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7th October 2005, 08:50 AM
which is the best of IRs music for the TITLES ??

7th October 2005, 09:58 AM

are you determined to create a record or something?? Creating the most number of threads within a short span?? :banghead:

7th October 2005, 10:12 AM
Now that you've started it...

1. idhayathai thirudAthey
2. Idhayam
3. Apoorva sahodarargaL

come to my immediately...

7th October 2005, 04:57 PM

Vow !! We share the same frequency !
IR's best title score is Apoorva Sagodharargal, followed by Idhayam.

The former's title score is the best !! reflecting the agonies of Srividya, the cunningness of Nagesh, Nassar etc..A Kudo to Nagesh too for his excellent display of villainy :)

7th October 2005, 06:03 PM
I quoted IT title as #1 bcos, even as a stand-alone piece, this one is great (can easily make its way into album like HTNI). OTOH, AS title gels really well with proceedings of the movie. But the mood keeps shifting (from chase to poignant), a general listener wonders why there's such a change in the tempo so very often thus the piece is bound to the scenes its meant for.

7th October 2005, 06:17 PM
New Thread King Krihoo, I think Mouna Ragam and Nayagan stand out.

7th October 2005, 08:25 PM
My pick - Telugu film "Maharshi"

7th October 2005, 08:28 PM
Add ullAsappaRavaigaL...from the erA when IR was still like a thuLLum aruvi and not a river yet...

Probably IR too liked the ullAsappaRavigaL title music very much...it figured in the LP record of ninaivellAm nithyA, among a set of such instrumental pieces...the others being BG scores from tik-tik-tik...yes, tik-tik-tik had a nice title music too, with sophisticated chorus & orchestration...

7th October 2005, 09:15 PM
My pick - Telugu film "Maharshi"

teja, what's the telugu film which dubbed to tamil with name "Padum Paravaigal"?

7th October 2005, 10:31 PM


7th October 2005, 11:58 PM
teja, what's the telugu film which dubbed to tamil with name "Padum Paravaigal"?


8th October 2005, 12:29 AM
How come u guys forgot Gopura vasalilae ? that train music !!!!the counter point !!!

8th October 2005, 09:31 AM
Many IR Title scores are actually a compilation of the subsequent BGM bits which appear at various times and situations in the movie, very few have had actually separate score for the titles which didn't appear during the actual movie, one recent example
" Virumandi", one of the all time best and definitely the best in the recent years.
So I don't know if we are discussing exclusively on Title score or BGM in general

MY picks,

"moonram Pirai"- Awesome title score , not an exclusive title score
"Pallavi Anu Pallavi" - Kannada
"Geethanjali" (Telugu)
"Mouna Raagam"
"Vanna Vanna Pookkal"
"Apoorva sahodarargal"
"Ullasa Paravaigal" - Groovy stuff, not just the title score, I have a 3 1/2 minute car chase bit, heavy guitar usage, there is a distinctive piece resembling " Ilamai Idho Idho" guitar bit
" Adharvam"
"Varusham 16"
"Engal Thambi"
"Annai or Aalayam"

Many more

just found few alternatives to " rapidshare", I will upload some of these soon


8th October 2005, 12:29 PM
Siraichaalai.... (titles at the end of movie..)

8th October 2005, 01:49 PM
"Sigappu RojakkaL"
"Devadhai" - closing title

8th October 2005, 02:36 PM
Sigappu Rojaakkal

Kaatriley Varu Geetham

8th October 2005, 05:38 PM
I totally forgot about " 6 il irundhu 60 varai" , all time best exclusive "title" scores

8th October 2005, 05:52 PM
To celebrate 10th anniversary of TFMPage, dedicated to all HCIR fans
here is the linky... for Ullasa Paravaigal BGM

They hold the file indefinitely, but if no downloads in 30 days they delete it,

more to come

8th October 2005, 06:47 PM
vANNA VANNA Pookkal link

10th October 2005, 10:49 AM
Does anyone have the end-credits of Devadhai. Reviews generally don't pick a particular BG score piece, and say good things about it. This piece has this distinction. AV in its review had a special mention about this.

10th October 2005, 08:54 PM
To celebrate 10th anniversary of TFMPage, dedicated to all HCIR fans
here is the linky... for Ullasa Paravaigal BGM

They hold the file indefinitely, but if no downloads in 30 days they delete it,

more to come


Thanks for this. Fight1 BGM is a joy. MX seems to be an extention to this BGM. Why dont IR do pure non filmi JAZZ.

10th October 2005, 09:40 PM
vANNA VANNA Pookkal link

Thank you very much for the bgms, its really a treat for me on monday morning!
the VVP title tune and "the great one" are just amazing!

10th October 2005, 11:36 PM
add aarilirundhu arubadhu varai into the list.

in about 3 mins IR would have "shown" us the entire movie through his music.

11th October 2005, 01:12 AM
Murattu Kaalai BGMs linka rooo...


despite compression the file sizes seem big, those interested would definitely require a high speed internet connection

Next installment

!. Mouna Raagam
2. Idayam

music man
23rd October 2005, 12:11 PM
This BGM actually came in "Pallavi Anupallavi" ( MR's first movie in Kannada) and subsequently IR used his score again in some 80's tamil song.It's a very famous song...The problem is I dont know the tamil movie name....
I know with this information it is difficult to find out..But friends try to find out...Its one of those IR classics.

24th October 2005, 09:03 PM
The music that was played for the IR Concert TITLES (That was displayed on the screens in the stadium before the actual start of the show).. Andrum Indrum Endrum... was simply superb..
This should be by our great IR only... romba nallaa irundhadhu...

This might also figure in the jaya tv telecast..
guys dont miss it..

25th October 2005, 05:50 AM
Koththified the bgms in no time, thanks guys. waiting for more :)

27th October 2005, 01:29 PM
what abt mugam by nasser ???
violin vaiththe superb title music pottu iruppaar IR

28th October 2005, 09:52 AM
Mugam had a fantastic score...Especially the score when Nasser comes out after the make-over session...and another brilliant piece when he realizes that people don't like nasser the person, they care only about how good he looks, and he dons the make-up. Both of them had violins and more violins...Great pieces, as in many cases, went unnoticed.

28th October 2005, 02:09 PM
hi, I paste here what I had posted here few years ago regarding the bgm of "mugham" movie.
Though I haven't seen the movie, I reproduce what Kalki review said,
'Thiraikkadhai yodu onriya, seerana nadhiyin pokkai pol , padam neduga izhaiyodum pinnani isai'

28th October 2005, 02:14 PM
One of our old hubbers RBalaji had the fortune of watching IR's rerecording of "mugham". I reproduce from an old thread , his encounter with Raja for the benefit of new hubbers like TVShankar,S.Balaji, Sharadha etc.
Great moments with Ilayaraja as told by RBalaji :
I take this opportunity to narrate some of the exhilarating moments in my life when I met Ilayaraja.
It occurred on August 27 night 7.30 pm. There might be a question arising so as how a ordinary guy like me could meet Ilayaraja?. Well I was able to utilize my close relative's help in this.
Probably folks interested in carnatic music might be aware of these names "vikku" Vinayagaram (plays Ghatam), Subash chandran (Mridangam) and Gurumurthi (violin). All three of them are brothers. And most of their family members are in the carnatic music field. Apart from this TV serial "Ragam Sangeetham" fame Mohan Vaidya and Ramesh Vaidya are also relatives of mine. I think mentioning of the family tree is waste of time and unrelated.
It was a long dream in my life to meet him. When I was in madras I never had the driving force to do that as I kept postponing it. My relatives are well known to Ilayaraja and these guys have performed a lot in most of films. They also do go to his house during Navarathiri and perform in his house. I thought of meeting IR in his house but unfortunately came to know that he was going out of town so I rushed up and met him at Prasad studio. Ganjeera player Mr.Ganesh Kumar took me over there. The whole studio was so quiet. We were not questioned by the security guys.
When I entered the recording theatre I felt sort of a divine feeling arising in myself. It was a very big hall with a big screen(nothing was on it). IR and his pianist Mr. Chandra sekar was seated in the middle with IR playing Yamaha keyboard while Chandrasekar was working on the computer. Later I saw that he was working on some proactive program similar to Goldwave but 1000 times more sophisticated. Both of them were wearing headphones. When we opened the door IR looked at us and smiled and nodded his head welcoming us. We took seats in one corner and started watching the recording process. IR was working on the re-recording of the documentary film (NFDC) "MUGAM". They had already seen the screen shot and was now adding the BGM to it. I couldn't hear the music at all. At times IR was hitting the keyboard and said to Chandrasekar "cut at 21-marupadiyum 29'lrinthu start pannuvom-" entha madri few sentences came from IR's mouth occasionally.
Nearly 30 minutes passed by---IR took of his headphones and smiled at me. I introduced myself. I never expected him to be so simple and talk to me like that. I was looking upon a genius, innocent, simple guy. He was clad in his usual white clothes (sparkling). I started by saying how much of a fanatic I am from my seventh standard of schooling itself. I told him about my cassette and CD collections and also about my website. I told him that it is becoming increasingly difficult to get good quality cassettes of his earlier movies. He just smiled while Chandrasekar told me that I should buy original cassettes. Then I told him that I always buy the original cassettes. I suggested that something should be done to restore those old songs. Also added that some efforts has to be done to bring out the BGM's of his various films. He said that he has some idea about it and working towards it. I raised the topic of plagiarism. I told him how ashamed I (we) feel to see MD's copying from western music. No particular MD's name was referred upon. He said
Music varavangalukkum varavechukiravangallukum vithyasam erukka thaaan seiyum. Oru paravai parapathai natural'aga thaan poda mudiyum. Paravai nama viruppathukku thagunthaar pol parakka vaikka mudiyathu.That won't look natural. Eppo varum music ellaaam natural'aga vara matengirathu.varavazhaikka padugirathu.
Some philosophical talks were touched upon. Most of which I forgot. I thought of vidoetaping our entire meeting but unfortunately IR didn't like that idea. So I had to derive most of the information from my brain cells. "Learn but not for the sake of exams, manithanin kadaisivarai nirpathu avan kattra vazhkai paadam thaan". He said that he has been working on some project of writing "venba's" in tamil.
Another work is on "Mugambikkai" bakthi paadalgal which I don't know when he is going to release.
Later on I showed my website's hardcopies and told him that there were similar thousands of websites which does such good work. I particularly mentioned Rex's, Shibu's, Gopal prasad's, Ramasamy's, MPR's site and brought about the uniquness in each site. He asked how was I able to sepen so much time all these apart from education. I told him that his music is the driving force behind all these efforts and it is the responsibilty of every Indian to bring out his glory to the world.
He specifically asked me to put this in my website-He asked me whether there are any MD who could possibly do a song in 3 notes (swarams). He said that he had done it. Later I came to know that it will atleast take 4-5 notes to do a song. Hmm…..Such a talent. What's getting on with our audience nowdays?
I talked for some more moments touching upon his "Symphony". I told him that he must have been bugged all these years about that. Inspite of me asking the same question about symphony, he replied with a pleasant smile saying that he had lost interest in it as he had some copyright problems at that time. Now he doesn't want to pursue it further as he has better mental clarity than those times and lost interest in it. Moreover he said that if we want he can sit for a month and produce a better one than the prvious symphony. I sincerely pray to God to get this thing done. We all need to hear more music from him. At this point Chandrasekar said that his sons are trying to sort it out.
After he left I had the chance to hear the bit of re-recording on which he was working on. Wow!!!. No words could explain that. I sincerely urge you all to see the film "Mugam" when it is released. You will be out of this world when you hear the BGM. Just few cymbals and drums. That's it. Great piece of work. Only Maestro can do it.
I left Prasad studio feeling very much elated. I felt as if my mind was filled with serenity and rejuvenated. I had this sort of feeling when I met Kanchi Periyavar at Kanchipuram few years back.
I thank the TFM page for providing me the opportunity to share this with the mass. I have some pictures taken during my visit with him. Please do visit my webpage at http://members.tripod.com/drbalaji96

28th October 2005, 03:35 PM
thumburu thanks for that - that 3-note thingy I wonder what he meant - does he mean that it is impossible for anyone to release a song comprising 3 notes alone ? or is it that it is difficult to make a melodious song out of 3 notes or exactly what?
I eman, if a dog barking can also be sangeetham, a song made out of 3 notes, howsoever immelodious, should be sangeetham as well right?
Wonder if it got lost in translation

29th October 2005, 03:07 AM
Next installment

!. Mouna Raagam
2. Idayam

waiting for more BGM downloads from you

30th October 2005, 01:40 AM
Linky for Annai or Aalayam Titles and other BGM bits, some are really great


Next will be MR and Idayam

30th October 2005, 01:44 AM
Mouna Raagam BGM, for the Hard Core "Mouna raagam" fans ( I am one of them), includes every possible small bit of BGM clips


Caution, despite compression zip file size is 80 MB
Somebody suggest me if there is a better way to compress further

30th October 2005, 08:51 AM
Link to Idayam BGM clips

Enjoy, Happy Diwali to all

1st November 2005, 12:04 AM
Thanks very much for the links prabhudas, you just made my day!!
Great diwali gift, thanks once again. Happy diwali to all.

1st November 2005, 07:31 AM
I can upload Aaril irundhu arubathu varai BGMs but only if you give me time. If anyone has it already, pls go ahead :)

28th November 2005, 06:12 AM
As usual those SUN TV guys, surprised with no proper pre program anouncements, I missed it too, to record the program.
Anyway, I had a problem with my TV also, the LCD started giving me problems with picture, so just listened to the audio of the program,
Managed to rip the audio of the IR song , nice song , has some MX flavor "poo poothadhu" song, but orchestration is very good with different feel on the regional bits

the Linky winky...

28th November 2005, 10:10 AM
prabhu, that was a good one, thanks a lot :)

28th November 2005, 11:17 AM
my office blocks mp3. Can someone zip it and load it somewhere?



4th December 2005, 12:17 AM
IR's best title track - 'Geethanjali' (Telugu)

5th December 2005, 01:45 PM
Thevar Magan

17th December 2005, 11:57 AM
Punnagai Mannan

23rd December 2005, 09:47 PM
copy and paste from another thread
From: ezy0265 on Fri Dec 23 7:06:20 2005. [Full View]

Dear Friends,

Enjoy the wonderful BGM piece from a hit eighties movies!

I need not have even labelled it, a true IR fan would recognise it anytime!


19th February 2006, 04:25 AM
Guys i got the Apoorva Sagothargal title bgm uploded .. its a masterpiece
Hope u guys will enjoy
Raja Namam Vonguga~!

20th February 2006, 12:11 AM
One more to add to the list Captain prabakaran theme!
Raja Namam Vonguga~!

3rd March 2006, 02:56 PM
ellorukkum nalla kaalam undu song for marupadiyum is good

3rd March 2006, 08:30 PM
Raja Namam Vonguga~!

Raja Yarukku Namam :)