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25th June 2005, 04:59 AM
somehow after hearing khauraho song from ONOK i thought it resembled rojapoonthottom from kannukkul nilavu
my knowledge about ragas is poor and forgive me if i am ignorant
does anyone feel the same way

25th June 2005, 09:37 AM
Everyone feel the same way.

Ponnukkia Mapillai = resembesl starts like thooku chatti song in ejamaan and in between has lot of other songs (a bit of pudhu maapilaikku, a bit of pudhu cheri katcheri from singaravelan etc).

Konjum thira - doesnt sounded like some old IR'ish but not sure which one.

The pick of the album is Kaatril Varum Geethamae - and it is a true master piece.

25th June 2005, 12:14 PM
i accept kaatril varum geethamae is a real masterpiece
havent heard one like this for a long time
(the beginning music in killithattu from AOKK also looked like annathae aaduraar from apoorva sahotharrarhal) :)

1st August 2005, 12:23 AM
I found similarities between Mamavukku kuduma and 'en pommukutty ammavukku' song in which Satyaraj, Raguvaran acted.

1st August 2005, 12:05 PM
'Intha Man Unthan Sontha maan' (Karagattakkaran) is having the same structure of 'Enge En Jeevane' (Uyarntha Ullam)

4th August 2005, 01:22 PM
Hello all...

There is a thread in this forum with the name "COPY IN TAMIL SONGS'

Several hubbers discribed about too many songs, which were copied, resembled, lifted, inspired from the previous songs.

If you go to that thread, you can find a lot and you will wonder....

(I think this thread is under category of 'Tamil Films' or 'Current Topics')

5th August 2005, 09:52 PM
yes NJV, I like katrunil varum geetham. It is really good. last night I watched 6rilundru 60 varai and what a music by IR. I hope that was his golden period. Excellent. I was singing through the night. And that song was Kanmaniye kadhal ennum.. wow.. what a heavenly song.

6th August 2005, 04:43 PM
Hello alias.....

Really that was a golden period in Tamil Cinema. Myself and Mr.Balaji discussed about that period's movies and songs in various threads, I hope you might have watched them.

That song from '6 litundhu 60 vara', its pallavi is having very long and only one line:

"Kanmaniye kaathal enbathu karpanaiyo kaaviyamo kanvalarndha oviyamo eththnai eththnai inbangal nenjinil ponguthamma palsuvaiyum solluthamma".

Full pallavi in only one line. (Rajini & Sangeetha).

9th August 2005, 03:28 AM
Even though I am hearing other songs of that movie for the first time but on repeatedly hearing them, made me wonder how come IR not modify his old songs and compose it with modern rhythm or atleast let his son YSR give it a try.

21st August 2005, 03:29 PM
"Kanmaniyae kadhal enbathu" and "Viliyilae malarnthathu" (Buvana oru ?) has similarities. Both are pearls. :D

22nd August 2005, 05:11 PM
Even though I am hearing other songs of that movie for the first time but on repeatedly hearing them, made me wonder how come IR not modify his old songs and compose it with modern rhythm or atleast let his son YSR give it a try.

No, let it be the same. If that songs are modified, then they will lose their originality. Especially if his son YSR handles it, definitely he will spoil them.

Kayitru kattil, maraththadiyil thaan irukka vendum. Adhu maaligaikku vandhaal rendukkume perumai illai.

23rd August 2005, 03:03 AM
Saradha, The reason I was telling is how many people from younger generation now or in the future going to listen old songs leave alone IR songs, so to attract them is what remixes is all about. Even though all the remixes are not good but there are some which will really bring the younger generation close to old songs(without vulgarity would be great).

To give u an example, I am not a fan of remixes but I recently heard a song called "Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon" from an really old movie composed by Sarswati Chandra. Now this songs is really popular thanks to remixes. Even though old generation will not support it but for the sake of younger generation this will start happening. I have already started seeing the trend in TFM.

23rd August 2005, 03:53 AM
Remix B** S*** is happening not bcos of any "noble reason" like old songs have to reach new generations. They are happening just bcos certain goons (including YSR) want to make money without spending their creativity(if at all they have one).

Also, there is a saying "khua(n) pyasee kE paas nahi jaathaa" (Well doesn't go near the thirsty person). If the newer generation want to or have to listen to old songs let them reach out and listen in their original form. If newer generation does not want to listen to (or some great intellectuals have thought that newer generation would not listen to) older format then the loss is not for olden gems.

Diamonds that got buried deep under the earth is not loss of diamond.

23rd August 2005, 07:20 PM
Caco, everyone wanted to make money and there are some junk remixes out there but it does not mean everyone does not do justice to remix songs. There are certain people like SEL who came with Dance masti I and II and DJ Aqeel whose remixes were good. Yes Harry Anand did spoil some of golden songs but u have to accept the fact, people taste changes and remixes are the current trend now. Well how long they will last or will they get transformed to another level is anyone guess?

23rd August 2005, 10:56 PM
I have no qualms if people's taste changes. But that does not mean that you take oldies and screw them up to make quick bucks.

Be it SEL or ARR or IR whoever does this Remix crap it applies to them.
It may be voluntary or forced (by some producer/actor), I dont bother.

To me, "justice to remix" is oxymoron.

One may do it for passion (college guys do it). But one should not dish-out as their product and make money out of it. If they make then it is crap and bound to get criticism like this. No amount of justification will do it correct. Period

23rd August 2005, 11:07 PM
Deva picks some album take the melody portion tweaks a bit touches up rhythms here and there and comes out with his output. But he is merciless-ly criticized by us (including me) as copy cat. Whereas another guy goes, doesn't even put half of effort of what deva did and gets quick bucks and here we go, we qualify that output under remix and accept it.

Angingu, laxman-shruthi and troups like this who do stage live performance do a better job than these "remix geniuses".

If I have a very basic understanding of music and have good software and a key board then I can kick-out any great MD and would become more popular by dishing out this rotten filth.

24th August 2005, 12:20 AM
I personally believe that "remix" is for people too proud to accept that an old song is indeed beautiful - and want to enjoy its beauty without losing their "hip image" in front of others.
For instance, if a girl walked by one such person listening to the original "chura liya", they think she won't bother to even glance at them. On the other hand, if she caught them listening to bally sagoos remix of the same song, then they assume that she'd come drooling over to them.
Its a pity.

24th August 2005, 10:17 AM
Cacaphonix, I agree with you on Deva. (Even some of the lifts he did was, I heard, due to some complulsion by the likes of Vijay/Ajith who give CDs to him and ask him to lift.Deva not being a big MD had to oblige) Actually Aasai and Kaadhal Konden both have 3 lifts apiece. But between the two I like what Deva did with his inspirations in Aasai much more than what YSR could muster in Kaadhal Konden.For instance, Pulveli puleveli has a wonderfully constructed charanam.
Deva has his own share of gems too apart from lifts:

Un udhattoram sivappu
azhaga kallazhaga
oru peNpura
poruL thedum bhoomiyil
vaanam tharayil vandhu from Unnudan
Ninaithen vandhaai songs

besides others

I would consider him before I consider YSR for the next Rajni film :-)