View Full Version : Will Ever IR publish his Film Songs in Notes format ?

13th July 2005, 02:00 AM
Hello Friends,
If you are a keyboard or a guitar learner, and if you are tamil, then 80% of the students would be interested in learning IR Songs.
It is not becuase that we dont have good musicians who havent got good compositions or songs to practice, but IR songs standsout from others, for its great melody, great chord structure and simplicity to learn and recreate.
If you have a simple keyboard, that will do for you to simply play all the section of the song and able to recreate most things as original itself.But it is very hard with the case of for examle AR's Song.So what i try to say is there are lot of learning materials avialable in every IR's song for young music learners.

So what my dream is, will every IR publish his film songs in Notes format ie Sheet music for the public and put it in a web domain, how wonderful will that be for the music learners??!!!!!!!
And it would be even more greater if he puts his composition in simple midi formats ( this is too much for asking).

Give your comments about this and will every my dream becomes reality?

17th July 2005, 05:08 PM
Dear Percy,

I am a mad follower of IR since 1976 . I have studied him totally.
For your info. there is a musician by name Madurai Krishnan who had done research of tamil music and he had written a book about how IR uses Chords in his composing.
IR is well known for using chords ( mostly guitar based ) in most of his songs.
For instance, Devan thiruchabbai malargalay - from Avar enakkay sondham
Kannan vandhu paaduginran kalamellam - Rettai vaal kuruvi

etc etc , I can give you a big list