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14th June 2005, 02:49 AM
Let us discuss what percentage of a MDs output can be considered reasonably popular. More factual data on the actual number of movies composed, alone and/or in collaboration will be a good start to make the percentages.

18th June 2005, 12:17 PM
Good one Kiru. Let me relate this to the other discussion going on in Composing technique thread.
I propose we take MSV first and list out the movies which were great (ie) we'll apply the same rule applied to IR by vijayr. The movie should have atleast 60% great songs (like Ninaivellam.. or Moondram pirai for IR), and should have less than 20% junks.
Shall we start
Movie Albums with great music
(my list, not necessarily in this order)
1. Ninaithale Inikkum
2. Paasa Malar
3. Padithal Mattum Podhuma
4. Ulagam sutrum valiban
5. Pava Mannippu
6. Mella Thirandhadhu Kadhavu(MSV-IR, but grapevine goes MSV did all the tunes so let's credit it to MSV mainly)
7. Aboorva Ragangal
8. Moondru Mudichu
9. Aalayamani
10.Many MGR movies(someone make the list - these are not my personal favourites but I am sure a whole generation remembers and venerates these songs still)
11. Pazhani(not a superhit but have my personal favourites there)
12. Karnan(Gems, absolute gems)
13.Nenjam Marappadhillai
14. Paar Magale Paar

(people who continue - please keep the number count on)

18th June 2005, 01:05 PM
Nenjil Ore Aalayam for MSV-Ramamoorthy

19th June 2005, 07:58 PM
Off the top of my head, only MSV movies listed below (not joint with TKR's)

15. Andha Ezhu nAtkaL
16. Simla Special
17. Billa
18. Nool vEli
19. Nizhal nijamAgiradhu
20. ThaNNeer ThaNNeer
21. Andhaman KAdhali
22. Tirisoolam
23. PattinapravEsam
24. OrE vAnam orE bhoomi
25. Kizhakku vAnam sivakkum
26. AvargaL
27. Mazhalai paTTALam
28. ANNan oru Koil
29. SAvithri

19th June 2005, 09:15 PM
Another 471 to go...

19th June 2005, 11:04 PM
471? why? How did you come to that number? MSV's total albums would be 350-400 at best

There is also a discussion above apart from the discography I posted earlier. A couple of veteran DFers have agreed that it cannot be more than 350-400, atleast between 1960-76, the period in question.

19th June 2005, 11:10 PM
30. SavAlE SamALi
31. EngirundhO vandhAL
32. Gouravam
32. Thanga padhakkam
33. Pattikaada pattaNamA
33. SAnthi Nilayam
34. Maduraiyai meeta Sundarapandian
35. Meenava NaNban
36. Imayam
37. Polladhavan
38. POkkiri RAja
39. RANuva Veeran

19th June 2005, 11:10 PM
Music4ever you have managed to list 15 albums from what I consider MSV's weakest period :-))Not that I disgree with your choices though. Also, will be misleading to consider albums and not total number of songs. the list of IR's good songs from 1987 in another thread had mostly 1 or 2 songs from all albums to push it to 34. If you consider only whole soundtracks and not songs like we are doing for MSV, IR's good albums percentage would be less than 15% in 1987. Some albums like Karnan would have to be counted as 3, for they had 17 songs, most of them terrific ;-) In fact many films those days had 6-8 songs. The average number of songs/album came down to 4 in the 80s.

19th June 2005, 11:14 PM
To those who are really enthusaistic in this list making refer to lists like below to make it easier

I'll try to chip in later

20th June 2005, 06:53 AM
Vijayr, I see your point. We can do the same for IR also :) to maintain consistency, of course. First we can do albums and then we can further refine our criterion to just songs. What do you say? That will be fun. Needless to say, I am interested in the response of IR fans, in particular their list of IR's non-dud albums as well as how they perceive the MSV albums that I classify as non-dud ones.
My list, of course, can be subjected to further editing.

40. Varumaiyin niram sivappu
41. Urimai kural
42. AnbE vA
43. Thillu mullu
44. 47 nAtkaL
45. Sujatha
46. Kudumbam oru kadhambam
47. Agni SAtchi

20th June 2005, 08:32 AM
[tscii:0e3a106205]I know only very few songs Ok vaa!!!
Love to learn/listen about The Legend MSV. Please try to mention raga too if you can!
some of the songs i can recall now..
1.Sirithu vaazhavendum....TMS,Naan yen piranthen
2.Neeyethaan yenakku...TMS & P.S,Petraal dhaan pillaiyaa
3.Nalla nalla pillaiga....P.S & Seerkazhi,Periya idathu pen
4.engey ava....T.M.S,Panakkarakudumbum
5.Inbame....TMS & PS,Aayirathil oruvan
6.Androru naal....Idhaya Veenai
Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban
9.thanga therodum veedhiyiley...Lakshimi Kalayanam
10.Kadhal malar koottum....
11.Iniyavale....Sivakamiyin selvan
12.kalyana ponnu....Raja
13.Yamuna nadhi ingey...Gouvravam.....Balu & P.S I love this song!
14Vinnodum...TMS & PS
15.Ponmagal vandhal....TMS chorus-- Sorgam. MSVís Best!!! Chorus hummings, guitar, mirudhangam too fantastic happy lyrics, great job!
16.Angey maalaimayakkam....Ooty varai uravu
17.Kuyilaga naan....Selvamagal
18.Thoongadha kannendru ondru....
19.Our tharam....
20.Engirundho aasaigal....Chandrodhayam.[/tscii:0e3a106205]

20th June 2005, 09:34 PM
It is a meaningless exercise.

Popularity or Hits - does not signify anything other than the fact there were a large number of people who felt that a particular song in this case was worth listening to or purchasing. It does not matter to me as an individual as to what others think about a particular song. How I perceive a song can be totally unaffected by how others may perceive it.

Further other than the pure quality of songs, the 'popularity" or 'hit" status of songs are generally affected by:

- awareness ( the amount of advertising, publicity given or lack of)
- control by the distribution media (during the '70s and '80s, AIR the chief distributor of songs for the masses arbitarily decided that they will not air certain songs; some songs may not be filmed)
- associations with the song (the higher probability of success of songfs associated with people like MGR, Sivaji, Rajni, Kamal, MR, Sridhar created by prior expectations)
- psychodemographics (I know a lot of people who would immediately dismiss off tamil folk based songs)
- idiosynchracies.

Therefore, I do not understand the objective behind such an exercise. However, please do not insult our intelligence by anyway calling these an objective evaluations and attempt to draw conclusions. This will be a purely subjective discussion.

Further, I am going to repeat my favorite analogies. Indira Gandhi, MGR and Jayalalitha were and are all popular. However, it would be foolish to draw a conclusion that they were all good leaders because they were popular.

My two cents.

20th June 2005, 10:00 PM
Two more from baroque's list:

48. Ooti varai uravu (class album like NinaithalE inikkum and Tirisoolam)
49. Raja

There! I have done my bit so far! In the absence of any objections so far, the proportion of MSV hits is *at least* 49/350 which equals about 15 percent. This figure can only improve, I guess.

21st June 2005, 01:11 AM

you may want to add the two cents provided by kr and make it 17%. :lol:

21st June 2005, 02:02 AM
Thanks for your suggestion, Kavin. Are your ears still flapping all over the place from hearing that manguyile number from atop a hill where you stationed/positioned yourself a while ago? :lol:

50. Manmadha Leelai

21st June 2005, 02:33 AM
How do you define a song (or an album) `HIT'?
(I'll not even get into the subjective topic of whether a hit is a good one or not...a `good' song is purely based on one's own perception and opinions can differ - there is no yardstick to measure...adha vidunga... rajasaranam great'nu sollaradha vijay dud'mbAru...However, is there at least some statistical method to measure whether a song was / is a `HIT'?)

Unfortunely, in the TFM context, there is no method possible even for that:-(

Some may say today, it'll be based on the #of CD's / cassettes sold. (Which itself is often absurd, because...1. pure hype / ad /prior popularity of stars involved/ capability to distribute large volume in short time simultaneously / other non-musical efficiencies can sell thousands of sahikkAdha cassettes in a couple of days which will start collecting dust within a matter of weeks...adha eppadi hit'nu solradhu? 2. There's no common agency which governs these numbers like election commission and anybody can say 3 lac 5 lac gold platinum etc. 3. Popularity of a star like Rajinikanth, success of a movie, repeated showings on TV / broadcast on radio by paying money and such things can make people forced to listen to a song repeatedly...does not mean the song itself is liked for its musical value)

OK, even allowing for all those unfair means to declare certain kuppais as `hit' in the current period, what is the criteria for yesteryears?

What about those days when people didn't even have enough cassette players but listened to music only on Radio / kalyANa veettu `broadcast' etc. Even radio was a luxury for many villages during my childhood days - late 60's -where people used to gather in our school to listen to important news (very few homes had radio)...They could listen to songs only during festivals, political meetings, kalyAnam kind of functions, `during talkies' aircasts...often without any choice from the listener but merely based on the availability with the `sound-set-fellow':-)

Again oru pAttu ethana vAtti `neengaL kEttavai'la vandha hittu? manmadha leelai -mayakkudhau Alai'yum, hello my dear wrong number'um, manavi amaivadhellam'um endha vidhaththil hittu? endha ooril hittu? I still remember people thittufying AIR for broadcasting `aruvai'ppAttu most of the time and switch to IOKS...
(adhu andha rAgam, indha rAgam'ngaRa bajanai vENdAm...nobody except some AIR announcer liked majority of the songs and albums listed above...chumma `aRuvai'ppAttellAm hittungadheengO)...

Sir, hit songs / albums compile paNNarudhukku munnAdi, adhukku criteria sollunga sir....

engE Kiru sir, neenga oru definition koduththAl nallA irukkumungO....

21st June 2005, 02:42 AM
kashtappattu list pOdarAnga sir, 47 nAtkaL'nnu...

First of all, list the songs in that movie...

The only one I remember (despite being attached to radio all the time except sleep / school) is `mAn kaNda sorgangaL' a four stanza javvu...kuppai...Not only me, most of my friends / relatives used to curse this song for taking away 50% of the meagre time that AIR used to allow for film songs...KB pErukkAga avanga seidha samudhAya dhrOham....adhu hittA sir? nenjaththottu sollunga, 2 dhadava andha pAtta same day ongaLAla kEkka mudiyumA?:-)) First thadavayE radio'va station mAtheeruveenga...

perisA list pOda ArambichchAchu:-( If 47 nAtkaL is considered a hit musical album, every disk / cassette ever released in TFM can be declared a hit !

21st June 2005, 03:57 AM
app_engine, if Rajdes and I had not produced a list, this thread probably would have gone nowhere :) As I said earlier, my list is not an authoritative one and I am only too willing to defer to the more discriminating and knowledgeable posters. Mine and, I guess, Rajdes' was just a start to encourage other posts. I will have no problem if the list is edited to include only the truly hit albums. As you know, I have already agreed that IR is greater than MSV in the overall achievement scale. As far as I can recall, 47 days had 1) Maan kaNda sorgangaL and 2) Thottu kattiya mAppilai.

I beg to disagree with you, however, about maan kanda sorgangaL :) IMO, it is a lovely number by MSV. In particular I have listened to it many many times in the early eighties and recently too, after a considerable hiatus. I still loved it. You may wonder, of course, that it takes all sorts to make this world :)

21st June 2005, 04:00 AM
I dont think the above is a list of hits. Its a list of memorable albums that rajdes wanted, just like IR's 1000 stars (many of which werent commercial hits like Eara vizhi kaaviyangaL, Kovil Pura etc.)

And secondly, maan kanda sorgangaL is a great composition, worth listening just for its rhythm usage . Many MSV fans hold it in high esteem. I am not sure how the album as a whole fared.

21st June 2005, 05:13 AM
rajdes I am continuing here from previous post in IR's composing thread :

As I mentioned earlier pl list movies from 1963 which are listed in Tamil as I have screwed up Tamil font. From the english list given here

http://www.intamm.com/movies/movielist/moveilist2.htm#Tamil%20Movies%20Released%20between %201931%20%E2%80%93%201996

I could recognize memorable songs from foll albums from 1963 instantly:

anandha jothi
idhu saththiyam
nenjam marappadhillai
paar magale paar
periya idathtu penn

Once we identify remaining MSV albums(which shouldnt be many) I think I 'll remember more memorable songs from those films. But as such, I believe MSV already scores higher than 70% for 1963.

By the way, if you give the above database to someone like Saravanan, I believe it should almost be a piece of cake for him to list MSV-composed films

21st June 2005, 05:17 AM
for others, you migh need anjal or mylai font I think to view this

Might not be a complete discography but mostly accurate.
In those days not many films were done in a year and hence I believe we can ID films easily.


Plus KVM's filmography here can be used to eliminate most films

21st June 2005, 02:13 PM
"Sir, hit songs / albums compile paNNarudhukku munnAdi, adhukku criteria sollunga sir....
engE Kiru sir, neenga oru definition koduththAl nallA irukkumungO...."

Unfortunately, we cannot give a technical criteria for this. We will have to go by the 'popularity' of the songs. ie. how many people consider it is atleast a 'reasonably' good song.
We can define a 'musically' good song as having -
1. Novel sandham/tune
2. Beat pattern
3. Nice harmonies
4. Good lyrics
But sometimes, even these technically good songs are not necessarily musical. That is why it would be difficult for a computer program to start composing songs (even though some people are writing software to compose like Mozart to finish his unfinished work).

Anyways, if you guys are for the hit rate, I have a suspicion that MSV is going to beat IR (and I am an IR fan :-)). I don't think this has anything to do with IR's musical skills. There were many things going in favor of MSV. A few points here..

1. He worked with people who were musically very knowledgeable.For eg. MGR had high standars for music and lyrics. Even Sivaji, who was not that very assertive in these matters, knows music very well. The lyricists were musically knowledgeable too.
2. Working with pre-written lyrics, the content of the song was high in quality. Credits go to people like kavignar, pattukOttai etc. Many IR songs are so pathetic when it comes to the lyrics dept. My major problem with MSV, MSV/VR songs is, I forget to focus on the music getting lost enjoyably in the lyrics :-)
3. MSV failed to deliver exactly in the same situations which IR also did not deliver i.e with a team which did not necessarily have an ear for music.

The points above should not be misconstrued as belittling MSV's skills. MSV was the prototype/guide for IR as acknowledged by himself so many times. His works continue to be reference for IR still.

21st June 2005, 05:21 PM
"How do you define a song (or an album) `HIT'? "

I understand this is a quite difficult exercise. After all, I *never* expected that MAn kanda sorgangaL would be considered so poorly, and therein lies the real problem. And same with Maniavi amaivadhellam, which I consider a lovely number. Many such MSV numbers are tasteful to lovers of his kind of music. Many IR type of numbers are tasteful for IR lovers while not evoking the same type of reaction from people like me (or Vijayr, even if he may be an IR fan). I think, for the purposes of argument, we shall agree to exalt a song only if both factions accept its merit :) For example, it may be safe to decree that "Poon-kadhavE thAzh thiravAI", "pon maalai pozhudhu", "sippi irukkudhu muththum irukkudhu", "kavidhai arangerum nEram" are all memorable songs.

"(adhu andha rAgam, indha rAgam'ngaRa bajanai vENdAm...nobody except some AIR announcer liked majority of the songs and albums listed above...chumma `aRuvai'ppAttellAm hittungadheengO)... "

Yours is only one of several opinions, I daresay! For this exercise to be a meaningful one, however, we should take into account varied opinions, and not let unilateralism be the order of the day.

"The only one I remember (despite being attached to radio all the time except sleep / school) is `mAn kaNda sorgangaL' a four stanza javvu...kuppai...Not only me, most of my friends / relatives used to curse this song for taking away 50% of the meagre time that AIR used to allow for film songs...KB pErukkAga avanga seidha samudhAya dhrOham....adhu hittA sir? nenjaththottu sollunga, 2 dhadava andha pAtta same day ongaLAla kEkka mudiyumA?) First thadavayE radio'va station mAtheeruveenga... "

As I said above, I respect your opinion as one among several :)
The circles I moved in rated this song quite highly. In fact, the opinion has not changed even with the passage of two decades.

"My major problem with MSV, MSV/VR songs is, I forget to focus on the music getting lost enjoyably in the lyrics "

In fact, this is also the major problem for me when listening to several IR songs! The focus is too much on music and not the overall flow in a sizable number of songs. In particular, the interludes seem to digress totally.

"MSV failed to deliver exactly in the same situations which IR also did not deliver i.e with a team which did not necessarily have an ear for music."

I agree with this. Which brings into focus app_engine's "exacting environment" theory to deliver good music. A good point, app_engine (and Kiru).

"He worked with people who were musically very knowledgeable.For eg. MGR had high standars for music and lyrics. Even Sivaji, who was not that very assertive in these matters, knows music very well. The lyricists were musically knowledgeable too."

Well, that is the crux of our lament re IR :) He accepted too many films than he could hold, resulting in considerable duds! By all accounts, he seems to be a guy who cannot refuse requests, and the price is there for us to see.

I will soon produce *my* list of memorable IR and MSV numbers. I believe IR will win that battle :)

21st June 2005, 07:53 PM
Stating that MSV failed to deliver in non-exacting situations is a sweeping generalization. If some of the veteran DFers and "perusus" hear this they will have fits :-) MSV scored great music for a lot of ordinary films that didnt have MGR in them.
They were the same kind of social dramas with the same situations.

But unlike IR he limited the number of dhandam films that he accepted during the 60s, thus ensuring a high percentage of good songs. (Only after 1976 did he accept really bad movies and gave mdicore music. His output after 76 is comparable to that of IR's after 94) Rahman is doing the same although he is less prolific than MSV.

"I will soon produce *my* list of memorable IR and MSV numbers. I believe IR will win that battle"

Of course, IR has more number of songs to his credit :-) But percentage-wise he would lose out.

21st June 2005, 09:38 PM
With Kiru's response, it looks like listing `good' songs is much easier than listing 'hit' songs, especially for the ages prior to that of average DF'ers:-) The criteria can even be simplified, by choosing those that are still remembered as worthy to listen - that too mostly by a generation that didn't live or weren't mature enough when the movies themselves got released- can reasonably be qualified as really good, memorable numbers... (though there'll be disagreements on specific songs, there are tons of them which will have majority of DF'ers giving 'aye')...

Like some did for IR songs in a thread in the past to get some 1000 decent numbers (remember they left out numbers like `ponmEni uruguthE' and `Eh AthA AthOrama' which were hits but not considered `good'), it would be nice if Music4Ever or Kiru to collect the numbers which are being posted in this thread to make lists for GR, MSV, KVM, S-G and VK. For convenience, if there are running S#, it would be easy to count...(Please be as conscientious as possible when selecting the numbers:-))

Let's see whether get a 1000 for MSV and 500 each for KVM, S-G and 100 for others...

21st June 2005, 10:12 PM
Let me start. Some of MSV's memorable songs from memory(subjective):

1) RAjAvin pArvai rANiyin pakkam
2) Iyarkai ennum iLaya kanni
3) Naan oru kuzhandhai nee oru kuzhandhai
4) Oru rAja rANiyidam vegu nALAga
5) MuthukkaLo peNgaL
6) Uththaravindri uLLE vA unnidam Asai kondEn va
7) KaNNA neeyum nAnuma
8) Ennadi rAkkammA pallAkku neLippu
9) KEttukodi urumi mELam
10) Iravu pAdagan oruvan vandhAn
11) Neela nayanngaLil oru neenda kanavu vandhadhu
12) VizhiyE kadhai ezhudhu
13) NinavalE silai seithu unakkAga vaippEn
14) AndhamAnai pArungaL azhagu
15) Malar koduththEn kai kulunga
16) Annan oru kovil endral
17) ThirumAlin thirumArbil Sridevi mugamE
18) Irandu kaigaL nAngAnAl
19) KAdhal rANi katti kidakka
20) BhAradhi kannamma
21) EngEyum eppodhum sangeedham sandosham
22) Namma ooru singAri
23) Sambo siva sambo
24) Lots of waiting .. kAthirundhEn kAthirundhEn
25) Nizhal kandavan nALum ingE
26) You are like a fountain
27) SayanOra
28) Kavidhai arangErum nEram
29) Thendraladhu unnidaththil solli vaiththa
30) ENNi irundhathu eedEra
31) Unakkenna mElE nindrAi O Nanda LAla
32) KadavuL ninaiththan maNa naaL thodaththAn
33) NallorgaL naatai kaaka (Happy New Year song)
34) KAnchi pattuduthi kasthoori pottu vechu
35) Mazhai kAlamum pani kAlamum sugamAnavai
36) Gowri Manohariyai kandEn
37) RAgangaL padhinAru
38) ThErottam Ananda shenbaga
39) NAna pAduvathu nAna
40) Mounaththil viLayAdum manasaatchiyE
41) Nee oru kodi malar soodi uruvAnavaL
42) Niththam niththan en kannodu inba kanA
43) Mannikka mAttAyA un manam irangi
44) vidiya vidiya solli tharuvEn
45) My name is Billa
46) Sippi irukuthu muththum irukkuthu
47) MAn kanda sorgangaL
48) Kamban EmAndhan
49) Ilakkanam mArudhO
50) vaan nila nila alla
51) vEndum vEndum ungaL uravu
52) Radhi devi sannidhyil
53) engE unnai kandal kooda nenjil kondAttam
53) Malai rAni mundhAnai sariya sariya
54) Ninaiththu pArkirEn en nenjam inikkindradhu
55) orE vAnam orE bhoomi
56) KanA kAnum kangaL mella
57) KannAna poo maganE kann urangu sooriyanE
58) Nee varuvAi ena nAn irundhEn
59) Maragadha mEgam sindhum
60) Vasandha kAla nadhigaLilE
61) SollaththAn ninaikkirEn
62) Enakkoru kAdhali irukkindraL
63) Adhisaya rAgam
64) KAttrukenna vEli
65) Manaivi amaivadhellAm
66) Malligai mullai pon maNi kiLLai
67) Thendralil aadum koondhalai kandEN
68) Amudha thamizhil ezhudhum kavidhai
69) Theertha karaiyinilE
70) vEru idam thEdi pOvaLO

21st June 2005, 10:56 PM
Music4ever , a better idea would be to format these in excel if you are really serious about this list, otherwise would be difficult to avoid repetitions. Maybe film name in one column and songs name in another so will be easier for checking. Or you can go year-wise based on the links I have posted above

21st June 2005, 11:04 PM
Four more songs from `anbE vA', evergreen...

71. nAn pArthadhilE avaL oruthiyaththAn nalla azhagi enbEn (TMS-PS, supposed to be the inspiration for IR-Kamal's venture of `pudhu mAppliLLaikku, nalla yOgamadA in apoorva sahOdharargaL)

72. pudhiya vAnam, pudhiya bhoomi, engum panimazhai pozhigiRadhu (TMS, even recently Vivek indha song vachu comedy paNNuvAru, some vikram movie'la)

73. uLLam endRoru kOyililE, dheivam vENdum anbE vA (TMS, title song...in fact there are two versions in the movie - padamE mudinjappuRam oru full song, a happy version of this will be shown...so much for AVM's commercial intertests)

74. Love Birds Love Birds, Love Birds Love Birds, thaka-dhimmi-thA, endRa thALaththil vA (PS, this song is a treat to watch on the movie also...Saroja Devi is really `abinaya saraswathi')

I didn't like the concluding version of the title song as well as the puliyaippAr nadaiyilE...all the other four are evergreen, good numbers from MSV (no Ramamoorthy here)...

21st June 2005, 11:18 PM
75. adhO vArANdi, vArANdi, villEndhi oruththan, EmmEla eidhAnammA, ammammA EdhEdhO seidhAnammA (SPB, VJ from the film pollAdhavan, I think...excellent number...very good considering this must have been a masala film by Muktha Srinivasan)

21st June 2005, 11:27 PM
I can volunteer to compile in excel...if no one else is doing...

Please make sure the film name & singers are listed when you pick the numbers...

21st June 2005, 11:29 PM
Vijayr, good idea. Let me invest time on that (not today though).

app_engine, unga taste nalla irukku :) Now I can freely include more numbers of MSV.

I will take charge of MSV goodies of the mid to late seventies and early eighties (weak period of MSV). Of course, with input from everyone interested. Vijayr, app_engine, baroque and others can fill in MSV's best period. Sammadhama? Please be warned though that this exercise can take me a lot of time, even months.

21st June 2005, 11:31 PM
app_engine, neenga panreengana seri, neengaLE pannunga :)

We could start with Anbe vA. Enna solringa?

22nd June 2005, 12:27 AM
Music4Ever, just keep posting songs as they come to your mind...not necessarily in any order...the compilation will eliminate duplicates etc.

Once we hit a considerable number, I can probably send the excel sheet through the DF's messaging / mailing system to interested parties...

22nd June 2005, 01:15 AM
Use the following list as a starting point in your excel sheets

Better to get popular songs/hits like the above out of the way first and then fill in the gaps later on. Most of the above albums are from late 50s/60s.
Can have just film name and song name for now and can add 2 columns for year and singers later on.

22nd June 2005, 02:36 AM

22nd June 2005, 04:13 AM
want to do this on the Wikipedia ??


22nd June 2005, 06:43 AM
thops, something like that where anyone can go and edit would be a good idea. But listing songs would be a large list. I see that IR's wikipedia page has only album names listed. Not sure if wikipedia can accomodate a large database, never used it before. Any ideas to create a dynamic database online somewhere which can be edited atleast by a few with access if not anyone.

22nd June 2005, 08:11 AM
since a wiki is essentially a webpage there are lots of ways
to organize large amounts of data in them...for example we can always create subpages for songs starting with different alphabets or based on year or both...it is essentially upto the people who use it...

wikipedia may not be the right thing but we can create wikis elsewhere too...we can still use wikipedia as a starting point and move the content to some other place later...

if there is sufficient interest i can look into setting something very simple on my website, which should serve the purpose...

22nd June 2005, 09:04 AM
thops, fine, I'll let music4ever and app_engine decide on this further as they started compiling the list

22nd June 2005, 05:37 PM
app_engine, what do you think of thops' idea? You are in charge, so you decide :)

kavin, interesting to note that roof tops are among your favourable preserves. On the other hand, remembering posts should not be *that* difficult an exercise if only you will care to look up profiles! That said, your IR contributions are very laudable and, although the intent seems to be to rouse annoyance, they are actually very germane to this thread!

Back to producing MSV goodies I remember this number from EngaL vAdhiyAr:

Samudra rAjakumari, suga pushpa sukumari

sung by SPB and probably VJ

One more by, I think, JC:

KalaimagaL alaimagaL malaimagaL moovarum ulavidum rAthiri NavarAthiri.

KJY in Imayam:

Gangai Yamunai ingudhan sangamam

KJY and VJ in Neela malargal (?)

Idhu iravA pagalA

23rd June 2005, 02:46 AM
Let me initially put these together in a simple, dumb xls based on postings on this thread...on-line db is a good idea, but it'll need quite some effort for me...

23rd June 2005, 03:53 AM
app_engine..appreciate your attitude. The xls is a great idea. You can use the 'Export to Microsoft Excel' in IE when you right click close to a table on a web page. There are 71 movies of MSV in musicindiaonline.com. Similarly, people like Music4Ever posting the list of movies, should probably use the movie name alone in a line, as it is easy to export to excel. Once in excel, sort and remove duplicates.
I am interested in the list, because when I (actually my bro) am shopping for LP records, I can get MSV's also. I dont care much about the hit rate. For that matter, even Yuvan will probably have 80 or 90% hit rate and I dont listen to him at all.

23rd June 2005, 04:41 AM
an apology is due for my digressions. thanks to music4ever for pointing out in a kind manner. i am eager to start compiling once the list is ready.

23rd June 2005, 10:45 AM
I agree with Kiru, I also don't care about the hit rate. I am a Ilayaraaja fan. I know Ilayaraaja respects MSV. I will collect more songs list too!! Looking forward to more fun!

24th June 2005, 07:29 AM
P.B.Srinivas expressive melodies, [/b]Kaalangalil aval....
Pon enben siru poo...
Inbam pongum vennila....
Madhura nagaril thamizh...
Valardha kalai...
Paal vannam....
Kathirundha kangaley....

1st July 2005, 06:58 PM
Excellent contribution, baroque. The songs are memorable ones!

I remembered the following MSV numbers:

Two songs from from Avan avaL adhu

Illam sangeetham adhil rAgam samsAram

MArgazhi pookkaLE iLam thendralE

From MaNal kayiru:

Mandhira punnagai minnidum mEnagai

From Thanga Rangan:

UdhadugaLil unadhu peyar otti kondadhu

Two from Meenava naNban (words may be off somewhat)

Pongum kadalOsai

Thangaththil mugam pudhaiththu

2nd July 2005, 01:26 AM
En ninaivil vandha sila paadalgal! (MSV enru ninaikiren.Illaiyenral corrected me)
1.AAdi velli thedi unnai naan adaindha neram - Moonru muduchu
2.Manasukul utkarndhu kadhai padithai - Kalyana agadhigal
3.Annan oru kovil enral thangai oru deepam - Annan oru kovil
4.Oonjaluku poochooti orvalathil vittaro - Avan dhan manidhan
5.Idhayam pesinal unnidam ayiram pesumo - Amara kaviyam
6.Sondham eppodhum dhodarkadhai dhan - Sondham
7.Sandhanathil nalla vasam eduthu - ''''
8.Ammanai azhagu migu pen manai - ?
9.Engae aval enrae manam thedudhae - ?
10.Ayiram kannuku virundhagum - ?

5th July 2005, 10:59 PM

I was about to start a thread for 1000 best songs of MSV but you guys are already into it!! :clap: keep up the good work guys. i will send my songlist in a day or list

I have a suggestion:

Let the numbering be distributed among the volunteers such that Volunteer1 handles A-H songs, Volunteer2 handles I-R songs, etc etc. That way if a song beginning with E is to be added later, Volunteer1 can edit his list and include the song in the proper place(Excel will help the sorting and numbering automatically)

I strongly suggest we add the movie and year if we recollect. Each Volunteer numbers his section from 1.... and we will merge later(after crosschecking the year with someone like Saravanan :) )

What do you think?