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22nd June 2005, 10:02 AM
Agi Music (www.agimusic.com) has released the album, "Ilaiyaraaja's Music Journey: Live in Italy".

It has the following songs:
1. Aya Kalaigal
2. Pavana guru pavana pura
3. Sune Oh Yashoda Maiyya (Hindi)
4. Mayil Pola
5. Janani Janani
6. Music Journey (Lullaby and Games of Tamil Nadu)
7. En Ullil Engo Aengum Geetam
8. Ilankathu Veesudey
9. Three in One (Introduction)
10. Three in One
11. Asaiya Kathula
12. Veetukku Veetukku
13. Orchestra (Mood Kapi)
14. Mathacha PArvati Devi

Both the CDs and cassettes come with a booklet, with a biography of IR and pictures from the concert.

Let's post our comments on the album in this thread.

22nd June 2005, 10:22 AM
It's so refreshing to listen to some brand new numbers in the album. Even the older, familiar numbers like "Janani Janani" , "EnnuLLil Engo" and "Aasaya Kaathula" have been presented with some variation in interludes and orchestration. "Suneyo yashoda Maiya" is a Hindi number sung by Uttam Singh's daughter Preeti. I also found this to be a new composition.

The instrumental compositions are a real treat.

I especially loved the piece, "3-in-1" a composition with only 3 notes, composed especially for this concert. It's a real creative piece, which is so rich that you don't realise he has used only 3 notes!

The last item, "Mood Kapi" is a richly layered orchestral piece that combines the Malayalam classic, "Tumbee Vaa" (Tamil: Sangathil Padatha Kavithai) with some amazing Brindavana Saranga phrases, giving it a totally new flavor. The applause from the Italians at the end of this, as well as almost every other number is mind-blowing.

22nd June 2005, 11:56 AM

Sunu oh tune is of Kochu Kochu Santhoshangal song - Ghanashyama. Check out the applauding at the end of veetukku veedu song - full 2 minutes. I think they liked the rhythm variations provided in that piece.

I think the lullabies and games piece has been reduced to 10 mts in the album, because of lack of space. Because songs on marriage, death, etc are not finding a place here.

22nd June 2005, 02:40 PM
Yes. They probably also enjoyed IR's tribute to Mozart's 25th Symphony. Note the WCM style strings follow-up to each line of the pallavi that IR sings.

22nd June 2005, 06:31 PM
Can some one confirm me on the availablility of the album in bangalore ?


23rd June 2005, 04:20 PM
I have grabbed my copy from Shanthi Tailors in Chennai

Here is my review on the album



23rd June 2005, 08:21 PM
Suresh, nice review. It sure is a must by for music lovers.

24th June 2005, 03:23 AM
Suresh you have convinced me to buy the cd.

25th June 2005, 12:11 AM

Shanthi tailors nu mottaiyya sollittu ennai thavikka vachuteengalae...:?
Neway i had to do some work to find out the location before i grabbed my CD :)
For other fans the address is as follows
Shanthi Tailors
no.5, Sannathi street,
Mylapore, chennai.
Opp st. to mayilai Kabaleeshwarar temple
Near RASI silk emporium.
PH: 24643783, 24951475.
Cost of CD is Rs.300/- and cassette is Rs.140/-

Get a copy ASAP. They have only limited copies.
The CD is worth buying for the compostions 3in1 and orchestra[mood kapi] which is an instrumental version of 'Sangathil paadaatha' . And ofcourse to listen to the 2 minute non-stop appaulds for 'Veetukku vetukku' :D

25th June 2005, 12:14 AM
[tscii:c5894ffa46]And ne one Italian here :) please translate this page

A review from this site
after 30 years of absence from the stage (even in india), dr. ilaiyaraaja performs live with a rich, mixed, ensemble of 18 elements; his music, besides containing many different musics, can inspire reflections and meditations on the form, on its consume, for an eventual, possible expansion: by showing rare models and formulae, unthinkable for the western music song world or western cinema; it is an open form that is strictly linked to the inspiration of the moment, ready to welcome anything in a surprising structure, enriched by a, still so strong, indian tradition, where rhythm, melody, devotion and surprise travel together; it¹s almost like a kaleidoscopic song, full of rules, but also rich in expressive possibilities.[/tscii:c5894ffa46]

25th June 2005, 01:28 AM

I used google language translator to translate the original. The translated text is given below. I have made the relavant portion bold.

Tuesday 20 you open them 21 hours Phil Minton voice Veryan Weston pianoforte, voice: .....past. Musics of Robert Schumann, Hank Williams, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Claudius Monteverdi, Hubert Parry, Josef Zawinul, Phil Minton&Veryan Weston &... the two English artists introduce in first absolute their last disc commissioned in the 1999 from Angelic, International Festival of Music after previous the Ways and Ways past. The title it refers to the retrospettiva of cover that the two musicians rielaborano with the most personal style, in one contamination between free jazz, popular and contemporary music. With brani from Schubert to Turner Vat, Minton & Weston reinventano a recital for song and pianoforte where the two instruments converse and improvise at par surprising the listener. In the 1987 Phil Minton it has won, like better singer, the first prize of the review Jazz Forum; Veryan Weston is between the greater English pianisti and represents one of the more interesting truths in the field of the free improvisation. Tuesday 20 you open them 18,15 hours Phil Minton and Veryan Weston meets the public and introduces cd... past (discs of angelic IDA 018). Thursday 22 you open them 21 hours Diamanda Galįs in Guilty Guilty Guilty program: Hank Williams I' m So Lonesome I Could Cry O.V. Wright Eight Men And Four Women Thymuses Yuro Time (Interlude) Screaming Jay Hawkins Frenzy Diamanda Galįs Tony Tracy Nelson Down So Low Ornette Coleman Lonely Woman John Lee Hooker Burning Hell Diamanda Galįs Baby' s Insane Edith Piaf Heaven Have Mercy Papaionnau Pende Ellenes. Diamanda Galįs is exhibited alone accompanying itself to the pianoforte. Been born in the United States from an Greek-orthodox family, restless personage and it originates them, Diamanda Galįs is in continuous movement between cultured and popular art, between light music and intellectual engagement. Creatrice of a personal kind, that it reaches from the blues, R&B, motown, southern soul, country & western, always has distinguished for one unknown vocalitą, inspired to Vat Turner, Janis Joplin, and Jessye Norman. Monday 26 you open them 21 hours Goran Bregovic Ensemble: Carmen tzigana Work Balkan Musician for excellence, to the border between hard rock and popular music, Bregovic has become thanks to the fortunate collaboration with the director Emir Kusturica in the Underground film most famous. To Modena the composer introduces with to its group its personal version of Carmen, with entire new music. The rappresentazione divides between the projection of a film-documentary on the life of the gitani and an action on the scene that resumes the events of the film to the way of the theatre naif, with true actors and musicians. Thursday 29 you open them 21 hours Dhafer Youssef Trio Dhafer Youssef oud and voice Jatinder Thakur table Wolfgang Puschnig sassofono Sufi Breath World Music: from the song Been born African to the jazz to Teboulba, in Tunisia, Dhafer Youssef has been formed musically in the typical tradition sufi of just the Country, adapting itself then with extraordinary versatilitą to the various western currents: picked, jazzistiche and popular. Very soon it has become in Europe one of more you notice interpreters than World Music distinguishing itself for a use raffinatissimo of the voice, modulated second the unmistakable characteristics of the song African. Numerous the recorded discs (Enja label), between which: Digital Prophecy, Electric Sufi, Malak, The More We Know. 8 saturdays May 21 hours Juan Carmona Grupo and Justo Eleria Juan Carmona solista guitar, composition I soothe Carmona guitar Manuel Gutierrez we danced Pascal Delalče violino Cadu percussions. Chitarrista of exception and artist between the most created to you of the new generation of the flamenco, Juan Carmona has received numerous prizes to international level between which, prevailing itself on the scene after the Victoria of the Competition of Madrid Paco de Lucia in 1994. Carmona and its group (compound from guitar, violino, percussions, voice, bailaor and palmas) accompanies the splendid voice of José Mendez, cantaor that it has maintained the purity of the popular tradition. Invited to participate to the largest Festival international, Mendez, gitano of the quarter of the Plazuela, it is one of the artists more known of the song flamenco of Jerez de the Frontier. 10 mondays May 21 hours First absolute execution Kenny Wheeler + Chorus Of the Friuli Venice Main Julia of the Christian chorus of the Host Director Paul Paroni the days of the man - Oratory for bugle, organ, sassofono, violino, tuba, trombone and chorus from the book of Knows Version to me and comment of I guide Ceronetti ® Adelphi Editions. Music Di Kenny New Wheeler production of the Communal Theatre of Modena in collaboration with Orpheus Management. Between the maximums exponents of the contemporary current of the jazz European, Wheeler returns ago to Modena after happened of the two years to the Festival other sound. The trombettista, than has been distinguished from always for a sonoritą originates them and in order to have given life to a personal kind, he is also a composer who applies in jazzistico field typical means of contemporary cultured music. Gotten passionate frequent visitor of vocal music sacred rinascimentale, for the Chorus of the Friuli Venice Julia has created an oratory on Biblical witnesses, accompanied from a group of solisti jazz. The plan is produced from the Communal Theatre that introduces it in absolute preview. Communal theatre of Modena in coproduction with Angelic, International Festival of Music 14° edition, 9 - 16 May 2004 Modena 14 Fridays May 21 hours Ilaiyaraaja' s Music Journey Songs, traditional, folkloristic music and classic Indiana Musics of Ilaiyaraaja. Ilaiyaraaja directs a great Ensemble of Indian musicians. Bologna 15 Saturdays May 21 hours Outside subscription Saint Theatre Leonardo Kishori Amonkar & Party. Kishori Amonkar voice accompanied from Balkrishna Iyer tabla Purushottam Walawalkar Mayan harmonium Upadhayaye tampura and voice Nandini Bedekar tampura and voice. Ilaiyaraaja is a figure centers them of the Indiana music, most popular in its Country for the innumerevoli cinematographic sonorous columns from he composed, collaborating with ensemble and solisti rinomati in all India. After approximately trent' years the Indian composer an orchestra re-united for the occasion is exhibited in Italy, directing. The concert is one new production that repeats the fortunate collaboration between Communal Theatre of Modena and Angelica Festival of Bologna, after the happened one obtained the slid year with the presence of Karlheinz Stockhausen. Kishori Amonkar, thanks to its winning interpretations originates them and to a voice between the most refined and, is one of the Indian traditional singers more notes. Numerous they are its recordings in commerce, that they have contributed, with to its concerts, to diffuse classic music Indiana (Maestro' s Choice all over the world, of 1994, Ragas of 1999, Prabhat of 2000). Kishori, that it will be to Bologna in one its exceptional Italian apparition, has made of the shape raga (kind that in India boasts a classic tradition ancient and consolidated how much a that picked in the West) style all staff where the emotions and the devozione lead in new and unexplored territories. 22 saturdays May 21 hours Abdelli Canta the hope, the freedom and the tolerance of the people Berber. Abdelli voice, I send it Abdelmajid Makrai Lamarti violino Thierry van Roy keyboards, bendir Azzedine Jazouli derbouka, bendir, tar Vardan Hovanissian doudouka, clarinetto, flauto, fisarmonica Osman Martinez cavaquino. Berber music represents one of the more important traditions north Africans, still in great little famous part in the West. The vocalitą, accompanied habitually from I send it, instrument relative of the oud tunisino, of is a typical expression. Been born in Algeria in 1958, composer, singer and mandolista, Abderrahmane Abdelli it has carried this musical culture in Europe thanks to the collaboration with Peter Gabriel and its very famous record necklace Real World. In concert it introduces its last album Among Brothers, published in the 2003 from the Real World Records. Encounter Friday 23 you open them 15 hours the voice of the emotions Laboratory to cure of Dr. Gianluigi Di Been born Franco to Goats in 1953, Gianluigi Di Franco has been one of the first students in Italy to deepen the discipline of the musicoterapia. Musician (vocalist), interpreter and author of numerous brani of light music for artists which between the other Tony Esposito, Tullio De Piscopo, John Albrecombie, are didactic director of the Course Musicoterapia Formation of Naples and teacher to the U.Giordano Conservatory of Foggia. The laboratory is proposed to create a group experience through the use of the vocal expression like means in order to facilitate the circulation of the emotions. Such experience addresses to operating of the musical and teatrale field, but also to operating of the pedagogical and riabilitativo within. 3 mondays May 15 hours Laboratory on the vocalitą Edited by Luisa Cottifogli the laboratory are held from one of the young people singers today more interesting in the within of border music. Untiring ricercatrice and sperimentatrice in the use of the voice in the various musical kinds, from years Luisa Cottifogli - given a degree to to the Martini Conservatory of Bologna - move in various vocal territories, experimenting lyric, ancient and contemporary music, jazz and ethnic music. To December the famous invasion of the Bears in Sicily, the new work commissioned from the Communal Theatre to the from Bologna composer Mark Biscarini has toed make one's debut some. 14 fridays hour May to define the voice in the ancient musical tradition Indiana Encounter with the Ilaiyaraaja musician Singer and composer, Ilaiyaraaja are also studious and expert of the vocal tradition Indiana. Music in India more constitutes one of the artistic manifestations structured the world, to the par of western cultured music. A use of the voice, of the instruments, a theoretical system of extraordinary complexity and however still in great part entrusted to the oral tradition, hands on to you from ancient schools. Ilaiyaraaja rivisitato music of its country making some an evocative use in its numerous composed columns from he for the cinema.[/tscii:1c9aeba2d9]

25th June 2005, 01:33 AM
junoon vasanam ketta feeling unga translated text :)

25th June 2005, 10:44 PM
For folks outside chennai, call shanthi tailors.They have limited quantites and they shipped me a CD to Bangalore (very prompt service)...Just listened to all the songs..THE CD is worth every penny just for 3-in-1 and Orch Mood Kaapi (out of this world compositions)...

27th June 2005, 02:21 PM
Just had my first listen of the cd. As already said, this is a real treat for IR fans. 'Three in one' has to be my pick. Masterful piece with just 3 notes S,R2 & G3. Though BMK has done something similar called Sarvasri, it sounded sort of contrived to me (sorry BMK!). IR's attempt is complete (orchestrated) and nice. Other observations on the album:
* Orchestra mood is of course another great piece. Interesting blend of Kapi & Brindavana saranga.
* Lullaby & games of TN is an intestering musical demo of the country side.
* a short alapnana (Madhuvanti) by IR before 'ennullil' is too good. Is the singer Chinmayi? Lyrics goof up right in the first line. But reminds us this is a live concert :smile2:
* IR sounds so excited, and often preempts even before the translation could proceed.
* Album has been planned to cover many genres & flavours - carnatic,hindustani,naattuppura paattu, devotional, ghazalish,instrumentals, etc. - but with popular hits in mind.

28th June 2005, 02:42 AM
How do you get this CD in the US - Do any of the online shops that cater to the US sell it? Thanks in advance.

28th June 2005, 03:38 AM

6th July 2005, 01:17 AM
RR, that short alapana sung by IR before EnnuLLil is missing in my CD(?!!).It starts off straightaway with the usual prelude. I'll have to listen to it again to confirm it.

3-in-1 is good and smooth, I like the orchestration and the tune. Sangaththil, veettukku, lullaby etc. are other good attempts for the live show. Overall,a very good buy for IR fans.

6th July 2005, 02:06 AM
right before the song, after mentioning/singing shankar-jaikishan's popular hindi tune, IR says " i have composed a song (longing for love). The raaga for the song is..." and he goes for the sarigama...bit.

6th July 2005, 04:56 AM

The Song 'Enullil' is a continuity from 'Lullaby and games of TN' You can listen to the aalapana at the fag end of 'Lullaby... ' File.

6th July 2005, 08:01 AM
p/rs, found it. Thanks.

6th July 2005, 10:46 PM
How do you get this CD in the US - Do any of the online shops that cater to the US sell it? Thanks in advance.

12th July 2005, 08:53 PM
listen to the fag end of 3-in-1 orchestral piece where IR joins with the Orchestra to finish the piece in high pitch.....simplay great :!:

13th July 2005, 04:14 PM
Friends, is the album available in Bangalore ?
If so , can you tell were can I get one ?


14th July 2005, 08:15 PM

27th July 2005, 10:31 AM
I heard the songs from this CD.

I still believe that IR could have chosen better songs for this concert.

The song Enullil engo was completely sequenced where the violins played their parts.

Chinmayi's voice is definitely not up to the mark. She streamed struggling in the higher octaves ( particularly in the Charanam).

Infact she missed the second line of this song " en vattudhu" and some how managed to jump to the normal track. This is the difficulty with sequencing. I hope they had enough rehearsal.

Mood kapi & 3in one are the best picks.