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1st March 2005, 08:38 PM

Manisekaran writes on TKP:

Pugazhendhi was a lifelong assistant to KV Mahadevan. At a time when KVM had to go outstation, he recommended Pugazhendhi to compose for the film "Pennarasi" Such was the confidence KVM had on Pugazhendhi. A Malayalee by birth, but came and settled in Tamilnaadu and had much feelings for the Tamil language. He demanded quality lyrics, and was most attracted to Kannadasan's works. Again, he lifted Kannadasan's original poems into the movie Thaaliya Salangaiya. Had compsed independently- Gurudachanai, Jeyaveeran, Ponni Thirunal, and Selviyin Selvan are among the movies he composed music. Most of his compositions came under KVM's name. He never wanted to steal the show or the name. Had much respect for KVM and preferred to be under KVM's limelight, subduing his own name, fame and even the ego. A truly humble person. I met him in kVM's house in 1984 December. The Tamil Film song fans have now been robbed of one of the strongest stalwarts who had contributed toward the enrichment of quality music that would be remembered, valued and cherished for generations to come. May his soul rest in peace.

My deepest condolences.

1st March 2005, 10:07 PM
K.V.Mahadevan enRathum koodavE ninaiviRku varuvathu TKP thaan.KVMmin valathu kaiyAga irunthavar Pukazhenthi.He used to mention KVM as periyavar. In the later days of KVM- he couldn't even talk continuously and Pukazhenthi will always be there with him in all the interviews. As Manisegaran says KVM enRa peyarukkup pinnAl magizchi adainthavar. Last year he appeared in special thEnkiNNam in Jaya TV.
May his soul rest in peace.
Deepest condolences to his family and friends.

2nd March 2005, 12:02 AM
I happened to find Vaamanan's "Thirai Isai Sathanaiyaalargal" on Pugazhendhi at

2nd March 2005, 06:31 AM
I am deeply saddened by this loss. Pugazaendhi sir was one of the pillars on which the legendary KVM palace rested. SPB recounted fondly in an interview how Pugazhaendhi goaded him into singing in "shankaraabharanam" which fetched him national award. May his soul rest in peace.

2nd March 2005, 08:13 AM
An example of the lyrics that Pugazhendhi approved for Ponni Thirunaal, sung by PB Seenivas:

Yen Sirithaai Ennai Paarthu- Un
Ezhilthanai Paadavaa Thamizhai Serthu
Yen Sirithaai Ennai Paarthu- Un
Ezhilthanai Paadavaa Thamizhai Serthu

Vindaigal Pesum vinmeengal Koottathile
Vilayaada Sonnathum Neethaaana
Enthai Munnnorkal Iyal Isai naadagam
Enthai Munnorkal Iyal Isai naadakam
payindrathelaam Un Idamthaanaa?
Yen Sirithaai Ennai Paarthu

Solai Naduvile Thooya Thamizh Paadum
Neela Kuyilum Neethaana
Kaanil Vaazhnthidum Maanin Inathile
Kavarimaan Enbathum Un inam thaanaa?

Yen Sirithaai Ennai Paarthu- Un
Ezhilthanai Paadaaa Thamizhai Serthu

2nd March 2005, 04:27 PM
It is really hard to believe TKP was responsible for the wonderful songs in Ponni Thirunaal. Oh how beautiful the songs have been composed: En sirithai, Thotta kaigal thavazhndhadhadi pattupoley, Pattu siragadithey parakkum, Veesu thendraley veesu (Lyric by Puthaneri Subramaniam), etc. If such amazing was his composing talent, certainly he is better than KVM. This cannot be true if one goes by his work in Gurudhatchanai or Selviyin selvan which were not impressive at all. But as a person who had interviewed him for a Doordarshan programme I can definitely say he would never be better than KVM as he could not even analyse or speak cogently about the excellent but less famous numbers like Vaervai thuligaley pesungal or Kannan piranthathum siraichaalai of Niyayam ketkirom or even this lilting Paesu manamey paesu or paada therinthavar padungal from Puthiya vazhkkaiLike any average fm rasika, he was talking only about Sivaji and MGR songs or Sankarabharanam songs.

8th March 2005, 12:52 PM

8th March 2005, 02:47 PM
(resend - with corrections)
Has TKP sung any song?
Some time ago (could be in the 80's) there was a KVM Musical night, held at the Victoria Memorial Theatre in Singapore. TMS, PS, Jamunarani were part of the show. I clearly remember that it was TKP who actually ran the whole show, while KVM was seated on stage.
When Jamunarani sang "Yen Kannai Konjum Paaru" from Kaithi Kannayiram, TKP sang the male voice bit and he sounded much like the voice in the original song.