dayAnidhe BM 3.78

(Oh! ocean of compassion, I am in this well of ignorance. Tied up in the relations. I am handicapped and adament. My karma is the reason for all these. Please lift me up oh! Dear, save me. PLEASE MAKE THIS PRAYER TO ONE WHO CAN LIFT - THE GURU, PARAMATMA.)

dehe asthi mAmsa rudhire abhimatim tyaja twam
jAyA sutAdishu sadA mamatAm vimunca
paSya aniSam jagat idam kshaNabhanga nishTham
vairAgya rAga rasika: bhava bhakti nishTha: BM 4.79

(Give up the thought that this body is YOU. It is nothing but a collection of bones, flesh and blood. Give up the ownership on wife children etc. (This does not apply to aatmabandhUs who walks with one to divinity) Realize that this world is dying every second. Show interest in getting detached from everything while holding tight to Bhakti.)

dharmam bhajaswa satatam tyaja lokadharmAn
sevaswa sAdhupurushAn jahi kAma tRushNAm
anyasya dosha guNa cintanam ASu muktwA
sevA kathArasam aho nitarAm piba twam BM 4.80

(Don't follow the world. Follow the sAdhUs and stick to your dharma. Serve sAdhus. Come out of all desires. More than anything, GIVE UP THINKING ABOUT GOOD OR BAD ABOUT OTHERS. Enjoy bhagavat katha all the time. This will lead you to unsahkable bhakti and hence to the LORD.)

Listening to the advise of his son Atmadeva went to the forest and spent the rest of his life enjoying the daSamaskandham of bhAgavatam (kRushNa lIla). At the end, he left the physical body and merged with the Lord.

17th February 2006, 10:55 AM
After his father left, Dhundhukri started torturing his mother for money. Unable to bear her son's treatment, Dhundhuli jumped into a well and died. Thus she enetered the hell.

Along with father Gokarna also left the house on a pilgrimage. Free of all dualities he existed in harmony with the divinity. Dhundhukari lived in his house with VeSyAs. By stealing and killing he brought plenty of money. The ladies decided that he is going to be cought one day and so decided to kill him and share the wealth. One day when he was sleeping they tied rope around his neck. Death was not an easy gift for him because of all the crimes that he had committed. They burned his face with buring charcol and finally he died in pain. They buried hid body and told everybody that their husband has gone out! Wickeds will not hesitate to do anything.

Poor DhundhukAri ended up like a pretam (spirit) and roamed here and there scaring people. During his tIrtha yAtra, while in Gaya, GokarNan came to know about the death of Dhundhuli and DhundhukAri. He offered oblations to the departed souls in Gaya and all possible tIrthams. At the end he came to his own town. In the night a spirit tried to scare him. Becasue of his divinity, he tried to converse with the suffering soul. The preta could not utter a word properly. Immediately took a hand full of water and sanctified the preta by sprinking the tIrtham on it.

The preta introduced itself as DhundhukAri who ended up in this state because of his own karma.

tvat artham tu gayApiNDo mayA datta: vidhAnata:
tat katham na eva mukta: asi mama AScaryam idam mahat BM 5.31

GokarNa was astonished to see that even GayaSradham did not release the son, but did release the mother. So, he had to look for another solution. He checked all the SastrAs discussed with all the learned Brahmins but, there was nothing greater than GayaSrAdham.

Will see whether there is a solution.

18th February 2006, 10:41 AM
Let us go with the gopIs, looking and crying for kRushNa.

pRucchatemA latA bAhUn api ASlishTA vanaspate:
nUnam tat karaja spRushTA bibhrati utpulakAni aho 10.30.13

(Let us ask these creepers about Krishna. Even though they are embracing the arms of their husband (in the shape of branch), tree, they certainly must have been touched by Krishna's fingernails, since out of joy they are manifesting their happiness in the form of sprouts.)

iti unmatta vaco gopya: kRushNa anveshaNa kAtarA:
lIlA bhagavatas tAs tA hi anucakrus tadAtmikA: 10.30.14

(Gopis were acting like crazy women from the pain of sudden disappearance of Krishna! Distraught from searching for Krishna and not finding Him they began to act out His various pastimes, fully absorbed in thoughts of Him.)

kasyAcit pUtanAyantyA: kRushNAyanti apibat stanam
tokayitvA rudati anyA padAhan SakaTAyatIm 10.30.15

(One gopi imitated Putana, while another acted like infant Krishna and they played out the incident in which Krishna sucks out the very life breath from Putana as she was trying to feed Him deadly poison. Another gopi, crying in imitation of infant Krishna, kicked a gopi who was taking the role of the cart demon, Sakathasura.)

daityAyitvA jahArAnyAm eka kRuahNArbha bhAvanAm
ringayAm Asa kApi anghrI karshantI ghosha ni:svanai: 10.30.16

(One gopi played the role of Trinavarta and carried away another gopi, who was playing the role of infant Krishna, while yet another gopi crawled about on her hands and knees acting like the infant Krishna , her ankle bells tinkling as she dragged her feet.)

kRushNa rAmAyite dve tu gopAyantyaS ca kAScana
vatsAyatIm hanti cAnyA tatraikA tu bakAyatIm 10.30.17

(Two gopis acted like Rama and Krishna in the midst of several others gopis who played the role of cowherd boys. One gopi enacted Krishna's killing of the demon Vatsasura, while another gopi played the role of the demon, and another pair of gopis acted out the killing of demon Bakasura.)

AhUya dUragA yadvat kRuShNas tam anukurvatIm
veNum kvaNantIm krIDantIm anyA: Samsanti sAdhviti 10.30.18

(When one gopi perfectly imitated how Krishna would call the cows back who had wandered far away from the herd and how He would play His flute and how He would engage in various divine sports, the others congratulated her with exclamations of "Well done! Well done!")

kasyAncit svabhujam nyasya calanti AhAparA nanu
kRushNo aham paSyata gatim lalitAm iti tan manA: 10.30.19

(Another gopi, her mind completely absorbed in Krishna, walked about with her arm resting on the shoulder of another gopi and cried out, "I am Krishna! Look how gracefully I move!")

18th February 2006, 10:43 AM
[tscii:79da803ef6]Through GopIs, Sri Sukar is reminding us the bAlAlIlAs. The only medicine for viraham is bhagavat katha and devotees experiences. Soon they are going to sing, 'tava kathA amRutam kRushNa tapta jIvanam...'

mA bhaishTa vAta varshAbhyAm tat trANam vihitam maya
iti uktvaikena hastena yatanti unnidadhe ambaram 10.30.20

("Don't be afraid of the storms or the rain," said one gopi. "I will protect you from them!" And with that she lifted her scarf above her head.)

AruhyaikA padAkramya Sirasi AhAparAm nRupa
dushTa ahe gaccha jAto aham khalAnAm nanu danda dhRuk 10.30.21

(O King (Parikcit), one of the gopi’s climbed on top of another gopi and, placing her foot on her head, cried out, "Go away from here, O wicked snake! You should know that I have taken birth in this world just to punish the wicked and the envious.")

tatra eka uvAca he gopA dAvAgnim paSyata ulbaNam
cakshUmshi ASu apidadhvam vo vidhAsye kshemam anjasA 10.30.22

(One Gopi cried out to the others (visualizing them as cowherd boys trapped in the deadly fire): “My dear gopa’s, look at this raging forest fire! Shut your eyes at once and I will easily deliver you from this danger.”)

baddhAnyayA srajA kAcit tanvI tatra ulUkhale
bhItA sudRuk pidhAyAsyam bheje bhIti vidambanam 10.30.23

(One gopi pretended to be the mortar while the other gopi (who was acting the role of Krishna) was tied to this “mortar” by a flower garland. A third gopi played the role of Yashoda and enacted the scene where mother Yashoda gets angry with Krishna for having broken the butter pots and stolen the butter. Gopi playing the role of Krishna pretended to be very afraid and covered her face. Oh! kRushNa. Do they know anything other than you? Still, where are you?)

evam kRushNam pRucchamAnA vRundAvana latA: tarUn
vyacakshata vanoddeSe padAni paramAtmana: 10.30.24

(While the gopis were thus imitating various Krishna's lila’s and asking forest creepers and trees where Krishna, the Supreme Lord, might be, they happened to see His footprints in a corner of the forest.
Here Sree Sukar uses the word paramAtmana: to again stress the fact that Gopi’s were not simply some love struck women searching for their dear but in fact great devotees searching for that Supreme Lord. They got a clue. He has gone this way! But, where?)

padAni vyaktam etAni nanda sUnor mahAtmana:
lakshyante hi dhvajAmbhoja vajrAnkuSa yavAdibhi: 10.30.25

([The gopis said to one another:] “These foot prints must surely belong that to great Lord, that darling son of Nanda Gopa! The marks of a flag, lotus, thunderbolt, elephant goad, yavam and so forth on these footprints clearly distinguish them as belonging to Him”..Their hearts were again revived; they felt great joy at finally finding some hints to where there Lord disappeared. So they hurriedly followed the path their hearts in their mouths dying to be one with their master but…)

tais tai: padai: tat padavIm anvicchantyo agrato abalA
vadhvA: padai: su pRuktAni vilokya ArtA: samabruvan 10.30.26

(The gopis began following Krishna's path, as shown by His many footprints, but when they saw that these foot prints were interspersed with those of a lady consort, they thought about their blessed friend, who is enjoying the Lord, spoke to one another as follows - "whose foot prints are those? She certainly has done wonderful pooja as she is with the Lord always.") [/tscii:79da803ef6]

18th February 2006, 10:45 AM
[tscii:02cadcb206]GopIs cry and Radha RaNi's call.

dhanyA aho amI Alyo govinda anghri abja reNava:
yAn brahmeSo ramA devI dadhur mUrdhni agha nuttaye 10.30.29

(O Gopis! The dust from Govinda's lotus feet is so sacred that even Brahma, Shiva and the goddess Rama Devi take that dust upon their heads to wipe out their sins. The dust particles are so lucky. They got the touch of our kRushNa.)

tasyA amUni na: kshobham kurvanti uccai: padAni yat
yA eka apahRutya gopInAm raho bhunkte acyutAdharam 10.30.30

(These footprints of that gopi (Radha Devi) greatly disturb us. Of all the gopis, She alone was taken away to a secluded place, where She is enjoying Lord Krishna all by herself! Even though it might seem that Gopi’s were jealous of Radhe Devi because Krishna left them and went to a secluded part of the forest with out them, its not true. Gopi’s merely wanted their beloved Krishna to spend some time with them too, but they were very happy for Radha that she got to spend time with Krishna. They wondered what great punya must have been done by Radha to deserve this great fortune.)

na lakshyante padAni atra tasyA nUnam tRuNAnkurai:
khidyat sujAtAnghri talAm unninye preyasIm priya: 10.30.31

(Look, we can't see Her footprints over here! It's obvious that the grass and sprouts were hurting the tender soles of Her feet, and so Her beloved Krishna must have lifted her up.)

imAni adhika magnAni padAni vahato vadhUm
gopya: paSyata kRushNasya bhArAkrAntasya kAmina: 10.30.32

(Please observe, my dear gopis, how in this place Krishna's footprints are pressed more deeply into the ground. Carrying the weight of His beloved must have been difficult for Him. Even now they are more worried for Krishna and suffer just by the very thought that their beloved Krishna might have to suffer even a little bit!)

As the gopis wandered about, their minds completely lost in krishna, they pointed out various signs of Krishna's pastimes, how He would have treated the blessed friend of theirs etc.

sA ca mene tadAtmAnam varishTham sarva yoshitAm
hitvA gopI: kAma yAnA mAm asau bhajate priya: 10.30.37

(Now, Radha Rani could not bear the viraham that her friends were going through. She preferred to cry with them,sing with them, to unite them with the Lord. So she pretended to be proud. She thought that she is the luckiest Gopi who is getting blessed by kRushNa.)

evam uktah priyAm Aha skandha AruhyatAm iti
tataS cAntardadhe kRushNa: sA vadhUr anvatapyata 10.30.39

(Filled with that thought Radha told Lord Keshava, "I cannot walk any further. Please carry Me wherever You want to go." Thus addressed, Lord Krishna replied, "Just climb on My shoulder." But as soon as He said this, He disappeared. Now it was Radha’s turn to feel great distress at this sudden disappearance of her Lord!)

She knew what would bring her friends to her. She is going to be teh Guru who is going to lead them to kRushNa.

hA nAtha ramaNa preshTha kvAsi kvAsi mahA bhuja
dAsyAs te kRupaNAyA me sakhe darSaya sannidhim 10.30.40

(She cried out: O master! O dear most, where are You? Where are You? Please, O mighty-armed one, O friend, show Yourself to Me, Your wretched maidservant!) [/tscii:02cadcb206]

20th February 2006, 09:27 AM
GopIs heard the cry of their dear friend. They rushed to her.

anvicchantyo bhagavata: mArggam gopya: avidUrata:
dadRuSu: priya viSlesha mohitAm du:khitAm sakhIm 10.30.41

(GopIs who were desperately looking for their dear kRushNa heard the pathetic cry from their dear friend, who was lamenting out of viraham. They rushed to her and carried her in their lap. They knew that she will not be alive even for a second without Him. They wept so badly listening to her story.)

tayA kathitam AkarNya mAnaprAptim ca mAdhavAt
avamAnam ca dourAtmyAt vismayam paramam yayu: 10.30.42

(She told them "Oh! Dear friends, he showered His special love on me. My pride (which she took on herself to unite her friends with kRushNa) turned Him off and He left me too. Oh! kRushNa! Sing His names so that we will be alive when He comes." Hearing this they were really surprised as 'feeling proud or jealous' is not RadhA's nature. What is the truth behind this?)

They searched for kRushNa until teh moon set. They enetered teh total darkness in teh world as well as in their heart. Is that the end? Never. Watch.

tan manaskA: tat AlApA: tat vicesTA: tat AtmikA:
tat guNAn eva gAyantya: na AtmAgArANi sasmaru: 10.30.44

(Oh! kRushNa, give me the strength. Their mind merged with Him. They cried only for Him. They enacted Him. They became body's with kRushNa as their soul. They sang nothing but His GuNAs. They did not even think of their families or home. What a yoga!. Viraham takes one there. How can the Lord stay from them? NEVER. HE IS A BHKTA VATSALAN. HE WILL NOT SEND A MESSENGER, BUT WILL BE THERE HIMSELF. WE WILL SEE THAT SOON - SMAYAMANA MUKHAMBUJA:)

puna: puLinam Agatya kALindyA: kRushNa bhAvanA:
samavetA: jagu: kRushNam tat Agamana kAnkshitA: 10.30.45

(RAdhA RaNi said, "Oh! dear friend, the only way to get Him back is forget ourselves and sing His glories. How can we ever remember anythign else when we sing his glories?" So, they came back to teh banks of KaLindi River. With the strong desire to have Him back, as group, they started siging about kRushNa.)

This is gopikA gItam - singing and crying or crying and singing. They cried with tAlam and Sruti and that is gopikA gItam.

20th February 2006, 09:29 AM
GokarNa got the answer the very next day

tata: sarvai: sUrya vAKyam tanmuktou sthApitam param
gokarNa stambhanam cakre sUryavegasya vai tadA:BM.5.39
(They decided that the answer is with the sUrya bhagavAn and GokarNa stopped the movement of the sUrya with the power of his Yoga. The sun said, SrImad bhAGavatAt mukti: saptAhe vAcanam kuru. "Read bhAgavatam in 7 days and that will free the preta" was the answer)

GokarNa listened to jagat sAkshi SUrya and arranged for the bhAgavata saptAham. The preta entered a bamboo and stayed there with out moving. It listened to the beautiful reading and narration by GokarNa. AT the end of each day each tie (bondage) broke and on the seventh day, the preta was released from all its pApam and appeared with vishNu sArUpyam. A divine vehicle appeared to carry the great soul. GokarNa, though knew the answer, asked the divine being and He introduece himself as DhundhukAri, who was released by the saptAham.

bhidyate hRudaya granthI chidyante sarva samSayA:
kshIyante ca asya karmmANi saptAha SravaNe kRute BM 6.65

(Listening to bhAgavata saptAham removes all the bondages and karmas and vAsanAs. So, the souls escape from the samsAram.)

GokarNa wondered why only the preta got the moksham and not teh narrator or the oteh rlisteners. VishNudUtAs said

SravaNasya vibhedena phalabeda: api samsthita:
SravaNam kRutam sarvai: na tathA mananam kRUtam BM 5.71

(The result depends on the way in which the way it was heard. Everyone heard but, did concntrate as much. Please do it again and it will be taken care of.)

GokarNa did one more bhAgavata saptAham and everyone listened very carefully. Naryana himself came and took GokarNa to Golakam. All the inhabitants of that village reached vaikunTham and it was like Rama taking everyone with Him during His Vaikutha ArohaNam.

AkhyAnam etat paramam pavitram Srutam sakRut vai vidahet aghougham
SrAdhe prayuktam pitRu tRupim Avahet nityam supAThAt apunarbhavam ca BM 5.90

(Listening to this most purifying story, once will cleanse from all the sins, reading this on SrAdhA will please the pitRUs and reading it daily takes one to moksham.)

Bhagavatam blesses one with bhakti, jnAna and vairAghya and makes one His dAsAnu dAsa: Let us enjoy it. Once for purification and the rest for enjoying the sweetness. RADHE KRISHNA

Offering the story of GokarNa at the Lotus feet with daNDa namaskArams.

20th February 2006, 09:33 AM
[tscii:869765e536]When we cry for material things it is 'crying'. The cry for the Lord is 'GOPIKA GITAM'.

jayati te adhikam janmanA vraja: Srayata indirA SaSvad atra hi
dayita dRuSyatAm dikShu tAvakA: tvayi dhRutAsava: tvAm vicinvate 10.31.1

(The gopis sang out their cry: O beloved, Vraja shines all the more brighter by your decent; for even Indira, the goddess of fortune, always resides here (so that she may catch your glimpse). It is only for Your sake that we, Your devoted servants live. We have been searching everywhere for You, so please show mercy and show Yourself to us.)

Sarad udASaye sAdhu jAta sat sarasijodara SrI mushA dRuSA
Surata nAtha te aSulka dAsikA varada nighnato neha kim vadha: 10.31.2

(O Lord of love, in beauty Your glance excels the whorl of the finest, most perfectly formed lotus within the autumn pond. O bestower of boons, You are killing the very maidservants who have given themselves to You freely. There is no trade in our love for You Lord. Is this fair Lord?)

visha jalApyayAd vyAla rAkshasAd varsha mArutAd vaidyutAnalAt
vRusha mayAtmajAd viSvato bhayAd Rushabha te vayam rakshitA muhu: 10.31.3

(O jewel among men, You have repeatedly saved us from all kinds of danger - from poisoned water, from the terrible demon Agha (who comes as a Huge snake), from the great rains, from the wind demon, from the fiery thunderbolt of Indra, from the bull demon and from the Vyomasura. We remember all those kRushNa. WE are living only because of You. But, were all those only for this separation?)

na khalu gopIkA nandano bhavAn akhila dehinAm antarAtma dRuk
vikhanasArthito viSva guptaye sakha udeyivAn sAtvatAm kule 10.31.4

(O Lord You are no ordinary son of the mother Yashoda. You are that eternal witness in the hearts of all living entities. Because Lord Brahma prayed for You to come and protect the universe, You have now appeared in the Yadu dynasty. Here GopIs express that they know the secret of avatAram. But, their PREMA is stronger than that. Lord gives Himself for that PREMA.)

viracitAbhayam vRushNi dhUrya te caraNam IyushAm samsRuter bhayAt
kara saroruham kAnta kAma dam Sirasi dhehi na: SrI kara graham 10.31.5

(O best of the Vrishnis, Your lotus like hand, which holds the hand of the goddess of fortune, grants fearlessness to those who approach Your feet out of fear of material existence. O Lord, please place that wish fulfilling lotus hand on our heads (and grant our wish to be with you, for the Gopi’s had no other desires left). [/tscii:869765e536]

21st February 2006, 01:45 PM
Let us sing while crying with gopIs.

vraja janArti han vIra yoshitAm nija jana smaya dhvamsana smita
bhaja sakhe bhavat kinkarI: sma no jalaruhAnanam cAru darSaya 10.31.6

(O Great Lord, You remove the suffering of Vraja's people, And you are the brave leader, Your (very) smile shatters the false pride of Your devotees. Please, dear friend, accept us as Your maidservants and show us Your beautiful lotus face. In the absence of your presence, we will wither away.)

praNata dehinAm pApa karSanam tRuna carAnugam SrIniketanam
phaNi phaNArpitam te padAmbujam kRuNu kuceshu na: kRundhi hRucchayam 10.31.7

(Your lotus feet destroy the sins of all beings who surrender to them. These are the same feet which follow after the cows (due to Lords love for the cows) in the pastures and are the eternal abode of the goddess of fortune. Just like You once put those feet on the hoods of the great serpent Kaliya (to destroy his ego), please place them upon our chests and destroy all evil/sins in us. You kno whow to sacntify anything so as to make it yours. Please do that.)

madhurayA girA valgu vAkyayA budha manojnayA pushkarekshaNa
vidhi karIr imA vIra muhyatIr adharasIdhunA ApyAyayasva na: 10.31.8

(O lotus-eyed one, Your sweet voice and charming words, which attract even the minds of the wise, are drawing us to You even more and more. Our dear Lord, please revive us-Your maidservants with the nectar of Your lips.)

tava kathAmRutam kRushNAA tapta jIvanam kavibhir Iditam kRushNA kalmashApaham
SravaNa mangalam kRushNA SrImad Atatam bhuvi gRuNanti ye kRushNA bhUri dA janA: 10.31.9

(The nectar of Your words and the descriptions of Your activities are the only escape for those suffering in this material world. These narrations, retold by learned sages, eradicate one's sins and bestow good fortune upon whoever hears them. Blessed are those who spread these divine words of wisdom and knowledge through out this world. kRushNa, are you wondering how we are alive with this viraham? That is only because of the power of your kathAmRutam, kRushNa. Aren't we all in the same boat?)

prahasitam priya prema kRushNA vIkshaNam viharaNam ca te kRushNA dhyAna mangalam
rahasi samvido kRushNA yA hRudi spriSa: kuhaka no mana: kRushNA kshobhayanti hi 10.31.10

(Your hearty laughs, Your smiles, Your sweet, loving glances as well as Your conversations with us and all other activities that we enjoyed with You - all these are very special to meditate upon, and they deeply touch our hearts. But at the same time (now that you are away from us), O deceiver, they very much agitate our minds. How true! Isn't our LORD the best actor?

21st February 2006, 01:46 PM
On a sUrya grahaNa day kRushNa called for a meLa. This is when kRushNa meets the gopIs physically (after more than 100 years). Droupadi collected all the ladies and started gossiping. That day's topic was, "how come all the 16108 of you marreid kRushNa?What is so cpecial about Him?" Each narrated their stories and concluded in chorus -

na vayam saadhwi saamraajyam swaaraajyam bhoujyam apyuta
vairAjyam pArameshThyam vA Anandyam vA hare: padam 10.83.41
kAmayAmaha etasya SrImat pAda raja: Sriya:
kuca kunkuma gandhADhyam mUrdhnA voDhum gadAbhRuta: 10.83.42

(Oh! Great lady, all we crave is to bear the dust from the lotus feet of the Lord (gadAdhara), which is mixed with the fragrance of kunkumam from Mahalakshmi's chest, on our head. We do not want to be the king of kings, we don't want the status of Indra, or a mixture of both or the status of virAT, the post of Brahma or even Mokasham. So, why would we even think of doing anytyhing else other than serving Him?)

vrajastriya: yat vanchanti puLindya: tRuNa vIrudha:
gAva: cArayata: gopA: pAdasparSam mahAtmana: 10.83.43

(Oh! Devi, the gopIs who have gathered here around us, the forest ladies, gopAs, grass and trees - all of them have only one desire and that is the touch of the Lotus feet of that Lord who grazes the cows. The Lord has granted it to all these great devotees. Prema is the only path to win His divine look and mercy. He will never turn us down. We all serve Him and are sure that He will give us the same blessings that He showered on these GopIs.)

21st February 2006, 01:48 PM
[tscii:c72c56d17e]calasi yad vrajAt kRUshNA cArayan paSUn nalina sundaram kRUshNA nAtha te padam
Sila tRuNAnkurai: kRUshNA sIdatIti na: kalilatAm mana: kRUshNA kAnta gacchati 10.31.11

(O Dear master when You leave the Vraja village to tend the cows, our minds are disturbed with the thought that Your feet, more beautiful than a lotus, will be ####### by rough grass and other plants. Now, you are running in the forest. How can we bear this? Please kRushNa, come and tell us that you are fine.)

dina parikshaye kRUshNA nIla kuntalair vanaruhAnanam kRUshNA bibhrad AvRutam
ghana rajasvalam kRUshNA darSayan muhur manasi na: smaram kRUshNA vIra yacchasi 10.31.12

(At the end of the day (after returning back with the cows) You show us Your lotus-like face, covered with dark locks of hair and soiled with dust (raised by the cows. This dust is the only treasure that Gopi’s seek). Thus, O Brave one, this kindles love in our heart for You. Oh! kRushNa, we can't bear this pain any more.)

pranata kAmadam kRUshNA padmajArcitam dharaNi mandanam kRUshNA dhyeyam Apadi
caraNa pankajam kRUshNA Santamam ca te ramaNa na: staneshu kRUshNA arpayAdhi han 10.31.13

(Your lotus feet, which are worshiped by even Lord Brahma, fulfill the desires of all who bow down to them. They are the most valuable ornament of the earth, they give the highest pleasure, and in times of danger meditating upon them will save us from it. O delighter of souls, O destroyer of anxiety, please put those lotus feet upon our chests.)

surata vardhanam Soka nASanam svarita veNunA sushThu cumbitam
itara rAga vismAraNam nRuNAm vitara vIra nas te adharAmRutam 10.31.14

(O Lord, kindly give to us the nectar of Your lips, which enhances our joy and vanquishes all grief. That nectar is thoroughly enjoyed by Your flute and (listening to the melodious flute) makes people forget any other attachment.)

athati yad bhavAn ahni kAnanam truTir yugAyate tvAm apaSyatAm
kuthila kuntalam SrI mukham ca te jada udIkShatAm pakShma kRud dRuSAm 10.31.15

(When You go off to the forest during the day, a tiny fraction of a second becomes like a millennium for us because we cannot see You. And even when we can eagerly look upon Your beautiful face, so lovely with its adornment of curly locks, our pleasure is hindered by our eyelids, which were fashioned by the foolish creator (Brahma).)

22nd February 2006, 09:57 AM
[tscii:05a85a660d]pati sutAnvaya bhrAtRu bAndhavAn ativilanghya te anti acyutAgatA:
gati vida: tava udgIta mohitA: kitava yoShita: kas tyajen niSI 10.31.16

(We have been drawn by your enchanting music from the flute and just to see You, we have completely rejected our husbands, children, ancestors, brothers and other relatives. O Trickster, what noble man would abandon helpless women in the middle of the night? Oh! kRushNa, sarva dharmAn parityajya mAm ekam SarNam vraja.... but, now?)

rahasi samvidam hRucchaya udayam prahasitAnanam prema vIkshaNam
bRuhad ura: Sriyo vIkshya dhAma te muhur ati spRuhA muhyate mana: 10.31.17

(Our minds repeatedly go back to the various intimate conversations that we had with you, we recall your beautiful smiling face, Your loving glances and Your broad chest, the resting place of the goddess of fortune. These memories only strengthen our desire to be with You.)

vraja vanaukasAm vyakti: anga te vRujina hantri alam viSva mangalam
tyaja manAk ca nas tvat spRuhAtmanAm sva jana hRud rujAm yan niShUdanam 10.31.18

(O beloved, Your very presence vanquishes the distress of those living in Vraja as well as the denizens of the forest and is auspicious for the entire universe. Our minds long for Your association. Please give to us just a bit of that medicine (in the form of Your company), which counteracts the disease in Your devotees' hearts.)

yat te sujAta caraNAmburuham staneshu bhItA: Sanai: priya dadhImahi karkaSeshu
tenATavIm aTasi tad vyathate na kim svit kUrpAdibhir bhramati dhIr bhavad AyushAm na: 10.31.19
O dearly beloved! Your lotus feet are so soft that we place them gently on our chests, fearing that Your feet will be hurt. Our life rests only in You. Our minds, therefore, are filled with anxiety that Your tender feet might be wounded by pebbles as You roam about on the forest path.

iti gopya: pragAyantya: pralapantyaS ca citradhA
rurudu: susvaram rAjan kRushNa darSana lAlasA: 10.32.1

(Sree Sukar said: O King, Gopi’s thus sung and spoke and cried and poured their hearts. They completely lost control over themselves due to their intense longing for Krishna and began to weep loudly. Oh! kRushNa, we won't be alive to take our next breath. This is for sure. Now they have merged with the Lord totally.)

tAsAm AvirabhUt Sauri: smayamAna mukhAmbuja:
pItAmbara dhara: sragvI sAkshAt manmatha manmatha: 10.32.2

(At that instant when the Gopi’s had completely surrendered to their Lord Krishna, He appeared with a charming smile on His lotus face. Wearing a garland and a yellow silk garment, He was so charming that Sree Sukar describes Krishna that He bewildered the mind of Cupid (who bewilders the mind of ordinary people) himself. Oh! kRupAsindho, you know that even slightest shade of sorrow in you will kill them. That is why you arrived there with the most beautiful smile. What a great union! Radhe Krishna radhe syAma, mohana muraLI dhAri.) [/tscii:05a85a660d]

22nd February 2006, 09:59 AM
tam vilokyAgatam preshTham prIti utphulla dRuSo abalA:
uttasthur yugapat sarvAs tanva: prANam ivAgatam 10.32.3

(When the gopis saw that their dear most Krishna had returned to them, they all stood up at once, and out of their intense longing for Him they stared at Him with wide open eyes. It was as if their very life had returned back to their bodies (since they were as good as dead without Krishna).)

kAcit karAmbujam Saurer jagRuhe anjalinA mudA
kAcid dadhAra tat bAhum amse candana rUShitam 10.32.4

(One gopi joyfully placed Krishna's hand between her folded palms, and another placed His arm, anointed with sweet smelling sandalwood paste, on her shoulder. LORD lets His devotees do anything as per their wish.)

ekA bhrukuTim Abadhya prema samrambha vihvalA
ghnatI iva aikshat kaTAkshepai: sandashTa daSana cchadA 10.32.6

(One gopi, who was in fact full of love for her Master pretended to besides herself with anger, and down upon her lips and stared at Him with frowning eyebrows - as if to wound Him with her harsh glances.)

aparAnimishat dRugbhyAm jushANA tan mukhAmbujam
ApItam api nAtRupyat santa: tat caraNam yathA 10.32.7

(Another gopi looked at Him with unblinking eyes upon His lotus face, but even after deeply relishing its sweetness She did not feel satiated, just as mystic saints are never satiated when meditating upon the Lord's feet.)

tam kAcin netra randhreNa hRudi kRutyA nimIlya ca
pulakAngi upaguhyAste yogIvAnanda samplutA 10.32.8

(One gopi absorbed the Lord through her eyes and placed Him within her heart. Then, with her eyes closed, she embraced Him from within. Her body hairs stood erect as she was meditating upon the Lord. Thus immersed in ecstasy, she resembled a yogi meditating upon the Lord.
Oh! kRushNa, please give us the strength to enjoy the gopIs.)

sarvA: tA: keSavAloka paramotsava nirvRutA:
jahur virahajam tApam prAjnam prApya yathA janA: 10.32.9

(All the gopis enjoyed immensely when they saw their beloved Keshava again. They finally gave up the distress of separation, just as people forget their sorrow when they are with some great soul. All their viraham disappeared in seconds. Blessed are the gopIs kRushNa.)

22nd February 2006, 10:00 AM
[tscii:6d46739cab]tAbhi: vidhUta SokAbhir bhagavAn acyuto vRuta:
vyarocatAdhikam tAta purusha: Saktibhir yathA 10.32.10

(By the appearance of Krishna, Gopis were now relieved of their distress. They encircled Lord Acyuta and he was shining radiantly. Sree Sukar compares Krishna encircled by the Gopis as the supreme purusha encircled by His various shakti’s.)

tA: samAdAya kAlindyA nirviSya pulinam vibhu:
vikasat kunda mandAra surabhi anila shaT padam 10.32.11

(The almighty Lord then took the gopis with Him to the bank of the Kalindi. In that auspicious place the breeze, bearing the fragrance of blooming kunda and mandara flowers, attracted many bees.)

Sarat candrAmSu sandoha dhvasta dosshA tama: Sivam
kRushNAyA hasta taralA cita komala vAlukam 10.32.12

(The rays from autumn moon dispelled the darkness of night. The banks of river Yamuna were filled with soft sand due the waves from the river.)

tat darSana AhlAda vidhUta hRud rujo manorathAntam Srutayo yathA yayu:
svair uttarIyai: kuca kunkumAnkitair acIklupann Asanam Atma bandhave 10.32.13

(The very sight of Lord kRushNa removed all the stress that they had. They had the bhagavat sAkhAtkAram and they appeared like the Sruti DevatAs. They removed their uttarIyams smeared with their kunkum on their chest and made a nice cushion for their 'Atmabandhu' to sit. They gave the best of what they had to their Lord.)

tatropavishtho bhagavAn sa ISvaro yogeSvarAntar hRudi kalpitAsana:
cakAsa gopI pariShad gato arcitas trailokya lakshmi eka padam vapur dadhat 10.13.14

(Lord Krishna, the Supreme Lord, the same Lord for whom the great masters of yoga have a special place within their hearts, took His seat in the assembly of gopis. Here, the Gopis have surrendered their hearts to the Lord. He showed His divine form to the Gopis accepting their hospitality.) [/tscii:6d46739cab]

28th February 2006, 09:36 AM
SraddhA amRuta kathAyAm me SaSwat madanukIrttanam
parinishThA ca pUjAyAm stutibhi: stavanam mama 11.19.20

(Uddhava, becasue I am so pleased with you, I will explain bhakti yoga to you. Everlasting attraction to my nectar like story (tava kathAmRutam kRushNa tapta jIvanam - says gopikAs) in listening as well as explaining. Strict descipline in worshipping me and always singing my names and glories will take one to pure bhakti yoga, Uddhava.)

Adara: paricaryAyAm sarvAngai: abhivandanam
madbhakta pUjA abhyadhikA sarva bhUteshu manmati: 11.19.21

(Extreme happiness in service (like serving temple, devotees and needy), sAshTAnga namaskArams in front of divinity, above all respect offered to my devotees and the thought that I dwell in every being leads to bhaktiyogam uddhava.)

madartheshu angaceshTA ca vacasA madguNa IraNam
mayi arppaNanca manasa: sarva kAma vivarjjanam 11.19.22

(All physical activities for my sake, words always for singing my glories, offering the mind to me (entertaining nothing but the Lord mentally) and giving up all desires will grow as you keep progressing in Bhaktiyoga, Uddhava. If only we consider all our actions for nothing but pleasing the Lord, how wonderful the world would be! Oh! kRushNa why do you think you need only one Uddhava? And were are you hiding when an Uddhava is insulted? Does Uddhava have to come and tell you? Will He care to tell you, kRushNa? You have always shown your rays of blessings kRushNa. We fail to notice it many times.)

madarthe artha parityAga: bhogasya ca sukhasya ca
ishTam dattam hutam japtam madartham yat vratam tapa: 11.19.23

(Spending wealth for my sake (for dharmam, temple etc.), staying away from luxury and comfort, performing Yaga, charity, homa and mantra japam, observing vratAs, tolerance (suffering to take care of sAdhus) all these for my sake leads one to bhakti yoga, Uddhava. The Lord does not need our wealth. But, helping temples etc. nourishes bhakti in all and becomes His service. )

evam dharmmai: manushyANAm uddhava Atma nivedanam
mayi snajAyate bhakti: ka: anya: artha: asya avaSishyate 11.19.24

(Oh! Uddhava, one who offers himself to me like this through these kind of dharmmas, will be blessed with supreme prema bhakti towards me. What more they need in life? Very true. No more fishing for anything.)

28th February 2006, 09:40 AM
[tscii:dea39529cd]sabhajayitva tam ananga dIpanam sahasa lIlekshaNa vibhrama bhruva
samsparSanena anka kRutanghri hastayo: samstutya Ishat kupita babhashire 10.32.15

(This sudden appearance of Sri Krishna when all had seem lost, Gopi’s were filled with great joy in their hearts. They honored Him by glancing at Him with playful smiles, gesturing playfully with their eyebrows, and massaging His hands and feet as they held them in their laps. Even while worshiping Him, however, they felt somewhat angry, and thus they addressed Him as follows. They know that kRushNa knows everything. Still they wanted to say it with their own mouth, which kRushNa is waiting to hear.)

bhajato anubhajanti eka eka etad viparyayam
na ubhayAn ca bhajanti eka etan na: brUhi sadhu bho: 10.32.16

(The gopis asked: Some people reciprocate the love only to those who in turn love them, while others show affection even to those who are indifferent or inimical. And then are others who do not show love toward anyone. Dear Krishna, please properly explain this matter to us. They were indirectly asking kRushNa which category He belongs to as He left them in the middle of the night, leaving them to cry for Him.)


mitho bhajanti ye sakhya: svarthaikanta udyamA hi te
na tatra sauhRudam dharma: svarthartham tat hi na anyatha 10.32.17

(The Lord Krishna replied: Those who love others for some kind of benefit do not truly love anyone but themselves. Their behavior is completely guided by self interest. They have no true friendship, nor are they following the principles of dharma. Neither good will nor virtue plays any part in this, for such love has a purely selfish motive. kRushNa, please save us from this list.)

bhajanti abhajato ye vai karuNa: pitarau yatha
dharmo nirapavado atra sauhRudam ca sumadhyama: 10.32.18

(Those people who love others without receiving anything is return are the people who are truly following their dharma, just like the parents who love their children and the sAdhUs who love their devotees - without any expectation. O dear gopi’s their love is pure and faultless and they are our true well-wishers.)

bhajato api na vai kecid bhajanti abhajata: kuta:
AtmArAma hi apta kama akRutajna guru druha: 10.32.19

(Then there are some who do not love even those who love them, much less those who do not love them. These people are either sages who are reveling in their own self and have no knowledge of the external world or those who are materially fulfilled and free from all craving or by nature ungrateful or dullards who are simply incapable of appreciating a good turn done to them (gurudrohi!). For a second gopIs delighted as He Himslef classified in the last category! But, wait a second says the Lord. I always have a special category for myself!)

na aham tu sakhyo bhajato api jantUn bhajami amIshAm anuvRutti vRuttaye
yathA adhano labdha dhane vinashTe tat cintayanyan nibhRuto na veda 10.32.20

(O dear gopi’s I for my part do not come under any of these categories! I am supremely compassionate but I may not immediately reciprocate the love shown by those who worship me. But this is only because that I want to intensify their loving devotion. They then become like a poor man who has gained a treasure and then lost it, and who thus becomes so anxious about it that he can think of nothing else.) [/tscii:dea39529cd]

28th February 2006, 09:41 AM
yadA Atmani arppitam cittam SAntam sattwa upabRumhitam
dharmmam jnAnam savairAgyam aiSwaryam ca abhipadyate 11.19.25

(Uddhava, when the sattwaguNa keeps progressing, mind reaches a very calm stage. When that mind is in harmony with Atma, it attains dharma, and detachment filled knowledge and merges with the divinity.)

yat arppitam tat vikalpe indriyai: paridhaVati
raja:swalam ca asannishTham cittam viddhi viparyayam 11.19.26

(Uddhava, when the mind is stuck on body and individuality, when it is roaming outside with other indriyAs, it is predominant in rajoguNa and more interested in 'not so good activities', understand that the same mind leads one to down fall. So, mind is the reason for everything.)

dharma: mat bhaktikRut prokta: jnAnam ca eka Atma darSanam
guNeshu asanga: vairAgyam aiswaryam ca aNimAdaya: 11.19.27

(Uddhava let me tell you the dharma that I was referring to. Anything that will increase the devotion to me is 'dharma' Uddhava. Realising that Atman is the dweller in everything that exist as individual is the knowledge. Staying aloof from guNAs is detachment. aNimA etc. ashTa mahAsidhIs are Iswaryam. All these can be attained if one can keep their mind steady in me, as I am the sarvAtma.)

1st March 2006, 10:12 AM
[tscii:8b67c71b06]Yesterday I was reading Vamana Avatar in Shrimad Bhagavatham.
I got 1 doubt.

Vamana Avatar starts like this in that book

Mahabali was very upset after being defeated by Indhra…
(After that only he did penance and got weapons from god and defeated Indra and Vamana Avatar goes like this we all know)

My doubt is, when/How Mahabali was defeated by Indra?


1st March 2006, 04:48 PM
Lord kRushNa appeared in the rAsamaNDali.

tava vilokanAt gopikA janA: pramada sankulA: pankajekshaNa
amRuta dhArayA sampLutA iva stimitatAm dadhu: tvatpurogatA: N 68.1

(KrushNa, seeing you again was a delight for gopikAs. Oh! Guruvayurappa, it was like getting drenched in a amRuta downpour.)

tadanu kAcana tvat karAmbujam sapadi gRuhNatI nirviSankitam
ghana payodhare samvidhAya sA pulaka samvRutA tasthushI ciram N 68.2

(Oh! kRushNa, there after one GopikA suddenly caught hold of your hand and with no hesitation held it on her heavy bosom. She stool still for a long time, her hairs standing on end.)

tava vibho aparA komalam bhujam nija galAntare paryaveshTayat
gala samudgatam prANa mArutam pratinirundhatI iva ati harshulA N 68.3

(Oh! Omnipresent, another Gopi who was very happy took your hand and entwined it around her neck. It looked as she was trying to block her life from getting out. )

apagata trapA kApi kAmini tava mukhAmbujAt pUga carvitam
pratigRuhayya tat vaktra pankaje nidadhatI gatA pUrNakAmadAm N.68.4

(Krushna, another beloved Gopi, who was free of shame, removed the betel that you were chewing from your lotus mouth and placed it in her lotus mouth. She reached a state where all her desires have been fulfilled.)

1st March 2006, 05:06 PM
[tscii:f20e5e8353]evam madarthojjhita loka veda svAnAm hi vo mayi anuvrittaye abalA:
mayA paroksham bhajatA tirohitam mAsUyitum mArhatha tat priyam priyA: 10.32.21

(My dear Gopi’s, I know that it’s only for My sake you have completly disregarded the opinion of the rest of the world, of the Vedas and of your relatives. I acted as I did only to increase your attachment to Me. Even when I removed Myself from your sight by suddenly disappearing, I never stopped loving you. Therefore, My beloved gopis, please do not harbor any bad feelings toward Me!)

na pAraye aham niravadya samyujAm sva sAdhu kRutyam vibudhAyushApi va:
yA mAbhajan durjara geha SRunkhalA: samvRuScya tad va: pratiyAtu sAdhunA 10.32.22

(I will not be able to repay My debt for your spotless service, even within a lifetime of Brahma. Your connection with Me is free from all blemish. You have worshiped Me, completely surrendered by cutting off all domestic ties, which are extremely hard to break. Therefore please let your own glorious deeds be your compensation.)

ittham bhagavato gopya: SrutvA vAcah supeSalA:
jahur virahajam tApam tat anga upacita ASisha: 10.33.1

(Sree Sukar said: When the gopi’s heard the Supreme Lord speak these most charming words, they forgot their distress caused by separation from Him. They felt all their desires fulfilled as they touched His divine body (embodiment of bliss).)

tatrArabhata govindo rAsa krIdAm anuvratai:
strI ratnair anvita: prItair anyonyAbaddha bAhubhi: 10.33.2

(There on the sandy banks of Yamuna Lord Govinda then began the pastime of the rasa dance in the company of those jewels among women, the faithful gopis, who joyfully linked their arms together.)

rAsotsava: sampravRutto gopI manDala maNDita:
yogeSvareNa kRushNena tAsAm madhye dvayor dvayo:
pravishTena gRuhItAnAm svanikaTam stiya:10.33.3

(The great rasa dance thus began, with the gopis arranged in a circle. Lord Krishna cloned Himself and entered between each pair of gopis, and as that master of all Yoga’s placed His arms around their necks, each girl thought He was standing next to her alone! The various gods and their wives were overwhelmed with eagerness to witness the rasa dance, and they soon crowded the sky with their hundreds of celestial airplanes. What divine sight.)

valayAnAm nUpurANAm kinkiNInAm ca yoshitAm
sa priyANAm abhUt Sabdas tumulo rAsa maNDale 10.33.6

(A large sound arose from the armlets, anaklets, and waist bells of the gopis as they sported with their beloved Krishna in the circle of the rasa dance.)

pAda nyAsair bhuja vidhutibhi: sasmitair bhrU vilAsair bhajyan madhyaiS cala kuca paTai: kundalair ganda lolai:
svidyan mukhya: kabara raSanAgranthaya: kRushNa vadhvo gAyantyas tam taDita iva tA megha cakre vireju: 10.33.8

(The gopis sang in praise of Krishna, their feet danced, their hands made graceful motions and gestures, and their eyebrows moved with playful smiles. With their braids and belts tied tight, their waists bending, their faces perspiring, the garments swaying from end to another , and their earrings swinging on their cheeks, Lord Krishna and his gopi’s shone like streaks of lightning in a mass of dark clouds.) [/tscii:f20e5e8353]

1st March 2006, 05:08 PM
[tscii:4d69e6481d]uccair jagur nRutyamAnA rakta kaNThyo rati priyA:
kRushNAbhimarSa muditA yad gItenedam AvRutam 10.33.9

(Gopi’s whose throats were so sweet and musical like that of cuckoo and sang loudly and danced. They were overjoyed by Krishna's touch, and they sang songs that filled the entire universe.)

kAcit samam mukundena svara jAtIr amiSritA:
unninye pUjitA tena prIyatA sAdhu sAdhviti
tat eva dhruvam unninye tasyai mAnam ca bahvadat 10.33.10

(One gopi (Vishakha), joined Lord Mukunda in His singing, sang pure melodious tones that rose harmoniously above His. Krishna was pleased and showed great appreciation for her performance, saying "Well Done! Bravo!" Then another gopi (Lalita) repeated the same melody, but in a special musical pattern (Druvapada), and Krishna praised her also too.)

kAcid rAsa pariSrAntA pArSva sthasya gadA bhRuta:
jagrAha bAhunA skandham Slathad valaya mallikA 10.33.11

(When one gopi (Sri Radha) grew tired from the rasa dance, She turned to Krishna, standing at Her and grasped His shoulder with Her arm. The dancing had loosened Her bracelets and the flowers in Her hair.)

tatra aka amsagatam bAhum kRuahNasya utpala saurabham
candanAliptam AghrAya hRushTa romA cucumba ha 10.33.12

(Krishna placed His arm upon the shoulder of one gopi, whose natural blue- lotus fragrance was mixed with that of the sandal paste. As the gopi relished that fragrance, her bodily hair stood on end in bliss, and she kissed His arm. brahma sparSam)

kasyAScin nATya vikshipta kuNDala tvisha maNDitam
gaNDam gaNDe sandadhatyA adAt tAmbUla carvitam 10.33.13

(Another gopi who was wearing beautiful ear rings danced with Krishna. She was dancing so close to he kRushNa and Krishna then gave her the betel nut as a prasadam..)

nRutyatI gAyatI kAcit kUjan nUpura mekhalA
pArSvastha ata hastAbjam SrAntAdhAt stanayo: Sivam 10.33.14

(Another gopi became so tired as she danced and sang while the bells on her ankles and waist were jingling. She placed upon her chest the soothing lotus-like hands of Lord Acyuta, who was standing by beside her.)

Thus each gopi danced in ecstacy with her kRushNa (as there is one for each). Nothing other than kRushNa existede for them.

1st March 2006, 05:09 PM
keSa pASa dhRuta pinchikAvitati sancalan makara kuNDalam
hArajAla vanamAlikA laLitam angarAga ghana sourabham
pItaceladhRuta kAncikAncitam udancadamSu maNi nUpuram
rAsakeLi paribhUshitam tava hi rUpam ISa kalayAmahe N 69.1

(Oh! kRushNa, I meditate upon your form that is ready for rAsam - Your hair locks are nicely tucked and decorated with peacock feather. Your makara kuNDalams are dngling on your ears. You look so divinely beautiful with all those pearl necklaces and vanamAla. The fragrance of the sandal paste smeared all over you is so intoxicating. What a shiny yellow silk dress that you are wearing! The beautiful waist band with bells is tied up on that. Look at your anklets. Rays emanate from them. Oh! kRushNa you are perfectly dressed for the rAsam. It attracts my mind too.)

tAvat eva kRuta maNDane kalita kancuLIka kuca maNDale
gaNDalola maNikuNDale yuvati maNDale atha parimaNDale
antarA sakaLa sundarI yugaLam indirA ramaNa sancaran
manjuLAm tadanu rAsakeLimayi kanjanAbha samupAdadhA:N 69.2

(Now, kRushNa, look at these GopikAs. Immediately, they did a quick make up and dressed properly (they came in a hurry with all wrogn ornalemts in wrong places!). They wore very pretty tops. Their ear drops were dangling on their cheeks. They formed a nice circle. Oh! PadmanAbhA, LakshmI nAthA, you made sure that entered through each pair of gopIs and perfomed a beautiful rAsam.