View Full Version : Andhi mazhai: Best from IR and SPB and VM

11th June 2005, 05:28 PM
One of the gems from SPB,IR and VM. It is a mgical mixture in this song. It comes from Kamal's 100th film 'Raajapaarvai', with Ilayarajas music composition, Vairamthus lyrics and SPBs golden voice. U can see all of them at their best.

There is a BGM score in the middle of the song... It is simply magical and make ur hair stand...

The lyrics actually has a very romantic meaning. Though hear the song, u will feel romantic, spritual and yet peaceful
It is a very different song which gives a mixed emotion.
Hear the song when u r all alone and the atmosphere is silent.
Before going to sleep will be ideal...

Expecting ur replies...

13th June 2005, 10:52 AM
There are hubbers who say even this great, wonderful song as average. I am wondering about the discussions they argue. :clap: